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The sense of foreboding and loneliness hadnít eased or let up.  Her heart felt empty and cold; a feeling that she had not felt in a long time, a very long time.  Her soul cried out for its other half; knowing that the bond that held them so tightly together had been severed, by evil and trickery.  

Xena (slamming her fist into a table): How long does this take?  Gabrielle is out there and she needs me.

Hectate (sympathetically): She could be anywhere Xena.  If I knew how he severed your bond, (hearing a low growl) well yes even fractured it; I would be able to find a way to locate her.  She could be anywhere on the known world, above or below.

Apollo (walking out with several scrolls in his hands): Iíve called for Odin.  Maybe he can help shed some light on Lokiís where abouts.  Here, thereís some information on the tearís of the Titans.  Only someone with extreme knowledge of the black arts can create the potion and use it.  If a God or Goddess is injured in any fashion with any weapon then they must be treated immediately.  If not the wound, spreads and they slowly dieÖ

Xena (angrily): Yes, we know that.  Dammit, this isnít helping.  My partner is in trouble, as is my daughter and her partner and Iím stuck here nursing a wound that shouldnít have happened, but then again Iím not surprised considering the present company (glaring at Hades who sat in the far corner of the room.)

Aphrodite (taking a deep breath): Xena, please I know youíre upset and angry but letís save it for Loki.

Xena (standing): Iím going for a walk.  As soon as you find something, we go find Gabrielle (walking out of the room.)

Hectate (sighing): She needs to calm down.  This wonít help, Mars will sense this and he will use her anger against her and Gabrielle.  

Apollo (thumbing through the scrolls): They truly are lost and alone without each other, arenít they?

Aphrodite (rolling her eyes): Duh!  Tall dark and dangerous and the little one are so entwined you canít tell them apart.

Hectate (arching her eyebrow): And how do you know this?

Apollo (smirking): Itís the Goddess of Love thingÖ

Aphrodite (shaking her head): Not completely.  When Xena was killed in Jappa and after Gabrielle came back to Greece, I looked for Xenaís thread.  Couldnít find it, then I looked again and noticed this odd-looking one.  I placed my fingers on it and I felt them both through that one combined thread.  Iíve never seen one like itÖ

Hades (coughing): Not that you remember.  They are soul mates.  Is it possible in another life that maybeÖ?

Aphrodite (holding up her hand): Uncle please, I donít want to get into the past Karmic mumbo jumbo.  All I care about is the here and now.  And getting Gabrielle back (softly.)

Varia (yelling): Get that wagon out of the way and down to the coast.  That (pointing to Aphroditeís field of energy) isnít going to hold forever.  Now move it.

Andrea (walking up to her): The funeral pyre is set.  Weíre just waiting for your blessings.

Varia (taking a deep breath): Andrea, tell Cleis or someone else to do it.  You know how they feel about me now.

Andrea (understanding): When I look at her I donít see Livia, Bitch of Rome, I see Eve daughter of Xena and Gabrielle and intended of Varia, our Queen.  

Varia (squeezing her shoulder): Iím no longer a Queen of this tribe Andrea.  Itís better for them this way.  They would have never accepted Eve fully into the Nation.  Youíre about five years younger than me donít change.  The Amazons need people like you.  

Andrea (following her): Is that why you called off the ceremony orÖ

Varia (looking around): Not the only reason.  If I pushed, they would have let me have it, but then this happened (gesturing to the battlefield.)  

Andrea (softly): Then youíre not coming with us, are you?  (Varia shook her head) VariaÖ

Varia (gently): Andrea youíll understand one day, when you meet and fall in love with someone.  I canít subject her to a life among the Amazons if they donít tolerate her.  (Holding up her hand) I know that some do, like you, Jinx, and Rayne but I wonít let anyone else hurt her.

Andrea (biting her lower lip): But where will you go?  I meanÖ.

Varia (smiling): We have a place as soon as things are settled here, weíll move there.  Her parents will love the idea and so will she.  Come on letís take care of our sisters and get out of here.

Eve walked around the fallen bodies, wrapped in linen; her heart felt so heavy; she had prayed that they would find their loved ones on the other side and their after lives be filled with peace and joy.

Kara (walking up next to her): You killed many of my sisters in battle, yet now you pray for our sisters.  I see you have changed since last we met.  

Eve (looking up): Varia sentenced Livia to death so that I may live.  I come in peace and I donít want any trouble.

Kara (nodding): And you wonít get any, not from me.  I just came by to tell you that you have earned my forgiveness for your unselfish acts and your kindness even to those who donít want you here.  Take care of Varia (extending her arm.)  And know that among my family you both will always have a home.

Eve (clasping it firmly): You have my word.  (She watched as the short brunette walked away.  Feeling someone behind her) Iím all right (sensing Varia.)

Varia (smiling): You are so much like your mother.  Whenever youíre ready, thereís not much else to do.  Most of them will be leaving by nightfall.

Eve (wrapping her arms around Varia tightly): Are you sure that you donítÖ

Varia (kissing her softly; silencing her): Eve, my place is by your side.  And I will not have you living among them while they treat you like they do.  

Eve (returning the kiss, passion intensifying quickly, emotions from the battle and other things sparked both of their arousal; breaking apart to breath): Iíll wait for you over there, love.

Varia (trying to regain her equilibrium): Yeah sure (taking a deep breath, that woman was going to kill her, but dam what a way to go.)

Gabrielle regained consciousness, scanning the dimly lit chamber and assessing her situation.  It wasnít good.  As a Goddess she shouldnít be feeling pain; passing out nor be locked in chains and unable to escape them.  She sent a silent prayer that her partner would find her soon.

Loki (walking in): Well youíre awake.  Good (sneering.)

Gabrielle (struggling in the chains): When Xena gets her hands on you, youíll be sorry.  So let me go and save yourself a lot of pain and trouble.

Loki (laughing cruelly): Sheís overrated and past her prime.  Even as a Goddess, you canít defeat me.  So (uncurling a whip from his side.)  Letís see how long until you cry out for her.  Cause when she shows up, if she shows up, sheíll either surrender the Chakram or watch you die.

Gabrielle tensed her muscles like Xena had taught her, she would not give him the satisfaction of hearing her cry for mercy or beg.  Xena would come it was just a matter of time.

Xena leaned on the balcony rail; looking out over the majestic beauty of one of Mt. Olympusís gardens.  She had tried to meditate and find her partner but it was no use.  She could not sense nor could she feel anything.  That left her feeling empty and alone.  And it was a pain she was unaccustomed to.  Taking a deep breath she turned to face whoever it was that had up behind her.

Hades (holding up his hands): Sorry.  You looked like you were deep in thought; I didnít want to disturb you.

Xena (softly; her voice hoarse): Then leave.  I want nothing to do with you.

Hades (moving beside her): Xena, I know youíre hurting and I know youíre angry but can you listen for a moment.

Xena (growling; her teeth clenching): Why should I?

Hades (looking her in the eye): Because you gave Apollo, a chance and so did Gabrielle.

Xena (clenching her fists): Because he never once tried to interfere.  He never once tried to kill my partner or my child.  You made the conscious effort to do that.  Irregardless of what Athena said, you chose to go against me, Gabrielle and Eve and you kept your secret hidden from me.  Donít you think I deserved to know?

Hades (replying; gently): You gave Varia a second chanceÖ

Xena (thrusting her fist in his face, she was very close to losing her temper): Thereís no comparison and there were extenuating circumstances.  

Hades (swallowing hard): There is a comparison.  Athena threatened Persephone and Celesta.  What would you do?  What would you do if the very reason you lived and breathed was threatened?

Xena (sarcastically): You already know the answer; Iíd tear anyone and everyone apart that wasÖ

Hades (smiling, it was a small victory): Involved and coming after them.

Xena (slamming her fist on the railing): Dam you.  

Hades (reaching out to squeeze her shoulder; she tensed he moved closer; offering her comfort as he felt her emotions): Xena pleaseÖ

Xena (fighting tears; she had no balance in her life now; Hades was making sense; it was just too much): Get away from me (trying to push him back.)  I said get the fuck away from meÖ

Hades (putting both of his hands on her shoulders): Whether you accept it or not I want to help you.  Please try to see that I only want to help you find her.  I want to be there for you.

Xena (thinking of the many words of wisdom Gabrielle had spoken to her; to end the cycle of violence and hatred, love and forgiveness were the answers; but could she forgive someone who had tried to kill the only two people that mattered to her; Solon was another issue in of itself; could she open up and let someone in that wanted nothing to do with her all her life; had deceived her; had led those she loved to suffer.)

Eve watching her lover stride across the field; she could see the tears falling silently and she could feel the pain her lover was in, it wasnít physical it was emotional.

Varia (taking a deep breath): Everyone got out.  Theyíre making it towards the ships as we speak.  

Eve (reaching out to embrace her): Varia if you wantÖ

Varia (closing her eyes; trying to control her emotions): Eve what I want is to go to the Underworld and have your mother or someone come and get us.  Then I want to find Gabrielle and bring her home.  After that, I want to spend the rest of my life with you, loving you.  Thatís what I want love.  

Eve (seeing and feeling the walls her lover was putting up): Varia, come here.

Varia (shaking her head): Eve nowís not the timeÖ

Eve (rolling her eyes; warriors she muttered): Dammit Varia (and summoning all her strength pulled her stronger lover into her arms; offering her comfort and support.)  Itís ok baby.  Let go Iíve got you (kneeling down as Varia sank to her knees.)  Weíll get through this (kissing the top of her head.)  Somehow, weíll get through this.  (She tightened her hold as her lover let go; cries of anguish and pain racked the strong frame and she wished both her parentís were there.  She sent a silent prayer for them and kissed the top of her loverís head, whispering words of comfort and support.)

Gabrielle hung limply from the chains holding her arms; her back was raw and she could feel the blood running down her legs.  She had not given him the satisfaction of crying out but it had been so dam hard.  She needed her partner and she needed her now.  

Mars (walking in; twirling a dagger in his hand): Figured you were too proud to scream for you lover.  She taught you that didnít she (smirking.)

Gabrielle (spitting a mouthful of blood at him): What do you want?

Mars (laughing and moving closer): Interesting question.  One that (running the dagger across her collarbone) you can help me or (pressing it against her throat.)

Gabrielle steeled herself for whatever he was about to do.  Nothing could be worse then the emptiness and loneliness she felt deep inside herself, inside her heart and soul.

Xena (swallowing hard): You realize right now the only reason you have any chance with me is because of Gabrielleís words of wisdom.  You want to help so start talking.  But Iím not calling you daddy (shrugging out of his grasp.)  And you better tread lightly.  

Hades (nodding): Noted.  

Xena (folding her arms across her chest): So start talking.  When did you fall in love with my mother and why did you let that bastard nephew of yours get his claws in me.

Hades (taking a deep breath): Well letís see mortally speaking you should be aroundÖ

Xena (growling): Cut the shit.  I know my age.

Hades (seeing a lot of himself in her): Ok.  Atrius was off to war, somewhere in southern Greece.  As you probably know, he wasnít always there for you or her (swallowing at the angry glare directed at him.)  Youíre mother was lonely most of the time, even with the tavern and Toris to keep her company.  The first time I saw her was when she visited the temple of Aphrodite just outside of Amphipolis.  I was bored and just watching the comings and goings of mortals when I saw her.  She was beautiful soÖ

Xena listened intently, sorting facts for herself and preparing questions for later. She hoped and prayed Gabrielle was all right because if she wasnít there would be Tartarus to pay.

Apollo (smiling): I think I figured it out.  Loki is a master of Illusions and Tricks.  So whatever place he has her is one he thought of or designed himself.  It wonít be in the mortal realm and it wonít be easy to find.

Aphrodite (nodding): Well that narrows it down.  We have to do better then this.  The little oneís in danger and Xenaís about ready to roast anyone within an armís length of her.

Hectate (softly): I think weíll get our answer right about, now (smirking.)

Odin (materializing in a flash of golden light): What in Hallaís halls is this about?

Apollo (pleading): My daughter was kidnapped by Loki.  We donít know where she is and we need to find her.

Odin (holding up his hand): Iím aware of that and Iíve sent a few Valkyries out to look for her.  She will be near the Norse lands below ground.  As soon as I knowÖ

Brunhilda (appearing beside him): Heís in a deep cavern, beneath Halla.  Very far, down.  And heís not alone.  Mars is with him.  

Aphrodite (pleading): And Gabrielle.

Brunhilda (shaking her head): Itís a trap for Xena.  He wants the Chakram in return for Gabrielle.  Iíll assemble some of my fellow Valkyrie.  Youíll need help with this.

Apollo (agreeing): Thank you.  We donítí have much timeÖ

Odin (walking forward): Be careful he has somehow increased his powers.  This is a trap and heíll take anyone out to prove a point.  Now this is what I want you to do.

Varia walked down the hall of the Underworld towards their chambers holding Eveís hand tightly in her own.  They both knew they were needed by Xena to help get Gabrielle back.  The Amazons were headed for the island and the Romans were held off for now.  

Eve (opening the door): Wonder if we can get a bath before we go.  Iíve got mud in places I donít want to think about.

Varia (pulling her closer): Me too.  Iím sure.  Listen you get the water ready and Iíll get a change of clothes.

Eve (leaning up and kissing her softly): Sounds good.  

Kelia (walking up to them): Actually, a bath is prepared for you both and your clothes are laid out.  If you want, I can clean and sharpen your weapons.  

Eve (agreeing): Thank you.  Have you heard from my mother?

Kelia (shaking her head): No.  But Iíll send word that youíll be ready within the hour (taking their weapons from them as they were removed from various places on their bodies.)

Varia: Thank you.  Come on that bath water is practically calling my name (smiling.)

Eve (pulling her along): You, ha youíve got back scrubbing detail, love.

Varia (licking her lips): Iíll scrub anything you have in mind (seductively.)

Hectate (materializing): No, you wonít.  We have a lot to do and you both are needed to pull it off.  Get in the bath and get moving.

Eve (defiantly): Whereís Xena?

Hectate (smiling): Youíre so much like the both of them.  Sheís getting ready.  I came to get you (pointing to the bathing chamber) now go.

Varia (teasingly): Pushy.  Are all the women in this family like this?

Eve (yanking on her ear): You want to find out stud.

Varia (pulling Eveís hand away): No thatís ok.  

Hectate laughed, she was glad they had found each other and it didnít take nearly as long as it did with Eveís mothers.  

Xena (walking up to her): Theyíre here I take it (Hectate nodded.)  Planís all set except for a few things.  Iíll take care of this.

Hectate (noticing the reddened eyes): Weíll find her Xena.

Xena (folding her arms across her chest): I just want to know how these things happen.  How does one god who supposed to be in oblivion or wherever it is we go ends up coming back; one breaks out of his prison and another bunch are running around causing havoc.  

Hectate (taking her by the forearm and walking towards the throne room): The balance and upset that was caused when too many positions were stretched beyond the already delicate barrier.  

Xena (angrily): Donít give me any shit about a guilt trip.  If youíre familyÖ

Hectate (grabbing Xena by the front of her leathers and pushing her into a wall): You listen and listen good (hearing the growl from low in her throat.)  Iím not afraid of you Xena.  What happened was destined by the Fates.  And I have no ties with my so-called family.  I was an outcast from day one.  I never bothered interfering in the lives of mortals.  The only reason Iím helping you is (stopping wondering if she should try and explain it.)

Xena (angrily): What?  Why are you helping me?  You owe me this much.

Hectate (softly; letting her go): Because someone interfered with your strand.  Delaying things for a couple of years, (she felt the heat from the blast but not the pain.  Facing her) calm down.  It does you no good now.  You need to focus so we can get Brie out of there and bring her home.

Xena (angrily): Who was it?

Hectate (holding up her hands): XenaÖ

Xena (demandingly): Who was it?

Hectate (softly): Hera and Ares.  They knew you were the child of Hades, one of the more powerful Olympian Gods.  Also, one of the most feared.  If you gained your powers and reached, your full potential then you would have been unstoppable.  Ares got the mortal Xena but you were stripped of almost all your powers.

Xena (fighting the irresistible urge to tear everything in sight apart; her body shook from the effort of holding back the primal urges coursing through her body): Get outÖ

Hectate (closing her eyes): XenaÖ

Xena (walking to their private chambers): I said get out.  Iím going to find Brie and bring her back.  I want no more interference from any of you with my family (slamming the door she slid to the floor; tears flooded down her face.  She had known somehow she had always known and now Brie was involved and lost, because of it.)

Gabrielle fell to the floor gasping for breath.  Her wounds were slowly healing for some reason and that was a relief.  But the fact remained that they werenít healing like they should.  A scratch should not show up unless it was very deep and that should only last for a little while.

Mars (walking around her): Youíre strong Iíll give you that.  The only time you cried out was for her.  Do you think youíre Warrior Bitch is going to show up and rescue you?  

Gabrielle (hoarsely): Fuck you, you bastard. You know nothing about her

Mars (laughing yanking her head back by her hair): I know plenty.  I know Ares wasted precious time and resources on her.  When all he had to do was to get someone to satisfy her in bed.  Someone that could tame that primal side of her that is never totally gone. You know it; youíve witnessed it.  Thatís where her true powers are (slamming her face into the floor; feeling her struggle) thatís it fight me.  It makes my conquest so much sweeter.

Loki (walking in): Iíve got some interesting piece of news.  Xena and her band of immortals have found us.  The traps are set and so is our bargaining tool.  (Coldly smiling at the blood and injuries that covered Gabrielleís body.)  Perfect, let Gabrielle be the first sight Xena sees then bring her back here.  Sheíll either surrender the Chakram or watch Gabrielle die.

Gabrielle knew in her heart that he was wrong.  Xena would get her out of here and she wouldnít be led into a trap.  She shuddered at their cold laughter, thinking how wrong they were.  She closed her eyes hoping it wouldnít be much longer.

Eve watched her mother with concern.  The light in her motherís eyes had gone out.  Gone was the sparkle she had seen so much of in the past months; gone was the gentleness reflected in her face.  Her mother was back to her stoic, silent self and she wondered besides Gabrielleís disappearance what had caused it.

Xena (folding up the scroll): So with this information, we know where they are; their troop numbers and defenses.  It doesnít add up.  Why would he go through all this trouble and then make it so easy for us to find him and get in.

Apollo (shrugging): Youíre right but I donít know.

Hectate (thinking): Well then, weíll just have to be extra careful.  

Odin (walking in): Here, like you asked.  All you need is the one and the right mixture of ingredients and it should counteract the Titanís Tears.  

Aphrodite (softly): What if the damage is too great?  Then what?

Xena (shaking her head): Then we use whatever resources we have and heal her or one of us if thatís the case (her voice holding anger and  hurt.)  

Aphrodite (agreeing): And as for Eve and VariaÖ

Varia (defensively): Oh, no you donít.  Weíre going too.  Besides, you said it yourself.  Some of his guards are mortal, under his spell.  And weíve both taken on Godís before.  Or donít you remember.

Eve (nodding): Sheís right. We didnít stand that much of a chance but it bought you some time to step in and do your thing.  

Apollo (weighing the options): Youíre right. But the situation is more dangerous now.  Loki and Mars teamed together and Ares.  Although we havenít seen or heard from him in a while.  And heís has the tears it would cause some serious harm to you both.  

Hades (holding up his hand): The three of us could provide for some distractions.  Cause some havoc; confuse the guards and stay out of harmís way.  

Xena (rolling her eyes; looking at Varia): Stay out of harmís way.  Neither of those two (pointing to her daughter and Varia) know the meaning of the word.

Eve and Varia in unison ďHey.Ē

Hades (softly): Iíll keep an eye on them.  They canít be too much trouble (thinking) then again Eve is your and Gabrielleís daughter and Varia wellÖ

Varia (moving to stand toe to toe with him): Watch it buddy.

Aphrodite (smiling): Varia that would work if you were a little taller andÖ (Xenaís hand clamped over her mouth.)

Xena (nodding): I think a distraction might work, if you two promise not to hang around to see the outcome.

Hectate (arching her eyebrow): And how do you plan on getting them out of there, that quickly.

Xena (arching her eyebrow): I donít.  Thatís going to be up to Aphrodite and Hades.  

Everyone started talking at once until Brunhilda appeared and told everyone to be quiet.  Slowly methodically, the plan was laid out and preparations were made.  It would be just a matter of time before Gabrielle was brought home.  

Ares walked into the cell where Gabrielle was being held.  His body was weakening by the moment and he knew he didnít have much longer in this world.  He had been betrayed by Mars and Loki and would act the part of their ally until he could spring his own trap.  He knew somehow that Xena would come and make everything all right.  

Gabrielle (picking her head up at the sound of footsteps; her eyes widening at the sight of the God of War walking up to her): Iíve already told them they can do their worstÖ

Ares (softly; his voice hoarse from the pain that racked his body): Quiet.  Iím not here to hurt you.  Iím here to help you.

Gabrielle (shock): What?  

Ares (moving closer): Iím going to give you an advantage so that when your partner shows up, you can get out of here.

Gabrielle (seeing him more clearly as he moved closer): What happened to you?

Ares (smirking): Betrayal Gabrielle.  I thought that maybe I had found something Iíve been searching for but in the end, it was lies.

Gabrielle (swallowing): The shoes on the other foot now, isnít it?

Ares (nodding; reaching up he pried the links to her manacles loose): Yeah and it doesnít feel so good.  Iím loosening the links to the chains, so when Xena gets here all you have to do is pull real hard. Even in your weakened state, you should be able to get out.

Gabrielle (hearing footsteps): Thank you.

Ares (hearing Lokiís voice): Iím sorry for this but (seeing Gabrielle nod he backhanded her in the face.)  I canít believe at one time I wanted you to join me.

Gabrielle (thinking that he hadnít hit her that hard at all): You know something Ares, I can say that Iíve had something youíve never had and never will (looking over his shoulder to see Loki standing there and watching with intent.)

Ares (sneering): Whatís that blondie?

Gabrielle (smiling; the cuts on her lips hurt like hell): Iíve had Xena.  Iíve had her beg me for release and love me.  Thatís something you never had and never will.  Howís it feel Ares?  Howís it feel to know that through all your promises, pleading and whatever, that, she never once showed you anything but contempt. And to think you told her that you loved her, (laughing cruelly then her head reeled but not as badly as anticipated, as she was slapped in the face.)

Ares (thinking it was true): Well yeah.  You must be something in bed then.

Loki (applauding): Thatís it Ares.  Take out your revenge on the one person who took away your greatest Warrior.

Ares (looking at Gabrielle; trying to hide his emotions, true at first he couldnít stand her; couldnít stand the way she interfered with his plans to get Xena back but now he understood that she offered something to Xena he never could; unconditional unselfish love; companionship; those things he never could and never had tried): No.  Iíve got a better idea (coughing; tasting blood in his mouth.)  Iím going to die anyway.

Loki (sneering): Well yes, you got in the way, God of War.

Ares (taking his arm): When Xena gets here I want to be the one to dangle the little blond bitch in front of her and deliver the killing blow.  Then watch in amusement as Xena gives up as her lover dies.  Howís that for justice?

Loki (smiling): Perfect.  (Although he felt, something wasnít right with the whole scenario; fortunately or unfortunately, depending on how you looked at it smarts wasnít the one thing that made Loki a God.)

Xena (checking Eveís armor): Promise me no chances and nothing foolish.  If it gets too muchÖ

Eve (turning around and nodding): Yeah I know.  Weíve been over this.  Get our mortal bums out of the way, if the fire gets too hot (arching her eyebrow.)

Xena: Smartass.

Eve (smirking): I learned from the best, didnít I.

Varia (walking in): That you did.  Dam (doing a double take; with both Xena and Eveís hair pulled back and the black armor; she could definitely see Xena in Eve, more so than she had before.)  Itís like looking in a mirror.  

Xena (proudly): Well itís in the genes.

Varia (looking at her lover; wishing she could just go find a quiet spot and ravish her lover for oh say a couple of hours; realizing Eve was trying to get her attention): What, sorry?

Eve (smiling): Later (winking.)

Aphrodite (walking in): I swear, I donít know how you wear this all day and happen to find this stuff sexy (tugging at her own set of armor (which thankfully wasnít pink but white.)  Itís heavy and itís hot.  Although leather now that has possibilities (smirking.)

Xena (rolling her eyes): Everyone else ready (Aphrodite nodded.)  Good letís get going.  And remember (glancing at Eve and VariaÖ)

Varia (smiling): Yes mom (mock saluting her and putting her fists up playfully as Xena swung at her.)

Eve (backing up and watching them both): Tension release.

Aphrodite (nodding): I could think of other ways to release your tension but I guess itís a Warrior thing.

Apollo (walking in followed by Hectate and Hades): Weíre ready.  Everyone have a vial (referring to the antidote for the tears.  Everyone nodded) you two know the drill.  If you get in the middle of things, find a place and lay low.  If one of gets hurt we have this (patting his side pouch) but you two I donít know what will happen if you get hit with one of those weapons.  

Hectate (cautioning): We can heal you but if we donít know then well (not finishing her sentence.)

Varia (proudly): We both know the risks and weíre both going.  Now letís go get Gabrielle.

Apollo (understanding): Weíll meet up with the Valkyries on the outside of the cavern then go in slowly and steadily.

Odin paced waiting and he hated waiting.  What was it with other Godís that they thought they could do as they please?  Oh yeah they could (smirking.)

Brunhilda (running up): Weíre all set.  Thor has the Eye of Hephaestus ready and the sarcophagus. Are you sure, the Greek God of War is dying?

Odin (nodding): He was betrayed much like I was (solemnly) but by his own kind is worst.

Brunhilda (understanding): Iíll meet you home All Father.

Odin (caressing her face): You better (he watched her walk away then turning) and just what do you want?

Xena (materializing): Odin, thank you for helping me, us.  

Odin (angrily): Iím not doing it for you Goddess of the Underworld (sneering.)  Iím cleaning up my mess.  My mistake.

Xena (growling): As Iíve cleaned my mine.  Just make sure that you let the Valkyrie know to get my daughter and her intended out of here if things get ugly.

Odin (softly): You have a child.

Xena (softly): Yes and sheís not a child.

Odin (thinking): I had heard some rumors thatÖ

Xena (holding up her hand): Itís a long story Odin.  Maybe some other time.  Right now, I have to rescue my partner and put a stop to Loki and Mars.  

Odin (nodding): Or there will be the coming of the Ragnarok.  

Xena (taking a deep breath and seeing Apollo, Aphrodite and Hades appear followed by her daughter and Varia who were holding onto Hectate): Remember what I said no chances.

Odin (nodding): And heís the God of tricks and illusions.  Keep that in mind during battle.  (Holding out his hand he formed a small ball of light and threw it at a solid rock wall; an opening appeared and slowly they moved forward; hands on their weapons with the Valkyrie flanking them.)

The passage was long and deep into the earth.  True they could use their powers but they did not want to alert Loki of their presence just yet.  

Xena said a silent prayer that Gabrielle just hold on, that she was coming and she was going to bring her home one way or the other or die trying.

To Be Continued

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