February 14th, 2003
It seems as if I've loved you forever.
Maybe I have.
Maybe we met In some other time
where our lives touched this closely before...
All I know for sure is this certainty inside me...
That we are meant for each other -
Now and Always.
- unknown

This special is dedicated to the one I love and will always love.
Thank you for the last 17 years sweetheart! I love you.
You make me want to celebrate today.

First for your Valentine pleasure, we have a new Sandbox interview. This topic is SEX! Eileen talked to some of the best sex-scene writers in the business to find out what they are thinking when they write these scenes. This edition has
Mavis Applewater
LN James
LJ Maas
SX Meagher
Sharon Smith
Ali Vali
Xena's Little Bitch (Julia Noel Goldman)

Next I have some of the most romantic writers in the business according to my informal poll of Lunacy, Phil and a few other friends and here are the people we came up with and actually agreed to play with us. These writers worked really hard to meet the deadline since I didn't come up with this idea until late December. Please, let's show it's appreciated and write them and thank them for doing this. If you guys want us to keep these specials going, you need to send feedback. With the exception of two of the stories, all of them were written by request for you!

Without further adieu, here's the Academy of Bards Valentine Invitational--

Heaven in Her Face by Nene Adams

The Wishing Well by Mavis Applewater

The Perfect Moment by Anne Azel

When Arts Collide by Julie Baker and LA Tucker

Just Like Old Times by Carrie Carr

One Perfect Rose by Colleen

To the Love of My Life by Linda Crist

Forty-Eight Hour Fix by D

A Hallmark Moment? by Emily Duncan

Flashback by GabGold

V-Day by Melissa Good

Kicker's Heart by Lois C. Hart

Romance...or Something Like It by Gerri Hill

The Gift by Idryth

The Perfect Gift by LJ Maas

Mulligan by K.G. MacGregor

Entre Nous by S.X. Meagher and Anne Brisk

Winter's Thaw by Midgit

Room at the Inn by T. Novan

On the Wings of Chance by Kim Pritekel

Ocean by Ogami

Coming Home by D. Jordan Redhawk

Sunday Mornings by Troubleshooter

Waiting in the Wings by Ali Vali

Faith's Heart by Vertigo

Love, It Is A Flower by Zuke


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