Episode #2:

Without a paddle

Disclaimer: These characters are mine! All mine!

Sex: A little.

Violence: A little.

Synopsis: Aislinn Majors must help her friends and deal with shocking information she is about to encounter.

Recap: Last week Aislinn Major a boxer in an angry rage kills an aggressive fan.

“If you’re asking for a confession…. I cannot justify my actions…. I don’t want the run around..”

“Do not say another word…do you know if you finish you’ve just insured yourself life imprisonment…or possibly death.”

“Well so be it…I took a life...I killed the man, I murdered him.”

 She enters the Atlanta maximum-security prison for women and finds a few friends…..

“Ty Stanton.”

Aislinn shook the extended hand and shook it firmly.

“Aislinn Majors.”

 and a few fights…..

“I…am the one they call Madison…the toughest, strongest, prettiest bitch in this motherfucker!”

Aislinn laughed and walked up close to Madison’s face, just inches away. “You maybe the strongest and shit…I’ll give you the toughest...only because I just got here.” She shifted her wait ready to retaliate if I fight broke out. “But sweetheart…you ain’t the prettiest.”

The warden over the prison decides to start a fighting game…. strangely enough called Freedom.

“I’ve named it, conveniently, Freedom.”

“What does Freedom consist of?”

“What normal freedom consists of, fighting, blood sweat and tears.”

With one of her friends romantically involved with a guard and one of them walking into a fight they cannot handle what can Aislinn do to help.


Without a paddle

Aislinn could only shake her head as Ty entered the cell.

“Don’t look down on me.”

“I’m not looking down on you…I’m just trying to realize the situation.”

“Why do you care huh?”

“Because…I consider you an ally…you’re no good to me half dead.”

“Just show me how to move…. I can beat this jolly green giant.”

“Alright…in the yard tomorrow…. tonight get some sleep.”

A hand covering Jace’s mouth muffled moans of pleasure. Inhert rolled over and looked at the ceiling a stupid grin covering her face as Jace draped a sweaty arm across her chest.


Jace kissed the side of her cheek and stood to put her clothes on.

“Do you have to leave...I mean…so soon.”

“I have got to get back before my room mate gets suspicious.”

“Who cares...stay for a little while.”

“Come on we’ve had fun…time to go back.”

“Wait…what do you mean we both had fun.”

“Yeah it was fun.”

Inhert stood and crossed her arms leaning against the small bed in the nurse’s office.

“So…this is just.”

“This is just what it is…okay…don’t make things complicated.”

Jace kissed Inhert’s forehead and exited the office. Inhert began to dress and wiped the tears that were beginning to form in her eyes.

“Yes…you want how many seats…. yes this one will be a total shut out…this Genesis…. she’s going to put this girl out.”

She shifted the phone to scribble notes on a pad and grinned.

“Excellent…. that’s two-thousand a seat you know…alright…good...see you then.”

Jones began to calculate when a buzz was heard.

“Ms. Watson to see you.”

“Damn…let her in.”

Ellery walked in and sat in a chair in front of Jones.

“And you want?”

“To know why these women are doing this?”

“I force no one…they sign contracts”

“We’ve asked for recreational activity but this is dangerous.”

“Look Ms. Watson, I don’t have time for this…I’ll schedule an appointment with you later.”

“I better get some answers…this is illegal and inhumane and I won’t stand for it!”

Ellery stormed from the office and Aislinn gently tugged her arm before she made it out of the area.

“What’s wrong?”

“Nothing…okay…just let me go.”

“Not until you tell me what’s wrong.”

“Not now…okay…just let me go.”

She jerked free and stormed out to the pt area.

“Alright back to your cells for reflection time before Pt…get on with it.” A guard yelled and Aislinn was hesitantly drug by Ty to her cell.

“No you’re doing it al wrong…it’s just the opposite.”

Aislinn got off of the bench and stood in front of Ty.

“When you swing with you right you lean off you left foot, you shift your weight for a powerful impact…and stop standing flat foot…. you have to be able to move…. she’s strong but she’s slow…keep her off you and you might stay alive.”

“Alright Ais.”

Ty jabbed at Maddox’s hands trying to master the concept. Aislinn sat beside Jace who was staring into space.

“You seem a bit distracted.”

“Oh…no..I’m fine.”

“I’m scared for Ty.”

“Me too…she’s gonna' get creamed….four days to learn a concept…she’s going to get slaughtered.

Aislinn looked across the yard and saw Ellery staring blankly out the window.

“She just seems like she waiting for some one to appear.”

“Yeah, I know the feeling.”

“Jace…what’s wrong?”

“Nothing just…I got to sort some things out that’s all.”

Jace leaned back and let the warm sun cover her face. “I wonder what my mom’s doing.”

Maddox turned away from Ty and side stepped one of her swings and sat beside Jace.

“Probably working in that garden of hers.”

Ty sat on the other side of Aislinn and grinned. “Cooking up some of that famous sock it to me cake you told us about huh’ chica.”

Tears slide down Jace’s face and Maddox wrapped an arm around her.

“It’s okay mama…it’s okay.”

Jace leaned into Maddox shoulder and her shoulders began to hunch up and down, her sobs muffled into Maddox’s shoulder.

“Give her a minute.” Aislinn stood in front of Ty. “Get up…rest is for the weak.”

Ty stood and got into a stance in front of Aislinn. “Swing at me.”

Aislinn jabbed at Ty who blocked it. Aislinn took another jab and it was blocked. Aislinn grinned. “There’s hope for you yet.”

“Yeah, might be better than you.”

Ty swung her harm back going for a haymaker to Aislinn but it was evaded sending Ty hurtling forward into the dirt. “Not just yet.”

Aislinn stepped into the steaming shower where dozens of other women stood letting the water wash over them, like scrubbing away today’s filth would make them pure again. Aislinn grimaced at Isabella on her knees in the corner giving Madison head. Madison’s face filled with signs of pleasure made her sick. She turned away and began to scrub at her armpits; washing away the musty smell of the dollar store deodorant they gave them.

She was shocked that everyone passed by the shocking display of sex, as if it were every day. Inhert stood her back to the girls as she whistled some tune from a sitcom or show she had heard of before but couldn’t remember the name. Jace passed by Inhert on the way to the shower and the shared a glance that confused Aislinn. But she quickly shook it off and went back to her shower.

A scream of delight filled the area as Isabella got off her knees and wiped her mouth clean of Madison’s juices. Aislinn tried to distract herself by thinking of anything; the first thing that popped in her head was Ellery looking out that window. How badly she wanted to run across that field and sweep her up into her arms. Tell her everything was okay. Ty’s laughter brought her out of her daydream. She opened her eyes to see Ty gloating in a corner showing off the new concept she learned. The femmes were eating up her every word. Aislinn wrapped a towel around her waist and walked over to Ty. She grabbed Ty’s arm and drug her to where she once showered.

“What the hell are you doing?”

“Showing off my new moves.”

“Don’t….don’t egg on a beating that you’re already going to get.”

“Just having fun.”

“No…no fun…four day you have to fight that.” Aislinn said pointing to the 6’5 white girl with a ponytail that hung down her back. She was an ex-WNBA player who got sent in for reasons unknown to anyone.

“I know…I’m sorry.”

“Look enjoy it…all I’m saying is don’t get cocky.”

“Aight’ chica don’t get crazy.”

Ty left and returned to her groupies. Aislinn exited the shower and sat on one of the shower benches with a towel draped around her waist and waited till the others were through.

“Man this food makes you miss the pizza huh’?”

“Yeah, and the porn.”

“Shut up Maddox…. so Ty…. tomorrow when the fight happens…what you going to ask for?”

“I’m asking for a week to go visit my family.”

“Cool, just make sure you win.” Jace said wiping her mouth clean with her napkin.

Aislinn’s grin morphed into a frown when she saw Isabella walk over and sit in front of them.

“Hey Ais.”

“What do you want Isabella?”

Aislinn looked down at Isabella foot wriggling around her crotch. She stiffened at the contact wanting to pull away but not able to push her foot away.

“Just wanted you to know the offers on the table.”

“Sorry…. what I saw at shower time is more than enough.”

“What Madison…she’s my safety…she ain’t the toughest no more…I need you.”

Ty glared at Isabella and said, ”Keep on needing than.”

Isabella dropped her foot and stood up. “I’ll talk to you later when your chimps are gone…. but…if you need some…come get it.”

With that she walked away. Aislinn looked for Madison but all she saw was her arguing over something, good she was too busy to see it; she didn’t want Madison to unleash her rage on Ty through Genesis.

“So you gonna’ tap that?” Ty said leaning across the table and putting her on the spot in front of all of them.

“No…not that desperate.”

The table laughed as Aislinn turned away thinking…not that desperate…yet.

“Ladies and gentleman…Genesis!”

Genesis stalked out to the ring with Madison walking proudly beside her. Genesis with the same stoic expression got in ring and stood in the middle of it while Madison collected bets and other items. The crowd went wild jumping and making the ropes shake as Genesis looked around the crowd.

“And her opponent…Ty!” Ty came down to the ring in a fashion that would have made most wrestlers jealous. She raised her fist in the air and ran down to the ring. She climbed on top of the top rope and made some kind of hand sign then did a back flip of the top and began to dance around. Aislinn shook her head and turned to Maddox who had an expression of complete fear on her face. The bell sounded and Jace walked to the back of the crowd not being able to stand and watch she turned her back to the ring.

            Genesis started in at Ty but Ty was a bit quicker so Genesis first two jabs did not connect. Ty practically had to jump to hit the two jabs she landed on Genesis. Genesis didn’t even stumble she just kept after Ty waiting for the right moment. Ty landed an upper cut and two right hooks and Genesis just stood there absorbing the blows like a sponge. Ty took a second to glance at Aislinn who motioned towards Genesis’s stomach.

                        Ty nailed Genesis with two hooks to the abdomen but didn’t get out in time and Genesis land two solid punches to Ty’s chin. Ty fell backwards and laid back flat on her back. Inhert began to count but Ty used the ropes to regain her balance. She tried to shake off the blows and continued the match.

            Ty faked with her right and shot two left jabs at Genesis but the second one left her open for a hook to the nose that split it wide open. Ty went down again and Aislinn tried to signal for her to stay down. Ty once again used the ropes to rise and stood on wobbly legs still trying to fight. Genesis crooked her head to the side intrigued by why Ty kept getting up. Ty covered in blood stepped away from Genesis and signaled for her to bring it. Aislinn, for the first time, saw a grin cross the giant’s face. Ty used the weight shift technique that caused the giant to stumble back as the crowd cheered at the feat. Ty with confidence restored went in for a right jab when Genesis blocked it and left Ty’s face completely unguarded. Genesis swung as far back as she could and hit Ty with and uppercut that lifted her off her feet and sent her crashing into the ropes. Ty lip, nose and eye were bleeding profusely and Inhert called the match and raised Genesis’s hand in victory.

            Aislinn and Maddox hurriedly drug Ty from the ring and to Ellery’s office. Ellery’s face warped when she saw the young women covered in blood.

“Lay her across the bed!”

She brought over water and cloth and wiped the blood away trying to find the source of the blood.

“She’s going to need to get stitches.”

Genesis walked in her lip bleeding a bit.

“Take a seat I have to deal with her first.”

After Ellery stitched up Ty she let her lay in the bed covering her up with a nice, warm blanket. Maddox left to tell Jace what happened and Genesis stared at Ty who laid their eyes closed. Ellery looked at Genesis cut and wiped the blood away.

“Just a cut lip, do you want anything for it?”

Genesis shook her head never switching her glance away from Ty. Then she got up and left the building.

“She really creeps me out.”

“You’re not the only one, so she gonna’ be okay.”

“Yeah, I think she should sleep here tonight though, I’ll tell Inhert she won’t min staying.”

Ty’s eyes slid open and she looked around and then at Aislinn.

“Knocked that bitch out didn’t I?”

“No, it was sorta’ the other way around.” Aislinn said with a grin on her face.

Ty managed a dry laugh. “Shit, better luck next time eh’?”


Ty slid back into sleep and Ellery stood against the sink her arms folded.

“This really disgusts you huh?”



“My brother…was murdered by a fighter…I never found out who it was…I just didn’t want to know...I’d rather never find out.”

Aislinn’s mouth went dry and she cleared her throat.


“Few months back right here in Atlanta at this small gym, some monster beat his face in, so badly his nose bone went into his brain.”

Aislinn stumbled back a bit and looked down a Ty.

“I told him about hanging around those place…uncouth you know.”

“Well…I…I’d better be going.”


Aislinn ran out of the building and across the yard. She almost ran Jace and Maddox over.

“What’s wrong…look like you’ve seen a ghost.”


“Got the room to yourself tonight huh’?”

“Guess so.”

“Few months back right here in Atlanta at this small gym, some monster beat his face in, so badly his nose bone went into his brain.”

The words kept echoing in her head. She tossed and turned something terrible until she realized she would not be getting any sleep that night. She lay on her back and looked at the bottom of Ty’s bunk. She missed Ty’s silly jokes and quiet breathing that made her feel a little at home. She felt alone…all alone and that feels terrible. She got out of her bunk and heard noises and looked directly across to see Madison doing something to the back of Isabella who stared across at her, making faces as if she as experiencing the best feeling on earth. Aislinn watched them, their heavy breathing causing something to stir within her. She saw Isabella’s body shoved onto the bars her body exposed for the world to see if they wanted. Isabella stared at her, like she wanted her to see. Aislinn shrunk away from the opening and went back into her bunk.

“Few months back right here in Atlanta at this small gym, some monster beat his face in, so badly his nose bone went into his brain.”

She rubbed her eyes wanting to get the words out of her head.

“Few months back right here in Atlanta at this small gym, some monster beat his face in, so badly his nose bone went into his brain.”

“Few months back right here in Atlanta at this small gym, some monster beat his face in, so badly his nose bone went into his brain.”

She covered her head and stuffed a piece in her mouth as she belted out the loudest roar she’d ever thought could come from a human body. A roar of confusion, frustration and anger.

“How about tonight we don’t make love…we just talk you know.” Inhert said wrapping an arm around Jace’s body.

“First off we don’t make love we have sex…big difference and second…” Jace slid her body from around Inhert’s arm. “Secondly, this isn’t about talking or getting to know you…I want someone to give it to me…hard…not tenderly…make it hurt…I don’t want a friend or a girl just a fuck.”

Inhert sadly began to remove her clothing. Jace laughed.

“Oh…you thought…” Jace burst into laughter sounding off the walls of the nurse’s office bathroom.

“Quiet, you’ll wake the girl I have to watch tonight.”

“You thought I loved you..” Jace burst into a fit of giggles.

Jace walked in front of Inhert and laughed in her face. “You gullible, idiot…you’re a moron!”

Inhert had had enough and slammed Jace against a wall. She ripped her orange jumpsuit off and didn’t bother with her underwear she simply slid them to the side. She slid her middle and index finger inside her and pushed up harder and harder. She continued until she felt wetness on her shoulder. She looked at Jace who was crying into her shoulder. Inhert removed her finger and wrapped the girl into a deep embrace rocking her back and forth, kissing her forehead.

“It will be okay…I promise….”

“Nice to see you among the living Ty!”

“If you guys are the living then I’d to see the dead!” Ty said laughing loudly afterwards.

“How you doing champ?” Maddox said downing the eggs on her plate.

“Pretty damn good!”

“You did good Ty, way better than anyone expected.”

“Yeah, well not good enough.”

Aislinn heard a disturbance across the cafeteria and saw Madison chewing out Genesis. Genesis stood and shoved Madison aside. She started walking towards their table and Aislinn tensed up.

“Shit here she comes.”

Ty fidgeted in her seat as Genesis stopped right in front of them. Ty stood and Genesis extended a hand. Ty shook it.

“Good fight?” Ty said a smirk appearing at the corners of her mouth.

“Extremely good…you have heart…I respect that…. and admire that in a women.”

“Well thanks.”

Ty let go of her hand and sat down. “So what you ask for?”

“I asked for you to get that week with your family.”

“You did…. you did what?”

“Enjoy it.”

Genesis walked off and sat back down as Madison shot them all glares.

“I think she’s got a crush on you.”

“Crush or no crush I’m out of here.”

“You deserve it.”

Aislinn grinned and stared off as the words once again echoed through her head.

“Few months back right here in Atlanta at this small gym, some monster beat his face in, so badly his nose bone went into his brain.”

She dropped her fork and had completely lost her appetite. She had killed Ellery’s brother and now she didn’t know what to do. Lie or tell the truth.

To be continued…

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