The Royal Academy of Bards presents the 7th Annual Halloween Invitational


Aurelia - The Halloween Hunter’s Guide to Trick-or-Treating Tots, Ambling Apparitions And Porta-Potties

the Bard of New Mexico - Bones Jones

the Bard of New Mexico - The Game

D - Beloved...Immortal

Ernie Whiting - Writer's Block

filfil - Transmutation

Geonn - Thrall

Insane Englishwoman - Once in a Blue Moon 3 (continued from 2005 Halloween)

JM Dragon - The Boar's Head Inn

Kamouraskan - City of Ghosts

Kim Pritekel - The Black Pussy Cat

Lariel - A Night at the Circus

Lois Cloarec Hart - No One

Lois Kay - Waking the Dead

L.M. Townsend - Atomostoktenos

Mickey Minner - Halloween 2007

Missy Good - Just Another Harvest Festival

Nene Adams - Remembrance Never Dies

Sassette - Nothing Scarier Than Love

Susan X Meagher - In Costume

Texbard - A Wish to Build a Dream On

Zee and Windstar - Chance


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