Devine Desecration by Redhawk


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"You're so full of it, you're eyes are turning brown!" I exclaimed with a snort.

"I am not, Beth!" my friend snapped, looking away. "I know what I saw!" 

Rolling my eyes, I pulled to a stop at the sign and glanced at her. "C'mon, Chels. You can't believe you actually saw Satanists worshiping. This is Hope, Wyoming, for chrissakes! We're a thousand miles from anywhere!" A horn honked behind me and I drove through the intersection. 

Chelsea, jaw firm, stubbornly persisted. "Well, obviously nobody told them that."

"So, you're out walking the dog and just happen to stumble across a group of people holding some kind of ceremony in the middle of the woods?" I asked, still disbelieving. At her nod, I said, "All the other times you've been out there, you never saw this altar before?" 

She grumbled something in response but I could only hear the profanity. 

God, I love bugging her! "All right, all right," I said as I pulled into the store parking lot. "Prove it."

With a scornful expression, she said, "Prove it? What the hell does that mean? I don't know when they're supposed to be out there again." She shivered and looked away. "And frankly, I don't want to go out there. It was creepy."

"Oh, come on," I insisted, turning off the engine and turning to my best friend. "I heard on the weather last night that Halloween is supposed to have a full moon this year. What self respecting Satanist is going to pass that up, huh?"

Chelsea chewed her lip in concern. "I don't know, Beth," she finally said, shaking her head.

When she looked at me, I was shocked to see that she was really scared. Wow! "That's okay, Chels," I said with a reassuring smile. "I was just pulling your leg. I don't know that you saw Satanists, but you probably saw something."

She appeared simultaneously relieved and worried. "What should I do?" 

"You said the altar was in the woods. Either it's outside town property or it belongs to someone in the group. Not much you can do except stay away." I pocketed my car keys.

"That's the best suggestion yet," Chelsea muttered, unlatching her seat belt.

"Let's get to work." I made sure the car was locked before heading into the store. My mind was spinning with thoughts and ideas. It can't be far from Chelsea's place. How hard can it be to find that altar on my own...? 


Late afternoon sunlight filtered through the sparse canopy, illuminating the rock on which I was sitting. Despite the warmth soaking into my bones, the air was crisp with autumn. I rummaged in my daypack, glad I stuffed a thermos of coffee inside before leaving the house. 

After roaming around the woods for a couple of hours, I realized finding Chelsea's altar was going to be a bit more difficult than I had planned. The wilds of Hope, Wyoming weren't that wild and I was beginning to think Chels had been pulling my leg last week. After we'd gone to work that day, she'd refused to discuss it further. I assumed she was scared silly and didn't push.

I've been snookered.

Tonight was the full moon, Halloween. Still under the firm opinion that no Satanist would pass up the opportunity to ply his or her trade, I finished my coffee and put my thermos away. Shrugging into the pack, I continued my search.

As twilight came on and passed towards full dark, I finally decided to concede. It was getting too damned cold and the thought of a large cheeseburger called me. Chelsea, probably at home now, knew I was knee deep in fallen leaves searching for something that wasn't there. Joke is on me. I'll have to think of something really creative to get her back. 

Growing up with these woods as my backyard, I had no problem figuring out where I was and how to get back to my car. I had parked near Chelsea's place and circled out from there. I wondered if she'd been watching for my car. I'll have to check it for booby traps, I thought idly as I followed a dry creek bed. Wouldn't put it past her to put a tin can behind the rear wheel or something to scare the stuffing out of me. 

I'm not sure when the change began. Gradually I realized it was a lot colder, a lot darker than it should be with a full moon hanging in the sky. Pulling my jacket close at the collar, I trudged along, my breath steaming. The breeze stopped teasing my hair and I slowed. I was shrouded by a loud silence and I felt like I was in a bubble - I could see out to the darkened landscape but nothing could get in. Shaking off the sensation, I started to walk again, my footsteps muffled to my ear. I stopped after a couple of steps, frowning.

I didn't know where I was. The creek bed I thought I was following literally dried up just a little ahead. What the hell? Turning, I prepared to trace my path backwards. I gasped aloud when I saw there was no path behind me either. Within seconds, a light glowed to my left, flickering like firelight, catching my attention. I'm too far away for it to be town. I think.

The elusive altar? A grin broke out on my face. Even if I am lost, a night in the woods won't kill me. I can check out Chelsea's mysterious Satanists. Besides, once they're finished I can probably follow them out of here. 

Decided, I settled my pack comfortably and made my way toward the light. 

That eerie darkness seemed to be all over the place so keeping to the shadows was easy, despite the full moon. As the light grew stronger, I was pleased to see that it was indeed firelight. Dark shapes moved around it and I could hear whispering that wasn't the wind. My luck's good tonight, I thought, edging closer.

There were roughly twenty of them chanting and walking about a clearing. The fire shared the center with a boulder that had been leveled off. The altar! Cool! Wonder how long they've been out here? I found a large tree to hide behind, waist high bushes around it giving me cover to observe their ceremony. Dumping my pack on the ground, I settled in for the long haul. 

This many people involved? Who knew? I couldn't tell who any of them were because they were wearing the stereotypical hooded robes. Watching how they walked about, I wondered whom they were and if I knew any of them. Their chanting was more of a whisper, sibilant sounds drifting towards me as they spoke incantations. I couldn't quite make them out so I decided to move closer.

Leaving my pack where it was, I hunkered down as I eased to the next clump of bushes. In no time I was close enough to actually feel the heat of the fire. I shivered as it reminded me how cold I was. My next concern was the steam from my exhalation rising above me. Will they be able to spot me by it? Holding my breath for a few seconds, I let it out in a puff when I realized they were all night blind from the fire. Duh, Beth! Shaking my head at my foolishness, I settled down to watch. 

After a while, it got pretty dull. It seemed they only circled this way, whispering, and then circled that way doing the same. With a soft snort, I thought, Guess I'm missing the ominous music to keep me hyped. Good thing it isn't a movie; they'd be losing money in droves. I still wasn't able to make out what they were saying. It was just one long sound, like white noise or wind through the trees.

Perking up, I saw one figure move to the center of the clearing while the others stopped moving. Finally, some action! Maybe they'll sacrifice a small animal or something. I cursed myself for not bringing a camera. Pictures would totally freak out Chelsea. The group never stopped talking as the person in the center removed his robe. Around him, the rest followed suit.

I was disappointed when I realized they were all masked. Damn! The group seemed to be divided equally between men and women. None had distinguishing tattoos or anything I could use for future identification, however. From the looks of things, they covered all spectrums in shapes and ages, flabby to well muscled, old to young. Unable to help myself, I let my eyes wander over a couple of the women, enjoying their attributes with a bit more than casual interest.

The guy in the center raised his voice while everyone echoed him. He brought his arms up, ranting and raving at the night sky. His words were harsh and guttural, the speech something I couldn't quite grasp. It was similar to several languages but not enough of any of them that I could pinpoint which one it was. While I concentrated on his words, the group drew together, closing the circle until they were standing shoulder to shoulder around the altar.

The man - high priest? - brought his arms down. I couldn't see what he was doing. The people surrounding the altar blocked my view. He seemed to be busy with something. When he raised his hands again, I saw they were bloody.

Crap! They did sacrifice a small animal! My mind raced as I tried to figure out how they got it to the altar without my seeing. Unless it was one of them... I immediately rejected that with a scoff. No way would they do a human sacrifice! Besides, who the hell would just walk up to be one? Not to mention complications with the law. Put any future ceremonies right out of the picture. Probably had a rabbit or something in a cage on the other side of the altar that I didn't see. Convinced it had been an animal, I returned my attention to their activity. 

All of them were bloody now, the high priest smearing each person's shoulders. The group swayed back and forth, arms wrapped around each other as they chanted. Again time dragged by and I sighed, shaking my head. This is worse than church. I'm about ready to fall asleep. 

I'm not sure if I drifted off or not. Things were hazy for a bit until suddenly my senses cleared and I was staring at the group once more. They were moving backward in slow steps, the high priest included, still whispering and weaving back and forth. My eyes moved to the altar, wanting to see what they'd sacrificed. Heart stuttering, I covered my mouth to suppress a gasp when I realized it was a woman. 

She was naked on the altar, lying on her back. Blood smeared across her stomach and chest, running in rivulets down her side. Her hair was black as night and her mask had been removed, revealing a strong profile. I sat, stunned, unable to comprehend that a person was dead before me by an act that I witnessed. Dimly, I wished that I'd listened to Chelsea. She was right about not wanting to come here.

When the woman moved, I know I squeaked, clutching my mouth to contain the sound. Holy shit! She sat up slowly, as if she was unused to movement. The sound of the others' voices tickled my ears as I stared. The woman began a slow examination of her body, studying arms and legs, head tilted to one side in curiosity. It was as if she'd never seen herself before. My initial terror receded and I felt myself caught up in awe, finding each new aspect of her as intriguing as she.

Her attention soon expanded to take in the altar, the bonfire, the surrounding people swaying and whispering. Flames reflected in her eyes, a startling pale blue ice that flickered with fire. She eased off the altar, disregarding the blood on and around her, no visible wound on her body. 

As I watched, she walked to the high priest and studied him closely. What's she looking for? Obviously, she didn't find it, moving to the next person. She continued her search, stopping at each individual, smelling them, feeling them. Her touch was indiscriminate, caressing a man's chest, grasping a woman's buttocks, drawing a finger along a burgeoning erection, squeezing a breast. The worshippers never stopped their swaying and chanting. Though all their attention was on this goddess in their midst, none reacted beyond uncontrollable bodily functions. 

I leaned forward as she neared my hiding place, evidence of my own uncontrollable urges. What I wouldn't do to have her in my bed! It was all I could do to not squirm.

When her eyes met mine, I froze. Shit! The moment lasted an eternity though I knew it was only split seconds. Falling into those brilliant blue eyes left me in a near stupor. She moved on to the next person in the circle and I breathed a mental sigh of relief. I can't believe she didn't see me! I thought, easing behind the tree to hide myself better. 

When my heart stopped thumping and I was able to focus on her once more, she had nearly completed her inspection. Again she stood before the high priest. She appeared lost and I had an irrational urge to reach out and draw her into an embrace. The desire was so strong, I almost took a step forward, barely coming to my senses in time. Damn, Beth, you're an idiot! You want to get killed?

The tableau was the same. Whatever she wanted from these people she wasn't finding. They seemed to be aware of it, too, because their chanting became louder, more insistent, a sense of unease growing. I watched as she stepped back from the high priest, shaking her head no. My heart went out to her even as it jumped into my throat in horrid anticipation of what they would do with her refusal.

She took another step back, turning away to scan the group. I could swear our eyes met again across the fire and I held my breath. 

Her ice blue gaze riveting on mine, I watched in horror as she walked straight for me. When she stepped through the fire, flames burning away the blood, I know I made a noise - a startled, choked squeak that refused to remain inside. The drafts from the fire lifted her dark hair; flames lit her skin with a healthy glow and caused her eyes to glitter. 

But...but...she's not burning! my mind stuttered. 

Unable to move, I was as rooted as the tree I hid behind. She stepped from the fire and continued toward me, the worshippers immediately before me sliding to either side to allow her room. At the edge of the clearing, she stopped.

Technically, I knew she couldn't possibly see me. She couldn't possibly have just walked through a freaking bonfire either! Still, there she stood, eyes shining, lips slightly open in a tiny smile of welcome. As she held out a hand, the whispers grew stronger. I could almost make them out as the white noise effect coalesced into something recognizable. She never moved out of the clearing and an odd thought crossed my mind. Maybe she can't. 

"You must..."

Startled, I took an automatic step forward. What the hell are you doing? I demanded. The whispers seemed to physically swirl around me and I lost myself in the noise and the vivid blue of the woman's eyes. I could almost make out a pattern to their speech and I concentrated, trying desperately to hear what they were saying.

"You must..."

Must what? I stepped closer, stopping just short of the clearing, inches away from her hand.

"You must...consent."

Consent? I must what? I searched her face for answers, falling into her gaze once more. As her smile grew, I felt a rush of arousal, my eyes widening. The promise reflected there was nearly overwhelming as I licked my lips. What if I say no? I wondered even as my body wanted to stampede forward.

Her smile faltered and her expression became uncertain. She didn't know what would happen if I didn't accept any more than I did. 

ìYou must...consent.î

The voices loomed about me and I frowned. I can accept this, consent to being ravished by this exquisite woman... Or I could turn it down and walk away. Would they let me leave? Can I even find my way back to my car? The woman seemed to deflate a little, dropping her hand. Can she read my mind? Are we already that connected? I thought I detected a slight nod, but I wasn't sure.

Unconsciously, my eyes roamed along her body, a slow burn developing in mine. She already searched her companions and none were acceptable. She wanted me. I could almost feel her weight as she settled onto me, her hands, her lips, her tongue. My eyes closed as I tried to stifle a moan. 

ìYou must...consent.î

Swallowing hard, I opened my eyes to fiery blue. Maybe they'll kill me after. Oh, but what a way to go! Regardless of the fact I had a supposed choice in the matter, no other option seemed available. I stepped into the firelight, taking her once again extended hand. The whispers faded into quiet sounds. Her hand was cool in mine as she led me toward the altar. 

We skirted around the fire and I was thankful for that. I'm not ready to be a crispy critter. Thinking of how hot the woman made me from her mere presence, I added, 'yet' to my previous thought. Surprisingly, it was very warm in the clearing, almost as if an invisible barrier had been erected at the edges, keeping the heat inside. By the time we reached the altar, I was sweating profusely in my thick jacket.

Once at our destination, she stopped, turning toward me. My flush wasn't just from the heat; I still felt self-conscious with the many witnesses. Seeming to sense this, the woman's expression turned sultry enough I forgot everything else in a heartbeat. She leaned forward and gently kissed me, her lips a distraction as she unzipped my jacket, teasing me with her tongue until I allowed entry.

The only way I can describe the kiss was that it was...hungry. Lips and teeth and tongues clashed together as she pulled my jacket from my shoulders, pausing only long enough to trap my arms and pull me tight against her. My body was on fire at the contact, cursing the clothing I still wore and that my arms were pinned. I struggled against the imprisonment, wanting to touch her, and I sensed a ripple of amusement that made me all the more determined.

Short-circuiting my thought processes, she moved from my lips to my throat, biting down fiercely. Someone moaned; I'm not sure but I think it was me. My fight abated and she released her hold on my jacket, leaving my arms still pinned. Questing hands slid beneath my sweater, gliding along my flesh and leaving goose bumps in their wake. Arms free, I shucked my jacket and made another attempt to hold her. I was thwarted as she used the opportunity to raise my sweater over my head, pulling it off. 

Again she stopped my advance by plucking my wrists from the air before I could bring them down. With an impish grin and a quirked eyebrow, she held my hands at my waist as she pressed against me again. Her skin was cool against my sensitive flesh and I sighed at the contact. Trying to pull away, I discovered she was a lot stronger than I gave her credit for, a flicker of trepidation tugging at my heart. To ease my fears, she attacked my lips once more, drawing me away from my thoughts with a rush of stimulation that left me wet with need.

Moments later, she spun me around, bringing my wrists to the small of my back and holding them there with one hand. The other boldly took possession of my breasts, massaging them through my bra. I know I moaned this time, pushing my chest out in an eager attempt for more as I closed my eyes. She was pressed against my back and I wiggled my fingers, tickling her abdomen, feeling the edge of a curly patch of hair. Chuckling, she nipped at my ear and tweaked one nipple before taking a half step back to remove my temptation.

Frustrated again, I tried to follow but she held me firm in place by my wrists. Her free hand caressed my torso, sliding down to cup my aching sex through heavy jeans. Kneeling, she continued along my thigh and shin, using her grip on my wrists for balance. She tugged at my bootlaces, freeing my feet from their confines. I was surprised to find the ground cool but not uncomfortable despite the chill of late autumn; I wiggled my toes in the soil.

The woman rose, dragging her hand along my leg as she went, nails scratching through the material until she was standing behind me once more. Again she pressed between my legs, fingers tracing my folds as I pushed my hips forward with an aggravated groan. Firmly, she rubbed against the crotch of my jeans a few times, easing and inflaming my desire. When she pulled away, I bit back a growl.

She traveled across my belly and ribs, past my breasts and up my neck. Tilting my head back, her lips took mine, branding me, reminding me of who was in charge and who the interloper. Fingernails gently rasped against my throat, dipping down to slip beneath my bra. I moaned against her lips as she pinched my nipple, rolling it back and forth. Satisfied with her power over me, she removed her hand, unfastening the front snap of the brassiere and freeing my breasts. She backed out of our kiss as she tugged the straps over my shoulders and down to my pinned hands. 

Thinking she'd release me, I was half annoyed and half excited as she quickly transferred my hands from back to front and used my undergarment to tie them. Now, with both of hers free, she roamed my body at will, rubbing away the bra marks beneath my breasts, dragging across my thighs, reaching up to bury themselves in my hair. Soon it wasn't enough for her and she unbuttoned my jeans with slow intent. Just the thought of her touching me there caused a fluid twist in my abdomen and I leaned against her, licking my lips in anticipation.

My knees grew weak as she slipped inside, feeling me through my panties, stroking my sex with an all too gentle touch. I wanted more and thrust my hips forward trying to get it but was unsuccessful. She pulled away and knelt, this time dragging my jeans with her, using one hand to brace me as she helped me step out of them. Remaining where she was for several moments, she caressed my legs, sliding up the backs of my thighs to knead my ass. At first I wasn't sure at a sensation of warmth until she bit hard. I started forward in breathless surprise, the pleasure / pain traveling a very short distance to my throbbing clit.

Standing, she gave my rear another squeeze before coming around to face me. She raised my bound arms, lowering them around her neck as she stepped toward me, her naked body finally against mine. 

Sighing, I fell into another voracious kiss as I pressed against her, reveling in the friction and the coolness of her touch. Her nipples, hard as pebbles, rubbed along my breasts, her fingers easing under my panties to massage my rear. I hugged her neck with my arms, groaning aloud as she attacked my neck with a growl.

She walked me back a couple of steps until I felt the rough stone of the altar against my thighs, her lips never leaving my flesh. Effortlessly, she grasped my hips and lifted me onto the boulder. My arms were still around her neck and I was forced to scoot backwards as she climbed up after me. Soon I was on my back, legs spread and this gorgeous woman between them. 

Continuing with my neck, she slowly inched her way along my skin. I brought my bound hands to her hair, unable to do much more than let her have her way. Her mouth found my nipple and I gasped at the contact, warm wetness teasing me as she suckled. She gently bit down, rolling it between her teeth, and a flash of fire shot through my belly. 

After some time and attention on both breasts, she trailed down my body, sensitive muscles twitching at the contact. I pushed up with my hips, pleased as I pressed into her though it wasn't enough. She smiled against my skin - I don't know how but I could tell - and brought her hands into play to hold me down.

She nuzzled my panties and I groaned as she nipped at my inner thighs. Bringing my feet up, I tried to push against her but she wouldn't have it, pulling away with a laugh. Her fingers found the waistband and she leaned back, taking my underwear with her. The gentle breeze brushing my pubis was an erotic sensation.

I don't know why I opened my eyes. Keeping them closed throughout this entire seduction seemed the thing to do - I wasn't keen on the twenty or so witnesses and this way I could pretend they weren't there. But I wanted to see her, to watch her as she took me. Looking down my body, my eyes didn't meet the expected electric blue.

A thrill of fear raced through me as I stared into fiery red coals. Her skin had taken on a ruddy hue and black horns adorned her head. The fingers wrapped around my thighs were longer and sported shiny black claws. 

With a squeak of fear I tried to scrabble backward, not getting far with her holding me in place. Around me, the worshippers' voices became audible once more.

"You must...consent."

Glowing red eyes flickered uncertainly and I paused in my struggle. I watched as she kissed the inside of my leg, her cheek barely brushing my throbbing sex.

"You must...consent."

Encouraged by my stillness, the beautiful...demon brought an abnormally long tongue into play, drawing it along my slick folds with firm purpose. Despite my fears, my eyes slid closed as I groaned and thrust forward with my hips.

The voices quieted and I became lost in the tension building within my body. Unable to help myself, my hands returned to her head, brushing the base of her horns. She growled at my touch, seeming to enjoy the contact, so I kept them there.

My orgasm exploded through me in no time. It wasn't enough for her, however, and she continued her attentions. Her tongue alternated between gentle caresses and hard strokes, occasionally dipping inside to fill me. I came again and again, never allowed to rest, never allowed to reciprocate. 

In a daze I thought I could see the sky becoming lighter even as another wave rolled over me. She noticed, as well, giving me a brief respite as she finally pulled away.

I lolled on the altar, half conscious, as the voices became louder. They were incomprehensible to me just as before so I ignored them. At some point, I fell into a slumber.


The sound of birds woke me. Opening my eyes, I squinted in the sunlight that dappled my face from above. I was seated, fully clothed, my back against a tree. With a grunt I stretched as every muscle in my body complained to me.

Looking around, I found that I was at the creek bed, not in a clearing. I frowned and struggled to my feet, my stomach reminding me I hadn't eaten since lunch yesterday. Through the trees and brush, I could easily make out my car on the side of the road.

It did happen. I know it did.

Didn't it?


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