The 2013 Royal Academy of Bards Valentine Special


First and foremost, it was the love story. It was two friends, and they had a lot of fun together, and they kicked ass!
     ~ Renee O'Connor

EXES AND OHHHs - Cheyne Curry

Lost and Found - Colleen

Doin' Time - Kim Pritekel

Love Comes In All Sizes - Mickey Minner

Wise Hearts - Texbard

Cruisin' The Night Away - Norsebard

Camilla's Promise - Norsebard

The Promise Of The Rose - D. J. Belt

What She Did For Love - D.

The Valentine Massacre - Stein Willard

Valentine Craze - KMorgan

A Distant Memory - Aurelia

Chocolate and Chai - Lois Cloarec Hart

Red Vines - Susan X. Meagher

Ode to Dionysus - Melissa Good


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