All bards are welcome to submit their work to us. Our aim is to encourage any budding bard. Rest assured that your work will be duly appreciated. So please do not be shy about submitting your work to us.

Please include a short summary/synopsis (at least 2-3 lines) of your story. This summary will be posted on the What's New page under the title of your work. Include the summary in the e-mail to which your work is attached.



  • They can be of any genre (general or alternative) and any fandom.
  • Please add which genre, which fandom and the pairing in the email subject line every time you submit a story to us.
  • We do not accept real people fiction/stories.
  • The characters in the stories must be of legal age of consent if adult sexual relationships are involved. FYI: It doesn't matter what state/country your story is set in...the legal age of consent is 17 years old for characters in stories archived at the Academy.
  • We are not able to do any proofreading for you.
  • Stories submitted should either be in Microsoft Word format (.doc or .rtf), which is preferred, in HTML format, or in plain text. If you are using Microsoft Word, please send it in .doc format. The .docx format adds extraneous code which makes it harder to change to HTML.
  • Please add "to be continued in part xx" or "the end" at the end of each part so we know if the story is finished or not.
  • If you want your e-mail address visible in your story in order to get feedback, include it in the story. We will not add it for you.
  • Please no more than five submissions per bard per week (each section of a continuing story doesn't necessarily count as a separate submission).




Send an email with your attached story to:

We will then receive and process your work. Easy!




We do not in any way encourage or condone flaming from anyone or any form of prejudice on our site. If we encounter any piece of work which is offensive, we will refuse to accept anymore pieces of work from the particular sender and will blacklist the person.

We reserve the right to remove any story at any time for any reason. Anyone making allegations of plagiarism and/or copyright violation may ask that a story be removed - the request will be considered and they will be required to substantiate their claim with proof and/or a court order compelling removal of the story in question.

If evidence of plagiarism or copyright violation is offered (absent a court order compelling removal of the story) the Academy reserves the sole right to consider the evidence and determine whether removal is appropriate.