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Hilton Resort SC

Adrienne (putting her cigarette out): You know both of the murders are connected somehow, donít you.

Alex (nodding and sipping her coffee): But to who and why I canít figure out.† Has Clara found anything yet?
Adrienne (shaking her head): No, not yet.† Somethingís fishy with this whole thing and I canít piece it together.

Alex (looking out the window): Yet.† Somehow, whatís happening to Brennan and Tessa are connected and oh shit (putting her coffee cup down and reaching for her laptop.)
Adrienne (wide eyed): You got something.
Alex (nodding): I think I do.† And, if Iím right, both of them are in a shit load of trouble.

Jasmine (walking in and stretching): Nothing new.† So what did I do this time?
Alex (putting her hand up): Nothing yet.† Amazingly.† I think I have something if I can get into the right records.† Give me some time.† If Iím right then we have to somehow warn them.

Jasmine (motioning to Adrienne to follow her): What is she going on about?†

Adrienne (shaking her head): From what I can tell, I think she has found a connection to Brennan and Tessa.

Jasmine (closing her eyes): ShitÖ

Adrienne (nodding): And if sheís rightÖ

Jasmine (running her hands through her hair): Listen you two mind going to get some breakfast.† I want to talk with her about this.† About the possible implications, this could have.

Adrienne (understanding): Jasmine itís her job.† She has to do this.

Jasmine (softly): No, the last time she got involved in something like this well, you remember.† She was almost killed.†

Adrienne (putting her hand on her shoulder): What are we going to do about Tessa and Brennan?† Theyíre both on the run.

Jasmine (leaning her head back against the wall): I donít know Adrienne.† I wonít lose my wife or my friends especially not to a bunch of greedy selfish bastards.

Cabin Mt. Range SC

Tessa leaned against the wall touching her lips gently.† They still stung form the kiss her and Brennan had shared last night before going to bed.† She wanted nothing more than to hold the tough Marine and ease her fears and pain.† She didnít understand it but she felt like she had been with Brennan forever.† She felt a comfort and compassion from Brennan no one had ever shown her. †Not her ex-husband, not her mother, no one.†

Brennan (walking down the stairs stiffly; clad in boxers and a tank top; showing off her muscles and a large tattoo across her shoulders): Morning.

Tessa (licking her lips; Brennan was tall; muscular and absolutely gorgeous): Yeah um hi.

Brennan (smiling): One kiss to make you speechless huh (teasing.)
Tessa (blushing): Itís not only the kiss but um uh the company as well.

Brennan (taunting): What do I stink or something?† Oh wait thatís right Iím covered in bruises and cuts (snapping her fingers) that has to be it.

Tessa (moving closer to her): No thatís not it and you know it.† Itís umÖ

Brennan (locking eyes with her): What?† What is it Tessa?† (Reaching out and gently caressing her face.)† Iíd move heaven and earth for you if you asked me too (wondering where in the hell all this mushy shit was coming from but figured since Tessa liked it she might as well keep on going.)† What do you want?

Tessa (tentatively; reaching up and wrapping her arms around the tall womanís neck careful to not cause her pain): I know what I want but I donít know how.† Iíve never felt this way.† And itís obvious Iíve never with a woman.† I take it you have you know been with a woman.

Brennan (pulling her closer): Yes (softly caressing her face) itís different with you.† Iíve never been down this road before.† Cindy was my ex and we spent a couple of years together just using each other.† She hurt me terribly in the end.† Iím sure you know what happened (Tessa nodded her eyes showing pain and she gently caressed her lips.)† Nakia and I were close, we cared for each other but we used each other as well.† Her passions and mine were equal and many a times we would seek each other out to satisfy a hunger, a primal, carnal urge.† We were good friends and she was killed in front of me.†

Tessa (closing her eyes and resting her head on Brennanís chest): Did you love her?
Brennan (sadly): There was no room in my heart for love, pygmy.† I donít know what that is.† I donít know what love is.† Iíve never really experienced this so called unconditional love that I see on TV or what people talk about.† What Iím trying to tell you is I donít know if I can give you what you want, what you need, what you deserve.† Iíll be there for you but I donít know ifÖ

Tessa (looking up into her eyes): You seemed like you knew last night (wanting to kiss those soft lips so badly but resisting just barely.)

Brennan (closing her eyes and nuzzling her face against Tessaís hair): Tessa you deserve so much in life.† The best someone has to offer and IĎm not sureÖ

Tessa (fighting tears): I am.† Youíve shown me more compassion and tenderness than anyone Iíve known.† I know you wonít hurt me because I trust you even if you donít trust yourself (watching grey flash with emotion.)

Brennan (softly): I wonít hurt you Tessa.† Iím not the same person I was.† Think about this.† Iím not always gentle or understanding.† Iíve taken and never given.† I donít know what to do and I wonít hurt you.

Tessa (convincingly): I know you wonít.† Canít you feel this between us?† Canít you feel thereís something there?† I know you can and you canít deny that.

Brennan (nodding and looking out the window): I feel a lot of things with you.† Things Iíve never known.† Things I swore that I would never again.† (Pausing and taking a deep breath) just think about this before you make any choices.

Tessa (gabbing her arm gently before she left): What do you feel for me?
Brennan (softly): I donít know just more.†

Tessa (facing her): Do you want me?
Brennan (backing up slowly): More than you know.

Tessa (pressing her body against her): I wonít push.† I wonít ask for you canít offer but I know what I want.† I know what I feel.† Iím here when youíre ready.

Brennan nodded and slowly made her way out of the cabin.† The truth was she was scared and confused.† These feelings were something new but familiar.† Sighing she tilted her head back and looked up at the sky.

Brennan (pleading): I donít know what to do.† I wish you were here Nakia.† Maybe you could have made sense of all this.† You would like her (sitting on a fallen log and contemplating her and Tessaís conversation and her feelings for her.)

Boston MA

David (packing a few things in his laptop case): So as you can see I must see to this matter personally.

Linda (waving her hands): Fine whatever.† Just get the little brat back here.† Iíve set up the dinner engagement for the end of the week.† Brad is an extremely intelligent handsome man.† I like him already.† Heís almost like you.

David (rolling his eyes): Well do try keep your hands to yourself dear.†

Linda (sneering): And you keep your fly closed while youíre down there.† Iíll see you in a few days (blowing kisses as she walked out of his office.)

David (picking up the phone): Yes, my wife is going out tonight.† Perfect Iíll leave the arrangements to you then.† Iíll be in South Carolina and Iíll have my cell phone (putting the phone on the receiver and grabbing his luggage.† Either way by the end of tomorrow he would be rid of both problems in his life laughing evilly as he locked his office.)

Hilton Resort† SC

Alex (slamming her hand on the table): Dammit.† Son of a bitch.

Jasmine (walking in fresh from a shower): You bellowed.

Alex (looking up): Not you.† But um honey why are youÖ

Jasmine (leaning over her wife): Youíre working too hard.† Come on I want to give you a nice massage get you to relax until our two crazy cousins come back.

Alex (moaning as soft kisses were trailed up and down her neck): BabyÖ
Jasmine (looking at the computer screen and hitting the save button then pulling her wife along gently): Nice big soft bed.† No nosy neighbors, just you and me (pushing her onto the bed.)
Alex (groaning as she wife settled on top of her): I love you.† Iím sorry I havenít been that attentive oh, God baby (as sensitive skin was teased and caressed.)
Jasmine (smiling between kisses and nips): Thatís it just relax love.

Alex locked eyes with her wife and surrendered willingly in love and passion.† It never ceased to amaze her that even after all this time her wife wanted her just like she did when the first got together.† And when it was, her turn to return the favor all thought stopped as her wife made her intentions known.† The last words either of them would whisper for a long while were I love you.

Food Lion, Rural Road SC

Adrienne (reaching over, brushing the hair out of her partnerís face, and trying to calm her temper): Easy love.† Itís just construction.

Clara (angrily): We had to take the road near the dam airport.† Dammit, where did these people learn to drive?† Off the box of fruit loops.

Adrienne (chuckling): Pull off here.† Just relax.† Iím sure Alex and Jas donít mind.†

Clara (clutching the steering wheel harder as she made her turn): Itís just Iím out of sorts with all this and I keep running into brick walls (cursing as someone cut her off.)† I swear if I had a gun, I would start shooting.
Adrienne (leaning over toward her): Calm down (teasing her with gentle touches): I could always find a way to ease your tension love (reaching for the button on her cargo shorts.)
Clara (moaning as strong fingers caressed her intimately): Adrienne dammit baby as much as I like to oh shit not in traffic.
Adrienne (smirking): Find us a spot.†

Clara (shaking her head): What about breakfast?
Adrienne (looking around): To hell with it.† Iím sure their minds arenít on food at this point either (licking her lips as she undid her partnerís shirt and smirking as she pulled into a secluded rest stop.)

Clara (groaning): Behave (moaning) please.

Adrienne (shutting the car off): Behave. Me.† Never (smiling as she reached over and pulled the seat back) now where was I (straddling her partnerís lap.)
Clara (moaning): This is just an excuse (grunting) to get my mind off the situation.

Adrienne (growling playfully as she nipped her earlobe): Yep.† I need time with you and they need time together alone too.† So hush and let me have you.† (Proceeding to do just that and remind her partner of how much she loved her.)

Cabin Mt. Range SC

Tessa walked out into the cool morning air admiring the sunshine and the serenity.† She looked around and found Brennan leaning against a tree stump lost in thought.
Tessa (softly so as not to startle her): Here I made some coffee.†

Brennan (taking the cup; her fingers brushing against Tessaís): Thanks.† Listen I didnít mean to sound so harsh earlier.† I just want you to know who youíre getting involved with.

Tessa (sitting next to her): I know.† Iím not afraid.† I want this.

Brennan (taking a deep breath): Then weíll go slow.† Thereís something about you (closing her eyes) that makes me feel so many things.† Things Iíve locked up and I need to get used to them and you being here.† (Seeing Tessaís confused look) I do want you more than you know pygmy (putting the cup down and gently caressing her face) can I.
Tessa (smiling): You asked me that last night.† Iím yours (bringing her lips closer to Brennanís.)
Brennan (brushing Tessaís lips with her thumb): Slow baby nice and slow (Tessa nodded and she leaned forward gently almost hesitantly kissing her softly trying to convey what she was feeling in that kiss.† And as Tessa responded, she realized that she had never been truly kissed at all.† Not by anyone.† Desire hit her like a tidal wave as she pulled the smaller body closer to her.† She had never felt this way with anyone.† Breaking apart to breath, they looked at each other smiling and panting for breath.)† DamÖ

Tessa (nodding and rubbing Brennanís back gently): Yeah wow.

Brennan (taking a deep breath): I want youÖ
Tessa (fanning herself): Slow.† Come on letís get some breakfast.† Then maybe we can take a walk or something.

Brennan (grabbing her cup): Sounds good.† I hope you can cook because I canít.

Tessa (smirking and taking Brennanís hand in her own): Iím a chef.† One class shy of my degree.† So youíre in for a treat.

Brennan (teasing): Didnít I just get that pygmy?
Tessa (backhanding her stomach playfully): Keep it up and you can starve Amazon (reaching around to push the tall woman back and found herself locked in a bear hug.)† Hi.

Brennan (her eyes winkling with mischief): Hi.† Youíre lucky Iím still recovering (trying to calm her racing heart.)
Tessa (reaching up and wrapping her arms around her neck): Why?
Brennan (smirking): Cause youíd be in some serious hot water (caressing her back then moving her hands lower to massage her bum.)
Tessa (closing her eyes as strong hands caressed her; enticing her): I think I already am (pressing closer.)
Brennan (hesitantly): Is this ok?
Tessa (nodding): More than ok (groaning as Brennanís lips captured hers.)
Brennan (softly pressing their foreheads together): You feel so good.† I lose all control around you and what are you doing (feeling small hands between her thighs.)
Tessa (smirking): Just wanting to make you feel as hot as I am (taking off and leaving a very frustrated Marine standing there.)
Brennan (growling): You better run.† Dam pygmy teasing me.† You better make a very large breakfast too or youíll be breakfast.

Tessa nearly tripped at that statement and kept on moving with Brennan hot on her tail. If this is how she felt when they were kissing imagine (ooh best not go there.)

Undisclosed Location SC

Danni (reading the reports and the transfers): Tell me again how this happened?† How could we let this piece of shit get into our system and extract the information (kicking the chair in front of her into the wall.)

Jones (holding his hands up): I donít know.† Weíre investigating things right now.† And we have agents at some of the more potential hotspots.†

Dennen (shaking his head): And put everyone on a priority alert until the perpetrator is caught and taken into custody.
Danni (yelling): You do that.† Then get that sorry bastard of Security Operations in here.† A safety procedure was supposed to be put into place.† I want to know what went wrong and now.†

Briers (jumping): Iím on it.

Danni (throwing the papers on the desk): You get a hold of the head of each military branch and alert them.† Tell them until this person is caught and brought into custody not to disclose any information that can be used maliciously.

Jones (moving away quickly so as to not infuriate her further): Iíll get right on it.

Danni (slamming her hand down): And find the dam leak.† I want him or her brought into custody by the end of the week.

Hilton Resort SC

Alex (rolling over and grabbing her phone so as not to wake Jasmine): Hello (hoarsely.)† What (sitting up and grabbing her robe.)† Youíve got to be shitting me.† How do these things happen?
Jasmine (rubbing her eyes): Who is it baby?
Alex (putting her hand up): Oh God.† Shit, all right keep me posted.† Iíll give Brennan and Tessa a call in a bit.† Ok.† Yes of course.† No weíre fine (shutting her phone.)† Shit (running her hands through her hair.)
Jasmine (sitting up): Whatís wrong?
Alex (looking at her wife and crawling back in bed): That was my aunt.† Seems as though the government has a major leak and some important classified stuff got out.
Jasmine (wide eyed): Dam.† Thatís fucked up.

Alex (nodding): You can say that again.† They donít know who got a hold of what.† But theyíre placing everyone who might be involved on high alert.† They donít know anything as of yet but theyíre working on it.

Jasmine (closing her eyes): Thatís it weíre moving to New Zealand or better yet Australia.

Alex (wondering): Why?† What?
Jasmine (pulling her wife against her): Because I donít want you to get hurt.† This is the third time in your career that something that youíre involved in has gone crazy.†

Alex (understanding): I know baby.† I promise not to take any unnecessary risks (seeing her wife about to protest she kissed her to silence her.)†
Jasmine (shaking her head): Why do you do that?† I have a perfectly good argument all planned and then you um uh (moaning as her wifeís hands began caressing rather sensitive flesh.)
Alex (smirking mischievously): Because itís what I do nowÖ
Adrienne (walking in carrying several plastic bags): Hey where are you two (yelling.)
Alex (laughing): Later I promise.† I wonder why theyíre late.
Jasmine (taunting): Well I could think of several good reasons.

Alex (smacking her playfully): Behave.

Clara (slamming the door): Hey, get out here.† We got foodstuffs.

Alex (grabbing her clothes): In here.† Weíll be out in a minute.

Adrienne (loudly): Ok hurry up.† Weíre starving.
Jasmine (throwing her shirt and shorts on): And weíre not.† Itís about time they got back here.

Alex (shaking her head as she watched her wifeís hips swaying seductively as she walked out of the room): And let the games begin.†

Cabin Mt. Range SC

Brennan (clearing the dishes off the table): That was fantastic.† You outdid yourself.

Tessa (sipping her coffee): Thank you.† I um well I never cooked for anyone before you.† We always had servants and my ex just didnít think I need to waste my time cooking (looking up to see soft grey eyes looking at her with compassion.)

Brennan (cupping her face gently and tilting it to look at her): Itís their loss.† You are an excellent cook.† And if you want I would like you to cook more often (softly.)

Tessa (smiling): Iíd like that.† (Leaning up as Brennan leaned down and kissed her softly.)

Brennan (brushing back her hair): Want to take that walk now or is there something else you want to do (blushing at the double entendre of her words.)

Tessa (smirking): Since weíre taking this slow, I think the walk would be in order.†

Brennan (standing and stretching): Yeah good idea (wincing as her ribs pulled.)† ShitÖ
Tessa (moving behind her): Dam you are one tall drink of water.† Here relax (rubbing Brennanís sides gently.)
Brennan (closing her eyes at the sensations of sparks shooting through her; the feel of Tessaís hands through her t-shirt made her wonder how else those hands would feel elsewhere): God that feels good.

Tessa (blushing at the entendre of words): It does so if I moved my hand here oh (feel a strong hand grab hers.)
Brennan (turning around): Youíre a tease pygmy (her voice low.)
Tessa (gulping at the look on Brennanís face): Um uh I that is well (moaning as Brennan put her hand under her shirt; she felt the rough bandages then soft smooth skin and oh good God, moaning)
Brennan (winking): Donít start what you canít finish pygmy (removing her hand gently and turning around.)†

Tessa smiled evilly and then took off after her as she went out the door.† Paybacks she vowed.

Undisclosed Location SC

Several officers sat and listened as their unit leader made plans.† They were to go to several strategic points throughout the state and stand by, waiting for orders.†

Jones (standing up): So this is a search and retrieve.† Not arrest.

Danni (nodding): Unless you get the actual perpetrator.† There are several of them.† One of them is David Karns from Boston.† He was seen landing at the airport earlier in the day.† The other is by a man named Tony Depree.†† Heís been hanging around here a lot lately.† There are several of their cronies working around down here.† They blend in real well; theyíre to be considered armed and dangerous.† In the packets we handed out you have a list of people involved and the charges they are suspected of.† Of that lot, the two top ranking military officials are the most dangerous.† They have everyone fooled.† Your assignments are posted.† We need to get going people.† Good luck.† (She packed her things in her briefcase and watched almost everyone leave the room.† Smiling as a short brunette approached her.)† Mychele long time no see.† Whereís (looking around) your partner.† I thought she would be here.

Mychele (taking a deep breath): In the hospital.† She got hit with a couple of rounds.† Dumb ass proceeded to stay and finish the fireworks.

Danni (laughing): Sheís all right I take it.

Mychele (nodding): But so help me Iím going to kick her ass for pulling a stunt like that.† Last week it was the dam shark this week a bullet wound.† She infuriates me.

Danni (smiling and guiding her to her office): So youíre taking this assignment on while she lies in bed recuperating.
Mychele (grinning): Something like that.† These bastards are traitors and should be put away for a long time.

Danni (closing her eyes): They might not serve time.† Theyíre considered armed and extremely dangerous.

Mychele (patting her sidearm): Wonít be the first time.† Why do you want me poking up in through the mountains with Wilkins and Jones.

Danni (pouring them both a cup of coffee): Because youíre trained for that type of search.† I donít want any more injuries.†

Mychele (wondering): I presume youíre referring to Sergeant Ramus.† She was a mess when we picked her up.† They beat her pretty bad.

Danni (nodding): I know but I canít prove it and I canít even begin to figure out who was behind it.† When are you leaving?
Mychele (sitting down): Weíll get our gear together.† Take a look at the hot spots then pull out.† Keep an eye on things up there.† Hopefully thereís no problems.† Weíll get them home safely Danni.† Weíll solve this mess and put everyone behind bars who was involved.

Danni (raising her mug to her): I hope so Mychele.† I hope so.

Bank of America SC

David (puling out several photos): This is what she looks like.† I want her found. †

Lionel (taking a photo): Rumor has it she went up north in the mountains.† You want us to look up there.

David (lighting a cigar): Yes.† I want you to look everywhere you have a lead but use discretion.† Donít go on a wild goose chase.

Pritcher (taking a drag of his cigarette): Do you want us to call you or just bring the brat home?
David (smiling): Call me.† I want to have a father, daughter reunion, just the two of us (an evil smile covering his features, which sent chills down the other two menís spines.)

Tony (shivering): Any idea where she might be.† Thatís a mighty big stretch of land to be looking in.

David (thinking): Thereís several cabins that belong to several people.† Then thereís the campsites and trails. Those should be good starting places but like I said keep an eye out.† Letís get going.† The days a wasting.

Hilton Resort SC

Alex (pouring over her email and the report transfers she had received): Iím on to something.† Some of the pieces are coming together.† But itís going to take a while to finish going through this.
Clara (reading some other reports and notes): You can say that again.† What weíre looking at are basic acts of terrorism and traitors.† Someone funded illegal operations through several laundry operations.† I hope these people rot in hell.

Alex (sitting up): Oh, shit.† God no.†

Clara (leaning over): What?† What is it?
Alex (handing her one of the reports): Here read that.† I need to get some coffee (shakily.)

Clara (softly): Alex you look terrible.† Whatís wrong?
Alex (pointing to the report): Read that.

Clara (standing): Alex here why donít you sit down.† Youíre not looking so good.

Alex (swallowing hard): Itís ok.† Just let me get my bearings.† You better read that report.

Clara (looking at the paper her eyes widening in shock): Oh good God.† We have to warn them.

Alex (nodding): And if thereís a leakÖ
Clara (putting the report down): Shit.
Jasmine (walking in): Hey, does anybodyÖWhatís going on?
Alex (wrapping her arms around her wife): We just found out something and it isnít good.

Cabin Mt. Range SC

Tessa (leaning against Brennanís chest): Are you sure this doesnít hurt you?
Brennan (nodding): Youíre fine.† Youíre kind of small so you fit perfectly (referring to the way Tessa was leaning against her chest and sitting between her legs.)
Tessa (smiling): Thank you.† I think.† Youíve been to some amazing places havenít you (Brennan nodded and continued nuzzling her hair and rubbing her arms.)† And youíre not much for conversation are you (teasing?)
Brennan (chuckling): Watch it pygmy.† I can converse if I want.† The subject just has to interest me enough.

Tessa (smirking and playfully smacking the arm holding her): Brat.

Brennan (leaning her head down): Although I could think of something much more interesting to do with my mouth than talk.

Tessa (closing her eyes at the image of being held and loved by the taller woman): Mmm and whatís that.

Brennan (pressing her lips to Tessaís gently): This (as her senses spun out of control as the smaller woman in her arms took control of the kiss giving as well as taking.† Tessa turned in her arms to try and get closer and Brennan groaned at the sparks shooting through her body.)

Tessa moaned into the taller womanís mouth wanting more but unsure if she was ready yet.† But as soon as those strong hands grabbed her by the hips, she was done for.† She knew what she wanted and she wanted it now and Brennan thankfully wanted what she wanted.)

They held each other tightly; each woman losing themselves more and more in each other and each finding the part of them that had been missing so long.† To both Tessa and Brennan it felt like coming home.

Hilton Resort SC

Jasmine (rubbing Alexís back): I canít believe this shit.† Here own fatherís involved in all this crap.†

Adrienne (shaking her head): Thatís fucked up.† (Watching as her lover read the reports) what else did you find?† Or do I not want to know.

Alex (rubbing her temples): That he is one of the major backers to several campaign funds among other things.† There are a few lesser individuals involved but heís the ace in the whole.†

Clara (not looking up): Along with several top military officials.† Including the late Lieutenant Marcs.† Thereís several Generals; Admirals and so forth on down the line.†

Jasmine (looking at the information): Everybody and anybody that was involved sold out their own government.† They had links to several anti terrorist strikes; military bombings; campaigns; elections drug fronts and the list goes on and on.† (Thinking) Iím not supposed to know that am I (trying to lighten the mood.)

Alex (shaking her head): Give me that.† And no youíre not but youíve always been a big help whenever I have a monumental case.†

Jasmine (proudly): See that.† Sheís says I help.

Adrienne (rolling her eyes): Yeah you help all right?† You help get into trouble is more like it (sticking her tongue out.)
Clara (smacking her playfully): Put that away.† And behave.† Ok hereís what we have and I think they found out the source of the leak.† Oh, shit.

Alex (looking at the screen): Fuck.† Jasmine get me the phone.† I have to call this in.

Adrienne (wondering): What was assholes name?† (Everyone looked at her puzzled) Tessaís ex.

Jasmine (thinking): I think it was Richard why?
Adrienne (gulping): Because heís dead and heĎs the fucking link to all this shit.

Rural Road SC

Richard (pulling over after seeing blue lights flashing in the rearview): Dam.† No matter (reaching under the seat to grab his handgun.)† Iím too close to stop now.

Officer (tapping on his window): Afternoon. †Can I see your license and registration.

Richard (reaching for his wallet): Certainly.† But can I ask what this is about?

Officer (taking the documents): Iíll be right back.

Richard watched as the North Carolina State Police Officer walked back to his car.† He looked at the handgun then at the cop and smiled evilly.

Cabin Mt. Range SC

Tessa (moaning as teeth grazed her throat): God what youíre doing to me.

Brennan (shifting her position to ease up on her ribs): You feel so good.† (Pausing as lightning and thunder echoed off in the distance.)† Iím just glad we moved this indoors.† You would have been slightly uncomfortable (kissing exposed skin, moaning at the sweet taste.)
Tessa (clutching her back tighter as lightning course through her body): Not with you making me feel like this (groaning as soft lips teased her skin.)

Brennan (trying to keep control and not just take what she wanted as she had done in the past): I want you.

Tessa (pushing her hips up): Yes, take me.

Brennan (biting her lip; her breathing shallow and labored a part of her wanted so much to ravish Tessa over and over until she was exhausted but the other part of her wanted to go slow): Easy baby (bringing her mouth up for another breath stealing kiss.)

They continued caressing and kissing learning new territory until the ringing of one of their cell phones interrupted them.

Tessa (groaning): Shit maybe whoever it is will go away (the other† phone rang) dam.†

Brennan (cursing): Son of a bitch.† (Reaching for her phone on the table) yeah.

Alex (loudly): Where the hell have you been.

Brennan (trying not to laugh at Tessa cringing from the loud conversation): We were out for a walk.† Why?
Alex (still yelling): A walk.† You two are supposed to be in hiding.† What were you thinking?

Brennan (fumbling for words): Well we um that is IÖ
Tessa (taking the phone form her lover and admiring her body as she stretched gingerly): Alex whatís wrong?
Alex (calmly): Thereís been a leak in certain government operations.† Thereís a bunch of tactical units patrolling possible locations that could have been found out, including where you two are.

Tessa (paling): Are you sure?
Alex (softly): Tessa listen to me please be careful.† Stay close to Brennan.† Sheís† survivor.† If anything goes wrong, sheíll get you out of there.

Tessa (smirking as she watched her lover walk into the kitchen): Iíll have no problem with that (following after her lover with an evil grin on her face.)
Alex (yelling loudly): What the hell does that mean?†† What are you two doing? †

Tessa (smiling): Alex weíll call you later.† Thanks for the warning (closing the cell phone.)

Brennan (turning to face her):Whatís up?

Tessa (moving closer): Alex called to tell us that someone might know where we are.† Things could get messy.

Brennan (wrapping her arms around her tightly): I know but I wonít let anyone hurt you (leaning down for a soft kiss.)

Hilton Resort SC

Alex (looking at the phone dumbfounded): What theÖ

Jasmine (taking the phone from her): Whatís wrong love?† You look like someone gave you some surprising news or something.

Alex (shaking her head): I think theyíre together.† At least from what I can tell.

Jasmine (wide eyed): You mean.† But sheís and sheís andÖ

Adrienne (teasing): Cat got your tongue.† Oh, come on please.† The sparks were flying from the moment they looked at each other.†

Jasmine (rolling her† eyes): But Tessaís never and Brennan and then thereísÖ
Alex (playfully swatting her wife): Itís ok.† Remember the story of soul mates my nonni used to us when we were first dating.† (Jasmine nodded) I firmly believe that.

Clara (walking in): Yeah after all she married your ass Jasmine (laughing.)
Jasmine (scratching the back of her neck): Yeah and you shut up.

Clara (sticking out her tongue): Make yow (yelping as Adrienne pinched her ass.)† What the hell did you do that for?

Adrienne (smirking): Put that away.† I need it in good working order.

Alex (laughing): Jasmine itís ok.† I trust Brennan and I know Tessa wouldnít give her heart away lightly.† Now Iím going to finish up some stuff then weíll get something for dinner since someone (looking at Clara and Adrienne) and I wonít mention names was late with breakfast.

Adrienne (protesting): I didnít want her getting all stressed.

Jasmine (taunting): No but you dam near gave her a heart attack (running as Adrienne lunged at her.)

Clara (pointing): There they go.† Like a couple of kids.

Alex (nodding as she watched her wife and Adrienne run around the small suite jumping over furniture and throwing taunts at each other): As long as they donít get hurt what the hell.† Come on letís get this finished up and call it a day.† We already got some major pieces in place.

Clara (following after her): Shouldnít I be like in the FBI or something to be looking at all this stuff.

Alex (shaking her head): Nah.† I can just tell everyone youíre my assistant (smirking evilly.)
Clara (rolling her eyes): And nonni always blamed me when we were kids I can see why.

Mt Range SC

Richard (throwing a towel in the back of the trunk): Nosy ass cop.† Should have minded your own business.† I was just looking for my daughter.† And you had to go and interfere and tell me I was trespassing.† (He drove away intent on finding his daughter irregardless of who got in his way and then she too would pay just like his wife had.)

Undisclosed Location; Interstate SC

Danni (talking in the earpiece): Get me that footage dammit.† This isnít good.† What do you mean thereís been no sign of him.† (Slamming her fist on the steering wheel) dammit, how can someone just up and disappear.† (Listening) I know she did dammit but sheís not wanted for questioning.† Then get someone down here who knows what theyíre doing.† I have limited authority and resources and theyíre stretched far too thin as it is. (Listening) Thad youíre a good guy and I know this is like pulling teeth but you have more authority then me and I need all the help I can get or some one is going to get hurt.† I got another call coming in (looking at her phone) call me back when you have something I can use.† (Switching the lines on her phone) yeah.† Oh, shit.† Well we canít be sure.† Ok.† Iíll send someone up to take a look.† Yeah try to keep things quiet (shutting off her phone and pinching the bridge of her nose.)† Iím getting to old for this shit.

Hilton Resort SC

Alex (leaning back in the tub): Now this feels good.†

Jasmine (walking in with a cold beer in her hand): Here.† I told you, you were working to hard. Youíre worried arenít you.

Alex (nodding): All these pieces fit somehow but I canít put them together.† Then I have Brennan and Tessa up in the mountains facing God knows what.† Then everything else going on and I canít make sense of it.

Jasmine (sitting on the edge of the tub): You will.† Your good at stuff like that.† Youíll make sense of it all and put the bastards behind this in prison.

Alex (sighing): Thanks honey (tilting her head up for a kiss.)
Jasmine (returning the kiss): My pleasure (tilting her head and listening to Adrienne or Clara yell about something.)† Let me go see what all that noise is.

Alex (nodding): Then come back in here so you can scrub my back.

Jasmine (winking): Thatís not all Iíll scrub (closing the bathroom door and heading into the sitting area.)
Adrienne (shaking her head): Are you sure?† I meanÖ
Clara (zooming in on something from the computer): It fits.† He disappeared three days ago and she was found dead.†

Jasmine (walking in): Whatís up?
Clara (tilting the computer towards her): Look at what Adrienne found.

Adrienne (shaking her head): It fits.† All of the pieces fit.
Jasmine (reading out loud): Millionaires wife found dead and husband nowhere to be found.† Massachusetts police received a call yesterday about (trailing off) thatís Tessaís mom.† I met her couple of times.† Shit.

Clara (thinking): We canít be sure if theyíre connected or not butÖ
Adrienne (squeezing her shoulders): Itís likely.
Jasmine (shaking her head): This just keeps getting worse.

Alex (walking out of the bathroom): Whatís going on?
Jasmine (looking at her wife wrapped only in a towel): UmÖ

Adrienne (smacking her playfully): Stop drooling on the carpet.† (Looking at Alex) Tessaís mom was found yesterday morning by State Police.† Sheís dead Alex.

Alex (closing her eyes): Fuck.† Whoever is involved has got to be behind this.

Clara (typing something in): Definitely but we donít know for sure.† And to make matters worse Tessaís father hasnít been seenÖ

Alex (finishing): And her ex-husband is dead.† Coincidence I donít think so.† Let me get changed and Iím going to go through those reports again.† I must have missed a piece of information somewhere (walking into the bedroom.)
Clara (wondering): Is she..
Jasmine (nodding): Sheís taking this personal.† Tessa and Alex have always been very close.† Itís why sheís working so hard on this case.

Adrienne (pouring a cup of coffee): I just hope we get things solved soon.† Whoever is behind this isnít playing games.

Jasmine (nodding): I know.

Mt. Range SC

Richard (rolling the dead body down the stairs): Ok there ya go.† Now Iíve got the place to myself and I can start looking for that ungrateful daughter of mine.† (rubbing his hands together) a few looses strings here; a few cuts there and Iím home free (laughing evilly.)

Cabin Mt. Range SC

Brennan (shifting to pull Tessa closer): You feel good right here.

Tessa (kissing her softly): So do you (admiring the lank body beneath her.)
They were cuddled up on together on the porch swing just enjoying the closeness of their relationship.

Brennan (kissing the top of her head): I enjoyed spending the day with youÖ

Tessa (looking up into light grey eyes): Even though all we did was talk andÖ

Brennan (shifting to ease up on the pressure on her ribs): Yes.† Before you, I would have had someone like you without thought of stopping or slowing down.† With you, you bring out the best in me.†

Tessa (moving slowly careful of her loverís injuries): Mmm.†† I bet I can bring out a lot of other things in you too.

Brennan (smirking): No, you donít pygmy.† I said slow and I meant it.†

Tessa (shifting so she could straddle Brennanís hip): You werenít going slow earlier and if the phone hadnít interrupted us, (Brennanís lips captured hers in a soul-stealing kiss and she felt strong hands move up her back.)

Brennan (panting): I just wantÖ

Tessa (pressing two fingers to her lips): I know.† I know.† By body is telling me go and my mind is saying take it slow.† And I never felt like this.† I never liked sex before you well just to well you know (trying not to blush.)

Brennan (cupping her face gently): Iím glad I can bring that out in you.† There is nothing wrong with loving someone and expressing it physically in any way.† Itís about trust and emotions.†

Tessa (turning her head at what sounded like gunfire off in the distance): Did youÖ

Brennan (nodding and sitting up stiffly): No oneís supposed to be up here.† This is private property and if they are hunting season isnít for another month or so.

Tessa (looking out in the distance): Iím sure itís just some kids goofing off (leaning back into Brennanís body as she wrapped her arms around her.)

Brennan (probably): But just in case we stay close to the cabin (her instincts were telling her it was more than just a couple of kids goofing off.)†

Tessa (turning and wrapping her arms around Brennanís neck): Or stay close to you (nipping her bottom lip.)

Brennan (smirking): Behave pygmy.

Tessa (laughing): Ok, for now.† Come on I did promise you my famous chicken.

Brennan (following her): That you did.† Do you need help (tensing as she heard what sounded like a scream.)

Tessa (wide eyed): What was that?
Brennan (not wanting to scare her): Probably just some kids (but her gut instinct was telling her different.† And she would be dammed if anyone or anything hurt Tessa what ever or whoever it was.)

...To Be Continued in Part 4...

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