Gabrielle's First Love

by Xenalynn

Disclaimer: Xena and Gabrielle do not belong to me. They never have and unfortunately never will. I am just borrowing them for a spin around the proverbial block. This story is not intended to interfere with anyone's copyright. These characters belong to MCA/Universal/Renaissance.

Miscellany: This is an Alternative fan fiction. If you find the passion and love that two women share with each other disturbing, live in a state where it is illegal or are under 18 run and hide under your bed until one or the other change. This is my first attempt at actually writing a fan fiction story and I hope you enjoy it. It is a first time story. If you liked the story email me and let me know at At some point I may turn this into more than one part but don't know yet. Without further adieu… Enjoy

"Gabrielle, oh yes. Oh gods that's it. Please don't stop. Oh gods I am almost there. Keep going don't change it. Oh Gabriiielllle. Its time I feel it. Oh the power of it…."

"Xena, wake up."

"Xena, what are you doing, wake up you're dreaming"

Xena slowly opens her eyes and sees Gabrielle staring at her with a look of concern. Ok Xena how do I explain this to her? How do I tell her of my real feelings? How do I tell her that I have dreamed of her being my lover for these last few years? How do I tell her that I am in love with her and she means the world to me? Ok Xena think of something to say, her eyes are pleading for an answer.

"Gabrielle, I'm sorry that I woke you up. You should go back to sleep now. I want to leave at first light and I know you need sleep."

"Xena, I am not going to sleep until you tell me what that was all about."

Xena is thinking again of how to answer her questions.

"Gabrielle, it was just a dream. I didn't mean to wake you up. I'll go sleep over there so I don't disturb you again."

Now Gabrielle started to think. She knew what she heard. Xena was moaning her name and writhing around on the bedroll. Now she just had to get her to admit it. She had been trying to get Xena to see her in that way but had been unsuccessful, at least that's what she thought until the dream Xena had tonight.

Xena watched as Gabrielle's mind went through its process. Xena was hoping her real feelings would not be discovered. She didn't know how Gabrielle thought about two women being lovers. They had spent time in the Amazon village so it shouldn't be a foreign concept. But Gabrielle never said what she thought of it. Xena's nerves were tingling, but she couldn't decide if it was because of her dream or Gabrielle's knowledge of the dream.

"Xena, you don't need to go to the other side of the fire. I don't want you to go to the other side of the fire. I'm cold. Will you hold me so I can get warm? That's why I woke up."

Oh sweet Zeus does she realize what she is doing to me? How I long to hold her all the time. I don't know if I can control myself anymore. I don't know if I want to control myself anymore.

"Ok Gabrielle. Come under the covers with me. I don't want to have my bard being cold."

My bard, I really like when she calls me that. I wonder if she knows what that does to me? She couldn't possibly. I know I talk in my sleep but I am careful to control the dreams so she doesn't here them. Oh Aphrodite does she know? Only one way to find out.

Gabrielle scoots herself to Xena's bedroll and lays down and waits for Xena to snuggle up behind her.

Xena's heart is beating wildly and she can't understand why Gabrielle can't hear it. Oh gods give me the strength to make it through this night, and not do anything to lose Gabrielle.

Xena slides in behind her and wraps one arm over Gabrielle's stomach and the other under her head. Once Xena is settled Gabrielle lets out a sigh and nestles further into Xena.

"How's that Gabrielle?"

"Much better, I feel warmer already. Good night Xena. Sleep well."

"Good night Gabrielle, see ya in the morning."

Gabrielle had a plan in mind when she asked Xena to keep her warm but now she wasn't sure if she could wait until Xena was asleep to carry it out. She would have to if she wanted to know how Xena really felt about her.

Finally Xena fell asleep and Gabrielle was ready to put her plan into action. Her heart was racing and feared that would give her away, but it didn't. Gabrielle started to rub Xena's arm innocently, just stroking a small part of it. When Xena didn't move Gabrielle took Xena's hand and put it on her breast and held it there. The sensation of Xena touching her almost sent her into the relief that she was looking for but it wasn't time, she had to wait. Next she slowly shifted herself so she was lying on her back and Xena's hand was still on her breast. She decided that she wanted more, needed more and she was going to get more. She gently moved Xena's hand under her shift and the sensation caused her to arch her back.

'Ok Gabrielle, just breathe. It isn't time yet, almost there though.' Slowly she moved Xena's hand to her stomach and just let it lay there enjoying the heat.

Xena woke up but didn't let Gabrielle know that she was awake. She wanted to see what her bard was going to do. After a few minutes Gabrielle moved Xena's hand down to just rest above the blond triangle. Her breathing was labored and her skin was alive with the electricity that Xena elicited. Gabrielle turned for the first time to look at Xena and was mesmerized by her beauty. That jet-black hair, the bronze skin and the blue eyes that melted her to the core. Just thinking of those eyes made Gabrielle shake with anticipation. She couldn't take it any longer. She pushed Xena's hand between her legs and moaned at the contact. Even without it moving she was thrusting her hips to meet it.

Xena couldn't stand it any longer. She was ready to be a willing participant in Gabrielle's desire and release. She opened her eyes and was surprised at the expression on Gabrielle's face. It was a look of desire, hunger and yearning all in one. Her eyes were closed, her mouth was slightly open, her back was arched and her breathing was shallow. Xena's breeches were wet before but now there was a flood working its way to her thighs. She let out a moan and moved her hand into the nectar that was Gabrielle. At that contact Gabrielle let out a long moan and looked at Xena. She couldn't believe what she was seeing in her eyes, hunger. Gabrielle started to get up and say something but Xena stopped her.

"Gabrielle, don't go. This is what you want, what you have wanted. Please don't run from me. Let me love you like I have wanted to for so long. Like I have needed you for so long. Don't be afraid, my bard, I won't hurt you. I can see that you want it and I know that I do. Let me show you what you do to me."

"Oh Xena, I'm sorry. I didn't"

"Gabrielle you did mean it and I am so glad. I was afraid that you wouldn't feel the same way as I do so I never did anything. I would just dream about you. If I couldn't have you in our real life I was able to have you in my dreams and they were wonderful. I didn't want to risk losing you so I didn't act. But I have wanted to for so long."

"I've wanted it to Xena but I was afraid of losing you or that you would think it was disgusting. I couldn't bear to lose you. But that dream you were having earlier, I heard you calling my name and moaning. I had to have you. I have to be with you. Xena let me love you. Let me show you how beautiful, special and incredibly sexy you are."

To be continued...

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