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last updated: April 8, 2004


Aftershocks - David J. Duncan
This Forever Knight/Xena xover takes place during and right after the ending of "Send in the Clones". In this piece, the cloned Xena stays with Alti and the two of them side with the Renegades and the Enforcers against the Duboises and their friends. Don't miss the ending as it sets up some items for the following installment!!

Babes Behind Walls - Halls
The perils of being in jail.

Beware the Overmind - David J. Duncan
(R-Violence and Language) (xover: Xena, Forever Knight, Smallville, Mutant X, Andromeda and Spider-Man) (gen-uber)
An ancient enemy of Krypton lands on Earth and disrupts Christmas preparations for everyone. How will Xena, Dave and the others handle this threat? What will the implications be?

Cat Named Xena (A) - Warriorkat
A condemned warlord gets a second chance at redemption in the body of a---cat?!

Coming Home - Patty S.
A very small vignette about two souls coming together at last. It’s an uber tale, but not what you are expecting. But give it a chance. The ending may surprise you.

Creation - GabbysHOPE
A dark surreal tale of the deep space vessel Eclipse and a young woman's introduction to a secretive crew whose captain holds responsibility for the most controversial stage in terraforming science, the creation of sentient life. Written as a television series. (ROC as Dr. Evelynne Simms; LL as Arenya)

Dancing Before the Music Starts - David J. Duncan
This is a multi xover between Xena, Forever Knight, and "The Mummy Returns". The O' Connells unwittingly release Alti from her tomb. After trying to use the high priest Imhotep to stop her, Michael is forced to travel to 1990's Tucson and ask Dave and Xena for help.

Darkness and Light - Mikael Helbo Kjaer

1. First Steps - Mikael Helbo Kjaer
This 1st of 12 stories in the Darkness and The Light series follows Gabrielle after A Friend In Need as she handles an adventure in Egypt, discovering more about her soul and other secrets hidden in the shifting sands of the great desert. It is all seen through the eyes of a bed ridden Xena as she reads Gabrielle's scrolls.


Eye of the Needle - Annemaart [unfinshed]
A young convict, being transported to Australia by ship, nearly meets her end at the hands of a brutal sailor, but is saved just in time by the dark haired captain of an attacking vessel. A long journey starts for them both as they are tossed between friendship and hatred, while suffering through shipwrecks and seabattles.

Family Curse (The) - Carrie's AJ
A cute little Halloween tale about an afliction.

Feeding The Jaybirds- Bradley Sparks
An observer finds a touching scene of love in the unlikeliest of places.

Friend In A Funk - Verrath
In this latest "Tellme"-story, we learn what REALLY happened to bring about the Series Ender... <G> This may be a first - an attempt at *humorous* FIN FF - Rated PG.

Hard-Headed Hound - Verrath
Dogs will be dogs, no matter how many heads they have.

Leave Well Enough Alone - Sarkel
A fortune-teller gives up her trade because of a terrifying occurrence. She's learned her lesson... or has she? She must confront her own fate when her granddaughter discovers evil.

- EpTalk and Gypsy
This Uber story is about a producer and his actress wife who's final season of a successful TV series is a major concern as season five concludes. It shows a compromise of how family pulls together and it show that three women on a mission, save the day (or capture their faces for all time). The story defines where the pictures of Xena and Gabrielle come from and they match up nicely with Gabrielle's scrolls by a story-arc of a new character named Portraya.

Mid-Hellenic Night's Dream A.K.A Our Hero Reneé (A) - Les Rankins
It is part of the cannon of the show that in the modern day there is a television show called Xena: Warrior Princess that is based on the scrolls of Gabrielle. Have you ever wondered why when they told how Gabrielle returned from the pit in 'A Family Affair' they didn't really explain anything? Well here's why, the truth was even too freaky for this show. And that's saying a lot.

Parents And Children - David J. Duncan
A case of child abuse causes the characters to rethink their familial relations in particular Dave, Nick, Eve, LaCroix, and Xena.  As a result, they have a series of confrontations in which long-standing feelings and issues come to light.  Advisement to the Reader: There are some scenes of physical abuse in this story.

Passing On - Shadowriter
It was written in the summer of 1995 after Shadowriter lost a good friend to AIDS.

Primal Rage - David J. Duncan (R--Violence)
(xover: Xena, Forever Knight, Smallville and Mutant X) (gen-uber)
Chloe's investigating of Dave's past forces the Faerie Empress to reveal long hidden events including the Child's true origins and another confrontation with Anne Lichtenfeld's ghost. Advisory: Do not miss the fight scene at the story's end! Trust me.

Sheriff Aris and Deputy Boxer - EpTalk
A spoof of the old TV show Mayberry RFD and the future descendents Aris and Boxer from Xena, Warrior Princess' characters, Ares and Joxer. Aris can still poof out of sight in a flash and Boxer cannot hold on to his ticket book but Lefty, the mailman is ever relentless to get the mail delivered, as always. The mystery of Old Miss Crumpet and Widow Purdy remains a curiosity. *Warning* - Speakun suthurn will hep ye read dis story. [general über/finished]

Soul of Ships (The) - Jas Hook
Soul of Ships is a tale from the days of the great sailing vessels. Using the mysterious sea as a backdrop, the story is filled with jealousy, hatred, love, and a unique and lasting revenge.

Speakeasy - Shadowriter
A short 5 page piece of a scene in the bar

Thud - Stacia Seaman
It's sort of an uber Xena/X-Files crossover; Gabrielle, Scully, and I go out for a few drinks one night in DC. No plot, just fun.

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