Academy of Bards 2009 Halloween Invitational


Casey Rocks
Del Robertson
Shadowdripping blood
Ian Hayes
dripping bloodMickey Minner - Halloween 2009
Lois Kay - Knock Knock
Kate Sweeney - I'll Be Seeing You
Windstar and Zee - Zoya
darandkerry - Murder Most Foul
dripping bloodDJ Belt - A 'Mel and Jan Halloween Story
Lois Cloarec Hart - Horror to Hope
Nene Adams - And The Dead Shall Speak
L. M. Townsend-Crow - Gaian
Texbard - Peril on the Pearl
Ernie Whiting - Celebratio Interruptus
Lariel ~Spring-Heeled Jack~
Sparky and Windstar - Snafu
SX Meagher - Roxie's Revenge
Geonn Cannon - The Sponsor
Insane Englishwoman - Ergo Sum
Will You Wait For Me? - The Bard of New Mexico
dripping blood

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