Total Recall

Part One: Is Better Left Unsaid



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For Cylon 3.5

13th Colony

Unknown Location

D'Anna turned her head and watched as the ships lifted off, heading into the unknown and taking with them her best friend and everything she'd ever known to be normal during her entire existence.

Tired of the cat and mouse games, and being a part of an endless cycle, she'd chosen to remain behind. She knew that when she died, so did the knowledge of the identities of the final five. But maybe Brother Cavil had been right after all, and they weren't really meant to know who they were. She'd left a note for Six, further explaining her decision to remain behind, knowing she'd find it eventually.

She returned her gaze to the horizon, looking out over the water and wondering what had happened 2,000 years ago that had led to the destruction of the planet and all life on it. She thought she heard the faintest echo of a child's laughter on the back of the wind.

Without warning a crippling pain shot through her head. She squeezed her eyes tightly shut and grabbed her head in her hands as she was overwhelmed with a barrage of memories of a life long forgotten. In the span of a few heartbeats she knew. She knew what happened to this planet and to everyone on it, including herself. She'd had a total recall.



13th Colony


52 Months to Impact

Lickquid Fusion

Metropolis, often called the city that never slept, was a bustling municipality full of people who were constantly on the go. It was also a city full of modern convenience, and as such, people often remained out of touch with one another, preferring to email or text rather than have a face to face meeting. And for the tall blonde woman sitting at a café under a brightly colored awning, it left something to be desired.

D'Anna Biers, the lead investigative reporter for CNN, the Cylon News Network, sat at a table at Lickquid Fusion, a popular coffee shop, waiting on her 2:30 appointment.  Tired of never knowing if she was coming or going anymore, she was interviewing potential candidates for a new personal assistant, a task that was proving to be more than difficult. She knew it probably had a lot to do with the fact that she was so picky when it came to the people she surrounded herself with.

“D'Anna Biers?” a soft velvet voice said behind her.

D'Anna turned her head towards the voice. Her eyes fell on a petite figure who had long wavy brown hair and chocolate brown eyes that captured her attention.  She was dressed in a red and black pant suit that showed off the briefest hint of her cleavage. 

“You must be Gloria,” D'Anna said. She stood, extending her hand and shaking the smaller woman's gently.  “Please sit down.”

Gloria took a seat across from the taller woman, handing D'Anna her resume and portfolio.

D'Anna glanced over the woman's resume, noting that Gloria was a respected photographer, an artist, and interestingly enough, had spent nearly all of her life in some form of dance.  “Tell me more about yourself,” she said as she began to flip through the younger woman's portfolio.

The instant she'd laid eyes on the smaller woman, she'd felt an immediate attraction to her, and as she looked through the woman's portfolio, her eyes kept straying to the smaller woman's cleavage. She tried to stop, out of fear of being caught, but as she kept going through the portfolio, she noticed that the woman kept shifting in her seat, as if she were attempting to give her a better view. Down girl D'Anna told herself. You're supposed to be interviewing her for a job, not a bed partner remember? She turned her attention back to what the woman was saying.

“For starters, it's Glory.  I'm originally from Dreamsville, and I firmly believe that a story is worthless without the right set of photos.  A picture is worth so much more, it can be the entire story in and of itself,” Glory said.

“Oh absolutely, there are times when a picture is more powerful than words could ever be,” D'Anna replied.

She was thoroughly impressed with what she saw before her, and recognized Glory as a young, raw talent that had the potential for greatness. 

She looked up at Glory and smiled.  “I like what I see.  So, if you're interested I'd like to offer you the position.”

Glory smiled in return.  “I accept the offer.”

They shook hands again, sealing the deal. This time it occurred to D'Anna just how soft Glory's skin was, and how ‘right' it felt to take the smaller hand in her own.

“You can stop by one day this week to fill out the necessary paperwork, and pick up what passes for an employee handbook in my office,” D'Anna said.

“Sounds good,” Glory replied.

“Oh, before I forget, I should warn you, when it comes to something I really want, I can be a bitch and a half when I don't get my way,” D'Anna said, eyes twinkling mischievously.

“Good thing I like a challenge,” Glory replied with a sly grin. D'Anna knew the young woman had caught the double meaning.

Both women laughed. 

“I don't know about you but I'm starving.  Why don't we head to Danzie's for lunch?  We can get to know one another better,” D'Anna said.

“Sounds like a plan,” Glory replied.

They both stood, and left to get a bite to eat.

Over the course of the next hour, they laughed and chatted as if they were old friends, discovering both had a passion for life and adventure, and that a love of traveling and seeing new places had led them to their chosen careers. D'Anna was thrilled that she'd met someone who had a love for classic horror films, and preferred to patron businesses that welcomed people from all walks of life, regardless of color, creed, species or orientation.

Glory had also revealed that like D'Anna she was a notorious night owl, and on weekends when she didn't have anything to do, she loved to spend the whole day in bed, just vegging out and watching TV.

When lunch began to wind down, D'Anna found herself unwilling to part company with the captivating woman. She quickly invited her out for a bit of window shopping, thrilled when Glory agreed. As they were walking down the avenue, Glory linked her arm through D'Anna's without a second thought.

D'Anna's heart began to pound at the contact, and knew that if she didn't find out what was going on, and soon, she'd wind up doing something that could potentially ruin everything between the two of them.

“I need to ask you something,” she said gently.

Glory moved closer and wrapped her arm around D'Anna's waist. For a moment D'Anna lost all thought of what she wanted to say. All that she could focus on was how right it felt for Glory to be wrapped around her as she was.

“You want to know why I'm behaving like this right.” Glory asked her.

“You do have me curious,” D'Anna replied.

“Would you believe me if I said it felt like the right thing to do?” Glory asked almost sheepishly.

“What do you mean?” D'Anna asked curiously. She thought she knew where the smaller woman was going with this but wanted to be sure.

“From the moment we first looked at one another I felt something. I've been in too many situations before where I felt that, but I didn't do anything, and as a result the feelings were lost. I promised myself if I ever felt that way about someone again, I'd act on it without a second thought,” Glory explained.

“But what if the other person didn't feel the same way?” D'Anna asked.

“At least I'd know, and wouldn't have to spend my time wondering ‘what if',” Glory replied.

D'Anna breathed a sigh of relief, and wrapped an arm around Glory's shoulders. “What do you know, something else we have in common,” she murmured.

“So now that we know we're both interested, can we grab a drink or something, or at least find somewhere to sit down and talk?” Glory asked.

“I've got a better idea,” D'Anna said checking her watch. “It's 4pm now, why don't I pick you up tonight for dinner, say around 7ish?”

“That works,” Glory replied, smiling up at the taller woman.

She pulled the woman to her and hugged her, enjoying the feeling of the smaller woman's body against her own.

“Until tonight then,” she said. “By the way, I love the way you look in red.”

Glory smiled, and with one more quick squeeze, the two parted, going their separate ways until their rendezvous later that evening.



52 Months to Impact

D'Anna's transport pulled up at the location listed on the resume Glory had given her. She got out and was making her way up the steps when the building's front door opened and Glory emerged from the foyer. D'Anna's eyes widened at the vision before her.

Glory was wearing a long sleeved, sheer, maroon top with a velvet patterned overlay, and a black bra underneath. The only button she'd fastened was the one over the center of her bra. She'd paired the top with a pair of black, low rise, bootcut trousers, and black dress boots.

“You look very nice,” D'Anna said. Oh lord give me strength to keep my hands to myself tonight.

“Thank you, so do you,” Glory replied taking in the taller woman's black two piece suit and maroon dress shirt.

“Shall we?” D'Anna asked offering Glory a hand.

Glory took the proffered hand, and D'Anna led her to the waiting transport.


Twenty five minutes later they pulled up in front of “The Raven”, an exclusive restaurant known for its popularity among the well known's. The valet opened the door and helped Glory from the transport. D'Anna came around behind the transport and took Glory's hand again, leading her inside. They were immediately seated, and spent a few minutes looking over the menu. Once they had ordered, and the wine brought to the table, D'Anna reached out and took Glory's hand.

“You know how you said earlier that the instant we laid eyes on one another you felt something?” she asked.

“MmmHmm,” Glory said.

“Did it feel anything like a puzzle piece you didn't know was missing had suddenly clicked into place? Like the feelings you were experiencing were on a level you'd never been at before?” D'Anna asked.

“Exactly,” Glory replied.

“So did I. Wanna know a secret?” D'Anna asked, a faint blush working its way up her neck.

“Sure,” Glory replied, curious to her companion's changing color.

“You had the job before you even sat down,” D'Anna said sheepishly.

Glory giggled and squeezed D'Anna's hand. “That's so sweet. Wanna know what I was thinking when you turned around and our eyes met for the first time?”

“Sure,” D'Anna replied.

“I thought to myself ‘God help me if I don't get the job, I'll have to move back to Dreamsville to keep from stalking her',” Glory said.

D'Anna grinned at the smaller woman. “Now, about us. I'm very interested in having a personal relationship, as well as a professional one, but I want us to take our time and not rush anything. I want to make sure we don't get so caught up in one another that our jobs suffer, and vice versa,” she said.

“I'd like that too,” Glory replied.

“I'm sure it's going to be challenging for us every now and again, but I think we can manage,” D'Anna said.

The food arrived, and the next few minutes were spent quietly as they got their plates arranged. D'Anna caught the strange looking on Glory's face, and decided to ask her about it. “Whatcha thinking about?” she asked.

“Promise you won't laugh?” Glory said.

“I promise,” D'Anna replied.

“I was just thinking about how I wish I didn't have to go home tonight,” Glory replied.

“Funny you should say that. I don't want you to go home either,” D'Anna said.

“But that doesn't exactly fit the idea to take things nice and slow,” Glory said.

“That's true it doesn't, but that doesn't make the urge any less desirable,” D'Anna replied.

“Oh I know. I guess this is one of those challenging times you were talking about,” Glory said.

“Guess so,” D'Anna replied. She decided that a change of subject was in order before her libido got the better of her and she ignored the agreement they'd just made. “Don't suppose I could interest you in a walk after dinner?”

“That sounds good,” Glory replied.

The waiter returned to collect the dirty dishes. “Are you ladies interested in dessert?”

D'Anna looked at Glory who shook her head. “Not tonight,” she said, taking her gold card from her pocket and handing it to him.

The waiter took the card and went to close out their order.

“When we get out of here, I have something to tell you,” Glory said.

“Alright,” D'Anna replied.

The waiter returned and gave D'Anna two receipt slips. She signed one and wrapped the other around her card, and then tucked the card in her pocket. They both stood, and D'Anna took Glory's hand as they left the restaurant.


They walked along Second Avenue hand in hand, which was packed with all the local hotspots.

“So what was it you wanted to tell me?” D'Anna finally asked.

Glory took a deep breath and prayed the taller woman would hear her out before jumping to conclusions.

“Um, to be honest I'm not sure I should tell you, it might upset you,” she said.

D'Anna let go of Glory's hand, and stood frozen in her tracks. “If you can't trust me when it comes to something important then there's no point in us continuing this relationship. I mean if you can't give me the benefit of the doubt then why bother?”

Glory looked up at D'Anna with tears in her eyes. She knew she had to tell her, regardless of the outcome.

“You are the first woman I have ever been attracted to in my entire life. But I'm not looking for a science experiment, and I'm not looking to make a former lover jealous. This is all new to me, so if I act like I don't know what I'm doing, it's only because I've never experienced it before.”

D'Anna sighed in relief and pulled Glory into her arms. She remained silent for a few minutes, enjoying the simple feeling of holding Glory's body against her own. “I'm sorry I snapped at you. I can see how you would be worried that it would upset me,” she finally said. For God's sake D'Anna, the woman was only trying to make sure you didn't get the wrong idea before she had a chance to explain. And what do you do? You take her dammed head off. Way to go jackass.

Glory turned her head and pressed her ear to D'Anna's chest, finding the rhythm of the taller woman's heartbeat incredibly soothing. “I just didn't want you to think I was getting involved for the wrong reasons,” she said.

“I appreciate you telling me, and I'm honored to be the one to experience this special event with you. Just knowing I'm your first makes me that much more determined for us to take our time, if for no other reason than it will help it to be all the more memorable for us both,” D'Anna replied.

“I know what I want, and so far I've yet to find it,” Glory said.

“And just what is it that you want?” D'Anna asked.

Glory blushed.

“Oooh must be juicy, whatever it is,” D'Anna said with a smirk.

“It might seem weird considering we just met,” Glory said.

“Even if it does, I want to know,” D'Anna said.

Glory took a deep breath to steady her nerves, and hoped that what she was about to say wouldn't push things too far too soon. She looked up into sky blue eyes and began to speak.“I want your name to be the one I scream when I climax. I want to know that you're the only one who can make me feel that way,” she said.

D'Anna smiled down on the smaller woman. “I want to hear you scream my name as you give yourself over to me. I want to know that I'm the only one who can touch you and make you react that way,” she replied.

“I want to see you get turned on just by seeing me walk into a room. I want to know that when we go out somewhere that others will be tempted to take me home, but will get the picture that there is nothing they could offer that would tempt me away from you,” Glory said.

“I want to be turned on seeing you enter a room. I want to watch others realize that the hottest thing in the room is going home with me,” D'Anna replied.

“Sounds like we both know what we want then,” Glory said.

“Indeed,” D'Anna agreed. She glanced at her watch and groaned when she saw the time.

“What's up?” Glory asked.

“I don't want to cut tonight short, but I'm gonna have to. I've got a live spot with CNN at 8am,” D'Anna replied.

“Hey there's no shame in that,” Glory replied. “Sometimes work calls and you've got to answer whether you want to or not. Besides, it's not like we won't see each other again.”

“That's true, but I still wish I didn't have to go now,” D'Anna said. Glory smiled to herself. God she's actually pouting at the thought of having to say goodnight, how cute is that?

“Tell you what, I'll stop by your office around 9am tomorrow to do the paperwork and we can either spend the day at the office together, or go do something,” Glory said.

“Deal,” D'Anna replied, brightening at the prospect. “C'mon, lemme take you home.”

Arm in arm they made their way back to the transport.


When they returned to Glory's apartment, D'Anna walked her upstairs, pausing at the door.

“I had a good time tonight,” Glory said.

“So did I,” D'Anna replied.

They stood looking at one another for several moments until D'Anna finally gave in to the urge, and captured the smaller woman's lips in a gentle kiss.

“See you tomorrow,” she said when they parted.

Caught off guard Glory nodded her head and watched the taller woman walk down the hall and step into the elevator.  When the doors closed Glory unlocked the door to her apartment and disappeared inside.



50 Months to Impact

A Midsummer Night's Jazzfest

D'Anna and Glory strolled along Second Avenue hand in hand, checking out all the items and wares up for sale. They'd just come from the main stage area after seeing House Jacks, one of their favorite groups, perform. They'd wanted to check out the various vendors before calling it a night.

D'Anna suddenly spoke out of nowhere, bringing up something she'd been thinking about a lot over the past two weeks.

“I've been thinking why don't you start staying at my place on the weekends?” she said.

“Umm ok…” Glory said.

“You don't like the idea?” D'Anna said, her mood darkening.

“No I do, I'm just not sure where this came from, that's all,” Glory replied gently squeezing the taller woman's hand.

D'Anna relaxed and breathed a deep sigh of relief. “It's just something I've been thinking about a lot lately, and it just seems to make sense to me, both logically and emotionally.”

“Oh?” Glory asked. D'Anna nodded. “It makes sense logically because it will let us see if it's possible for the two of us to actually live together.”

“That's a good point, but what about emotionally?” Glory asked.

“It will give us more time together, without having to spend it all out and about doing something,” D'Anna replied.

“Mmm, I like the sound of that, but is it going to allow us to go slow?” Glory asked.

Again D'Anna nodded.

“I have a guest room downstairs you can use. It's got a private bath, unless you'd rather use mine,” she said, her eyes lighting up mischievously.

Glory smiled and shook her head.

“Hey, why don't we swing by your place so you can get stuff for the weekend, and then order take out and veg out on the couch?” D'Anna asked.

“Ooooh, you me and some Chinese food, sounds like my kind of weekend,” Glory replied.

As they headed for the transport both were secretly glad that at least now, they weren't going to have to say goodbye at the end of the night.



48Months to Impact

09495 Aweles Ave.

D'Anna padded into the guest room and sat down on the bed. She watched forlornly as Glory packed up her belongings to take back home. When she zipped the bag shut, D'Anna took her hand and pulled her to stand between her knees.

“I've enjoyed you being here this weekend,” she said.

“I've enjoyed being here,” Glory replied.

“Next weekend pack extra, so you can start to leave some stuff here. That way you can just start coming home with me from the office,” D'Anna said.

“That sounds good, I'll do that,” Glory said.

The intercom at the front door buzzed.

“That's the driver,” D'Anna said. Glory nodded, but neither of them released their hold on the other.

They'd decided to have a driver take Glory home, hoping that by adding a third party, they wouldn't have an excuse to not say goodbye. And while D'Anna would rather that Glory just go ahead and move in now, she knew that wasn't going to help them move their relationship along slowly. The intercom buzzed again, and D'Anna reluctantly let go of Glory's hands.

She stood, and grabbed the smaller woman's bag, and took her hand again, and led her down the hallway to the door. She dropped Glory's bag on the floor, and then pulled her into a hug, burying her face in the soft texture of the younger woman's hair, and breathing in her scent. Even though she knew they'd see one another tomorrow morning, she didn't like the thought of being away from her, and according to Glory's body language, she was pretty much thinking the same thing.

When the buzzer sounded for the third time, they pulled away again, and looked into one another's eyes.

“See you in the morning,” Glory murmured.

“Bright and early,” D'Anna said.

They kissed, gently, and then Glory picked up her bag and opened the door. She exited, and they paused, looking at one another for a brief moment.

“Goodnight D,” Glory said.

“Goodnight baby,” D'Anna replied.

Glory turned and walked down the short hallway to the bank of elevators. D'Anna watched until the doors closed and Glory disappeared from view. She shut the door, set the alarm, and with a heavy heart headed upstairs to bed, knowing her dreams were going to be filled with visions of her dark haired companion.



48 Months to Impact

09495 Aweles Drive


In the bedroom of the master suite, the large flat screen showed the ending to some romantic comedy. D'Anna was sprawled across her bed, daydreaming about taking Glory to some secluded location and ravishing the smaller woman over and over again. When the phone rang, it both startled and annoyed the tall blonde. She growled and reached for the handset, deciding if it was anyone besides Glory, she was going to be less than polite.

“Yes?” she said.

“D'Anna, its Max, how quick can you make it to the airport?” Max asked.

“Why what's going on?” she asked.

“There's a huge story developing in Download City, and I need someone on it right away,” Max said.

“What kind of story? You know I don't do second page news,” D'Anna said.

“I wouldn't have called you if it was anything other than front page,” Max replied. “The Transmogrification Facility has begun to develop new technology that may one day allow the humanoid Cylons to clone themselves.”

“I'll be on a plane by midnight,” D'Anna said and then promptly hung up without waiting for his response, something he was used to.

She quickly dialed Glory's number, wanting to double check before she booked more than one ticket. On the third ring it picked up.

“Lo',” Glory said.

“Hey baby, how quick can you have your bags packed?” D'Anna asked.

“Why, what's going on?”

“There's a big story unfolding in Download City, and I need to get to the airport ASAP.”

“Wow, your old stomping grounds.  You've been looking for an excuse to go home for ages.”

“Yeah, and since you said you've never been to Download City I thought I'd take you with me if you're interested.  I figure it's going to be for at least two weeks, depending on the story.”

“Two weeks?”

“Yeah, and we can stay at my place instead of some boring old hotel. We'll get the story out of the way, and then we can just enjoy ourselves rest of the trip. Sound good?”

“Sounds awesome.  I can be ready in a half hour, forty five minutes at most.”

“Great, I'll have the driver swing by and pick you up.” D'Anna said.

They said their goodbyes, and hung up, and D'Anna immediately called the airline to book the tickets. When that was taken care of, she called for a driver and sat down to wait. She smiled to herself when she thought of the look on Glory's face when she told her that she never took anything with her when she travelled to DC, because she kept a full wardrobe at both places.

For the first time in years, she was anxious to take on an overseas assignment. Not so much for the work, but for the location, and the company.


Three hours later they sat side by side in first class, on their way to Download City. Glory looked around the cabin in wonder, while D'Anna seemed to draw amusement from the smaller woman's reaction to the situation.

There were only 8 seats, with substantial room between each row. D'Anna had explained that the seats reclined to several positions, one of which was almost completely flat to allow the occupant to sleep.

“First time in first class?” D'Anna asked, smiling when Glory nodded. “Get used to it; it's the only way I fly.”

When they were in the air, D'Anna reached out and pulled up a privacy screen that separated them from the pod across the aisle before doing the same with a mirroring screen that was between her seat and the window.

D'Anna stood for a moment, and pulled out the small flat screen. She scrolled through the list of choices, settling on a series she knew both of them loved to watch. She settled back, smiling as Glory reclined the seat all the way back until she was lying down. D'Anna chose to use the Z position, which allowed her to stretch out, but not lie completely flat.

“This is nice, bet I won't have problems getting to sleep now,” Glory murmured.

“Why did you before?” D'Anna asked.

“Because it's driving me crazy to keep my hands to myself,” Glory answered.

“That makes two of us,” D'Anna replied.

“Then why are we still fighting it?” Glory asked.

“Because, erm…” D'Anna started to say, realizing she was really unsure at this point.

“You don't know either do you?”Glory asked her.

D'Anna sheepishly shook her head.

“So then the next time the opportunity arises, I say we let nature take its course,” Glory said.

“Agreed,” D'Anna murmured.

A flicker of movement on the TV screen caught Glory's attention. “Oooh I love this one!” she said.

D'Anna took Glory's pillow and pushed back the small half divider.  She put the pillow against her chest and looked over at Glory, smiling as she patted it reassuringly.  Glory stretched out and curled up against the taller woman.  D'Anna draped her arm over the smaller woman, and they both settled in to watch reruns of a favorite show until they finally gave in to sleep.


Download City

48 Months to Impact

D'Anna wrapped her arms around Glory's waist and snuggled her close. They were sitting on a blanket on the beach, watching the sun set. Glory sat between D'Anna's legs, so that the taller woman was wrapped around her. Both spoke in low tones, as if being loud would somehow spoil the moment.

“Having a good time?” D'Anna murmured.

“Very much so, its different here than back home,” Glory replied softly.

“How's that?” D'Anna asked.

“It's calmer here, more laid back. I can see why you call it the Sanctuary,” Glory said.

“Indeed it is, which is why I try to come home as often as I can,” D'Anna said.

Glory let out a massive yawn, which reminded D'Anna of something.

“I want us to move our relationship up another notch,” she said.

“Um okay, is this a different level than the one we talked about on the plane?” Glory asked.

“Sort of, this notch is in between that one, and the one we're at now,” D'Anna whispered.

“How so?” Glory questioned.

“It should bridge the gap, and might give us more of an opportunity for the next level to present itself,” D'Anna said.

“Okay, what do you have in mind?” Glory asked.

“That flight here did something to me. It filled me with a kind of warmth I don't want to lose. It felt so…perfect to be curled up with you,” D'Anna said.

“I know what you mean, I haven't slept that well in months,” Glory murmured.

“Me either and I don't want to give up that feeling. So, from now on, I want you to sleep in my bed with me,” D'Anna said softly.

“I'd like that, to wake every morning and have you be there next to me,” Glory said.

“Likewise,” D'Anna responded.

“Erm, I don't think it's going to matter, but I should warn you, I rarely sleep in more than my thong,” Glory said with a giggle.

D'Anna chuckled along with the smaller woman. “Considering I rarely sleep in anything at all, you're right it doesn't matter.”

The couple outright laughed, which was broken by Glory yawning again, this time bigger than before. The act only caused D'Anna to laugh harder.

“I see you're not over the jet lag yet. C'mon, we'll go inside and indulge in our favorite way to spend the evening, only tonight we'll do it in bed,” D'Anna said.

“Okay, this is one time when you get to pick everything, cause I don't know any of the restaurants around here,” Glory mumbled yawning again.

“I think I can handle it,” D'Anna said. “Ready to go?”

Glory nodded and they both stood. D'Anna picked up the blanket, and tossed it over an arm as she took Glory's hand. Together they walked back to the house.


Download City

48 Months to Impact

The Sanctuary

D'Anna yawned and began stripping off her clothes as she entered the master bedroom. A quick glance at the clock on the nightstand told her it was nearly 1am. She'd sent an exhausted Glory to bed an hour ago, and the smaller woman was now lying on her side, sleeping peacefully in the massive bed.

For the past week, ever since they'd arrived in Download City, they'd been working on a huge story. There was new technology in the works, and it appeared that it was actually going to be realistically possible for the human Cylons to clone themselves sometime in the near future. They'd yet to go public with the story; D'Anna wanted to gather as much information as possible to avoid any sort of hysteria.

She finished stripping off her clothes until all that she had on was her thong. She turned the blankets down and slipped beneath the sheet. Her intention was to spoon up behind Glory, as she usually did. But tonight something was different. The thought of the soft skin of the smaller woman's back brushing against her nipples bathed her senses in a warm wave of desire she found impossible to ignore.

She slid over behind the smaller woman, propping herself up on her elbow. She began to gently nibble at Glory's shoulder tendon, softly trailing the backs of her fingers down Glory's right arm. Glory shifted and made a small sound of pleasure, but didn't wake. D'Anna slipped her free hand under the sheet, gently stroking satin covered curls. A ragged exhale escaped Glory's throat and unseen by D'Anna chocolate brown eyes opened.

D'Anna's nibbling progressed up Glory's neck, and her fingers kept up their caress, moving up to slightly brush swollen labia. During the flight they'd discussed various intimate details about themselves. What turned them on, what turned them off, various fantasies they had. D'Anna was putting that information to good use.

“Mmm I love how that feels,” Glory moaned softly, opening her legs in invitation.

“I know,” D'Anna mumbled, turning her nibbling into wet open mouthed kisses.

“It's going to be a toss-up as to which I like better,” Glory said kicking off the sheet.

“Which ‘what' you like better?” D'Anna asked. She used the nail of her middle finger to gently scratch Glory's clit, grinning inwardly at the sudden intake of Glory's breath.

“The feeling of your fingers and tongue through the satin, or on my bare skin,” Glory rasped shifting to the flat of her back.

“Let's find out,” D'Anna said. She sucked a rock hard nipple into her mouth, and firmly stroked the smaller woman's swollen folds.

Glory's hips jumped, and as D'Anna resumed her gentle strokes, they rocked, desperate to keep contact with her fingers. Glory whimpered, and reached down and began tugging at her thong, trying to rid herself of the last barrier between herself and her lover.

“Shh, just relax,” D'Anna whispered as she sat up, helping the smaller woman to remove her thong. Glory nodded, and when D'Anna's tongue made the most intimate contact off all, she groaned and submitted herself to the experience.


Sky blue eyes opened the following afternoon, and D'Anna's brow knitted. She couldn't remember the last time she'd been fucked to the point of exhaustion. She turned her head to see Glory lying on the bed beside her, head propped in her hand. She smiled at the taller woman, clearly having been enjoying watching her sleep.


D'Anna attempted to sit up, and her now swollen center advised her to do so with great caution. A hiss escaped her lips, and without a word, Glory stood, and padded into the bathroom. She returned moments later with a cold, wet washcloth.


When she pressed the cool, damp cloth to the taller woman's swollen folds, D'Anna's head dropped back against the headboard with a moan. The sensation was so pleasurable; it nearly sent her body into orgasm again, something she wasn't sure she could handle at the moment. Memories of the previous night came flooding back to her.

It had been so gentle and sweet, she'd taken her time to draw out every possible ounce of pleasure the smaller woman's body had to offer.   And then Glory had proven herself to be a quick learner by immediately returning the favor, twice, before they passed out in a tangle of limbs.

“How long have you been awake?” she rasped.

“Not long, half hour – forty five minutes maybe,” Glory responded.

D'Anna turned and snuggled up next to the smaller woman, taking in the scents of sex and sweat. They were quiet for a few minutes, giving D'Anna a chance to fully wake up.

“So what do we have planned today? More story work?” Glory asked.

“Actually I thought we'd just sort of bum around the house today, and then tonight I'd take you to a favorite hot spot,” D'Anna said.

“Oooh, can I make a request?” Glory asked.

“Sure, what's that?” D'Anna replied.

“Can I go as your eye candy?” Glory asked.

“My eye candy?” D'Anna replied.

“Yeah, I go out dressed to turn heads, and you get the pleasure of knowing that everyone wants me, but I'm going home with you,” Glory said.

“Isn't that how it always is?” D'Anna asked.

“Well yeah, but this time it'll be on purpose,” Glory said.

“Ah I see, in that case I'm all for it,” D'Anna said.

“I'm going to wear my dark wash denim mini skirt, the cropped jacket that goes with it, my bright blue halter top, and my sandals that have the straps up my calves,” Glory said.

“My favorite outfit. Now that that's settled, let's get something to eat,” D'Anna said.

“I'm all for that,” Glory said.


They both got up but didn't bother to dress, and D'Anna led the way to the kitchen.



Later that night, D'Anna sat at a table at Tongue and Groove, one of Download City's most popular nightclubs. Glory was currently on the dance floor, grooving to the music.   D'Anna sat watching her, the same thought repeating over and over in her mind.  If she had her way, when they got back to Metropolis, Glory would be going back to her apartment to pack, and then moving in with her. 

The song changed, and a slow throbbing bass beat began to fill the room.  D'Anna seized the opportunity and moved up behind the smaller woman, pulling the lithe body against her own.  Glory looked up in surprise to see D'Anna behind her.  During their flight she'd told the smaller woman she had two left feet, and generally avoided the dance floor.  D'Anna smiled down at her and wrapped an arm around her waist.

Glory pressed back against the taller woman as they ground along to the music.  D'Anna took Glory's hand and brought her arm up, hooking it on the back of her neck.  She gently stroked Glory's exposed side, occasionally teasing the outer swell of her breast.  She smiled when Glory moaned softly.  The song ended but D'Anna kept her hold on the smaller woman.

“Wanna go sit down and talk?” she asked her, nibbling on the edge of a pink ear.

Glory shook her head. “If I have to sit on anything hard I'll explode,” she replied.

D'Anna's hand drifted to Glory's belt buckle. “Let's go home,” she whispered nuzzling the same ear. Glory nodded, and D'Anna led her out of the club.

They made it to D'Anna's transport, and Glory sat down gingerly on her seat, her throbbing center making it virtually impossible to sit still.  

Thankfully the drive to the Sanctuary was short. No sooner had Glory closed the front door to the main residence behind herself than D'Anna pinned her against it, kissing her fiercely.   Glory's tongue soon demanded entrance, and D'Anna's lips parted eagerly.  Glory's hips began to rock, thrusting against her taller lover.  When they parted several moments later, both were breathing heavily.

D'Anna dropped to her knees, roughly pushed up Glory's short skirt, and buried her tongue in her lover's swollen, honey soaked center. Glory moaned and threaded her fingers into her lover's blond locks as D'Anna lapped up nectar like a cat after spilled cream. Glory's climax hit her hard, and she cried out in pleasurable relief. D'Anna stood, and Glory recaptured her lover's lips, tasting herself on them. Without giving up the kiss D'Anna lifted her lover up, and Glory wrapped her legs around the taller woman's waist.

“Your turn,” she mumbled.

Without another word D'Anna turned and headed for the master suite.


Download City

48 Months to Impact

D'Anna reached out and shut off the alarm and then snuggled back into place. She smiled as chocolate brown eyes opened and blinked sleepily. She shifted in the bed, and smiled as the smaller woman seemed to sense the movement, and shifted with her, to avoid losing contact. D'Anna reached over, and tucked a lock of brown hair back behind her lover's ear. “Morning,” she whispered.

Glory yawned.  “Morning,” she mumbled.

Glory looked to the clock, and caught sight of the date.  The last day of their trip.  They'd be flying home this afternoon.  She sighed heavily.

 “What baby?” D'Anna asked, catching the sudden change in her lover's mood.

“I don't wanna go home.  It means I have to go back to my place, and it's the going to be at least next weekend before I see you again outside work. After this trip, it's going to be practically unbearable,” Glory replied.

“What if you didn't… have to go back to your place I mean,” D'Anna said.

“What do you mean?”  Glory asked, turning over onto her side so she was facing the taller woman.

“I don't want you to go back to that apartment.  I want you to come home where you belong, which is with me,” D'Anna said.

Glory pretended to mull it over.  “Hmmm…give up crying myself to sleep, texting you relentlessly after work, and get rid of my vibrator, oooh tough call,” she said.

D'Anna's curiosity picked up part of Glory's comment, and it worried her. “Why do you cry yourself to sleep?” she asked.

Glory blushed.  She hadn't meant to admit to that.  She wasn't sure that the taller woman wouldn't find it funny and laugh at her. “It's nothing,” Glory said quickly.

“It can't be ‘nothing', or you wouldn't have brought it up.  Whatever it is, just tell me,” D'Anna said.

Glory took a deep breath, and ducked her head, almost tucking her chin to her chest as she began to speak.   “It just hurts knowing that because of some goofy workplace rule, we have to hide our relationship,” Glory said.  “I hate that I have to hide the fact that I love you.”

D'Anna chuckled, but was quick to keep the smaller woman from getting more upset than she already was. “I'm laughing because it's a problem that's easily fixable, I mean, it is my office after all,” D'Anna said.

“Just like that huh?” Glory replied.

“Just like that.  I want us to be together always baby, and if all it takes to make you happy is changing a couple of rules, then so be it,” D'Anna said.

“I don't want to cause trouble in the office,” Glory said.

Again D'Anna laughed. “Considering it's just the two of us, I don't think it's going to cause a problem,” she said.  “Did I ever tell you why I had to start using that rule?”

Glory shook her head.  A sudden bout of insecurity hit her, and she instantly snuggled up against the taller woman's side, resting her head on a broad shoulder.  D'Anna immediately responded by wrapping long arms tightly around Glory's slender frame.

“At one point I had 2 cameramen, and 3 assistants, and, as tends to happen, they eventually all had relationships with one another, and none of them ended well.  Tension got so high I fired everyone, and decided I'd never allow it to happen again, as it made for a toxic work environment,” D'Anna explained.

“Makes sense,” Glory said.

“It does, but now it's kind of unneeded. But I've been by myself in that office for so long I just never bothered with it, didn't need to,” D'Anna replied.  “So, getting back to you moving in…”

Before she could finish her thought, Glory pushed herself up onto her elbows, and kissed the taller woman soundly.

“I'll take that as a yes,” D'Anna said when they parted.

Glory giggled and snuggled back down next to the taller woman again.

“I had planned to go to the office long enough tomorrow to answer emails and check my messages, after that we can stop by your place and pick up what you'll need to get through the week, and do the serious packing and moving next weekend,” D'Anna said.

“Works for me,” Glory said, beginning to draw lazy figure eights on the taller woman's abdomen.

“Breakfast?” D'Anna asked.

“Mmm, maybe later,” Glory said as her hand drifted lower and sifted through blond curls.

“I think I created a monster,” D'Anna replied as her legs parted in silent invitation.

A dark chuckle was her answer as Glory ducked beneath the sheet, determined to make food the very last thing on her lover's mind.




40Months to Impact

The sound of the ringing phone startled D'Anna awake and she scrambled to pick up the handset.

“Hello?” she said sleepily.

“D'Anna Biers?” said a female voice on the other end.


“This is A'Me with the Metropolis Medical Center.  I'm calling on behalf of a Glory Redlin.”

“Oh my god.”

“Miss Redlin was involved in an altercation this evening.”

“God no.  Is she alright?”

She was found unconscious in Little 5 Points. She's awake now, and has some cuts and bruises, but is otherwise okay. She's been asking for you since they brought her in.”

“I'll be right there.”

D'Anna hung up the phone and got up.  She began to dress, thinking back to earlier in the day, and the incident which caused the current chain of events.

Bell, a paranoid hypochondriac with a soft spot for gadgets had been calling the office incessantly all afternoon.   D'Anna had turned down the footage he'd offered, figuring his idea for a breaking story was just another of the wild goose chases he'd been bringing her recently.  When he burst into her office unannounced, he walked in on D'Anna and Glory making out on the sofa, D'Anna's hands inside the smaller woman's shirt, and Glory straddling her lap.

He'd gotten upset, trying to say he was angry because it violated D'Anna's rule about relationships in the workplace, but D'Anna suspected it really had to do with the fact that he had a thing for Glory, and seeing the two of them together had destroyed what hope he'd had of being with the smaller woman.

Glory had instantly pointed out that he'd been made aware of the changes D'Anna had made to the way the office was run, including being told not to bring her stories unless she asked for them, and the two had argued.  When D'Anna had gotten them calmed down, Glory had kissed her cheek, said she wanted to cool off, and would see D'Anna at home.

That had been six hours ago.  D'Anna had fallen asleep on the sofa, waiting for her to return. Angrily wiping the tears from her face, knowing this was not a good time to break down and completely lose it, she grabbed her keys and wallet, and walked out the door, headed for the hospital.


She walked into the ER, and was immediately led back to where Glory was waiting for an all clear from the doctor before going home.

She took the smaller woman's hand and kissed it, tears flowing freely.  She roughly wiped her eyes with the back of her free hand, and sat down on the bed next to her partner.

“What happened?” she asked.

“I decided to stop off at Gino's in Little 5 Points to see if a package I ordered had come in yet. On my way out of the store, I ran into Bell again. This time, he was not only angry, but drunk. I don't remember much after that until I woke up here,” Glory said.

“He attacked you?” D'Anna barked.

Glory nodded.

“I'll kill him,” the taller woman growled, pushing up off the bed.

“I've already filed a report. Let tribal take care of him,” Glory said reaching out and catching D'Anna's hand. “D please, don't leave me alone.”

D'Anna's anger instantly gave way to concern and she sat back down on the bed. Glory reached for her and she pulled the smaller woman into her arms. D'Anna's heart broke when she noticed Glory was trembling. She knew the younger woman had suffered both physical and psychological trauma and it was going to take time for her to heal.

“If they okay your release tonight, I want us to go home and tie up any loose ends. Tomorrow we're going to the Sanctuary so you can recover away from all this,” D'Anna said.

“For how long?” Glory asked.

“As long as it takes,” D'Anna replied.

As a response Glory simply snuggled deeper into her lover's embrace. D'Anna stroked chocolate brown hair, and whispered to her soothingly. The curtain pulled back, and the doctor reappeared.

“Good news. Turns out you only have a mild concussion, along with the scrapes and bruises,” he said.

“How long before she can travel?” D'Anna asked. “I know she needs time to heal, and I don't want her doing it here. I have somewhere to take her away from all the prying eyes, and worse.”

“If she feels up to it, as soon as this upcoming weekend

“Can I go home now?” Glory asked.

The doctor smiled and held up her discharge papers. She quickly signed them, and then she and D'Anna both stood, the taller woman keeping her cuddled close. They left the hospital, eager to put the last six hours well behind them.


Download City

40Months to Impact

The Sanctuary

D'Anna sighed happily and rested her chin against Glory's head as she looked out over the water. Since arriving in DC a week ago, sitting on the beach watching the sunset had become a nightly ritual. Glory was sitting in the vee of D'Anna's legs, with the taller woman wrapped around her. Their favorite sitting position had taken on a new meaning because of the accident, as now it made Glory feel safe with her lover wrapped around her.

They were chatting back and forth about the past few days when D'Anna decided to turn the topic to something more serious. She pulled a small item out of her pocket, and kept it hidden in her hand. “I have something for you,” she said.

“And what might that be?” Glory asked.


“I've wanted to do this for quite some time, but I kept worrying it might be too soon. Think for a minute, and see if you can tell me what today is,” D'Anna said.


Glory smiled, knowing without having to think about it at all. “One year ago today you and I met for the very first time,” she said.


D'Anna smiled. “That's right, and our lives changed forever. So it's only fitting that they change again, on our first anniversary.”


She took Glory's left hand and slipped a band of alternating diamonds and Garnets onto her third finger. Glory looked down at her hand, and felt her heart leap into her throat.


“Marry me, please?” D'Anna whispered.


They sat in silence for a few moments while waiting for Glory to shake off the shock, and try to recover her ability to speak. “Yes,” she finally managed to say, leaning out slightly and turning her head, capturing the taller woman's lips in a kiss.


When they separated, Glory settled back into D'Anna's embrace. The taller woman absently began drawing patterns on the bare skin of Glory's stomach, and nibbled at the soft skin behind her lover's left ear. Glory moaned softly, rolling her head to the side, giving the taller woman better access. D'Anna's hands slid up Glory's torso, untying the knot at the bottom of Glory's halter top. When she had worked the knot loose, she began to unfasten the buttons, all the while keeping up her gentle nibbling.


Glory was squirming in front of her, trying to keep still. When D'Anna unfastened the last button and slid her hands beneath the material, Glory's hips shot up off the blanket.


“Easy baby,” D'Anna cooed.


“Can't help it, feels so good,” Glory replied. “Please don't stop.”


“Don't intend to,” D'Anna growled, pulling and twisting taught nipples.


She sucked an earlobe into her mouth and watched as Glory unfastened her shorts and slid a hand into the opening, a long moan escaping her lips.


“God that's so hot,” D'Anna rasped.


“I love knowing you're watching me. Right after we started dating I use to fantasize about you coming home from work, and catching me in the act,” Glory said.


“Take your shorts off so I can see what you're doing,” D'Anna said.


Glory withdrew her hand, and paused for a moment. “Lets go up to the house and I'll do more than just let you watch.”


D'Anna shivered in anticipation at the thought. Glory pushed herself to her feet, and then held out a hand to help her lover up. D'Anna took the proffered hand and stood, grabbing the blanket they'd been sitting on.


“Race you!” Glory suddenly exclaimed, and then took off for the house.


After a few dumbstruck moments D'Anna laughed, and charged after her smaller lover. Glory looked over her shoulder to find D'Anna easily closing the gap between them, and let out a loud squeal. D'Anna laughed again and decided that when they got back to the house she'd make Glory squeal for an entirely different reason.





38Months to Impact

09495 Aweless Drive


Finally back from an emergency assignment, D'Anna opened the door to the penthouse, the chirping of the alarm system announcing her arrival. She stepped into the foyer and shut the door behind herself as Glory padded out of the living room.

“Hey you,” she said as she approached the taller woman.

D'Anna dropped her bag and gathered her in a hug, nuzzling her face in her fiancée's sweet smelling hair.

“Have a good flight?” Glory asked.

“From now on I'm not taking an assignment, emergency or not, if you can't go with me. I miss you too much when we're away from each other,” D'Anna said.

“Awww, I missed you too,” Glory replied. “Tell you what, why don't you go shower and then come curl up with me on the sofa and we'll watch a movie or two and relax?”

“Best offer I've had all day,” D'Anna said. “Back in twenty.”

“I'll be waiting,” Glory replied.

D'Anna headed upstairs to the master suite.


Half an hour later D'Anna was sprawled on the sofa, her head against Glory's chest, the smaller woman's arms wrapped around her shoulders. She could feel the tension literally draining out of her body, as she let herself absorb the waves of comfort that were coming from her smaller partner.

“How are the wedding plans coming along?” she asked.

“I found a photographer, a minister, and started on the guest list. I also had my first fitting with the dressmaker while you were gone too,” Glory replied.

D'Anna enjoyed the gentle tickling sensation she could feel at the back of her head, caused by Glory's chest vibrating when she talked. Glory was also drawing gentle patterns on her arms, which was effectively making her sleepy.

“Sounds like you've been a busy little bee then,” D'Anna said.

“I've held on to a couple of things I'd like for us to plan together,” Glory said.

“Such as?” D'Anna asked.

“Well for one, I think both of us should decide on where we're going for our honeymoon don't you?” Glory asked.

D'Anna smirked. “Okay, you've got a point there. What else?”

“Well, believe it or not, I took your favorite suit and had the dressmaker help me find a white that matches it, and then pick a color that will go with it, so all you've got to have fitted is the vest I picked out to go with it,” Glory said.

“What other color did you choose?” D'Anna asked.

“Since we're having a sunset beach ceremony, I wanted something that would reflect well in the photos, so I went with gold,” Glory replied.

“Can I make a request?” D'Anna asked.

“Of course you can sweetheart, you know that,” Glory said.

“Wear your hair down for the ceremony. I love the way it looks when it's down, like it was the night we went to the Winter Gala,” D'Anna said.

“You mean when I straightened it?” Glory asked.

“Yes, “D'Anna replied.

“I can do that,” Glory said.

D'Anna started to comment further, when she was preempted by a large yawn.

“Someone's sleepy. C'mon, let's go upstairs and you can use me for a pillow,” Glory said.

D'Anna merely nodded, and the two got up from their places on the sofa. While Glory went to set the alarm, and make sure the door was locked, D'Anna turned off the TV, and the lights in the living room. She joined her partner at the staircase, and they walked upstairs hand in hand, headed for bed.






Download City

36 Months to Impact


D'Anna, in a white pant suit with a gold vest, stood beside the minister before a group of family and friends.  The familiar chords of the bridal march began, and the guests stood.  When Glory started up the aisle, D'Anna's heart stopped.  Glory was dressed simply in an ankle length dress that started at the bottom hem as a vivid gold, and faded softly into white just before it got to her waist.

Around her waist the dress had a wide band of gold, and the halter style top had a keyhole neckline.  She was barefoot, with gold bands around her biceps, and as a special request from D'Anna, her curly hair had been straightened and gently pulled back off her face, with one of the blooms found in her bouquet tucked behind her ear.

D'Anna offered her both hands as she approached, and Glory took them.  They stood hand in hand, facing one another as the minister began the ceremony.

“Honored friends and family, we have assembled this evening to witness the union of Gloria Evelyn Redlin to Nymphadora D'Anna Biers. If anyone present knows of a reason why these two should not be joined, let them now speak or forevermore remain silent,” he said.

For several moments all that was heard was the pounding of the nearby surf.

“It is my understanding that D'Anna and Glory have written their own vows,” the minister said.

Silence fell as the two became lost in one another's eyes, before they proceeded.

“Glory, I take you to be my partner, loving what I know of you, and trusting what I do not yet know.  I eagerly anticipate the chance to grow together, getting to know the woman you will become, and falling in love a little more every day.  I promise to love and cherish you through whatever life may bring us,” D'Anna said softly.

She reached up and with her thumbs, wiped away the tears that were slipping down Glory's cheeks, cupping the smaller woman's face.  Glory took several deep breaths, and then reached up and took her lover's hands again.

“D'Anna, I love you.  You are my best friend.  Today I give myself to you in marriage.  I promise to encourage and inspire you, to laugh with you, and to comfort you in times of sorrow and struggle.  I promise to love you in good times and in bad, when life seems easy and when it seems hard, when our love is simple, and when it is an effort.  I promise to cherish you, and to always hold you in highest regard.  These things I give to you today, and all the days of our life,” she said.

They had agreed not to exchange rings at the ceremony. D'Anna wanted to get something that matched that they both liked, and had asked for an inscription to be placed inside of them that was a little personal to describe, even in front of their family and friends. So both rings were resting in her pocket, and they would exchange them later in the evening, when they were alone.

“You both have vowed your love for one another in front of God and these witnesses.  What you both have declared, let no man put asunder,” the minister concluded.

As the last dying rays of the sun began to fade, they sealed their union with a kiss.  Both tried not to laugh as their friends cut loose with a chorus of whistles and cat calls.  Hand in hand, they walked back down the aisle to a waiting transport, to a new life together, and a party being held in their honor.



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