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Something in the Water


DS Bauden & kd bard




I’d watched her the last two nights. Staring. Mesmerized. I’d been so enthralled by watching her, I ruined two shirts by spilling wine on them AND I knocked over a lamp walking away from the window.

It’s official.

I’m obsessed… and a stalker.

Not a stalker in the traditional sense, mind you; I would never hurt my neighbor. It’s just that… well, if she insists on coming outside naked to lounge in her hot tub, she needs to build a higher fence! I’m all for finding the inner nature in all of us… I just wasn’t ready to see it outside of my window! Now that I am, I want to pop some corn before the show starts.

She got her hot tub about a week ago and she even invited me over to try it out with her. If I were sure I could sit in a hot bath with my neighbor without trying to fuck her, I’d have done it in a heartbeat. There was no way in hell I could do that. I was more than attracted to her. She had such fire in her green eyes that they struck me down to the point of semi-speechlessness when she first talked to me.

"Hi, my name is Sarah. I just moved in next door and I want to introduce myself," she said with a small smile.

I swallowed a few times before I could answer. "Hi, Sarah, I’m Tara. Try saying that ten times fast," I nervously said with a chuckle.

We stared at each other for several uncomfortable moments. I didn’t know what to say without sounding like a total dork. She was looking at me like I was a total dork. Okay, a cute dork. She kept smiling at me, not helping my situation at all. Her smile was like salve on a wound. It melted my soul.

She broke the silence first. "So, have you lived here long?" she asked quietly.

"I’ve lived here all my life. This was my parents’ house and my childhood home. I can’t imagine not living here."

Silence struck again. I couldn’t believe I couldn’t say anything! My mouth was stuck on pause and I couldn’t find the play button. I think she could tell I wasn’t in my right frame of mind, because she let me off the hook.

"Well, Tara, it’s great to meet a friendly neighbor. Feel free to drop in anytime."

I mutely smiled and nodded my head as I turned around and walked back to my house. I swear I heard her giggling at me.

That was over three months ago.

I’d seen her friends come and go, but most importantly, I’d seen him. That’s when I knew I needed to keep my distance. They were close… anyone could see that. They hugged a lot, they laughed a lot, and they both seemed to touch a lot when they spoke to each other. I don’t know if you could call it love, but they were definitely close.

Which is why I stayed away. I knew that she’d see the desire in my eyes if I looked too long. Hell, I could see it in the mirror when I thought about her. The temptation was just too great, and I knew from experience, that if I were too close to her, I’d make a move on her. I had about as much control over my libido as I did over how often I breathed.

Nada. Zero. Zip.

They tell me lust is a natural thing that fades with time. Sometimes I felt there weren’t enough watches to pass the time until this ache went away. I wanted her so badly I could almost taste her. It was bad enough when I would catch glimpses of her from day to day, here and there, but now she bathed outside, naked as a jaybird.

Some women are just plain evil.

She was due to come out anytime now. She had come outside around nine the last couple of nights, so maybe it’s her bewitching hour. I knew it had become mine.

I was about to leave my perch, when I heard her screen door open and close. I swallowed loudly waiting to see her once again. I could feel the tremors in my stomach begin as I saw her stroll across the deck towards her tub. Tonight was a bit different though, she was…


I couldn’t believe my eyes. It was almost a relief to see that she wasn’t naked. I’d just about come to the end of my mental rope. I was ready to slide down the phone wires into her backyard just to be near her naked splendor.

She was throwing what looked like bath salts into the tub. She turned on the jets and watched as the salts were mixed into the water. Maybe tonight would be different. Perhaps God was taking pity on me tonight.

Well if He was, it was only a momentary lapse, because she started to undress right there on the deck.

Oh, mercy, mercy me!

She raised her arms and stretched before lifting her tank top over her head. Her beautiful breasts were released into the night air. The flesh puckered as the wind caressed her. I saw her head turn slightly towards me as if she were subtly trying to look for my silhouette in the window. It suddenly dawned on me that I’d forgotten how to breathe.

Did she want me to watch her?

She lightly rubbed her breasts with her hands as she swayed her hips in the moonlight. The wind blew through her auburn, shoulder length hair as she tilted her head back to enjoy the breeze. I knew my mouth was open, but I could do nothing to close it. I had found my Nirvana, and she lived next door.

She tucked her fingers into the waist of her drawstring shorts and slowly pushed them down her thighs. The sway of her hips continued to hypnotize me with their provocative swing. She pulled her legs from the shorts first one then the other, finally leaving her body exposed and unadulterated… all for me.

When she turned her head my way again, I quickly ducked from the window, moving so fast that I bumped into my sofa, sending my cat ass over teacup onto the floor. The look I got told me to expect something nasty under my pillow.

It was a small price to pay.

Crawling back to the window, I inched my head above the sill. She turned on the lights to the tub and glided effortlessly into the water.

The look of pure bliss on her face as she rested her head against the foam pillow almost made me come. This woman was clearly going to be the death of me.


She sat facing me and I knew I had to be careful when I watched her if I didn’t want to be spotted. If she saw me it would be embarrassing for the both of us. Hell, she could call the police on me for being a childish, sexually frustrated peeping Tom.

Jesus, how old am I? If I want to watch naked women, I should go to the fucking video store and rent a porno film!

I had almost convinced myself to close the shades when she began to massage her breasts again. I couldn’t tear myself away. This time she was pinching her nipples vigorously. A jolt of desire shot directly to my groin. I felt my thighs tighten, sending waves of pleasurable sensations through my body. I heard her moan over the motor of the jets through the open window. I’d never heard such a sound in my life. My heart rate was soaring and my hands began to tremble.

Twenty yards had never seemed so close and yet so far. It was a paradox in my head. I wanted it to be far away so I could watch as she pleasured herself unabashedly, but then again, I wanted it to be close so I could actually touch her body myself. She tortured me with her actions for a few moments before one of her hands snaked below the bubbling water. I didn’t need a clue to know where it went.

Her head came off the padded pillow for a brief second as her eyes shut and her mouth opened slightly. Her hand was where I wanted to be. I wanted to be that hand more than anything in the world at the moment. She continued to tug at her nipple as she stroked herself. She made beautiful music with herself as I watched shamelessly from my window. I could feel the pane of glass against my forehead as I watched her. There was probably fog on the glass under my nose, but I wasn’t about to take my eyes off her to find out.

Who said sex wasn’t a spectator sport? Some freak that didn’t have my view, that’s who.

She played with herself - and with me - for several minutes. My hand made its way under my shorts and underwear and had started to stroke my need insistently. I watched as her body began to create waves… the thrusts of her hips causing the water to cascade over the sides of the tub. I could tell that she was close to orgasm. Even though I’d never been with her physically, I’ve seen enough in my day to know that look of utter ecstasy.

I clung to my sill with bated breath watching her take herself to someplace wonderful. A place I was going to visit in about two seconds. She looked like she was just about there when her head shot up and our eyes locked. She came hard and before I knew it, I was right there with her. We watched each other release. My eyes closed and I could no longer contain the moans that were bottled inside of me. My body spasmed for a few moments as I breathed hard against the glass, fogging my window. I was afraid to open my eyes not knowing what was going to happen. I knew she had seen me - and that I had seen her.

I slowly opened my eyes to find her gone.


I immediately took my hand out of my shorts and drew the shades. I began to pace frantically on wobbly legs around my living room. I was waiting to hear my doorbell ring, knowing it was the police on the other side. I turned immediately to my front door when I heard a knock.

Well, I was close…

Do I open the door only to get arrested? They could easily come in with a warrant.


The knock sounded again and I began to sweat profusely until I heard a soft voice.

"I know you’re in there," it said.

It was her!


Do I jump out the window? It would be a fitting death, no? The same window that got me in this predicament in the first place.

I heard my doorknob turn and watched as the door slowly opened. My eyes widened, partly in fear and partly in surprise that she would come in uninvited.

Like YOU didn’t break every privacy law tonight.

She stepped over the threshold and our eyes met again. She closed the door and leaned against it, eyeing me the entire time. I felt my stomach do its hundredth flip as I released a much needed breath. We were only a few feet apart. I waited to see what she was going to do next.

I didn’t have to wait long.

She lunged at me and harshly kissed my lips, pressing her towel clad body against mine in a feverish dance. Her hands were in my hair, fingering my scalp and neck sensually. My knees grew weak when her tongue entered my mouth. Our tongues danced at a delirious rate. My arms found their way around her wet body and the towel gracelessly fell to the floor. She moaned into my mouth as her naked hips pressed against mine.

I felt her hands tug at my shirt and it was off before I could pretend to protest. She found my breasts and began to mirror what she’d done to herself only a few short moments ago.

God, was that tonight?

My mind was racing, not believing that she was actually here... and doing to me all the things I’d watched her do to herself. I felt my shorts and underwear fall to my feet and I kicked them away before I tripped on them. Her fingers were working magic on my nipples and I felt my desire brimming once again.

Her mouth was relentless. She nipped and sucked every part of my mouth and lips, raising my arousal meter to brand new heights.

"God, I want you," I panted.

"Shh…" Her lips covered mine roughly, stopping any conversation before it could start.

"But…" I attempted again only to have my protests stifled with a moan after her hand found purchase between my thighs.






"Oh my god! Oh my god! Oh my god!" I exclaimed, suddenly shooting upright in bed. I looked around the room, trying desperately to orient myself to my surroundings. The time on the clock illuminated 5:15 a.m.

The damp feeling between my legs immediately brought to mind the carnal pleasure I had just experienced at Sarah’s hands.


"Shit!" I frantically searched the bed for the beautiful temptress who had lured me to self-fulfillment earlier in the evening.

"Where did she go?"

Climbing out of bed, I went directly to the window and looked at the house next door. It was cast in total darkness. I frowned as I turned around and leaned my backside against the windowsill, staring hard at the floor, trying desperately to recreate the events of the evening.

Sarah had caught me looking at her from her living room window… watching as she pleasured herself in the hot tub. She had me writhing in sexual agony as I wished I was the water that enveloped the beautiful creature, entering every intimate crevice, and caressing the creamy expanse of skin that covered her shapely body. At the moment of orgasm, our eyes locked… and like a fool, I panicked.

What happened next was totally beyond all my expectations. Sarah marched her sexy little butt right up to my apartment and seduced me! Seduced me body and soul… tearing off my clothes and taking me — right there in my own living room!

Tearing my clothes off…. "Hey! Wait a minute!"

I looked down to see I was wearing a T-shirt and boxer shorts.

"I have clothes on! How….? What…? I should be naked!" I said to my cat, who just looked at me as though I had a third eye in the middle of my forehead.

Sprinting across the bedroom, I ran into the living room to the very spot Sarah had seduced me — expecting to find my shirt, shorts and panties still on the floor.

They were nowhere to be found.

"What the hell?"

I then ran to the bathroom to check the clothes hamper.

"Damn! Where are they?" I asked no one in particular when I didn’t find the clothes I had worn the day before. "Where the hell can they be?"

I searched everywhere, until I finally found them in the clothes dryer. I was really bummed out and confused as I threw the clothes on top of the dryer and returned to the living room.

"Now, how did they get in there? Heck, I was wearing them last night when she tore them off me. I certainly didn’t do it! The last thing I would do in the middle of hot monkey sex is take time to do my laundry! I can see it now… ‘Hold it right there chickie-poo… I just gotta pick up these clothes that you ripped off my body in a fit of sexual passion, and put them into the washing machine. Now don’t move a muscle….. I’ll be right back!.’ Hell no! Martha Stewart I ain’t!… especially when I have the hottest babe in town waiting to do the Nasty with me!"

I was stumped. Not only had they been washed, but someone put them into the dryer as well!

"Am I losing my mind?" I asked the cat.

"Mewwww," was all that blasted cat would say, arching its back in a blatant demand for attention.

The cat rolled over and demanded to have its stomach scratched.

I smiled. "You remind me of myself, you little heathen. I’d roll over and let Sarah scratch my tummy any day. Hell, she could scratch a few other things while she’s at it!" I laughed at my own remark before my thoughts returned to the predicament at hand.

Running my hands through my hair, I walked over to the mirror on the wall and looked at myself. "Get a grip, Tara! Ain’t no way Sarah’s gonna want a head case for a girlfriend!"

Whoa! Where did that come from? What would make me think Sarah was looking for a girlfriend? Hell, I wasn’t even sure I wanted a girlfriend! But then…. last night…. it did happen — didn’t it?

Looking up once more, I stared at my reflection for long moments, thinking that I wasn’t such a bad looker…. so why not? Why wouldn’t Sarah want me as a girlfriend?

Maybe because of him?

"Oh, Man!" I really hate it when memory pays me a visit. I had tried very hard to forget there was a "him" in the picture.

"Who the hell is this guy anyway?"

Receiving no answer, I made a move to turn away from the mirror when I noticed a mark on my neck. My eyes widened as I leaned in and pulled the collar of my T-shirt down for a better view.

"Holy Shit! Is that a hickey?"

After several moments of examination, I convinced myself that it was indeed a hickey. Grinning ear to ear, my heart soared as I realized what this meant.

"Oh yeah! I’m good! Tara… you’re such a lady killer!" I have such a big head sometimes, I have trouble finding hats that fit!

After a moment or two of staring at myself, the grin faded. I just wish I could remember what happened after she tore my clothes off!

"Oh well… at least I have this trophy to show for it!" I remarked, looking again at the hickey on my neck.

Walking over to the window once more, I looked across the fence at Sarah’s house and this time I noticed a light was on in her kitchen.

"Cool! She’s up already, heathen! I wonder if she’d like to go to breakfast?" Not waiting for the cat to answer, I headed to the bathroom, tearing off my T-shirt and boxers along the way. Somehow, tearing my own clothes off definitely did NOT have the same effect as Sarah doing it! Gingerly, I stepped under the warm spray of the shower.

As I stood there allowing the stinging streams of water to bombard my skin, I thought again of another feminine form drenched in warm liquid. I closed my eyes and imagined once more that I was the water in Sarah’s hot tub… swirling in and out around Sarah’s limbs, peaking into her navel, flowing across her taut abdomen, squeezing between firm buttocks, and finally entering the warm, moist cavern of her womanhood. I imagined being able to totally invade the woman’s most inner crevices, finding myself totally inside this creature that could bring me to orgasm with a simple glance.

I felt myself shudder as my body reacted to these thoughts.

Pushing onward, I felt myself repeatedly sliding in and out of Sarah… the tide of emotions building in me as waves of desire became fierce, foaming whitecaps. My knees weakened as the fluidity of my being became the lubrication that coated the core of my beloved Sarah.

The tide rose in height until it finally crested and came crashing down over me, causing me to scream out my release… one hand aiding myself to fulfillment while clinging desperately to the shower wall with the other.

Finally, as the spasms subsided, I sank to my knees and allowed the shower to rain down upon me, surrounding me in liquid warmth that pulsated in time with the contractions of my own body.

"Sarah," I whispered softly as I regained my composure.

When it was over, I sat back in the tub and flicked the drain lever closed with my toe. Reaching forward, I closed the shower valve and filled the tub with the warm liquid. Laying back, I closed my eyes and allowed the water to rise around me, thinking how wonderful it was to be in love.

Bolting upright and splashing large quantities of water onto the floor, I grasped the side of the tub.

"No way!" I shouted into the room. "No fucking way am I in love! Shit! I don’t even know the woman!"

Sitting back in the tub, I allowed indignance to fill my mind. No damn way, Tara. All you want is a hot piece of ass… nothing more! Don’t even go there, girlfriend! No way are you going to give up your independence. From the looks of the mark on your neck, you had a really good time last night. That’s all this is with Sarah… just a good time.

Satisfied that I had talked myself out of an emotional entanglement, I quickly bathed, then climbed out of the tub.

Within moments, I had toweled dry and headed to the bedroom to don a pair of cut offs and a midriff tank top. After blow-drying my long dark hair until it shone, I slipped on a pair of sandals and headed out the door, glancing at the clock along the way. 7:50 a.m.

I stood on my front porch for an eternity, trying to summon the nerve to ask Sarah to breakfast. Several times I nearly turned around and went back into the house until I finally put my ass in gear and walked the thirty feet separating our front doors. Just before my knuckles met wood, the door swung open and she was there… and so was he.

She was a little startled when she saw me.

"Oh! Hi, Tara!"

I was speechless. There she was, dressed in a robe, one arm around the waist of this…. this…. person I wanted so desperately to maim.

"Ah…. I’m sorry, Sarah. I thought…" I stammered as I slowly backed up, looking desperately for an escape.

"No! Tara… don’t go. I want you to meet Troy. Troy, this is Tara, my next door neighbor."

Troy reached out his hand in a friendly handshake. I can remember wanting to twist it behind his back until it snapped. Instead, I did the civil thing and offered my hand back.

"Nice to meet you, Troy."

I wanted to puke!

Troy turned to Sarah. "I gotta go." Then he moved one step closer to the open grave I was digging for him when he leaned in to place a gentle kiss on Sarah’s lips. "I’ll see ya later, okay?" he said, accepting the hug that followed.

Sarah smiled broadly at him. "Okay, sweetie. Have a great day."

"Thanks… oh — and it was nice meeting you too, Tara," he added, shaking my hand once more before heading for the car parked at the curb.

I couldn’t wait to go home and wash my hands.

I stood there, sick to my stomach as I watched Sarah blow kisses to Troy as he drove away.

An uncomfortable silence fell between us as I stood there, shuffling my weight from foot to foot.

Sarah broke the ice.

"Is there something I can do for you, Tara?"

I couldn’t believe what I was hearing! After the night we had shared? How could she treat me so casually?

"Ah… actually, I was wondering if you wanted to go out for breakfast, but I can see that you…"

"Oh… I’m sorry, Tara. I’ve already eaten. Maybe another time?"

I felt like someone had thrown a glass of ice water in my face. "Yeah… some other time," I replied as I backed up toward the stairs.

Have I mentioned that I am a klutz? Have I mentioned that if you look up the word "clumsy" in the dictionary, you’ll find my picture there? Well, I was some upset at Sarah’s apparent indifference, and not watching where I was going, I backed right off the top step and tumbled to a heap at the bottom!

"Miss Grace" I ain’t!





What the hell was I thinking? Why would I think that she’d want breakfast with me, having Mr. Wonderful in her kitchen? Without looking back, I ran towards my house faster than an American with Montezuma’s revenge. I was confused, disoriented and… oh, for the love of God, I was aroused again.


Seeing her in her bathrobe brought back all the sensations I was trying to rid myself of this morning. She was evil incarnate and she would be the death of me.

Of this I was sure.

As I walked into the house, my toe caught on the threshold, sending me head first into the hall closet.


I struggled to my feet and turned to slam the front door. It would’ve been a great dramatic ending to an awful morning if I had remembered to remove my fingers first! No such luck.


After tending to my wound, I sat at my kitchen table and wondered about the events of the last 12 hours. "Is this all in my head? Did I not have hot monkey sex with Sarah last night?" I pounded my head against the table several times, groaning loudly. I decided to go back to bed since I had the day off.

"Rest… yes… that’s what I need. Rest…" My mantra became louder with each step I took towards my bed.

My bed. Where I’d had sex with Sarah only a few hours ago. That is if this really is my bed. Is this really my house? Who’s life is this anyway? I mentally slapped myself, at least I thought it was mental until a sharp pain came from my cheek.

"This is ridiculous! I’m living an episode of the fucking Twilight Zone!" I screamed to no one. "Rod Serling, if you are under this bed, I swear to God I won’t be responsible for my actions!" I looked under the bed, happily finding no one. I felt like pulling my hair out.

Collapsing on the bed in frustration, I wrapped my hands behind my head and under my pillow. Staring at the ceiling, I was reminded of how tired I truly was. I closed my eyes and drifted off into a restless slumber.




Waking up, I rolled over to catch a glance at my clock. It was already after 4 o’clock.

Nice nap, Tara! You’ve wasted almost your entire day in bed.


My feet hit the floor and I made my way to the bathroom. After using the facilities, I brushed the sweaters off my teeth and washed my face. Looking into the mirror, I realized I had to do something about Sarah.

How could she have forgotten our night together? I know it’s not completely clear in my own head, but I know it happened.

"I’m just gonna go back over there and find out what the hell is going on. That is the only way I’ll be able to let this go," I coached myself. "Yeah, that’s it… as soon as I get something to eat!"

I decided to make myself a sandwich and attempted to relax on the couch. I watched stupid talk shows on television while I ate, and wondered what happened to intelligent people around the world. It seemed you could only get your story on TV when you lived in a trailer park and slept with your relatives… or you’d had numerous children with a daddy lottery.

Pathetic. What was worse? I had watched it.

I am pathetic.

Getting up, I looked out the window. I noticed that Sarah’s house was dark. That meant that I had to wait to talk to her.

"Dammit! I don’t know how much longer I can take this!"

Watching her house like the stalker I was, I saw her car pull into her driveway. Her car went into the garage and then I watched the door close. I tried to determine if thirty seconds was enough time for her to get settled before I came over and demanded an explanation. I knew I was being irrational, but hell, this whole situation was lacking logic!

Seeing her kitchen light go on, I ventured over to her house. My nerves had kicked in big time. I had sweaty palms like no one’s business. Rubbing my hands down my shorts again, I rang Sarah’s doorbell. Waiting for a couple minutes, I rang it again when she didn’t come to the door.

"What the hell are you doing? I know you’re home," I muttered to myself.

The gate leading to her backyard was on the other side of the garage, so I walked towards the fence to see if she’d gone outside. I heard her moving around in the back so I knocked on the fence.

"Sarah? Can I come over?" I shouted over the six-foot fence.

Not hearing anything but the blower from the hot tub, I shouted again.

"Sarah! Can you hear me? It’s Tara!"

You know, the woman who’s obsessed with you? Remember me? I’m the one you got all sweaty and naked with last night.

I couldn’t stop myself from bantering with… well myself, so I decided that desperate situations called for desperate measures. There was no handle to the gate (for security, of course!) so I started to climb the fence. Grabbing onto two pickets on top of the fence, I pulled myself up while using the wall of the garage for support. Lifting one foot onto the garage windowsill, I managed to maneuver my other leg over the fence.

"Ow! Ow! Ow!" I said, as my crotch rested between the two pickets I was holding. "This is fucking ridiculous!"

My hands and arms started to ache from holding up my body weight, and I began to fall forward. My leg on the garage window moved forward with my body, catching the leg of my shorts on the fence.

"Oh shit! This is NOT gonna be pretty!"

I screamed while freefalling to the ground, my shorts ripping entirely from hem to ass. Landing awkwardly on my foot, my ankle turned the wrong way, sending jolts of pain throughout my body.


Sarah came bursting out of her house when she heard me fall. Sure, she heard that!

"Tara! What happened?" she cried, looking down at my crumpled form, and then at the fence. "Did you climb over the fence?"

"I think the phrase you were searching for was attempting to climb the fence," I said, groaning in pain. "Falling was what I actually accomplished."

"Oh my God! Here, let me help you up." Sarah grabbed hold of my forearms and helped me to stand on my good foot. Hobbling over to the steps of the hot tub, I managed to sit down with Sarah’s help.

"Are you okay?" she asked with her green eyes boring into my own. My breath caught with her being so close. Clearing my throat I managed to answer, "Yeah, I’m fine. My ankle hurts like a bitch though."

"Let me take a look at it," she said gently, taking off my tennis shoes and socks. "Oh, hey, it doesn’t look that bad," she said, comparing my two feet. She rotated my foot gently to show me it wasn’t broken. "I think you just landed wrong and strained it a bit."

"Thanks, doc. So, you think I’ll live?" I replied sarcastically.

"Yep, you’ll be fine. You know… I was just going to take a soak, why don’t you join me? It might feel good to loosen it up in the hot water."

I know I gulped audibly. I could feel the lump go down my throat as I swallowed. "I don’t know, Sarah…"

"Here, just sit on the edge and put your feet in." She patted the edge in question and smiled invitingly.

That couldn’t hurt. Right?

"Ok, that doesn’t sound too bad, actually," I smiled in response.

"Great, I’ll get some of the salts I used last night. They are so wonderful. They smell like jasmine and something I just can’t put my finger on. I’ll be right back." She opened the backdoor leading into her kitchen and went off to fetch the bath salts.

Ha! I was right! They were bath salts!

Sarah came out holding the jar in her hand and smiling. Putting it down on the edge of the tub, she came over to help me up. She helped me to get situated on the side of the tub then I sunk my feet into the heavenly water.

"Mmmm, this feels great. Good idea, Sarah," I purred. My toes wiggled happily under the water and I slowly rotated my injured foot, grimacing slightly.

Sarah opened the jar of salts and poured a generous amount into the water. Sniffing as she stirred the water with her arms and hands, she looked over at me. "Don’t they smell great?" she asked, continuing to lean over the side to mix the water.

I took a deep breath and decided that yes, they did indeed smell wonderful. Closing my eyes briefly, I inhaled more of the scents coming from the water. When I opened my eyes, I felt… strangely intoxicated.

I felt…

I felt… oh Christ, I was aroused.


What was with my libido and this woman?

Sarah began to churn the water faster with her arms. She was letting the water splash all over her chest and shoulders. Her eyes were closed as she sluiced the water, moaning softly as she went. My legs closed involuntarily once I heard the sounds she was making. I had to try to ward off my sexual urges. They were out of control at this moment.

Her eyes opened and immediately sought out my own. Once they met, I noticed hers had a decisively amorous glint to them. I couldn’t look away if I wanted to. The sexual magnetism was too intense! In one swift motion she lifted her shirt over her head. My eyes grew wide once I saw her breasts swaying from side to side.

"You like?" she asked saucily.

I nodded dumbly, watching her hands move behind the tub out of my line of vision. I had a clue of what she was doing. My guess was confirmed when she swung her naked body over the side of the tub and into the water. She came at me like a predator. Stealthily, she waded through the water separating us.

Three steps and she was in front of me. I sat muted, feeling her hands open my legs slowly, walking in between them. She took the hem of my shorts and ripped it wide-open, revealing even more of myself to her.

"You are such a gorgeous creature, Tara," she whispered, tugging on the edge of my shirt. "Take this off."

My head was spinning from the intense desire running through me. I lifted my shirt over my head, leaving me topless with tattered shorts. Her fingertips ran up and down my breasts and stomach, wreaking havoc on my system. My nipples were aching to be touched. She leaned closer and cupped my face with her hands. Our mouths were a mere breadth apart.

"God, I want you," she pleaded before her lips crushed against my own. I responded immediately, sending my tongue deep into her mouth. Feeling myself slide into the water, I pulled her even closer to me. All thoughts of my ankle faded as her naked body pressed against me.

Breaking apart, she opened the closures of my shorts and went under water to pull them completely off. Stepping happily out of the torn garment, I watched the water cascade down my goddess as she stood.

As smiled at her, her hands were all over me. My body hummed with pleasure as she kneaded the muscles of my ass.

"Oh, yeah…" I breathed out.

Our bodies moved together in the water, frantically rubbing against the other. I straddled her leg knowing my climb would be quick. I thrusted my sex onto her thigh and soon I was moaning her name as I crested.

Sarah wrapped her legs around my waist and straddled my stomach, grinding against me for all she was worth. Happily grabbing her ass with both hands, I helped her reach that point of no return.

She rested her forehead in the nook of my neck and shoulders, trying hard to breathe regularly again. Lifting her head from her spot, she looked up at me with the same fire in her eyes she had only a few moments ago.

"Let’s take this inside," she said, gesturing towards the house.

"Lead the way," I agreed, still feeling extremely light headed and excited as all hell.




Sarah slowly lifted herself from the water and sat on the edge of the tub while I gingerly gauged how my wounded ankle would support my weight. All I needed right now was for it to give out, sending me face first into the water. This was not the most opportune time to drown myself — not when I was this close to setting the world record for playing boink-ball with the bathing beauty before me!

After convincing myself I could walk, I slowly climbed out of the tub, then extended my hand to Sarah, who took it quite readily. Our eyes locked … flames of passion jumped between us as she lifted her shapely legs over the side of the tub. I looked down and watched sheets of water cascade across her thighs to the ground below, wanting desperately to lick away every drop of moisture with my tongue.

Time enough for that later…

Hand in hand, we walked toward the house, so absorbed in each other that I didn’t see the coiled garden hose laying a few feet away. Of course, I stepped right into the middle of it and immediately folded at her feet.

Sarah just stood there, leaning over me; her brow creased… confusion clearly written on her face.

"What the fuck is going on here?!"

Oh great! The boy-toy is back!

There we were… both of us soaked to the bone and naked… me lying on the ground, covered with grass and mud, my legs all askew, exposing my treasures to the world for all to see… Sarah leaning over me, naked breasts and erect nipples hanging within a tongue’s length of my mouth… and here comes Dick Fucking Tracy asking a question that a blind man could have answered.

"What the fuck is going on here?!"

I couldn’t believe he was asking it again as I worked furiously to free my legs from the green rubber snake coiled around them. Finally I freed myself of the beast, and struggled to my feet, fighting off the searing pain that had once again invaded my ankle.


She didn’t respond to my voice. She simply looked back and forth between Troy and me — clearly confused.

"Sarah… are you all right?"

Troy glared at me. "Maybe you should go home… now!" he said angrily as he possessively grabbed Sarah’s arm.

"Since when is your name on the fucking mailbox, asshole?" I heard myself ask.

Sarah became agitated by the angry exchange between fuck-face and myself. "Tara… it’s okay. Maybe you should go."

Have you ever met a person you disliked on sight?

Have you ever met someone with a face you wanted to punch as soon as you saw it?

Have you ever dealt with someone who had ‘asshole’ written in bold letters across their forehead?

Well… Troy was that someone… and at the moment, my fist ached to wipe the smug look off his face.

Instead of going with my primal urges, I chose to honor Sarah’s wishes and walked away… no, make that hobbled away, gathering what remained of my clothing (and my pride) from in and around the hot tub before heading home. I glanced over my shoulder as I retreated and saw Troy dragging Sarah into the house, desperately trying to put her shorts back on.

I was pissed! Royally!




I hobbled home as fast as I could and rushed directly to my window overlooking Sarah’s yard. I didn’t even bother changing out of the wet, tattered rags, which by then were barely hanging from my body.

"Just what was going on out there?" He was shouting at her again!

"I… I don’t know. I don’t remember?"

"Don’t give me that shit! You’re practically naked… and so was she!"

I couldn’t help but hear them arguing. While pacing back and forth in front of my window, I could see them through the patio door separating Sarah’s kitchen from her yard. Dick-head was shouting loud enough for the whole neighborhood to hear.

"Troy… I don’t remember. Honestly!"

"Are you a carpet munching dyke?"

I was stunned.

How can he ask her something like that? What an ignorant bastard! How is she supposed to answer…"No dear… I’m not a carpet munching dyke. I prefer ‘butch biter’, ‘bug chaser,’ ‘coochie cuddler’, ‘fist fucker," oh, and of course, lets not forget, ‘dildo diva.’ They sound so much nicer than ‘carpet munching dyke’… don’t cha think?"

What an asshole!

I suddenly saw Troy charge into the yard with Sarah right behind him. I slipped behind the curtain to avoid being seen. Nevertheless, Sarah knew I was there, as I saw her looking up nervously toward my window. I could see her approaching him in an apologetic way, reaching up to touch the side of his face tenderly.

She was playing right into his hands and I was suddenly sick to my stomach. I wanted to lean out the window and stop the charade.

No! You can’t be with him! You’re gay. No woman could respond to another woman as passionately as you have with me and NOT be gay!!! Don’t you see! You belong with ME — not him!

Suddenly it felt as if someone had punched me in the gut. I took a step back from the window and looked around my empty living room. Even the moron cat was nowhere to be seen.

"Tara, you’re losing it!" I told myself as that last declaration hit home. "How in hell did I manage to fall in love? Shit! She said she doesn’t even remember making love to me!"

"Troy, I am not gay. Let me prove it."

I was drawn back to the window by those words. Looking down into the yard, I watched as Sarah took jerk-boy’s hand and led him to the hot tub. I felt the life ebbing from me as I watched her remove his clothing piece by piece and help him into the tub. He had the skinniest ass I had ever seen!

I wanted nothing more than to do a swan dive right from my window into that tub and hold his head under water until his scrawny ass stopped writhing, putting an end to my misery. Instead, I stood and watched as Sarah dropped a handful of bath salts into the water. Our bath salts!

I felt betrayed. I wanted to die.

I heard Sarah tell him she’d be right back as she headed toward the house, only to return ten minutes later with a bottle of wine, two glasses, and an array of cheese and crackers which she placed on the edge of the tub.

Troy sat back, arms thrown over the sides of the tub, smiling smugly as he spared me a pathetic glance. He knew I was watching.

Die! Die! Die! My mind screamed over and over.

Sarah, already naked from the waist up, slipped off her shorts and panties and slowly lowered herself into the tub between Troy’s legs. My own legs became weak as waves of disgust washed over me.

I was sure I was going to be sick. I thought seriously about leaning out the window and letting it rip… all over lover-boy (Take that — puke head!), but I feared I might get it all over Sarah in the process.

Can’t have that!

So, I sucked it up and waited… and watched… and despaired over the scene playing out below.

The caresses began. Sarah’s slender fingertips trailed across his brow and over a stubbly chin; making their way slowly down his neck… across his shoulders… encircling his nipples before disappearing below the surface of the water. I would have had to be raised by mid-western bible-belt church goers not to know where her fingers were heading… and he was sitting there, enjoying every minute of the caresses that should have been mine.

I could hold the contents of my stomach no longer as I rushed to the bathroom, falling to my knees just in time to deposit my offering at the porcelain altar.

Sitting back on my heels, I tried to compose myself as I heard a loud shriek coming from Sarah’s yard. I was on my feet and at my post so fast the momentum almost sent me flying out the window.

Expecting the worse, and prepared to defend my lady’s honor, I observed the scene below.

I couldn’t believe my eyes… or my ears!

Sarah was standing in the hot tub… Stick-boy was standing too… and Sarah was laughing her ass off.

Unable to stop myself, I leaned out the window and yell, "Sarah… are you all right?"

Sarah looked up at me, the most brilliant and beautiful smile I have ever seen still on her face, and said between gulps of laughter…


My eyes fly open as I finally saw the object of her mirth (it was so small, it was VERY hard to see!)

"Oh My Fucking God!" was all I could say as Sarah pointed to the smallest, most shriveled up, wrinkly penis I had ever seen… all the while, continuing to laugh uncontrollably.


Needle-Dink-Boy, now very red with anger and embarrassment climbed out of the hot tub, collected his clothes and stomped into the house.

Sarah looked up at me with the same beautiful smile, and our eyes lock in mutual realization as we heard the squeal of tires. Boy toy had left the premises.

Without breaking eye contact, Sarah slowly lowered herself back into the tub. Extending her right arm in my direction, she pointed, then crooked her finger at me.

"Come here, lover," is all I heard.




I was out the door in a flash, taking the stairs to the first floor two at time… totally missing the last four steps, and falling flat on my face — again… this time with my bare ass and tits flopping in the breeze.

Come hell or high water… broken bones or not, I was not going to let anything stop me from reaching Sarah — which I did in record time.

By the time I reached the tub, I wasn’t sure which was hotter — the water or Sarah… but I aimed to find out. I nearly dove head first into the water, surfacing in front of my lady and immediately claimed her mouth, thrusting my tongue deep inside.

Now let me tell you — I’m a HUGE fan of face sucking — especially with someone like Sarah. However, not wanting to pass out from lack of oxygen (and subsequently miss out on all the fun), I forced myself to end our sensuous lip lock and to move on to other things — specifically, Sarah’s neck.

She in turn responded by savagely biting into my neck, causing me to shudder with desire.

Is this how the mysterious hickey appeared on my neck yesterday? I wondered.

Suddenly, I recalled Sarah’s words to boy-toy when he asked her what was going on between them… "I… I don’t know. I don’t remember!"

Wanting Sarah more than anything I had ever wanted in my entire life… but wanting her on honest, sincere terms, I pushed myself back and held her an arm’s length away.

"Sarah, you said you don’t remember making love to me before Troy appeared. Is that true?"

Sarah had a confused look on her face. Confusion mixed with passion… Damn! I wish this could have waited until later, but….

"I don’t remember telling him that," she said.

Now I was the one who was confused. "Sarah… honey — I heard you say that to Troy. Sweetie — how could you forget. The hot tub… the bath salts… the… WAIT! The bath salts!"

I quickly moved to the side of the tub and reached over the edge for the jar of salts I knew would be there. I picked it up and carefully read the label out loud.

"Essence of Orgy Bath Salts. Is that ‘someone special’ avoiding you? Do you desperately want to jump their bones but they refuse to stand still? Then this is the product for you! Drive your lover wild with desire. Just mix one handful in a tub of water and jump right in. Guaranteed to work with no residual memory."

I couldn’t believe what I was reading. No wonder she doesn’t remember! Wonky bath salts! They put her under a spell! Shit! Shit! Shit! And here, I thought she loved me! Damn!

I put the jar of bath salts aside and looked sadly at Sarah. To my surprise, she was sitting on the other side of the tub with a big smile on her face.

"Why are you smiling? Do you think I’m some toy you can play with? I really thought when you called me down here that you loved me… that you wanted me. And now I find out it’s all a ruse… wonky bath salts… It was SOMETHING IN THE WATER that made you want to love me. You were under a spell. I can’t believe it!"

She was still smiling! What was up with that?

I was sitting back in the tub, as far away from her as I could get and still be in the tub as I watched her reach over the opposite side, reaching for something beyond my vision.

"Here. This is what I put in the tub when Troy got in. Epsom salts… nothing magic about them," she said, tossing the jar to me.

"Epsom salts? But… but… I don’t understand."

"Tara… don’t you see? Last night and this morning, I put bath salts in the water and yes — I don’t remember making love to you… yes, I was under a spell. But right here, right now… this is different. The last thing I put in here was Epsom salts. Troy complained this morning about throwing his back out, so I put Epsom salts in the water to soothe his wounds."

Placing the Epsom salts back on the ground, Sarah made her way over to me. She held my face between her hands.

"When Troy accused us of being together, it shocked me — but at the same time, it sent this irrepressible jolt of desire straight to my core. It scared me… I tried to deny it. I thought seducing Troy would chase it away — but it didn’t! Tara, I don’t know what it is about you that attracts me so, but I certainly want to find out."

"Are you sure, Sarah?"

"Abso-fuckin-lutely! Now make love to me… or do you need ‘something in the water’ to help you out?"

"The only thing I need in the water is you, love… only you!"




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