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The One You're Looking For


Kim Pritekel


Lane sat on the edge of the bed buttoning her shirt, her back to the woman who still reclined naked on the hard mattress of the cheap motel room. She was already shutting down, her focus moving on to what she planned to have for dinner.

“So,” the brunette lying on the bed purred, “when do I get to see you again?”

“You won't, Kathy.” Lane got to her feet, running her fingers through long, black hair as she turned to face her. “A one time deal.”

“I know you said that, but why?” Kathy sat up and crawled over to the edge of the bed where Lane stood. “We had such a good time; why does it have to be a one time thing?”

Lane reached for her jacket and shrugged into it, as the building had been buffeted by brutal winds the entire time they'd been there. “Go home to your husband. Play time is over.” With that, Lane grabbed her keys and left the room, shaking her head with a small chuckle at the sound of something hard hitting the other side of the motel room door she'd just shut. “They never listen.



Molly Dubois chewed on a full lower lip as she scanned the results to her search. Green eyes flicked up to the clock on the DVD player, glad to see that she still had an hour before Henry got home. She found a site, finger absently moving around the laptop touchpad as she scanned the site, reading what it was about and if it fit what she was looking for. The more she read, the more her stomach began to flutter with nervous wings of excitement and anticipation.

Getting to the page where she had to fill in her information, she continued to chew on her lip, almost drawing blood. Finally, she got to the part where it asked her to upload a picture, which made her sit back and think about what she was actually doing.

“I can't do this,” she whispered. “God, what am I doing?” She looked back down at the page, her finger moving the cursor towards the X at the top right hand side of the page. She tapped the fingers of her other hand on the couch cushion, completely undecided.

Molly had been thinking of signing onto a site like this for months, unbeknownst to her boyfriend of two years. She was racked with guilt, but thought that perhaps if she could just maybe talk to somebody – or more – she'd get it out of her system and could go on with her life. She'd even talked to her brother about it, and his advice was this: Go take a girls' weekend in Las Vegas , find some woman and have sex. Get it out of your system.

“Get it out of my system,” she murmured, taking the cursor away from the X and clicking on the button that would take her to the next page beyond the picture. She knew putting up a picture was a truly bad idea. She wasn't doing this to hurt anyone, namingly Henry, so the last thing she needed was for somebody to hit on her profile.


Molly contemplated this question posed by the website for a moment before she poised her fingers over the keyboard and began to type:

Curious straight woman seeking experience.


She read and re-read what she'd type, her finger poised over the backspace key. She let out a heavy breath, blowing auburn bangs out of her eyes. “Shit.” Instead she hit the CONTINUE key, filling in the rest of her profile.

She felt sick to her stomach as she gave the okay for her profile to be published. She nearly jumped out of her pants when she heard the key inserted into the lock of the front door of the townhouse Molly shared with Henry. She slammed the laptop shut and hit the power button on the remote, a re-run of Worst Cooks In America already in progress.

The door opened and Henry stepped through, his dark hair salted with hundreds of snowflakes, which he swiftly began to rub out of his hair. “Shit, it's cold !” He shrugged out of his jacket and stepped out of his snow-covered boots, leaving both on the floor next to the door.

“Henry, please hang your coat up,” she muttered, knowing full well that he'd ‘not hear her'.

Instead, he padded to the bedroom, where she knew he'd be easy to find, as there would be a trail of clothing. “How was your day?” he called from the bedroom.

Molly opened the laptop, quickly Xing out of the website and logging into her email, only to cringe as she saw a welcome email from the website. “Fine,” she called back, quickly deleting the email before he could see it. “I got called in for an interview next Thursday.”

“Great, honey.” Henry padded back into the room wearing boxers and a t-shirt. “Is with Whitman?”

“Yeah. He called personally, so hopefully that's a good sign.” Molly accepted the hug and kiss she received from him.

“Congratulations, honey. I'll cross my fingers for you.” He flopped down on the couch beside her, snagging the remote control from the space between them and turned the channel to sports.

“Henry, I was watching that,” Molly protested.

“Huh? Honey, this game is important.”

“Got it.” She closed her laptop again and pushed up from the couch. “I'm going to bed, and clean up your damn clothes!” she called from down the hall.

Henry remained on the couch, stunned by her sudden anger. “Wow. Okay.” With a heavy sigh, he grabbed the remote and turned up the volume on the game.



Lane sat in one of the uncomfortable chairs, bored out of her mind, because of course, her dentist was right on time. She wondered why it wasn't possible for patients to charge their doctors for being consistently late. So, to pass the time, she pulled out her iPhone and began to peruse. First stop: her email.


Lane searched through the thumbnail pictures in her email, disregarding 99% of them. She came across one that had no picture, but she was interested by the headline:

Curious straight woman seeking experience.

The fact that there was no picture put an immediate alarm in Lane's mind: the woman was probably a complete zero, and hoped to reign in someone to fuck her because she couldn't get it anywhere else. She used the touch screen of the phone to highlight that email to delete, but something stopped her. She returned to the woman known only as M29 and clicked on it, which took her directly to the website and M29's profile. The information was limited at best, but something about it piqued Lane's curiosity.



Molly wiggled her ass to the sounds of Lady GaGa's Bad Romance as she cleaned. She'd been laid off from her job for four months, and though it was nice in some ways, she was going crazy with so much time on her hands. The job market was in the toilet, so she did the best she could to fill her days. The house certainly had never been so clean.

Bobbing her head to the chorus, she danced her way over to the couch where she flopped down, tired from a full morning. Her laptop was open and on, and she saw that she had a new email message. Her heart stopped when she saw that she had an interested party in her profile.

“Oh wow,” she whispered, clicking on the email. Her palms were sweating as she was taken to her mailbox on the site by clicking on the provided link. With baited breath, she waited for the slow connection to bring up the email.

M29: I'm curious about your posting. Why no pic? Why nothing about you? All you want is a good fuck, that's obvious. So, tell me more.

Molly's breath caught as she read, re-read then re-read again the email. “CadCo,” she whispered, tasting it on her tongue. “Okay, let's see what can I tell you, CadCo.”

She sucked in her bottom lip, as was her nervous habit, and poised her fingers above the keyboard, flexing them a few times before she began to type.

Hello, CadCo. I'm not really sure what you want to know, but here goes. I have no pic and very little information on my profile because it would mean seriously bad ramifications if someone I know saw it. See, I'm in a relationship with a nice guy, and I'm not really looking to change that. Even so, I've always had this burning curiosity inside me, and I feel that if I can just scratch that itch, it'll go away and I can move on with my life. I know this site is for either finding relationships or just casual encounters, and that's exactly what I want: a casual encounter. I assure you, I'm a very nice person and not creepy in the slightest, I just have to be careful.

Do you need to know anymore than that?



Lane snorted, amused. “Don't you know, once you chick you never go dick?” She chuckled at her own words then scanned the ONLINE list on the site, which had a built-in IM function. She was pleased to see that little miss M29 was still on.

CADCO: Hello.

Molly was startled when she saw an instant message window pop up, and a little breathless when she saw that it was CADCO who was the sender. Heart beating out of her chest, she glanced quickly at the DVD player clock to gauge her time, then turned her attention to the IM.

M29: Hello. How are you?

CADCO: Good. I just got your email. Very interesting. In a relationship with a guy, but wanting to fuck a chick, huh?

M29: I don't like to see it quite so vulgar, but essentially, yes.

CADCO: You might want to be careful with that plan.

M29: Why's that?


“Why's that?” Molly muttered, brows drawn in offense. “You've got some nerve.”

M29: You've got some nerve.

CADCO: Don't mean to, I just know what I'm talking about.

M29: So, what is it that you're talking about, then?


“Go chick, you won't go back to dick,” Lane muttered, the light of her computer screens the only light on in her home office. She sat reclined in the comfortable leather desk chair, laptop balanced on her thighs. She glanced over at the other two laptops open on the desk and the desktop computer, all three downloading programs onto clients' computers. Seeing that none of those computers needed her attention yet, she returned to the conversation at hand.

CADCO: It's vulgar but true: once you go chick, you never wanna go dick.

M29: LMAO! My god, you're quite full of yourself, or at least full of something.

CADCO: J Just giving you a true statement, baby.

Molly hated herself for the little thrill she felt at the term of endearment, no matter how crass this woman may be. She thought for a moment before typing again.

M29: So, tell me more about you.

CADCO: I have a great pair of tits and a nice, shaved pussy.

Molly nearly choked on the drink of coffee she'd just taken. “Oh my fucking god ! This woman is way too much.”

CADCO: You still there or did I scare you away?

M29: Not sure yet.

CADCO: lol Don't be scared. One thing you'll find about me is I never lie and am brutally honest. At the end of the day, all I want is to fuck beautiful woman. No strings, no promises. Just good fucking.

M29: I'm finding it hard to believe such words would come from a woman. Are you sure you're not a man prowling?

CADCO: Let me check… Nope. Still got a great pair of tits and a nice, shaved pussy. However, I certainly can bring along hardware if that's what you're into.

Despite herself, Molly couldn't help but smile and be amused. Part of her wondered what was actually serious talk and how much was the other woman just playing with her. She decided to do a little playing herself, even as her stomach was in knots and her palms began to sweat again. She just hoped she'd know how to play with a woman.

M29: A nice pair of tits, huh. What qualifies for a “nice pair of tits”?

CADCO: Suckable ones.


Lane grinned, easily able to imagine the broad blush that was likely spreading across M29's face, wherever she was.

Right on cue, a bright red hue made Molly's cheeks nearly glow and a spasm to hit her crotch. “Whoa,” she breathed, a hand going to her chest, which of course made her think of “suckable” breasts, which caused yet a deeper shade of red and another spasm. “Oh my.”

M29: Suckable ones, okay. Sooooo, should they be large? Small? Somewhere in the middle?

CADCO: Doesn't really matter. I'm a breast girl, myself, though I do prefer something you can get a nice hold of.

M29: Alright, so this brings us to the next logical question, and that is, what makes a “nice, shaved pussy”? I got the shaved part, but I wasn't aware of their being “nice” pussies, as it were.

CADCO: A nice pussy – besides the shaved, or at least trimmed – part would be a pussy that's wet and very fuckable.

M29: So, a woman must be suckable and fuckable, then?

CADCO: Exactly!

M29: I really do think you're a man parading as a woman on here. I feel like I'm talking to a construction worker!

CADCO: ROTFLMFAO! Not quite: all woman, and I do IT from home. But, I used to do construction work during summer breaks when I was in high school. Does that count?

M29: Yes, it certainly does..

CADCO: Oh good! I'm glad that miserable job got me something in life.

M29: Other than a killer tan, I'm sure.

CADCO: And a rock hard body. That's hard work!


Molly rolled her eyes at that. At times she felt like she was talking to a 15 year old boy who felt the need to brag to feel big. Even so, she was utterly intrigued.

Lane set the laptop aside as she turned her attention to one of the computers where the download had finished. She glanced at her IM conversation every few moments to see if her new fuck toy had responded yet.

M29: So, can I ask you a serious question?

CADCO: Go for it.

M29: How does this work? I have to admit, I feel like a complete idiot being just a few months shy of turning 30, and yet I'm having to play these peek-a-boo games with my sexuality.

CADCO: So come out already.


Molly stared at the screen, an instant feeling of anger and resentment soaring through her. She wanted to tell CadCo to go fuck herself, that she had no idea what she was talking about, and that she should mind her own fucking business! Instead, she slammed the laptop closed, pushing off the couch and stomping into the kitchen to start dinner.

Lane was getting irritated as minute after minute went by without anything more from M29, including her not responding to Lane's posts asking if she was okay.

“Fuck,” she muttered, signing out of the site and turning her full attention to her work. “If you can't handle the heat honey, stay outta the kitchen.”



A week later and three days before Valentine's Day, Molly stood at the sink washing the pan from breakfast. She stared out the window above the sink, watching the snow lazily fall, covering everything in a blanket of white crystals. She could hear Henry and his friends in the living room watching some other sporting event on the TV. By the fact that touchdowns were mentioned, she assumed it was football.

She tuned them out, knowing full well that in a bit the “boys” would be hungry, and she'd be expected to provide halftime refreshments. “Not today,” she muttered, feeling irritated and frustrated, though had not one clue why. Her period had already come and gone, so PMS was out.

She finished with the dishes, drying her hands on the thighs of her sweats as she left the kitchen. She ignored the boys destroying her living room as she made her way to the bedroom. She spotted her closed laptop on the short dresser and, chewing her bottom lip, she decided to get out of the house for a bit.

She got out of her sloppy clothes and tugged on a pair of jeans, sweater and boots. Tucking her laptop into its carrier, she shrugged on her jacket and grabbed her keys and purse.

“Be back later,” she tossed over her shoulder at the front door, none of the men even giving her a second glance as they yelled at the screen during a bad play.

The coffee shop was fairly busy, everyone wanting something hot to drink with the bad weather. Molly found herself a table at the back and settled in. She got her laptop up and running before going and ordering herself a mocha breve, two extra pumps of chocolate.

Settled in, she sipped her drink as she opened her email. She saw an email from the site she belonged to, her heart lurching as she thought of CADCO, whom she hadn't spoken to since the previous weekend. The email was a general: WE MISS YOU email, and not from CADCO, which made Molly both relieved and sad at the same time. She clicked on the provided link, which took her to the site. Looking around, she saw the button that would completely delete her account. She stared at the option for what felt like an eternity.

As though of their own accord, her fingers began to move the cursor and type. When she came back to herself, she was stunned – and mortified – to see what she'd IM'd to CADCO:

M29: When can we meet?


Eyes huge at what she'd done and the complete irreversibleness of it, she brought a hand up to cover her mouth. “Oh shit.” Her eyes got even bigger when she saw that CADCO had signed on. “Double shit!”

Lane was surprised to say the least, when she saw an IM from her elusive new toy. She read the short message, a dark brow arching. “Really?” She tapped her chin with a couple fingers. “Interesting.”

CADCO: Well, hello, darlin'. I wasn't sure if I'd be hearing from you again, and my schedule is incredibly flexible. What are you doing right now?


Molly gasped at the offer, her heart pounding as slight panic set in. She mentally took stock of her shaving situation. She hadn't showered that day, instead her long, auburn hair was tied back in a ponytail and there was no way she was going to meet her looking like she did.

M29: I can't today. What about tomorrow?

Lane grinned, already wet at the prospect.

CADCO: Tell me when and where, and I'll be there.



Henry glanced over at Molly, who lay on her side, back to him. He moved up behind her, pressing himself into her backside. “Hey,” he murmured into the wave of fire that was spread out across her pillow.

Molly squeezed her eyes shut, guilt eating at her gut as she felt Henry's need press into her. “Hey.”

“You've been really distant lately.” Henry reached a hand around and cupped one of Molly's breasts through her t-shirt. He squeezed it, enjoying the feeling in his palm.

“Sorry,” Molly said. “Stressed about this job situation.” She felt like such an asshole for lying, but knew she couldn't go to Henry with this. That was okay; the next day she'd get it all out of her system and then she could concentrate on her relationship with him.

Henry took her words for the “things are okay” that he needed to hear. He was hard, so reached down and pulled himself free of his underwear and scooted closer up behind Molly. He reached between her legs, fingering her for a second until he felt he'd done his job to get her ready for him. He maneuvered her thigh so it rested over the top of his own, then pushed her panties aside and entered her in one, smooth thrust.

Molly winced, her body nowhere near ready nor wanting him. She played the game, however, knowing that if she let him do his thing, he'd be done and roll over and go to sleep, allowing her to leave the bed to go clean herself up. Sure enough, within a few moments, Henry groaned loud and deep in his throat, his hips thrusting hard against her one more time before he pulled out, a satisfied snore behind her a moment later.

“Jesus,” she whispered, quietly climbing out of bed and heading to the bathroom.



To say the motel room was as cheap and cheesy as they come would be beyond an understatement. Molly had made sure to arrive first, as she wanted to get herself prepared for whatever may happen. She knew what she was doing was not only wrong, but it was absolutely crazy ! She'd not told any of her friends, as she knew they'd all balk at her stupidity.

She had paid careful attention during her shower before coming to the motel: she made sure she was clean, smelled good and was above all, shaved and trimmed. She sat on the bed, looking over the room with its cheap furniture and horrible décor. The bed was hard, the comforter thin and scratchy.

A glance outside the window showed her that the snow was still coming down, and coming down hard. She'd heard reports of a storm coming, and so planned to try and keep this “meeting” short so she could beat the weather to get back home. From what she'd experienced in her sexual relations with men in her life, she didn't think that would be very hard.

“What the hell am I doing?”

She didn't have long to contemplate that question as she heard a knock at the door. Her heart leapt into her chest and she wanted to throw up. Pushing up from the bed, she walked over to the door and, after a moment for a brave breath, she pulled open the door.

What stood on the other side took her breath away. A woman with long, black hair, which was casually finger combed away from the most gorgeous face Molly could ever imagine, let alone see in real life. The bluest eyes she'd ever seen looked her over, dark arched brows giving her a look of slight danger and absolute sex appeal, above them.


Molly nodded dumbly, taking in Lane's fitted jeans and the t-shirt that she could just barely see underneath the heavy winter jacket she wore. She backed up, allowing her to enter, still unable to make a sound, let alone say anything. She felt beyond out of her league, and completely intimidated.

Lane, on the other hand, thought she'd hit the jackpot with the woman who stood before her. A life-long weakness for redheads, she couldn't help but flash a bit of a lopsided grin in appreciation. Molly's green eyes were startling in their clarity of color and depth of emotion. She had an adorable body, which was shown off nicely in the fitted sweater she wore, and never had she seen anyone wear a pair of jeans the way Molly did.

She entered the room with a rush of frigid, snow-coated air, closing the door behind her. She kept an eye on Molly, who seemed to shrink into herself a bit. “How are you?” she asked softly, shrugging out of her snow-salted jacket, though not making any sudden movements. She felt like she was in the room with a skittish cat, who might take off at any moment.

Molly nodded, tucking her hands into the back pockets of her jeans. She felt so unbelievably awkward. “I'm okay. I think I want to throw up, but other than that, I'm okay.”

Lane smile, unwittingly making Molly even more nervous. Her smile had always been one of her best features, after all. “Relax. Everything's okay, and we don't have to do this, you know.”

Molly took several deep breaths, again nodding. She gave Lane a weak smile of her own. “Thank you.” She Lane in one more time before looking away. “I had no idea you'd be so beautiful.” She squeezed her eyes shut and buried her face in her hands. “Oh my god, I'm an idiot.”

Lane walked over to her, amused. “Hey,” she said gently, resting her hands on Molly's shoulders. “For the record, I happen to think you're one of the sexiest women I've ever seen.”

Molly's head popped up, doubt and shock intermingled on her face. “Somehow I doubt that.”

Lane raised a brow. “You calling me a liar?”

Molly smiled, feeling ridiculous. “God, you must think I'm the biggest idiot. I'm sorry.” She let out a heavy sigh and ran her hands through her hair. “I'm a 29 year old woman, I swear.”

Lane chuckled. “No doubt.” When Molly's head fell again, Lane brought it up with two fingers under her chin. “It's okay, Molly. Really. We both know why we're here, but you're in charge. Okay? What you say goes: you wanna leave, we leave. You wanna stay, we stay.” To her surprise, the next words came out of her mouth. “You wanna talk, we'll talk.” Talk? What the hell good is talking?

Molly took a couple deep breaths then looked into Lane's eyes. “I'm going to sound like a ridiculous 10 year old girl, but you decide.”

Lane smiled, shaking her head. “You're too much.” She took a step closer, hands moving from Molly's shoulders to either side of her face. “You are absolutely gorgeous,” she murmured, gaze falling to full lips, just barely parted. “Gorgeous.”

Molly felt her stomach lurch and her heart pound. Oh god, oh god, oh god ! Her eyes fell closed as Lane got closer. She gasped softly at the first touch of her lips, her hands hanging limply at her sides, unsure where to put them. She felt like she was a damn virgin or something!

As though reading her thoughts, Lane murmured against Molly's lips. “Touch me, Molly. Don't be afraid.”

Molly brought her hands up and rested them on Lane's hips, gasping again into the light kiss at the feel of a woman's body as it came into contact with her own as Lane closed the distance between them.

In Molly's every day world, when she and another woman hugged or came into close contact, it was never breast to breast. It was the proverbial “straight hug”, where shoulders and upper chest touched only: god forbid breasts actually touch. But now, Lane pressed the entire length of her body to Molly's, which was unknown, disconcerting and deeply exciting, all in the same dizzying moment.

“It's okay,” Lane whispered into the kiss, which she deepened: a slow, sure tongue entering Molly's mouth, gently coaxing hers to come out and play, which it did, the caresses that followed making Molly feel weak.

Lane's hands left Molly's face, making their slow way down over Molly's back and finally resting on her hips, gently pulling them into her own. They both sighed at the contact, the kiss deepening more, Lane seducing Molly with her kiss.

Molly was quickly becoming lost in how Lane was making her body feel, and technically they hadn't even done anything! She wondered if she'd survive anything more they might do. Finally, she pulled away from the kiss, both breathing heavily.

“Are you okay?” Lane asked, caressing the side of Molly's face with the gentle fingertips.

Molly nodded. “I'm not sure if I can stand anymore.”

“Luckily there is a very simple remedy for that.” She took Molly by the hand and led her over to the bed, not letting go until Molly was settled on her back and Lane lay on her side next to her. She rested her head against and upturned palm and looked over the expanse of Molly's gorgeous body. “I think I hit the jackpot.”

“No, that would be me.” Molly did her own visual inventory. “Why on earth would you be on a site like that? You very obviously would have no problems getting a girlfriend or whatever it is.”

“I don't want a girlfriend, or whatever it is. Sites like that take the messiness out of sex. I hate messy entanglements, and so I've found anonymous sex is the best way to avoid that.”

“Is that all you're after?”

“Aren't you?” Lane asked, a hand running down the center line of Molly's body, beginning at the neckline of her fitted sweater and running down between her breasts and down a toned stomach until she reached her buttonflys.

Molly's breath caught, her sex lurching at the closeness of Lane's hand. “Am I a bad person for doing this?” she asked, angry at herself as her voice was much breathier than she'd intended.

“You're seriously asking me that question? Hell no: I think it was a smart way to get your kicks then go back to your perfect little life with the boyfriend.”

“It's not perfect,” Molly said, trying to keep her anger in check.

“No, I suppose that's why you're here with me and not there with him.” Lane felt Molly try to pull away, but she moved so she was on top of her, pinning her down with her own body. She sensed that Molly's anger was far more directed at herself than Lane. “Don't run, Molly,” she said softly, holding her upper body up on an elbow as she grabbed Molly's hands that tried to push against her with her other hand. She brought them to her mouth and lightly kissed all ten fingers. “It's not a crime or a sin to have your own wants and desires,” she whispered, letting Molly's hands go. She gently maneuvered a thigh between Molly's, feeling the other woman relax.

Molly gasped, her hands instinctually going to Lane's hips.

“You should be filled with self-pride for being true to yourself, not self-hatred for thinking you're weak.”

Molly's eyes fell closed as she felt soft lips place a kiss on her forehead, then move to her lips. She responded to the kiss, her hands moving from hips to soft hair, luxuriating in the cool thickness as she held Lane to her, their kiss slow and deeply sensual. Molly had never experienced anything like it, and in truth, didn't even know it was possible to enjoy kissing so much. Henry wasn't much into kissing, and when they did kiss, it was usually just a precursor to what he intended to do lower, which was quick and hard.

“Your lips are so soft,” Lane murmured, one of her hands running down Molly's side, reaching down between Molly's ass and the bed and cupping the denim-clad flesh, pulling their hips closer together. “I could kiss you for hours.”

Molly sighed into the kiss as Lane's thigh pressed harder against her. She could feel herself becoming more aroused by the second, any and all thoughts of Henry fading away. Her rising arousal also made her courage rise. What amazed her the most in this moment with Lane was that she felt like she was actually a participant in this, and not just something to be used for someone else's pleasure. It was very obvious that Lane – though certainly finding her own pleasure – was mostly doing so by giving Molly pleasure. The concept was mind boggling and deeply intriguing.

Lane left Molly's mouth and moved to an enticing neck. “Do you have any idea what I want to do to you?” she murmured against soft, warm skin, enjoying the feel of Molly beneath her and her fingers running through her hair.

“No,” Molly moaned, head falling to the side as hot lips and tongue explored very sensitive skin.

“I want to take all your clothes off of you and explore your entire body with my tongue.” Lane emphasized her point with a flick of her tongue to Molly's ear. “I want to taste your pussy and fuck you with my tongue.”

Molly gasped at Lane's words, a shiver running through her body.

“What's the matter, baby?” Lane asked, moving away from Molly's neck. She caressed the side of Molly's beautiful face. “Do you not want me to do that?”

“I've never…” Molly looked away, ashamed.

“It's okay.” Lane kissed her gently, with complete understanding. “Do you want to see what it's like? After all, that's what today is for, right? To have an experience, and I assure you, the biggest orgasm of your life.”

Molly smiled, grateful for Lane's levity. She looked up into gorgeous blue eyes, still wondering how on earth she got where she was: lying beneath the most beautiful woman she'd ever seen in some ratty motel room with a storm raging outside. She brought her arms up around Lane's neck. “Yeah. I want it all.”

“You got it.” She rested her cheek on an upturned palm. “How are you doing, baby?”

“There are just so many differences; it truly blows my mind,” Molly admitted, her hands running down Lane's back, enjoying the feel of a woman's back, so lean yet strong.

“And we've just barely begun.” Lane brought her hand down between their bodies and cupped Molly's sex over her jeans, making Molly gasp. “God,” Lane sighed, “so hot. With that much heat, I can only imagine how wet you must be.”

“Pretty wet,” Molly admitted with a nervous laugh.

“Can I feel?” Lane whispered, her own body on high arousal alert. When she got a nod, she slowly unbuttoned Molly's jeans, keeping eye contact the entire time. She slid her hand down the front of Molly's jeans and inside silky panties. She groaned when she felt the unbelievable wetness on her fingers.

Molly sucked in a breath, her eyes closing as Lane's fingers slid into saturated folds. “My god…” A small whimper of need escaped as her hips bucked up slightly, desperately needing more contact.

“You are so ready, baby. Fuck.” Lane could sense how much Molly needed to come, so she decided to help take the edge off. She easily found her rock hard clit and pressed against it with the pads of two fingers.

A few quick, pressing circles later, Molly gasped, her thighs slamming shut around Lane's hand as she came, her teeth clamping down on her bottom lip to try and keep from crying out.

Lane held on, making sure Molly was finished before she removed her hand. She lay back on top of her, taking her in a deeply passionate kiss. There was something about this woman that made her feel so deeply protective, and wanting to give her as much pleasure as possible.

“Now we begin,” she whispered against Molly's lips.

“You mean, that wasn't it?” Molly asked, trying to get catch her breath.

Lane grinned. “You are too fucking adorable, you know that?” A quick kiss and Lane pushed up to her knees, tugging Molly into a sitting position. With a fluid movement, borne of much practice, Lane whipped her shirt off, revealing ample cleaving flirting from the top of a black bra.

Molly took it all in, including a flat, muscled stomach. But, her gaze was immediately drawn back to beautiful breasts. She smiled when she remembered Lane's words to her: nice pair of tits. She had to agree.

“Do you like what you see?” Lane asked, noting where Molly's gaze was pinned.

“You weren't lying.”

Lane threw her head back and laughed, taking Molly in a deep kiss. “I am so going to love fucking you.” She pulled out of the kiss and reached behind her to unhook her bra. Tossing the garment aside, she grabbed Molly's hands and placed them on her full, naked breasts.

Molly gasped at the feel and utter softness. “Oh my god,” she breathed, her body filled with awe and sensation. “So beautiful and so soft.”

“Different world, huh?”

“My god, yes.” She wasn't sure what to do, removing her hands as she felt like a child, so unsure and shy, though she longed to explore and make Lane feel good. To her shock, her mouth literally watered, yet she felt far too shy to do what she wanted to do.

Lane could sense the hesitation. She ran her fingers through long, soft, auburn hair. “I'm yours, baby. Do whatever you want to do, Molly. Don't be afraid. This day is for you.”

Feeling a bit more courageous, and certainly wanted, she brought her hands back up and cupped Lane's breasts, loving their heft and softness. She watched in awe as her thumbs ran over hard nipples, her clit lurching when Lane moaned softly.

“Put your mouth on them, Molly,” Lane breathed, gently coaxing Molly towards her breast with a hand on the back of her head.

Molly cupped Lane's left breast and brought her mouth to it, her other hand continuing to feel and massage the other breast.

“Yes,” Lane moaned, eyes closing as a hot mouth enveloped her painfully hard nipple. “Fuck, yes!”

Molly suckled the nipple, running her tongue over it. She moaned into the task, absolutely loving it, and loving the taste of Lane's skin. She opened her mouth wider, taking in as much of the breast as she could. She felt something inside her break, the old Molly falling away as someone new emerged, someone who felt sexy, who felt like she knew what she wanted, and someone who definitely knew she wanted to have sex with this woman.

Lane gasped as both her breasts were pushed together, Molly taking both nipples into her mouth and sucking, blunt nails running down her naked back. She wanted Molly and she wanted her now.

Molly was confused and for a moment thought maybe she'd done something wrong when Lane pulled her mouth away from her, but those thoughts dissolved when her mouth was taken in a fierce kiss and her sweater was nearly ripped from her body, followed swiftly by her bra. She was pushed back onto the bed, the two scrambling to pull down the comforter and sheet. Now, lying topless on the bottom sheet and mattress, Molly accepted Lane as she lay down on top of her again, their mouths meeting in a fiery kiss, muffling Molly's moan at the feel of their naked breasts pressing together.

“I want you so bad it fucking hurts,” Lane whimpered, breaking from the kiss and making her way with mouth and tongue down across delicate shoulders and collarbones, then licked a trail down between Molly's breasts and then over to engulf one in her mouth.

Molly moaned loudly, shocked as the sound left her lips. She arched her back, offering herself to Lane, holding the back of her head to keep her there.

“Enjoy it, baby,” Lane murmured. “Let me hear your pleasure.” She moved to the other breast. “Tell me what you want.”

Molly gasped as Lane's tongue batted at her nipple, sending wave after wave of sensation down through her stomach. “I want…”

“What? What do you want?” When there was nothing forthcoming, Lane raised her head, stopping all that she was doing. She ignored the whimper of disappointment and waited until Molly met her gaze. “Tell me what you want, baby,” she said softly.

Molly knew exactly what she wanted, but she was struggling with saying it out loud. Henry never asked her what she wanted, never even acted as though it concerned him, though she'd always wished it would. Now, this gorgeous woman, a virtual stranger was asking, and she was terrified to open her mouth.

Lane nudged Molly's legs apart, settling her hips between them as she held herself up on her elbows, looking down into Molly's face. “Talk to me. I want to hear it from you: what do you want?”

Molly looked up into Lane's face, reaching up to touch the proud jaw, covered by silky soft skin. “So soft,” she murmured. “I want…” She swallowed, trying to push down her own inhibitions and insecurities. “I want your mouth on me.”

“Where?” Lane smiled when she saw the adorable blush that crept up Molly's neck and cheeks. “Where?” Lane asked again, pressing her hips into Molly, rotating her hips a bit to put some pressure between Molly's legs.

Molly gasped at the new sensations, her hands finding Lane's ass and trying to press her down, though Lane refused.

“Where do you want my mouth?” Lane whispered, licking a hot trail up the side of Molly's neck.

“Between my legs,” Molly finally managed.

“You want me to eat your pussy?” Lane clarified.

Molly smiled, feeling like a teenage girl hearing nasty talk in the locker room at school. “So graphic.”

Lane joined in her amusement. “It is what it is.”

“Okay, fine. Yes, I want you to… eat my pussy.”

“That's all you had to say.” Lane gave her a devilish grin then slowly moved off of her, back on her knees between Molly's legs. She removed shoes, socks, jeans and panties before fully undressing herself.

Molly couldn't take her eyes off the goddess that was Lane, who hovered above her. “I think I'm in a dream,” she whispered, hands smoothing down a strong back. “You are so unbelievably beautiful.”

Lane smiled. She'd heard those very words dozens of times, but for some reason, from Molly's lips, it meant far more than it ever had before. “You're the beautiful one,” she whispered, cupping Molly's face. “So brave.” She lowered herself, initiating a long, languid kiss, making them both wetter and filled with need.

“Please,” Molly gasped, never so turned on in all her life.

“Okay, baby. Here we go.”

Lane kissed her way down Molly's body until she had herself settled between her legs, able to literally feel the heat from Molly's sex, her need quite obvious. Hands on the insides of both thighs, Lane spread Molly's legs wider, urging her already-hardened clit to rise to her tongue.

Molly cried out at the first touch, her fingers grabbing handfuls of the sheet beneath her as Lane's dark head bobbed between her legs, a ruthless tongue batting at a painfully engorged clit, as well as sliding down her seam to enter her.

“Lane,” she gasped, her hands flying down to grab hold of Lane's hair. Her hips gently thrust up against Lane's mouth, demanding attention.

“Your pussy tastes so good,” Lane moaned, sucking a hard clit into her mouth and sucking in quick rhythm that was driving Molly crazy. She was driven to continue as Molly's breathing and whimpers began to increase in pitch, as well as her hips moved non-stop now. She re-doubled her efforts, wanting nothing more than to make Molly come, and make her come hard.

The orgasm hit Molly so hard, she lost her breath. Her eyes squeezed tightly shut and her mouth opened for a scream that never came as her body exploded, her hips convulsing against Lane's mouth. It took several moments for her to get her breath back, meanwhile Lane crawled back up her body, raining kisses all over her face and neck.

After several moments, Molly felt like she'd come back into her body, enough to be able to wrap her arms around Lane and hold her tightly against her. “Shit….”

Lane smiled, again adjusting her hips between Molly's spread thighs. “Glad you liked it,” she murmured against Molly's lips. “Let's finish things out and make you come a third time.”

“I can't, Lane-“

“Yes you can.”

Molly was beyond doubtful, but her thoughts – and all mental capability – flew out the window as Lane settled her pussy against her own. Her eyes slid closed, hands running down smooth skin to Lane's ass.

Lane, herself was deeply affected as she reached down between them and opened them both up so she could press her slick clit against Molly's. “Jesus, you're pussy is so fucking wet,” she whispered, settling herself against Molly.

Instinctually, Molly's legs spread wider, her nails running up and down from Lane's bare ass up to her shoulder blades and back down again, making Lane shiver in their wake. It felt amazing as Lane got settled against her. As she slowly began to rub against Molly, Molly's eyes closed, her legs falling fully open. She'd never felt anything like it, nor imagined it was possible.

Lane rested on her forearms, moving her hips in slow, graceful movements, occasionally peppering kisses on Molly's neck. She looked into hooded green eyes, and felt herself getting lost. She kissed Molly, so soft, so filled with a tenderness that she'd never known. Though she'd literally been in that position a hundred times, she felt the need to make it last, make it incredible for Molly.

Totally unaware of Lane's past or her thought process, all Molly could feel was Lane's unbelievable passion. She wrapped her arms around her neck and accepted her deep, sensuous kisses, reciprocating as best as she could as her pleasure built.

“Come for me, baby,” Lane whispered, increasing the thrust of her hips. She was beginning to feel light-headed as she held off her own release.

Molly concentrated, easily able to feel her own body's readiness to come. Her hands flew down to Lane's ass, encouraging her to move faster, rub faster, stimulate her very core. “Oh god,” she whimpered, her breaths coming faster, pleasure building. “Oh god, oh god, oh god !”

Lane came with a cry so loud that it echoed off the walls of the room, followed quickly by Molly, who – though quieter – was much louder than she'd been all day.

Molly clung to Lane, wrapping both arms and legs around her. She so desperately needed to feel her close. After a moment, crazy maternal instincts kicked in and she began to stroke Lane's hair and back in loving, comforting motions.

Lane began to calm, wanting nothing more than to cuddle with Molly. This was a first, and she wasn't entirely sure what to do with it or how to handle it. Ultimately, she lifted her head from where it was buried in Molly's neck and looked at her, meeting a loving, understanding gaze.

“So strange,” she whispered. “So strange.”

She didn't have time to contemplate those words when a knock sounded at the door to the room. She could see the fear in Molly's eyes as she pushed up to her knees, a question in her own eyes.

“Oh god,” Molly whispered, fear in her eyes.

“What do you want to do?” Lane asked, already climbing off the bed.

“Die?” Molly offered, sitting up.

“And if that's not an option?” Lane asked, already pulling on her t-shirt and jeans.

Molly thought about that for a moment. Finally she met Lane's gaze. “I don't want to lie anymore.”

“Okay.” In truth, Lane was scared to death. In all her “adventures”, she's never had to face a boyfriend or husband. But now, the one woman that she wanted to keep for herself, it was a distinct possibility that she'd lose her. Walking over to the door, she glanced once more at Molly – who only had the sheet to cover her naked body – then unlatched and opened the door. She was struck by what stood on the other side.

Jed Harper looked at the gorgeous – and slightly underdressed – woman who answered his knock. Quickly, he gathered his courage. “Hello, Miss Smith. This is just a courtesy to let you know that a massive storm is about to blow through here, and we'll be shutting down the motel. So, uh,” he glanced past the gorgeous brunette who answered the door to see the equally gorgeous redhead who was still in bed. “You two gals might want to make a decision.”

Lane glanced over her shoulder at Molly. “What do you want to do?”

Molly looked at the man, then at Lane. In that moment, it was so easy to see and know what she wanted to do. “We'll leave,” she said, simple Simon.

Lane looked to the man. “We'll leave,” she repeated, a killer smile on her lips.

“Uh, okay. Okay, great. Well, um, be safe.” Again, he glanced over at Molly, easily able to fantasize about what was happening in that room as he moved on to the next.

Lane closed the door and leaned against it, her gaze settling on Molly. “Want to go to my place?”

Molly grinned, moving out from under the sheet she was hidden beneath. She moved over to Lane, a seductive smile on her face. “Absolutely.”

The End.

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