Third Annual Halloween Invitational

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Halloween 2001
Halloween 2002

This year's theme is courtesy of Nene Adams. Vampires, Bacchae, and bats - Oh MY!


Halloween 2003

The Matter with Primes [unfinished] by Crème Brûlée

And Then There Was Darkness... by Red

Beyond Sight by Linda Crist

The Birthday Gift by L.M. Townshend

Blood Bond by Bacchae Bunny

Dark Springs by Meghan O'Brien

Falling Into Grace by Jessica Casavant

The Fangs of Academe by Vivian Darkbloom

Interview with a Slayer by S. Lee

The Invitation by Zuke

Lift by A.H. Ladis

Lily White by Nene Adams

Love Bites by Alex D. Taggart

Love Lies Bleeding by Lariel

A Monster Bash by TaraKerry

Movietime by Anais

The Price I Paid by Mavis Applewater

Real Vampires by Phantom Bard

Reality Check by Idryth

Reflections of a Vampire by Rabster

School Day by Jessica Casavant

The Stuff Legends Are Made Of by Lynn Ames

The Title Needs Some Work by Jenah

Vampires and Angels by Alex Tryst

Vampire for Hire by Kim Pritekel

Vampires, Mummies and the Holy Ghost by Ali Vali

v a r d o u l a c h a by angharad governal removed by author's request

Walking After Midnight by Lois C. Hart

Well Met by Moonlight by Nene Adams