The Bard of New Mexico - This Fleeting Life

Mickey Minner - Love's Strength

D.J. Belt - The Great Halloween Cat Revolt

Kim Pritekel - Smells Like Death

Norsebard - Echoes of Lady Kirstine

When Charlotte Willumsen moved into her new home, she never expected that her first Halloween there would be disrupted by a hyperactive poltergeist - nor that she and the apparition behind the supernatural occurrences would engage in a friendly conversation over the course of the witching hour…

Maniacal Shen - Lure

Was there glass? A coin? Something was catching the light, somehow, between the fronds. Gabrielle sees something interesting at the bottom of a pond, but the water has unknowable depths.

Norsebard - The Hellbeast of Rattler Gulch

It seems it just can't be Halloween in Goldsboro, Nevada, without a little supernatural action. Once again, Wynne 'The Last Original Cowpoke' Donohue and Sheriff Mandy Jalinski must confront an unexplainable and potentially devastating foe: the mythical Hellbeast of Rattler Gulch. But do Wynne & Mandy really have all the facts this time?

Phineas Redux - Ghosts At Rotham's Inn

An author in search of peace and quiet instead encounters a number of disquieting disturbances to his personal harmony.

Norsebard - Trial Run

Urgent: 10-31-2057 -- St. Rotherford Federal Penitentiary -- Details: Attempted breakout by prisoner six-six-four-two (Leighton, Ronald J.) assisted by infirmary nurse zero-two-eight (Barstowe, Jonathan) -- Orders: Monitor breakout attempt. Extrapolate new knowledge where possible. Terminate with extreme prejudice when necessary -- Ends // Welcome to the future. Welcome to St. Rotherford. Welcome to Hell on Earth…

M.S. Wilson - Spirits in the Material World

This story takes place between Seasons 2 and 3, after A Comedy of Eros. (In other words, after Xena and Gabi have started having feelings for each other, but before the Rift comes along to knock things off the rails.) I used the Eleusenian Mysteries (a real life festival celebrated late in the year) as a starting point and moved on to Sisyphus's castle, reasoning that its traps and trickery made it resemble a haunted house. Of course that doesn't necessarily mean Sisyphus is the villain of the piece; after all, this is a Halloween story, so things may not be what they seem ...

Phineas Redux - The Palgrave's End Affair

Periwinkle ‘Peri’ MacIntyre and her lover Maude Clarke are investigators of the Supernatural in 1880’s England.

Phineas Redux - The Seven Stars Massacre

Two police officers investigate a wholesale slaughter at a country house on the south coast of Cornwall, in 1903.


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