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The Toutfolie Stories

The Thin Woman: Murder at the Con
This uber take-off of The Thin Man movies is still unfolding as it takes place at the Pasadena Convention of 2000. Here's the first installment.

Gabrielle's Fate by Toutfolie and Laurdosis
This is our alternative answer to Sacrifice II as the ending of season 3 of XWP, and the unsatisfactory return of Gabrielle. It extends into our version of why the fourth season has been so confusing at times. Written for the JHP contest.

Phantom of the Library - A Tribute to Lunacy
Missy Good tends to write Lunacy into her stories as a kind of friendly retribution for her pranks (writing a fake review on this one.) In Hurricane Watch, Missy wrote about a visit to the bowels of the library that scared one of her characters to death when she met a wild amazon writing reviews. This story was written with that in mind on the occasion of Lunacy going into semi-retirement after years of guiding us with wonderful reviews of fanfiction.

An Interview with Xena Amphipolis
MaryD, of XIP fame, put up a fake magazine cover called Xenaverse Weekly at her website. Fools hate a void. A few of us wrote articles to fill her magazine. This is an interview with the elusive Ms. Amphipolis about her favourite character, Lucy Lawless.

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The Channelling Parodies Series
“Fools rush in where angels fear to tread,” has never been so true.
I disclaim sanity and good taste, though I accept full responsibility for the stories in this series. Every now and then I take leave of my senses and channel a fake update or parody of a story that I love. The stories here are written with tongue in cheek and admiration in the heart for those I have spoofed. I have learned to always ask permission of the bard whose characters I am borrowing. I try to never advance their plots, and to return their characters in fairly good shape. And though it has rarely been exercised, I have always allowed the bards veto power over a piece about their characters. Seems only right.

The Merwulf Stories
A word of thanks to Melissa Good. She graciously tolerated my first attempts at parody, as well as provided inspiration. One more word of warning, the names of minor characters are changed as often as possible in favour of true Merwolf authenticity.

The Dar and Kerry Fake Updates

Fake Update to Tropical Storm - The Rescue
How did fake updates come into being? Merwolf (the real one) had perfected her skills at the literary cliff-hanger, and then was called away on business. The cliff-hanger stretched on for days until the luscious tension became too great and something just snapped. A deranged mind attempted to find solace and humour in the resulting Fake Update.

Fake Update to Tropical Storm - The Detroit Incident
Merwolf never includes elements that don’t eventually advance the plot, or so I thought. The question was why did she have the main characters change planes in Detroit? Was it just to buy a sweatshirt? Once again, a demented mind searches for answers to the unexplained plot twists that exude from the mind of the Divine Ms. Good. Lions and Tiger and Bed, oh my.

Fake Update to Hurricane Watch - The Lost Chapter
This unseemly chapter was found in the trash. Gab the Lab had chewed it a bit, but it was mostly still readable and I thought you might want to be able to fill in the blanks on this missing part of the drama. These pages were apparently written as part of chapter 4, the day and night of Dar’s resignation.

Summer Heat
Lunacy made me do it.  She baited me with another fake url (  It got me pondering HEAT and Dar and Kerry.  This is the result.  Dar is called away on business, leaving Kerry to cope with the effects of the tropical climate.  All sizzle and no plot.

Update from the Starship Yentleprise
While Merwolf was away at MissyCon99 (which was held in Santa Monica during the XenaCon) the creative and insane pups (folks on Missy’s mailing list) left behind, attempted to cope with the stress of separation from Dar and Kerry and the dirth of updates by creating an alternate universe. Merwulf, hearing about their plight, attempted to ease the suffering of the Missy Withdrawal Syndrome with this offering (which is a total rip off of their entertaining role play.)

The Xena and Gabrielle Stories

Fake Update to Dark Comes the Morning - Meanwhile Back at the Inn, A Day In the Life of Dori
Xena and Gabrielle have gone off on a new adventure, leaving baby Dori in the loving care of her experienced grandmother and two novice amazon nannies. Did you ever wonder what would happen if you crossed Xena’s many skills with Gabrielle’s penchant for trouble? While the real Merwolf tracks Xena and Gabrielle’s exploits, this wayward mind takes us back to the Inn for a visit with Dori.

Xena and Gabrielle Do the Wildthing, Part I
Lunacy made me do it. In an effort to instruct another reviewer, Lunacy posted a suggestive “fake review” and gave a url at Merwolf’s site as an example. Pups went wild to read this uncharacteristically explicit story from the usually restrained Ms Good. Ms Good threatened Lunacy with wild dogs. Merwulf complied with the teased about story. Beyond the fake update, the fake story is born.

Xena and Gabrielle Do the Wildthing, Part II
Um, there was more to say? I couldn’t stop thinking about them and the Wildthing? I spent too much time on the “Go There” Bus? You be the judge.

Xena and Gabrielle Do the Wildthing, Part III
The conclusion to this highly symbolic and meaning laden tale, not. They start writing the cookbook and make the sky blush. I think you all need to remember that Lunacy made me do this.

It is totally hilarious to me in a circular way, that Lunacy has now posted a real review of the fake story by a fake bard that she started with a fake review of a real bard. You can read that at her site. The fake circle is now complete.

The Llandllached Stories

Fake Update to Fast As You Can
Llachlan had been practicing her cliff-hanger skills, which prompted Llandllached (demented guest author) to offer this balm for our frustrations. All sizzle and no plot, this update is unrated (which is a way to say it isn’t PG-13.)

The Drools Thrills NoNo Stories

The Carrot Cake Cycle
A new entity claiming to be Drools Thrills is responsible for this spoof of Jules Mills’ Nano Series. Nano’s Doc and Grace face new challenges and new desserts. No weasels were injured in this parody. My apologies to Jules Mills and anyone with a salivary gland disorder.

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The TEG Series

This derivative series was spawned on a mailing list (itself a spin off), utilizing personalities on the list and tons of in-jokes. All that being said, I think these stories stand on their own. Created by Mj (the Maven), the characters seem to have taken on a life of their own getting into all kinds of mischief, while making the world a better place. Originally inspired by Melissa Good’s work designation tag line on her email address (Technical Escalation Group), Mj created the Techies en Gray. A group of x-files like problem solvers led by the Alpha (Missy Good) and Agent Pond (Llachlan).

Techies en Gray - the official version (by Mj)
Created and introduced by author Mj. These do-gooders are a cross-over from Melissa Good and Llachlan’s mailing lists. This is how it all began. Included here is a new introduction by Mj to her characters and chapters 1-4 of the TEG escapades.

Techies en Gray - the adult version (by Toutfolie)
The techies took a freelance job, penned by Toutfolie. We learn more of the activities our team pursue during their off-hours from saving computers and making the world safe for updates.

Techies en Gray - the apocryphal adventures (by Toutfolie)
The further adventures of the TEG as they attempt to foil a plot devised by an fan club of an uber Callisto (innocuously named Becky) in Llachlan’s Fast As I Can.

Techies en Gray - The Road Trip (by Mj)
Chapter 5, or is that 7, of this intriguing tale of..... well, intrigue, told by their creator, Mj. The entire team is assembled by the halcyon Alpha, and goes on an ill fated road trip. Tools, vests, curls and Imacs in myriad hues make for a colorful episode.

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