Chapters One-Two
by WhymZ

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SUBTEXT/DISCOMFORT: Well, it's a story of two women who find common ground that is a result of their hearts that have minds of their own. There is angst, insecurity, fear, anger, all sorts of uncomfortable topics. They fall in love. If this upsets you in anyway or is illegal, please feel free to run swiftly for the door. It is not my intention to offend anyone with this story, I am merely settling my soul.

THANKS AND WHATNOT: I want to thank Rhiannon who thought my stuff was good enough to post on her site and for her, um…ACTIVE eyelashes. Also, I have to thank my most AWESOME friend and bleeder, Billy McCord, who has restlessly and honestly encouraged this endeavor (What would I do without you?) I also want to thank the Merpups who have been so supportive and encouraging. Everyone should have a loving family like you guys.

Finally, this story is dedicated to the one person who could truly understand how and where this is coming from. My best friend and soulmate. She is truly the other half of my soul, my "compliment". Thank you! I mE!

Now without further adieu ... I give you ...

Chapter One

The moon winked above the trees, just beyond the skyline. Buildings, dark and ominous rose up on either side of the street. Khrys found herself wandering the same sidewalk again. Her thoughts unsure as she walked fearlessly through shadows. Always the same, never changing, she always ended up here. Her long dark hair was pulled back with two thin braids against her head. Her green eyes, shielded by her dark glasses. Beneath her floor length black coat, she wore a black leather skirt and a tight royal blue top. She moved through the waiting crowd without incident. The man at the door waved her on and nodded as she walked past everyone else. Her movements strong and fluid, her slender fingers flexing in anticipation. Inside was dark, loud and smokey, just the way she liked it. People were standing around in dark corners smoking and dancing. She glanced at the "Pit" and noticed that there was barely anyone dancing. Looking around she was glad that it was dark. She liked not being noticed. Here she was just another body out in the middle of the night.

Making her way to a bar against the back wall, familiar brown eyes smiled at her.

"Hey, Khrys! Here again, eh?"

The girl behind the bar was efficiently handling drinks and flirting with patrons; it was her job. Khrys just smiled at the girl's question and handed her a bill. She took her usual Diet Coke and pulled up a stool. Leaving the change on the bar, she turned to watch the people dancing. The music pounded in her ears and it's volume was distracting. She turned around as Skyler came up behind her.

"Khrys you know, sleep sometimes is a good thing. You know, that thing where you lie down and put your head on a pillow? What's up?" she smiled at the mysterious older woman. Skyler was a pretty girl, in her twenties. She had unruly, golden-red tresses that framed beautiful honey brown eyes. She was shorter than Khrys who stood an impressive 6'1". Across the bridge of her nose a light dusting of freckles gave her a youthful, almost childish appearance. She stood patiently passing out drink orders while Khrys gave her the once over.

"Ahhh, Sky, I can't sleep. When I can't sleep this is where I end up." She took a sip of her soda and slipped out of her coat. Sky nodded and absently wiped down the bar.

"Why here, Khrys? I mean, I don't mind the business, but…" she was cut off by another clubber wanting a drink.

Khrys sat half turned on the stool. The same questions running through her own mind every time she was here. Why here? The club was out of the way. It was in a dark part of downtown, and in a back lot by the brewery. She liked coming here because no one bothered with her. No one knew who she was or wanted to get to know her. She could come and just be. She liked being able to watch and not feel like she was on display herself. A smile played across her face as she saw Sky make her way back over.

"Sky, can I ask you something? What's a girl like you doing in a hole like this?" Serious brown eyes met hers. The bartender's hand reached out and pulled off the dark glasses and looked into deep green.

"Well Khrys, a lot of reasons, not the least of which is getting to see you almost every night." With a flirty wink she replaced the glasses and was at the other end of the bar.

The taller woman smiled to herself. She stood and leaned over the bar and placed her coat on a shelf so it wouldn't get lost. Knowing Skyler would look after it. She looked over at the bartender and smiled.

"You going to dance?" Skyler asked.

Khrys grinned wickedly, "You gonna watch?"

The blond raised an eyebrow and tilted her head, "I just might."

Khrys made her way through the crowd with ease. Her presence was sure and cocky. Standing at the edge of the "Pit" she noticed there weren't many people dancing yet. Walking down the stairs she was ready for the show. The music pulsed through her entire being. She turned to face the bar and looked up. Smiling when she saw the young woman watching her. She moved with the music, her legs on their own moved beneath her. Safe behind her dark glasses, she watched Sky watching her. A mischievous grin crawled across her face and she danced away from the bartenders eyes. Even with her back turned she felt eyes on her. Losing herself in the music she just let go.

Sky watched as this unusual, dark, intriguing woman claimed the dance floor as her own. Her strong body moving in perfect, seductive synch with the music.

She ends up here every night, Sky said to herself. Always at my bar, always a Diet Coke. What keeps her up? What steals her sleep? What haunts her dreams so much? Do I really want to know?

She stood analyzing her feelings. It wasn't as if they were even friends were they? Her eyes never left the tall form dancing in the middle of the floor. She's beautiful; why is there no boyfriend with her? He let's her come out to this hole by herself? Hmm, no one seems to bother her. She does give off that 'touch me and die' vibe. Something else struck the bartender; she was the only one Khrys ever talked to. She never did see her talking to anyone in the club. She was pulled out of her thoughts when someone tapped her shoulder.

"Excuse me, can I get a Miller Lite please?" the man sounded a little annoyed. Skyler was shocked that she hadn't noticed the man before. She handed him the bottle and shook her head back into reality.

The music changed and Khrys made her way back to the bar. Skyler had a Diet Coke waiting for her.

"Thanks" she said. She certainly took care of the young bartender. She always dropped twenty dollar bills, never took change and only ever drank Diet Coke. In return, Skyler often kept an eye on the tall woman and her things. Wiping the sweat off of her face with a towel, Khrys smiled at the bartender. From behind the counter, Skyler handed over her coat and smiled.

"Same time tomorrow?"

"Probably. Thanks Sky." Khrys waved and left. That was Monday.

Khrys made her way through inky darkness to her apartment. Her mind racing as it often did which is one of the reasons she couldn't sleep. She could never get her thoughts under control enough to relax. It drove her crazy. Figuring that she could dance herself to exhaustion and force sleep; it never worked. She always ended up leaving thinking about Skyler. Thinking about the offhanded comments, the little looks, wondering if… No, come on, you've seen the guys that hang around her, she must get like 50 numbers a night. She probably has a boyfriend. Khrys pushed the thoughts to the back of her mind and thought of the problem at hand. First things first, Khrys, remember?

She unlocked the door to her apartment flipping the switch on the wall; a dull light filled the sparse room. An oversized leather couch was on the back wall opposite from the sliding glass doors that led to the balcony. An end table, a lamp and an entertainment center stood against the other wall with the dinette set she had picked up at a garage sale in Ft. Lauderdale. The only pictures on the walls were watercolors that she had painted herself. The spare bedroom doubled as her work area, with desk and computer and a comfy leather chair.

Her bedroom consisted of a Queen size wrought-iron bed, white satin material draped through and hanging down the posts. She had several different sized pillows on the bed as well as the floor. The carpet was a plush cream, extravagant for her. It was her one indulgence; comfort in her bedroom was a must, though she never did sleep. Her sheets were a deep blue satin and her comforter was the same color as the surrounding carpet made of a soft flannel cotton blend, durable. Nothing else was in the room other than a small table with one lamp on it and a couple of shelves placed on walls holding candles and the odd nick-knack.

It was simple, the way she liked it, the way she needed it. Too much clutter made her tense. She took her shoes off and put them in their place inside the long walk-in closet. Hanging her jacket up she noticed the small metal box on the shelf, no I won't open it, not yet, not now. Turning she walked to the bathroom which was on the other side of the room. She flipped the switch and the blue tile floor glared at her. She changed out of her clothes and placed them in her hamper. Turning the bathtub on, she added her favorite scent to the warm water. Inhaling the rich scent deeply, she stepped into the tub.

She slid down into the water and closed her eyes. Letting the water slide over her skin, she ran her hands down her long, trim body. She stopped when she got to the scar that marred her side. She flinched in the remembering of how that had happened and an awkwardly vicious grin spread across her face. Not as bad as what I did to him. She thought to herself. Grabbing the lightly apple scented soap she washed and then leaned her head back and just breathed.

The sound of the alarm clock woke her out of her rest. The little rest she did get and she was in the bath. She stood dripping and laughed at herself. How many times had she done that? She grabbed one of the large blue towels and wrapped it around her and checked her face in the mirror, not too bad, the circles are fading. Hmm, maybe I should sleep in the tub more often. She smirked at her reflection and winked. She brushed her teeth and padded into the bedroom. Feeling the soft carpet between her toes, she was glad that it was not the cold tile in the bathroom. She stepped into her closet and pulled out her gray sweats and her sports bra. Might as well get in a workout while I've got some energy. She grabbed her bike and headed for the door.

Skyler woke about one o'clock Tuesday afternoon. She stretched and lay back down. Her eyes drifted to the window as sunlight poured through the barely open curtain. She growled and threw the covers over her head. Ugh! I've got to get a different job. But, if I did that would I see Khrys ever again?

WHAT!??!?! Is that why I'm staying there? Egads, Sky! You barely even know the woman! About the only thing you know about her is that her name is Khrys, she likes Diet Coke, dark sunglasses, she can't sleep and boy can she dance. She's got the most amazing green eyes…and wait a minute. Skyler rubbed her eyes and shook her head. Sure Khrys was beautiful but way out of Sky's league. Skyler was a college student, young and naïve in a mature sort of way. She was studying law and struggling at that. She knew she and Khrys could never be anything but friends. Something about their little game of harmless flirting had enflamed her.

Sky got shivers thinking about the seductive look that Khrys gave while she danced. Taunting her, daring her to come and dance. She almost had last night. Almost forgot that she was working and jumped over the bar to join her on the dance floor. Luckily, or unluckily a patron distracted her and her bar got busy right then. She kept a watchful eye on the tall woman. Skyler was intrigued by Khrys, she was different. Something in her eyes, the eyes she always shaded behind those dark wrap around sunglasses. She thought about what she had done last night, taking those sunglasses off. That was brazen and she surprised herself in doing it. Khrys didn't seem to mind though. Sky smiled to herself remembering the look on Khrys' face when she did it. She hadn't expected those eyes to be so green and so piercing and intense. Whew! Nearly took her breath away.

Skyler finally got out of bed at about two p.m. She dragged herself into her shower and let the water rush over her. She had a three o'clock class she had to make before she set off for work at 8pm. She wondered as she left for school if she'd see Khrys tonight. She hoped she would.

Home again after work Khrys found herself unable to sleep. No surprise there, it was a nightly occurrence. The phone call from her brother hadn't helped matters. She was always unsettled after a phone call from him. He meant well, but mostly just made her feel like an outcast and a freak. He was the only one in the family that knew about her. Being a pastor, he never discussed it with them, she trusted him, but he made her feel like she was twisted.

At first she struggled with telling him, but he had guessed and gave her a bit of a lecture about it. She avoided him after that trying to come to her own terms about it. Now, he calls me to see how I'm doing and to find out if anything has "changed". Well, no, nothing had changed other than she was crawling more and more inside herself in the hopes of making those thoughts go away.

Once again she found herself down that street, Andrews and 12th. This drive was familiar to her. The moon hung low and was covered by an ominous looking cloud. She made her way to the front door and Pierce waved her in. Boy was that ever a fitting name, his face was pierced in so many places you could barely see him anymore. Once again she had donned her sunglasses and that ever present floor length coat. She glided over to Sky's bar and smiled when the blonde nodded to her. Before she could ask, a Diet Coke and a blonde were in front of her.

"Hi there. I was hoping you'd have gotten some sleep tonight. How are you?" Skyler asked, while turning to help another customer.

Khrys swirled the ice in her glass around thinking. How much should she tell this young girl? Risk that wall coming down? She made her decision.

"Well, actually I fell asleep in my tub last night." She laughed at that and continued. "Not really conducive to a good night's sleep." She caught the stunned look on Sky's face.

"Khrys, you could've drowned or something. Good grief, woman!" she laughed. Handing the waitress her drinks she turned to face Khrys. "You gonna dance tonight?"

Khrys smiled at that, and shrugged her shoulders, "Depends what Skip decides to play tonight. You know me, I gotta feel it."

I know you? Hmm.. "Yeah, I know. So tell me Khrys, what do you do? If you don't mind me asking." That's it, one step at a time. Let's see if she talks.

"What do I do? Well, a number of things, I've been doing quite a bit of proofreading for a publishing company at the moment. My pet project, however, is creating my own modeling/talent agency. It's a lot of paperwork to get started but I think I could do it and I'm a little familiar with the business." She waited for the recognition. Saw the girls eyes flash and smiled to herself. There it is. I wonder how she feels about that?

"Wait, are you telling me you are Khrys Meadows? Khrystian Meadows? The model, actress, author? Get outta here!" Skyler couldn't believe it. How had she not noticed her before? Right here every night for the past month her hero was dancing. Skyler stood a little speechless just staring at Khrys.

Khrys, smiled and held her finger up to her mouth. "Ssh not so loud. I guess you've seen the movie?" Skyler shook her head no. "Saw the pictures?" again no. "You… read the book?" Khrys looked a little stunned when Skyler shook her head yes. "Mmm, well than I gather you liked it as you haven't run screaming from the room yet." She said more to test the waters then anything else.

"That book changed my life. Wow, Khrys Meadows. Wow." She stammered and shook her head. "Wow." She realized she was staring and hurriedly apologized. "Oh Geez, look at me, I'm sorry. Here I am acting like I've never seen you before. I'm just…oh forgive me. I'm a little overwhelmed." She fidgeted with her hands and almost spilled an entire bottle of Absolute. Khrys smiled at her and watched her collect herself. Standing she removed her jacket and watched as Skyler caught her breath. She looked down at herself then back up.

"What? What's the matter?" Khrys asked her. She wore a long black skirt made out of that weird clingy material. A slit up to her thigh revealed strong, tanned legs. Her top was made of the same material with an odd design splashed through with color. Her hair flowed loosely about her shoulders and hung down to the middle of her back. She pushed her glasses up on to the top of her head. "What, Skyler? What is it?"

"Um…wha….oh my goodness. Wow! You look amazing! I'm sorry. I'm….wow!" she stammered and held out her hand for the jacket. "Here, gimme that, I'll put it back here where it usually is. And if you don't mind…" she kept her hand out and her eyes lifted towards the glasses. "those too…you've got fantastic eyes, I'd really like to see them more." She waited as Khrys debated with herself. Part of her wanted to resent this young woman for thinking she was familiar and the other part that won, wanted to relinquish all her secrets to her. She handed over the glasses. "Are you gonna dance?" Skyler asked.

"Are you gonna watch?" Her known reply.

"I just might…" Skyler gave her a wink and heard that song come on.

"…I want to get away…I wanna fly away….yeah…yeah… yeah. I want to get away, I wanna fly away…"

She watched as Khrys made her way into the center of the dance floor and began to move. Tonight she didn't even try to hide the fact that she was indeed watching. She looked right into those green eyes and smiled. Khrys turned from her and Skyler continued to watch. "I wish that I could fly into the sky…" she heard the words and let herself feel the music.

Khrys lost herself again and felt those brown eyes on her. Was Skyler really flirting with her? Was she interested in her that way? She danced and her thoughts raced. She never had let anyone in. She never wanted to. Something about this young woman though, made her forget all her rules and her guilt. She let the feeling of hope wash over her as she danced. Another song came on and she moved to the music, letting it fill her up. Empty of all her pain she let the music become everything. When she danced it didn't matter if she was the only one there or if she was surrounded by tons of people. She didn't care as long as the music was loud and the club was dark. She opened her eyes when Skip put on some stupid disco record. She headed back towards the bar, and pulled up a stool. Skyler was there with a fresh Diet Coke and a smile.

"Wow! You are fantastic! Where did you learn how to dance like that? I could hardly take my eyes…" she stopped, realizing what she was about to say. What are you thinking Sky? You might as well put a sign around your neck that says, "GOD I want YOU!" get a grip will you? She handed Khrys a towel to wipe her face.

"So, Sky what time do you usually get out of here and don't you ever get a night off?" Khrys leaned her elbows on the bar curling her long fingers around her glass.

"Actually I'm leaving at one tonight. It's Tuesday and we're usually slow and they keep the center bar open. So, in another half an hour I'm outta here." She wiped the bar down unsure of where this was going.

"Um, would you…I mean, do you wanna get a bite to eat afterwards? I won't be nearly able to go to sleep…so how bout it?" she crossed her fingers and hoped she read the signs right. It's been a long time Khrys.

Skyler tried to contain her excitement, "Yeah! I'd love to. Sure."

The waitress at Denny's sat them at a booth in the back of non-smoking. Skyler slid in and tucked a foot underneath her, watching as Khrys sat across from her and stretched her legs out the length of the padded bench. Skyler flipped absently through the menu, occasionally glancing up at Khrys who seemed absorbed with her fingernails. Finally the waitress came up.

"What kin I git ya'll?"

"I'll have a double order of hash browns, a large chocolate milk and chicken fingers." Khrys said with a smile and handed her the menu.

"And fer you Miss?" she looked at Skyler who was staring at Khrys.

"Oh. Sorry…I'll have um…a grilled cheese on wheat and the spicy fries. I'll just have water to drink. Thanks." She handed her the menu and turned to Khrys.

"Wow! Are you gonna eat all that? I mean, I guess you would be hungry from all that dancing. Yeah, I should've thought of that. You sure do dance a lot." She smiled, not sure what to say.

"Well, when you don't sleep and work a full time job and then go out to dance in the middle of the night. I guess yeah, I do work up a bit of an appetite."

"And here I thought it was rough going to college and working at the club. Yikes! How do you do it? I barely have energy to get up in the morning." She watched Khrys' jaw work thinking of what to say. Then she changed the subject not wanting to push her too hard to fast. "Hey, so hey! How's the agency thing coming along?"

"Oh, well I've just put in for my license and hopefully should be up and running in the next couple of months. I've been doing the Unique Book thing saving up that money to get started. It's worked out pretty good so far. I can do most of the proof reading from home on my PC. But sometimes I've got to go into the office and actually meet the authors and go over my notes with them. It gets a little hard, people start to recognize me and well… you know." She trailed off and eased out of her coat and took her sunglasses off. Skyler smiled at that. She looked at Khrys and fell into those emerald eyes.

"Khrys, you have the most incredible eyes. I mean I'm sure you've heard that a thousand times but they are really wonderful. I'm sorry. That probably sounds really gay, huh?" she saw Khrys flinch at that. "Hey." She reached out her hand and grabbed Khrys' wrist. "What's up? You can talk to me you know?"

"Well, that's just it Skyler…" she was cut off by their food arriving. They both dug into their plates not talking much and Skyler had hoped that Khrys would continue to talk to her. She was busy polishing off her hash browns and her chocolate milk. Skyler was busy on her grilled cheese and Khrys offered her a chicken finger.

"Hey, Sky? Why do they call these chicken fingers?" she held one up in question. "I mean, chickens don't really have fingers so why do they call them that?" she laughed and cut one into little bits. "Why don't they just call them strips of chicken deep fried in fat?" They both laughed at that.

"I don't really know Khrys, why do they call them chicken breasts? Do chicken breasts have nipples?" more laughter and the slight tension from earlier dissolved into the nighttime.

After she left Skyler at the club, Khrys headed out towards the beach. She felt like she needed to be alone out in the night air. She parked on A1A just north of Oakland. She got out of her car and the wind blew her hair across her face. The beach was quiet as she took off her shoes and headed out onto the sand. She sat down at the edge of the water and wrapped her arms around herself. A cool breeze brought the smell of the ocean to her nose and she closed her eyes. Trying to get her thoughts in order. This used to be a place of peace for her. How many times had she come here trying to forget and trying to remember?

Now she sat, lost as ever, trying to force what she was feeling down where it was supposed to stay. Wasn't that what she was supposed to do? Ignore it and it will go away? Somehow she knew that Skyler wasn't going to go away. Sitting with her tonight outside of the club, Khrys knew that what she felt the first time she had seen her wasn't going to go away. Ok, what now girl? Do you seriously continue to pursue this or do you walk away while you still know what you are doing?

I don't want to walk away though. It feels like I've been wanting this my whole life. I don't even know what it is. I've only known her for about a month and I don't even really know her. I'm so confused. I just don't understand what's wrong with me. It's so easy for me to talk to her. When I'm with her it doesn't feel like she's trying to steal my soul. It's comfortable.

Ok, she thought, let's try being friends with her first see where it goes. Who knows maybe she likes you too. I mean, you are kinda cute. Hmm. HA! With that, she got up and started to walk down the beach, kicking up the sand and waiting for the sun.

Skyler climbed into bed that night with a smile on her face. Wow, I can't believe I actually sat and talked to Khrystian Meadows until 3 o'clock in the morning at Denny's of all places! Wow! She could barely stay still long enough to go to sleep. Her mind was going 100mph.

There were definite sparks between them. Skyler could feel that much. Something was holding Khrys back though. She wasn't sure what it was, but she was determined to find out. Skyler stared at the ceiling in wonder as she ran the night over in her mind. She laughed at the chicken finger thing, but one thought stood out in her mind. Why had Khrys closed up so quickly when I was talking about her eyes?

She wondered if Khrys was thinking about her. If she had also felt the sparks between them. Subtle looks, touches, smiles that Skyler had just let happen. She wasn't consciously flirting, it just came so naturally with Khrys. She noticed that once they stopped talking about her personal life she loosened up. The smile she had gotten when they parted ways helped her drift off to sleep. Goodnight Khrys, I sure hope you are getting some sleep tonight.

What is that noise? Khrys rolled over and looked at her alarm clock. She hadn't remembered crawling into bed or even getting home for that matter. She did remember, walking down the beach until the sun came up, her thoughts on the young bartender. She rubbed her eyes, surprised that she had slept at all. Trudging into the bathroom she washed her face and got dressed for the day. Luckily she didn't have to get dressed up today, but she still had her quota to meet. So, she pulled on a pair of cut-off faded black sweat pants and a t-shirt and padded into her office. She turned on her computer and went into the kitchen for some milk and breakfast.

She popped a bagel into the toaster oven on the counter and wondered for a second why they made toaster ovens that color. Glass of milk and cream cheese bagel in hand she headed back into the office. Tucking a foot underneath her she read some of the mail that had built up overnight it seemed. She waded through junk mail and ignored mail that she wasn't sure about. She opened one that had her new assignments attached. While those downloaded, she glanced at some of the mail from her brother. Did she really want to read that? She decided it was either read them, or deal with him when he came down to visit. She opened one.



Sub: checkin up

Hey Sis, just wanted to drop you a note, I'm not even sure if you'll read this. I have been thinking about you a lot lately. I hope you are well. I hope you have a measure of peace in your life and have been able to suppress some of those feelings we spoke about. I know I haven't given you an easy time of things, but you've got to understand where I am coming from. It's hard for me to deal with. I mean, even as a pastor and a brother, you are still my sister and I worry about you. I pray for you everyday and hope that we will talk soon. I miss you. Please let me know how you are.

Rev. Samuel Meadows

Khrys closed the mail and shook her head. He never knows what to say to me. We used to be best friends but, ever since he found out I was gay, he just doesn't know how to act around me. What's with that name of his? I can't believe that nickname stuck with him even now. How ironic is that? He's Sinner and I'm Khrystian. Hmm. Odd if you ask me. Should probably be the other way around. She paused thinking of how that nickname had come about.

Ever since he was a little boy, he was always preaching something, to somebody. He would rant around the neighborhood screaming about repent and sin no more! And some other fanatical muckity goo. The neighbors took to calling him Sinner for some reason. Probably because he readily acknowledged that he too was a sinner and would he himself be judged. It just stuck with him. She glanced through the rest of her mail, most of which was from a mailing list she was on. Her computer let her know her file was done downloading by saying "File Done!" well duh! She made a note to change the sounds on her computer as not to be annoyed when she sat down to use it.

She opened the first file on her list. A story by a law student, No Laws On Love. Hmm… I wonder what this is about. She began reading and was immediately caught up in the tale of a brilliant lawyer from Texas who found herself in the bizarre circumstances that lead her into a very unexpected relationship. She got so involved in the story that she had forgotten about the extra bagel she had popped in the toaster. She jumped when she heard the switch pop up. Pulling herself away from the story she retrieved the now, sadly burnt bagel and tossed it. She sat back down and started reading again.

After about a good 30-40 minutes, Khrys pulled up the author's bio searching for a name, something about this writer. She loved the story and had only read the first couple of chapters. Searching the author's bio she noticed that the author was a 23yr old female law student, working a full time job and living in Ft. Lauderdale, S. Blue. Interesting, a local, let's see if I can get a meeting with her. I see she also writes poetry and is far more prolific at that. I bet I could get her published. Khrys went over it in her head. She liked what she'd read of the story so far and even liked the poetry blurbs that were tagged with her bio. She filed it on her desktop to pursue later. Opening another file she began another story.

Skyler rolled out of bed at one o'clock. She stretched and headed for the bathroom and a shower. She took her time letting the steaming water flow over her body and wake up her senses. Her thoughts inadvertently wandered back to Khrys. They had formed a strange sort of bond in this short month. Khrys came to dance and Skyler made sure that she was taken care of. Over countless Diet Cokes and many, many songs they became friends. Last night just proved it. Skyler couldn't have been happier at having met and become friends with this woman. She knew that she liked Khrys and knew they would get along, it surprised her how at ease they were with each other.

Having to go to school part time and working full time made it difficult to make new friends. Her studies often kept her from the usual parties and she worked at the club constantly for the extra money. She was determined to do things on her own and would prove her worth as a daughter and a lawyer. Her parents would've gladly paid for her apartment, had she been so inclined, but she was determined to do this on her own. Her parents both had worked hard for what they had and she wasn't expecting any hand outs. They were very proud of her. She let her thoughts wander over just how many friends she had at all. Realizing that she didn't have any that she could think of. She just couldn't be bothered. Frowning at that she closed her eyes at the reason and turned her mind to other things, like the exam she had this afternoon.

She stepped out of the shower and grabbed a towel. She wrapped it around her trim form and glanced in the mirror. Oh Sky, you've got to get more sleep. It looks like you are picking up your new friend Khrys' habits. She smiled at that and brushed her teeth wondering if Khrys had gotten any sleep.

The club was throbbing from inside. She could feel the bass pounding just standing outside. Skyler was pushing her way through the throng of people mulling about in front of the door. She had totally forgotten she was working the concert tonight. Paradigm Shift was playing and she liked the tips from the big crowds. They had started lining up early. The concert wasn't for another two hours. Absently she thought about Khrys and wondered if she would venture out to the club on concert Wednesday. She hoped she'd see her.

Once inside the club she pushed her way to the back bar and hopped over it. Glad that she wore her jeans and boots, and that her toes were securely behind steel. She prepped her area and prepared for the rush of people that was inevitable. She watched as the band setup and put their gear out. There were three guys in the band and she'd heard them before. They were really good. She just knew that Khrys would like them. And like magic the front door opened and in strolled the object of her thoughts. Like a dream their eyes met across the room through the crowd of pierced, tattooed 18-20 yr. olds.

The long black coat, ever present, black boots, black jeans and a green flannel. The sunglasses were missing much to Skylers' joy. Green eyes fastened on golden brown and lit up. Skyler felt her pulse quicken and couldn't look away. She watched as Khrys seemed to glide through the crowd in slow motion, never even missing a beat and her eyes never leaving Skylers'. Her long strides brought her quickly to her spot at the bar which was currently occupied by a younger patron. She smirked at Sky and eyed the young man. He looked up and not wanting any trouble, swiftly left the stool.

"Hey, it's crowded tonight, what's going on?" She asked Skyler, who handed her a Diet Coke.

"Oh, yeah. It's concert Wednesday. Paradigm Shift is playing tonight. They are really good. I was hoping you would make it. You'll like them." She caught that smile and it nearly took her breath away.

"Well, in that case I'm glad I made it." She shrugged out of her coat and handed it to Skyler who placed it behind the bar. Not before catching a whiff of Khrys scent. She inhaled deeply and barely stopped herself from closing her eyes and pulling the coat around her own body. She set it down and turned back to the tall woman.

"So, how did your day go? Anything interesting? Please tell me you got some sleep?"

"Well, now that you mention it, I went out to the beach after I left you here and walked along there until sunrise. I was surprised actually, I thought I would be tired. I ended up killing my alarm at about 10am this morning. So, I got a little sleep." She took a sip of her soda and ran a slender finger along the side of her glass gathering moisture and watched it drip onto a napkin. Skyler watching, unconsciously wet her lips her mouth suddenly dry. "I worked at home today," Khrys continued. "I came across an interesting story by a law student that happens to go to school here. I'm trying to set up a meeting with her. She wrote a great story and some really interesting poetry."

"Really? Do you know what school she goes to? I'm studying law over at Nova. I might know her." Skyler asked curiously.

"Yeah, that's the school. Um…what's her name… um… S. Blue? Yeah I think that's it. I don't know what her first na…" she looked at Skyler who's eyes suddenly were three sizes bigger than they were a second ago. "What's wrong?"

"S. Blue? Did you say S. Blue?" she stammered.

"Ye..ah…" Khrys was running the name through her mind. She had no idea what had gotten into the young bartender.

"I'm S. Blue! Skyler Blue. Oh my gosh! You read my story? How did you…what did you? Oh wow! Khrystian Meadows read my story?" Skyler was practically jumping out of her skin.

"You are S. Blue? Really? No, you've got to be kidding. No way!" Khrys was excited, frightened, happy. Skyler Blue wrote those things and now her fears were pretty much falling by the wayside. It was almost too good to be true. What are the odds of that happening?

"S. Blue, yup that's me. I suppose you are talking about my story 'No Laws On Love'? I wrote that in my junior year. However I've been writing poetry for quite a while. Prose is my first love. Oh, my goodness! I can't believe you got my story. I sent that so long ago I stopped wondering what had happened."

Khrys sat smiling at the girl. Pleased that this was the student who wrote that lovely story. She knew the story was good and now was even more excited that she hadn't been influenced by knowing who wrote it ahead of time. She was legitimately impressed with the writing. "You're studying law at Nova? Why law? You are a fantastic writer. Have you ever considered doing that full time?"

"No, my father is a lawyer, and he wants me to run the firm with him. I never thought I was really good enough to write full time. I never considered it. My roommate made me send in that story after I made her read your book.. She knew how much I admired your work." She shrugged and looked down a little embarrassed at the admission. "I guess I sort of had a crush on you and it was a silly idea to think that you'd ever read it."

Khrys was stunned, she had, as in past tense had a crush on me? I wonder…what if…no, no don't go there. Ok, get a grip let's think this through. That story expressed definite interest and curiosity. That doesn't mean that's how she feels. Just chill, talk to her like a friend. Stay on that and just see where it takes you. She's a great kid you know that, just take it easy. Khrys talked her way out of her feelings and got them under control. She'd controlled them for so long, now was no time to lose sight of that.

"Skyler, I've gotta tell ya, your writing is fantastic. Just reading those first couple of chapters, and a couple of blurbs of poetry I could feel everything you wrote. I was so impressed I forwarded copies to my editor to read right away. I know she will feel the same way. You have talent and you really should do something with it." She smiled at the blush that covered the girls face. She finished her Diet Coke and Skyler didn't miss a beat and refilled her glass. She turned when she heard Skip up on stage announcing the band. The room erupted into a frenzy of thrashing adolescents and smoke. The guitars were loud and the drums pounded out the time with precision. Khrys felt herself drawn to the music. It was different, heavy, moody, brilliantly complimenting her mood. She glanced at Skyler who smiled, "Are you gonna dance?"

Khrys hesitated, then smirked. "Only if you dance with me," she held out her hand, "C'mon." she flicked her head towards the "Pit".

Skyler thought about it for all of half a second, then jumped over the bar and took her tall friends hand. "Let's go!" she laughed as she was weaved in and out of the crowd to the center of the over crowded pit by a steady hand. She was stopped when she got to the middle and looked up into mischief filled sea green eyes.

"Ready? Let's see what you got?" Khrys began to move with the music picking up the rhythm easily and was only a little surprised to see Skyler doing the same. They moved together in an easy rhythm, being pushed closer together by the pressing crowd. Skyler smiled to herself and she heard a new song begin, recognizing the words instantly she began to sing…

"We can go dancing on a moonbeam in the shadows. Flicker like lightening, fly like the sparrows free to love and to laugh, never, never no looking back."

She looked up at Khrys who had stopped dancing and was staring at her.

"What's the matter? What?" she searched the green eyes that were focused somewhere in Skyler's very soul. She felt the intrusion and welcomed it. She felt Khrys' hand on her own and then another hand on her face. Shivers chased each other across her spine and down her back and around again. She tried to maintain the intense eye contact.

Finally Khrys spoke, her voice soft and velvety, "Sing that again." Her hands still holding onto the young woman. She placed the hand that was holding Skylers' on her chest and left the other one on the bartenders cheek.

"Okay." Skyler said softly, she took a breath and swallowed reflexively. She could feel Khrys' heart pounding beneath the flannel shirt where her hand was pressed. She cleared her throat and waited for the chorus again. Then she sang…

"We could go dancing on a moonbeam in the shadows flicker like lightening, fly like the sparrows, free to love and to laugh, never, never know looking back."

Khrys' eyes never left hers and she fell into that deep green while she sang. It felt like there wasn't anyone else in the room. That look was all encompassing and totally absorbed. She watched as Khrys blinked and a single tear slid down her cheek.

Khrys whispered softly, "Thank you. Thanks Skyler." She turned abruptly and headed for the bar. Not sure what she was thinking, she reached behind the bar and grabbed her jacket determined to run from her feelings once again. She turned around and Skyler was standing right there, her eyes questioning.

"Hey, what's going on?" She grabbed Khrys' wrist.

Khrys headed for the door with one blonde bartender in tow. She was trying to escape. Trying to run from her fears and her desire. She couldn't let this happen, not after so long. Outside, the air hit them and Skyler hadn't lost a step.

"Hey c'mon Khrys, slow down." She reached out for the woman's coat which was being blown now by the breeze coming from the intercoastal. They had walked past the brewery and ended up at the sea wall. Khrys finally stopped. She turned to face Skyler.

"I can't." she breathed. "I can't let this happen. It's wrong. I can't." She shook her head and her shoulders slumped. A picture of utter defeat. She wanted this so badly; had waited for this all her life. Someone she felt comfortable with. Someone who could love her. Whom she could love back without fear. She couldn't even look at her friend. She felt a hand on her chin.

"Khrys, how can this be wrong? How can love be wrong?" She searched those green eyes. She saw the hurt and the fear that gripped her heart. "Love is never wrong Khrys. Do you hear me? Never." She whispered as she looked into sad eyes and felt an intense pull to her companion. She gathered her into her arms and hugged her, not sure what else to do but not wanting to scare her off either. She felt the dark-haired woman relax into their embrace. She tried her best to soothe the ache that was evident in her eyes.

She ran her hand across her back trying to calm the storm that was raging. Her mind was racing. Good Lord what has she been dealing with? Has she been burying this for all this time? How could she think that love was wrong? Is that what this is? Is this love? Do you love her Skyler? Oh, what am I going to do? She deserves to be happy. Just like the rest of the world. "Khrys, this is scary for me too. I have never met anyone that affects me the way you do. I thought I was crazy feeling so much so fast. It feels like you are inside me…owning me." Her hands continued their slow motion on the strong back. She waited.

Then time slowed, and breathing became difficult as green eyes pleaded with honey brown. The wind whispering it's reassurance and the moonlight dancing shadows across bodies. Two souls peeked over the edge of desire, uncertain, and jumped. Hands were on faces and with barely a heartbeat between them, lips met. Tentative and unsure. Sky leaned into their embrace and securely wrapped an arm around Khrys. She slid a hand into silky dark hair and felt her own pulse quicken.

Khrys left her hands on Skylers face afraid to let go and needing some sort of anchor in the wave of sensation overwhelming her. Skylers lips were soft and giving not demanding. She was lost in the feeling, the rush of desire that threatened to overwhelm her. Then suddenly she felt her knees give out, and her world spinning…and was on her butt in the grass. Her eyes flew open, shocked that she had fallen and not sure how she'd gotten there. She looked up to see a surprised Skyler hand clapped over her mouth containing a giggle.

"That's never happened to me before." Khrys ran a shaky hand through her dark hair.

"Well, then I'll take that as a compliment." Skyler said as she sat down beside the frazzled Khrys. She grasped her hand and placed a gentle kiss on still shaky knuckles. She met Khrys' gaze and smiled. She reached up and brushed a stray hair out of her eyes. "You know I really love your eyes? I could look into them forever." She watched Khrys shift, a little uncomfortable. Her hand had a hold of slender fingers and squeezed them for reassurance. "It's ok." She whispered.

The sun was peeking up beyond the buildings in the distance. They grudgingly left their post at the sea wall. Khrys walked Skyler to her car and gave her a hug. "Well, I think we should at least exchange phone #'s or something." Khrys tried to lighten the seriousness of the moment. She handed Skyler one of her cards after scribbling on the back. "Give me a call ok? My home # is on the back." The look on Skyler's face told her that the bartender knew what that meant. She hugged her once more and turned to walk to her car. Skyler watched her walk away and inhaled a deep breath. She could still smell Khrys on her, fading into the morning. She hugged herself as she watched until her dream was out of sight. She got in her car and headed towards home.

They had simply sat with each other, until morning. Skyler never let go of Khrys' hand and Khrys didn't mind. They had just enjoyed each other's presence. There was no tension or fear. They were instantly at ease with each other. Khrys had never felt anything like this in her life. It was filling in a way that only music had filled her. She finally let herself feel all the things she'd kept locked up for so long. Skyler had made it so simple and so easy. How could love be wrong? And still, Khrys heard her brother's words in her head, Repent and sin no more. Wasn't this a sin? Two women? Wasn't this wrong in the eyes of God?

Her faith was at war with her heart and it was either, be happy and lose her soul or be miserable and save her soul. Which was more important? Was there a happy medium? She shuttered at the thought of not ever feeling this again. Her heart had never been so full. She finally felt complete. In the short time that she had known Skyler she had felt an immediate bond with her. She knew the bartender felt the same way. Something in her eyes told her this was different. The intensity of those brown eyes had taken her breath away. So much unsaid and so much more felt. How could this be wrong? Once again she pushed aside her doubts and just decided to enjoy the feeling of wholeness. Her fears subsided for the moment and she drove home with renewed hope in her heart.

The radio was on in the car as Khrys drove home, the song on the radio was a haunting acoustic version of Sarah's "I Will Remember You." the part she came in on made her pull over and just listen…

"…I'm so tired, and I can't sleep.
Standing on the edge of something much too deep.
Funny how we feel so much, but cannot say a word.
We are screaming on the inside though we can't be heard."

Khrys had to catch her breath, the words seemed to speak directly to her.

"…I will remember you, will you remember me?
Don't let your life, pass you by.
Weep not for the memories.
So afraid to love you, more afraid to lose,
clinging to a past that doesn't let me choose.
Where once there was a darkness a deep and endless night.
You gave me everything you had oh you gave me life
I will remember you will you remember me?
Don't let your life pass you by. Weep not for the memories…
weep not for the memories."

Her head slumped against the steering wheel. Tears slid silently from her eyes leaving a cleansing burn.

She wiped a hand across her face and tried to collect her emotions, her thoughts racing. The morning light made her want to crawl into bed and sleep. Her tortured spirit was in need of a peaceful rest. She pulled back into traffic and made her way home. A heavy weight had been lifted from her shoulders. Would she be able to let it go? Could she ever let herself feel this? That was the other question wasn't it?

Skyler crawled into bed in a haze. She was floating in the events of the evening. She was relieved she didn't have a class today. She needed to sleep and get her mind around everything that happened. One month ago she never would have guessed that she'd be here. She never dreamed that she would meet her hero, best friend and the other half of her soul all in one person. It was almost too much to fathom. She laid down on her bed and just stared at the ceiling. She stretched her body out and wiggled her toes. Closing her eyes, her mind was flooded with visions from what had happened.

She could almost smell the clean silkiness of Khrys dark, almost black hair. She could hear the water slapping against the sea wall just beyond them. The breeze against her back. She could hear the gentle heartbeat against her ear where her head rested on Khrys' chest. Then the brilliance of lips on hers, soft and pleading and unsure. Shivers raced through her entire being at the remembering. Deep breathes calmed her quickening heart. So much was happening. She felt an affinity for this complex woman. She could feel the storms that raged just below the surface.

She turned on her side and picked up the card Khrys had given her. Looking on the back she noticed the sweeping way she wrote her name, relaxed and excited along with her home phone number. Skyler knew what a gift this was. She knew Khrys guarded her privacy well for a reason. This was an open door and showed the woman's vulnerability to the situation. Skyler smiled and closed her eyes in need of a few hours sleep.

Khrys collapsed into her bed exhausted. Her feelings running amok and her brain working overtime. She needed to sleep. She ran her hands through her long hair. She concentrated on breathing and calming herself down. So much was happening and happening fast. She had to find a way to deal with it all. She kicked off her shoes and stretched out on the bed. Ok, let's just think about this. Where is this going? Where do you want it to go? Do you want it to go anywhere? Come on, Khrys. This is what you have been dreaming of, when you let yourself dream. She got out of bed and headed for her bathroom, maybe a long bath would help ease the contradicting emotions. She lit a couple of candles and filled the tub. The warm water eased over her body and she floated contentedly. Drifting off into her memories…

It had been a classmates birthday party. Keith McWhipple. He was the most popular kid in school. She was invited and so excited about going. Everyone was going to be there. She had worn a new outfit and tried so hard to blend in. She never really did though. She always stuck out like a sore thumb, her height always a problem in school. It was a typical school party for sixth graders. The usual food and punch and games. Spin the bottle was the problem. They began playing and everyone wanted to kiss Keith or Chris, or Neil. My turn and I spun the bottle, my head started hurting and I was scared to death. It slowed to a stop and pointed right at Keith. I could feel all the eyes in the room on me as I leaned over to kiss him...I closed my eyes and when our lips met he stuck his tongue in my mouth. Not wanting to seem a prude, I went with it and we ended up making a bit of a spectacle of ourselves.

I sat back down and hadn't noticed the looks exchanged between the boys. The night continued in much the same fashion, and I ended up being quite popular to kiss. I hadn't really understood what was happening until some time later. The boys wanted to kiss me because they thought I was pretty and they all had a crush on me in some fashion or another. Each one had asked me out on separate occasions. I had turned them all down. You see? I had never felt anything for them, they never held my interest. Something about Meagan Hart though, I just thought there was something so fascinating about her…

A smile came to her face as she let herself drift into thoughts of Skyler.

The club was quiet tonight. It would pick up come Friday. The weekends were always busy and crowded and rowdy. Skyler looked forward to it. Now, she looked forward to seeing Khrys. She was apprehensive about seeing her again. How would she react? Would it be awkward? Would they act like nothing happened? Skyler let her thoughts run through all the scenarios and settled on casually interested. Debating whether or not she could conceal her excitement. Or even if she had wanted to conceal it. Every part of her wanted to jump out of her skin and run around laughing. She wiped the bar down and prepped her area out of routine. A couple of guys were straggling around her section and she smiled at them. They were loud and a bit drunk. Typical boys out partying. She hadn't noticed the hushed whispering they had been doing off out of her line of sight. She never did notice these guys, they didn't interest her. They were only interested in one thing and she wasn't about to give that away to just anyone. One of the guys walked up to her and in his smelly slurred way said, "Did it hurt?"

"Excuse me? Did what hurt?" she asked confused.

"Did it hurt when you fell out of heaven?" he snickered.

"Oh! Haha cute! I like that one. Actually it didn't hurt a bit. Thanks for your concern." She turned to the sink to wash a couple of tumblers out. She heard them behind her.

"C'mon man, ask her, I bet she gets asked all the time…c'mon…"

"Excuse me Miss…um could I borrow a quarter? I told my mom I would call her when I found the one." More drunken snickering.

Just my luck, of all the nights for Khrys to not be here and the club slow and full of losers. At least Khrys was a distraction. She looked up then just as a familiar presence made itself known. Relief washed over her. She was beginning to tire of these boys. Carmel brown eyes looked up and met endless green.

"Hi." Skyler managed to squeak out. Her heart lumped in her throat at her joy on seeing Khrys.

"Hey." Her eyes questioning as she gestured to the guys that were now standing behind the tall figure between them and the bar. Khrys let a hand rest on Skyler's possessively. She turned to face them. "You weren't bothering her were you? I would hate to think that young men like yourselves didn't have the common sense to treat a lady like a lady." She turned to face Skyler a glint in her eyes. One of the guys who was a little too bold and far too drunk for his own good came up behind Khrys menacingly.

Before she could react, Skyler had flown across the bar with a Mag-Lite flashlight in hand; she shoved it against the boys throat. She growled into his wide-eyed shocked face, "Don't…even…think about it." As she said this, she let him feel the strength in her arms as one of the security guys came over. "Get him out of here and his friends too." She watched them escort the young men out and turned to face Khrys who was standing with her mouth agape. Skyler laughed at that.

"What did you think? I couldn't take care of myself?" She teased the taller woman. Khrys had gathered her composure and her eyes danced to Skylers face, a huge grin on her own.

"Thanks, I never did have anyone stick up for me quite like that." She winked at the bartender. Settling onto her regular stool she took off her coat and handed it to Skyler. "So, anything happening tonight? Seems sort of dead."

Skyler took the coat and breathed in the heady scent of this enigma before her. She was so glad to see Khrys she almost didn't hear her question. "Yeah, it's dead tonight, it will pick up on the weekend. I just, I was hoping you would show up." Glancing down at her hands shyly. She wasn't sure what to expect from this intriguingly, beautiful woman. She dared a look into those piercing emerald eyes. They were focused intently on her face. The look was so intense it made Skyler flinch away. Khrys reached out a tentative hand and grabbed Sky's which was absently wiping the counter down.

"Hey, did I do something?" Khrys asked a little concerned.

"Oh, gosh no! I um… I wasn't sure how you would…rather how, if things would be different, tonight and your eyes are so… I can't explain it. It's like you are looking straight into my soul and it's a little scary." She stammered and hemmed and hawed. Feeling the strong hand on her own sent a jolt of electric desire straight through her. She couldn't believe that her body reacted this way to such a simple touch. She didn't know her body could react that way to any touch. She finally looked into those green eyes that she let herself easily get lost in. In them she saw nothing but understanding and was that a twinkle? She gently squeezed the hand still holding hers and moved down the bar to take care of some customers.

Khrys smiled as the young girl walked away and was glad of the dark hiding her blush. Her reaction to the bartender had been much the same. She felt the tingling in her hands, in her belly and was surprised at how it lingered there. She sipped her Diet Coke and watched the people around her. Realizing that she hadn't even cared if anyone had seen them talking so closely or that their hands were linked. It concerned her that she didn't mind if anyone had seen them. She didn't care what they thought either. Something in her had finally clicked and finally felt right and safe. Skyler made everything ok. What was it that she had said?

"How can love be wrong?" So simple and so totally accepting. It was easy to be a part of her life. She seemed so sure and confident and open. Khrys watched Skyler with new eyes, how she interacted with the people that frequented the club. Many faces she recognized having been here almost every night for a month. They were loyal to Skyler. They liked her banter, her smile, her innocently flirtatious nature. It was one of the things that had drawn Khrys in the first place. It didn't hurt that she was insanely adorable and ever so flirty. Khrys smiled at her own thoughts. Skyler was certainly beautiful. Her beauty however, hadn't hindered her outgoing nature. She treated everyone the same. It was why she was so good at her job. Everyone that she served went away feeling special. She'd give them a smile or a flip of her hair. Or she would make a point to recognize a regular. Khrys watched her easily fill drink orders without missing a beat. Skyler turned and caught her eyes and smiled at her dark haired shadow. That look is for me. She doesn't look at anyone else like that. She stood and smiled at Skyler, and waited for the question.

"Are you going to dance?" The blonde hadn't disappointed.

"Are you going to watch?" she asked. An odd shiver ran down her spine at the look she saw in those liquid gold eyes.

"Oh, yeah" Skyler breathed, "Yeah I'm definitely going to watch." She almost laughed at the blush that fell across Khrys' face. She watched her turn and saunter, yeah, that's a saunter all right, to the Pit to possess it like she did every night. She watched as Khrys turned to face her and she heard the song come on... her pulse raced as Khrys seemed to dance for her, unaware of anyone else in the club... her hands seductively roaming her body and her green eyes burning a hole in Sky's heart. Unable to contain herself she jumped over the bar and raced to the dance floor... and BOOM!

The rain outside woke her from her dream. Skyler rubbed her eyes as another clap of thunder shook the windows on her apartment. She sat up from the dream and sighed. Oh my goodness, I can't believe that was a dream, it felt so real. This is out of control; I need to get a grip. She looked at her clock, it was three in the afternoon. She hadn't gotten much sleep, so she just stayed in bed. She didn't have class today and she didn't have to be at work until ten tonight. Thursday was their slow night so she only had to work a couple of hours. She stretched and debated on whether or not she should call Khrys.

She had been absorbed in the story she was reading when her phone rang. She looked up a little annoyed at being disturbed, but then her heart jumped imagining that it was Skyler. She picked it up.


"Um, hi! Khrys, it's Skyler."

Khrys let out the breathe she was holding. "Hey, how are you? What's up?"

All right Skyler here we go, this is it. "I was wondering if you wanted to have dinner with me tonight? I don't have to be to work until ten so I thought…" She trailed off and waited for Khrys to say something.

"Actually Sky I was gonna try to get a hold of you today about your book. My editor loved it and she wants me to discuss options with you." She heard the young girl gasp on the other end of the phone. Smiling she continued, "So, to answer your question, I would love to have dinner with you. Skyler? Hey, Skyler?" she spoke loudly into the phone. A little worried, she waited for a response.

"Oh! I'm sorry, I am a little stunned. Forgive me, I couldn't hardly breathe for a second. Did you say she wants to publish my book?" Sky asked incredulously.

"Yeah, that's what I said. Are you ok?" She was excited by the bartenders enthusiasm.

"Oh I'm more than ok. I'm fantastic. I just can't believe this is happening. Doesn't it seem so surreal to you?"

"Oh yeah. It sure does." She smiled thinking about just how unreal this all seemed. How she never imagined that she'd feel butterflies in her gut when talking to someone on the phone. How anytime she thought of Skyler, she got a giddy feeling that just wouldn't go away. Yeah it was unreal all right. She only hoped it would last.

They chatted on the phone for a few more minutes and decided on The Ale House for dinner. It was casual and fun and central to where they both were. When they hung up the phone, Khrys couldn't get anything productive done so she hopped on her bike and went for a ride.

Skyler fell back onto her bed in a happy puddle of disbelief. She was convinced that no one was as lucky as she was. Here she was, a struggling law student with no friends, working in a dive club trying to make ends meet. When all of a sudden out of the nighttime comes a dream to save her. She had all but forgotten about that novel she had written. It was her own personal discovery that had led her to write it in the first place. Some experimenting had made her question what she really had wanted out of life and if the nuclear family was it. The novel was her way of wading through the onslaught of new emotions. Now she was dizzy with expectation. She tried to reign in her feelings and her excitement, but she couldn't stop. Every time she thought of Khrys or spoke with her, or saw her, she went tumbling over the precipice of giddiness and splashed into disbelief. Ooh, I gotta write that down.

It had been a beautiful day and the evening had brought a cool gentle breeze with it. Khrys sighed at the perfection of the evening and the brightness of the sky. Geez, your acting like a silly little girl on her first date. Why don't you just get out of the car and spin around in circles? Dopey. She laughed thinking of just how badly she wanted to do that. The anticipation of seeing Skyler and not being in the club excited her. Though she had brushed it off as a "business meeting". This let her off the hook in her psyche, convincing herself that this was nothing more than work. As good as she felt about this blossoming relationship, she had to keep a tight reign on her feelings. Things needed to get worked out, she needed to assess and rethink her priorities. It wasn't going to be an easy ride but she had hoped that Skyler would hang on for it either way.

Khrys pulled into a parking space right in front of the restaurant. Thanking her parking "angel" she slid out of her Dodge Durango and set the alarm. Boo-Bee-boo it chimed, letting her know that it was set. She headed towards the door and smiled upon seeing Skyler waiting for her just outside. She had to steady her racing heart and catch her breath. Skyler had her hair down out of the usual ponytail she wore at the club. It fell softly around her face and the setting sun intensified the natural highlights in her hair. She was wearing a pair of pressed khaki shorts and a slightly large, button down, long sleeved white shirt that she had tied off at her midriff. Her face was broken by a huge smile upon seeing Khrys walk up. Khrys could barely contain her gut level reaction to what she saw in Skylers eyes.

"Hey there!" Sky waved and headed in her direction.

"Hey," Khrys smiled back.

"I just got here, so I haven't been waiting long. They said it would be about a fifteen minute wait. We can go sit at the bar if you want to, or we could just sit out here until they call us." she was rambling and she knew it, but Khrys looked so good in her jeans. She wore a white crew neck t-shirt beneath an open, deep purple button down. Her black jeans were tight and Skyler could see the outline of muscle in her dancer legs. She sighed heavily. "You look nice."

"Thanks so do you." Khrys said. Boy was that an understatement.

"So, do you wanna just sit out here? Or at the bar?" she asked, hoping to get the tall woman to stay outside and they would have a chance to talk.

"Um, let's go to the bar. I could use a little drink." She knew if they sat outside that Skyler would want to talk, about what happened and Khrys just wasn't ready to deal with that.

Inside they made their way to the bar and claimed two stools. The bartender walked over, a tall good looking guy with blue eyes. Skyler requested a glass of white wine and looked at Khrys in mild surprise when she ordered the same.

" I didn't know you drank."

"Well, normally I don't. I've been feeling a little tense lately and figured, what the heck? I need to relax a little. Besides maybe it will help me get some sleep tonight." She smiled at Skyler and knew she had thrown the young woman for a loop. She's not sure what to make of me. Now I've got her off balance just like I am. I don't want to push her away, but I can't handle the torment of my guilt right now. Look at her eyes; she's so willing to let me in and I can't, I can't do that to her. I can't hurt her. Her thoughts stopped when she heard Skylers name.

"Skyler, two. Skyler for two."

Several times Skyler had to force herself to pay attention to what Khrys was saying. She kept getting distracted by intense green eyes and the sexiest voice she was sure she'd ever heard. Velvet over steel is the only way she could describe it. She only got pieces of what Khrys was saying and was embarrassed when Khrys spoke to her.

"So, what do you think?"

"What? Oh, gosh, I'm sorry. I'm so distracted. I think it sounds like a good plan to me. I just can't believe that someone wants to publish that book." She mentally slapped herself for not paying more attention. You're acting like you've never been out of your house before. Ugh! Come on!

Khrys smiled, she saw how flustered Skyler was and couldn't bear it. "It's ok, I got like that too when I was published, nothing really made much sense and everything went so quickly."

"Yeah, that's true, but Khrys," her brown eyes turned serious. "That's not why I'm distracted. Don't get me wrong, I'm excited at the opportunity of being published, but I've got other things on my mind." Her eyes never left Khrys' and she felt the discomfort from the other woman. "Look, I know this is bizarre. I mean everything has happened so fast and my head is spinning. I can't deny the attraction I feel towards you. There is something going on here and I think you feel it too." She gently pleaded with her companion. She wanted to talk about this. Needed to talk about this.

"Skyler, I don't want to hurt you. I just,… there's so much going on with me right now." She rushed forward, afraid that if she didn't say it now, she never would. "I don't know how to handle this. I've struggled with this my whole life. Searching for a way to live with this and not live it. When I met you, everything I worked for flew right out the window. I knew that if I let this happen that there might not be any turning back. I'm fighting this because I don't know how not to. Not because I want to. I'm so sorry, I don't know if you understand that but…" she stopped when she felt Skyler's hand on hers.

"Khrys, it's all good. I'm not going anywhere. I understand what you are dealing with, sort of. I mean I went through my own denial myself. Though I have a feeling yours isn't so much denial as it is guilt. Right? Just please don't throw this away out of fear. I have never felt anything like this in my life. You've got to know that." She wanted to burn her words into Khrys' heart. She wanted her to stop hurting.

Khrys glanced down at the table, not sure what to say. The noise of the restaurant faded into the background, clatter of dishes and conversation buzzing around her. Her emotions were waging a war with her conscience. The words still pounding through her past and racing into her present. Sinner, sinner, sinner. Abomination. Evil. Wrong. Twisted. But then a louder voice was heard breaking through the pain, How can love be wrong? I'm not going anywhere Khrys. It's ok. She felt the guilt subsiding as she let the encouragement flood her heart. She knew Skyler was already firmly embedded there. Putting aside her fear for now, she squeezed the hand that held hers and smiled.

"Thank you. It means a lot to me that you understand." She smiled then, feeling far more relaxed and at ease about the situation. Those honey brown eyes just melted her heart. She wanted so badly to give up the fight and run into the protective embrace of this girl. She knew she would be safe, she knew in her heart that she could be loved. Couldn't she? She looked across the table into those patient eyes and knew the answer. I am.

Dinner was fun, they had ordered a sampler for an appetizer and both found out that they disliked Jalapeno poppers. The chicken fingers had made them laugh remembering Denny's. It was like a "get to know you" dinner. Khrys listened while Skyler told her about her family. How her parents had worked their butts off to get to where they were now. Her father was a very successful lawyer and her mother was an accomplished musician and homemaker. Skyler's father was not a tyrant but he did expect a lot from his only child. They had wanted her to stay in Texas but she was determined to make it on her own and decided Florida was the place to do that. Actually, the real reason she came to Florida was an entirely different matter. One best left for a later time.

She listened as Khrys told her about her family. Her younger brother a Lutheran pastor nicknamed "Sinner" which she found quite interesting. It helped her understand a little bit more of her story and the root of her guilt issues. Her mother had a big heart and was kind, but was a bit of a passive clod; it was the only way to describe her. Listening to Khrys and what she dealt with in regards to her father, Skyler cringed, knowing what was beneath the forced sarcasm and the bitten off words. She hadn't seen her father for almost two years and didn't want to. Skyler absorbed the information like a sponge wanting to know all she could about the mystery seated before her. She also knew the time that it would take to reveal that information and was content to just be with Khrys; letting their friendship grow.

As their dinner arrived Skyler's mind drifted off into her world of prose and she felt words tugging at her soul needing to be released.

"Um, Khrys, this is going to sound sort of strange, but you wouldn't have a pen handy would you?" she unfolded the tri-fold napkin needing to get the words down on paper.

Khrys looked at her with questioning eyes, "Yeah, I do somewhere in here." She rummaged around in her black leather backpack/purse and produced a pen. "Here ya go. What's up?" she asked curious at the look of concentration on Skyler's face.

The blonde merely held up a finger intending to explain her actions. "Just a minute." She scribbled furiously on the napkin the words coming fiercely and she had trouble keeping up with the onslaught. Finally the words came to a halt and she looked into amused green eyes. "I'm sorry, that happens once in a while and I've learned to put it down while it hits me or lose it forever. The trials of sporadic inspiration." She smiled and handed the pen back.

"Nah, go ahead and keep it, I wouldn't want to stand in the way of the creative process. So, are you gonna let me read it?" she tried to peek at the paper that was fast being folded and stuffed into a pocket.

"No, not yet. It's mostly just phrases that I will piece together later. When it's done I will let you read it." She teased, "Thanks. For the pen I mean." Knowing it to be far more than thanks for the pen. She felt herself waking up it seemed, and how could she put that into words right now at such a tender stage?

"No problem. Feel like splitting a 'really bad for you' dessert with me?" She grinned at the blonde and asked the waitress for the Peanut Butter Pie. She saw Skyler's eyes light up and laughed at her expression when the waitress returned with the creation.

"Oh my gosh. How in the world are we going to finish that?" The waitress had deposited a huge slice of Peanut Butter Ice Cream Pie with chocolate cookie crust smothered in about half a ton of hot fudge.

Khrys lost it at that. She was laughing so hard she almost had an out of nose soda experience. Skyler watched her and had no idea what was so funny.

Holding her sides Khrys finally formed a sentence, "I'm sorry, I have finished one of these all by myself on more than one occasion. You're lucky I'm sharing." She gave Skyler a wink and handed her one of the spoons. "Dig in."

Dig in they did until they were both hysterical with laughter and stuffed with happiness.

"Well, thank you for having dinner with me. I appreciate you coming out Ms. Meadows." Skyler tried with everything in her for mock seriousness and professionalism. The look on Khrys' face just didn't allow for it. Skyler held out her hand and was surprised when Khrys took it and looked deep into her eyes. She almost fell over from the fire she saw there. They were standing by Skyler's little Toyota Camry. It was 9pm and she had to be at work and had resisted asking if Khrys would be there. Now standing here, she wanted to beg her to come to the club. She didn't want the night to end.

Khrys cleared her throat, "Um, you've got a" she reached out a finger and wiped a bit of chocolate fudge from the smaller woman's face. Skyler watched in rapt fascination as time slowed and somewhere in her peripheral vision she saw the hand touch her face and her eyes flutter shut. "Um, you had a bit of chocolate on your face." Khrys held up the finger. Skyler couldn't help herself, she grasped the hand and brought it slowly to her mouth. Silently green eyes met brown and Skyler licked the chocolate from Khrys finger. She wasn't sure who the shudder came from, and it didn't matter. In the next breath she was consumed by green eyes aflame with desire.

Khrys placed her hands on either side of that perfect face. Her eyes searching and her insides warring in outrage. She stared down into brown eyes swimming in anticipation. Watching as Skyler barely contained herself. She enjoyed this feeling of being wanted and wanting. It was slow and torturous the way she bent her head to look deeper into those eyes and the feeling of Skyler's hands restless against her sides. She just stared until Skyler had stretched to meet her lips. Khrys backed away a little and strong hands forced their eyes to meet again. Skyler wound a hand behind Khrys' neck needing the contact and pulled her down for a kiss. Their eyes closing at the last second just before their lips met.

Poets have written and musicians have sung but none of them have ever done justice to what a kiss of life feels like. That one moment when you realize that your life has just begun and everything prior to this moment was simply irrelevant. When you realize that life had no purpose before now. Khrys let her thoughts go through this several times before the kiss finally broke. She found the contact was missed, and leaned her forehead against Skylers, "Wow."

"Yeah. Wow." Skyler just breathed, unable to say much more. She tilted her head up to look into Khrys eyes and smiled. "I really gotta get to work. Much as I'd love to stand here with you all night. I got bills to pay." She wrapped her arms around the taller woman and gave her a gentle squeeze. She felt oddly comfortable in laying her head against her chest. She could hear Khrys' heartbeat in her ear and smiled to herself. This felt too good to be true.

"No problem, you better get going." Khrys said, not really wanting to let go of the bartender. "Hey, maybe I won't sleep tonight and I'll end up there?" she spoke hopefully.

"Khrys you really need to get some sleep. Not that I don't want you there, because God, I do, but I would rather that you tried to get some sleep." Her hand rubbed up Khrys side and patted her gently on the stomach, regret obvious in her voice.

"Ok, I'll see what I can do." She touched Skylers nose. "See you later." She winked and walked back to her car.

Skyler leaned against her car door for some sort of support. What she does to me! For someone who is so unsure and so frightened, she sure can put the kiss on me. Wow, it's going to be hard getting through work tonight. She suddenly wished that she didn't have to go. C'mon Sky, isn't this the exact reason daddy didn't want you to leave Texas? Afraid that you would fall in love and not finish your degree? Hmm, daddy never seen the likes of Khrys Meadows. She smirked and got in her car.

She was only slightly aware of her drive home. The streets went by in a blur while she was lost in her thoughts. She knew she wasn't going to get any sleep tonight. She could still feel the tingling on her hand, the fingers that Skyler had kissed. She was in no shape to try and sleep. However she did end up at home. Not for long though, she knew where she was going. Changing into a clingy, long, bright green dress and her infamous black coat she was out the door. Open toed shoes revealing polish that matched the dress conveniently. It was time to turn it on!

Khrys reached the club at 11pm the line outside never of consequence to her as she was always ushered in by the door guys. She knew Skyler wasn't expecting her so she did not head straight to the bar. Instead she opted to watch her from a dark corner. Smiling to herself she saw the bartender right away. Passing around the drinks and offering her usual smile and the occasional wink that got her an extra tip here and there. Khrys noticed that Skyler's hair was now pulled into a floppy ponytail on top of her head. She looked like a frazzled cheerleader. Khrys grinned at that. She liked that side of Skyler that childish, fun, uninhibited side. There were quite a few people milling around the bar but she noticed one woman sitting at the far end that was watching Skyler intently. She felt a twinge of insecurity but brushed it aside until...

"Hey! Skyler, can I get 3 Bud Lites and a shot of tequila! Come on where is your head at? I've been standing here at least five minutes!" the voice was rough with aggravation and Skyler turned apologizing with the drinks in hand. Handing them to Stacy the "hoochie" waitress, she tried to remember what she was doing here. Khrys was on her mind in a big way and she kept glancing at the door hoping to see her waltz through it. She was distracted which wasn't a good thing in this profession. Thursdays were usually slow but, something had brought out the hood rats and she hadn't gotten a break.

"Hey stranger." A womans voice from the other end of the bar. Skyler turned and almost dropped the bottle of Jack Daniels in her hand.

"Rachel? Is that you?" she stammered and quickly crossed to the end of the bar in shock. "Oh, my gosh! What are you doing here?!" She jumped over the bar and hugged the stranger. Unaware that green eyes were watching from the shadows.

"Girl! I have been meaning to come and see you. Nate called me, said that you were here and of course you know I had to check out my girl!" she smacked Sky on the butt and they laughed.

Khrys watched the scene with trepidation. Who was this cocoa skinned girl and what was she doing with Skyler? Apparently they knew each other and Khrys couldn't hear the conversation from across the room. She decided against stalking off like her entire body wanted her to, and chose a different route. Out of the shadows she stood to her full height. Removing her jacket she made a point to wait until she was sure Skyler could see her before taking it off all the way. Once she knew Skyler had noticed her, she turned and met the bartenders eyes. Locked on each other she slowly made her way through the crowd towards the bar. Skyler was stupefied. She wasn't expecting Khrys to be here, but glad to see her none the less. Khrys stopped at her usual spot at the bar, as expected, Skyler handed her a Diet Coke and took her jacket without question. Khrys lifted an eyebrow in question towards the stranger.

"Oh! Khrys, this is Rachel. Rachel this is Khrys." She introduced the two.

Khrys held out her hand, "Nice to meet you Rachel."

"Likewise." Rachel said and watched as Khrys turned to face Skyler.

"Are you going to dance?" Skyler asked a little hesitantly.

"Only if you are going to watch." The seductive tone in Khrys' voice was unmistakable and it caused a deep stirring in Skyler's gut.

"Well, then I guess I'm gonna watch because I sure do like it when you dance." She winked at Khrys, feeling a bit more certain that everything was ok for now. She watched her tall companion glide to the pit and do her thing.

"Is that her?" The dark woman at the end of the bar asked.

"Yeah, that's her." Skyler looked her right in the eye. "Finally." She turned away from the other woman and watched Khrys dance.

"Damn! That girl can dance. No wonder you like watching her. Shoot! I like watching her." Rachel was turned with her back against the bar. Her eyes were wandering up and down the tall form in the middle of the Pit. Skyler spared her a glance, but returned her attention to the smiling green eyes that had her pinned in place. The words of the song playing pounded into her ears…

"You wear guilt like shackles on your feet like a halo in reverse. I can feel, the discomfort in your seat, but in your head it's worse…and when our worlds they fall apart, when the walls come tumbling in, though we may deserve it, it will be worth it…"

Yeah, worth it definitely worth it. Right Sky? This has got to be worth it. Otherwise, what's it all about anyway?

"So Skyler tell me what's been going on? I haven't heard from you in months. I'm here for another week or so, do you think we could…" she snapped her fingers trying to get Sky's attention, "Hey!" Skyler jumped having gotten distracted by watching Khrys.

"Oh yeah, sure we need to get together before you leave. I don't have another class until Monday so whatever you wanna do." She made a couple of drinks handed out some beers.

"Ok, how bout Saturday we hit the beach? I'll come get you around 9?" Rachel smiled and patted her friends shoulder. "You got it bad huh? Well, I'm glad it finally worked out for you." The pain in her voice not well disguised, threw Skyler for a loop.

"That sounds fine, 9am works for me. I'm glad it finally worked out for me too. I gotta tell you though, she's a tough nut. There's a lot of stuff going on underneath all that cockiness." She pointedly met Rachel's gaze. "I'm gonna hang in there and see where we end up."

"I'm glad for you Sky, I sure hope she's worth it. I'll give you a call in the morning. See you later." She picked up her purse and was out the door.

Well Skyler, you're going to have some explaining to do at some point. Khrys is going to wonder who Rachel is and why she's here and how you know her. It's ok, she'll understand I know she will.

Khrys was dancing hard tonight. Dancing away the feeling of doubt that had ruined her wonderfully good mood. Seeing Skyler react like that to another woman had thrown her off. Hadn't she said she didn't have time for friends with all the studying she does? Ok, maybe she's an old friend from high school or something. So why do you feel so insecure? You don't own her, Khrys. C'mon you're acting like a child. She chastised herself well before heading back to the bar. Skyler had refreshed her drink and handed her a small towel.

"I sure wasn't expecting to see you here tonight. I thought you were going to try and get some sleep."

"Yeah, well, I got home in a bit of a daze and didn't even bother to lie down. I knew I wouldn't be able to sleep. I thought I'd head over here to surprise you." She smiled, wanting to dissolve the tension that had formed in the air between them.

"Khrys…Rachel is a friend of mine from Texas. There's some history there and well, um…" she wasn't sure what to say, especially right now, right here.

"Hey, Skyler, it's ok. No big deal. I mean, I don't expect you not to have other friends or something. I guess I was just a little surprised to see you, ya know, hugging someone else." God! Jealousy is a ridiculous emotion! What the heck right do you have to be jealous?

"No, it's ok Khrys, really. Me and Rachel are ancient history and I have every intention of telling you about it, but not right now. It's a story believe me." She noted the look in Khrys' eyes. "Hey, it's ok really. You have nothing and I mean, nothing to worry about; you hear me?"

Khrys could've kicked herself for acting like such an insecure child. She knew that Skyler wouldn't hurt her and she did say she was going to explain the nature of their relationship. Ok, so we ease up give her some space, she does have to work. "Ok, I'm sorry for being so silly." She looked down at her glass her thoughts keeping her company.

"No biggie. I am actually rather flattered." She touched Khrys cheek and gave her a wink.

Khrys felt her heart settle right into place at that small gesture of reassurance. She leaned back against the bar and watched the kids that had come out of the woodwork tonight. She wondered how many of them had fears the way she did, wondered if they had ever felt inadequate or insignificant. She thought about the first time she had ventured out of her own well placed boundaries.

It was just one of those nights. She had been frustrated with her lack of control. Her emotions were beginning to become too much for her to handle. No matter how much she prayed or how much she tried to deny her heart, those feelings wouldn't go away. She decided to try a different angle. She had heard of a club that she might find interesting. It wasn't far from where she lived and she was sure she could get in. Always looking older than she was, it wouldn't be too difficult. She was only 15 but it didn't matter.

She had sneaked out of her bedroom window in the middle of the night and found her way to this club. It was a little intimidating by herself, but she put on her brave face and walked straight up to the door. They asked her for I.D. and of course she gave them some story she made up and a fake birthday. They hesitated only a moment before letting her pass. Inside the club she was overwhelmed. It was so dark and smokey she could barely see in front of her. It was crowded and as people passed by she felt hands on her. She inched her way through the crowd to a spot on the edge of the dance floor. Her eyes were flying around the room taking in every detail. The strobe lights were flashing creating a frenetic pace for people to move to. There were several different bars lining the walls and people were in various stages of compromise in corners. She just listened to the music and watched everyone. After a few moments a woman approached her,

"Hi, I don't think I've seen you here before. You wanna dance?" the woman was holding a cigarette and her hair was cut short against her head sort of like a boy's cut. She was wearing ripped blue jeans and a leather vest. Her cloudy gray eyes looked Khrys up and down and made her feel a little uncomfortable. "Uh, no thanks. I'm just gonna watch for a while." She watched as the woman shrugged her shoulders and walked away.

Uh oh, Khrys, what did you get yourself into? This isn't what she wanted. The people here seemed dirty and a little scary. Feeling quite disillusioned she was about to leave when she watched as a tall woman walked into the club. She was wearing a long red skirt and a black cut off ragged sort of tee-shirt. Strange thing was, Khrys found that very sexy. She watched entranced as this girl made her way through the crowd. Just as she was going past Khrys, she smiled and winked. Khrys couldn't take her eyes off of her. She was beautiful. She had long dark hair and wonderful blue eyes and a perfect mouth. Khrys suddenly couldn't swallow and she thought she might fall off her chair. She got up to get a glass of water but when she turned around she bumped right into…her. Here she was 15 yrs old in this club and like a dork she smacks right into the prettiest woman she's ever seen.

"I'm sorry, I'm so sorry," she stammered, backing away.

"Hey, hey, it's ok, no harm no foul." The woman spoke calmly. Reaching out to grab her hand. "Take it easy."

Khrys couldn't believe it she was shaking so badly she could hardly stand.

"Do you wanna dance?" the woman asked.

Khrys stood dumbfounded and just shook her head yes.

"My name is Shayne by the way, what's yours?"

"Khrys," She squeaked.

"C'mon," She took Khrys' hand and walked out onto the dance floor. She smiled at Khrys and began to move. At first all Khrys could do was stand there and watch her mesmerized. She flowed so easily with her body to the music. Then she let go as she felt the rhythm in her blood. Her eyes never left Shayne. They danced closer and closer together. The music pounding through her ears tempting her soul. She reached out her hands and grasped Shayne's waist as she turned her back to her. They moved together as the music built up an infuriating tension that needed release. Shayne turned around and faced her, hands were everywhere, and Khrys was afraid. Excited but afraid. Blue eyes looked into her green ones and swallowed her whole. The music faded in the background and time slowed and things got fuzzy. Shayne was leaning towards her and she felt dizzy as soft red lips gently kissed her. She got to enjoy it for just a moment before she passed out. Yes, she passed out in the middle of the dance floor.

The next thing she remembered was sitting outside on the sidewalk in Shayne's lap.

"Hey, are you ok?" Shayne asked, softly brushing hair off Khrys' forehead.

"Wha…what happened?"

"You fainted. I wasn't sure what happened. You sure scared the shit out of me though. How old are you anyway?" Shayne asked as Khrys sat up and rubbed her head.

"Um..I'm ok I better go." She was stopped by a strong hand on her arm.

"How old are you?"

"How old do I look?" Shayne just raised an eyebrow. "Ok, I'm fifteen."

"Fifteen? Oh, my gosh. Well, Khrys, I gotta tell you, you sure can dance." She smiled at the obviously naïve girl sitting next to her. "C'mon, let me get you a cab home. I'll pay for it."

"Thanks, I don't know what I was thinking. You know, you are so beautiful. Thank you for not leaving me out here by myself." She looked down at her feet and shuffled a little.

"No problem, thanks for dancing with me." Shayne smiled at the uncertainty on the young girls face. She tilted her chin up and kissed her gently on the lips. "Be careful going home." She put Khrys in the cab and paid the driver. "Hey, Khrys," she looked at the girl in the back seat, "love will find you soon enough. Don't rush things ok? And don't be afraid of your heart. It will always tell you the truth." with that she shut the door and watched the cab drive off.

Khrys sat in the cab knowing just how lucky she was to have met someone so nice. She could've been in a lot of trouble. She also thought about what Shayne had said, about not being afraid of her heart. It was that moment when she realized that her feelings weren't going to go away. She just had to find a way of dealing with them.

What about now? All those years that she had tried to bury her feelings? Now, she had thrown all her hard work out the window for this young bartender. She listened to her heart and was surprised when she was greeted by a soft gentle beating. She looked at Skyler and smiled knowing that this was well worth it all being thrown away.

Chapter Two

Skyler had spent most of the night up writing. Trying to put into words what had raced through her heart earlier. She tried to piece together the fragments written on the napkin from their dinner.

She put her pen down as she thought about the affect that Khrys had on her. There was a familiarity that was inexplicable. Something huge was happening inside of her and she couldn't put it into words. Khrys was the first person she ever let herself care about. Not in a physical way, not that it wasn't an issue, because good grief! She could hardly keep her hands off her! It was so much more on such a different level than she was used to. It was something. She couldn't put her finger on it. She had tried all night to put it exactly into words but maybe it wasn't meant to be written. Khrys had become important to her. She thought of Rachel and what had happened between them. It was never on the level of what she felt with Khrys, at least not with Skyler. Rachel on the other hand had felt far more than Sky did. It was the reason they called it off. Well, one of them anyway. That was something she was not looking forward to. She was sure that Khrys would understand, maybe even better than anyone else ever had, but she was still nervous.

The phone rang at the ungodly hour of 6am. waking Skyler from her pleasant dreams and forcing her into dawn's laughing light. Ugh! Who the heck is calling me at this hour? She reached for the phone and mumbled into it…


"Good Morning! It's me,… Khrys, I was wonderin…oh Skyler! I'm sorry I woke you up didn't I? Oh gosh! I'm sorry."

Suddenly Skyler was wide awake and her grumpy mood flew out the window. "No! it's ok, I needed to get up anyway." She couldn't think of one good reason she needed to be up other than to listen to the voice on the other end of her phone.

"Really? Ok, good. I was calling to see if you wanted to maybe have breakfast with me this morning? I am caught up on my work for the week so I have all day today and this weekend off. I thought we could hang out." Khrys felt a knot in her stomach her fear of rejection ever present.

"Yeah sure! I would love that. Maybe tomorrow you could come to the beach with Rachel and me. She's in town until next Friday so I sort of need to spend some time with her. I mean, you don't mind do you?" It was awkward, had they even established what this was between them? Was it just going to remain unspoken? Well, at some point it would be spoken. Skyler was determined to have that squared away right soon.

"The beach on Saturday? Hmm… let me check my book…." She mock flipped through pages knowing full well she had nothing planned. She knew Skyler knew that by the laugh she heard on the other end. "Yup! I'm free! Me and you and Rachel at the beach on Saturday. I'm there." She smiled loving every minute of this discovery.

"So, where to for breakfast this morning?" Skyler asked.

"Actually, I was hoping you might come here and I could make breakfast for you. What do you say?"

Skyler had to remind herself to breath, Ok her place, no one knows where Khrystian Meadows lives. Ok, ok, just calm down now. How does she always do that? Take my breath away? Ugh… ok now say yes idiot! She looked at the phone in disbelief. "Yeah that sounds perfect."

"Great! Is there anything that I should know about that you don't like? I mean for breakfast?" she asked Skyler a little nervously all of a sudden.

"Nope! I pretty much like everything. Only I don't like vegetables in my eggs. That's about it. Whatever you want to make is fine with me. We could have buttered toast and I'd be happy." She added wanting Khrys to know that she was excited about seeing her.

Skyler headed out for Khrys' half an hour later. She nervously fidgeted with her hair in the rearview mirror. It had taken her what seemed like forever to get dressed. Khrys lived out on the beach, much to Sky's surprise. She took I-95 to Commercial and headed East towards the beach. She got to A1A and made a left. About ¾ of a mile down on the right hand side she saw the corral building. She turned in and was stopped at the guard gate.

"I'm here to see Khrystian Meadows please?" She gave the guard the phone number and the apartment number that Khrys had told her. She waited while the guard made a phone call.

"Ok Ms. Blue, please head straight down to the parking garage and park in any of the spaces along the wall. Leave this on your dashboard." He handed her a parking ticket type thing. "The elevator is in the middle of the garage. Have a nice day." He smiled and waved her on.

Wow, nice place. She pulled into the garage and parked. She noticed Khrys' Durango when she got out. She had stopped to get a half gallon of McArthur's chocolate milk. She smiled when she bought it knowing Khrys was not a coffee drinker like herself. She thought about getting flowers but not wanting to be too, weird, she settled on cheese danish instead. She pushed the button for the 11th floor and felt the elevator lurch into motion. The sudden tingling in her hands made her shake herself together. She was headed for the inner sanctum. She laughed at her mental narrative. Ok, she's going to open the door and you are going to walk in but say good morning first and no, wait…yeah say good morning first thanks for inviting me blah blah. Aw, c'mon Skyler, don't be a ditz! Just be cool. Be yourself. Knucklehead!

She took a deep breath to settle her nerves. She smoothed out her white cotton shorts and checked her reflection in one of the pictures in the hallway. She turned down the hall and found the apartment easily. Number 1117 just like she said. Before she could knock, the door opened and there was Khrys standing in a pair of, smiley face boxer shorts? Is that what she's wearing? Skyler just felt her mouth drop open. Khrys was standing there in a pair of Smiley face silk boxer shorts and a ratty t-shirt. Her dark hair was twisted into an unfinished ponytail on top of her head. She didn't have a stitch of makeup on and she was bare foot. God but she is sexy. This is ridiculous. Just breath Sky.

"Well, good morning! C'mon in!" Khrys smiled brilliantly and stood to the side of the door gesturing her inside.

"Good morning, I brought you, uh some chocolate milk and cheese danish." She held up the bag in her hand. Still unable to take her eyes off the long legs in front of her.

"Thanks you didn't have to do that." Khrys laughed, "Chocolate milk huh?" She took the bag from Skyler and padded into the kitchen. Skyler followed behind her looking around the apartment. She noticed that there wasn't much in the way of decor or furniture for that matter. It was simple, and bright. Skyler liked it instantly. She felt comfortable. It was clean but not sterile which can be very uncomfortable. She noticed the pictures on the walls. They were different, interesting landscapes, waterfalls that sort of thing. They were done in bright bold colors contrasting with the dark furniture and off-white walls. She was impressed.

"Where did you get these paintings? They are so different." She caught a glimpse of one down the short hallway and headed towards it. It was on a blue background, in the middle was a huge sun and two hands were clasped across it. She stood just looking at the picture amazed. "Wow." She breathed, "This is wonderful." She hadn't heard Khrys come up behind her and was startled when she spoke.

"Thanks, that was one of the first ones I painted."

"You painted these? Khrys, these are wonderful. Just amazing. Wow. I didn't know that you painted. That's awesome." She continued to stare at the picture. It burned against her heart, something about it made sense to her, but scared her too.

"Yeah, well I haven't lifted a brush in ages. I just thought they went with the decor. Sort of." She laughed at herself. She turned back towards the kitchen when she felt a hand in hers. She looked down into brown eyes and smiled. "Hi." She managed.

"Hi." Skyler smiled up into green eyes and stood on her tiptoes tucking a hand behind Khrys neck she pulled herself up to meet soft lips.

Khrys kissed her back and grinned at her, running a finger across Skyler's cheek. "Thanks for coming." Their eyes never leaving each other.

"Thank you for having me." Skyler wrapped her arms around Khrys and squeezed. They stood like that just breathing, until Khrys' stomach growled. They both laughed and headed to the kitchen.

Khrys had gone out of the way and made cheese omelets, bacon, french toast, hash browns and also had a variety of fruit out. Strawberries, blueberries, cantaloupe, honeydew, kiwi. Skyler was overwhelmed. They sat at the table in the dining room and ate. Occasionally they would share a piece of fruit or a kiss. It was nice. They talked about general stuff, merely wanting the presence of each other's company. Skyler had kicked her shoes off and was enjoying her bare feet on the tile of the dining room. Through the glass table she was distracted by long tan legs crossed at the ankles. She shifted so that her knee was touching Khrys' thigh. Just that simple contact as their eyes met, and Skyler felt like she would float away. It's been too long Blue, too long.

"Hey, c'mon I'll give you the nickel tour." Khrys said as she stood. They had cleared the dishes and put all the food away.

"Ooh hold on, let me get a nickel." Skyler tugged into one of her pockets.

"Ha, ha. Let's go silly." Khrys grabbed her hand and dragged her down the hall. "On our right we have the office where I spend my time reading and where I discovered one of the best writers I've ever read." Doing her best impression of a tour guide. She glanced at Skyler wondering if she would catch on. "An amazing novel entitled 'No Laws On Love'." Skyler blushed then to the roots of her hair. Khrys squeezed her hand. "Onward to where I never can get sleep even with all the creature comforts I've installed expressly for that purpose."

Further down the hall was Khrys bedroom. Skyler was trying to stay focused but she felt the warmth of the hand in hers and the flashes of skin as Khrys moved. Her mind was racing with desire for this woman. She could hardly contain herself. Now, heading towards what she knew to be the bedroom she was having trouble breathing. Khrys pushed the door open and the gentle light of the room flooded out.

"Here we are the final stop on our tour, the master suite. Do not let the bed fool you, it is very rarely slept in." Khrys smiled to herself.

"Khrys you have a beautiful home. It is so comfortable." She glanced around noting that there were very few personal items anywhere in the house. She walked around the room, enjoying the feel of the soft carpet. "Very nice." Glad that she had removed her shoes out in the living room. "I love the way the carpet feels." She noticed the pillows strewn across the floor. She loved the feeling in the room. It was beautiful. Soft, gently soothing. She was surprised that Khrys couldn't sleep here. She inhaled and caught Khrys scent in the room. She loved the way it made her feel. She felt safe and so very alive right now. She turned around and caught Khrys just looking at her. Green eyes flashing.

Skyler let her eyes wander down Khrys body. Taking in the tan legs and the flat stomach that peeked out from beneath her t-shirt. Her eyes drifted lazily to meet green orbs of fire. "You are so beautiful." Skyler whispered. She moved towards Khrys drawn to her warm skin. She placed her hands flat against the bare mid-drift. Khrys skin was warm and she watched as Skyler ran her hands against her skin around to her back. She closed her eyes and inhaled. Skyler hugged her gently looking up at the sharp profile. She felt Khrys' hands on her back and melted into the hesitant touch.

Khrys bent and kissed the top of the head pressed against her shoulder. Skyler let her feelings take over as her hands trailed lightly over sensitized skin and kissed the strong collarbone that had been tempting her. She felt Khrys shiver and watched as goosebumps chased themselves across silky smooth skin. Her hands trailed up Khrys side and pulled out the tie that held her hair up. "I love your hair, it's so soft," another kiss, "It's perfect." She kissed the tensed jaw above her. Her hands tangled in dark hair. Khrys stood stock still. She looked petrified. Skyler stopped, "Are you ok? What's wrong?" she searched green eyes and saw the fear, the pain. "Hey, c'mere." Skyler pulled her towards the bed and sat down. "C'mon, sit down. Talk to me Khrys what's wrong?" she brushed a lock of hair from her friends eyes.

"I'm sorry, Skyler. I just…I don't… I'm not…" she stammered unable to form words to express what she was feeling. What is wrong with me?!? She was struggling so much and trying so hard to let go and yet still hold on. There was a war inside of her and she couldn't stop it as much as she wanted to. She couldn't give up the fight. She wanted to but she couldn't. As she fought and struggled, strong arms stilled the crashing guilt. She cried, the tears came unbidden. She hurt so much and here, Skyler hadn't run, hadn't left, she just sat holding her in her arms.

Skyler wasn't sure what to do, she did the only thing she knew, she held onto this woman whom she had come to care for deeply. She rocked her, gently soothing her with soft murmurs. "Ssh, it's ok….ssh.." She smoothed the dark hair feeling the torture that was overwhelming the soul in her arms. She was angry, she felt anger at whatever force had caused her friend this sort of pain. She wanted who or whatever did this, to hurt. Her mind raced, unsure of what had caused this reaction. She's so afraid, and yet I know she wants this. She's trying to hold back for reasons she can't explain to me. Oh sweet Khrys, what I wouldn't give to take that fear out of your heart. She spoke silently to her companion. She felt the wracking sobs as strong shoulders collapsed in defeat. After some time Khrys relaxed, her breathing evening out and Skyler moved further up onto the bed and laid down. Khrys curled up on her side and buried her head in Sky's shoulder. She wrapped her arms around the smaller woman as her breathing eased. Skyler simply held her, rubbing gentle circles on her back. She felt Khrys' breathing deepen and felt the muscles in her back loosen. She felt sleep ease the pain, but never let go of her friend.

Skyler battled silently with the anger that was fast becoming a problem. Khrys slept contentedly and Skyler merely watched her, wondering what she was dealing with that made this so hard for her. Why wouldn't she let herself be loved? Did she really think she was unworthy? Skyler touched her head gently wanting so badly to take away the pain that etched her face even in sleep. No wonder she never sleeps, her guilt doesn't allow for it. Long fingers flexed against her side as Khrys stirred and pulled herself closer. Skyler wrapped her arms tighter around the tall woman and closed her eyes herself. No matter what it takes Khrys, we will get through this. You will be happy. She promised silently before letting sleep take her as well.

Khrys was only slightly aware of the gentle thumping against her ear. Her eyes fluttered open and she was surprised to find herself securely wrapped in Skyler's arms. The young blonde had a death hold on her and wasn't about to let go. Khrys maneuvered herself to see Skylers face. She studied the relaxed set of her jaw and the deep even breathing. She glanced at the clock and noted that it was just before noon. I guess we were both exhausted. She didn't relinquish her hold of Skyler either. She was lying next to her with her arms around the blonde happily. Silently she took an emotional inventory. She is in your house, in your bed, in your arms, how do you feel about that? She went over it rolling it around. I feel safe. It was the only thing she could feel. She pressed her ear against Skyler's chest and listened to the soothing beat just below the surface. She closed her eyes again and just listened, letting the peace wash over her. Skyler had stayed. She didn't run and she didn't think that Khrys was a freak. She stayed. That's what mattered.

Skyler stirred not too much later. Opening her eyes she was met by brilliant green. "Hey." she whispered to the dark haired woman wrapped in her arms, brushing a stray lock of dark hair out of her eyes.

"Hey." Khrys blinked and smiled hugging her closer. Leaving her head against Skyler's chest.

Skyler ran her hands down the length of her arms and hugged her back. "You ok? I was worried about you." she asked softly listening to the sounds of the ocean just outside the window.

"Yeah, I'm ok right now. As long as you are here. You seem to make everything ok somehow…" she took a breath and traced her fingers down Skylers arm. "Sky, I'm sorry…I mean for acting like such a child. I just don't know how to deal with this. I've…I mean…Ugh! This is so frustrating." She stopped and tried to get her thoughts organized.

"Khrys." Skyler sat up a little, staying in contact with her, "Look at me." Green eyes looked up and met liquid gold. "Listen, I don't want you to feel like you have to explain everything to me right away. I mean, yes I am concerned about you and I hate the fact that you are hurting so much. I would give anything to take that pain away. But I want you to understand that I am not going anywhere. I can't. I want this too badly." She put every ounce of feeling she could into her eyes, forcing Khrys to see that she was telling her the truth. She touched her cheek and smiled. Green eyes blinked abashed at the emotions from her young friend, unsure what to think or how to react. She felt light headed, happy. She sat up and looked right at Skyler placing both hands on her cheeks, she was scared to death.

"Skyler, I think…I think I might be in love with you. Is that too much? Too fast? I mean I'm scared." She stammered and shook. Her eyes never left Skylers though.

"Oh. My goodness. I don't know what to say. Khrys, I feel the same way. I mean, it feels too fast doesn't it? But it feels right." She searched green eyes that held her fast. She saw the truth that was there clear and certain.

They sat on the bed knee to knee. Both sitting up now just staring in wide-eyed shock at each other. Skyler reached out a hand and cupped Khrys cheek. Khrys leaned into the contact closing her eyes. Her insides were churning and her butterflies had butterflies. She wanted this, she needed it. This contact, this bond that was growing faster than she had ever dreamed. Gentle fingers stroked her cheek, trailing fire across her face. She felt warm lips kiss her eyelids, her nose, finally finding her mouth. She welcomed this kiss. She let her hands drift up Skylers sides.

She could feel the warmth beneath the navy cotton shirt that Skyler wore. Skylers hands were in Khrys' hair and her mouth had moved to her neck kissing softly, tenderly. Khrys just let herself go, let go of her fear and her shame and just let herself love. She jumped when Skyler's mouth trailed down her collarbone and brushed her pulse point. She grabbed the smaller woman and moved her so she could see those brown eyes, "Skyler, I want this. I'm afraid, but I want this. Please, show me what…how…" her words were silenced by a soft warm mouth. Skyler pushed her onto her back and looked down into uncertain green eyes.

"Khrys, are you sure?" green eyes blinked and Khrys nodded her head yes. "Anytime you want to stop you tell me ok?" She saw the nervousness in those green eyes and wanted to cry for the pain that she had felt for so long. She leaned forward and kissed her, gently easing her hands up long, strong legs. She felt the shudders in their kiss. She moved so slowly savoring every bit of this moment. She wanted to etch it into her brain. The look of surrender on Khrys' face and the fear that melted into pleasure. Boxer shorts were flung to the floor followed by white cotton and navy. It was slow and intense. The burn that had been building exploded into a flame that burned hot and white. Tendrils of fire danced trails across every inch of her skin. Gentle kisses replaced the fire and cooled the burn that threatened her soul. She felt lost in a sea of bliss her only anchor was the strength of the love she felt from Skyler. Crashing to shore she felt the tears streak down her face in absolute happiness.

A gentle, warm, comfortable weight settled on her. Skyler's hair fell across her chest and the sensation that caused made Khrys shiver. She laid on her back in a dizzy haze of pleasure. Never had she ever experienced anything like that. Granted, she had little to no experience before, but this was intense. It was the way she always dreamed it would be. Hoped it would be anyway. She learned a long time ago that dreams can and did deceive you. Not Skyler. She glanced down at the lean form sprawled across her chest and smoothed her hair back. Skyler shifted and opened her eyes, her chin resting against Khrys' chest. She propped herself up and looked into clear green. Khrys ran a thumb along Skylers cheek and leaned forward and kissed her. They were a mass of tangled limbs and Khrys was loving every minute of it. Loving the feel of skin against skin down the length of her body. She giggled a little at their height difference, but it worked. They seemed made for each other. As if puzzle pieces that just fit together. Skyler ran warm hands down Khrys' sides.

"Mm, you are so warm, so…sexy, do you know that?" She asked a startled Khrys, as she planted feather kisses everywhere she could reach, without moving too much.

"Well…um….ah…..whoa." Khrys stammered as shivers raced through her at the slightest touch from Skyler. She felt the unusual sensation as Skyler traced the scar on her side.

"Oh! Khrys, what happened here? How did you get this?" She sat up to get a better look. It was a long ragged scar down Khrys right side. Just below her ribs and down her right hip. It looked like some one tried to fillet her.

"Um, that is… um…a story best told another day." She tried to distract Skyler by grabbing her and kissing her, but the concern on the blondes face told her that she wasn't about to let this slide.

"Does it still hurt? How long ago did that happen? Did you have an accident?" She searched the green eyes that were trying to avoid her stare.

Khrys took a deep breath, "No, about 10 yrs ago, it wasn't an accident." She turned onto her left side so Skyler could get a better look at it. She felt and heard the intake of breath as Skyler ran a gentle hand down the length of the scar. Khrys began to speak,

"I had just turned 21, my friends had taken me out to drink. That's what you do on your 21st birthday right? Well, we had a great time and I got hammered bigtime. I was making a bit of a spectacle of myself, it's one of the reasons I don't drink. I don't like being out of control, of my feelings." She paused and took a breath.

"So you got that in a fight on your 21st birthday?" Skyler asked shaking her head.

"No, that scar is a gift from my father. I was still living at home while trying to go to school and that night he was waiting up for me. I was trashed and emotionally unguarded. He had my journal in his hand when I came in the door. I didn't deny anything and told him it was none of his business and well, he found out about me, he let me know just how disappointed he was with me. I tried to get away from him, but he was a lot bigger than me…and well he was angry. He smacked me. He yelled about how I was an abomination and a disgrace to my family and I was not welcome in his home anymore. When I tried to get away from him he grabbed me and tossed me against a book case. There had been a glass sculpture on one of the shelves it broke and dug into my side and tore down to my hip as I fell. I didn't notice at first I was so angry. I flew back at him and kicked him as hard as I could, where I knew he couldn't come after me. He fell to the floor screaming, and I ran as fast as I could out of there. I had heard that I did serious damage and that he had to stay in bed for two months and then he had to have some surgery. The strange thing is, I didn't care. I was glad that I hurt him. I managed to get myself to a hospital and get that stitched up. Took two hundred and fifty of them. Boy did that suck." She stopped as a tear slid down her cheek. Skyler reached up and brushed it away. She hugged Khrys tightly against her.

"Oh Khrys, I'm so sorry. What a bastard!" She was angry, at her father at what she knew Khrys had gone through. She searched sad green eyes and leaned down and gently kissed the scar that marred her side.

"How could anybody do something like that? How could he do that to his own daughter?" Hot tears streamed down Skylers face. They fell against Khrys' chest as she gathered the tall woman into her arms. "I'm so sorry."

Khrys merely stared blankly at the ceiling. "It's history, long past and I knew I would have to explain it to you someday." She touched Skylers face. All she saw was sadness and understanding. "Thank you." she whispered to the blonde. They lay in each others arms silent with their own thoughts.

No wonder she pulls away. How long was all this fear pounded into her head? How many years had she forced her own unhappiness out of guilt? Poor Khrys, she's so sweet, and kind and unsure. I won't let anyone hurt her ever again. Ever. Skyler felt the rage building in her and the fierce protectiveness come out. She felt burned inside for her friend. She hoped she'd never have to meet her father. She was sure she would spit on him. That will never happen to her again. I won't let it. Skyler steeled herself for the journey she was about to undertake with this woman. Absently she rubbed Khrys side lost in her thoughts and stopped when she heard a giggle.

"Hey! That tickles!" Khrys jumped.

"Oh yeah?" Skyler looked down at the body beneath her. With a glint in her eye she ran a hand over the same spot again and watched as Khrys squirmed. "Heh! A ticklish spot, oh yeah!" She jumped on her and an outrageous tickle fight ensued leaving them both on their feet on either side of the bed panting with laughter.

It was still early in the afternoon so they decided to head down to the pool for a swim and some sun. Khrys had told Skyler to bring her suit and a change of clothes hoping to make a day of it. It was a gorgeous day. The sun was out, not a cloud in the sky and they pretty much had the pool to themselves. Being just off the beach, the wind brought the salty scent of the ocean across the pool. They were laying out on two lounge chairs, Skyler had on a bright blue one piece suit that complimented her figure. Khrys looked at her appreciatively. Skyler caught the look and Khrys got one of her own. A lingering, hungry stare. She had on a very sexy, multi-colored bikini, bringing out her emerald eyes. Skyler smiled and shook her eyebrows at Khrys. Admiring her long legs and muscled thighs, she sighed.

"I don't know if I'm gonna be able to be out here with you and not touch you." She smiled over at Khrys.

The blush on Khrys' face spread so fast she thought it might be the sun. She couldn't even talk. All these feelings were so new to her. Skyler felt so comfortable just saying what was on her mind, while Khrys constantly had to contain her thoughts. This was going to take some getting used to.

"Hey Khrys?" Skyler turned to look at her. "Please tell me if I make you uncomfortable at all. I don't want this to make you feel bad. But, you gotta know, I'm really excited about this whole thing." She didn't know what to call what was going on between them. She decided to ask. "By the way, what do we call 'this', what's happening between us. I mean, are we… are we together? I just…I've got to know, so I know how to feel ok?"

Khrys bit her lip not really sure herself what to call this. She knew that she wanted to be with Skyler, so yeah she assumed they were "together". Was there a label for what she felt in her soul? She looked at Skyler who was on the edge waiting, hoping. Khrys smiled, "Yeah, we are together, as long as you want to be."

Skyler sat up, and looked at Khrys, "As long as I want to be? What about what you want?" She asked seriously. "It's not just about what I want Khrys, this is between me and you. What do you want?" she waited and watched as Khrys' throat worked thinking things through.

"I want you." She barely whispered. She touched Skyler's hand. "I want you."

"What the heck are you making over there?" Skyler was looking over Khrys' shoulder at the sand. "What is that?"

Khrys just smiled up at her and winked, "Just you wait. What are you making? You sure haven't done a lot."

"I was distracted…" she ran her hand down Khrys thigh and laughed when she jumped. "Hmm, it's your fault." She kissed Khrys' neck and moved back over to her spot in the sand.

Khrys laughed and let the chill trail through her body. Skyler had an uncanny affect on her. She liked it. It was new and she felt herself excited at the possibilities. They decided to see who was more creative by having a sand sculpture contest. The only rule was that it had to be something that reminded them of each other. They had been at it for a good hour or so already. Skyler had thrown herself into the task once she got the idea and Khrys had worked steadily on hers. Finally both of them done, Khrys stood.

"Ok, let's see what we ended up with." She walked over to Skyler to see what she had done. Skyler put finishing touches on her creation and stood up next to Khrys. She put an arm around her and smiled.

Khrys looked at a gentle landscaped sunrise carved perfectly into the wet sand. She looked a little confused and turned to Skyler, "This reminds you of me?" she asked her.

"Well, I was thinking about what reminded me of you and of course, sunglasses came to mind, and music. But I looked deep inside and I realized when I met you it was like waking up and what better way to be reminded than by the sunrise?" She looked into mist green eyes. She felt the shudder as it passed through Khrys' body.

"Wow." Khrys breathed. She bent low and kissed the blond standing in front of her. Her hands gently cupping recently sun bronzed cheeks. The sun peeking behind a cloud as the kiss lingered and their breathing once again became ragged. Skyler touched Khrys' face softly and moved so she could hug the taller woman.

"Now, let's see what you did." She went to where Khrys had spent her time and stopped in her tracks. Khrys had made a cage with it's door flung wide open and a heart with wings flying out of it. Skyler knew immediately what it was meant to be. She turned to face Khrys who was standing behind her. No words could express what either one was feeling. She wasn't even going to try. She slipped into strong, warm arms and breathed deeply. Khrys cradled her in her arms and felt tears stinging her eyes. This had taken her so long and here, Skyler willingly gave her everything. Without question, without remorse. To think that she had the same affect on the young bartender, nearly blew her mind. They stayed outside in the sand and watched the sunset. Only when the last pinks and purples and orange faded into the ocean did they move.

"Wow, that's some breeze coming off the water." Skyler shivered. She felt Khrys' arms around her.

"Yeah, let's go inside. Don't you work tonight?" She asked as they stood and headed back upstairs.

"It's Friday, so yeah I do work tonight, unfortunately." She sighed. "Are you going to come and dance for me?" She tickled Khrys' ribs and bolted away from her tall companion. Khrys caught up with her and grabbed her from behind.

"Would I miss it?" Khrys wrapped her arms around Skylers shoulders and left her chin on top of her head.

They hadn't even noticed the people that were staring at them and laughed as they got on the elevator.

They had taken Khrys' car, deciding that they were going to be together tomorrow anyway, she might as well stay over. They left early so they could stop by Skylers apartment to get clothes for the weekend. For some reason, Khrys felt nervous. They pulled up to Skylers apartment and Khrys glanced around the premises. It wasn't a wonderful place but it was Skylers. She knew that Skyler had been working her way through school in order to live on her own rather than take from her parents. She didn't say anything about the questionable surroundings. They headed upstairs to her 4th floor apartment.

It was a small one bedroom one bath. She had a couch along a wall and a love seat by the balcony. A small entertainment center held an even smaller TV and stereo. Two lamps, two end tables and a coffee table. The dining room set was a gift from a neighbor that had moved out. There were several pictures on the walls, family and friends from high school. It was cozy and warm. Khrys felt comfortable. It wasn't huge but it was perfect for a student. The master bedroom was deceptively large. A queen sized bed was against one wall, while a desk, computer and a book case were against another. A walk in closet held Skylers wardrobe.

"This is nice, it seems comfy." Khrys said.

"Yeah it works for what I need." Skyler went to the closet and grabbed a duffel bag. She grabbed a change of clothes for tonight, tomorrow and Sunday. Figuring a couple of outfits in between knowing Khrys. Another bathing suit and underclothes. She smiled as she tried to decided between the racy laceys and the comfy grannies. She chose a pair of each and her Goofy boxers to compliment Khrys' Smileys. She couldn't believe she was going to spend the weekend with Khrys. She was excited and nervous and could only imagine how Khrys felt. Her personal space a well known issue. She grabbed her clothes for work and went back into the bedroom. She put the bag on the bed and began to change. Khrys who was sitting on the bed, abruptly stood.

"I'll let you change, excuse me." She went to leave the room and Skyler stopped her.

"Hey, where do you think you are going?" she asked teasingly, "Oh no you don't, you've seen me naked already. No running away to hide. I'm just changing."

Khrys turned several shades of red as Skyler pulled her back into the room. She grinned at the look on her tall friends face. She sat Khrys down on the bed and deliberately faced her. She smiled and waited for Khrys to look at her. She could see the nervousness and smiled knowing how hard this was for her. She reached down to the buttons on her shirt and slowly undid them.

Embarrassed by the impromptu striptease, Khrys shifted and was trying to look away but couldn't tear her eyes from Skylers. Her eyes were fastened on the hands working the buttons loose. Skyler moved slightly and let the shirt fall open and began to work on her shorts. She hooked her thumbs beneath the waist band and slid them down her thighs. Khrys swallowed reflexively and blinked. Skyler stood in her lace thong and her polo shirt looking at Khrys.

"Now, that wasn't so bad was it?" She asked playfully a twinkle in her eye.

Khrys was just sitting there, not real sure where to look but unable not to look at Skyler. Her smooth stomach teasing from beneath the open shirt. The muscles in her legs flexed at the look she was receiving. The recent color from their day in the sun caused her hair to appear brighter and more unruly. Khrys imagined her hands in the thick mass of hair, and she stood against her will. Moving closer to Skyler feeling particularly saucy she made a point to look at her from head to toe. Pleased with the light blush that crept it's way across the half naked woman's chest and up her neck. She reached out a hand and pushed the shirt aside to reveal smooth perfect skin. Chest heaving, Skyler tried to catch her breath but the cool touch on her skin made her shiver. Her eyes closed at the hesitant, inquisitive touch. She just stood and let Khrys explore however she wanted.

She felt soft hands slide down her arms and up her ribcage as she took a breath and the pressure increased. She felt the warmth in her abdomen and pushed forward against the gentle touch. Her resolve swiftly fading at the fire that Khrys' touch caused. A soft moan escaped her lips, and Khrys looked at her. Her hands tracing the outline of Skylers jaw. She was surprised at the affect she was having on the bartender. Deciding to try out this new found power, she spoke softly, "Skyler, do you have any idea how sexy you look right now?" She burred into the smaller woman's ear. "I want you so much." She kissed an ear lobe as Skyler arched towards her mouth, and the voice that was chilling her spine. She was sure she couldn't take much more of this. She felt warm breath on her neck as Khrys continued to murmur and words became incoherent. Finally Skyler couldn't take it anymore she grabbed Khrys by the back of her head and looked into startled green eyes,

"Shut up and kiss me already!" Skyler growled as their lips met in unbridled passion. She threw herself against the tall form before her determined to devour every inch of that body. She smiled at the expression on Khrys' face, "Two can play at this game." She straddled strong thighs and began her own teasing as green eyes welcomed the burn of their desire. What have I started?

At least an hour later they were reluctant to get out of bed. Gentle persistent kisses nudged the half asleep blonde. Khrys tilted her head to nuzzle the neck she was buried in. Skyler's scent surrounding her in the soft sheets of the bartenders own bed.

"Come on sleepy you gotta get up." She kissed an ear, an eye and when she stopped, Skyler turned and captured her mouth.

"Mmm, do I have to? Can't I just stay here forever?" She snuggled closer to Khrys and inhaled deeply. Their passion evident on their skin.

"We should shower." Khrys kissed her and trailed a hand down her neck.

"Oooh, but not together or we'll never get out of here." She kissed Khrys gently and rolled to get out of bed. Strong arms held her fast.

Khrys looked into sea-green eyes. Forever sounds so right with her how can that be? She smiled and patted Skyler on her butt. "Let's go, we gotta shower and get you to work." She stretched and trailed warm kisses along Skylers ribcage.

"I'll never get anywhere if you keep doing that." She laughed as Khrys planted soft kisses along ticklish ribs. She let her hands slip through silken tresses and she sighed, "Come on, we gotta move." Skyler stood and headed for the bathroom.

Khrys rolled onto her side and watched as she went. How did I get so lucky? Look at her, she's so beautiful. I can't believe what's come over me. She sighed and turned onto her back with her hands behind her head. She felt so good, so happy. She listened as Sky turned on the shower and stepped into the warm jets of water. She could hear the water splash onto bare skin and couldn't resist. She crawled out of bed and padded softly into the bathroom.

She stood watching her small companion for a couple of minutes before stepping into the shower behind her. Skyler moaned at the contact as Khrys took the wash cloth out of her hand. She began to gently massage Sky's shoulders, down her back and her legs, washing gently and soothing sore muscles. Skyler closed her eyes and let her body enjoy every sensation. Soap and wash cloth were replaced with soft, warm lips trailing hot kisses down highly alert skin. Khrys watched in fascination as goosebumps chased each other across her companion. She smiled as Skyler lost her balance and fell back against her. Able hands caught her and continued their exploration. Skyler reached up behind her and tangled her hands in long dark hair and pulled Khrys to her pleading mouth. Khrys wrapped her arms around the slim waist and her hands trailed down tight abs as water splashed over them.

So much for getting to work on time.

The club had been crowded and Skyler had only gotten a little grief from her boss about being late. It was a little too crowded for Khrys to dance but she had exchanged quite a few knowing looks with the young bartender. It was becoming increasingly difficult for them to keep their hands off each other. It was something that was peripherally bothering Khrys' conscience. Not understanding how she had become so insatiable in her need for this woman. She pushed it aside for the moment determined to live right now and be as happy as she could with what she was given.

They ended up back at Khrys' both tired and wanting to get to bed. Skyler had nearly forgotten about their plans with Rachel until she checked her machine at home and heard the message she left. "Hi Sky, it's Rachel just reminding you about tomorrow give me a call when you get in and let me know when I should come by and get you. Here is the number to where I'm staying. See you then! Bye!"

"Oh Geez! I can't believe I almost forgot about that! Khrys why didn't you remind me?" She teasingly accused her tall companion.

"Excuse me? I most certainly did remind you. I suppose you were occupied with other things." She smiled as she moved closer to Skyler. Her hands swiftly unbuttoning the tight fitting jeans. She slid them down the blondes waist and watched as she quiver at Khrys' touch. Surprised by her own boldness. Khrys smiled to herself, still a little in awe that she could have such an effect on someone. She knew how Skyler made her feel, so she wasn't too surprised. She had never felt so good about herself, and yet, there was the voice that condemned her. Sitting in the back of her mind she fought to keep it under control and not allow it to upset her.

Her hands had found a gentle rhythm against Skyler's tan skin that was now trembling beneath her touch. Deliberately she looked into rich brown eyes, slowing her motion. Cupping her friends face she barely whispered her heart, searching patient eyes, she spoke, "I love you." She breathed as she bent her head to meet ready lips.

Skyler let her hands trail down Khrys' sides, enjoying the feel of the velvet softness in her hands. Her heart was pounding so loudly she almost didn't hear what Khrys had said. It made her heart skip a beat and she had to contain herself from falling. It had almost knocked the life out of her. Green eyes were so sincere and so, is she afraid? She's trembling. Oh God. Skyler grasped a shaking hand and kissed each knuckle with purpose. "I.." a kiss, "love…you…" more kisses, "too." She looked up and met misty green eyes. She stood on her tip toes and kissed her lover with all the reassurance in her being. Wanting to reach in and rescue the child that had been so tormented. She felt the breaking of the barrier and let herself go with it. This had to be right.

Khrys shook at the gentle kisses and the affirmation of her heart. She slid her hands beneath the cotton t-shirt and found warm skin. Pleased with the reaction that got. She lifted the shirt up and over a blond head. Her eyes not wanting to tear away from Skylers. She felt small hands on her own clothing and was immediately removed of it. The cool of the apartment sent shivers across her skin. Skyler was desperate to get as close to her as possible.

The curious wandering had stopped as they regarded each other in silence. So much spoken between them. An understanding formed embedding in their hearts. Their kisses became urgent and they found themselves on the couch in the living room. Unable to deny themselves any longer, there, in the moonlight they gave into their hearts once more.

The morning light danced across the fair head on Khrys shoulder. Casting shadows on the peacefully smiling face. She brushed a lock of hair behind a delicate ear. She smiled to herself, amazed at how perfect this really felt. She wrapped her long arms tighter around the girl sprawled on her chest.

"Mmm, what was that for?" Skyler opened one brown eye and peered up at Khrys.

"I was just loving you." She leaned in and kissed sleepy lips.

"Wow…thank you. What a great way to wake up." She stretched a little and then resumed her position. No desire to move from the warm nest of Khrys' arms.

"So, are you going to tell me about Rachel? I understand if you don't want to talk about it, but I would really like to know who I'm spending the day with." Keeping up an idle roaming of her hands, she watched Skyler process the request. Obviously trying to figure out some way to put it all together.

"Well, it's a sordid, twisted story. I'll give you the cliff notes version." She looked into patient green eyes. "I think we've got enough time before we've got to meet her at the beach."

Skyler sat up on the couch, untangling her legs from the human octopus beneath her. Running a hand through sleep disheveled hair she took a deep breath and began.

"I met Rachel when I was in high school in Texas. She was new in town and well, it was Texas, so she was looked at rather oddly. Her family had moved here from somewhere in the Caribbean, I can't remember where and she started at my high school. She wasn't well received, sadly it's still quite racist in my town. Anyway, me being the 'oddball' that I am, I had to be friends with her. Just because it was what everyone else WASN'T doing. I thought she was so beautiful and exotic looking. We had a couple of classes together and eventually started talking. I've gotta tell you, I wasn't aware of my sexuality at that point. I was so involved with school I didn't have a lot of time to date or anything. Other than Nate really, that's another story. So, well, we had classes together and started having lunches and stuff. We became inseparable. My father wasn't too happy, but he couldn't really complain because my grades were so good. The rest of the school often ridiculed us, but it never bothered me. We would go shopping together, to movies, and stuff like that. One day though, we were alone at her house, in her room. Listening to music and looking through magazines, you know typical 'girl stuff'. I don't know how it happened, or who started it, but the next thing I knew we were kissing. It was the scariest, most exciting, horrible, awful, wonderful thing I had ever experienced. So much went through my mind. Mainly that her kiss hadn't felt like Nate's and I liked it more. I was terrified. I had NO idea what to expect or what to do or anything like that. What could you do with another woman? Ya know? I mean…well, I sure found out. After that initial time, we were never apart. Every spare chance we got we were experimenting, and she…she fell in love with me." she trailed off looking at her hands.

"Do you mean that you didn't feel the same Sky?" Khrys asked a little hesitant to know the answer. Feeling a twinge of fear in the back of her mind.

"No, I did love her, but it wasn't the same for me. I felt it was merely a phase that I was going through and that we could never really be together. I always thought I would grow up and get married to a professional type of man that my family knew. I could never let my father know what was going on, it would've destroyed him. She wanted us to move out together after high school and we would go to college together the whole thing. I couldn't see it and I didn't want it. It wasn't something I ever thought I could do. We were together three years. Years I wouldn't change except for the fact that I hurt her." Skyler looked distraught.

" I never meant to hurt her, I just, I was so young and naïve, I just didn't know what to do. She was destroyed when I moved out here. I haven't spoken to her or seen her in months. We had tried to stay in touch, but it just got too hard. So, here we are now." She looked at Khrys who was sitting quietly beside her.

"Wow, I don't know how you were able to get through that. It must have been so hard for both of you." Khrys wasn't sure what to say, she had never had an experience like that. Her whole life had been denying the truth and forcing it away.

"Well, it was a discovery for me, I realized what had been missing from every date I had ever been on." she said with a wry grin. "Rachel and I are friends and that's it, sometimes though she hints at wanting to get back together, but she's not the one for me. I think that was the other part of my decision. I knew somewhere inside of me that it just wasn't right with her." She searched green eyes, gauging her reaction.

"Do you think you will ever find 'the one'?" Khrys asked still staring at her hands.

Skyler reached out and placed a hand on the strong chin forcing Khrys to meet her eyes. "Hey, Khrys look at me." she waited as green eyes turned and looked into hers. "I want you to understand something. What I have with you, is so much more than I ever had with Rachel after three years. I can't explain it, I can't deny it, I don't understand it, but it's the truth. It's like you are a part of me. It scares me, so much so that I'm terrified you don't feel this. I can't stand the thought of not being with you. I know it's fast, I know, I just don't know how else to explain this. You are meant for me. I know that as sure as I know my name." She brushed her fingers across the tear streaked face. Pushing dark hair behind her ear she smiled into green eyes. "I love you and I need you more than I ever have anything in my life. Yes, I have found my one." She was swallowed by surprised green eyes.

Khrys collapsed into a warm embrace. The anticipated tension dissolving with the words that had been spoken. She felt the soft hands in her hair smoothing away any fears she may have had.

She pulled back from Skyler and looked into her eyes. "I don't know what to say, I know that I never dreamed I'd ever feel like this. You somehow have completed me. I'm really afraid though Sky. There's lots of stuff inside of me that holds me back. Maybe we can talk tonight when we get home?" she looked hopefully into brown eyes willing her fear down. "C'mon, let's get going." She tugged on her lovers hand as they stood.

It was a beautiful day. The sun was shining, no clouds in the sky and the beach was joyously empty. Save the three women lying near the shore. A blanket was brought instead of towels so they could share and not get sand in their butts. Skyler and Khrys arrived a little before Rachel and picked a nice spot on the beach. Khrys noticed that Skyler was being unusually quiet.

"Hey, what's up? You ok?" she asked.

"What? Oh yeah, I'm sorry. I was just thinking about how different things are now. I am a little worried about Rachel though. When we broke it off I had told her it was a phase and well…now I know it isn't. I'm just a little worried I guess. I don't want her to hate me."

Skyler looked truly forlorn. She obviously hadn't meant to hurt Rachel and was too young to realize that what she was feeling wasn't going to go away. Sort of like what Khrys felt her whole life. Though Khrys never did give into the temptations.

"Sky, I don't think she hates you. Why would she come search you out? Hm? I saw how you greeted each other in the club. If anything, you could end up being fantastic friends." She placed a tender hand on the blonde shoulder. "I'm sure all is forgiven."

"Yeah maybe you're right and I'm just being silly." In the back of her mind though, she was concerned that Rachel would try to turn Khrys against her by telling lies or trying to make Khrys doubt what they felt. Rachel was vindictive when she wanted to be. Skyler wasn't going to put anything past her. She didn't want to burden Khrys with the unnecessary tension so she just left that information out.

She turned then and saw Rachel walking down the sand to meet them. She looks amazing. She hasn't changed a bit. Skyler thought to herself. I hope she doesn't think she can compete with my Khrystian. No way, hands down, Khrys owns my heart. Rachel, you never did. She smiled to herself then waved at Rachel.

"Hey girl!" Rachel strode up and put her arms around Skyler in a brief hug.

"Hey you." Skyler hugged her back and motioned for her to sit, "You remember Khrys right?" she turned towards her friend.

Khrys extended a hand and with confidence that she wasn't really feeling said, "It's nice to see you again Rachel. How are you enjoying your stay in Florida?" she smiled disarmingly.

"Well, thank you Khrys, it's very nice to see you too. I like Florida, it's fantastic. The weather couldn't be better and the company…well, the company is the best." She smiled back and glanced over at Skyler and winked.

Skyler felt the insincerity in Rachel's voice, knew that she was testing Khrys to see if she could intimidate her. Little did she know that Khrys could be intimidating when she wanted to be. Well, here we go. Let's see what happens.

They had settled into the sand, the sun shining down on them and anticipation so thick you could cut it with a knife. It was unsettling.

The water was cool against their sun warmed skin. The waves rushed by them as they laughed trying to stay on their feet. Rachel had decided to stay on the blankets not really wanting to get in the water.

Skyler had her arms wrapped around Khrys and they were laughing and talking.

"I'm so glad we came out today. I was sort of worried that Rachel would try and do something silly." Skyler said as she pushed dark hair out of green eyes.

"I'm glad too, though I don't know why you would worry. She seems really nice." Khrys smiled as another wave pushed them through the water.

"She's very unpredictable Khrys, she's plotting something. I don't think she ever got over what happened between us, it's sad really, it was a couple of years ago already."

"Sky, don't think about it, she's only here for a few more days and then you don't have to see her unless you want to."

Khrys ran her hands down Skyler's strong back enjoying the feel of her skin. Something about being out in the water, beneath the sun with Skyler made her feel so good. Long legs were wrapped around her waist, muscles contracting reflexively. Sky was smiling into her eyes and droplets of water were dripping down her face from the waves. Khrys found herself drawn to perfect waiting lips. She was hardly aware of the woman on the beach watching them with eyes like a snake. Lips met in a salty embrace, full of laughter and promises. When finally they parted, Khrys looked into deep brown eyes and smiled. She leaned forward and placed a gentle kiss on Skyler's forehead.

"Ugh! I sure do love the way you kiss." Skyler spoke into Khrys ear. Smiling at the blush that appeared on Khrys face.

The sun shone down on the two bodies in the water. It was a bright clear day and two hearts were melding closer and closer together. The bond between the two women was fast becoming something neither of them, had ever expected.

After a couple of hours at the beach in the sun they were exhausted and had decided to grab a bite to eat. Walking up the beach they stopped at one of the little restaurants on the sidewalk. A little pizza place. It was just a little hole in the wall place, but had the best pizza and garlic rolls. Khrys could feel her stomach growling.

"Well, this is um, different." Rachel said as she looked around. The motif was rustic and it wasn't fancy. It was almost as if she was turning her nose up at it.

"Yeah, I like it. It's fun and relaxed and unpretentious." Skyler smiled acknowledging the jib and grabbed Khrys hand. Aware that the public display of affection might make Khrys uncomfortable, she squeezed it and then released it not wanting to freak her out.

"I found this place when I was out walking one night. I just stumbled across it and decided to try it." She winked at Sky in a silent thank you for sticking up for her.

"I guess, I'm just not used to the Florida thing I guess." Rachel huffed a little as they took their seats outside.

Skyler found it a little strange that Rachel was being so obviously confrontational. She gave Rachel a scolding look. Rachel shrugged her shoulders and mouthed, What? Skyler was glad that Khrys didn't seem to be affected by the verbal daggers. She picked up a menu as a waiter came over, wondering what Rachel was planning.

They had gotten into a conversation about what Khrys does, and the book that Skyler wrote. Rachel was surprised by the fact that Khrys was so knowledgeable. She had no idea who Khrys was, which didn't really shock Skyler. It was a different sort of crowd that Khrys revolved in. She smiled as she watched the two discussing what it takes to get a book published.

Their dinner arrived and they talked some more. Apparently Rachel was working in San Francisco at one of her own clothing stores. She wouldn't elaborate on the designs but only said that she was quite popular in the gay community. Khrys glanced at Skyler and raised an eyebrow in question. Skyler smiled as she sneaked a foot under the table to run it up Khrys leg. She watched the expression on Khrys face expecting some sort of reaction and when she didn't get any she was surprised. Her foot was rubbing the inside of a strong thigh and she waited, still nothing. She peeked at Rachel and saw that her eyes were glued to Skylers. Uh Oh! Wrong leg! She immediately withdrew her foot and blushed terribly. Rachel grinned and winked as Khrys spoke about her agency plans. Oh my gosh what did I do? Now Rachel thinks…oh no, how could she think I would do that right in front of my lover? Oh no! Skyler mentally chastised herself.

They parted ways, around 8pm. Khrys and Skyler headed back towards the Durango. The moon was bright and the ocean brought smells of the sea and sand on the breeze.

"So, do you want to come back to my place? Or would you rather go meet Rachel." Khrys looked down at the blonde attached to her arm.

"What?! Go meet Rachel?! What are you talking about Khrystian Meadows?" She looked up into mischievous green eyes.

"Well, the way you were playing footsies with her I thought maybe…" she trailed off as Skyler stopped dead in her tracks.

"Khrystian Meadows you are soo bad! I can't believe I did that! I thought it was your leg!" She looked so flustered.

Khrys smiled and took her in her arms. "Skyler, come on I didn't think you were that kind of girl. Besides, did you think I'd sit back and just let that happen?" She dodged a hand that came flying at her stomach and took off running down the sidewalk. The wind carried giddy laughter to ears that were flush with joy. Skyler chased her down catching her as they reached the car.

She threw her arms around the taller woman and captured her lips. They leaned against the truck and lost themselves in the growing emotions between them.

Khrys pulled away, a little out of breath. "Let's go home." She looked into brown eyes that had turned into a liquid gold in the moonlight.

Once back at the condo they got out of their beachwear and Khrys put on her Smiley boxers and her t-shirt. Skyler wore her Goofy boxers and a little white t. Bare feet padded into the living room and sat down on the couch.

"Oh hey I've got some left over fruit in the fridge and some chocolate we could melt, are you interested?" Khrys asked the blonde curled in her lap.

"Sure." Skyler sat up and was about to head towards the kitchen when Khrys stopped her.

"No, you just sit right there, I'll be right back." She leaned over and kissed her nose and headed for the kitchen.

Hmm, I wonder what's going on with her. She mentioned she wanted to talk when she got home… I wonder what's up? Skyler suddenly felt an unexplained fear grip her heart. She shifted uncomfortably on the sofa, her mind racing.

Khrys wandered back into the living room with a bowl of fruit and a bowl of melted chocolate. The smell was wonderful. She set it down on the coffee table and sat down next to Skyler.

She saw the nervous set of Skylers jaw and grabbed her hand. "Sweetie what's wrong. You look….frightened." she chaffed the hand in hers.

"I don't know, I all of a sudden got scared. I don't know what's wrong." She smiled into green eyes and squeezed the hand holding hers. "You had mentioned earlier that you wanted to talk to me about something. What's up?" She turned and faced Khrys.

The dark haired woman looked at Skyler trying to gather her thoughts. "Sky, I wanted to talk to you about me. I feel like I'm fighting so many things and the only thing that I don't fight is us. I'm not sure how to explain any of this so bare with me." Brown eyes simply looked at her with understanding.

"I was raised a certain way growing up. My mother was very religious and practically lived at the church. At the same time, life was elusive to her, she was blinded by her faith in a sense. The outside world was never an issue because she merely denied it. My father on the other hand was verbally abusive and controlling. He never approved of anything I did. He just was never happy. He was bitter and angry and I never knew why. I still don't. Anyway, I was raised with a black and white guide. Right and wrong there was no in between." She looked down at their joined hands.

"Let me guess, this is a big wrong?" Skyler said and lifted their hands sadly.

"Eeh yeah. That's one of the big things I am fighting. It was drilled into me as a child and even as an adult that this was the big wrong. I heard it I believed it and now, I hate it. I hate the fact that I feel so guilty about what you and I share. I hate that when I am most happy, there is still a voice accusing me of my sin. My brother, he used to be my best friend. He was so kind, but when I told him I thought I was gay, he turned into a completely different person. It was awful, it hurt that even he would condemn me for something I couldn't help. Did he really think I chose this? Why would I put myself through the torment?" She looked at Skyler clinging to the one hope she had. "Sky, when I'm with you, all that stuff doesn't matter to me. You are the only thing that matters to me. It scares me because I still have the fear in the back of my mind that this is truly wrong. I don't know how to make it go away and I know that I can't stop what's between us." She stood, frustrated with her warring emotions.

She paced around the living room like a caged lion. The aggravation in her posture painfully obvious. Skyler stood and joined her, wrapping a protective arm around the slim waist.

"Let's go out on the balcony huh?" She led Khrys towards the door. They stepped out onto the balcony the breeze from the ocean blowing across them. They could taste the salty tang in the breeze. Skyler wrapped strong arms around Khrys, as if trying to force all the pain out of her body. Her mind raced for something intelligent to say. She knew how difficult this was for Khrys. She hadn't realized the extent of her fear, but she knew something was back there bugging her. She ran gentle hands down the tense back and tried to soothe the ache that was radiating from her.

"Khrys, I know you are struggling with this. I wish I knew what to say. The only thing I can think of is, how could God be angry about love between two people? Khrys, this isn't about two people using each other for meaningless sex. There is so much more between us. I can't imagine any god condemning you because you…fell in love." Skyler looked up into uncertain green eyes. This was something Skyler had never had to deal with. She was raised believing in a loving, forgiving God. She was unfamiliar with this vengeful, angry god of Khrys' nightmares. Skyler had figured that it was her family's way of controlling their children. Instill fear and they will behave. It was so foreign to Skyler who was raised with a somewhat liberal background. Though her parents having grown up in a different era hadn't agreed with her life 'choices'. They were aware of her sexual preference and didn't hold it against her, though it had been an issue on more than one occasion.

Standing with the dark haired woman now, made her want to fight the fear that had possessed Khrys all these years. She ran a soothing hand along a slender back trying to think of something to say to make all of this go away. She wracked her brain trying to come up with something that would make sense to Khrys.

"Skyler, do you think I will go to hell for loving you?" Khrys looked down into startled brown eyes. She had made a quiet decision for herself and needed to hear Skyler's answer.

Skyler took the question for what it was, an admitted fear, a confession, she knew that Khrys needed to know what she thought and needed to understand what their relationship was. She looked up into green eyes, misted with fear and resignation. She's made a decision, please God if you can hear me let me say the right thing. Taking Khrys hand in hers she spoke softly to Khrys heart, her fingers and toes crossed. "Khrys, if you go to hell for loving me, you won't be alone. I'll be right there with you. So save me a seat huh?" She tried to lighten the mood, her own fear threatening to overwhelm her.

She watched as Khrys searched her face for some hint of contradiction to what she had heard. There was nothing shown on Skylers face that told of the fear that gripped her. She needed Khrys to believe what she had said, needed Khrys to keep loving her. There was no choice any more, she was too far gone. Skyler needed Khrys the way she needed water, and sunlight and air. She need Khrys, she realized in a sudden helpless rush, to live. Still Khrys was silent, waging her own battle for her soul.

"You really mean that don't you?" She looked into those honey golden eyes, hope re-igniting in her heart.

"Yes, yes I do." She surprised herself at the admission. Realizing that her heart belonged to Khrys and that losing her now would destroy her.

"Well, that's settled then, watch out Satan here we come." She tried for humor that she wasn't really feeling, but knowing that Skylers admission was the catalyst for her decision. She had chosen to be happy, chosen to believe in a love that she never dreamed possible. She looked deep into Skylers eyes, "I was hoping you would say that. I'd hate to be burning alone." She bent low and captured expectant lips. The wind blew around them carrying with it the future, and all it's mysteries.

The previous night had them rediscovering the forgotten fruit and chocolate. Experimental dipping of various fruits started an erotically, teasing chocolate dipped finger which lead to chocolate painted lips. The discovery morphed into an array of chocolate covered body parts. Khrys found that the inside of Skyler's elbow was a highly erogenous zone. While Skyler discovered that a chocolate earlobe was her new favorite dessert. Many dips of chocolate and a sadly neglected bowl of fruit later, they showered and drifted into a hormonally hazy sleep.

Sunday morning sunlight poked it's way through vertical blinds and danced across two bodies so closely twined together they might as well be one person.

A blonde head poked up and squinted at the morning. Her eyes barely slits against the intrusion of the day. Good morning sunshine. She inhaled deeply and felt the skin she was cradled against shift slightly. Inclining her head once again she planted delicate kisses along an exposed breastbone. "Mmm," she murmured unable to contain her joy at waking up wrapped in a loving embrace. "You taste too good to be true." She whispered to herself more than anything. "How did I get so lucky?" She kissed across a strong collarbone and nuzzled the hollow of Khrys throat.

"Lucky? I don't know about that." She heard the rough morning voice of her lover that sent shivers down her spine. "I would say I'm the one that's lucky." Strong arms increased their gentle pressure. Reveling in the rich warmth of their connection, Khrys found pliant lips with unerring accuracy.

Something had bound them even closer, since last night. The revelation that they would, in fact refuse to be without each other even in death, settled their souls. A light now shone down on both of them from an unknown source. It seemed to simply radiate off their skin. A glow from inside that no one anywhere could ever steal from them.

With an almost holy reverence, they watched as their bodies began to respond to each other. The first sensations of the day enjoyed in an easy, unhurried desire. They hungered for each other eager to reach depths beyond their comprehension. Gently soothing, questioning caresses , became insistent knowing skill. Kisses soft and tender suddenly burned with an unquenchable thirst. Drinking from the fount of their love alone would quell this need, this absolute owning of souls. Willingly offered up to the other heart, body and mind. Humble acceptance and astounding joy threatened to swallow them both in the heady relief of their passion. The fire that burned them, dissolved into the cool morning breeze.

A soft humming brought Skyler back to sleepy reality. The gentle voice soothing and calm. She looked up into sparkling green eyes. "What are you humming?" she snuggled closer and felt the vibrations through a warm chest.

Khrys opened her mouth and began to sing, "Strange how my heart beats. To find myself upon your shore. Strange how I still feel. My loss of comfort gone before. Cool waves wash over. And drift away with dreams of youth. So time is stolen. I can not hold you long enough." The words hit Skyler like a brick. The song was soft as gossamer and she could hardly breath. "And so this is where I should be now, days and nights falling by me I know of a dream I should be holding. Days and nights falling by. Days and nights falling by me. Soft blue horizons, reach far into my childhood days. As you were rising to bring me my forgotten ways. Strange how I falter to find I'm standing in deep water. Strange how my heart beats to find I'm standing on your shore." she sang and Skyler listened, stunned, to the rich resonant voice of her lover. Her ear pressed tightly against her chest catching every word as it fell to warm her soul and touch her heart. She hugged Khrys closer wanting to crawl inside the warmth. Something about the words being sung spoke to her and she felt like holding Khrys forever. " I can not hold you long enough." The words drifted softly from her lovers throat seemingly healing and cleansing as she sang.

"Khrys you have a beautiful voice. You should sing more often. That was wonderful, what a wonderful song." She whispered.

"You think so? Well, so should you, I love it when you sing." She snuggled closer to the blonde carelessly wrapped around her body.

"Hmm, not near as nice as your voice, but thanks for saying that. Maybe if you're really nice I'll sing Happy Birthday to you…hey, when is your birthday?" she looked into sea green eyes.

"You know, I've got an old guitar somewhere in the back of my closet, I wonder if I can still play it." The pseudo far away look on her face didn't fool Skyler who was leaning on her chest forcing eye contact.

"Nice try Khrys, c'mon, tell me." She poked the muscled side beneath her and laughed at the grunt that it elicited.

"Seriously, you inspire me to want to get out my guitar and write a song and paint and start creating stuff again. Isn't that exciting?" She looked at Skyler who just wasn't buying it. "Ok, I'll tell you, on one condition." Skyler nodded an indication for her to continue. "You can't throw a party, or buy me a gift or even acknowledge that it's my birthday, other than singing to me." She saw the fierce indignation on the pretty face just inches from her own and smiled.

"C'mon Khrys! I can't do that! That's not fair." She pouted and rolled onto her side. "What fun is there in that? I won't promise that. I guess I will just have to do some digging." She folded her arms across her chest defiantly.

"You aren't mad are you? C'mon, I just don't celebrate birthdays they bug me. But if you really want to know…" she watched as Skyler turned back over and crawled onto the previously warm chest. She looked at Khrys and smiled hopefully. "you've got a lot of digging to do." Khrys couldn't contain her laughter as Skyler smacked her in the stomach.

"You are such a brat Khrystian Meadows! I swear!" She continued her assault on the tall woman sprawled across the bed.

"Ow! Hey stop you are killing me!" Khrys yelped as Skyler jumped on top of her and began tickling her ruthlessly. Finally ending up straddling strong thighs and pinning the older woman with her arms above her head. Looking down into laughing green eyes, breathing ragged.

"Now, you tell me when your birthday is or I tickle you for the rest of the day."

"Do your worst." Khrys smiled mischievously, spreading her arms out, calling her bluff.

"Well, then I guess I'll just go home." Skyler said resolutely, and disentangled herself from Khrys. She got out of bed and began gathering her things. Khrys lay there stunned.

"July 28th. That's my birthday." She whispered quietly, "Please don't leave. I'm sorry." She watched as Skyler stopped then turned with the biggest smile on her face.

"Gotcha!!!" She pounced back onto the bed and gathered Khrys into her arms. "Did you really think I was going to leave?" She asked a little stunned.

"Well, yeah. You freaked me out. I just really hate birthdays Sky." She tangled her hands in the blonde hair that covered her face.

"Well, I'm going to change that. Just you wait!" She planted a thorough kiss on her lovers lips and pulled her out of bed. "Come on, let's go out and play!" She tugged Khrys up and slid an easy arm around her companions waist. Just missing the look of total contented wonder on a face that never dreamed it could be loved so completely.

They had played on the beach outside the condo for a few hours. Enjoying the sun and the water. Khrys dragged out that old guitar of hers and Skyler made her promise to play it out on the beach at sunset. It was nice just being with each other. They were safe from the prying eyes of the public that always seemed to want a piece of Khrys once they realized who she was. It's one of the reasons that she kept such a low profile. Just another story, another scoop. Skyler knew that eventually all of this would get out and the privacy that Khrys had worked so hard for would be lost.

They laid on the beach exhausted from running around all day. It was relaxing and peaceful. The first hints of sunset were upon them and Khrys as promised, dug out her guitar. Skyler smiled and curled up next to her lover. Eyes gazing at a richly tan face she touched her cheek and smiled into eyes greener than any emerald and far more precious.

She watched as Khrys pulled the strap of the dusty Fender 12 string over her shoulder. Truth be told she played it almost daily, it was her therapy in a way, that's why it was so in tune. She smiled as she began to pick out a tune that she knew by heart. Skyler sat mesmerized as Khrys fingers moved skillfully across the familiar finger board. Much to her surprise she began to harmonize with the strong melody that was being played. She closed her eyes and just let the music wash over her.

The combination of the russet sunset and the music that her lover played caused a shutter in her soul. The colors washed them in deep reds and purples creating shadows that danced against moving hands and a guitar. Skyler had the faintest sense that she was falling. She reached out as if to steady herself, unsure of what was happening. Her heart was overflowing with emotion. Khrys selflessness left her breathless.

Khrys slowed her playing and brought the chords to their end. She smiled shyly into brown eyes, seeing the total adoration in them. Blushing she looked down at her hands. A nervous habit that Skyler was aware of. They sat in each others regard for several long moments.

"You know, it seems like my eyes have been closed for so long. As if I haven't ever really seen anything until now. How could I have been so blind? You have shown me life Khrys. Was I living in darkness all this time?" She touched the hand beside her.

"I feel the same way, I feel like all this time I was merely a body existing until I wasn't anymore. Now, I feel like I am everything. I can feel the life around me and I want to live." She finished excitedly. "You make me want to wake up in the morning just so I can see your face again." She looked down at her hands again a little embarrassed. "Sometimes, when you are sleeping," she continued in almost a whisper. "I sit up and just watch you. Almost as if I'm afraid you will be swept back into my dreams. I don't want one second to pass when I'm not able to see you."

She looked up at Skyler who was crying silent tears. Her hand reached out and brushed away the salty drop. Tilting her quivering chin, Khrys kissed the bartenders lips. A gentle, reassuring pressure that was not demanding or expectant. It was giving and hopeful. She pulled away breaking the sweet embrace and looked into brilliant brown eyes. "You take my breath away…and yet, give it back again." She trailed a trembling hand down Skyler's cheek.

"C'mon, let's go inside." Skyler helped Khrys up and they walked hand in hand in silence back to the warm condo.

"Oh shoot! Shoot, shoot, shoot!" A frustrated blonde was racing around the bedroom. "I can't believe I forgot I have class today! Oh my gosh!" She found a shoe and one sock under the bed.

"Hey, calm down, I'll drive you to class. Do you need to stop at home?" Khrys stood and got dressed with a quirky smile on her face. Skyler had flown out of bed so quickly, it startled Khrys until she realized why. Now Skyler was frantically gathering scattered clothing from the floor and how did her bra get there? Khrys looked up and pulled it down from it's perch on one of the shelves. Hmm, that's kind of funny. She brought the garment to her nose and inhaled deeply. Enjoying the smell of her lover.

"Yeah, I gotta swing by my place and get my books and stuff. You could just drop me off. Hey! My car is here I can't believe I forgot that." She smiled at Khrys who had a disappointed frown on her face.

"Well, yeah, I guess you could take your car. Of course. I forgot it was here too."

Skyler moved closer to her shy companion. "Hey, come on now, don't get all mopey on me. I've got to work tonight too. Are you going to come by the club?" She asked hopefully, not knowing if she could get through the day without her.

"Oh sure, I'll be there. I should probably check my mail and see if I can get some work done. I bet my brother has emailed me a dozen times. Good idea." Her shoulders slumped with a touch of sadness. She had enjoyed her time with Skyler, it was so nice waking up with someone and knowing that they wanted to be there with her. There was also the unnamed fear of this all being a dream and she would suddenly wake up and it would all be gone.

Skyler ran her hands down the tall woman's arms and looked into the green that she loved. Speaking the words that Khrys couldn't manage, "Why is this so hard? I feel like if I leave I won't be able to come back. Does that make sense? It has been so nice spending the weekend with you." She touch the cheek before her. "I can come back right?" she asked hopefully.

Khrys felt the weight on her shoulders dissipate. "Of course you can come back. Wow, I was terrified that it was a dream myself." She gathered the blonde into her arms and hugged her gently. "Please come back. It's going to be hard enough without you here today."

They both smiled knowing what they were feeling and reassured that they were feeling the same thing. They finished gathering Skyler's clothes and started their day.

After a leisurely few moments of each other in the parking garage, Khrys finally let Skyler get to school. Padding back upstairs she hummed softly to herself, glad that she was not alone in her feelings. Too often her feelings went unheard and definitely unrequited. Back in her condo, she wandered around just listening. Surprised at how different it now felt with Skyler gone. With the blonde in her home she brought a light that just wasn't there when she wasn't. Looking around now, the apartment seemed dull and lifeless. Khrys found it a little sad and was shocked at how easily someone else had fit into her life.

She wandered into her office and flipped on her computer to check her mail. Falling into her routine reluctantly. In the kitchen she flipped on the light and saw a note, on the fridge. Smiling she knew what it was before she read it.

Hey you, I miss you already make sure you eat something and I will see you tonight. –Sky

She folded the note and put it on the counter. How sweet, yeah I'm done. Way gone over her. She shook her head in disbelief and returned to her computer. She caught herself smiling at the thought of someone else thinking about her and let her mind wander into the blissful joy of thinking of Skyler. Oh yeah Khrys, you are so done! Signing onto her account she watched her mail download.

Professor Evans was an older man with gray hair that he kept in a ponytail and a goatee. He was in his 50's but was fairly up to date in his style. Always immaculately dressed he oozed confidence. It was one of the things he taught. His class was also known as Intimidation 101. It was a criminal sociology class and Skyler had enjoyed it. She walked in a little late, one of the professors pet peeves, he looked up when she sat,

"Nice of you to join us Ms. Blue." He smiled at her and tilted his head down to look over his wire rimmed glasses. "How do you feel about the way Afro-American youth are treated in our schools today? And do you think it has any bearing on the number of Afro-Americans that end up in jail? Hmm?"

Skyler got her bearings knowing that this was part of his way to get a rise out of his students. She cleared her throat and began to speak. "Good morning Professor Evans, thank you. Um, I think that in most states there is still some degree of prejudice in our schools, and pretty much in our lives. I think that the puritanical views of New England's Americana is still quite prevalent. Sadly, until parents start teaching their children acceptance and forgiveness it will continue in this vain. Kids are cruel at school, I think if teachers work hand in hand with the parents kids will begin to understand the differences in culture and not be so quick to judge other kids. However unless you start teaching empathy in your lesson plans, that doesn't seem too likely. As to whether or not this has any bearing on inmates that happen to be African American. I think that any child raised without hope has the potential to end up in jail. Which brings back my initial point, parents aren't involved with their kids anymore." She finished and waited for Professor Evans to speak.

"Thank you very much for your insight Ms. Blue, does anyone else disagree with her simplified 'Blame the Parents' theory?" he looked around the class room as one student raised his hand. "Yes, Mr. Jones." As the student spoke Prof. Evans glanced back at Skyler and winked.

Yeah, I thought so you crazy old fool. Only you can't ever touch me I belong to someone else. She smiled self satisfied and listened as the debate began.

Khrys was wading through about 300 emails. Her brother had indeed sent her several with attached scriptures. She didn't bother with those deciding that it would probably harsh her mellow. She opened the email from Jen Lind, her editor.



Hey Khrys, I got the story, love it, bring her in when you get a chance. Want to meet Ms. Blue let's get this to print and her on a book tour. I see she's a student let's work with her. Do local stores, B&N, Borders, etc.… Let me know when you can bring her in and let's work out the details. Offering a base advance and normal percentage of sales. Send the usual announcement to the papers make a big deal about the NEW AUTHOR. See if she's still writing and if not why?! Let's talk about her poetry too, I'm thinking those little impulse buy gift books. Good job Khrys excellent. Now let's close the deal and get her going.


Khrys leaned back in her chair with a sigh, Here we go. I hope Skyler is up for this. It could be a great opportunity for her and for me. She closed out her mail and began the paperwork for the contract and the mock up for the paper. It would run in Sunday's paper in the Lifestyle sections of the Herald and The Sentinel. She became more and more excited at the prospect of publishing Skyler's work. She made a mental note to herself to do something nice for Sky this week to celebrate. Hoping that Skyler would be as excited as she was.

Skyler got home and found a note on her door that she had a package waiting in the leasing office for her. Puzzled she walked down to the office to see what it was.

"Hi Mark, I got a note that said I had a package here?" She asked the leasing agent.

"Oh yeah. All the girls were about to tear it open the smell is killing them. Lots of chocolate Skyler." He smiled and retrieved her package. "Here you go!" he handed her a huge basket filled with assorted chocolates and fruits. There must have been about 30lbs of stuff in there. She felt a blush creep across her face and picked up the basket.

"Thanks Mark."

Back at her apartment she finally noticed the card. She opened the small round smiling face and grinned as a picture of Khrys in her boxers flashed in her mind.

There's just something about your smile that won't leave me alone. ---Thinking of you. –Khrystian

Skyler closed her eyes and smiled. She looked through the basket and ate a piece of dried apple. Her eyes caught a glimpse of something that just seemed out of place to her. It was hidden behind a bar of chocolate and a bunch of grapes. It was a small box, she picked it up a little confused. What the heck is this? She opened the box and about fell on the floor laughing. Oh my gosh! I can't believe she did this! Inside the box were an exact pair of Smiley boxers that Khrys wore. They were silky and Skyler was tempted to think that they might actually be Khrys'. She could faintly smell her lover on them and immediately brought them to her nose reveling in the intoxicating scent. I can't believe her. As if it wasn't hard enough all day thinking about her. Looking down at the table a small piece of folded paper that she hadn't noticed was attached to the box.

I figured since I stole Goofy it was only fair that you got Smiley. –K

Once again Skyler found herself laughing hysterically. Her neighbors must have thought she was loopy. She wandered into her room, and slipped the boxers on smiling at the feel against her skin. It was one of the most romantically erotic things she had ever felt. She pulled on a pair of black jeans over them and her green shirt with the club logo on it. It was close to time for her to get to work. She considered packing a bag just in case she would go home with Khrys, but didn't want to seem too pretentious. Shrugging her shoulders she packed a bag anyway. Better to be prepared right? This way I won't have to rush off in the morning. Grinning at how clever she was she shouldered her bag and headed for the door.

Khrys had been busy all day, finishing everything that Jen had asked for. Purposefully trying to keep her mind off of Skyler. She was doing really well until she got that urge to send her a gift. I wonder what she thought about that? Will she wear them? Did she even find them? I guess we'll find out. She couldn't help the smile that broke her face. She glanced at the clock and closed out of her computer. Stretching she felt the vertebrae in her back slide back into place with a groaning creak. Ugh! I am getting old.

After her shower and blow drying her hair. She went to her closet and pulled out her favorite black jeans and a metallic purple shirt that clung in all the right places. She reached for a pair of her racey laceys but her hand instead grabbed the Goofy boxers that she had stolen from Skyler that morning. Heh, this will be fun. She slid them on and felt a shiver race down her spine and straight to her gut. The thought of Skyler having worn these just about did her in. The smooth silk against her skin was intoxicating. She closed her eyes and smiled. I can't wait to see her. She finished dressing and headed for the door, knowing how early she was going to be. It was barely 10pm. Khrys m'dear, you are hopeless. The door closed silently behind her.

Continued in Part Two

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