Halloween 2004

Spooky holiday offerings from some of the best writers anywhere!

Bewitched by Blayne Cooper and SX Meagher

Trick or Trick by Anais

Postscript by Lois Clorec Hart

The Other Side by Devize

Nukekubi - Floating Head by Nene Adams A Kwaidan Story

Soul Cakes by Lariel

A Nice Trip by Tara Kerry

The Eve by Gerri Hill

Never Leave Me by Jane Fletcher

Rituals by Texbard

Things That Terrify Me the Most by Ali Vali

Truths by Idryth

One by One by Zuke B.

The Cycle by Patty S.

The Forgotten by Mavis

The Nature of the Beast by Insane Englishwoman

Blood Bond by D