The Bard of New Mexico -A Grim Tale?

Mel makes a new friend, much to Janice's chagrim.

D.J. Belt - La Danse Macabre

Music is the language of the soul, it’s said. On Halloween night in a Romanian village, it’s the language of both the dead and the undead, as friends Lotte and Anna discover to their fascination and horror.

Norsebard -The Hearse

Irrational fear can be a killer. Laura Sorensen discovers that while driving home from a business trip. Tension mounts as a creepy hearse follows her every move on the freeway… or does it?  Could it all be in her mind?

Norsebard - Happy Halloween, Y'all

Halloween in and near Goldsboro, Nevada is just like every other day of the year: chaotic and weird. If it weren't for Jack O'Lanterns, outrageous costumes and bonfires in the desert, it might as well be January 31st. This time, the Last Original Cowpoke Wynne Donohue and her main squeeze Sheriff Mandy Jalinski must face a different kind of opponent to their usual supernatural foes - but the results are the same as always… chaotic and weird.

IseQween -Paw-Wing: A Mystery

Xena and Gabrielle undergo a uniquely wild, unsettling examination of their identities in the following submission to the 2023 Royal Academy of Bards Halloween Special Challenge.

Phineas Redux - The Canning House Ghoul

A 1930’s country house weekend party find themselves in the mire when a series of brutal deaths breaks out in the estate and surrounding neighborhood.

Phineas Redux - Laighburn Abbey

Periwinkle ‘Peri’ MacIntyre and her lover Maude Clarke are investigators of the Supernatural in 1880’s Britain. They visit an ancient Abbey and its nearby modern estate House, Cairncrag, to help in an esoteric and mysterious investigation; with significant appearances by Xena, Gabrielle, and Aphrodite.


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