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All in a Day’s Work
Kim Pritekel

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“Lou, you home?” Andi called out as she entered the small apartment she shared with her roommate of four years.  She shrugged her heavy backpack from her shoulders and let it fall to the couch as she hurried through the living room and down the hall that led to the two bedrooms and one bath.  “Lou?”  

Pushing open the door to her bedroom, Andi hurried in, unzipping her jacket as she went.  Tossing it to the bed, she walked over to her closet and pulled it open, studying the rack of fashionable and well-fitted dresses within.


The petit blonde turned and glanced at her friend over her shoulder.  “Hey.  I got your text.  What do I have tonight?”   She stopped her perusal at the look on her friend’s face.  “What?  Why do you look like you a little kid who’s waiting to get their spanking from dad?”  She turned to face her friend and essentially, her boss.  “Lou …”

“You have a client for tonight,” the older woman said.

“Well, yeah.  You said as much in your text.”  Andi crossed her arms over her chest.  “Who is it?  Please tell me it’s not that creepy banker guy.”

“No,” Lou said, entering the room and sitting on Andi’s bed, pushing the tossed jacket aside.  “It’s your last one, Andi.”

“Yeah,” Andi said with a slow nod.  “I know.”

“It’s a woman.”

“No.”  Andi shook her head, waving the idea away with her hand.  “Absolutely not.”

“Come on, Andi,” Lou said, pushing up from the bed, pleading in her voice and in her brown eyes.  “It’s your last one.  Just one night.  One time.”  She held up a single finger to emphasize her point.

“No, Lou.  Since the day we started this crazy business three years ago, I said no women.  I’m not into it, and you know it.  Why can’t you send Amber?  She’s into that stuff.”

“She doesn’t want Amber.  I tried, trust me.  She chose you.  She wants you.”

“But,” Andi said, hands on hips. “I don’t want her, whoever this chick is.”  She leaned back against her dresser, arms crossing over her chest again. 

“I know, I know.”  Lou walked over to her shorter friend and placed a hand on her shoulder.  “She may not even want that, she didn’t really say. She asked to be able to keep that option open.”

Andi looked away, green eyes gazing out the window over her bed, skeletal treetops beyond.  “What does she want me to do?” she asked, voice low and empty.

“Dinner.  She has some sort of business dinner thing she has to go to and wants to bring a date.  Beyond that,” she shrugged a shoulder, “I don’t know.”

Andi let out a heavy breath and ran a hand through long, silky hair.  “Is the money good?”

A slow smile spread across Lou’s face, her relatively average looks brightening into a somewhat pretty face with that smile.  “Definitely.”

“Fine.”  Andi pointed a finger at her friend.  “But you owe me.  You owe me big time.”

An hour later, Andi stood under the warm spray of the shower, her hands smoothing her hair back from her face as she finished rinsing the shampoo out.  Her mind was spinning.  Normally when she had a client, it was easy peasy.  Men were easy to deal with and very predictable. 

She and Lou had set up protective measures for Andi and the other three girls that worked for them.  Each client had to give a specific plan for the night, including every location that would be used for the “date”, as well as what was expected of the girl.  During the commission of the date, each girl was tailed by one of the men that worked for Lou and Andi.  He stayed out of sight, and if a hotel room was rented, he always had the room next door to make sure there wasn’t any trouble.

In the three years that Andi had done this, on average seeing three to four clients a month, it had been the rare case when a man surprised her.  They were all pretty typical, pretty simple and very easy to handle. 

“But a woman,” she murmured. 

Yes, she realized she was, herself a woman, but she had not clue one what to do with one.  She wasn’t a lesbian, had never been with a woman and had no desire to change that fact that night.  Granted, that may not be what her client had in mind, but she had told Lou that the option was on the table.

She wasn’t sure if she could do it, to be honest.  Sure, she’d seen women that she thought were beautiful or sexy, but the truth of the matter was – and the irony – Andi really didn’t date much in her personal life.  Her life had been school.  She was almost finished earning her Masters degree in Psychology, eager to then move on to earn her Doctorate.  That was why she and Lou had started their business in the first place: to pay for school.  It had worked beautifully, and Andi had no debt. 

Again, her mind went back to her date in a couple hours as she grabbed her shaver.  She knew nothing about her, other than she was to meet her at one of the most expensive restaurants in town, and she was to dress in cocktail party attire.  The only thing, other than tuition, Andi spent any real money on was her wardrobe and the little extras that kept her in good shape and beautiful. 

Another ironic part of Andi’s business is, she’d always seen herself as just a plain Jane, nothing special.  She was a small woman with a naturally petit build.  She would concede she pretty green eyes and certainly a brilliant mind, but that was about it.  When Lou approached her about the idea for their escort service, Andi had no intention of being on the extremely exclusive, referral only website as one of the women the clients could choose from.  She had a good head for business, and intended to keep it there.  It wasn’t to be.  A client had seen her when he’d come to collect his date, and had instantly asked for Andi to take Jessica’s place. 

And, so it began.  In their small, exclusive service they had four women – including Andi – each woman very different in look and expertise.  They tried to give their clients what they paid handsomely for.  It was extremely rare that a woman came to them as a client, but when it did happen, the female client only had one choice, and that was Amber.  She was a lovely redhead with curves in all the right places, and she was bi-sexual.  They didn’t have enough female clients to bring in any other girls who were okay with being with a woman.

Finishing her shower, Andi turned off the water and pulled the frosted glass door open, the steam-filled bathroom almost suffocating.  She quickly wrapped herself in a large, plush towel and opened the bathroom door, the cool, February air that met her nearly making her catch her breath. 

Once back in her bedroom, she closed the door and unwrapped the towel, drying herself off before using the towel to wrap her hair in as she padded over to the free-standing mirror in the corner.  That mirror had reflected many an outfit for many a client.  Andi studied her form, which was, admittedly, absolutely stunning.  She worked hard long and hard on her body, keeping it feminine perfection.  Her gaze fell to her naked breasts, on the smaller side, but full and beautiful.  The light pink nipples were hard from the chilly temperature of the room.  Her bikini area was trimmed and shaped.  A nervous shiver sailed through her body as she wondered if her date would be happy with what she saw, should it go in that direction.

“Please just want dinner, please just want dinner,” she murmured.


Andi’s red Honda Fit pulled into the parking lot of East Street, an upscale and expensive steakhouse, and found a spot.  Pulling the small car into it, she cut the engine and glanced into the rearview mirror, making sure her makeup was perfect. 

She’d left her hair down, and it fell like spun gold around her shoulders and halfway down her back.  She had opted on more of a smoky-eye for her makeup, appropriate for an evening out, as well as an emerald colored dress that clung to the curves of her body without screaming slut.  The plunging neckline showed her cleavage just to the point of sensuous.

Deciding she looked good, she reached over to the passenger seat and grabbed her purse, which held her phone, keys and the small fob on her key chain that had a panic button on it, which would send a silent alarm to Patrick, whom was trailing her that evening, and send him running to help her.

Pushing open the car door, Andi stood and looked around the busy parking lot.  She was told she’d meet her date just outside the doors to the restaurant.  She saw a few people standing near the doors, which gave her no indication whom she was looking for.  She did, however, see Patrick pull into the parking lot.  She sent a nod of acknowledgement his way then locked up her car then made her way to the sidewalk that ran along the front of the eatery, her high heels clicking.

As she neared the front door, the small group gathered there headed inside, leaving a lone figure standing there.  The woman was taller than Andi, dressed in what appeared to be a woman’s cut suit, though it was hard to make it out as she was draped in a calf-length camel hair dress coat.  But, in truth none of that mattered, because what caught Andi’s attention was the woman’s face.

Standing near the lights at the front door, the woman was bathed in golden light which easily accentuated her sculpted features, including full lips, finely arched brows over the most stunningly blue eyes Andi had ever seen.  The woman’s long, dark brown hair was pulled back, further revealing her beauty.  The woman smiled as Andi stepped up to her.

“Hello, Holly,” she said, using the name Andi used with her clients.  “Thank you for coming on such short notice.”

“Hello,” Andi said, momentarily shaken by how incredibly gorgeous her client was.  She quickly shook herself free of it and slid her professional face into place.  She held out her hand, which was taken by a somewhat larger one, the skin chilled from the cold February night, but soft.  “Thank you for contacting me.”

“My name is Galen Quinn.  It’s a pleasure.”  She leaned forward and placed a quick peck to Andi’s cheek.  “Before we go in, I’ll explain why we’re here.  The firm I work for is having a bit of a get together, and there will be someone there that … well,” she flashed a beautiful smile.  “It’s best if I’m not ‘single’,” she said, using her fingers as air quotes. 

“I see.  So, what do you need me to do?” Andi asked softly, looking up into those exquisite blue eyes.

“Be the adoring girlfriend that you are,” Galen said with a quirky grin.

Andi returned the grin.  “Understood.”

Andi wasn’t entirely sure what to think as Galen seemed to be the ultimate … gentleman.  She graciously removed Andi’s leather car coat before removing her own and handing them over to the coat check.  She was courteous, opened doors for her and led her to the private room where the group had gathered by taking Andi’s hand in her own, the two looking just like the loving couple.

Andi allowed herself to be led from group to group, introduced simply as Holly, but Galen’s hand resting at the graceful curve of her lower back spoke of her silent claim to the lovely blonde.  It wasn’t difficult for Andi to join in on the numerous conversation topics, though she was left to listen when talk turned to business, which she learned was architecture. 

As Galen spoke to her colleagues, she watched her and listened to her obvious brilliance in her profession, as well as how articulate she was as she spoke easily to anyone who came up to her.  She watched her mannerisms, expressions, listened to her soothing voice and, to her surprise, she realized she was absolutely intrigued by this beautiful woman.

Andi’s attention was caught when an absolutely stunning blonde walked through the curtain that closed off their room from the rest of the restaurant.  She was tall and a bit thin, but her large brown eyes were inviting and her gaze seemed to immediately find Galen.

“Oh lord,” Galen murmured next to Andi, who looked up at her and realized she’d also noticed the blonde.

“Would this be where the ‘adoring girlfriend’ comes in?” Andi whispered, noting that the blonde was walking towards them, catching the eye of just about everyone she passed along the way.


Playing her role, Andi’s arm snaked around Galen’s waist, Galen’s hand resting dangerously close to the swell of Andi’s behind, their sides pressed together. 

“Hello, Galen,” the blonde said, her gaze drifting to Andi, looking her over as though she were some sort of bug.  “I wasn’t aware you were going to be here.”

“Hello, Janet,” Galen said, her voice cool and detached, even as Andi felt her fingers dig slightly into her back.  “Why wouldn’t I be here?  It’s my firm.”

“Yes, well,” Janet said with a little smirk.  “Never stopped you from not showing up before.”  She glanced at Andi.  “Beware, sweetness.  It obviously didn’t take her long to get over me, so I’d watch your back.  Or your heart.”  With a final glare to Galen, Janet sauntered off, headed to the bar.

Andi said nothing, simply met Janet’s gaze with defiance as she pulled Galen a bit closer to her side, feeling a surprising protective possessiveness sweep through her.  She watched the blonde walk away before turning to her companion, who was visibly upset.  Andi slid her arm from around her waist and raised both hands, placing them on Galen’s arms, sliding them down until she reached her hands.

“Are you okay?” she asked softly, taking the soft hands within her own.

Galen looked down for a long moment before meeting Andi’s eyes.  “Want to get out of here?”

Andi felt her heart begin to race and a clench of fear and anxiety in her stomach, but she knew she had a job to do.  She nodded, squeezing Galen’s hands.  “Okay.”

Andi forced herself to take deep breaths as she followed Galen in her Lexus through the cold night, ending at the Hilton downtown.  She pulled into the lot and found a parking space three down from where Galen parked her own car.  The two women were silent as they headed into the building, Galen leading the way to the bank of elevators. 

Inside the car, which smoothly rose, Galen rested her back against one of the walls and looked at Andi, her head slightly cocked to the side.  “So,” she said softly, “are all your clients so lucky as to bring you back to their room?”

Andi mirrored Galen’s stance against the opposite wall.  “No,” she said, voice a bit coy.  “Not all of them want that.”

“No?” she asked with a raised brow. “What do they want?”

Andi shrugged a shoulder, a small grin on her lips.  “Some men just want a date for something, a pretty girl on their arm.  Some men want a dinner companion or to go to the theater with them.  Some men just want to talk.”

“And women?”

Andi studied her for a moment, trying to decide how honest to be.  Finally she said, “I wouldn’t know.”  She grinned.  “A company party and an elevator trip to the twelfth floor?”

Galen grinned, noting the lit number 12 on the bank of floor buttons.  “No other women?”

“Not for me, no.  Amber usually takes care of that.”

“I see.”  Galen studied Andi for so long, Andi was beginning to squirm.  “So then, why did you say yes to me?”

Why, indeed.  Again, Andi opted for honesty.  “This is my last time, my last client, so I agreed.  Go out with a bang, I suppose.”

“Oh?  Why your last?”

“I’m about to graduate with my Masters.  I want to focus on this last semester.”

The elevator came to a stop, the door dinging before sliding open.  Galen met Andi in the center of the small car.  “Lucky me,” she murmured in her ear before turning and stepping out.

Andi stood there for a moment, a little thrill shooting down her spine.  She followed, watching as Galen made her way down the hall, tugging a hotel room key card from her purse as she went, having retained the room before going to the restaurant.  Andi was nervous, very nervous.  To her surprise, however, she wasn’t as disgusted by the idea of this as she thought she’d be.  Granted, nothing had happened yet, and perhaps the gorgeous architect just wanted to talk.  Doubtful, but possible.

Galen stopped in front of a room 1241 and ran the key card down into the slot, the red light turning green and the lock clicking open.  Andi stepped up behind her as she pushed open the door, holding it open for Andi to enter before her.

The room was like any other, with a king-sized bed, dresser with a large flat screen bolted to it.  A small table with two arm chairs sat by the window.  The bathroom was tucked at the back of the room, an extra large tub its centerpiece.

Andi flipped on the lamp next to the bed, buttery light filling the space.  Standing at the side of the bed, she turned to see Galen walking over to her, shrugging out of her London Fog as she did.  She shrugged out of her own jacket, tossing it to lie over the back of one of the chairs, Galen placing hers on the end of the bed.  She wore a navy blue women’s cut suit that showed off a trim waist, long legs and a slender figure.  She was beautiful.

Andi stood her ground between the chair and the bed as Galen walked over to her, stopping no more than a foot away.  She reached out a hand and ran her fingers down Andi’s bare arm, her gaze resting on Andi’s. 

“You have absolutely stunning green eyes,” she said softly.  “I’ve never seen such a rich color in eyes before.”  Her hand rose from Andi’s arm to brush a soft cheek with the backs of her fingers.  “Beautiful.”

“Thank you.  So are you.” 

“So,” she said, trailing a finger down along Andi’s jaw and down her throat to the hollow.  “I’m assuming there are some limitations here?”

“Not really,” Andi said, her gaze searching Galen’s face before falling to the tiniest bit of cleavage seen from neckline of the blouse she wore.  “I don’t kiss clients, though.”

“Mm.  That’s a shame,”  She brought her hand up and ran her thumb across a full bottom lip.  “Beautiful lips.”  

Letting her hand drop, Galen stepped back a bit and, her gaze never leaving Andi’s, she began to unbutton the tailored suit jacket,  revealing a cream-colored blouse, that same bit of cleavage even more visible that Andi had noticed earlier.  Galen’s fingers went to the small buttons on the blouse, Andi beginning to follow suit. 

Reaching behind herself, Andi found the zipper to her dress and with practiced ease, tugged it down, the emerald-colored material falling away from her body to the waist, leaving her breasts bare for Galen to see, and immediately those gorgeous blue eyes fell upon them.   

She had to admit, when with her usual male client, she played a good game, but at the end of the day, could truly care less what he thought about her body.  She would never – or not likely – see them again, and all she had to do was pretend she was having a good time, collect her money and move on with her plan.

Now, as Galen finished unbuttoning her blouse, revealing beautiful full breasts cupped lovingly in a black lace and satin bra, Andi found herself very interested in what Galen’s reaction to her was.  She was also once again amazed at the taller woman’s beauty: the creamy flesh of her breasts, the smoothness of her skin, the nearly vibrating energy that flowed from her, straight into Andi. 

Tearing her eyes away from Galen’s statuesque form, Andi finished removing the few pieces of clothing she wore and, naked, climbed onto the bed, not entirely sure what to do.  With the men, a good ass shot and they were usually instantly hard.  But with a woman ….

Andi crawled up the king-sized bed to the king’s ransom in pillows peppering the head, which she tossed aside to get to the top edge of the comforter, tugging it, a plush blanket and sheet down to climb beneath its weight.  Once settled, she held the covers just above her breasts and watched as Galen finished with her own clothing and followed suit, climbing onto the bed and beneath the covers. 

Lying side by side, Andi glanced over at Galen, who was turning to her side facing her, an arm tucked under her head.  She studied her eyes for a moment, trying to read her, what she may want from Andi.  The blue eyes were carefully guarded, save for basic desire and lust.  She was about to speak but Galen beat her to it.

“You know,” she began, her voice soft in the large room, “I hadn’t intended to take it her tonight, even though I got the room just in case.”  She gave Andi a sheepish grin at that.  “But, I guess I just need a little … attention.  I know this isn’t your normal evening, so I appreciate your willingness.”

As Andi continued to look into Galen’s eyes, she could see a deep seeded sadness in them, as well as what seemed to be uncertainty.  She brought a hand up from the covers and rested her palm against the soft skin of a strong jaw. 

“I’m here,” she whispered, holding Galen’s gaze.  “I’m here with you.”

Andi had to admit, she was completely out of her element.  Never had she had a chat before servicing her client’s needs.  He came, he saw, he conquered, he paid and she went home.  Now, she felt like she needed – and wanted – to be comforting and tender with Galen.  The woman lying next to her seemed to have the weight of the world on her shoulders, and Andi wanted to take some of that away, if just for a short time.

“Come here,” she murmured, reaching for Galen.

Galen scooted to bridge the smidge of distance between them, their naked skin nearly touching.  She lifted her upper body so she rested on her forearm and looked down at Andi. 

“You’re really beautiful, Holly.”

Andi had to bite her lip as, the truth was, she wanted to be authentic with Galen and tell her what her name really was.  She just managed to stop herself from speaking as Galen’s soft touch found her right breast.  Galen’s touch was so gentle, so tender, Andi was shocked – and admittedly a bit ashamed – at how her body was beginning to react and respond.  Her breathing began to increase, her back arching slightly of its own accord, pressing her breast further into Galen’s hand.

The women’s gaze met for a moment, an electric connection flowing between them before Galen lowered her head, soft lips finding the warm skin of Andi’s neck.  Andi’s eyes slid closed as her head fell aside, giving Galen all the access she wanted, even as Andi’s fingers found their way into long, thick hair, urging the lips to explore.

As Galen licked, nipped and kissed down Andi’s throat, her hand slid from the breast with its rigid peak down along a warm side, over a womanly hip and finally to her companion’s thigh, urging it to rise against her own hip, opening Andi up to her as she moved atop the smaller woman.

Andi welcomed Galen’s weight and warmth, her thighs falling open to accept her into her most intimate place, their heat and growing wetness pressing together.   What surprised her the most, however, was the incredible softness of Galen’s breasts pressed to her own, their fullness and, though soft, she could feel the firmness and slight pressure against her own.  In truth, it felt wonderful. 

Galen’s mouth continued its exploration as her hips began to move, pressing against Andi, eliciting a soft moan from them both as she moved, grinding and rubbing her need against that of the woman beneath her.

Normally by this time, Andi would be moaning and making all the noises that men needed to hear to convince them they were the greatest lover ever birthed and let loose on women.  This time, she felt the need to keep it organic.  With Galen, she sensed it wasn’t about feeding her ego, but more about connecting with her through the sensuous movement that was two women making love. 

Andi’s hands slid out of Galen’s hair and down the smooth skin of her back, nails trailing down over her lower back to her very shapely behind, which continued to move between her legs, bringing them both pleasure and building need.  Andi could feel herself growing extremely wet, her clit rock hard as it glided against Galen’s, their combined wetness easily heard mixing with each thrust. 

Galen buried her face in the warmth of Andi’s neck as she increased the speed of her thrusts, her lover cupping the flesh of her behind, encouraging her.  Pleasure building, Galen pushed up to her hands, looking down at the flushed woman beneath her.  Their nipples grazed slightly as she used the power of her body to thrust faster against the smaller woman, her eyes falling closed as her orgasm began to grow deep in her belly.

Andi, on the other hand, had no warning as her release came quick and hard, drawing a loud cry of both surprise and pleasure from her throat.  Her entire body seemed to throb with the power of her orgasm, sending a tremble throughout her entire being.  Moments later, Galen followed, her own cry muffled against Andi’s neck, her breath hot against her flesh. 

Bodies pressed tightly together, it took Andi a moment to come back to reality after the intense experience, her sex continuing to pulse against Galen’s, her breathing and racing heart slowly falling back to normal levels.  She smiled at the soft kiss placed against her neck before Galen moved off of her, leaving Andi feeling cold and strangely lonely. 

Glancing over to her left, Andi saw Galen looking back at her, a softness in her eyes and expression that hadn’t been there before.  Andi had to wonder if it matched that of her own, as that’s certainly what she felt.

“Come here,” Galen whispered, encouraging Andi to turn to her right side, the taller woman scooting up behind her and holding her back against her.

Andi allowed the contact, her eyes slipping closed as in truth, it felt wonderful.  She could feel the warmth of Galen’s front pressed against her, soft breasts pressed into her back.  Galen’s arm was draped across her hip, her hand pressed against a flat tummy.  Andi felt so warm and safe.

“Do you mind laying with me for a bit?” Galen murmured against Andi’s shoulder.

Andi smiled and gave a small shake of her head.  “No.”  The truth was, she’d never been cuddled in her entire life after sex, be it with a client or during her disastrous dating life.  She’d heard friends talk about it, of course or had seen it in the movies.  But, when it came to the times she’d given her body to someone, she had always felt she wasn’t worth sticking around for, wasn’t worthy of the loving tenderness she was being shown now.

“What are you studying?” Galen asked softly, unwittingly pulling Andi out of dark thoughts.

It took Andi a moment to realize she’d been asked a question, but finally responded.  “I’m getting my Masters in Psych,” she said, her voice soft in the quiet darkness of the room, as Galen had reached over and quickly switched the lamp off before pulling the smaller body to her own.  “From there, I plan to get my PhD,” Andi continued, her fingertips running absent patterns along Galen’s forearm, the hand attached to it tightening its hold slightly with the soft touches.  She could feel Galen’s neatly-trimmed dark pubic hair pressed against her behind.  Though it was strange to not feel something else pressing against her, she had to admit it wasn’t entirely unpleasant. 

“That’s wonderful,” Galen said, placing a kiss to a tanned shoulder before resting her cheek there.  “What do you want to do with it?  Teach?”

“No.  I’d actually like to go into forensics.  You know, work with police departments, the FBI, things like that.”

“Well, call me impressed.”

Andi smiled.  “Yeah?”

“Yeah.  Quite the little ambitious one, aren’t you?”

“Maybe just a little,” Andi hedged, easing in her voice.  She wasn’t able to keep the yawn from nearly cracking her jaw, however, which completely embarrassed her.  “I’m so sorry.”

“No, it’s okay.  Let’s rest for a few, okay?” Galen whispered, resting her head on the same pillow Andi rested against.

“Okay,” Andi whispered back, her eyes already falling closed.  Her body was warm, sated and comfortable; bad mixture.  She fell into a deep, peaceful sleep, Galen’s breathing slowing to soft, even breaths behind her.

Two and a half hours later, Andi awoke.  She lay partially on her side, partially on her stomach, face buried in the soft warmth of a neck.  Her thigh was raised and rested upon that of the person lying beneath her, and her hand was filled with full, soft warmth.  She could feel warm pressure against her sex and realized that was because she had pressed herself in sleep against the side of the thigh her own thigh rested across.  A moment later, she realized what woke her up.

Pulling away from Galen, who was just becoming to wake up,  She slid out of bed and hurried to her purse, which lay on the bedside table.  Grabbing her chirping phone out of it, she answered, a pretty good idea who was on the other end of the line and knowing full well she’d worry the hell out of her if she didn’t pick up.

“Hello? … Yeah, sorry.  No, he can go home…  Yes, I’m still here and I’m okay…  Yeah, I’ll be back soon…  Okay, bye.”

“Boyfriend?” Galen asked, hands tucked behind her head as she watched Andi, who was perched on the side of the bed as she tucked her phone back into her purse.

“No,” Andi said with a small laugh.  “My friend and partner in the business.  I’m usually not gone this long.”  She glanced at the bedside clock, shocked to see it was nearly two in the morning.

Galen, too glanced at the time.  “I’m sorry.”

“Don’t be.”  Andi knew she should be back on her feet and gathering her clothing, but instead found herself crawling back over to Galen’s warmth.

Galen smiled when she realized Andi was going to stay and turned to her side to face her, Andi mirroring her position, the two women lying mere inches apart.  Galen reached over beneath the blankets that covered them both, her hand resting on Andi’s naked hip.

“So,” she said softly, scooting just a bit closer, their breasts barely touching.  “You gonna stay for a few?”

“Maybe,” Andi said, her voice coy as a fingernail trailed up along Galen’s arm that stretched between them. 

Galen grinned, her hand smoothing over Andi’s hip to her thigh, scooting the final inches so she was lightly pressed against her as she raised Andi’s thigh to drape across Galen’s hip.  She let out what was almost a quiet purr when she felt wetness against her thigh.

“Well, Holly, if just maybe you decide to hang out with me for a bit, I’ll be very glad.”

Andi studied Galen’s hooded eyes, her arousal definitely building again at the other woman’s intimate touch as she pressed a thigh between Andi’s legs.  “Galen?” she said softly, her teasing fingernail trail turning into a five-finger caress up Galen’s arm, over her shoulder and back down again.


“Please call me Andi.”

“Sure.  Why?  Andi …”

Andi smiled.  “Because that’s my name.”

“Ah.  I see.”  Galen’s hand curved up and around to cup Andi’s behind, pulling her a bit tighter against her, which forced more pressure between Andi’s legs.  Galen smiled at the little whimper that elicited.  “I like it.  It suits you.”

“You think so?” Andi asked, her hand moving up to caress the side of Galen’s breasts, pressed against her own.  She managed to worm her thumb in just enough to find Galen’s nipple, hard and sensitive.  She teased it with gentle caresses, enjoying the rigid feel in total opposition to the exquisite softness of the breast it crested. 

“I do,” Galen whispered, her lips mere inches from Andi’s.  Her hips were moving slightly, pressing her thigh a bit harder against the saturated heat between Andi’s legs.

“You have beautiful breasts,” Andi whispered in return, able to feel Galen’s warm breath against her lips and face.  She could feel such a strong pull to her, a pull she was quickly losing control over.

“Thank you.  I think you’re the most beautiful woman I’ve ever seen, breasts and all.”

Andi smiled, her hand leaving Galen’s breast and gliding up to cup her jaw.  She caressed the smooth skin, enjoying the femininity rather than prickly masculine she was used to.  Somehow, in a way she honestly couldn’t explain, they’d drawn even closer together and she knew she was entering dangerous territory.  Her hand smoothed up along Galen’s jaw and cheek into her hair.

“I think that applies far more to you than me,” she whispered against soft lips.  “So beautiful.”

Not another word was spoken as they came together in a heated kiss, lips and tongues teasing, fighting, tempting.  Andi accepted Galen’s tongue into her mouth, moaning at the explosion of sensations that reverberated throughout her body.  She was urged to roll over to her back, which she did, Galen following, her thigh never leaving its nestled spot.

Galen deepened the kiss while slowing it down, bringing a sensuous quality to it that had them both breathing hard.  She cupped Andi’s breast, rubbing her palm in a slow circle over the nipple as she nipped at a full bottom lip. 

Andi pressed her own thigh up into Galen’s wetness, absorbing the moan that caused as she wrapped her arms around Galen’s neck, gently moving her hips in time with Galen’s.

After long moments, Galen left Andi’s mouth and began to explore her neck and upper chest, her hips never stopping their sensuous movement, both their thighs gently thrusting between the other’s legs in a slow, lazy rhythm. 

Andi was in heaven as Galen’s beautiful mouth explored her upper chest, her tongue licking a fiery trail along her collar bones before creating fire down between her breasts and finally over to her left one.  A long sigh escaped Andi’s lips as her hard nipple was licked and then sucked into a scorching mouth.  Her long sigh turned into a guttural moan as fingers found their way between Galen’s thigh and between Andi’s legs.  She whimpered softly as those fingers stroked her wetness, teasing very hard and very sensitive clit.

Galen gave Andi’s other breast equal attention and treatment before she readjusted her position so that she was between Andi’s spreading thighs, kissing and licking her way down her body until she could settled at the source of Andi’s need.

Andi’s hands found themselves buried in Galen’s hair and her hips thrust slightly at the first run of Galen’s tongue through her wetness.  She moved her hips in time with that tongue, which licked down to her opening before making its way back up to suckle her clit as two fingers entered her, easing inside before beginning a firm rhythm in time with her tongue lapping at Andi’s hard clit.

It had been a very few times that anyone had ever gone down on Andi, and certainly not her client base, as it was always about the man, certainly not about her.  The couple times she’d allowed it with boyfriends, to be blunt, they sucked at it, usually unable to even find her clit, let alone suckle it. 

Now, she was lost in pleasure and the pure intimacy of what Galen was doing to her, both physically and emotionally.  She was feeling satisfied physically for sure, certainly as she got closer to orgasm, but she also felt the deep connection she’d felt earlier was important to achieve with and for Galen.  It had backfired, as she felt it, too and felt the need for it so overwhelmingly that she could cry if she allowed it.  Instead, she focused on the pleasure and on Galen’s fingers deep inside her and her tongue doing amazing things between her legs.

With her fingers stilled inside Andi and pressing up against her pubic bone, Galen focused on her clit, attacking it with relentless licks and strokes.  Andi’s hips pumped against the mattress as her body readied to explode, which it did with a loud cry ripped from her throat.  She whimpered softly as Galen cleaned up the area, licking away every last drop of wetness before leaving a final kiss between Andi’s legs and kissing her way back up the lean body and to parted lips.

Andi moaned into the kiss, tasting herself on Galen’s lips and tongue.  She held Galen to her, wrapping her legs around her waist and arms around her back.  She loved the feel of their bodies pressed together as they kissed slow and leisurely.  She could feel Galen’s wetness painting her flesh as they kissed and knew the taller woman had to be hurting. 

“Galen?” she whispered against her lips. “Roll to your back.”

Once freed from Andi’s limb shackles, Galen did as asked, Andi following until she lay on her side next to her and leaned over her. She looked down at her beautiful face as her hand wandered over Galen’s torso, running over her belly, up between her breasts, around them then back to her breasts until she finally cupped one.  She studied her hand with great interest, watching as it handled the fullness testing its weight before focusing on the hard, dusky nipple.

Curiosity getting the best of her, Andi leaned forward, her hair brushing against Galen’s chest, as she took the nipple into her mouth.  She sighed into her task as she felt Galen’s fingers bury themselves in her hair, gently pushing her head further into her breast.  Getting the idea, Andi suckled her a bit harder, strokes with her tongue firmer.  She batted at the nipple with her tongue before nipping it with her teeth and moving to the other one, Galen moaning nearly nonstop at her ministrations. 

Settling happily into her task, Andi’s hand began to wander from Galen’s torso down along a flat tummy to the apex of spreading thighs.  Even before her fingertips reached the wetness between, Andi could feel the immense heat radiating from Galen’s center. 

Though Andi had explored her own sex many times, she’d never touched that of another woman, and the truth of the matter was, she wasn’t entirely sure what to do.  Seeming to sense this, Galen reached down and took her hand, directing it to her entrance, gently urging Andi’s fingers inside.

Andi held her breath as she entered Galen, watching in fascination as two of her fingers disappeared inside her body.  Galen released her hand and cupped her jaw, bringing Andi’s attention back to her face and then their lips together in a deeply passionate kiss.  Andi began to pump her fingers inside Galen’s warmth, swallowing Galen’s growing moans with her hungry kiss.

Andi increased her thrusts, Galen’s hips bucking to meet every one.  Finally, Galen was breathing too hard to continue the kiss, so Andi broke it, but didn’t go far.  She wanted to see every expression, feel every breath upon her face as Galen came and came hard.

Andi nearly came with her, as it was so unbelievably erotic to give and witness Galen’s explosion of pleasure.  Instead, she cupped Galen’s sex, squeezing to evoke another quake of pleasure as she rested her forehead against the side of Galen’s head, wanting to be as close to her as she could.


Tired and admittedly sore, Andi tossed her purse to her dresser and didn’t even bother to remove her dress for a second time that night before falling into her own bed, instantly asleep, even as the sun was beginning to rise.


Andi’s yawn nearly cracked her jaw wide open as she padded to the kitchen wrapped in her robe.  Even a nice long hot shower hadn’t had the full power to wake her up.  After only a handful hours of sleep – very deep sleep, but not enough of it – she felt fuzzy and not herself.  She also still felt sore.  She’d used muscles the night before she hadn’t used in … ever.

Lou sat at the kitchen table eating a late lunch of a turkey sandwich and Ruffles potato chips.  She glanced up at her friend as she took a sip from her can of Pepsi.  “It lives,” she teased, a smile in her eyes that quickly vanished.  “You okay?”

“No,” Andi muttered, walking over to the coffee pot.  Though long cold, she was grateful Lou hadn’t tossed out the leftover coffee from that morning.  “I’m exhausted.”  She poured herself a mug and padded over to the microwave to warm it up before adding Irish Cream-flavored creamer.

“Yeah, you look like shit,” Lou said, turning in her chair to watch her friend putter around the kitchen, looking through cabinets and the fridge.  “On the second shelf is a sausage McMuffin I brought you earlier if you want it.”

“Ohhhh,” Andi nearly moaned.  “You are all that is godly and good.”

Lou snickered and turned back to her own food as Andi tossed the wrapped breakfast sandwich into the microwave with her coffee.  “You got in kinda late, huh?”

Andi stood at the microwave, waiting the last few seconds for it to beep once it finished.  She knew questions would be coming and had been thinking about just exactly what she’d say in response since the moment she opened her eyes.  Well, that is, after she’d lain there for long moments thinking about the previous evening, that is.  She’d also walked over to her dresser where she’d placed her purse after picking it up off the floor and had brought out the envelope that held money and a business card.  Scribbled on the back was Galen’s cell phone number.

The obnoxious beep of the microwave pulled Andi out of her thoughts and back to the situation and question at hand.  “Yeah,” she said, pulling open the door and grabbing the handle of the mug as well as the warmed sandwich.  “Really late.”

Lou said nothing, just waited until Andi sat at the table across from her, which she did a few minutes later.

Andi set down her coffee, a spoon, bottle of creamer and her breakfast on the table before pulling out a chair and flopping down in it.  She took her time preparing her coffee and unwrapping the sandwich.  Despite all her thoughts and pondering of the situation, she still had no idea what to say to Lou.

“Did you … that is, did she want more than just a hot date with her at her event?” Lou asked, trying to keep her voice light as she knew her friend well, and she could tell Andi was struggling with something.  At Andi’s nod, Lou sipped her drink, eyes still on Andi who refused to meet them.  “You gals, um …”

“All night,” Andi said quietly, sipping from her warmed coffee.

Lou said nothing more and did her best to hide her shock.  Something had happened, and she could see it written all over Andi’s troubled expression and hear it in her voice.

Andi could feel Lou’s gaze on her and, after a deep breath, finally garnered the courage to meet it.  She knew Lou would never judge her, especially since Lou was a lesbian like Galen, but still.  She felt strange and out of sorts.  “She ….”  Andi shook her head, cupping her coffee mug between her palms.  “She was amazing, beautiful and,” she shrugged, not entirely sure what she wanted to reveal.  “And just … I don’t know.”

Lou sat back in her chair, lunch forgotten.  “You were really touched by your experience with her, weren’t you?”

Andi set her mug down and covered her face with her hands as she nodded.  “Yes.”

“Are you going to see her again?” Lou asked carefully.

Andi’s hands dropped to the table as she shook her head.  “No.  Absolutely not.  I’m done in that business, Lou.  You know that.”

“Yes, I do know that, Andi.  You’ve made that quite clear for weeks now.  But, it doesn’t mean you can’t see this woman again.”

Andi studied her with hard green eyes.  “What are you saying?  Lou, I’m not … I’m not gay.”

“Honey,” Lou said, reaching across the table and covering one of Andi’s hands with one of her own.  Her voice was soft and understanding.  “As much as I really want to know the details of last night, I won’t ask because I know you won’t tell.  But, a blind person could see that you’re really bothered by whatever did happen.  I hate seeing you so troubled, especially when there might be a quick fix to it.  You know?”

“It’s not supposed to happen that way, Lou!” Andi erupted, slamming her free hand on the wood of the tabletop.  She pulled her hand free from Lou’s and pushed back from the table and stood.  She was filled with so much confused and anxiety-filled energy so she began to pace. 

“What’s not supposed to happen?  What way?”

“She’s a client, Lou,” Andi said, as though that explained it all.

“She was a client, Andi.  Was.”

“She’s a she.”


“I kissed her.”

Lou nodded.  “I figured.  Why are you so angry?”

“I crossed the line, Lou,” Andi said, suddenly feeling deflated as she flopped back down in her chair.

“That’s not a crime, Andi.  Nobody got hurt. It’s not like you fell in love with this woman or something,” she said with a smirk, which quickly slid off her face at the look on Andi’s.  “Did you?”

“No,” Andi said, shaking her head.  “Of course not.”

“but you could.”

Andi had no answer.  Instead, she looked down at her hands which rested on the table.  She let out a heavy breath and met Lou’s gaze. “I’m going to give her money back, Lou.  I’ll pull your part out of my savings as this is my mess, not yours.”

Lou draped her arm over the back of her chair and cocked her head slightly to the side.  “Why are you giving it back?”

“Because I never felt like a prostitute until last night.”   She held Lou’s gaze. “I don’t want that wonderful, beautiful experience to be tainted or tarnished by something so base and ugly.”

Lou nodded, a genuine and beautiful smile spreading across her lips.  “I understand.”


Andi was nervous.  She was sweaty palms, heart pounding until you feel like you’re going to faint nervous.  She had dressed carefully, which was crazy she knew, as her only intention was to return Galen’s money and thank her for a beautiful night before walking out of the beautiful woman’s life forever.

 She wore fitted jeans that hugged her muscular thighs and shapely behind to perfection, as well as a fitted sweater.  The boots she wore had a slight heel and clicked with her every step across the parking lot to Galen’s firm.  She looked good and knew she did, and that helped to give her a bit of confidence as she finished up a situation she never could or would have dreamed she’d be in: she’d made love for the very first time, and it took a stranger to do it – and a woman.

The offices of Galen Quinn Architecture were as beautiful and sophisticated as the woman, herself.  With warm, rich colors on the walls and dark wood furnishings, Andi felt as though she’d stepped into a magazine.

“Can I help you?” a soft woman’s voice asked off to the right.

Andi turned and saw an elderly woman sitting behind the large receptionist’s desk, a headset firmly in place to take calls.  “Hello,” she said, walking over to her.  “I need to see Galen Quinn, please.”

“May I ask who’s calling?” the woman asked, already reaching for the phone switchboard.

“Um, Andrea.  I mean, Andi.  Tell her Andi.”

“Is she expecting you, miss?”

Before Andi could respond, a door further into the office opened and booming laughter filled the lobby, laughter which Andi recognized as Galen’s.

“I don’t know, Bob,” she said, her voice getting louder and louder.  “I think the Vlovich job will be more like Betty’s house than Marco’s gallery.” 

“Eh, hog wash,” a deep man’s voice responded.

Within another moment, the two rounded the corner and entered the lobby, Galen walking beside a rather plump man with a thick head of blonde hair in tow.  Galen glanced at the receptionist then did a quick double take when she saw Andi.  Instant recognition lit up her face before the expression was gone and she turned back to her companion.

“Let’s talk about it during Friday’s meeting.”

Escorting the older man out of the offices, she turned to Andi, who stood with her back to the receptionist’s desk, her gaze on the taller woman. 

“Andi,” she said quietly, walking over to her.  “Hi.”

“Hello.  I was just trying to talk your receptionist here to let me back to see you,” Andi said with a small smile, which Galen returned.

“Come on back.”

Andi followed Galen back through the lobby and a long hallway peppered with closed and opened door, obviously all offices or supply rooms.  Her gaze fell upon the woman walking in front of her.  Galen was in another women’s suit, tailored to perfection to show off her curves.  Andi knew those curves very well and extremely intimately.  Only three nights before, she had enjoyed every one of them.  The red material hugged her body beautifully.  She couldn’t take her eyes off the gentle sway of her hips with every step.

The office Andi was led into was large, but sparsely decorated, unlike the rest of the offices and lobby.  It was simple with a large desk at one end, a round conference table at the other with a light box desk in the corner for drawing and looking over blue prints.  A small bank of computers lines the wall opposite the windows, their screens lit up with the logo of the firm.

“After you,” Galen said, allowing Andi to enter before her, closing the office door behind them.  As soon as she did and they were alone, the atmosphere and energy changed completely. 

Andi stood there for a moment, not entirely sure what to do or say.  Her first instinct was to walk over to Galen and pull her to her in a warm hug and welcoming kiss.  But, she stayed put, her hands clasped in front of her.

“So,” Galen said, a question in her beautiful blue eyes.  “I certainly hoped I’d hear from you but never expected to see you here.”

“I’m so sorry!” Andi exclaimed, a hand moving up to cover her mouth in horror.  Never had she considered that coming to her job would be a problem.  After all, she was nothing more than a whore coming to refund purchase.

“Sorry?  Wait, what?  What are you sorry for?!” Galen exclaimed, reaching out and placing her hands on Andi’s shoulders, her touch initially firm, almost as if to hold her there, but then relaxing, becoming a caress down her arms.  She graced Andi with a beautiful smile.  “I was simply hoping you’d call me, let alone show up here.”

“Well,” Andi said softly, her gaze on the marble floor at her feet even as she smiled.  “If you hadn’t left your business card ….”

“That’s why I left my business card,” Galen murmured in return.  She took a step closer to Andi, but didn’t touch her.  After a moment, she said, “Why did you come?”

Andi took a deep breath before releasing it and meeting Galen’s penetrating gaze. She immediately felt a thrill race down her spine.  “I came here to thank you,” she began, her voice not much above a whisper.  “Thank you for such a beautiful night.”  Before Galen could say anything, she pulled the envelope of money out of her purse and held it out in front of her like a shield.

Galen looked down at the familiar proffered envelope and took a slight step closer to Andi, covering the hand that held the money.  “I don’t want this,” she said softly, squeezing Andi’s hand before releasing it and gently pushing it back to Andi’s side.

“Neither do I,” Andi said, holding it out again.

Galen looked down at it then met Andi’s determined gaze.  “Why?”

Andi knew she had to speak true.  “Because that night meant more to me than this,” she said, holding the money higher into Galen’s field of vision.

Galen once against covered Andi’s hand, though this time she took the thick envelope, folding it into her own hand and nodded.  “It meant more to me, too.”

For a long moment, they held the other’s gaze until finally Andi looked away, feeling overwhelmed with the intensity of what was inside her.

“Listen,” Galen said, her voice taking on a lighter note as she took yet another step closer.  She tossed the envelope of money to a nearby chair and took Andi’s hand in her own.  “Valentine’s Day is Saturday,” she began, a small smile quirking her lips.  “Let me take you to dinner?"

Andi felt as though her body had been filled with pregnant rain clouds her entire life, but suddenly, the sun shone through and she felt clarity for the first time.  Her smile was as bright as the sunshine inside her. 

“I’d love that,” she said.

Galen grinned and lowered her head, her lips meeting Andi’s in a soft kiss of promise.

In that moment, Andi’s phone came to life, letting her know she’d received a text.  She gave Galen a quick smile of apology before pulling the phone out of her purse and reading her message:

Lou: So, when are you two going out on a date?

Andi grinned and responded.

Andi: Saturday!  And, you suck!

The End


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