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This is a quite simply a PWP story, so yes there is graphic sex between two women and some language as well.  If this is not your kind of thing, then I suggest you hit the back button NOW.


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 It was late, past eleven by the time she got home, and as Nate opened the front door she was greeted with a shroud of darkness.  Feeling around for the familiar switch on the wall, she turned on the overhead lights in the hall and walked into the now illuminated room. 


Her Italian class had gone on much longer than she had expected and she was now starving; having to forgo her evening meal for extra study.  Walking directly into the kitchen she made a beeline for the fridge and opened it wide, taking stock of what the appliance had to offer her.  Scanning each shelf one by one, she took note of what was there, not really wanting anything she could see.  Sighing she was about to shut the door when an object caught her blue eyes.  Reaching in a long tanned hand she pulled the small pot out and placed it on the counter with thought.


Nate folded her arms and looked at the pot, an idea forming in her head, her hunger all but forgotten.  Well, at least her hunger for food all but forgotten!


Pulling the white band out of her long dark hair, she placed it on top of the fridge and walked out of the room, turning the light off as she left.  Once again she was in total darkness.


With swift yet silent movements, Nate climbed the stairs of the house quickly reaching the second floor, in a matter of seconds.  It was not as dark up stairs, as a window on the landing, provided a certain amount of light, which made her eyes glow with an icy hue.


Nate walked into the darkness of her bedroom and closed the door behind her; still a small amount of moonlight provided enough illumination to allow her to see where she was going.  She stood at the foot of the bed and took in the sleeping form of her lover, sprawled out in the middle of the double bed.  Nate grinned, it was typical of Vicki to lay claim to as much sleeping space as possible, and on occasion, she had awoken to find herself underneath the somnolent blonde.


Walking over to the single, unused candle on the pine wall shelf, she quietly flicked the lighter lying by its side and lit its wick, a large flame instantly providing a soothing ambiance to the bedroom.  Nate turned around and looked at the still sleeping figure of her lover, lying on her back with both arms up by the side of her head.  Her short, shaggy golden hair, shining in the soft glow of the candlelight.  A light snore rose from her nose and Nate knew she was in a deep slumber, still that was not going to deter her now.


Walking to the side of the bed she placed the pot on her bedside table and opened her draw, looking for a certain object that she had hidden there days before, it was not that she was hiding anything from Vicki, it was more of a surprise, and a good one she hoped.

Her searching hands soon came across the shiny metal cuffs and she pulled them out, placing them on the surface by the pot.  As an after thought, she pulled out her light blue bandanna that she occasionally wore while working.  Nate was a mechanic; she worked on the engines of small cargo planes and helicopters.  That was where she had met Vicki; the small blonde had turned up at the airfield one day, with a group of friends, one of which was taking them all up for a short fight.  Vicki was terribly nervous and Nate had taken her aside and assured her it would be fine and actually kind of fun.  After the flight was over, Vicki had returned to the dark woman’s side and proclaimed that she had enjoyed herself.  She then shyly asked her whether she fancied going out for a kind of thank you drink, once she had finished work.  Of course Nate agreed, not being able to get the blonde out of her mind since she had first looked into those anxious green eyes.


Pulling her black tank top over her head, Nate pushed the black boots and socks of her feet.  Then loosened the belt of her jeans and popped open the buttons, pushing the denims down her long legs and kicking them away.  Once she was left in only her black underwear, she moved back over to the foot of the bed and looked once again at her sleeping lover.  It was amazing sometimes, she was sure Vicki could sleep through an earthquake if it was the case.


Nate leant forward and pulled the cover off the blonde woman’s sleeping form, allowing it to fall from the edge of the bed unwanted.  She stared unabashed at the sight of the naked body in front of her.  Flicking her dark hair over to one side she straddled the legs of the sleeping woman and slowly crawled up the slight form, until she was face to face with the angelic sleeping face.


“Hey…” Nat whispered, “Vic…come on baby.” She swept her tongue over Vicki’s small ear.  “Wake up sweetheart, I want you t…”


“Hmm?” Vicki moaned in question.


Nate smiled and trailed her tongue down over Vicki’s neck, her whispering continuing “I want you…” She pushed her tongue over soft moist lips, “I’ve wanted you all day.”


Vicki opened her eyes, her body already responding to the pleasurable sensation her lover was causing.


“Nate…” She whispered with a smile.


The dark haired woman grinned down at the cute blonde, eyes still glazed with sleep.  “Uh huh…do you trust me?”  She asked, a smile still on her lips, but her voice holding a serious request.


Vicki looked deep into the darkening blue eyes, un-sure about what Nate was asking, but secure in her trust of the woman, she nodded her head slowly.


Nate smiled and leant down, kissing the soft lips before her, but pulling back as Vicki tried to deepen the kiss.  She smiled down at the woman, “Trust me remember?”


Vicki nodded.


Nate sat up and pulled the blonde with her, she could already see the smaller woman’s reaction to their position, but had greater plans in mind.  Leaning to the side, she grabbed the silver cuffs from the table and held them in front of Vicki, the blonde woman’s green eyes widening at the sight before her.


Nate saw the look and leaned in, capturing the woman’s lips in a deep kiss.  She opened up, allowing the smaller woman inside, their tongues caressing each other with increasing desire.  Nate moaned, momentarily forgetting her ad-gender and dropped her cuffs to the side, placing both hands around the blonde, further deepening her kiss. 


Vicki pushed her body forward, feeling her swollen nipples graze along the black lace of Nate’s bra; she shuddered, and moaned at the arousing contact.  Hearing the smaller woman’s desire, Nate quickly came to herself; she was leading the show…for the moment anyway.


Pulling away she one again held the cuffs up to Vicki’s gaze, a question in her eyes.  The blonde woman nodded her head, and Nate pushed her back down to the bed gently and secured her wrists to the wooden headboard.


Looking down she smiled into Vicki’s trusting green eyes, and moved forward to kiss her briefly on the lips.


Moving her wrists, Vicki looked up into Nate’s darkening blue eyes.  She was nervous but excited at the same time.  She and Nate had been adventurous in the past two years that they had been together, but never with handcuffs.  They both preferred the simple and gentle act of making love to each other, this was new, but not unexpected, she had spotted the cuffs the day before, and was just waiting to see when Nate would use them!


Reaching over, the dark woman picked up the blindfold and brought it back to the blonde, securing it around trusting eyes.  She looked at the woman briefly, before moving off the bed.


Vicki frowned, wondering where her lover had gone.  She didn’t know where she was, but she knew she was there, she could feel those azure blue eyes upon her.  Her body reacting to the visual caresses brought on by the taller woman.  Her nipples grew tighter, her flesh aching with mounting desire.  Yes she knew Nate was watching her, wanting her. 


“Nate…” she whispered, “Please…” she asked arching her back, the cuffs rattling around the headboard.


Nate watched, with hooded eyes as her lover begged for her touch.  She stood at the foot of their bed already feeling desire coat her inner thighs, as she slipped out of her underwear.  Her eyes moved from the messy blonde hair, her angelic face, to small, yet full breasts that moved with each shallow breath Vicki took.

Moving her vision on, she followed the path from her breasts to firm stomach, past her centre, and down small yet shapely legs, stopping at her feet.


“Nate plea…oh GOD” Exclaimed the woman as a soft gentle mouth wrapped its self around her toe sucking gently.  Vicki moaned as a tongue came into play, moving along the rest of her foot slowly and with purpose. 


Nate trailed her tongue along the foot, working her way up one smooth calf, before switching sides and repeating her actions on the other.  Leaving a wet trail along both of the woman’s legs. 

She continued on her path, pushing her tongue across taunt thighs, moving slowly towards Vicki’s centre. 


The blonde moaned pushing her hips forward as Nate reached the apex of her thighs, but growled in frustration as she by-past the source of her desire, instead kissing a path through the valley of her breasts to her neck.


Vicki shuddered as soft lips latched on to her neck and sucked with mounting pressure, leaving behind a small bruising mark. She wanted to pull her hands away and push Nate further into herself, she growled in frustration, making Nate smile.


Straddling the slender waist, the brunette leaned over and took the pot from the table.  She pulled off the lid and dipped her finger into the thick chocolate cream, then tasted the desert with an indulgent smile.  Beneath her Vicki’s hips had started a slow rhythmic grind, slight whimpers of anticipation escaping her swollen lips.  Dipping her finger back in again, she scooped out a small amount of the chocolate and placed it on Vicki’s lips, grinning as the blonde took in her favourite desert, sucking on the offered finger.  Nate leaned down, pulling her finger out and replacing it with her tongue.  Their kiss was long and deep tongues fighting for dominance in each other’s mouth.  Vicki growled again in frustration at the need to touch Nate.  To run her hands over the smooth firm body and meld them as one.  She felt her clit jump and throb in sympathy, its ache increasing as Nate's tongue moved languidly around her mouth.  She wanted to pull her mouth away, needing to breath, but the sensations the woman was causing in her body held no question as to who was in charge.


Then Nate pulled away, breathing heavily.  The heat and intensity of their kisses overwhelming her, she needed to gain her control.  Sitting back up, she felt her wetness slide against the smaller woman’s stomach.  


“Feel what you do to me” she whispered, grinding her centre along Vicki’s stomach.

Vicki’s whimpered and bucked against the movement, her body aching for the mechanics touch.  Her whole being focused on every sound, touch and scent their bodies produced.  The mounting ache and throbbing in her core drowning out any other though, but that of Nate’s touch.


Dipping two fingers once again into the sweet desert, Nate pulled out a large amount on her fingers, and proceeded to run a trail of the chocolate cream down Vicki’s neck and across both her breasts.  Taking special care to make sure both nipples were adequately covered.


Vicki shuddered and writhed against the onslaught, her breasts heaving with strained shallow breaths.  Sweat pooled at her temple and trickled down her sides.  Every nerve in her body alive, craving only Nate’s touch, and the pleasure it invoked.  She cried out as smooth pliant lips latched to the base of her throat and proceeded to lick and suck all the cream away with increasing fervour. 


“Fuck Nate…please…” she moaned, grinding her hips against whatever she could feel, desperately needing some form of contact to ease the ache in her centre. 


Nate followed the path of chocolate towards the left breast, and swept her tongue around the rigid nipple, before enclosing her mouth around it, rolling her tongue across the turgid tip. 


“Oh Nate…god don’t…stop…” Vicki moaned, finding it increasingly hard to form words.  She pulled at her restraints and writhed against the insistent mouth that had trailed over to her other breast, and was lavishing it with the same hungry caresses.


 Nate pulled away, and looked at the woman beneath her, flushed with arousal.  She could smell the scent of her own desire, mixed with that of her lovers, and it always proved to be an incredible aphrodisiac.  Vicki was close; she was desperate for the touch that would bring her the release she wanted…needed.


Nate moved to within centimetres of Vicki’s lips.


“Tell me what you want,” she whispered.




Nate shook her head, “No…tell me what you want.”


“Oh god,” she moaned, “Nate…I need you…please” Vicki growled, her whole body alive with mounting desire, desperate for means of release. 


“Tell…me” The brunette demanded, her own arousal overwhelming her power of control.


Vicki whimpered in frustration, “Fuck me Nate…please…make me cum”


On hearing the words she so wanted to hear, Nate surged forward, capturing the blondes’ lips in a deep passionate kiss.  Lips parting and tongues moving moistly against each other, their moans echoing in each other’s mouths.  Nate moved her hand down to her lovers centre and groaned as her fingers were enveloped by hot, syrupy wetness. 


Vicki moaned in desperate relief and surged against Nate, pushing her need harder against the welcome fingers, but groaned in frustration as she realised Nate was avoiding her most sensitive area.


With her other hand Nate pulled the blue scarf away from Vicki’s eyes, watching the blonde’s unfocused, and pleading eyes settle on her own.  She lifted to a sitting position, and moved down until she was straddling the blondes’ thighs, forcing the legs to move together.  Vicki whimpered at the added pressure on her clit.


Nate moved her finger to her mouth, sucking the wetness of her fingers.

“Watch.”  She stated


Vicki watched spell bound as Nates fingers moved down to her breasts.  The brunette sighed as she pinched and twisted her own nipples, feeling the responding throb in her swollen nub.  She moved her hands further down, until they were encased in her own desire.


The blonde felt her cheeks flush with need.  What she would give to be able to touch Nate at that moment, for it to be her fingers, her lips, her tongue, buried in that hot, and swollen...  Vicki cried out, squeezing her thighs together as Nate entered herself slowly.  Starting a teasing slow rhythm within herself that they both knew wouldn’t last long. 


“Watch me” Nate demanded; her eyes locked with her lovers.


Vicki watched transfixed as Nate increased her speed, her thumb circling her engorged aching clit.  The tall woman whimpered feeling her release close at hand and her movements increased further, her eyes never leaving that of her lovers. 


Green eyes, glazed with desire watched the telltale signs showing her lovers impending release.  Nate’s breathing became short and shallow, hot sweat trickled down her brow. Her movements became fast and uneven, yet still her eyes never left Vicki’s, even as she gained her release, and she cried out her lovers’ name, their eyes were still devotedly connected.


Nate’s body trembled as the waves of her orgasm engulfed her, shooting through her body until she collapsed upon her lover.  Vicki so desperately wanted to reach out to her, touch her, beg her for release, but before she could utter a word Nate slipped between her legs and wrapped her mouth around her hot, swollen clit.


The blonde cried out with relief at the first intimate touch.  She wanted to pull her hands away and hold the woman’s head against her but instead closed her thighs around the dark head and held tight.  She was desperate and nothing mattered but that of Nate giving her what she seriously needed.


Nate held on, as Vicki rocked against her lips.  With one arm she held on to her lovers’ hips while she buried three fingers of her other hands deep into Vicki’s core.  The blonde screamed at the sudden and unexpected explosion of her climax.  Surging waves of release engulfing her body with startling intensity, powerful and insistent.


The mechanic continued her movements, not stopping until the last waves of her lovers’ orgasm had left her body. 


As Vicki fell back to the bed, her body spent, Nate moved up her and quickly released the cuffs.  Moving the blondes’ arms to a more comfortable position, she kissed the brow, soaked with sweat and moved to her side, waiting for the smaller woman to come around.


It was some minutes before Vicki opened here eyes and looked up at a waiting Nate,


“You do realise I will get you back for this…Natalie.” she stated, breathless and with slight tremors still assaulting her body.


Nate grinned, “I hope so.”



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