Chocolate Cream

Part 2

by Jesse

Disclaimers: These characters are mine, although they may bare a slight resemblance to a certain duo!
This is a quite simply a PWP story, so yes there is graphic sex between two women and some language as well. If this is not your kind of thing, or are under age then I suggest you hit the back button NOW.

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Vicki lay on her back, looking up at the ceiling as shadows, cast by the candlelight, flickered over its surface. Elbows by her side and hands entwined at her stomach, she looked over at her slumbering lover. Half an hour had past since Nate's surprise had ended, but she was biding her time.

Still feeling the effects of her intense orgasm, her body trembled at the thought of the events that had just taken place, and now she wanted her revenge. And as they so rightly say, she thought this will be sweet! She grinned almost nefariously.

She looked over again at Nate, who had moved slightly in her sleep, one arm was flung over her eyes, and the other reached out by the blonde woman's side. Vicki rolled on to her side, looking at Nate. She propped her head up on her right hand and looked along her lovers' body. Her eyes traced over the tall woman's lean form, taking in every slight nuance. The sweat that had glistened on them both not long before, had now cooled in the warmth of the bedroom. Yet she could still detect the scent of their mutual desire, hanging as an arousing reminder in the air.

With a mischievous smirk, Vicki moved to a sitting position and crossed her legs, still facing the brunette. She trailed her fingers lightly up Nate's arm, until she reached a small black tattoo. It was a single rose wrapped around a gothic looking 'V' and was completely black apart from the petals of the rose, which were a deep blood red. Vicki had done the piece herself, after a request from Nate after their second year together.

Vicki was a tattoo artist and owned her own studio, where she also did piercing and henna body art. It was strange; she thought that she worked in such an occupation, when she refused to have any such thing on her own person.

Pushing her fingers further, Vicki's eyes watched them as they moved to a broad shoulder, tracing over a large white scar. She stopped and looked at the injury, evident of how dangerous Nate's job could be at times. The wound had happened while she was working on a helicopter at the airfield.

Tracing her fingers further still, she moved them until they reached the brunettes left breast. Leaning forward, the blonde blew a breath of warm air onto the nipple and watched with interest as if firmed slightly. Smiling to herself she brought her middle finger into play and moved it around the nipple before taking it between her thumb and forefinger and rolling it gently back and forth. Nate moaned quietly in her sleep and un-consciously arched into the caress.

Still holding the now firm peak, Vicki moved all the way over and brushed her tongue teasingly over the peak. Nate squirmed in her sleep, and pushed herself further into Vicki's mouth, but the blonde pulled away.

"Ah ah ah, not yet," she whispered, and swiped her tongue once more before pulling away to her sitting position. She looked over at the tanned figure, and felt the returning waves of warmth flood over her. The rich texture of Nate's body, cast by the single candlelight, warmed her from the insides out.

Uncrossing her legs, the blonde woman scooted forward to the foot of the bed. She got to her feet, and still naked, padded her way out of the bedroom and down the stairs to the kitchen, an idea forming in her mind.

Checking to make sure the blinds were drawn, Vicki switched on the light and grabbed a near by glass from the draining board. She filled it with water, before opening the freezer and grabbing a handful of freezing cold ice chips, dumping them in the glass. Taking a quick sip, she turned out the light and made her way back up to the bedroom. As she entered, she found that Nate had rolled over onto her stomach in her sleep, lying with both arms down by her side.

Vicki put her glass down on the bedside table and rubbed her hands together, replacing their chill with a warm friction. Once she could feel their warmth return, she smiled and moved to the foot of the bed.

"Well I think I am ready for my revenge..." she whispered more to herself, considering she was the only one conscious! With a small smile, she got up onto the bed, straddling the tall woman, as she moved up the body on her knees.

Stopping as her knees reached the width of Nate's hips, Vicki leant forward onto her hands and moved her lips to the brunettes neck, making sure no other part of her body touched the woman.

The first thing Nate became aware of was a warm and familiar sensation on her neck. Moving her head to the side more, she allowed the feelings to continue, luxuriating in the pleasant chills it set in her body. Though still half asleep, she was aware of just who was the cause of the sensations, and a sleepy smile spread upon her features.

"Mmmm, Vic..." she moaned, opening her eyes to the candle lit room.

Vicki kissed along Nate's neck, until she reached a small soft ear lobe. She sucked it into her mouth, swirling her tongue around it while scraping her teeth over its surface.

"" Nate groaned, as the feeling shot right down to her clit, making it jump in delight.

The blonde pulled away and placed her lips close to her lovers ear, "My turn" she whispered, and placed her weight squarely over the taller frame, laying her body out over Nate's back.

Nate inhaled deep at the feel of Vicki's soft skin in close contact with her own, she could feel swollen nipples digging into her back, and she longed to push into them, turn around and touch them with her fingers, her tongue. To feel them swirling over her centre, and the growing wetness.

"Want to know what I am going to do to you?" Vicki asked, in a low husky voice.

Nate nodded her head as best she could, her breathing slightly laboured.

"No answer me, do you want to know what I am going to do to you?"

"Yes" Nate breathed.

Vicki kissed and licked a small mole on the brunettes back, "Well I am not going to tell are just going to have to feel"

Nate groaned and squirmed under the slight frame, causing the blonde woman to grin. She liked this, she liked it a lot, and testament to it lay in the moisture rapidly growing between her legs.

Rising slightly, she kissed the middle of Nate's back, in between her shoulder blades, swirling her tongue around the slightly salty skin.

"Hmm..." she moaned, delighting in the taste, as she moved over the whole of Nate's back, kissing, licking, nibbling and tasting every bit of flesh that was on offer.

Nate's hands gripped the bed sheets, her breath coming in heavy. The slight twitch in her clit had grown to swollen ache that begged to be touch, and she ground herself into the bed below in hope of some relief. Anything to get her through this sweet torture, but she had a feeling it was only just beginning.

Vicki continued on her path, placing sucking kisses over Nate's ass, as she reached the apex of her thighs. She could smell the strong aroma of her desire, musky and addictive. She buried her head into the source, and swiped her tongue once over brunettes soaked labia.

Nate cried out and tried to push into the contact, but Vicki pulled away and knelt up high.

"Turn over" she instructed.

Nate did as ordered, and rolled onto her back. She looked up at Vicki, her eyes trailing a path down the slight body; firm aroused breasts and slickened inner thighs.

The tattooist leant forward, crawling up Nate's long body, until they were face to face. She could just make out the brunettes darkened eyes, heavy lidded with desire. Leaning forward she brushed her lips upon Nate's, watching as the woman responded.

Nate lifted her head, craving the taste of Vicki's lips as she re-captured them and pulled the woman back down into a deep, penetrating kiss. Vicki parted her lips willingly for Nate, as their tongues touched desperately. Twin moans filtered through their joined lips, as the kiss deepened further. Nate sifted her hands through the short blonde locks, holding Vicki's head in place, as she sucked gently on the smaller woman's tongue.

Feeling that the taller woman was trying to take control, Vicki pulled back, resting her weight on both arms. Nate groaned in disappointment.

"I want you to do something for me..." Vicki looked down into the dark hungry eyes. "I want you to do something and if you stop what you are doing for one second, then I will stop what I am doing...understand?"

Nate nodded her head.

"Tell me!" the blonde demanded

"Yes." Nate whispered, her arousal growing with the prospect of the unknown.

"Good." Vicki rose to a sitting position. "I want you to close your eyes. I want you to close your eyes and raise your hands above your head, holding on to the head board...and remember, if you move your hands away, or if I see you open your eyes just once...I will stop...ok"

Nate nodded and did as she was told. With a shuddered breath, she closed her eyes and held on to the headboard with a death like grip, for fear she would let go and the pleasure she was sure she was about to receive would stop.

The tattooist moved off the bed, kissing along the tall lean body as she did so. Once she was at the bottom, she got to her feet and looked closely at Nate. Sweat glistened on her brow and upper-lip; her breasts rose and fell with short shallow breaths. Vicki smiled, lascivious thoughts forming in her mind.

With strong hands gripping tightly around the wooden headboard, Nate listened as best she could, through her shallow breathing. She felt alive, every nerve poised and ready within her body. She could just make out the sound of Vicki moving around on the carpeted floor, and wondered what she was doing. She heard the small woman take a drink of something, and then there was silence.

Frowning, the anticipation becoming almost unbearable, Nate fought the desire to open her eyes. She felt the bed tip to her left side, as the blonde crawled up beside her.

"Vicki...what...OH FUCK" the dark woman cried, as a hot pain hit the side of her breast. She hissed as the sensation shot straight to her centre and cried out again as she felt an ice-cold tongue lick around the heated area.

Nate gripped the headboard tighter and squeezed her eyes tighter shut as exquisite waves of pleasure coursed through her.

"OH GOD" she moaned as another hot splash hit her breast again, this time closer to her nipple, before a cold tongue licked around the throbbing area.
She writhed on the bed, her knuckles white, delicious surges of heat flowing through her body, conveying in one area. Her clit throbbed with arousal, the ache almost unbearable. She squeezed her thighs together tight, trying to ease the torment, but with each surge of heat then cold, the pulsating intensified.

Nate's constant moans filled the air, further intensifying Vicki's own arousal, she realised the woman couldn't open her eyes even if she wanted to.

The ice now fully melted in her mouth, Vicki leaned over to retrieve her glass, taking another sip of the icy water. She held the candle carefully in her left hand, mindful not to drip any of the wax, before she was ready to do so. Putting the glass back down, the blonde moved back to position beside Nate. Again she let a drip of hot wax fall onto the woman's stomach this time, closely followed by her icy tongue.

Nate groaned and squirmed on the bed, pushing herself up into the contact. She was breathing quick and shallow strained breaths, her body alive and throbbing with unrestrained need. She moaned her lover's name, calling out for more, yet she didn't know how much more she could take. Yet the pleasurable torture continued, a splash of hot wax, closely followed by the cold loving caresses of Vicki's tongue. Bombarded by feelings, she was helpless in the onslaught.

Still holding the candle in her left hand, Vicki let her right trail down her own body. She pushed into her centre, feeling an abundance of moisture seep between her fingers. She groaned at the feeling and liberally coated her fingers, before pulling back and moving the soaked digits towards Nate's lips.

Sensing the aroma before the small fingers even touched her lips, the brunette whimpered in anticipation. It seemed like long seconds before Vicki's fingers reached her waiting lips and she greedily took them in, one at a time, licking and sucking each digit clean. Her continuous 'hums' of approval further inflaming the blondes raging desire.

"You...have no idea...what you" She said with laboured breath, as Nate released the last finger.

The mechanic tightened her grip on the headboard even further, not knowing how much more she could handle. She needed to come and she needed it soon. Her whole body vibrated with pent up arousal, frantic for means of release.

"Please...OH god...please"

Vicki clenched her thighs together, "Tell me." Her voice sounded unrecognisably deep, as she deposited the candle onto the bedside table.

"I...need FUCK" Nate screamed as soft lips encased her nipple and sucked the swollen bud with vigour.

Nate's moans were continuous as she pushed into the exquisite contact, but still it was not enough.

"Vic...let" She panted.

Realising she had reached her own limit of endurance, the blonde woman gave her consent and was immediately swept up into Nate's arms, as the taller woman pulled her in for a kiss.

Their lips sealed together, mouths open and tongues frantically battling against each other. Nate's arms reached down to Vicki's hips, pressing their mounds together, and grinding against her desperately. She could feel their engorged clits move around each other, and increased her tempo. Vicki pulled her mouth away and cried out, she was so close, yet she was not going to go over first.

Pulling away, much to Nate's growls of disapproval, she moved down the tanned body, and Nate willingly parted her legs. Vicki wasted no time in plunging three fingers into the woman, knowing the time of teasing was long since over.

Driving her fingers in at an increasing tempo, Nate ground her hips, keeping up with Vicki's pace.

The blonde worked her fingers faster, feeling Nate pulse and tighten around her, the moisture increasing tenfold.

"Come for me" She stated.

"Yesss." The tall woman hissed, thrusting her self against Vicki.

"NOW" Vicki demanded and pressed her thumb against the brunette's engorged clit, massaging the swollen bud with a quick motion.

Nate's hands flew back to the headboard, "OH FUCK...gonna COME." She screamed, "OH..." Nate went ridged as her whole body exploded into an intense orgasm. Waves of intense, convulsions racked her body, making her helpless in it's attack.

She shuddered uncontrollably until the last wave left her body and she fell back to the bed, hot, sweating and spent.

Vicki slowed her movements as she leaned forward, taking in all the woman's juices, all the while listening to Nate's exhausted breath.

Suddenly she latched onto Nate's still swollen clit and increased her pumping once again.

Nate's shocked eyes burst open, as another orgasm gathered speed within her, and before she knew what was happing she was convulsing yet again around the blondes relentless fingers. She screamed as an even more powerful release assaulted her body, flooding from her belly and shooting throughout her entire being.

Vicki continued her thrusts until Nate fell once again weakly to the bed.

Withdrawing gently, she moved up the lifeless body, gently kissing the glistening flesh as she did so.

Once she was face to face with the woman she laid her head on Nate's shoulder and waited for her to come around.

It was some minutes before the brunette opened her glazed eyes. She looked down at Vicki.

"Morning." The blonde greeted.

Nate Frowned, "No it isn't."

The tattooist grinned, "Well no but you were out for a while." She grinned

The tall woman rolled over, capturing the blonde beneath her.
"And I wonder why that was...Jesus...I think I am lucky to be alive." Vicki chuckled, as Nate continued. "And I do believe it is your turn now."

Nate leaned forward, capturing inviting lips in a soft kiss. It's gonna be a long night, she thought and smiled inside as she formulated another plan in her head.


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