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Stolen Heart
Kim Pritekel

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Jessie stood at the bar in the saloon, her hat pulled down low and her blue eyes scanning the place through the mirror’s reflection behind the bar.  She was nervous.  She was very, very nervous, but she knew it had to be done if she was going to finally leave the hard life in the west and head east back to where her family was.  Four years before, she’d left Boston on a fool’s errand to try and strike it rich during the ’49 gold rush.  What she hadn’t counted on was, no woman was allowed in a mine, near a mine nor any tool or implementation that could possibly assist her in finding gold.

So, after drifting and doing odd jobs – dodging a few amorous fellas for marriage or other activities – she decided it was time to give it up and go home, where at least she knew she could get back into the family business and support herself.

So, now dressed in a baggy pair of trousers, oversized button-up shirt and her everyday holster with side arms on both hips, she was drinking in a bit of courage before she pulled the red bandana out of her pocket and tied it into place.  The note she’d written in her boarding house room was already filled out and in her pocket.

“Want another one there, fella?” the barkeep asked, fingers coming up to twist the end of a very large mustache. 

Jessie shook her head.  Instead, she threw back what was left in her glass then slammed it back onto the scarred mahogany, a shiver running down her spine as the liquid fire made its way to her belly.  She tossed a few coins to the bar top then stepped away from the bar, her booted foot sliding off the brass foot bar that ran along the length of it, and made her way out of the saloon.

Jessie eyed the bank, which was catty-corner from the saloon on the busy main street of the tiny town of Colorado Springs, Colorado.  She noted surrounding buildings, including Doc Black’s office, her boarding house and just down the street, another saloon with a brothel on the second floor.  

She looked both ways as she was about to cross the dirt street, the heels of her boots thudding dully on the wooden sidewalk.  She waited for a couple horses and carriages to pass before finally making her way towards the bank.  Her palms were sweating and heart rate had risen substantially.

Stepping onto the wooden sidewalk on the other side of the street, she took a moment to gather her thoughts, take one last visual sweet, then tugged the red bandana from her pocket and quickly tied it around her neck, knot at the back.  She pulled it up to just beneath her eyes then stepped inside the bank, pulling one of her revolvers at the same time as she pulled the pre-written note from her pocket.

Jessie walked up to one of the two tellers in the quiet bank, handing him the note and showing him the barrel of her Colt.  She said nothing, not wanting to give away her biggest advantage – that she was a woman.  Her unusual height for a woman and presence made it completely believable that she was in fact, a man. 

The man glanced first at her gun then at the note – Empty out your drawer and place it in a money bag or you die – then into Jessie’s eyes, shadowed by the brim of her hat.  Without a word, he followed her directions, stuffing bills and coin into a cloth bag, then slid it across the counter.  Jessie tipped her hat then, bag in hand, darted out the door.  She kept the bandana up as she fled down the wood sidewalk, people moving out of her way, startled by her burst of speed.

“Get that man!”

Jessie heard screamed from behind her and increased her speed all the more, clutching the bag of cash in her hand as she sprinted, her gun re-holstered.  She could hear footfalls far behind her, which got her heart pumping even faster.  Looking around in desperation of where she could lose her pursuers, she saw the first building that had an alley beside it and quickly ducked down it.

Breathing heavily and her eyes the size of saucers, Jessie reached a dead end in the alley and looked away frantically.  She saw a side door into one of the buildings so bolted inside, trying to slow her pace and breathing as she did, so as not to draw unwanted attention to herself.  She also tugged the bandana down into a usual accessory that many of the men wore, a practical way to keep dust and dirt out of the mouth and nose during long rides on horseback. 

Looking around, she realized she was in a darkened stairwell, with the option of a door that led further into the building or up a long, narrow staircase.  She chose the staircase, taking them two at a time.  At the top, she found herself forced to take a right, which led down a long hallway, doors lining on either side.   Feeling confused and scared, Jessie bolted down the hall and hit the last door on the left, thinking that if the building were searched, it would likely be the last room searched, and there was sure to be a window in the room that she could jump out of should it become necessary.

Hoping against hope that the door would be unlocked – and the room, whatever purpose it served, unoccupied – she grabbed the brass knob and almost cried when it turned and she was able to push the door open.  Rushing in, she closed it as softly and soundlessly behind her as she could.  She ripped her hat off her head, her short and shaggy black hair falling over her forehead as it rested against the cool wood.

Letting out a sigh of relief, Jessie almost peed in her pants in surprise when she heard movement and a voice behind her.

“Lookin’ for some company, I see.”

She whirled around to realize she was in a tiny room that was dressed as a bedroom with an unmade bed against the wall, a tall dresser next to the door and perpendicular to the wall with the window, which had a steamer trunk under it and a stand next to it with a water pitcher on it, and a woman, lounging on the bed.  Her gaze strayed around the room before it returned to the woman who was smirking at her.  She was a petit blonde, her hair draping around her shoulders as she sat up, her amuse green eyes focused on Jessie.  She wore an extremely flimsy loose-fitting garment, the darker skin of her nipples visible though the material. 

Pushing up from the bed, the woman walked the few feet over to Jessie, her movements graceful, her beautiful face and body almost ethereal.  Reaching Jessie, she looked up at her with a smile.

“Let’s get started then, shall we?”

Jessie gasped as the bag full of money was taken and shoved under the bed and her hat was taken from her hand and tossed across the room, followed by her gun belt, which though not tossed, was also shoved under the bed.  The blonde woman’s fingers went to work on the heavy belt buckle that was helping to keep her over-sized pants up.  Jessie covered the woman’s hands to stop her.

“What are you doing?” she gasped, shocked.

“Saving your skin,” the woman responded simply.

They both stopped their movements when chaos was heard on the floor below them, including a woman screaming and men speaking quickly and loudly.  A moment later, harried boot steps were heard on the wood stairs.

Quickly, the woman returned to her task, unbuckling Jessie’s belt and tugging her trousers and under clothes down to nearly her knees.  She froze for a second before meeting Jessie’s gaze, a smirk curling full lips.

“This just gets more interesting by the minute,” she said before grabbing Jessie’s hand and tugging her to the bed.

Jessie was petrified as she watched the blonde fall onto the bed on her back, tugging up the skirt of her garment, which revealed the woman naked from the waist down.  The blonde tugged her by the hand and on top of her.

“Climb on top and do your stuff, darlin’,” she said.

For a moment, all Jessie could do was just stare at this beautiful creature beneath her, not sure what the hell to do or how the hell she had gotten there.  But, she was shaken from her confused reverie when the sound of doors slamming open and closed all up and down the hall met their ears.

“Do it!” the blonde hissed, a hand slapping Jessie’s bare ass to get her moving.

Realizing her neck was on the line – literally – Jessie rested on her forearms and began to move her hips, hoping she was doing it right to make whomever burst through that door in mere seconds believe that she was just an average cowboy enjoying the services of a beautiful young lady of the night.

“There ya go,” the blonde whispered, glancing at the door as heavy boot steps got closer.  She hugged Jessie to her, cupping the back of her head to encourage her to bury her face in her neck, thus face unseen.  “Harder, get the bed moving,” she hissed.

Jessie clung to the blonde, almost just trying to stay grounded as her heart pounded in fear and anticipation.  Though she knew what she’d done wasn’t right, but she had her reasons, and desperately wanted to survive this to find the next stage in her life.

“Doing good, baby,” the blonde whispered before she began to moan loudly, exaggerated cries of pleasure.  If Jessie hadn’t been so scared, she would have laughed.  “Harder baby!  Oh yes!  Oh yes!”

Suddenly, the door was thrown open and two deputies stood just inside, guns drawn.  Jessie wanted to vomit and run, but the blonde held her to her, the hand on the back of her head still like a vise. 

“Hey, boys,” the blonde panted, her knees opening even further to make more of a show of how much she was enjoying her client.  “Oh god,” she gasped, closing her eyes, “Yes, right there!”  She opened her eyes again and looked at the two men, who both seemed to be frozen as they watched.  “Sorry boys, but I’m kinda busy right now.  Can you come back later after I finish with this fella here?”  She reached down with one hand and squeezed a cheek.  “But then, the way this boy is goin’, not sure if I’ll be free today.”

One of the men cleared his throat, his face fully flushed behind his heavy mustache.  “Uh, sorry we interrupted y’all,” he muttered, tugging his colleague out of the room behind him, as the other man seemed to be rooted to the spot.  

Once the door was quietly closed once more, Jessie nearly burst into tears, her hips slowing.

“No!” the blonde hissed.  “Don’t stop.  They could still be out there, and if suddenly it gets quiet in here …”  She grabbed Jessie’s face in both hands and forced her to look at her.  “Do you want them to come back?”

Jessie shook her head, true understanding of what this woman was trying to do for her, and understanding that this could be saving her from the Hangman’s noose filling her.  As she met the woman’s gaze, she was surprised to see determination in their green depths, as well as growing desire.  Suddenly, everything around her disappeared except the woman beneath her.  She’d never been with anyone before, never been touched, so though feeling utterly inadequate, she was drawn to her.

A squeak on the floorboards in the hall snapped them both out of the haze they seemed to be falling into.  Jessie’s face was released and once again she was hugged to the prostitute, her hips beginning to move again.

“Spread your legs a bit,” the woman whispered into Jessie’s ear. 

Jessie did so as much as her pants, which were bunched down around her knees, would allow.  When she did that, she realized it gave her parts better access against the other woman’s.  A jolt of sensation soared through her, nearly taking her breath with it.

“There you go,” the prostitute moaned, her hands running down Jessie’s back to cup her behind and urge her to press harder against her.

Jessie couldn’t believe the sensations and feelings flowing through her as her body seemed to take over, entering into a dance as primal and old as time itself.  Her breathing picked up, as well as the woman beneath her, who now clutched fistfuls of her shirt.  Jessie’s pace picked up even more as the blonde moved with her, their bodies in perfect sync, speeding them to a joyous and loud outcome, which left Jessie trembling against the soft warmth beneath her.

“You did good, baby,” the prostitute gasped, holding Jessie close.  “You did real, real good.”  She raised Jessie’s head once more and left a soft, lingering kiss on her lips.

Finally somewhat getting her breath back, Jessie moved off of her and got to her feet.  Suddenly, she felt incredibly shy and ashamed for what she’d done, and where it had ultimately landed her.  She turned her back to the woman who still sat on the bed as she pulled up her pants.

“What’s your name?” the woman asked, sitting up.

“Jessie,” Jessie said quietly, turning to face her as she buckled the heavy buckle.  “You?”

“Katie.”  Katie smiled.  “It certainly was a pleasure, Miss Jessie.  First pleasure I’ve gotten from a stranger in a very long time, if not ever.”  She pushed up from the bed, her gown flowing back down to bare feet.  “So, what exactly did you do to be in this position, Jessie?” she asked, walking over to her.

Jessie felt very nervous standing in front of the most beautiful woman she’d ever seen, the only one she’d ever touched.  She forced her gaze to stay away from the breasts so easily visible through the sheer material. 

“Um,” she began, clearing her throat as she tried to get herself to calm down.  “I don’t want to get you involved, Katie.  Well, no more than you already are.”

“Tell me.”

Jessie let out a heavy sigh.  “I’ll put it to you this way.  I want a new start, but that’s not cheap.  Nobody will hire me for more than … “  She stopped herself, realizing what she was about to say and to whom she was going to say it.  To her relief, she saw understanding in Katie’s eyes.  “I’m going home.”

“So, you need money to go home,” Katie said softly.  With Jessie’s nod, Katie smiled and shook her head.  “You are either the bravest woman I’ve ever met or the biggest fool I’ve ever met.”

Jessie smiled and looked down at her boots, wondering the same thing herself.  “I would have to agree with you.”  Without a word, Katie reached out and began to unbutton Jessie’s untucked shirt.  Jessie tried to pull away.  “What are you doing?!”

Katie spared a glance up to Jessie’s eyes before returning her focus to her fingers, which held strong to the material of Jessie’s shirt.  “Don’t fuss.  I’m giving you the perfect disguise and pretty much a guarantee to get that new start you want.”

“What are you talking about?” Jessie whispered, suddenly feeling very nauseous. 

Unbuttoning finished, Katie pushed the large shirt off Jessie’s strong shoulders, the material flowing to the floor with a material flop, leaving Jessie’s breasts revealed.  “You’re going to spend the afternoon here, with me,” Katie explained, fingers moving to the belt buckle that Jessie had just buckled.  Now she met Jessie’s panicked eyes fully.  “As a woman.  Never would Deputy Bill Haskins think to look for a woman.  You see,” she continued, a small smirk on her lips as she unclasped Jessie’s trousers.  “Deputy Haskins and I know each other a bit, and he doesn’t believe a woman is capable of anything other than being a receptacle of his manhood and having his babies.”  She guided Jessie over to the bed and pushed gently on her shoulders to sit down.  “He’d never think a woman would be smart enough to,” she leaned in, her next words blowing softly into Jessie’s ear, “a bank robber.”  She left a kiss on her ear lobe, sending a shiver through Jessie’s body.

“But,” Jessie said, her voice breathless as nerves and arousal began to swirl throughout her entire being.  “If he comes back and sees me here – a woman – we could get into trouble.”

Katie smirked as she knelt in front of Jessie, removing first one boot then the second, followed by trousers, underpants and socks.  She then stood and removed her gown before climbing onto Jessie’s lap.  She smiled at Jessie’s shocked expression and trailed a finger along a strong jaw line.

“Not if he thinks you’re my very close cousin, Jessie.”

“I probably shouldn’t use my real name,” Jessie stuttered, her gaze falling to Katie’s lips, so tempting. 

“Darlin’,” Katie whispered, two fingers lifting Jessie’s face until they were looking eye to eye, their lips mere inches apart.  “You can be whoever you want to be.”  She left a soft, promising kiss on Jessie’s lips before she climbed off her lap.  “Get under the covers.  I’m gonna hide your duds.”  

Jessie did as she was told, relieved to be covered by the thin sheet, even as she watched Katie walk around the small space, obviously very comfortable in her naked glory.  She gathered up Jessie’s clothes and boots, stuffing them in the trunk beneath her own clothing.  Next, she grabbed the bag of money, Jessie’s hat and gun belt and added them to the trunk, as well, making sure everything was well covered.  Finished, Katie made her way back to the bed, sliding in under the sheet and over to Jessie.

Jessie had to admit, as she lay on her side face to face with Katie who mirrored her position, she’d never felt anything quite like their naked skin coming into full contact.  She looked into Katie’s eyes and saw so much of herself there. 

“I don’t know what to do,” she whispered.

Katie smiled and brought a hand up, caressing Jessie’s cheek.  Before she could say anything, there was a knock at the door.  Katie turned to lie on her back, Jessie still looming over her.  “Come in,” Katie called out.

The door opened and Deputy Haskins stepped through, hat held in his hand and gun holstered.  He stopped cold when he saw the two women in the bed, Katie’s breasts revealed and not hard to see that Jessie was naked, as well.  His mouth fell open as saucered dark eyes took in the scene. 

“Can I help you, Deputy?” Katie asked sweetly.

“Uh,” he stuttered, eyes darting from Katie to Jessie and back to Katie.  “Uh …”

“Deputy, I’d like you to meet my beautiful cousin, Martha,” Katie said just as sweetly, though there was a fire of dare in her eyes.  “Why, Deputy, since you were just here last night, I certainly didn’t expect you to return so soon.”

The Deputy was obviously uncomfortable as he shifted his weight from one leg to the other.  “Well uh,” he managed, “I was just gonna ask you if you saw or heard anything earlier.  You know, with that yella bastard who done knocked over that bank and all.”

Katie reached over to Jessie under the sheet and rested her hand on a naked hip to stop any sort of reaction to the insult.  “Why, no I haven’t.  I hadn’t even heard of such an injustice.  After my fella left earlier, Martha came to visit.  So,” she said, her hand falling so a finger teased the line of Jessie’s closed thighs, “we’re just enjoying some family time.”

“Uh,” Haskins stuttered, “close family.”

Katie’s face suddenly transformed into feigned concern.  “How’s your poor wife doing, Deputy?  Last night you were telling me all about her horrible ailment.  I was thinking of maybe stopping by with a cake for her and wishes to feel better.”

The Deputy’s face went pale.  “Uh, she’s good.  Feeling better and you know, no reason to bring cake.”  He gave them the biggest smile he could.  “I can see that I’m interrupting some family time here, so I’ll leave you ladies be.”  He began to backstep out of the room.  “If you ladies hear of anything, please let us know.”  With that and the slam of the door, he was gone.

Katie looked over at Jessie with a shit-eating grin on her lips.  “You are now free, missy.”

Jessie’s eyes fell closed and a relieved sigh escaped her lips.  “I can’t believe what you’ve done for me today,” she whispered.  She opened her eyes and met Katie’s gaze.  “Why?  Why are doing this for me?”

Katie’s smile was soft and her touch gentle as she cupped Jessie’s face for a moment.  “First of all, I have no love for the law in this town.  They haven’t been too kind to us ladies, either.  So, I knew you were in trouble and was willing to help you out.  But then when I saw those gorgeous baby blues of yours, I knew I really wanted to keep you from swinging.”

Jessie smiled shyly, the very eyes Katie had just referred to looking away.  “Thank you.”  Something occurred to her and she was surprised to find she felt a stab of jealousy pass through her.  “Um, were you … did you really service him?” she asked, nodding towards the door the deputy had just slammed moments before. 

Katie looked away.  “As you said yourself, Jessie, there are very few options open for a woman.  I’ve done what I needed to.”

Jessie’s gaze swept over Katie’s profile, taking in her beautiful features and on to the softness of her hair.  She took in the graceful length of her neck and then to the smooth creamy skin of her shoulders and upper chest and finally her breasts.  Katie was so beautiful, so delicate and she was utterly smitten and enchanted with her.  The words that came out of her mouth surprised even her.

“Come with me.”

Katie looked at her, eyes huge with shock.  “What?”

As surprised as Jessie was, she didn’t regret the words one bit.  In fact, she began to feel excited now.  She sat up, not even caring that the sheet had fallen, baring her breasts.  “Come with me.  I mean, I have no idea how much money is in that bag, but it’s enough to get us out of here.  We could start over, Katie.”

“Together?” Katie asked, uncertainty written all over her face.

Jessie’s heart fell.  It hadn’t even occurred to her that maybe Katie wouldn’t want that with her.  “Well, uh … “  She looked away, embarrassed.  A moment later, she felt a soft hand cup her jaw, her face turned back to Katie, who was smiling broadly at her.

“You’d want that?  Do you mean it?”

Jessie’s smile matched Katie’s.  “Yes.”

With a squeal, Katie threw herself at Jessie, holding her close.  After a moment, however, she pulled away, her excitement seemingly drained completely as she turned away from Jessie, utterly deflated.

“What’s the matter?” Jessie asked, her hand coming up to rest on Katie’s shoulder.  She felt that shoulder begin to tremble a bit as Katie began to cry silent tears.  “Katie?” Jessie asked, concern in her voice.  She scooted over a bit until she could pull Katie back against her, her arms wrapping around her waist.  “What is it?”

“You don’t want me, Jessie,” Katie said softly, hands coming up to wipe at her eyes.


“I’m with child, Jessie,” Katie said, her words so soft Jessie almost didn’t hear her.  “Three months on,” she whispered, head falling.

“Katie,” Jessie said, her voice gentle.  She moved back enough so she could encourage Katie to turn around and face her, which she did.  “Oh, Katie.”  She brushed a few tears away with her fingers.  “We can be ‘spinster cousins’ raising your beautiful child.”  She grinned, intending to try and make Katie smile at the visual, but instead was overwhelmed as Katie launched herself at her, hugging their bodies together, tears falling anew.

“Please tell me you’re not messing with me,” Katie begged, Jessie’s face in her hands once she pulled back from the choke hold hug.

“I’m not messing with you,” Jessie assured. 

Katie looked deeply into Jessie’s eyes before she leaned in and placed a soft kiss on her lips.  She backed away a bit before leaning in again, this time deepening the kiss, her fingers finding their way into Jessie’s hair.

Jessie stiffened a bit, not sure what to do and not wanting to mess up.

“Relax,” Katie whispered against her lips.  “Just swallow and relax.”

Jessie did just that, accepting the sweetness of Katie’s lips and tongue.  She found herself falling forwards as Katie lowered herself to the mattress, pulling Jessie with her.  She moaned softly into the kiss, which resulted in an answering one from Jessie.

Jessie was in heaven as she kissed Katie, her hand running down her side, amazing at how soft her skin was.  She sighed as Katie took her hand and placed it on her right breast, giving the hand a small squeeze to encourage her to touch her before Katie’s hand settled back into Jessie’s hair.

Jessie continued to kiss Katie as her hand explored the softness of her breast.  The nipple was rigid against her palm.  Jessie broke the kiss and moved to her side, using her forearm to hold her up.  She looked down at her hand, which messaged Katie’s breast.  She felt a bit lost, even as her arousal level went through the roof.  Katie smiled, seeming to understand.  She leaned up just enough to place one more kiss on Jessie’s lips then cupped the back of Jessie’s head and gently pushed it down until Jessie was hovering over her left breast. 

Presented with something that was literally making her mouth water, Jessie trusted her instincts and lowered her mouth to it, her tongue swiping at the hard nipple.  Encouraged by Katie’s moan, she did it again, her fingers lightly pinching the other nipple as she latched on, sucking the hard nub into her mouth.  She was amazed at it all seemed to come natural to her.  She listened for Katie’s reactions to guide her on what to continue and what to do differently. 

She felt herself becoming even more aroused as Katie softly moaned her name, her fingers grabbing a handful of Jessie’s hair, roughing pulling Jessie’s mouth to her own, where Jessie was taken in a scorching kiss.  Katie grabbed Jessie’s hand and placed between her spreading thighs. 

Jessie groaned when she felt the hot wetness between Katie’s legs.  Katie’s fingers guiding her own, she pressed down on a rock hard clit.  Katie broke the kiss as her head fell back with her eyes closed and her teeth gritted as she pressed harder on Jessie’s fingers before removing her hand.

Getting the idea, Jessie pressed down and began to rub in a hard circle, knowing that’s she what she did to her own.  She looked at Katie’s face when Katie cried out at the new movement.  Jessie was breathing almost as hard as Katie was, her excitement growing with every rapid breath Katie took.  Finally, Katie cried out, her thighs clapping shut around Jessie’s hand.

Jessie leaned down and peppered Katie’s face with kisses and whispered endearments as Katie tried to calm herself down.  Once her breathing was nearly back to normal, Katie surprised Jessie when she pushed her to her back and was on top of her like a lioness pouncing on her prey.

Left breathless from the kiss, Jessie experienced for the first time what it felt like to be fully flesh to flesh with another person, and it was amazing.  She spread her legs as Katie nudged them apart with her thigh, resting herself flush against Jessie, whom she looked down at.

“Do you have any idea how beautiful you are, Jessie?” she whispered, caressing the side of her face.

Jessie smiled shyly and shook her head.  “Nobody’s ever called me that before.”

Katie returned her smile.  “Well, get used to it, because you are.”

Jessie’s hands ran down the smooth planes of Katie’s back as they kissed, a small moan released as Katie ran her fingernails down along Jessie’s hip and thigh, which raised slightly at the touch.

Jessie’s eyes were closed as she was lost in a haze of sensations and warmth as Katie broke the kiss and kissed her way down along her throat, sampling the skin covering her collarbones and upper chest before giving both her breasts ample attention.  As Katie lapped at her left nipple, she wondered how on earth she’d survived the previous 22 years without such a touch.  As wonderful as it felt, her mind was blown as Katie kissed and licked her way down her body until she was nestled between Jessie’s thighs.  Her confusion was quickly dashed when Katie’s tongue made its first pass through her wetness.

“Oh my god,” she gasped, her hips rising to meet the next pass.

Katie hummed into her task as she wrapped her arms around Jessie’s thighs, using slow deliberate strokes to give the maximum amount of pleasure.  As Jessie’s whimpers and breathing increased to the point of almost constant, as well as the restless movements of her hips, Katie intensified her efforts, sucking Jessie’s clit into her mouth and using her tongue to press it. 

Jessie cried out, her fists grabbing the sheet beneath her and holding on for dear life as her entire body nearly vibrated Katie off the bed with the power of her climax.  She was so lost in the buzz of sensations screaming through her body that she barely even noticed as Katie kissed her way back up her body until they were lying skin to skin once more.  Blindly she wrapped her arms around Katie, holding her to her.

As Jessie’s body settled down and her breathing returned to normal, Katie initiated a slow, passionate kiss, which Jessie immediately responded to.  As they kissed, they shared tender caresses, as though to slowly come down from the intensity of their experience together, and from an incredibly unusual day.

Finally, Katie moved off of Jessie and snuggled up to her, resting her head on her shoulder.  Jessie wrapped her arms around her and rested her cheek against the top of a blonde head.  She’d never felt so content and happy in all her life.  

“Do you realize what day it is today?” Katie said after awhile, reaching down to pull the sheet up over their entwined bodies.

“No.  What day is it today besides Saturday?”

“It’s St. Valentine’s day,” Katie said, raising her head and smiling down at Jessie.  “Guess it’s a good fit.”

Jessie returned the smile.  “Indeed.”  She leaned up and placed a kiss on soft lips.


Six years later:

“Isabella!” Katie called out, the tiny blonde 5 year old standing up from where she was playing with the dog in the yard looking at her.  “Come in and clean up for supper.”

“A little bit longer, Momma?” the girl begged, big blue eyes pleading. 

“Alright, just a couple more minutes, got me?”

“Yes, Mamma!” 

“She’s getting so big so fast,” Jessie said, a smile on her face and in her voice as she walked up behind Katie, brushing her hair aside to leave a kiss on the side of her neck.  Smiling, Katie turned to face her partner and was accepted into welcoming arms.  “She’s beautiful, just like her mamma.”

Katie’s grin was big and bright.  “Oh yeah?  Which one?”

Jessie’s grin matched Katie’s.  She leaned down and whispered into Katie’s ear.  “Her sexy one.”

Katie giggled, slapping Jessie playfully on the behind.  “How was it at the store today?” she asked, voice more serious.

“It was good.  Real good.  I got Edward trained and I trust he can handle the store on his own.”

“Edward.  You mean Edward who lives with his ‘spinster cousin’, Dexter?” Katie asked, the devil dancing in her eyes.

“The very one.”  The two shared a smile.

Katie brought up a hand and brushed long bangs out of Jessie’s eyes.  “I love you, cousin Martha.”

“I love you too, cousin Katie.” 

The two sealed their declaration with a kiss.

The End


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