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The Girl Next Door


Kim Pritekel

Copyright © 2014 Kim Pritekel

Mercer Holloway looked at herself in the water-splattered mirror above the halfway rusted out sink in the diner’s women’s room.  Blue eyes looked back at her as well as a disheveled mop of black hair.  She tried to run her fingers through it but got caught on something sticky.

“What the hell?” she murmured, brows falling as she tried to disentangle whatever it was.  Finally, after a few painful winces, she brought what looked to be a half-sucked piece of hard candy before her eyes, a midnight strand still attached.   “Ah hell,” she sighed.

Wiggling the hairy candy from her fingers to the trash, Mercer washed her hands then headed back out to join her brother, best friend and usual partner in crime, Jim.  Jim was flirting with a waitress, which made Mercer roll her eyes.  It was entirely too early in the morning for that crap; especially after a long night of partying. 

“Really, James?” she muttered, flopping back down onto the vinyl booth across from her brother.

“What?” he asked, large hazel eyes opened wide in innocence.

Mercer rolled her own eyes again, the unusual color and clarity inherited from their grandmother.  “Do you even know how to keep your pants zipped?”  She sipped from her coffee, eyes closing in pleasure as the warm liquid hit her belly.

Jim chuckled, cutting his last sausage link into three pieces before stabbing one.  “You’re just pissy because you haven’t gotten laid in a year.”

She glared at him over her cup.  Setting it down, she grabbed her fork and gathered a forkful of cheesy eggs and hash browns.  “No, I’m just not a man slut like you are.”

He snickered.  “Nah, I think it’s just ‘cuz you’re obsessed with your neighbor.”

Mercer groaned as she chewed her bite of food.  “You’re an asshole, Jimmy.”  She sipped some coffee, all the while glaring at him.  “Why did you have to bring her up?”

“To piss you off,” Jim said simply with a casual shrug of a shoulder.

“Yeah, well,” Mercer sighed, belly full as she tossed her napkin onto the table.  “I need to get home.  A night sleeping on your couch and too much apple vodka has done me in.”  Mercer grabbed her wallet, intending to pull out some money.

“Nah, I got it,” Jim offered, tugging his own wallet out of his pocket.

“Thanks, bro.”  Mercer slid out of the booth and gave her brother a peck on the cheek.  “See you later.  Love you.”

“Love you too, kiddo.”

Mercer drove down the quiet, tree lined street that she’d lived on for four years in the house she and her ex had bought together.  The house was a small three bedroom with a finished basement.  The yard was also small, but well-kept just like the house.  As Mercer pulled her SUV into the drive, she couldn’t help but glance over to the house next to hers, both of similar size and build.  Her neighbor’s house, the neighbor that she’d come to find out was named Rya Townley after taking a sneak peak at her mail one day.

Mercer noticed Rya’s grass was freshly-mowed and wondered if it was that buffoon she was dating who’d mowed it.  He was tall and built like a football player, which was in exact opposition to Rya: petit, gorgeous short blonde hair and gorgeous green eyes.  Mercer had never seen anyone who could wear a pair of jeans like Rya could.  Many, many nights Mercer had been tortured as Rya had taken late night swims in her built-in pool in the backyard.  The woman had a body that was just made for sin.

Mercer shook herself out of her thoughts when she realized what direction they were headed, and that she was sitting in her car staring at her neighbor’s house.  Letting herself into her own house, she dropped her keys and wallet onto the kitchen counter and then headed to her bedroom to strip and shower.   One of the things that Mercer liked about the house was the fact that it had French doors in the bedroom that led to the backyard.  One of the bad things about that was Rya’s house had the same feature, which of course opened Rya’s bedroom open to Mercer’s prying eyes, as their sets of doors faced each other, only a short stone path and chain link fence separating their houses. 

As Mercer grabbed the hem of her t-shirt, she stopped dead in her tracks.  A glance through the panes of the French doors showed Rya standing next to her bed folding a pile of laundry on top, wearing nothing more than a white thong and bra.  Mercer’s gaze scanned over the unbelievable body: muscled thighs, flat tummy that looked to be hard as a rock, and the swells of gorgeous breasts.

Mercer was frozen, unable to look away.  In her mind’s eye, she could see herself walking up behind her, running her hands over the strong shoulders, undoubtedly the tanned skin was incredibly soft and supple.  She could see herself nuzzling the blonde hair just as her hands moved to caress the flat planes of Rya’s stomach, moving up to –

Mercer gasped when suddenly, Rya looked away from the shirt she was folding and caught Mercer’s gaze.  “Fuck!” Mercer hissed, quickly scurrying into the bathroom, feeling like a complete ass for staring and ogling.  As much as she could see into Rya’s bedroom, Rya could see into hers, as well.

Muttering angrily to herself as she undressed and stepped under the hot shower spray, Mercer closed her eyes and leaned back against the cool tile wall.  “God, she is too gorgeous to exist,” she murmured, the image of her neighbor once again coming before her mind’s eye. 


Mercer blew out a breath, tugging off her computer glasses and rubbing her eyes.  She ran her own business out of her home, doing the books for various local businesses, and though tax season had ended two months ago, she was still kept busy, adding new businesses to her client list every month.  She’d been working since nine that morning and it was now almost ten at night, and she was exhausted with an aching back.

Pushing up from her desk chair, she stretched her hands high over her head and squeaked as she stretched out her back.  Shutting her computer down, she headed out of the smallest bedroom, which she’d turned into a home office.  Padding into the kitchen, she snooped through a few cabinets, chewing on the inside of her cheek as she pondered what she wanted to eat.  Finally, she decided to skip dinner and instead poured herself a glass of wine and headed outside to the back patio.

Mercer’s backyard was composed of a small cement patio with a glass-topped table with four chairs, square of green lawn and flowers lining the chain link fence.  She didn’t bother to turn on the back porch light, as, whereas most people were afraid of the dark, she embraced it.  She pulled one of the chairs out from the table set and sat down, taking a sip of wine before setting the glass down and looking up into the night sky.  Where she lived was just far away enough from the city to allow natural starlight to come through.  Star gazing was one of Mercer’s favorite things to do to relax, and the glass of wine would make her sleep like a baby.

Taking a sip from her glass, Mercer’s attention was caught when she heard one side of the French doors to Rya’s bedroom open then close, then the snap of flip flops making their way down the stone path that led from the doors at the side of the house to the cement pad that surrounded the swimming pool at the back.

With the pool lights the only lights on in Rya’s backyard, all Mercer could see was a shadowy silhouette of the person, who Mercer had no doubt who it was.  She set her wine glass down and made sure to remain utterly still and silent as she watched Rya set down what looked to be a folded towel on one of the loungers then kicked off her shoes before diving into the water with a loud splash.

Mercer could feel her heart beginning to race as she watched the graceful laps that Rya made, her powerful body slicing through the water effortlessly.  She could feel her body come to life as she watched, her mouth going dry and panties getting wet.  Mercer’s fingers gripped the arms of her chair with a vise-like grip, trying to force herself to stay put and not vault the chain link fence and fuck Rya senseless. 

Rya finished her fifth lap then swam to the shallow end of the pool, which was about four feet deep, the water coming up to just under her bikini-clad breasts.  To Mercer’s near-whimpering delight, the blonde reached back behind herself and tugged the thin strap of the top free, shrugging out of the garment and tossing it to the side of the pool.  She disappeared beneath the water’s surface for a moment before reemerging, the bikini bottoms in hand.  They, too were tossed to the edge of the pool. 

Mercer nearly choked on her tongue, eyes huge at the sight before her: Rya’s silhouette against the lit water was the sexiest thing she’d ever seen in her entire life: Rya’s breasts were incredible, water dripping from the rounded flesh, nipples hard from the warm evening breeze which breathed across wet flesh.  Mercer’s gaze focused on those nipples, desperately wanting to run her tongue over them.

Fuck,” she breathed, beyond aroused. 

Rya dipped back under the surface and pushed off the wall of the pull, her body like a missile slicing through the water.  She broke through the surface again, bringing her hands up to slick her hair back. 

Mercer watched as Rya climbed out of the water, her hands running down over her own breasts and stomach, pushing the excess water from her body.  Mercer was frozen in aroused awe, watching as Rya grabbed the towel from the lounge, flicking it open before she began to dry herself off, eventually wrapping the towel around her hair, then walking naked back down the stone path and disappearing inside her bedroom.

Mercer felt lightheaded and realized as she blew out a heavy breath that she hadn’t breathed since Rya had emerged from the pool.  Heart still pounding, she hurried down her own stone path to her bedroom, not even bothering to take the glass of wine in with her: she had a need that needed immediate attention. 


“Wait, wait, wait!” Mercer growled, about to lose her grip on her end of the new pillow top she’d purchased.

Jim grunted, irritated as he wanted to get the mattress through the door and onto the king-sized bed, as it was heavy as shit, and his back wasn’t real happy with him.  “Come on, sis!” he whined, making his younger sister grin.

“You’re such a pussy.”  Mercer slowly backed into the opened French doors, trying to keep the heavy mattress upright as she regained her grip on it.  “Why don’t these damn things come with legs, or at least functional handles?”  Finally, the siblings got the mattress unwrapped and settled on the box spring.

“Alright,” Jim said, stretching his back, “where’s that steak dinner you promised me?”

Twenty minutes later, the two were out in Mercer’s backyard, Mercer standing at the grill, watching as the fire sprang up to lick the thick steaks she’d slapped down on the grill.  “Thanks,” she said, taking the cold beer Jim offered her.

“So, where’s the hot neighbor lady?” he asked, glancing over at Rya’s house.

“You wanna say that a little louder, Jimmy?” Mercer drawled, flipping the steaks.  “I’m not sure she heard you.”

Jim chuckled, taking a seat at the glass-topped table.  “What does she do?” he asked, taking a swig from the brown glass bottle.

“I’m not sure.  I’ve seen her come home wearing scrubs, so,” Mercer shrugged a shoulder, closing the lid on the grill then joined her brother.  “Nurse?  Doctor?  Tech?  No idea.”  She sipped her beer, mind going back to two weeks before when Rya had decided on a late night skinny dip.  A thrill tickled down her spine at the memory, producing a shit-eating-grin.

“What?” Jim asked, amused. 

“She’s hot,” Mercer said simply.  She eyed him.  “I saw her naked.”

Jim’s eyes widened, beer bottle frozen halfway to his mouth.  “You’ve never spoken to her yet you’ve seen her naked?”  He matched her grin.  “But then, I guess you girls have other things you do with your mouths, eh?”

Mercer rolled her eyes.  “Yeah, something I’d love to do with my mouth where she’s concerned and it doesn’t have one single thing to do with talking!”  She took another swig of her beer.  “Anyway, so the other night I was out here relaxing and she comes strolling out to her pool for some laps.  After a handful, she takes her suit off.”

“No!” Jim breathed.  He’d never even seen the woman, but he knew his sister’s tastes, so figured she had to be hot as hell.  “Oh man.  What did you do?”

“Watched and drooled.  Took everything I had not to jump the fence.”  Suddenly, the air was rent with the sound of a loud splash.  Mercer froze, her back to Rya’s yard.  “Tell me what wasn’t Rya’s pool,” she whispered.

Jim glanced past his sister just in time to see a blonde head break the surface of the water.  The woman met his gaze for a moment before diving back under the water.  “Yup,” he nodded, “and if she’s a gorgeous blonde, then that’s her in her own pool.”

Mercer buried her face in her hands.  “Shit!” she hissed.  “Do you think she heard me?”

Jim laughed, shaking his head.  “Dunno.  You should ask her if she wants to come over here and have some meat.”  He wiggled his eyebrows suggestively.

“You get near her, James and I’ll happily commit fratricide.”

“Promises, promises.”


Mercer turned off the bedside lamp after marking the page in the book she was reading and setting it onto the nightstand.  Wearing a tank top and panties, she slid down onto the new mattress, humming happily at the comfort of it.  She tugged the sheet up to her chin when she noticed the lamp in Rya’s bedroom switched on. 

Mercer gasped when she realized what she was seeing.  Rya’s boyfriend – the buffoon – was lying on the bed, Rya straddling his hips, though she faced his feet, therefore facing Mercer’s house, and Mercer, herself.  Rya’s hips moved in slow, graceful movements, the buffoons large hands resting on either side. 

As Mercer watched – no idea why, as she had no desire to watch the woman of her dreams fuck some guy – she was stunned as she looked into Rya’s eyes, which seemed to be looking right back at her!  Mercer knew that wasn’t possible, as her bedroom from Rya’s point of view would be in complete darkness.  Even so, as she continued to watch, Rya’s hands came up as she cupped her own breasts, which Mercer was seeing essentially for the first time, as the buttery lamp light showed off everything, and not just the silhouette.  Mercer whimpered in sympathy as Rya’s green eyes grew heavy as she gently pinched her own nipples, her gaze never leaving Mercer’s.

Mercer sat up as the show continued, Rya’s movements erotic and beyond sexy.  One of her hands left her breast and slid down the flat plane of her stomach, two fingers finding her clit, even as she continued to move her hips, the buffoon buried inside her.  As Mercer watched the blonde’s fingers rub across her clit, Mercer’s own hand slid down beneath the sheet and into the waistband of her cotton panties.

“Oh my god,” she groaned, shocked at how wet and swollen she was.  As much as she wanted to lie back and close her eyes and get off, she kept hooded eyes open and focused on Rya, her fingers matching Rya’s rhythm, almost feeling as though her fingers were Rya’s and Rya’s fingers were hers.  “Jesus,” she whimpered, her body on the verge of exploding just from the look in Rya’s eyes.

Rya’s hips increased in speed, as did her fingers on her own clit.  Finally, her head fell back and her mouth opened as she came, eliciting a cry from Mercer’s own mouth as she came with an intensity that left her stunned and panting.  Never in any of the times she’d masturbated had she come so hard, and she knew that Rya had everything to do with it.  She fell back into the pillow, her hand coming up to cover her eyes as she tried to get her racing heart to slow. 

Glancing back over to Rya’s house, Mercer watched as the blonde climbed off the bed, the buffoon rolling over to the other side of the bed, apparently ready for sleep.  Not wanting to look at him – fucker – Mercer’s gaze found Rya once more as, to Mercer’s shock, she was walking up to one side of the French doors, the bedroom lamp light at her back, moonlight at her front.

Mercer sat up again, gaze fixated on the goddess who stood at that door, able to see the entire front of Rya’s naked body.  The light from the full moon gave Rya’s flawless skin an angelic quality.  As the seconds ticked by, Rya didn’t move away from the door, her hand holding the line that would pull the shade down over the door’s windowpanes.  Mercer, for some reason sat up again and tugged off her tank top, gaze still fixed on Rya as she reached over to the bedside lamp and switched it on, exposing her naked breasts to the blonde.

For a breathless moment, they stared at each other, both taking in what the other had to offer.  Rya’s gaze met Mercer’s again then with a sexy little smile, she tugged on the cord, the shade falling into place.  

Mercer’s eyes closed as she fell forward, forehead resting on her knees, which she hugged to her chest.  “Holy shit.  Holy, holy, holy shit.  She’s playing with me.”  She groaned.  “She’s fucking playing with me.” 

With a heavy sigh, she flopped back into her pillow, reaching over to switch off the lamp again.  As she stared up at the dark ceiling, her body still burned from the events of moments ago.  She was confused, and considered if perhaps she should flat out go over to Rya’s house and ask her what she was doing, and what her intention was.  Part of Mercer felt she should be angry, as obviously Rya had a boyfriend, so why was she messing with Mercer?  But then on the other hand, Mercer was transfixed by the woman in a way that she couldn’t understand, so shouldn’t she see it as a major coup? 

Mercer groaned as she turned to her side and did her best to try and fall asleep.



A week later, Mercer sat in her home office working when suddenly she heard arguing outside.  Removing her glasses, she pushed up from her chair and walked over to the window, which looked out at the street.  She didn’t see anyone, but she could hear the two voices better, and realized it was Rya and the buffoon.

“Adam, I asked you to leave.”


“No!  Not until you give me a good reason, Rya.”


“Let go of me before I shove your balls so far up your ass you can chew on them.”

A smile of amusement on her face, Mercer hurried to her bedroom and flew out the door, only to see Rya and the buffoon standing near the gate that led to the front yard, the baffoon’s hand on Rya’s arms.

“I’m warning you, Adam,” Rya growled.

“Everything okay here?” Mercer asked, walking towards them on her side of the fence. 

Rya and Adam glanced over at her, Rya looking away, seemingly embarrassed.  “Fine.  Adam was just leaving.

Adam glared at them both then slammed back through the gate and to his truck, parked at the curb.

Mercer watched him go then turned to see a somewhat shaken Rya.  “Are you okay?” she asked softly.  When Rya looked up at her, Mercer’s breath caught.  She’d always seen her from afar, but now, standing no more than three feet away, Rya took her breath away.  The intense color of her green eyes almost made Mercer take a step back.

“Yeah, thank you.  That was really kind of you to do that,” Rya said, her own voice soft and kind.  She gave Mercer a winning smile.  “He didn’t take my breaking up with him too well.”

Gee, I wonder why!  Instead, Mercer returned the smile.  “Most guys don’t.  I guess.”

Rya smirked.  “Oh!  I have something of yours.  Hang on….”

Mercer watched as the gorgeous blonde jogged into her house, heart pounding at the fact that she was actually talking to Rya.  A moment later, Rya came back, a piece of mail in her hand.  She handed it over to Mercer, who took it: junk mail.

“I guess the postman must have put it in the wrong box or something.”  Rya grinned.  “Mercer.  That’s a very different name.”

Mercer looked down at the mail in her hands and couldn’t stop the grin that overtook her lips.  Me thinks she pulled my trick.  Finally, she met the knowing twinkle in Rya’s eyes.  “So is Rya,” she countered.  “It’s a beautiful name.”

Rya’s eyes twinkled with a knowing smile.  “Thank you.”

Beginning to feel uncomfortable, Mercer wiggled the letter in the air.  “Thanks.”  She mentally beat herself, wondering why in hell she was feeling like a 14 year old boy, experiencing his first hard on.  She backed up towards her house.  “See you around.”

“See you around,” Rya echoed.  She walked towards her own house, stopping to glance over her shoulder, only to see that Mercer was looking back at her.  She gave her neighbor a winning smile then disappeared inside her bedroom.

Once tucked safely inside her house, Mercer fell back against a wall, hand to her pounding heart.  “Jesus, how does she affect me so goddamn bad?”  She took several deep breaths, yet again, trying to calm her racing heart.  “I need some space.”

“So, why don’t you just go for it?” Jim asked, leaning over the top of the mahogany bar, a place which he and their other brother, Daniel owned together. 

“I can’t, Jimmy.  Yes, I do think she’s playing with me, and I don’t know why,” Mercer sighed, sipping from her glass of iced water.  “Having fun, I guess.”

“Or, maybe it’s because she’s attracted to you, too.  Mercer, you’re gorgeous!  Why wouldn’t she be?”

“Because she had a boyfriend.”

Had, is the operative word here, and so did you once.”  Jim popped a couple peanuts into his mouth.

Mercer groaned at the mention of that mistake.  “I don’t know,” she sighed, resting her cheek against an upraised palm.

“I do.  You’re letting Melinda stand in your way, still today.”  Jim held up a hand to forestall the lecture he could see he was about to get.  “Am I wrong?  You’ve not dated since, rather you hole up in your house now that you work from home, never going anywhere or seeing anybody.  So, now there’s this girl you’re attracted to, who is obviously attracted to you on some level, too.  Even if it’s just a good fuck, Mercer: it doesn’t mean you have to marry this girl.  And hey,” he continued, pouring a shot for a customer, “who’s to say if you have coffee with her that you’ll even like her, you know?”

Mercer stared down into her water, nodding.  “You know, you’re right.  I think tomorrow I’ll ask if she wants to get some coffee or lunch or something.”

Jim gave his sister a winning smile.  “Good girl.  I think you’re doing the right thing.”


Mercer sighed as she tossed her keys and wallet to the bedside table as she entered her bedroom, which was dark, as the sun had already set.  Not bothering with the bedside lamp, Mercer made her way into the bathroom where she flicked on the light and did her bedtime regime of cleaning her face, brushing her teeth and going to the bathroom.

Finished, she stripped out of her clothing and tugged on her tank top with the panties that she’d left on.  Padding over to the bed, she gasped when she glanced over at Rya’s house.  The bedside lamp was on again, the covers on the bed all shoved down to the bottom and Rya lying naked on the bottom sheet.  Her legs were spread and slightly bent, one hand between them, lazily thrusting what looked to be a pink dildo inside her own pussy.  Her other hand rested on the bed next to her, fingers seeming to knead at the sheet beneath them.

Mercer walked over to her locked door, watching, an almost animalistic arousal overtaking her.  It was then that she realized one side of Rya’s doors was open no more than about six inches.  Before she knew what she was doing, Mercer grabbed her keys then headed out of her house, locking the French doors behind her.  Her eyes never left the movement of Rya’s hand as she hopped the chain link fence, which grabbed Rya’s attention with a startled gasp.  She pulled the dildo from her body and raised herself to her elbows, legs instinctually slapping closed.

Mercer couldn’t believe she was standing there, in the doorway of Rya’s bedroom, her heart pounding and body pulsing.  She felt as though she were partially in a daze, not entirely sure how she’d gotten there.

Rya stared at her for a long moment, slowly lowering herself back to the bed, thighs lazily parting to reveal her closely shaved – and extremely wet and swollen – sex.  It was a silent invitation, though Mercer remained standing by the door, frozen to the spot.

Rya lifted herself to an elbow again, a lust-filled gaze aimed at Mercer.  “Are you going to stand there all night or are you going to close and lock that door and then lick my pussy?” she asked, voice husky from her desire.  “I know you want to.”

Without looking away, Mercer reached behind her and did as asked, closing and locking the door before she walked the few steps to the bed.  She so badly wanted to explore Rya’s mouth and body, but the smell of her need caught her attention and wouldn’t let her go.  Her mouth watered and badly wanted to fuck the blonde with her tongue.

Without even removing her own clothing, she lay herself down on her stomach, her mouth reaching Rya’s wetness before her arms even fully wrapped around strong thighs.  Both Mercer and Rya moaned at the first taste and feel of Mercer’s tongue running through the copious wetness, Mercer’s tongue immediately finding an engorged clit.  Never had she tasted anything so wonderful in all of her sexually active life.

“Oh fuck!” Rya gasped, her hands reaching down to bury themselves in thick hair, encouraging Mercer to fuck her.  “Fuck!  Eat my pussy…” she gasped, the words trailing into a whimper, Mercer’s actions relentless, causing her hips to move with the rhythm Mercer’s tongue was making as it fucked her.

Mercer felt out of control of herself, absolutely no self control, whatsoever.  She devoured Rya like she’d never done before, desperate to get every drop, give every ounce of pleasure she could and desperate to hear Rya scream her name.  Within moments she got her wish.  She held on for the ride of her life as Rya came hard in her mouth, hips nearly bucking Mercer off the bed.  She didn’t stop until a whimpering Rya begged her to.  Mercer relented, whipping off her tank top and wiping her mouth and chin before throwing the shirt to the floor and climbing up Rya’s body, her hips cradled by strong thighs.

Rya grabbed for Mercer, their mouths meeting in a breathy, open-mouthed kiss, just as animalistic as the thorough oral fucking Rya had just had.  She loved the taste of her own pussy on Mercer’s mouth.  She reached her hands down, grabbing two handfuls of Mercer’s incredible ass, pushing her hips up into her.

“I want to fuck you so bad,” Rya breathed into the kiss.  “I’ve wanted to since the first day I saw you.”  Using her powerful body, she flipped their positions, roughly parting Mercer’s thighs after tearing off her panties then settling narrow hips between them.  She immediately raised herself to her hands and began to fuck Mercer with steady thrusts of her hips.  “You’re so fucking wet,” she whimpered.

Mercer was lost, her eyes half-closed as she spread her thighs as wide as they’d go.  She was so wet that she could barely register the physicality of Rya pussy fucking her, but mentally she was in ecstasy, knowing it was her fantasy coming true that was between her legs in that moment.

“Oh yes, fuck me, Rya,” she moaned, almost no brain power left.

Rya delivered a bruising kiss before she stopped her movement, quickly licking and kissing her way down Mercer’s body, a tongue swipe to both rock hard nipples before she buried her face in Mercer’s pussy, her tongue finding an engorged clit and sucking it into her mouth before she batted at it with her tongue, hands splayed out on the insides of Mercer’s thighs, which she had opened flat to the bed.

The sensation was almost painful, it was so intense.  Mercer’s neck arched back, every muscle in her body tensing as she came with a roar, flooding Rya’s mouth with her release, adding two fingers at the last minute to make Mercer’s orgasm even stronger. 

Rya waited until Mercer was finished then slowly removed her fingers and wiped her face before leaving a trail of gentle, loving kisses up the length of Mercer’s gorgeous body before she lay her body back down atop her.  Their initial rapid fire lust sated, now they shared slow, lazy kisses and gentle caresses. 

Rya broke the kiss though didn’t move off of Mercer, their legs entwined.  She rested her cheek on an upraised palm and looked down into Mercer’s beautiful face.  “You truly are the most beautiful woman I’ve ever seen,” she said, giving her a soft smile.

Mercer ran her fingers lightly up and down over Rya’s back, enjoying the feel of the smooth, warm skin.  “Thank you.  You’re like a goddess right out of a fantasy.”

Rya grinned.  “Really?”

“Oh yeah.”  Mercer raised her head the short distance to initiate a slow, deeply passionate kiss.

Rya hummed into the kiss, whispering against Mercer’s lips.  “I want you inside of me.”

Mercer nearly purred at the request.  She wanted to get a certain image out of her head and replace it with a new one.  She indicated that Rya should get off of her for a moment while Mercer grabbed the discarded pink dildo and spread her own legs wide enough so her hardening clit would have as much leverage to press against the base of the dildo, which she placed on her sex, the business end jutting out from her body, her vee’d fingers at the flattened base, holding the toy in place.

“Come here, baby,” she invited, using her free hand to reach for Rya.

Rya, getting the idea, moaned in anticipated pleasure and hiked a muscular thigh across Mercer’s body.  She reached down between Mercer’s spread thighs and, with a shit-eating smirk, gathered the increasing wetness of Mercer’s own pussy to use to lubricate the dildo. 

“You want me to fuck your cock?” Rya asked, lowering her lips to Mercer’s, hovering just far enough so no contact could be made.

Mercer nodded, her body igniting as Rya used smooth, slow movements to rub the dildo down with her own wetness.  “Fuck my cock…”

Rya took Mercer in a deceptively sweet, gentle kiss as she positioned the head of the dildo at her entrance then slowly lowered herself onto it, both moaning at the sensation.  “You feel so good inside me,” she whispered, slowly undulating her hips, every movement pressing wickedly down against Mercer’s clit. 

Rya sat up, her hands trailing over Mercer’s chest and stomach until her hands finally cupped full breasts, palms rubbing circles on the hard nipples in the same, slow and fluid motion of her own hips.

Mercer’s eyes fell closed, her free hand of like mind with Rya as she cupped Rya’s left breast, which she’d been dying to do for nearly a year.  “Fuck, this feels good,” she whispered, her own hips working with Rya’s.  She tensed her stomach muscles as she lifted her shoulders from the bed just enough to be able to take Rya’s nipple in her mouth.

Rya whimpered, her hips moving a bit faster as she helped Mercer by lowering her upper body a bit.  “Baby,” she whimpered, the word high-pitched as her pleasure rose.  “Fuck me, please fuck me…”

Mercer released Rya’s nipple with a wet pop, lying fully back down on the mattress.  She grasped Rya’s hip with her free hand and planted both feet flat on the bed and used the power of her thighs and hips and pounded up into Rya, Rya crying out in pleasure as she moved in tandem with Mercer’s thrusts, both women moaning constantly, their pleasure rising to a fever pitch.

“Fuck!” Rya cried out, “I’m gonna cum, oh god, baby, you’re gonna make me cum…” and with those ground out words, her body convulsed, her sex clenching around Mercer, pulsing with each wave of pleasure.

Mercer wasn’t far behind, her hips moving to grind her clit against the base of the dildo and add pressure where she needed it most.  As she came, her hand on Rya’s hips became like a vise, fingers acting of their own accord to hold on for dear life. 

Breasts heaving as she tried to get her breathing under control, Rya looked down into the flushed face of the gorgeous woman beneath her.  She gently slid off the dildo, taking it from Mercer’s hand and tossing it aside as she cuddled up against Mercer, who immediately took her in her arms.  They shared a quick kiss, both still breathing too hard to engage in anything deeper. 

“Have dinner with me tomorrow night” Rya said at length.

Baffled by the non sequitur, Mercer looked at the woman she held. “What?”

Rya grinned, laying her head down on Mercer’s shoulder, placing a kiss on a warm neck.  “I know it’s a little bass ackwards, but I want you to have dinner with me.  I want to get to know you.”

“Absolutely,” Mercer murmured, running her fingers through soft, blonde hair.  “I’m a little confused,” she said.

“About what, baby?” Rya asked, lightly trailing her fingernails up and down Mercer’s side and across her stomach.

“You were just with that guy, yet it’s more than obvious you’ve been with a woman before.  Are you bi?”

“No,” Rya sighed, content and sated.  “Just an idiot.  My last girlfriend cheated on me, and it really hurt me.  I think I had something to prove to myself with Adam.”

“So, then what was Adam?”

“Honestly?” Rya said, raising her head and looking into Mercer’s face.  “A mistake.  And, you want to know something else?”  She grinned, using her fingertips to trace Mercer’s modelesque features.  “I only stayed with him so long because of you.”

“What?  Me?”  Mercer kissed the fingertips as they passed over her lips.

“Yeah.  I was so damn attracted to you the first day I ever saw you get your mail.  Oh my god, I wanted you so bad.”  She lowered her mouth to Mercer’s in a slow, leisurely kiss leaving them both nearly breathless.  “But,” she whispered against her lips, “I was afraid.”

“Afraid of what?”

“Getting hurt again.  So, I stayed with Adam, so then that way I’d stay away from you, as I’d never cheat.”

Mercer grinned just before taking Rya in another kiss.  “I really like you.”

Rya chuckled.  “Well, I should hope so!  You just gave me the greatest orgasms of my life.”

“Well,” Mercer purred, pushing Rya over to her back and rolling on top of her, setting her hips between spreading thighs.  “I’m gonna give you another one.”  As she slowly began to pussy fuck Rya, she leaned down and kissed her, keeping all her movements slow and sensuoual. 

“I used to dream about you doing this,” Rya murmured, her hands running down to cup Mercer’s ass, making the muscles beneath her hands clinch.  “I really wanted to feel you against me,” the last couple words were a bit breathy as she let out a pleasure-filled sigh.

“That night when you were swimming naked,” Mercer said, refusing to speed up her rhythm even as she felt Rya’s hips begin to move with her.  “I wanted to throw you down in that lounger and eat you out.”

Rya moaned at the words and memory of Mercer doing that very thing not long ago.  “I would have let you,” she whispered, eyes sliding closed as her pleasure continued to build with each slow thrust.  “Oh fuck…”

Mercer lowered herself to lay against Rya, taking her in a passionate kiss as she wormed her hands between Rya’s ass and the mattress, using the firm flesh as leverage to hold them together as she ground their pussies together, intensifying the feeling enough to make Rya cum with low growl in her throat and fingers clutching Mercer’s ass painfully.

Rya’s cries fueled Mercer’s own need to cum, so she slammed her hips into Rya’s, losing control as her body took over, trying to get to that elusive orgasm.  Like an animal rutting, she pounded herself into Rya, the pleasure flowing through her in a sharp, violent wave which took her with a loud gasp followed by mewling whimpers as she held Rya to her.  After a moment, she felt Rya’s fingers brushing through her hair and could hear soft words whispered into her ear.

“It’s okay, baby.  You were wonderful, that was absolutely amazing….”

Mercer finally lifted her face from Rya’s neck and looked down into the deeply satisfied face of the woman whom she realized she was crushing.  She lifted herself off her, chuckling slightly when she realized just how much their sexes were glued together between their immense amount of combined wetness as well as sweat.

“Come here,” Rya said softly, pulling Mercer to her.  “Let me hold you.”

Mercer did as she was asked, curling her body up beside Rya’s.  “I’m so tired,” she yawned. 

Rya smiled, nodding as her eyes began to fall shut.  “Stay the night with me?”

Mercer mumbled some kind of acquiescence, mumbling before she fell into a deep, peaceful sleep.  “This was like Christmas, Halloween and Valentine’s Day all rolled into one ….”

The End … ?

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