You're Not Wanted Here

You walked out on me

And you thought I'd break

I wondered myself

How much I could take

But now time has passed

And I'm still standing

I've made my own way

Now you're demanding

That I take you back

You made a mistake

And you still love me

Let me get this straight

You've spent all this time

Just whoring around

Drinking and drugging

All over this town

And now you come back

Saying that you've changed

You must really think

That I am deranged

Or at least naïve

To buy into that

But guess what, lover

You pathetic rat

Getting rid of you

Was a boon to me

I learned a lesson

An epiphany

You're not good enough

To buckle my shoe

I deserve better

Than the likes of you

I'm fine on my own

I don't need a man

But if I choose one

It's because I can

Not that I have to

Not that I'm helpless

And he'll be gentle

And strong and selfless

So climb back under

The rock nearest you

You're not wanted here

Am I getting through

I know it's a shock

To hear me say no

You can't believe it

But it's true, now go

Terri Lyn Stanfield


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