I have a lot of fond memories of LJ Maas. In fact, I had contacted her about this invitational and she sounded excited. I think that she hadn't been writing much and was thrilled to have something to shoot for. I probably will never know if she finished...or even started, the story she said she had an idea for. I'm just happy that I had one last communication with her.

This Halloween Invitational is dedicated to the memory of LJ Maas.

LJ, may you rest in peace. You've brought a lot of of happiness to a lot of people.

You will be missed.

Welcome to the Fifth Annual Academy of Bards Halloween Invitational

We hope you enjoy our offerings.

We challenged the writers this year to put something about a full moon in their story. Other than a few comments from ...well they know who they are <g>...we've had some pretty good ideas. Thank you to the writers who have once again indulged us.

Sinister by Nene Adams

Why Do I Know You? by AJ Carr

Memories of the Heart by Ali Vali

The Note by Anais

Somewhere in the Night by D

Regolith by Dabkey

Boo! by Missy Good

Xena and Gabrielle and The Terrifying Mystery of The Darkness by Julia Noel Goldman aka Xena's Little Bitch

Zeiko Place by Gerri Hill

Once in a Blue Moon by Insane EnglishWoman [unfinished]

Widowmaker by Jane Fletcher

Ghostly Gallivanting by Idryth

A Beautiful Moon Tonight by Jenah Watson

Riding on the Cusp of the Moon by K. Darblyne

Full Moon by Kim Pritekel

Masterpiece by Lariel

Beyond and Begone by Lois C. Hart

Bleeders Moon by Lois Kay

The Cut by Patty S.

Spirit of the Moon by Rab

Paradise Island by SX Meagher

Possession by Zee