The invitational this year consisted of a bit of a challenge. I gave the writers a premise...well really not so much of a premise as a sentence. I told them to work with the following-
You catch each other's eye at a <fill in the blank> and you wonder 'what if?'

Below we have for you, what some authors did with that sentence.

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Ali Vali - A Million Reasons

Anais - Love, Honor, Duty Part II

Auntie Beth - A Very Nice Ass

D - Do You Remember?

D. Barry - Fated Vision

D. Jordan Redhawk - Need a Lift?

Insane Englishwoman - Until I Kissed Her

Jane Fletcher - The Moment

Jenah - Just Another Day

Kamouraskan - The Go-Between (unfinished)

KG MacGregor - Expectations

Kim Pritekel - Call Me

Lois C. Hart - T*N*T

Mavis Applewater - If You Want My Advice

Nene Adams - The Crimson Cage

Sage Amante - Cherish is the Word

Swordnquill - Another Point of View

SX Meagher - Innocence Found


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