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by X


Ya know, I really don't know when it happened. When I started wondering just how soft her lips are or, on my more trying days, just how sweet she would taste against my tongue. I love this time of night, when she's done with her sword sharpening or grooming of Argo. She just sits there with her eyes closed, legs spread, and arms limp against her thighs. At this time I can watch her openly and appreciate just what the gods bestowed upon her. I can't even pinpoint exactly what it is that draws me to her. Well, maybe I should say that I can't exactly pinpoint one thing over another. Looking at her across the fire she is as peaceful as she seems to be able to get and still there is this cloak of power shimmering over her, through her. I must admit it took me some amount of time to reconcile to myself the fact that I am drawn to this power like a moth to a flame. She is undeniable in her strength, like the wind across the plains or the waves beating against the shore. To me she is just one more element to contend with, to mold yourself around. I must remind myself that though the elements are beautiful and powerful, they are also dangerous.

She has been sitting in that position for about 5 minutes which means it'll be another 10 or so before she opens her eyes and acknowledges my presence again. I will make the most of this time, feasting with my eyes but stilling myself so as not to alarm her of my body's reaction. I keep my breath calm and even as my eyes wander across smooth tan skin, but eventually they will come to rest on the spot that haunts my dreams, yet fuels my fantasies. When she sits that way, with her legs apart and her torso leaning back, the leather strips of her battle skirt split across taut thighs with some resting along the outside of her hips and 4 or 5 hanging loosely between them. This is the spot that mystifies me so. I can see so much of her now from the inside and outside of her thighs to the long expanse of skin traveling up toward the crease of her hips. This alone would be enough to be my undoing but no, there is still that forbidden place covered by a few inches of leather. This place is the one thing that reminds me how human she really is. Everyone has desires, everyone feels the hot pulsing needs of sex, and everyone has those needs transmitted through that one spot. She can be no different. Now, I know this sounds very superficial and shallow, but sex is the one barrier left between us now, so I can fixate on that one need yet to be met by her. She is so much more than her body, her physical presence, and I know that it is I who lay claim to her soul, so why should it not be I who lays claim to her body? Oh, but I cannot act on this impulse yet. I say yet because every day I get ever so closer to just abandoning all reason and making my hunger known. Maybe that is what needs to be done, maybe she waits for me to be sure or maybe she waits for me to claim her, possess her. I won't risk it. I know her soul. I know how fragile it can be and this knowledge will prompt me to always protect her, even if from myself.

I fail to stifle the sigh that escapes my lips as I finally tear my eyes from her body and redirect them at the flickering flame. Staring into it, as I like to do when my thoughts turn dark, I feel her eyes on me. I can't look at her now, it is too soon, she will see it all laid out. She shifts slightly, stretching one of her legs out, and begins to absently stroke the skin along the inside of her thigh right above her knee. Her caresses get longer and I can't help but peek over to see exactly what's going on. Instantly my breathing becomes shallow and my face hot. I turn away sharply willing my body to not betray the oath my soul made.

"Um, I'm going to go for a little walk....I won't be long...I'll be careful." Uh, that sounds lame even to me. I dare to look up into her face and at once realize my mistake. It is what she wanted...to see me, my eyes, and I am an open book. I step back once then twice and then I am in the shadows of the woods. I turn around, my last glimpse of eyes the color of a spring sky. Stumbling a few times I find the path we came in on and follow it for a few minutes. The moon is full tonight and leads me to a thick patch of clover leaves. I wish it were just a bit brighter so I could search for my luck. Unlacing my boots I step into the cool patch and walk to the center. From the soft coolness against my feet I can imagine what the clovers will feel like along my arms and legs. I promptly lay down. Linking my hands behind my head I gaze up at the stars and wonder what she is doing. I consider easing some of the pressure myself but decide against it. I stopped doing that months ago, not wanting to give one drop of what was hers to anyone but her. It's silly really, but I can't help my fevered mind anymore. It is then that I close my eyes and begin to drift. It's so easy now to let go, with the darkness enveloping me and just the night sky to witness my anguish. As tears begin to make a path down my face I feel something near me. Suddenly fingertips materialize above my brow, lightly touching it and my eyelids. Inhaling I know that smell. Her hands smell of leather and sweat and faintly of her lavender soap. I love that smell, especially when she cups my face for those oh too brief moments of contact she allows.

"Don't cry." Her voice is so soft in my ear and so endearing. I won't open my eyes for fear of what I might find or more importantly not find. With her warm breath against my face, she begins to explore it with her fingertips. I know I am trembling. What is this? Soon her fingertips have mapped out my face and she slides them down to begin on my neck. I am somewhat pleased to notice that I am not the only one having problems controlling her breathing. Her breathes are coming faster, harder, and hotter now.

"I need you," she begins. "Do you understand what that means?"

I know I should speak or nod or something, but I'm down to 4 senses and my mouth isn't cooperating. I hope I know what that means but am still reluctant to make my own advances. She is more precious to me than my own heart and I will not betray her. I think she feels this for her touches get bolder and stronger. She will lead for now they tell me. When her breath leaves my face I am confused until I feel it again against the inside of my arm. I feel something different after a second. I whimper as she flattens her tongue out against the sensitive skin there. Gently she slides it up to my elbow, then with her whole mouth back down to my shoulder. Even my moans are trembling at this, but when her hot mouth latches onto the place where neck meets shoulder my cry is strong and forceful. She sucks and nips there for many moments, seemingly enjoying the sweet torment, until she nibbles her way up to my earlobe. Taking it into her mouth she rakes her strong teeth along it. My head rolls to the side allowing greater access and I can feel her smile. Through with my ear she focuses her lips right behind my earlobe and that easily she has found my spot. I cross my legs and clench my thighs at the insistent pulsing in my groin. Her hand, which had been still throughout her exploration suddenly reappears against the crease where my legs crossed. Slowly she begins to ease them apart as her mouth begins it's own journey across my face. With her lips hovering above mine she whispers against them.

"Open your eyes, my love. Reveal yourself to the one that you cannot hide from." I open them for her only and my breath catches at what they find. All that is in me is reflected back in her eyes. She knows that I am with her completely now and oh so slowly her mouth descends onto mine. I think a part of me cannot believe that this is happening, that she is still by the campfire and I am still alone in the field. Any doubt is erased at the undeniable pressure against my lips. All at once I feel her overwhelming presence, the power simmering just below her skin and all my defenses crumble. I know she is shocked as I grasp the back of her head with one hand and roughly pull her body atop mine with the other. I want her to melt into me, we can't get close enough as I crush her lips to mine. She is not the surrendering type though and I groan as her tongue parts my lips and slips inside just as her leg does the same between mine. I have never felt anything more exquisite than her tongue filling me, exploring me. It is soft yet strong, symbolic really of who she is. Running my hands down the leather encasing her back I seize her buttocks tightly pulling her further into me. She breaks the kiss now gasping at the sensations caused by her little bard. Our eyes meet as we both try to regain some semblance of balance or maybe sanity. I won't release her so she begins to squirm against me wanting to get a chance to touch me too.

Suddenly she rolls and I am now atop her staring down into the smooth crease at her chest. Her leathers are no matter to me now as I dip my head and bury it between the perfect mounds. Her hands instantly grasp at me and I think she is going to pull me back, but instead I am pushed deeper into the cleft. Our ears are treated to the sounds of drawn out moans and hisses from her and wet slurping noises from my mouth. I know I am marking her but right now I don't really care, I just have to have her in my mouth.

"Xe?" I question, waiting for her to acknowledge me. When she nods I rub my face across her breasts again. "I love you." I look up into her eyes and am drawn to them. I slide up her body so that our eyes are directly across from each other. After a few moments of searching their depths she leans up, with eyes still locked, and kisses me. They finally close as our tongues meet again in that sensual dance between our mouths. I feel her need as her hips begin to undulate beneath mine and our kiss takes on a wild, passion-filled tempo. Did I ever love before her? Did I ever feel passion and need this acutely? I straddle her hips and use that leverage to pull her into a sitting position. I think she knows what I want as she eyes my top with barely controlled lust. She reaches for it, but I intercept her hands and deposit them on either side of my hips.

I know the look in my eyes will convey the message quite clearly. Not until I say. She pouts slightly and it pulls on my heart strings in its cuteness. With her eyes trained on me I unlace my top from behind and begin to pull it off. She expels a breath I don't even think she knows she was holding when my breasts fall free from their constraints. I let her gaze at them for awhile until she is just at her breaking point and is fixing to move her hands. Just then I lean forward until my breasts are straddling her face. I throw my head back as her lips blaze a trail from left to right. My hands find purchase in her long tresses as she loves my breasts and I know that I am losing myself.

"Xe? Xe, I need you please." I know I'm begging, I know my voice is course with desire, but I am beyond caring. Her mouth begins to move lower, exploring my abdomen and marking me. As she slithers further underneath me I feel her leathers sliding against my center and can't help but squirm against them.

"Soon enough, love, soon enough." She always keeps her word so I wait to see what she has planned. Finally she is laying between my knees and I can feel her breath against my inner thighs. There is something so enticingly naughty about the fact that I am still wearing my skirt and she is still fully dressed. I feel her hands on my thighs and I look down to see what she is doing, but her head is hidden beneath my skirt. Slowly her eyes emerge as her hands slide my skirt up around my hips. My cries are constant now as she turns from side to side licking and nipping at the skin along my thighs. Every so often she flits her tongue across my center but its oh too brief a contact. I know she is enjoying this, I can feel her smile at my more animated requests, but she is patient. Damn her patience! That's it....no more protecting her from my fierce desires. She will know me this night. With a growl I pull her head up into me by her hair. If she is surprised she doesn't show it as she concentrates all her attention on my center.

I can only imagine the scene we create with me on my knees straddling her face and her laid out under me, her head buried between my legs. Then again I really don't care. There is no room for anyone or anything else in this dance. I am rising now, no longer on this earth but somewhere beyond where the only thing I feel is the trembling of my soul. The ache is building and building like a crescendo in a musical piece. When her fingers slide into me once, twice, I am finished and begin to crumble. I scream now, back on earth, and falling forward onto my hands happen to pull up quite a bit of it. She stills herself for a moment and when my trembles begin to subside my head shoots up as I am filled by her tongue. My inner muscles grasp against it and I ride out the last waves of my orgasm on her tongue. Gently she turns us over and I am in the strongest most loving arms I hope to ever know. She kisses my forehead gently and I bury my head in her neck.

"No more hiding, ok love? No more hiding for either of us."

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