General Stories


Beyond the Xena Scrolls - Nance Gice
This mini series takes you on an incredible journey with Janis Covington and Melinda Pappas in the months after they discovered the Xena Scrolls. You will learn about the hidden story within the scrolls. Find out why there was only a single chakram in the Xena Scrolls tomb. And what about Ares? How did he escape his 20th Century prison?

Part 1 Legend of the Falls - 6 months have passed since Janis Covinginton and Melinda Pappas discovered the Xena Scrolls in Macedonia.  Janis is away on an archeological dig in New Zealand and Melinda has taken a position as an Archives Associate at Harvard University.  
Part 2 MapQuest - Melinda and Janis make their way to the Falls of Oceanus.  
Part 3 Guess Who's Coming for Dinner - Xena and Gabrielle take an unexpected journey to prevent a disaster.  

Dinner and a Memory - Michael Dobler
A little two piece regarding JC at the beginning, and some aquaintences that she had. Just a fun little short written as a result of a challenge from friends

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