The Royal Academy Of Bards 2015 Halloween Invitational



Verrath - Who's Jack?

Texbard - Tricks

Silverwriter01 - Murders Of The One Hundred

Del Robertson - All The Ghouls I've Loved

Norsebard - Subliminal

Norsebard - The Final Hour

Mickey Minner - A Step Into The Past

Lariel - The Whispering

KMorgan - My Halloween Treat

Trish Kocialski - When Things Go Bump In The Night

Fingersmith - Attic Space

Colleen - Zoo Boo

CaseyROCKS - S'More Or Less

Geonn Cannon - Hear The Sirens Singing

D. J. Belt - The Strange Case Of Charity Bartlett

Aurelia - A Dire Dilemma



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