Destiny Be Damned
By Larisa


Disclaimer: Alt/Uber. I know they look and act like you know who but their all mine, Sex/Violence you name it it's in here. The location in West Virginia is real as well as the Civil War Battleground; the rest is my imagination. If your a little kiddy go away! Don't want ta embarrass your parents by knowing more about sex than them. All hate mail to And thanks to Lesia and Ri for letting me terrorize them.

        Professor Jayce MacKenzie walked along the quiet sidewalk at 6'30 am heading to the English literature building, class wasn't scheduled until 10am but she had test papers to get ready for her students midterm. At the ripe old age of 21 she had received her full professorship at Shepardstown college. Those who knew her knew she got the position because of her brains and hard work. Others thought it was because of her fathers influence in business dealings and Government contacts. That was one of the reasons why Jayce moved across the country, to get away from her families influence. However, her fathers reputation followed her anyway to this little town in West Virginia.


        Jackson MacKenzie flew in on his private jet to a small airstrip outside of Martinsburg. He decided to drop in on his eldest daughter on his way back from a meeting in Washington DC. His meeting had been with a person on the inside of the FBI, who had his fingers into just about everything. He had completed his task and now Jackson had what he needed in the pocket of his suit jacket. With this information he would be free and clear to do what ever he wanted and no one could stand in his way.


        Jayce was in her small office, after getting her papers together she took the time to sit back and relax. Her office was no bigger than a closet but being only 5 foot 5 she didn't need a whole lot of space. She had transposed all her paperwork onto CD's so she didn't need to waste space on filing cabinets like the other professors. That left her space for her full size futon where she took her afternoon naps before her evening class. She closed the large plastic container that she had for all her Lit course CD's and put it back on the shelf beside the other container that held music and programming CD's. She kept on meaning to get another container but never seemed to remember when she was at the store. Running her fingers through her short blond hair that always looked as if she never combed it, although she did. She got up and went over to curl up on her futon until it was time to try and teach the kids the difference between Literature and comic books. With in minutes her green eyes closed and her breathing deepened.


        A black Limo pulled up outside of an apartment building, Jackson got out and headed towards his daughters apartment. He wasn't quit sure of her schedule but thought he would check here before going to her office. After getting no answer at her door he went back to the Limo. He told his driver to head to the campus. He had the strangest feeling but didn't know what it was; he finally put it down as jet lag. As they neared the building his unease doubled. The Limo stopped and he got out and walked towards the doors, the hair on the back of his neck stood up and then he heard a popping sound. Pain shot through his back, he stumbled and hit the doors. Looking down at his white shirt he saw a red stain growing with each beat of his heart. His lungs burned with every breath as he stumbled down the hall to Jayce's office, pushing through her door he fell sideways against the shelves on her wall knocking everything to the floor. Jayce flew up from the futon from the horrendous crash, her green eyes blurry from sleep. "What the Hell was that?" She mumbled to herself as she swung her legs over to the floor. She heard her name being called and looked on the opposite side of her desk. A scream trapped itself in her throat when she saw her father laying on the floor with his shirtfront soaked in blood.

        "Oh my Gods!" She dropped to her knees next to him; his eyes fluttered open to look at her. "I seemed to have had an accident." He pressed his hand to his chest and moaned. Tears flowed from her eyes. "Daddy, don't move." She went to the other side of her office and grabbed the phone to call for help. Jackson reached inside his pocket and pulled the CD out and looked at it, he knew it was the reason he was dying. He coughed and blood bubbled from his lips, he knew that his time left on this earth was very near. "Jayce." He called to her. After hanging up the phone she went back to where her father was laying, pulling him into her lap she brushed his blond hair off of his forehead. "You'll be OK daddy, help is on the way." His green eyes looked up at her, a small grin tried to come to his lips but a sharp pain shot through his chest. Gasping his last words he told her that he loved her, before she could say anything his eyes faded before her and lost all life. A high keening sound came from her throat, sounding much like a wounded animal. She felt like her insides had just been torn to shreds. She rocked her father in her arms for a while, pleading for him to wake up although she knew he was gone. She was starting to get pissed because the ambulance should have already been there by now. Laying her father down she ran out of her office to go outside to look for the ambulance. She never saw the dark figure who was standing at the other end of the hallway enter her office.

        Black leather gloves searched through Jackson's pocket, finding the CD they left as they had came, undetected.

        The ambulance was just making the turn to come to the Lit building when a motorcycle just missed hitting the side of it, the rider kicked the rear tire sideways and took the motorcycle up onto the sidewalk. Jayce was leaning against the building sobbing when the motorcycle blew past her. She saw what had almost been an accident but the shock of having her father die in her arms threw her mind in a different direction where the near crash didn't matter.


        The weather in Sacramento was cool and breezy for the hundreds of people who attended the funeral of Congressman Jackson MacKenzie. Cars lined up all along the cemetery and nearby streets. Police had closed off roads to make getting to the cemetery easier for the long procession of cars. Jayce stood dressed in black and stood beside her mother and sister as the priest read from the bible. She never saw the person watching her from a distance. However, a feeling of danger assaulted her senses, making the hair stand up on the back of her neck. Cold chills coursed through her body making her shiver and hug herself tighter. Blaming it on the great amount of stress she had been under, she had spent hours with the police and the FBI telling them the little she knew of what happened that day in her office. And now she was being questioned here in California also, she tried to tell the FBI that she had no idea why someone would shoot her father and that she hadn't seen him in almost 6 months. She loved her family dearly but she couldn't wait to get back home and hide until everything calmed down, if it ever did.


        Nikita Scalani's boss was pissed; the CD he had received was not the one that he had sent one of his people to get off of the Congressman. The one he got had some kind of English Literature lecture on it. That meant that the daughter, Jayce MacKenzie had the real one. He gave orders to his best employee to get it back. So now Nikita watched from her hiding place, ice blue eyes scanned the area around the apartment building where the woman she was suppose to observe lived. She had never saw her in person, all she had to go by where pictures taken at the funeral. In a deep voice she spoke to herself. "About damn time!" She stood up straighter as she saw Jayce come out of her apartment and start walking towards the main part of Shepardstown which was 3 blocks away. Which gave her maybe 15 to 20 minutes to get into her apartment and search for the CD. Her boss told her to do what ever it took to get it and then to take out MacKenzie. They didn't want to take a chance on her telling someone what was on the CD.

        She waited an extra couple of minutes just to make sure that Jayce wasn't coming back for anything she may have forgotten. When it was clear Nikita made her way to the door, inspecting the simple lock on the door handle she gave out a disappointed sigh.

        "Child's play." She said as she slipped a piece of plastic between the door and frame and opened the door. The apartment was small, inside the door was the living room and kitchen separated by just a short bar. One small table sat against the kitchen wall with one chair and a barstool under it. Nikita started checking the living room first, it took a whole two minutes. All that was there was an old couch and a small TV set sitting on plastic milk crates. "So this is how a Congressman's kid lives? I know damn well he lives in a fucking mansion." She spoke aloud in the bare little room. Her next stop was the kitchen; she was beyond disgust when she opened the cabinets. The first one she opened had a couple boxes of Mac and Cheese and Minute Rice, the generic kind. She had no plates except paper ones, a coffee cup and glass, even her silverware was plastic, she found a small frying pan and pot. She was getting frustrated and pissed, frustrated because she hadn't found the CD and pissed because she knew homeless people who had more in their little shanties than a Congressman's daughter had in her apartment. Nikita had no love for the male gender; actually humans would fit the bill better. She had lived a life of pain and horror given to her at the hands of men and watched as the women walked away and left her to pick up the shattered pieces after the men were done with her. Closing the last of the cabinet doors she went down the hallway to the bathroom. She didn't even bother looking in there, all it had were the basics except there was no vanity or medicine cabinet, just a mirror above the sink.

        Her last stop was the bedroom. In the middle of the floor was a twin bed with the blankets and sheets hanging off onto the floor. On the far wall was a small 4-drawer dresser. She went through each one carefully. She didn't want Jayce to know someone had been there. She knew for a fact that someone with so little could tell if the tiniest thing was out of place. She pulled the closet door open to find a couple of dress shirts and a pair of cowboy boots that should have been buried 10 years ago. She stepped back and planted her hands on her narrow hips, turning on one heel she looked around the room again. However, she knew she hadn't missed anything except for the picture sitting on the dresser. She went over and picked it up. It showed a small woman with short blond hair her beautiful warm green eyes smiling at the camera. Her arm was wrapped around another woman who looked to be about the same age, her hair was a darker blond and hung over her shoulders in long curls, her eyes held a mystery as to the what color they were. Somewhere between a green and blue with a lot of golden flakes sparkling through them. Her smile was warm and inviting and you could almost see the connection between the two women.

        "Damn good looking women!" Nikita mumbled to herself. "Get off it, you got a better chance at becoming the next Pope than getting a date!" She replaced the picture and left the apartment. She would have to wait until later to check Jayce's office. For know she would go back to her hotel room and take a breather, maybe take a shower and get something to eat. She was exhausted and hadn't had any sleep in 2 days.


        Jayce hesitated before she entered her office, the cleaning people had straightened up her office but they couldn't do anything for her memories. She could still picture her father laying on the floor taking his last breath as she cradled him in her arms. She started to shiver and her knees grew weak, taking a deep breath she tried to calm her nerves. "You can do this Jayce." She said in a mantra to herself. Slowly she walked over to her desk and sat down. All her CD's had just been stuffed into the containers, she left them as is. She would get to them some other time; today she had canceled her classes so that she could see if she could handle the fact of coming into her office. The grief she felt was manageable, in fact she just felt kind of numb with every thing. What she couldn't figure out was why her father had come to see her. Ever since her family had found out about her relationship with Jenny, they had in a way disowned her. Saying that no daughter of there's was a Lesbian and all she needed to do was find a good man and she would be cured of her evil ways. That sent her right over the edge, she had never yelled at anyone before, but that day she knew people on the East Coast probably heard her. She had left that day never to return or speak with them, if they wouldn't let her explain her relationship then they weren't worth the trouble.

        That week she found out that her mother had closed out her bank account and had her trust fund frozen indefinitely. And there wasn't a damn thing she could do about it, the original trust fund agreement had stated that she would receive half of the amount when she turned 25, but since she had become a full professor and taken the job in West Virginia the lawyers agreed to give her a quarter of it to help with expenses. Now she had nothing and 21 thousand dollars a year to live on was nothing. The kids were making more than that being Managers at McDonalds.

        Jayce decided that it was time to go back to her apartment and work on her true love, writing. She pulled her laptop from inside her desk drawer and left for home. She was hoping that she could get a publisher to look at her latest novel, the others she had wrote she didn't think were good enough to show any one except maybe Jenny. She wondered how she was doing in New York where she was working on her PHD in Physics. Who would have known that she was a genius? Hell, hardly any one knew that Jayce herself had graduated from High School at the age of 15 and became a professor just 6 short years later. Child prodigies weren't often heard of and if they were then they were either into composing huge musical pieces or doing brain surgery. So being a prodigal Bard as she refereed to herself was unheard of.


        Nikita sat in one of the chairs in her hotel room, with one leg thrown over the arm and the other bent at the knee where she rested her hand with her cell phone. Her boss was not happy that she had not found the CD yet, what the Hell did he want her to do? She asked herself as she half listened to his ranting and raving over the phone. She would love to put a bullet between his Chinese eyes but that would have to wait until this job was over. Then she would have to disappear for the rest of her life into hiding from the Triads. She always thought they were just a bunch of puny ass little thugs that just happened to have big guns to back them up. Now with them wanting that CD, she knew differently. That little round disk would make them the most powerful Mafia around.

        She could hear Mi Tao dwindle down and tell here to get it or else; she grunted and hung up. "Fuck you needle dick!" She yelled as she threw the phone into her laptop bag. Tossing the last of her clothes on the floor she got into the shower; with in two seconds she was peeling off the paint in the room with her cursing.

        "What the fuck is wrong with this world!? Are all the damn people 3 foot tall!?!" She open hand slapped the showerhead upwards. Now she felt like she was outside trying to take a shower in the rain. Grinding her teeth she put it back to its normal position, at the center of her chest. To be able to get all the soap off of her 6-foot frame she had to practically kneel in the shower. She thought taking a nice hot shower would relax her but all it did was piss her off when she had to do yoga just to get under the showerhead.

        After drying off she put the towel around her neck and dropped onto the bed. She never wore anything when she slept; it always made her feel constricted. So when there was a knock on her door she answered it as is and scared the Hell out of the poor kid delivering her room service. When she shut the door he was still standing there frozen and slack jawed. She chuckled as she pulled the lid off of her food. "I love doing that!" Grabbing a Black and Tan from the six pack she had bought she flipped on the TV and settled down at the small table to eat.


        Jayce thrashed in her small bed, her sweat drenched T-shirt wrapped around her arms holding her prisoner. She kept trying to get to her father but she was being held back by something she couldn't see. She kept screaming for him but no words would come out of her mouth. She jerked awake, gasping for air and trying to untangle herself from her shirt. She pulled it over her head and flung it to the floor, sweat soaked her hair and ran down her back and between her firm breasts. Cursing the apartment manager for not fixing the small air conditioner in her window she got up to turn on the small fan she had picked up that day at Dollar General.

        "I should go steal the son of a bitches air conditioner from his window and see if he likes to stew in his own sweat!" She couldn't get back to sleep; she was to shaken up from the dream. Grabbing a bottle of water she dropped down on her couch and watched some senseless thing on her small TV until she dozed off. She dreamed now of large strong hands holding her but with a gentleness she didn't expect from them. They were comforting and seductive in a way; she felt her body reacting to them. Then she woke up feeling frustrated. Pulling on sweat pants and a shirt she went out the door to take a walk, hoping that it would give her some peace so that she could get some sleep.


        Nikita's bed looked like it had been hit by a tornado, the linens where halfway across the room along with her pillow. She lay spread eagle on her stomach, her body twitching and twisting. The mattress muffled her screams. Her back and shoulder muscles bunged, raising her chest up off of the bed, with one last scream she woke. Her long black hair soaking wet from sweat hung in her face, what was left on the bed was soaked as well. She rolled to her feet and pushed her hair off of her face, taking a deep breath she calmed her jittery nerves. Grabbing a pair of silk running shorts she pulled them on along with a sports bra and her worn out Puma cross trainers.


        Her long muscular legs carried her down the sidewalk towards the college track. At this time of the night she knew no one would be around, making it perfect for her. She was on her 6th lap when she got the feeling that she was being watched. Looking over her shoulder she saw a small figure standing along side the fence that encircled the track. She slowed trying to see their features to determine if they were dangerous. As she got closer she could make out tousled blond hair, when she jogged past brilliant green eyes watched her. She almost stumbled over her feet, coming down to a walk she bent over at the waist and took in deep breaths. Usually she ran 5 miles a day and never even broke a sweat, for some reason just seeing those green eyes made her loose her breath. Then it hit her, that was MacKenzie! She looked under her arm to find no one there. Could she be seeing things? Possibly, would it be the first time? Nope! Was she insane? Depended on who you asked.


        Jayce wasn't thinking, she just started walking and ended up at the track. She was amazed and then spell bound as she watched the tall dark woman run on the track, her panther like movements so fluid and natural that she looked almost like an apparition. Her long black hair flowing out behind her with every stride, her feet hit the track soundlessly. Jayce watched as the muscles flexed in her legs and arms, she could hear her heart beat louder in her chest as the woman drew closer. She caught the ice blue eyes by the moonlight and her breath caught. For once in her life words were lost to her. Then she noticed that the dark woman faltered in her steps and she knew she had been found out, she didn't want to have to explain why she had been staring so she did the next best thing, she ran away.         
         "I'm such a chicken shit!" She mumbled to herself. "For the first time in my life I wish that I was athletic! Then what? Chase her all over the track? Right and have her beat the shit outta me thinking I'm some kinda pervert or something!" She chuckled at the picture that formed in her head of her chasing and then being chased as she screamed bloody murder all the way back home.


        All sweaty and feeling a bit tired Nikita slumped in a chair, all she could think of was green eyes watching her run on the track. "Maybe I scared her away from her usual exercise? Hell, I know some other way for her to get some exercise!" A smirk rose on her lips. "Here we go again me talking to myself! Maybe I should get a pet or something or psychological help?" Her mind was running full speed at what she would love to do to a little green eyed blond. It all came to a screeching halt when she realized that she would have to kill her in the end. It didn't sit well with her, she never liked killing women and she knew this time, it would really hurt. Jayce MacKenzie did not look like the criminal sort, but what was she to do?


        Jayce ran right to the bathroom and turned the shower on cold, throwing her sweats in the hamper she held her breath and jumped in. A loud yell burst from her chest the second the ice cold water hit her skin.

        "FUUUCK MEEE!! For the love of Gods this is fucking ridiculous!"

        She jumped out of the shower and leaned in as far as she could with out getting near the water to turn it off, standing in the middle of the floor shivering she could do nothing but laugh at herself. "I guess that little voyeuristic episode just showed me that I can't handle watching women exercise, unless I take a cooler full of ice cubes!" She padded to her bedroom and found a long extra large shirt to put on, it was kind of senseless to go back to bed considering she would have to get up in another 2 hours. But she was exhausted, not as much physically but mentally she was a mess.


        Jayce rolled over and noticed that light was pouring through her window blinding her. She stretched her aching muscles, moaning deeply at the pull in her legs. Rolling over she looked at the clock and almost had a heart attack, it was 5 minutes to 10 and she had a class at 10 sharp. Tripping and falling out of her bed she crawled the rest of the way to her dresser. While still on the floor she pulled on a pair of sweats, forgoing the socks she slipped her feet into her cross trainers. Scrambling to her feet she ran through her apartment and out the door. She took off at a dead run down the sidewalk that would lead her to the Lit Building. Pedestrians jumped out of the crazy looking little blondes way, her hair stuck up all over her head and her T-shirt was on backwards, really a scary sight.

        Crystal blue eyes sparkled with amusement from where Nikita sat in the coffee shop, she knew Jayce's schedule from watching her the last few days and was wondering why she hadn't seen her yet. She watched her high tail it across the street and down the sidewalk. A wicked thought inched its way into her mind. "She looks like she dressed in a hurry after having sex. Where the Hell did that come from...experience? Hardly! Must be all those movies I've seen."


        Winded and sweating like a pig Jayce stumbled the last few feet into the classroom, her students looked at her with wide eyes, she could hear snickers coming from behind her.

        "Sorry, I over slept this morning." She told them as she walked on trembling legs to the podium. One student whispered loud enough for her to here. "Likely story when your shirts on backwards." Looking down at her shirt without looking like she was failed miserably, her face turned 10 shades of red. Clearing her throat she tried to gain some composure to be able to teach them something other than using adjectives to describe her appearance.

        Walking back and forth in front of her students, using her hands to enunciate her words and looking like she was swatting flies at the same time, she told them a story of a fierce woman warrior. She never noticed the addition to her class as a very tall blue eyed woman took a seat in the back of the room.

        Nikita was held captive through out the entire class, the energy Jayce showed as she spoke. It came from the heart, Nikita could visualize the scenes she was describing for them as swords clashed and solders died at the hand of the warrior. After the class was finished, she was slow to rise from her seat; she was in total awe of the little blond. Not to mention a little smitten as well. As she finally rose she caught the green eyes staring at her in recognition. Nikita gave her a small smile and walked through the door, before she was all the way out she heard Jayce say. "It's you." Her job just got more complicated; she would have to play this one a different way. Ways that they would both win in the end.


        Jayce walked with stiff legs into her office, they hurt like Hell from her run home last night and even worse now since she had sprinted all the way to class. Standing near her desk she tried to stretch the knotted muscles in her legs by bending over and touching her toes, she groaned and wondered how her legs had gotten so long that she was so far away from the floor with her hands. "If I keep this up I'll need a walker to get around!" She forced out through her clenched teeth. Falling into her chair with her legs sticking straight out in front of her she dropped her arms over the sides of the arms and took deep pain filled breaths. "I promise to exercise more, please just stop the pain!" She spoke to those little snickering voices in her head. "OK, OK, so sitting on the couch watching Thinner Thighs in 30 days doesn't count. It's the thought right?" Bending her knees she pulled her chair around so that she could move her chair into the desk opening. A picture raced through her head of her sitting in her office chair and rolling all the way home. Or grabbing a bumper and having a car pull her there. She was still lost in her musings when she heard a knock on her door; giving the leave me alone I'm dreaming tone of voice she said, "Come in."

        A young Asian man peeked around the corner of the door at her, a smile came to his face as he saw that her hair was still wild looking and she had a lost kind of look on her face.

        "Excuse me, I'm Danny Chang. I just transferred here from Calf. State and today was my first day in your class. I was wondering if you could tell me what's expected of me for the remainder of your class."

        Jayce was surprised at how mannerly the young man was, and that he really seemed to care about the class. She told him to take a seat and she would print up the stuff she had given the others at the beginning of the course. Then answer any questions he had.


        Nikita watched the Asian go into Jayce's office; a stab of betrayal went to her fast beating heart. She replayed the conversation she had with her boss and found no mention of him sending someone else to do the job. But who knows, the little foot sliding fucker was Psychotic. She would have to move soon, that was for sure and watch her own back. Moving from where she stood to a more concealed place she was bidding her time until Jayce left her office. She had to take the chance and look for that CD before Chang got it. If he did it would be all over for her, they'd find her body minus her head and hands.

        She waited patiently for Jayce and Chang to leave, no sooner had they left the doors then she was sneaking around the corner of the building and entering. Casually walking down the hall she came to the office door. She tried to the handle and found it open. That was unusual, but then Jayce was in a hurry today and most likely forgot her keys at home. Or Chang had done something to the lock and planned to come back, which meant she didn't have much time. She slipped in and inspected the door latch; sure enough a piece of thick clear tape was over the latch keeping it from locking.

        "Fix his illegal alien ass." She mumbled while she peeled the tape off of the door. Scanning the office she found the plastic containers of CD's, quickly she flipped through them to only see Lit course stuff, programming and music. There were about 20 or so that had no labels on them, so the one she needed could be one of them. She didn't expect it to have a sticker that said "NO PEEPING TOP SECRET!" On the thing. Although that would have been nice. She flipped each one over to the side where the information would have been stored and after 15 of them she found one that had the tell tale discoloration of having been used. She slipped it into her pocket and left. She felt like the world had been lifted off of her shoulders at this point, she had what she had come for now to make sure nothing else went wrong.


        Chang watched to see where Jayce went after they parted, he had to get that CD before that amazonian bitch Nikita did. His life depended on it, plus if he took them both out he would move up in the ranks of the organization and be known as the one who killed Nikita Scalani. The coast was clear for him to double back to her office and search for the CD. His time would be extended to search since he didn't have to pick the lock.

        He was as careful as Nikita at searching; he tossed stuff around the office and destroyed delicate things under his feet. Dumping the CD's out on the desk he rummaged through all of them to find nothing. His temper flared and burst through his body to form into a temper tantrum. Kicking the chair over and flipping the desk onto its side seemed to help. When he left he slammed the door so hard that the glass window on the door shattered into thousands of pieces. There was only once place left to look and that was her apartment.


        Jayce was working on her novel, she had done her usual 6 bites and then she saved it to disc, overwriting the previous save. She pulled her laptop bag out and searched every pocket looking for the disc. It wasn't there, she then remembered laying it down on her desk and then putting it in one of the containers when she and Chang had left. It wouldn't have been a problem if she had another blank CD but they were all in her office. She would take the extra few minutes and run back and get it, she had learned her lesson the last time her Laptop crashed taking with it hours of typing. Saving it to her hard drive, she closed out Microsoft works, and left just her background picture of Xena and Gabrielle.

        Giving her laptop a stern look she threatened it "Now listen, don't you scan disk, defrag or virus check nothing! Or I'll replace your with a Pentium 4 tower! I'll be right back." Running out the door she lurched past the same pedestrians from earlier. This time they stood slack jawed at the hunch back of Notre Dame way of running she was doing. What really scared them was the grunting and growling noises that were coming out from between her clenched teeth. She flashed her bloodshot eyes at them and kept going.

        Jayce froze when she saw that her door had been ruined. Stepping over the glass into her office was a bigger shock. Everything was destroyed. Tears came to her eyes and trailed down her cheeks, her emotions had been on edge since her fathers murder and now this. She searched out the phone and called the campus police and reported the break in. Giving them her home number she told them when they were done to call her there.


        Nikita was fuming; she had just finished looking at the CD she had taken from Jayce's office. It had the beginning of a novel on it not the stuff she so desperately needed. "Fuck! It's got to be in her office!" Instead of running over she jumped on her Harley, with in 3 minutes she was pulling up to the building to only make a U turn and leave. Two campus police cars were parked outside the building. She knew that Chang had been sloppy as usual and for some reason someone had found his mess. A bad feeling went through her chest, piercing in its form of pain.


        Jayce came through her apartment door to confront a person dressed in all black with a hood covering his entire head except for his eyes. A partially gloved hand muffled her scream; the other cocked back and hit her in her jaw stunning her. Colors flashed before her eyes and a loud roaring filled her ears before everything went black. She didn't know how much time had passed, she tried to get up off of her bed only to find that she was laying spread eagle on her stomach and stark naked. Pulling on her wrists she fought the ropes that bound her to the headboard; the same went for her ankles. All she could think of was she was going to be raped, and left for someone to come find her after she missed so many of her appointments. Hot tears poured from her eyes and soaked the sheet beneath her cheek.

        "I see you have finally come to from your little nap." Chang leaned down close to her face; his brown slanted eyes filled with hatred and something she couldn't determine. "I want the CD!" Jayce had no idea what he was talking about; she had many CD's how was she suppose to know...Dad! Now she knew why her father had been murdered, he had something that this guy wanted. But she didn't know where it was.

        "What CD? I don't know what you're talking about."

        "Bullshit, I know the Congressman gave it to you and I want it!"

        "I don't have it! Please let me go I won't tell..." She heard a whistling noise then pain shot through her back. Her chest pushed down into the mattress as she felt it again.

        "I want the CD! I will torture you until I find out where it is! Now tell me!" He moved to the other side of the bed, the whip held at the ready.

        "I don't..." Her body jerked at the contact, she could feel heat lance her flesh and then a warmth run down her ribcage. Stars fought for space among her blurring vision, she could hardly hear his voice for the roaring in her ears. Her breathing was coming out in great gulping fits. She knew she couldn't with stand much more of this.

        "Such a pity that I have to do this to such a beautiful soft skinned woman. But a jobs a job." He had moved to the other side again and cracked the whip across her back. She was beyond screaming her body was numb from shock. She lay unmoving on the bed, taking shallow breaths. "Lets see how much you can take before your body shuts down completely?"


        Nikita shut down her Harley and let it coast to Jayce's front door. She looked through the front window and saw the mess inside. She knew that Chang had her, but where? Before she could get the door opened she heard a muffled scream. Rage took over her body; her muscles tightened and bunged like a panthers before the killing leap. She took a deep breath and eased the door open, walking on silent feet she went towards Jayce's bedroom. There stood Chang with his back to her, he brought the whip over his shoulder. He tried to pull it back to make his cutting blow but found that it didn't give. He turned to see ice cold blue eyes looking down on him. Her voice deep like a growl from a lion she asked him one simple question.

        "Excuse me, can you tell me where a good Chinese restaurant is?" He gave her a blank stare; his brain didn't comprehend what she had asked. She tilted her head at him, her expression changed into a feral grin, a rumbling came from her chest as she yanked the whip towards her making him fly right at her fist that she had thrown up at the last second. A loud crunch was heard, then a thump from him hitting the floor in a pile.

        Looking down at him she watched his chest moved up and down, she didn't want him dead, she had other plans for him. Her heart broke when she saw Jayce laying on her bed, stepping on Chang's chest she pulled a butterfly knife from the back pocket of her black Levi's. Cutting the ropes on each of Jayce's ankles she moved up to cut the ones on her wrists. She didn't notice the tears running down her cheeks until a teardrop fell to land on the little blondes shoulder. Leaning close to Jayce's face she brushed the sweaty hair from her eyes, blood ran down her bottom lip and chin, she must have bit her tongue when she felt the whip cut into her back.
Pain tore through Nikita's body when her eyes looked down at the bloody mess that at one time was soft smooth skin. Her own back caught fire at the memories the body never forgot. Grabbing the top sheet off of the floor she put it over Jayce, then rolled her as gently as she could to her back. Wrapping her in the sheet and then a blanket she picked her up and took her into the living room where she laid her down on the couch.

        Hatred, rage and pure bloodlust filled every pore of her body; Chang would pay for what he had done. She felt anger at herself for not being there to protect Jayce from this inhuman act. She didn't know why but she felt the need to protect this small woman and she would from now on even if it meant giving her life to do so.

        She pulled him up onto the bed and started to strip him of his clothes, a burning feeling bloomed out from her chest. Pulling her fist back she put all her strength into a right jab to his groin, a noise like a piece of raw meat hitting the floor reached her ears, her feral look came back to her lips.

        "Nice jammies, do they make them in adult sizes?" She balled up his Ninja ghe and the rest of his weapons that he would have used on Jayce and put them all in a pile. Salvaging two long pieces of rope she tied his right ankle and wrist together and did the same on the other side. He looked like he was doing runners stretches. Pulling the excess rope from one side she pulled his leg and arm up to the headboard and tied it, the other side was done the same way. Chang was now rolled up onto the upper part of his shoulders and left to look like he was giving himself a blowjob.

        "I hope you enjoy yourself when you wake up!" She reached into her pocket and pulled out her cell phone, hitting the speed dial she waited until it was answered.

        "I have a green dragon for you." She then told the person on the other end where they could find him. "You owe me." She disconnected the call.


        Nikita had Jayce sitting across her thighs in front of her on her Harley. She pulled around to the side of her Hotel in front of the emergency fire door exit. She had made sure that when she checked in that she had disabled the alarm on this door in case she would have to get to her room unnoticed. She was glad that she had always followed a routine, because carrying a woman in a sheet and blanket through the lobby would have gotten her unwanted attention.


        She sat Jayce on the edge of the tub and held her against her chest, running warm water down across her back to cleanse the torn flesh. None of the cuts were deep enough to need sutures but they would leave scars. When she was certain that they were clean she carried her to the bed and laid her on her stomach so that she could put an antiseptic salve on her and then cover it with sterile bandages. Nikita couldn't take the chance on taking her to the emergency room because to many questions would be asked and then the police would be involved. She had just finished putting the last piece of tape across a thick gauze surgical pad when her cell phone rang.

        "Scalani." She listened for a second, then went to where she had dropped Chang's clothes. Searching through the wide cloth belt she found what she was looking for. "I have it right here, it's a round patch with a lion on a blue background." The other person asked if there was anything else.

        "No, that's it. I'm still trying to locate that and I have MacKenzie with me." She pulled the phone away from her ear and just looked at it.

        "I shouldn't have to tell you what he did to her!" She said loud enough for him to know she was pissed but not to disturb Jayce. "I will handle this my way, I gave you Chang, which now makes it 2 you owe me since he's been jumping between the Triads and the Tongs. I'll be in touch." She hung up the phone and searched through Chang's weapons. She found fighting stars bearing both a green dragon and a lion.

        "You fucking little bastard, just which one were you going to give the CD to?" She questioned herself. She pulled a Black and Tan from the small refrigerator and dropped into a chair next to the bed. She watched the rise and fall of Jayce's back as she slept. Nikita knew that from what her body had gone through she could very well be unconscious for a few days. It would help with the healing process and she would make sure that she was moved so that her skin wouldn't become irritated from laying in one position to long. Her body was starting to get sluggish from all the emotional and physical stress, she knew that if she fell asleep in this chair she would be very sorry and the couch was to damn short, her knees hung over the arm.

Jayce was out for the count so she didn't have to worry about her waking up and having a heart attack from waking next to a strange woman.

        Pulling her blood spotted shirt over her head she dropped it into a plastic bag, then put Chang's clothes and the bloody sheet and blanket in it and tied it closed. She would take it to the basement later that night and throw it into the incinerator. She carefully laid down on the edge of the bed next to Jayce, making sure that they were not touching. Not that in Jayce's condition she would know but because of the feelings that had surfaced within Nikita when she had found her, only to have them intensify after she had taken care of her injuries. There was just something about this little blond that cried out to her soul, she needed to be near her for some reason that was being kept a secret. She absorbed the heat coming from Jayce, letting her body relax into the mattress she dropped off into a deep sleep.


        Later that night she awoke to a low keening sound coming from beside her, before her brain had a chance to work a small fist slugged her in the jaw. The shock of being punched while still half asleep made her jump and roll from the bed. A loud scream pierced her ears waking her the rest of the way. She usually slept Very light but with everything that had happened her body crashed into oblivion. She crawled back onto the edge of the bed and stretched out next to a struggling Jayce; Pulling her into her arms she wrapped her long legs around short ones to keep them from kicking her. Putting her hand on the back of Jayce's head she pulled her cheek down to rest on her chest. She rocked them from side to side trying to calm her down so that she wouldn't open up the wounds on her back, whispering nonsense into her small ear she was amazed at how fast she calmed.

        From off at a distance Jayce could hear a deep soothing voice, and large warm hands touching her. It felt like a warm blanket had been wrapped around her, comforting her so that she knew she was safe. She burrowed deeply into this warmth and hung on for dear life.

        Nikita didn't know who was holding who. Jayce buried her face into her neck and wrapped her arm over the top of her chest and squeezed her. At one time it was her legs holding Jayce now she had one thigh across Nikita's hips pinning her down. She then realized that this felt right, to have Jayce in her arms like this. That was her last thought as she drifted off to sleep.


        Green eyes fluttered open and took in the strange surroundings; lifting her head a little she saw the profile of a strong jaw. Now she was really confused, especially when she noticed that her hand was resting on top of a very firm incredibly beautiful breast. Her brain slapped her hard to wake up.

"Here I am in a strange place with my hand on some woman's breast and we're both..Yep, naked! Damn, I just wish I remembered what happened?" Her little voice said only to be cut off by the others saying. Who the Hell cares? Look at you now! I really need to stop talking to them before they start to think they're really there!"

        She placed her head upon the strong shoulder beneath her cheek, taking a deep breath she could smell obsession and something almost primal coming form this woman's skin. Her eyes scanned up to see high cheekbones falling towards a square chin; soft pink lips slightly open showing white even teeth. As her head turned towards Jayce she saw dark lashes flutter open to reveal the bluest eyes she has ever seen. A small gasp came from her lips when she gazed into them; she could fall in and never want to come back. Watching them focus they changed to a crystal color that reached right to her soul and set it on fire. Nikita's left eyebrow rose in a questioning way then dropped when a small grin came over her lips. Jayce wanted nothing more than to lean up and kiss those lips, instead she raised her fingers and brushed across them with her finger tips. Feeling the soft moistness sent a tingling feeling right through her body.

        Nikita had never looked into eyes that could capture a soul like the green of Jayce's, she knew that at times they would look like the raging sea, how she knew she had no idea. It was almost like a memory of some sort; maybe she was past due on that doctors visit. However, if this was insanity she'd take double doses. Taking the smaller hand into her own she placed a soft kiss on the knuckles. Her sleep thickened voice rumbled out from her chest.

        "How do you feel?" She asked a startled Jayce as she ran her fingertips across a large bruise on her chin and jaw. "Does that hurt?"

        "No, but evefry fring else does, owww my ongue hurts."

        "Open up, let me see." Nikita saw where teeth had bit the very tip and side of her tongue, she knew it hurt like Hell. "You bit your tongue, you'll be OK."

        "I ound ike a ork!" Tears welled in her green eyes, threatening to over flow down her cheeks. Nikita didn't know why but she placed a soft kiss on her forehead then rested her head on top of a blond crown. Holding her gently she whispered to her until she felt her relax against her chest.

        "Let me look at your back, I don't want it to get infected." Green eyes gave her a funny look as to say what are you talking about?

        "Do you remember anything from yesterday?" The sobs gave her the answer. "It's OK, he won't ever bother you again, in fact he's making a very nice addition to some jail pimps pocket right now."

        Jayce pulled far enough away to wipe the tears from her eyes. "How bad?" Dark brows arched upward over Nikita's nose, her eyes showed nothing but understanding and love. A warm feeling encased Jayce's heart when she saw this. "oesn't atter, I'm alive. Gods I ate his!" She touched the tip of her tongue and winced.

        "I think I have something that may help." Nikita pulled away enough to reach the first aid bag alongside the bed, she searched through it and came out with a small bottle of orange liquid that was for canker sores but she found it worked as a local numbing agent for suturing.

        "Stick your tongue out." Jayce drew her brows down and gave Nikita a funny look. "Oh come on, it won't hurt."

        After a few minutes her tongue didn't hurt but it felt thick.

        "Great, now I lisp like a faggot!" A crooked grin came across her face. "Wanna make prank phone calls? I could call the college dean's wife and get him in trouble."

        "You are bad! Now lay down and let me take a look at your back."

        When she started to ease the tape off Jayce hissed a few times when she inadvertently removed some of the peach fuzz on her back.

        "Sorry Baby, I didn't know how else to keep the pads on." Nikita shocked herself by using an endearment. "Shit, so much for the stoic warrior type...Hell I lost that with one look from those green eyes." Her little voice informed her.

        The whip marks were a brilliant red but no infection was evident, she knew that she would have to wash the salve off and put more on and maybe get her a prescription for some antibiotics to be on the safe side. Jayce was lucky that she was here to take care of her. When she had been whipped she was dumped in a filthy room and almost died because of the infection that ravaged her body. If not for the kind hearted May who snuck medicine to her she would have died.

        "Jayce, can you stand?"

        "I don't know. How did I get here to begin with?"

        "I'll fill you in as soon as I get this salve off of your back and redress it."


        Jayce was in the same spot as the night before; she clung to Nikita's body while she washed the old salve off. Numerous times she hissed between her teeth at the pain of the raw skin. Tears flowed down her cheeks to trickle down across Nikita's breasts. Nikita was ready to cry from having to put her through so much pain but she knew if she didn't do this there could be a problem. Once she was done she helped her to her feet and held her as she cried.

        "You'll be OK, I know it hurts but it'll be better in a few days." Her words didn't sound to reassuring to her own ears but she didn't know what else to say. She wasn't use to talking that much or giving comfort.

        "I want to see what it looks like."

        "Why don't you wait a few days, then it won't be so bad."

        "No..... This is really bad! You save my life, take care of me, I'm walking around completely naked in front of you, not to mention we slept in the same bed and I don't even know your name!"

        "You said all that with out taking a breath! Unbelievable!" She chuckled at the intense look on Jayce's face. "Sorry, I couldn't resist and you look so cute when you're flustered." She busted up laughing when she got a good impression of her own cocked eyebrow look. "Okay, I don't usually introduce myself when I look like this." She held her arms out showing her wide muscular shoulders and other assets still uncovered by clothes. But...what the Hell. I'm Nikita Scalani, nice to see you naked." Grinning at Jayce's deep blush caused by her last words she stuck her hand out.

        "Nice to see you ahhh..." Giving Nikita the once over she pulled her bottom lip between her teeth and wiggled her eyebrows at her. "Very naked to." She grinned in a lecherous way and asked for a mirror.

        "I'm gonna look if I have to go out in the hallway and find a big mirror."

        "Oohh all right, just give me a minute." When she turned to leave the bathroom Jayce saw the scars on her back; they went from each shoulder to hip and crossed in the middle forming a huge X. Pain throbbed in her own back at the sight of the white lines that although they were old still showed so brightly against her tanned skin. She wondered what kind of animal would do that to someone. Nikita came back in and handed her a shaving mirror; she stood in front of her as she angled it so that she could see the reflection from the mirror behind her. Her face went ash white at first sight, her bottom lip started to tremble as well as her legs. She started to sink to the floor, but Nikita picked her up and carried her into the other room. She sobbed against Nikita's breast for a long period before she was able to ask her why he had done this to her.

        "It's the way the Tongs and Triads torture people to get information out of them."

        "But why me, I'm a college professor! I don't even know who the Tongs or Triads are."

        "They're one of the Asian Mafia's, Chang is from California."

        "But what has it got to do with me?"

        "It's not you so to speak, it was what your father had that they want. And they will do what ever needs to be done to get the information."

        Jayce sat with her mouth hanging open. She was stunned with this information; she still didn't know anything. Then she remembered what he had kept asking for. "He wanted a CD. But I don't have it, and if my father had it he never gave it to me." Tears came to her eyes and flowed down her cheeks. "Niki, he died in my arms, there wasn't anything I could do to help him!" Nikita caught the shortening of her name and although no one had ever dared call her that she didn't mind that Jayce had. She pulled her into her arms and let her grieve for her father.

        "We have to find that CD before they send someone to replace Chang." She placed a kiss on the blond head and held her closer. "But first I think we should put some clothes on, we don't want to scare all the tourists away again."

        Misty green eyes looked up at her. "What do you mean again?"

        "I was in the coffee shop yesterday morning when you went running by looking like a crazy person."

        "Ohh...I over slept and was in a hurry." Her brows drew down over her nose. "Were you watching me?"

        Nikita thought she had been caught but thought fast to get herself out of a near mistake. "No, but I couldn't help but notice people on the side walk scattering in all directions."

        "Ohh, I guess I looked kinda rough, even my students were making comments."

        Blue eyes twinkled at her. "Like what?"

        "They thought I was late because I was having sex with somebody. If that were true I would have missed the whole day instead of being a few minutes late."
        Wicked thoughts went through Nikita's dirty little mind of how many hours she would like to spend exploring Jayce's secrets.

        "Is that a hint at a personal record?"

        "Huh? Oh Gods no!" She stuttered when she tried to answer. "I...uhhmm.... Never...damn! Lets go look for this CD thingie before I stick both of my feet in my mouth."

        Nikita held back a chuckle at Jayce being embarrassed about never having sex. It surprised her for one thing, she would have thought that someone with her looks would have had at least a couple of lovers.

        "OK, lets go to your office and check there, cuz obviously it's not in your apartment."

        "One small problem Niki, I don't have any cloths."

        Niki thought that there was definitely no problem there. But she didn't want anyone else looking at her gorgeous body. The green eyed monster was paying her a visit and she didn't mind one bit.


        They took Nikita's Harley to the Lit building because of Jayce having a little trouble walking. Every step pulled on the wounds on her back, which reminded her that Nikita had the same scars.

        "Can I ask you a personal question?"

        Nikita stopped walking to look down into pain filled green eyes.
        "Sure, I'll do my best to answer it."

        "You have the same scars on your back as I'll have later when they heal, did they do it? You know those Mafia people?"

        A glimmer of a forgotten time passed through blue eyes then vanished. "Many years ago, I was a stupid kid and I paid for something I did."

        "Why the X? I mean I've always thought that whip marks are all over the place, not in a certain design."

        "I think it has something to do with some ancient legend about a woman warrior who defeated the Chinese back in the time of Caesar or something."

        Jayce thought about all the ancient myths she had read about and realized that maybe she hadn't read all of them. She was curious now.


        The cleaning people again straightened up her office and a piece of plywood was over where the window use to be in the door.

        "OK, where do we start first?" Jayce asked from where she stood with her hands planted on her hips.

        "Your CD's, you know which ones you had. Sooo, go through them and any that looks weird we'll check and see what's on it. And I'll check around your office, maybe your father stuck it some where when you weren't looking."

        "He was laying right there the whole time." She pointed to where Nikita was now standing. Nikita looked in every crevice that a CD could fit; she was laying on her back when Jayce asked her to look at something. She pulled herself further under the desk and looked up between Jayce's legs.

        "Find something?" Jayce looked around but couldn't find her.

        "Where are you?" She almost fell backwards in her chair when she felt a hand touch her knee. Grabbing her chest she took a deep breath.

        "Geez! I hate when you sneak around!"

        "Huh? How do you know I sneak around?"

        "I have no idea why I said that. Anyway, look at this and tell me if you notice any thing weird."

        She handed it down to Nikita, who turned it over in her fingers. "OK, ya got me, what's weird about it?"

        "Look at the name."

        "Uuhhmm, whose Will Gat...this has got to be it! We got it!" Nikita was about to crawl out from under the desk when they heard a knock on the door. She had just pulled her feet under when the door opened and an older Asian man stepped in. Jayce went pale at the sight of him; she reached under her desk and grabbed Nikita's shoulder.

        She cleared her throat before she spoke. "Can I help you?"

        "I am looking for my son Daniel Chang, he just transferred here from California."

        Jayce calmed when she felt Nikita's hand squeezing her thigh. "I saw him this morning after class." The Older man stepped closer to her desk; leaning down on the palms he looked her right in the eye. "Are you sure you haven't seen my son since then?"

        "Yes Sir, I gave him some papers this morning for class so he could catch up. Maybe he's in his dorm room studying."

        "No, I have checked. Thank you." He glared at her one last time before he left. Jayce sank back in her chair and winced at the sharp pain that shot through her back. Nikita pushed her chair back and crawled towards her shivering friend. "Are you OK?" All Jayce could do was nod her head. Nikita placed her hands on Jayce's thighs and looked into scared green eyes. "We have to get out of here, that wasn't Chang's father. That was his replacement."


        They left by way of a side door; Nikita went to get her Harley while Jayce stayed where she was. If the man was watching for her he wouldn't know about Nikita. On her way to her Hog she looked around to see if he was hiding somewhere, she even looked to her own spot but saw nothing. Slipping her helmet on she kicked the hog over and left. She would circle around the back and pick Jayce up and then head to the hotel. But that was a problem for Nikita. They would have to leave the area to be completely safe; Nikita didn't want anyone finding Jayce.


        They went through the side door, And tried to hurry but Jayce had some problems with the Levi's she had on, they were Nikita's. Nikita had rolled the legs up and cinched the waist with her belt, but when Jayce tried to jog she had to hold them up or they'd end up around her ankles. All Nikita could do was chuckle at her.

        "Ya know you look like a little kid in my clothes, you're really cute to."

        "I'll really be cute if they fall down and I moon someone since you don't wear and underwear!"

        "Hey I do wear them, I just don't have any with me at the time." Her dark brows wiggled at a struggling Jayce. "Plus it's easy access."

        "Geez! I can't believe you just said that! You're a pervert!"

        "Am not! I prefer demented, sounds better."

        Nikita opened the door and ushered Jayce in. Grabbing up her saddlebags and laptop she started stuffing stuff into them.

        "Can you check the bathroom for stuff, we're going to go to a different hotel in a different state."

        "Why? Ohh never mind, actually another country sounds good right now!"

        "Maybe after we get this mess all straightened out."

        Jayce gave her a funny look. "I wonder what she meant by that?" Her little voice asked her. Gods she couldn't even go to her apartment and get some clothes, even though she liked wearing Nikita's shirts because they smelled like her. However, the pants were going to be a problem.

        "Niki, I'm going to need some clothes that fit, can we go by the ATM so I can get some money?"

        "Don't worry about money, we'll stop and pick you up something on the way to Maryland."


        "No buts about it, this is kinda my fault so it's my treat. OK?" She stood right in front of Jayce, her blue eyes drilling into her. "No argument." She leaned down and placed a kiss on her lips, electricity shot through them like they had just grabbed a live wire. Jayce still had her eyes closed when Nikita pulled back. "Jay, breath!" Nikita had a crooked grin on her face when Jayce opened her eyes. "Uuhhmm yeah." She was still shaken by the kiss minutes later. Nikita felt bad; maybe she had read Jayce all wrong and ruined what little bit of trust she had with her. She couldn't handle the silence; she had gotten so use to hearing Jayce talk in her rich voice that now she missed it. She finished packing and sat next to Jayce on the bed.

        "Jay, I'm aahh sorry if I made you uncomfortable with that kiss. I won't over step the boundary again."

        Green eyes turned to look at her, what she saw was confusing to her. She was just about to apologize again when Jayce leaned over and kissed her. She pushed her back on the bed and asked for entrance with her tongue by running the tip between Nikita's lips. When Nikita opened her mouth Jayce deepened the kiss. When they broke apart Nikita was gasping for air.

        "DAMN!" She lay with her arms stretched out at her shoulders. "Where did you learn how to kiss like that?"

        A blush ran up her neck, Jayce dropped her head down and looked at Nikita from under her lashes. "I guess it was instinct." She shrugged her shoulders.

        "Instinct? Explain."

        "This may sound a little weird but you're the first person I've ever kissed."

        Nikita's head dropped back to the bed, she covered her eyes with her hands and moaned.

        In a very serious tone she questioned Nikita. "Was I that bad?"

        "Gods no!" She uncovered her eyes to look at her. "If you kissed me like that the first time, guaranteed the second time I may have a heart attack!"

        "Oohh! Well, come on lets get outta here."

        Nikita got to her unsteady feet and stumbled to the door. Her body was feeling things that it had never felt before and all from just one kiss.


The Red Horse Inn in Frederick Maryland was the only place that had any rooms left because of some strange convention that was in town. When they got to their room. Nikita's saddlebags and laptop case slipped from her fingers to hit on the floor. Jayce covered her face with her hands and the Levi's she had on dropped around her ankles. The room held one single bed.

        "Now what?" Jayce asked as she looked to Nikita from between her fingers.

        A wicked grin covered Nikita's face. "Wanna flip for it?"

        "OK, you call it."


        Jayce swung her head around, giving Nikita an eyebrow. "What the Hell is feet?"

        "This." Nikita bent her knees and threw her body backwards and did a flip in the air. She pointed to her feet and grinned. "Feet. Your turn."

        Jayce pulled the bottom of her shirt up and pointed to her bare ass.

        "Kiss it!"

        "Please don't tempt me. My heart couldn't handle it."


        Nikita lay in the tiny little bed with her feet hanging over the edge; she looked on the floor beside it to see Jayce laying in a fetal position. She couldn't take it anymore; she got up and pushed the bed against the wall.

        "Jay, come onto bed. We'll squeeze on here some how."

        A knowing grin came to Jayce's face, she knew that Nikita's conscience would get to her. She may be all rough and tough on the outside but all mush on the inside. Wiping the grin off of her face she crawled over to the bed on her hands and knees. Pulling herself up onto the bed she tried to lay down with out falling off the edge.

        "OK warrior mushball lay on your back."

        Nikita gave her a funny look then laid on her back.

        "This is a first! I'll have ta remember to order women on their backs, saves all that time of wining and dining." She ignored the look she got from Nikita; pushing on Nikita's shoulder she shook her head no. An evil grin covered her face as she sprawled across Nikita. Moving her head back and forth she found a comfortable spot between Nikita's breasts.

        "Are you comfy?"

        "Not yet." Nikita groaned deep in her chest. "I forgot something."

        "Gods help me!"

        Jayce leaned up and captured Nikita's lips in a breath stealing, heart stopping kiss. She left poor Nikita gasping for air again, then tortured her more by rearranging body parts to fit her.

        "Nite Niki."

        "Nite Jay." I'm gonna kill you in the morning!' She wanted to add. Her body was screaming bloody murder. Flames were licking at her center, ready to engulf her with each movement of Jay's leg. She wondered if she was as innocent as she wanted her to believe. With in a matter of minutes Jay's breathing evened out and deepened. With the turmoil her body was going through Nikita figured she would be staring at the ceiling all night but the sound of Jay's breathing put her right to sleep.


        Her laptop on Nikita ran through the information on the CD that Jackson MacKenzie had hidden in his daughters office. She couldn't believe what was on it, page after page of information on the locations of safe houses, undercover agents for the FBI, CIA and DEA. As well as all the officers and lower echelons of the Mafia's around the world. "But why would MacKenzie want this?"

        "Want what Niki?" Jayce looked over her shoulder at the laptop screen. "What is all that stuff?"

        "Stuff that only an agent working in FBI headquarters could get, someone with a high top secret clearance."

        "Gods." Moaned Jayce. She grabbed onto Nikita's shoulder to steady herself. The implications that this brought against her father were unimaginable. "Niki, we have to go to California, to my fathers office."

        "I have to take care of this CD first, it has to go back to FBI headquarters. If someone gets their hands on this they could rule the fucking world." She knew by the look on Jayce's face that she didn't understand. "OK, this has everything that a Mafia Don would need to kill every single undercover agent, all of the safe houses are listed here by the agency they belong to and every person in the European, Asian and any other Mafia or illegal group is on here. There would be a war over who would take control, the innocent lives that would be lost because of this CD." The look of total horror washed across Jayce's face, her knees gave out, and she sunk to her knees beside Nikita's chair

        "We have to stop this from getting to who ever it is who wants it. And find out why my father had it."

        "First I have to do something." She picked up her cell phone and hit the speed dial.

        "Scalani, I have it." Jayce fell back on the floor in shock; she may have just made the biggest mistake of her entire life and would be the one who would feel guilty for the rest of her life for the deaths of innocent people. Niki was involved in all of this and Jayce had the bad feeling she wasn't on the side of innocents.

        "I need the best virus you have on file, one that will wipe out every PC across the entire world." Jayce continued to watch Niki, the blue of her eyes changed to an almost frosty white, her facial muscles along her jaw bulged. "Send it to my E-mail in 5 minutes, I'm sending a copy of the CD registered mail under the name May Chang." She disconnected and hit speed dial again.

        "Green Dragon. I have it, I'll be leaving here today."

        "Niki, what are you doing?"

        She was just about to answer when there was a knock on the door. Jayce answered the door; room service was there with a large tray on a cart. She looked at the name on the card that he handed wanted her to sign. Scribbling something on it she gave it back to him and took the tray. Her Temper was flaring white hot, she put the tray on the bed then advanced on Nikita. Grabbing the front of her shirt she pulled her forward in the chair so that they were nose to nose.

        "I just signed the check with the name Ms. Ryan Foster! Your making all these mysterious phone calls, talking about spy and Mafia stuff that I thought was only in books and on TV and now some weird name! Who the Hell are you?" Nikita dropped her chin down on her chest, a low groan escaped from between her clenched teeth.

        "I can't tell you, all I ask is that you trust me. Please." Her blue eyes would tell nothing, they were walled and hiding the secrets that Jayce so badly wanted to know.

        "Trust you? TRUST YOU!! I don't even know you, I don't even know if your who you say you are! You could be working with those Fong or Tree people or who ever the fuck they are!" Her green eyes were blazing; her grip on Nikita's shirt was so tight that she was strangling her. "And on top of all this I have to wonder where my father fits in! Trust is no where in the picture!" She released Niki's shirt and headed for the door, she was in the hallway before Nikita knew what was happening.

        "SHIT!!!! JAY COME BACK HERE!!" She went running out the door and down the hallway towards the elevators. She caught a glimpse of Jayce just as the doors closed all the way. Busting through the stairwell door she ran down the steps. In the back of her mind she thought that she only had 9 floors to go. She had to catch her and explain, she couldn't let her leave, she meant too much to her. Grabbing the handrail she launched herself over the side and dropped to the floor below, her feet slapped the concrete floor sending shock waves to the top of her head. She pushed onward until she hit the last floor and shot through. Jayce was just about to come out of the elevator when Nikita launched her body at her and they both fell to the floor in a heap. Nikita used her bruised foot to hit the door closed button.

        Jayce lay on her back beneath the weight of Nikita; tears flowed from her eyes as pain shot from the wounds on her back. Nikita's head dropped to Jayce's chest, pulling in gulps of air.

        "Please don't leave me." Nikita pleaded between trying to breathe in enough air. "They'll kill you, and I couldn't handle that." She raised her head up to look into misty green eyes. "Please trust me." Tears spilled from her pain filled blue eyes.

        "I want answers or I'm out of here!"

        Nikita placed a soft kiss on her lips, pulling them into a sitting position she hugged her tight to her chest. Jayce gave out a gasp from pain. "Gods, I'm sorry Baby, I forgot about your back." She eased up with her hug, running her fingers through short blond hair she pulled Jayce's head to rest under her chin. "I'll tell you what I can, and we'll go from there."

        The door to the elevator opened to reveal and older couple who informed them that what they were doing in the elevator was vulgar and against God. Nikita gave them her most intimidating look and told them to go fuck themselves. They gasped at her and ran to the desk counter to tell the clerk about the disgusting women.

        "You are such a charmer Niki or should I call you Ryan?"

        "Well, you fell for my charms. And it is Nikita, Ryan was my brother."


        Nikita sat with her back against the wall with Jayce cuddled up against her chest. She told her bits and pieces of her life, leaving out something's that she didn't need to know.

        "Jay, I work for the Triads." She felt Jayce stiffen in her arms at the mention of the name, linking it with her fathers murderer. "I didn't have anything to do with your fathers death, I was sent here afterwards to get the CD and then take it back with me."

        "Then why did Chang come here? And who killed my father?"

        "Because I didn't do my job, I couldn't find the CD. We may never know who killed your father."

        "So they sent him to just get the CD?" Jayce knew there had to be more to it.

        "Uuhmm no, he was to get the CD and kill us."

        "Both of us? But you're one of them!" She heard Nikita take a deep breath and release it through her lips.

"I refused to do part of the job. Jay, I was suppose to kill you once I got the CD."

        "Ohh Gods!" Jayce pulled away from her and moved across the room. Hugging herself with her arms she started to rock back and forth. Her whole world came crashing down around her, her heart broke into thousands of pieces at the thought of the woman she had come to love had been sent to kill her. She sunk to her knees sobbing.

        Nikita got up off of the bed and approached Jayce with hesitation; she didn't know what to do. She knew that she had hurt Jayce deeply with her confession. Dropping to her knees she touched Jayce on her shoulder to have her jerk away.

        "Please Jay, I'm sorry."

        "For what? Not killing me like you were suppose to?!?"

        "No, for hurting the woman I'm in love with."

        Tear swollen green eyes turned to catch blue eyes welling with tears, the walls fell right before her letting her see all the love that this tall dark woman had for her.

        "You're in love with me?"

        Nikita pulled her into her arms; she gazed into her green eyes before she captured her lips in a soft kiss. "Yes, I'm in love with you." Covering her face with dozens of kisses until she came to soft lips. "I love you Jay." Nikita traced her soft lips with the tip of her tongue until Jay touched it with her own tongue, pulling Nikita's tongue into her mouth. Their tongues caressed each other and explored all the hidden places of each other's mouths. Their kiss broke so that they could gasp for air. Jayce held Nikita's face between her hands, placing a soft kiss to her lips she pulled back to look into crystal blue eyes. With one finger she traced the dark brows that were so expressive; her fingers ran across the high cheekbones down to her strong jaw and graceful neck. She could feel the rapid pulse beat beneath her fingertips. Leaning in she kissed the soft skin, tasting the saltiness of the tears that had made their way to soak into her shirt collar. She felt Nikita take a deep breath as she tilted her head to the side to give her more room. Working her way up along her jaw with open mouth kisses she knew she was driving Nikita nuts by the way her heart was pounding. Her own body was becoming very aroused, she felt herself growing wet with each kiss she placed on the soft skin under her lips. Running her tongue up her chin she licked the partially opened lips, slipping her tongue into her mouth she ravaged her in a way that set fireworks off in their bodies. Hands began to roam and explore places that they never had before; Nikita rolled back onto the floor taking Jayce with her. They started to remove each other's clothes when Xena's war cry came from Nikita's laptop. Nikita broke the kiss and groaned.

        "By the Gods she has shitty timing!" Jayce gave her the eyebrow look. "You have Xena on your laptop? I would never had taken you as a fan."

        Nikita gave her a lopsided grin. "What can I say, I love blondes." She rolled to her feet to check on her laptop. Pulling up her E-mail she hissed between her teeth.

        "We have to leave, they know we're here."

        "Who does? And where can we go?"

        "Everybody! The Triads, Tongs, FBI etc....we have to get to California like yesterday!"

        "How did they find us? And more importantly how are we going to get to California with out them knowing?"

        "They ran the credit card with Ryan's name on it, I have a friend that will let me use his jet."


        They waited in an open field outside of Hagerstown Maryland for her friend to show up with the jet. He was 25 minutes late and Nikita was starting to worry that maybe he had been found out. Then she picked up the sound of an engine coming from the wrong direction just as her cell phone rang. She answered it and watched the wings dip to each side.

        "It's him, he had to switch planes."

        Jayce watched a middle aged man jump from the jet, he was dressed in greasy Levi's and a Levi's shirt missing the sleeves. Tattoos covered his forearms and his long grayish hair was held back in a leather strap. He grinned at Nikita and caught her helmet in one hand and the keys to her hog in the other.

        "Thanks Bud, I owe ya one."

        They clasped forearms and parted, he looked back over his shoulder, his crystal blue eyes catching both green and ones like his own.

        "Sis, Ma says to be careful. And if you get hurt she's going to kick your ass into your next life."

        Nikita gave him a big smile and laughed at the look on Jayce's face. "Tell her it's a deal, I'll see ya when we get back."

        Inside the jet Jayce grabbed her by her forearm to keep her from escaping her questions. "That was your brother?"

        "Yep, scary ain't he? Ready to go, we have a long flight ahead of us?"

        Jayce looked around at the small jet for the pilot. "Niki, who's going to fly this thing?"

        "Me, is there a problem?"

        "Uuhhmm, only if you don't know how to fly it."

        "I have many skills." She gave her a quick kiss and climbed into the pilots seat and motioned for Jayce to take the co-pilots. Jayce watched as she hit all kinds of buttons and switches in front of her and then heard the engine start up. Before she knew it the jet was in the air.


        Nikita brought the jet around and started their descent; Jayce had a death grip on the arms of the chair. When the jet made a whining noise her green eyes grew the size of saucers. "Are we going to crash?"

        "Naah, that was the landing gear coming down, besides I've never crashed in all the years I've been flying." The last part she said with a serious look on her face.

        "Niki, people usually don't survive airplane crashes when there in something the size of a beer can!"

        "Oh, well I guess the chopper doesn't count either huh?"

        "Oh shit! I'm gonna die a virgin!!!!!"

        Nikita got up out of the seat and straddled Jay's thighs. "In that case we have about 15 minutes before we go up in a ball of flames."

        "Your trying to drive me nuts aren't you?" Poking her in her chest. "You'd let us crash just to get in my pants?"

        She shrugged her shoulders and gave her most charming smile. "I'd prefer to take my time but since you have your mind set on us crashing I figured why waste it."

        "Get back over there before we do crash!"

        Before she got up she gave Jay a sloppy kiss on the lips. "EEEWW, that was gross! Why'd you do that?" Wiping her mouth and chin off she wiped it on Nikita's arm.

"Felt like it. Ya ready ta crash, better take the crash position." Jayce covered her eyes and took a deep breath and held it. She was close to passing out when she heard Nikita ask her if she was going to get off of the jet.


        "Now tell me again what we're looking for." Nikita asked Jayce while she spun the globe of the world at 100mph.

        "Will you stop that! Your like a little kid, I don't know what we're looking for, if my father was hiding something it would be in this office. He use to lock the door all the time and no matter what the emergency, he refused to open the door."

        Nikita walked around the room taping on the walls with her knuckles, she came to one place that had a different sound. Using both hands she tapped in different places so much that Jayce was ready to kill her.

        Her hands went to her hips, the brows dipped over her squinted green eyes. "Now what are you doing?"

        "An Amazon dance beat, ya like it? I think it's kinda catchy." Her grin didn't work this time. "Ohh all right, I think there's a fake wall over here or something."

        Jayce joined Nikita at the wall and they both started taping in different places. "You're off beat and flat." A blond head swung to glare at her.

"Are you feeling OK? You seem kinda I don't know...weird!"

        "Stress Baby, A LOT of stress!"

        "Are you always this way when you're stressed?" They were now searching the wall down at floor level.

"Nope, I usually go out and rape and pillage a small town before I have serious work to do."

        "You're kidding right?" Eyes the color of cold steel gazed back at her. "Do you pick up some woman in a bar or something?"

        "Usually 2 women, a case of beer and then we have one of those threesomes."

        Jayce was near death; this woman would kill her in bed! She was getting excited just thinking about it. Oh no! I will not share her with anyone! If I'm not enough for her I'll have to get some of that female viagra stuff! Here we go again, I'm having a nice little conversation with myself.

        "Hello! Any body there?" Nikita was snapping her fingers in front of her trying to get her attention.

        "Sorry I was thinking, what were you saying?"

        "I found the panel switch."

        She pushed on a piece of wood trim along the floor and a small recessed area came forward. Jayce pushed on her side of the wall and the panel swung in. The room was a 12X12-foot area with filling cabinets on one wall and a large safe on the other.

        "You look in the files and I'll see if I can get this safe open."

        About five minutes later Nikita sat on a tabletop and watched Jayce as she was bent over a drawer. Tilting her head at an angle gave her a clear view of Jayce's tight ass. "Can ya move to your right a little bit?" Still with her head in the drawer she asked why. "Because I'm getting a kink in my neck." Jayce was silent for a minute. "How can me moving to my right..." She looked down under her arm to see Nikita looking at her ass.

        "You're a dog! Aren't you suppose to be trying to open the safe?"

        "I need a water glass."

        Jayce straightened up and stretched her back muscles. "Does that really work?"

        "Ohh yeah, use it all the time. Can we find one around here?"

        "Hold on let me look, I think he had a bar in here somewhere."

        She came back a few minutes later with a large water glass, after handing it over she waited to see how Nikita was going to use it to open the safe. Her jaw dropped open when she saw her produce a bottle of bourbon. She slapped her in her shoulder and the side of her head.

        Nikita grinned at her. "What did ya think I needed it for? To open the safe? Jay that only works in the movies." She opened the bottle and filled it half way. "Are there any cleaning ladies in this building?"

        "I suppose, why?"

        "Well, I got a bottle, you. So I need one more female and I'm all set." Jayce took the glass from her; slammed half of it then gave it back. Nikita was shocked, not even she would slam 50-year-old bourbon and she could drink battery acid with out any side effects.

        "Ohh Baby, you shouldn't have done that!"

        Jayce turned a deep red, her eyes were watering and she looked like she was going to spontaneously combust. Her jaw dropped open and she let out a deep forceful breath that had her coughing so hard she ended up on the floor. Between gasps she asked Nikita what she had just drank, when she told her she fell over on her side and lay still. "I'm gonna die!" She looked up at an amused Nikita with watery green eyes. "Niki, I don't drink."


        Jayce was passed out on a couch, her little experimentation with Bourbon didn't go well. After 5 minutes she was history. Nikita had everything from the safe on the floor in piles. She had found a lot of stuff that a congressman should not even know about let alone be involved in. With just the stuff she had seen, he would have been in jail for a least 150 years. She decided to pack it all up and take it with them, then another problem hit her, how were they going to get anywhere? They had taken a cab from the airstrip and now with Jay passed out, she couldn't very well carry her around.

        "Son of bitch! Think, you're the one who always comes up with stuff against all odds!" She went over to Jackson's desk and went through the drawers. In the last one she checked she found a spare set of car keys.

        "What are the chances that it's here?" She checked one last time on Jayce then headed for the basement garage. It was well past midnight so there shouldn't be any cars in the place except for security guards and cleaning crews. Then she saw it, a plaque on the wall with his name on it.

        "What a ugly fucking car! Shows he had shitty taste in cars." She was looking at a Champaign colored Crown Victoria. Pulling it over to the elevator she left it to go get the papers and Jayce.


        "Ohh Gods, I'm dying!" Jayce was hugging the porcelain Goddess, her head resting on the side of it where it was nice and cold. Every time she tried to move the room spun and she tossed what little bit was left in her system. "Niki, please kill me and put me out of my misery."

        Nikita sat down on the floor behind her; putting a towel with ice in it on the back of her neck she eased her into her arms. "No more drinking for you. But at least I know now that you're a cheap date."

        "That's funny! You know it's your fault."

        "My fault? I didn't tell ya to slam that Bourbon, anyway the way you took the glass I thought you had drank before."

        "I always see these people slamming drinks and never getting drunk, so I thought there was nothing to it."

        "You watch to much TV. Come on your going back to bed, I got you some Gator aid and some Pedialite for later."

        "But we have all that stuff to go through."

        "It's all done, I did it while you were sleeping."


        Nikita arranged the papers that needed to be scanned and put onto a CD's. They would be sent in the mail to her contact and the originals would be shredded. There were a lot of open cases that could be closed with the information she had found. She would have people owing her big time for this job. She had one last thing to do and all would be set, after booting up her laptop she transferred the virus she had asked for to the copy of the CD that everyone was after. Once they opened the file the virus would run rampid and destroy the computer along with the information on the CD. Even if they managed to be able to copy it the virus would still be there waiting for the next victim.

        The other copy of the CD, her brother now had and it was to be put in a safety deposit box in her bank. It was her security in case anything happened to her or Jayce. Her eyes aching along with her back, she striped out of her clothes and got into bed with a sprawled out Jayce. At least at this Hotel they were able to get a queen-size bed. Although she didn't mind having the smaller one where they had to sleep on top of each other. As she lay on her side she realized that she hadn't had any of her normal nightmares since she and Jayce had been sharing a bed. Turning over she spooned against Jayce's warm body; with in minutes she was in the dream world with Jayce at her side.


        The next morning Nikita woke up with a heavy weight across her chest. Jayce had made her nesting area between her breasts and had a strangle hold on her ribcage. She ran her fingers through her tousled blonde hair, loving the feel of the silky strands falling through her fingers. She had never felt complete as she did when Jayce was with her, they had a connection to each other that seemed so familiar at times that it was scary. She could swear that she knew what she was going to say or the expression she would have before anything would happen.

        "Baby, come on it's time to get up." Jayce mumbled as she buried her face against Nikita's left breast. "Ohh no you don't, I'm hungry and you reek like an old drunk."

        "Do not."

        "How would you know? Your nose is buried against me."

        "Like it here, leave em here, get later."

        "I kinda like my tits where they are, I'll feel a little odd without them. You asked for it!" She started tickling her ribs; Jayce kept squirming trying to get away from the fingers running up and down her ribcage.

        "OK, I'll...get...up!" She pinched Nikita's nipple as paybacks. "Meanie! Just for that I'm not gonna take a shower and I'll make sure I sit REAL close to you!"


        After their showers they went down to the dinning room for breakfast, Jayce ordered enough for three people and then helped Nikita with hers. Before they left she had them bring her two eggs on a bagel for later, which she actually meant was the 2 minutes it took them to get to the elevator.

        "Niki, what are we doing today?"

        "I'm going to get rid of that CD and your either going to stay here or go visit your sister or Mom."

        "Oohhh noo! Where you go I go!"

        "Not this time, it'll be too dangerous. There's still a price on your head, I am not going to risk your life by taking you with me."

        She pulled her over to the bed and sat her down in front of her. "Please do this for me, I wouldn't be able to handle it if anything happened to you."

        "But what about you, they want you dead to. Who's going to watch your back if I'm not there?"

        "I'll be OK, they won't do anything to me because I'll have the CD. And it's just a drop off point, I drop it off and then I call them and tell them where it is."

        "Then why can't I just stay in the car while you do that?"

        "Baby, please just this once." Brushing her fingers across her cheek memorizing the feel of her soft skin. "I'll need you on the outside to call my contacts, to let them know it's done. And if anything happens to me I want you to call my brother and have him get you out of here."

        "Nothing is going to happen to you, I won't let it!" Tears came to her eyes. "I don't like this! Why can't you just mail it to them?"

        "Because I have to make a deal with them to leave you alone, I don't want you to have to hide for the rest of your life."

        "But if something happens to you, I will have to hide!"

        "That's why I want you to call my brother, he'll help you."

        Jayce fell into her arms sobbing, Nikita hated doing this but there was no other way.


        Nikita dropped Jayce off at her sisters house; she gave her the phone numbers she was to call with the times next to them. She left her laptop and clothes with her in case she had to ditch the car and find another way to get back to where her sister lived. Both of them had tears in their eyes as the time grew closer for Nikita to make the drop off. She pulled Jayce into her arms and held her close, she felt her body shake from her sobs.

        "It'll be OK, I promise." She pulled back enough to give her a soft kiss that became passionate. Jayce's sister Lynn stood in the front window of her house and watched them. She didn't understand her sisters attraction to other women but seeing her with Nikita, she understood completely. Sparks shot between the two of them; she had never seen two people with so much chemistry.

        Jayce was the first to break the kiss, she wanted to look into those blue eyes and remember the passion in them.

        "Promise me you'll come back."

        "I promise, if at all possible I'll come back to you. I love you Jay, always remember that."

        Tears flowed rivers down Jayce's cheeks; between her sobs she told Nikita that she loved her. Then she ran into the house leaving Nikita to leave.

        "I love you little one."


        Jayce ran into her sisters arms and sobbed uncontrollably. Lynn rocked her older sister in her arms giving her comfort by telling her that Nikita would be back and to not worry. When Jayce had calmed down they sat in the kitchen and for the first time since her family had disowned her, talked.

        "Do you love her Jayce?"

        "With everything that I am, she is my other half, my soulmate." She took a deep calming breath. "She saved my life from the same people who may have killed Dad."

        "They came after you, what did they do to you? My Gods Jay, why didn't you call me." She thought a minute and sighed. "Never mind, that was a stupid thing to say after all we put you through, you would never call us." Jayce clasped her sisters hand in hers. "It wasn't safe to call anyone, Niki took care of him and he's in jail now."

        "But what did he do to you? I don't see any bruises.... He didn't..."

        "No, he whipped me." Lynn's brown eyes grew huge at the thought of someone using a whip on her sister. She brushed her long brown hair off of her shoulders. It was her way of collecting herself, like Jayce tipped her head back and closed her eyes. They may be sisters but their mannerisms were nothing alike.

        "Is it bad, what he did to you?"

        Jayce stood up and turned her back to her sister, she pulled her shirt up and heard Lynn gasp. Lowering her shirt she sat back down and took her Lynn's hands.

        "The marks will fade with time, Niki only has white lines across her back now."

        "Niki has the same thing? Why?"

        "She says that they were punishing her for something she did when she was younger."

        "I'm confused, she knows these people?"

        "Yes, she works for them and she was sent to get the CD that Dad had and Kill me." Lynn jumped up from the table; her chair hit the floor with a bang, making Jayce jump in her chair.

        "You mean to tell me that you fell in love with a hit woman who was sent to kill you! Are you NUTS!!!!!"

        "Calm down and sit down! She couldn't do it, she told me she couldn't kill the women that she had fallen in love with."

        "Was this before or after you told her that you loved her? She may have been playing on your emotions."

        "It was before and she's not like that. She could have let that guy kill me and never endangered herself. They want her dead along with me, all because she didn't do her job and kill me like she was suppose to."

        "Geez, this sounds like one of those bad movies. What happens after she does what ever it is she's doing?"

        Jayce leaned back in her chair; she played with the piece of paper that Nikita had given her. "I don't know, maybe she'll come back to West Virginia with me.


        Nikita pulled the car to the edge of an old housing complex parking lot, she had already made the calls that she need to make so she left the cell phone laying on the front seat. She walked slowly along the edge of the building checking behind her every so often. They were to meet her on the first floor in the hallway, and she was to be unharmed and alone. She snickered at the thought of them really believing her to come without some kind of firepower. That was why she was an hour early, the black leather duster she wore had more pockets than it was made with. Finding a rumble strewn hall made it perfect for her little hiding game, she hid weapons amongst the trash in strategic places along the hall.


        Jayce and Lynn sat in front of the TV watching soap operas and what was worse was they were so involved in it that Jayce had stopped her junk food binge. Lynn watched her older sister with amazement; she had forgotten the amount of food she could consume in one sitting.

        "I see something's never change." Lynn pointed to the 2 empty bags of microwave popcorn and twinkie and zinger wrappers covering the coffee table. She received a smirk from Jayce. "I wasn't really hungry, what time is it? I have to make some phone calls for Niki."

        Lynn checked the clock on the VCR. "It's 2'25pm, what time do you have to call?"

        "In 5 minutes, I guess it can't hurt to call a little early." Unfolding the paper she checked the time of the calls, they were to be made 5 min apart. She didn't know who she was calling and all Niki had told her was to say "Green Dragon" and hang up. She made the calls then went back into the living room with her sister.

        "Who did you call?"

        "I have no idea, when they answered all I said was Green Dragon. You know they all use those code words to sound mysterious and all."


        Nikita was waiting in the hallway when she saw a black car drive up outside the door, four men got out, then the car pulled away. She knew that more of them were hiding at the back of the building waiting to come through the back door at the minute all Hell broke loose. Which she knew was going to happen, she hoped that Jay had made the calls for her. If she did then everything was set and it would be all over. It made her heart both ecstatic and ache at the same time.

        An older Asian man with gray hair and a long fu man chu stepped in front of her, his bodyguards took their places to either side and the other stood at a distance behind him. His hands crossed over his folded arms when he tilted his head back to give her a look of superiority. He sent one of his men over to search her.

        "So we meet again Nikita, I had heard that you managed to save MacKenzie from Danny Chang. That was a very stupid thing to do, especially turning him over to the FBI. He can't tell them anything, because he killed himself before they got to him." A grin came to his face when he saw the narrowed look of her pale blue eyes and her chin stick out.

        "Ohh yes, he had plenty of poison with him to do the deed. So his knowledge is useless now."

        Nikita knew he was lying. There was no poison left with Chang. And the only way he could possible kill himself was if he was able to get loose.

        "What a pity, I'm sure the FBI would have had lots of fun with him. Anyway I'm not here to discuss what happened with your flunky, I have the CD and as soon as you get it I'm done."

        "I don't think so, you see once I have the CD." He motioned his men to move in front of him. "My men are going to have some fun with you and then do what Chang wasn't able to do, rip your heart from your chest."

        "Have fun finding it, I left my heart somewhere safe." She pictured a small blonde with green eyes and knew where her heart was; it was at home in Jay's hands. Reaching into her pocket she pulled out a plastic case with the CD in it. She spun it in her fingers before her eyes and wondered if it was all worth it. Yes, she decided. It was, the few lives that would be lost here were worth the billions that wouldn't have to suffer at the hands of men like the Green Dragon. With the flip of her wrist she sent the case spinning towards the Green Dragon. He caught it in mid air, after examining it he stuck it inside his pocket and walked away.

        He stopped at the door and gave his men a short nod. He was gone in a second leaving Nikita to face his three bodyguards. She wasn't worried about them using guns on her, torture was their specialty then you lost your head at the end to be taken back as proof of a kill.

        The first one came at her with a pair of nunchakus, spinning them in figure eight's in front of him, then to each side of his body as he advanced towards her. He spun on his back foot, extending his arm with the nunchakus in them to make a strike at her head. She blocked the strike, snapping his arm at the elbow she pulled his nunchakus from his hand and used them to smack the other in the throat with them. Still holding onto the screaming man she head butted him knocking him out then tossing him to the floor. The nunchakus were wrapped around the other guys neck, he was struggling to get them free when the last of them came at her with Sai's. Picking up the baton she had hid earlier she blocked his swings at her. Spinning out of his way she caught him behind his knees as she passed. He stumbled forward into the other man who had freed himself from the nunchakus. Both men came at her with everything they had. She ran up the wall opposite of them and flipped over their heads to land behind them.

She heard shots being fired out behind the building, then others from Green Dragons group came charging into the hallway. Bullets flew past her as she rolled across the floor to where she had hidden her throwing daggers. Taking out the first two, she rolled to the other side of the hallway and threw a dagger over her should to penetrate the man's throat who had the Sai's. Fighting for her life she dodged bullets coming from a dozen or more men, she felt a burning sensation in her right shoulder and then the warm stickiness of blood running in between her skin and her duster. She made the decision that these guys could chase her if they wanted, she ran right at them and jumped in the air flipping over their heads, before they could turn, she was out the door. Rounding the corner she searched for the Green Dragons car. She had to take him out of the picture at all costs.

        Dark blue vans showed up in the front of the building, swat teams and men with dark blue windbreakers with the FBI initials in bold yellow on the back, ran towards where all the shots were being fired.

        Nikita ran towards the car she knew held the Green Dragon, before she could get to the door, the driver flung his door open and fired at her. Bullets rushed past her, one of them clipping her in her thigh and coming out at her hip. She fell to the ground when her leg gave out, reaching inside her duster she pulled a throwing dagger and flung it at the driver, the blade vibrated from where it sank into his chest. She crawled towards the car, dragging herself along the ground; She reached the rear door and pulled it open to reveal the Green Dragon sitting there with a pistol in his hand.

        "You never give up do you Nikita, just like years ago when I killed your younger brother." He saw the shock go through her features. "You didn't think I knew who you were or why you so desperately wanted to work for me! Come now, I'm not stupid!" He checked the clip of his pistol. "I've been toying with you for years, but I have to admit you were a great help to me. I never had to worry that you wouldn't take care of the business I sent you on until this time." He brought the gun up and pointed it right at her chest. "To bad you had to fall for MacKenzie, I was willing to forget your treachery and let you live but now it's to late." He pulled the trigger; Nikita felt the pain travel through her chest, the wind was stolen from her lungs as she sunk slowly to her knees in front of him.

        The Green Dragon stood from the car, pulling a Katana from off of the seat. "Your beautiful face will decorate my office for all eternity."

        "I'm sorry Jayce, I love you." She whispered.

He brought the Katana over his right shoulder and swung in a downward sweep.


        Jayce and Lynn were watching the evening news; Lynn was just about to change it when the news team went live to location. The news reporter was standing in the middle of what looked like a war zone, ambulances, police and FBI agents were running around like maniacs. Bodies were strewn around the place with white sheets covering them.

        "My Gods Jayce, what happened there?"

        "I don't know but I have this bad feeling that Niki is there.

        "It seems that a battle between the Green Dragon Asian Mafia and the FBI took place at this abandoned housing complex today, numerous lives were taken here today among them was the leader of the Mafia, The Green Dragon himself." The reporter turned to look at where paramedics were carrying a stretcher covered with a white sheet.

        "His death was brought about by one person, one of his own people took his life. The person was Ryan Foster, she was found at his side with an ancient Samurai's Katana in her hand. She suffered a fatal gunshot wound and was declared dead at the scene. This brave woman brought about the fall of one of the strongest Mafia Leaders ever to be in the State California."

        A picture of Niki came up in the left hand corner of the screen, Jayce went pale, a stabbing pain roared through her body at the picture of her soulmate on the screen. A high piercing wail came from her lips; breaking down into sobs she covered her face with her hands. Lynn pulled her into her arms and rocked her sister.

        "I'm so sorry Jayce, I know your hurting right now. Just remember that what she did, she did so everyone could live and be safe from people like that man."

        They never heard the rest of the report about how information that the FBI had received led to the arrests of numerous public officials and other Mafia leaders and their employees. And that the FBI was investigating a leak in their own organization.


        Jayce knew that it was now safe for her to be able to fly back home with out the fear of being killed. She sat on her bed holding Nikita's saddlebags in her arms; tears flowed down her cheeks and dripped onto the worn leather. She opened one bag and pulled out one of Nikita's T-shirts, putting it up to her nose she breathed in the scent that lingered there. It was a mixture of leather, obsession and Niki. Searching through the bag she found a piece of paper that had her name wrote across the front. More tears coursed down her face and choking sobs tore from her chest.

        She unfolded the paper and read what Niki had written at some point before she left.

        "I know that if your reading this that I didn't make it back to you. Please believe that I love you with all my heart and one day we will be together again. I will always carry you in my heart and even in death I will never leave you.

        I love you.


        Jayce collapsed onto her bed and cried herself to sleep, the next morning she woke with her eyeballs feeling like they had been dipped in sand. She had to make it to class today, she had taken the past week off since her return from California and the Dean was not to happy with her absence. She used the family illness excuse for her time away but she knew he wouldn't go for her mourning of Niki for any more time away. He had made it very clear that he would and already had a replacement for her classes.


        She walked into her office and grabbed some folders off of her desk, she would try to concentrate on teaching today but she wasn't promising herself or any one else a damn thing. Her heart hurt too much and she knew she would never be the same. A large piece of her was missing, a piece that could never be replaced.         

        She stood before the podium and talked in a monotone voice, her students swapped looks with each other. Jayce was dressed in Niki's clothes; her hair was tousled from running her fingers through it numerous times. Her once expressive green eyes were dull and void; she was but a shell of her once energetic self.

        After she had dismissed her class half way through, she heard the low murmur of talk coming from her students as they left. She didn't care what they thought of her; she didn't care about anything anymore. She left the folders laying on the podium and went home. Stopping on the way there she went into 7-11 and grabbed a 12 pack of Black and Tan, she figured she might as well get shit faced, it seemed the only way she could sleep. After 2 beers she was usually comatose until morning.

        Dropping down on her couch she grabbed the remote and hit the TV on, she never saw what she was watching, it was like when you look at your watch but still don't know what time it is. What she saw were pale blue eyes smiling at her, the feel of those strong arms holding her to either comfort or in sleep. Niki's deep melodious voice caressing her ear when she would whisper comforting things to her. She could hear her now just like all the times before telling her how much she loved her.

        "I love you Jay, did you miss me?"

        Jay couldn't remember Niki ever saying that, so it must be her imagination making it up.

        "You look like shit, and what's with the beer?"

        "Jay, I think it's time you saw a doctor, now your voices are telling you what to do outside of your head!" Jay said to herself. "I'll drink as much beer as I want thank you very much!"

        "OK, but I'm not going to hold your head while you toss your cookies."

        Jay turned her head to look over her shoulder, there before her stood 6ft of tall dark and very much alive Niki.

        "Oohh my Gods!!!" Was all she said before she passed out onto the floor.


        A warmth surrounded her; she snuggled further into it trying to pull it into her very soul. It had been a long time since she felt like this, pulling the material close to her nose she inhaled deeply. "Funny?" She thought to herself. "This smells to much like dryer sheets, I don't..." Her green eyes blinked open to see a dark blue wall in front of her. "Weird, I don't remember..." Her eyes followed up the blue to see a tanned throat then further up to pale blue eyes twinkling at her.

        "This has got to be a hallucination, you're dead!"

        "Hi Baby, miss me?"

        Jayce ran her fingers across Niki's warm moist lips.

        "Your warm and breathing!"

        "Of course I am" She chuckled at the wide green eyes. "Baby, I'm not dead nor have I ever been dead." She proved her point by capturing soft lips with her own. "I missed you so much."

        Jay pushed her down on the bed and crawled up her body to end up straddling her hips, holding both of Niki's hands in hers she glared down into blue eyes. "Your dead! I saw it on the news, they had your body on a stretcher covered with a sheet!"

        Niki arched her back, in one fluid movement she flipped them over. Leaning down she ravaged the pink lips before her, stealing all arguments from Jay about her being a ghost. She broke the kiss to nip at the soft skin of Jay's neck, pulling the flesh between her teeth she sucked until she heard Jay moan. Pulling her shirt collar down she trailed her tongue across the warm skin. Jayce whimpered beneath her, her fingers tangled in long chestnut hair. She pushed Niki away from her and took in her appearance.

        "Your hair is a different color."

        Niki ran her fingers through it and grinned at her. "I dyed it back to it's original color, I figured it was a good idea since I'm making a new start of things." She brushed her fingertips across Jays brows, pushing her hair away from sunken cheeks. "You look terrible and I know it's all my fault, I'm sorry for hurting you."

        Jay pulled her into a hug; their sobs wracked both of their bodies as they both began to cry.

        "Don't you ever do this to me again!" Jay mumbled into Niki's ear while she pummeled her back with her fists. "I've been through Hell the last couple of weeks, I wanted to die right along with you!"

        Niki whispered into her ear calming her down until she fell into an exhausted sleep. Niki followed her moments later.


        Jayce woke up with her limbs wrapped around a familiar warmth; the heartbeat beneath her ear was slow and comforting. Inhaling the soft scent of Niki brought tears to her eyes, she had thought that she had no more to cry but this proved her wrong. Leaning up on her elbow she gazed at the relaxed face before her, dark circles showed beneath Niki's eyes and her cheeks showed a hollowness never before there. Jay then knew that she was not the only one who had suffered. She wanted to do nothing more than lay here and watch Niki sleep but knew that time was short. She eased herself free of their tangled arms and legs; stripping off her clothes she dropped them on the edge of the bed. Before she stepped into the bathroom she saw Niki roll over and hug her pillow.

        She was dressed in her own clothes, granted they were a pair of worn out, faded and very torn up pair of Levi's and a thin T-shirt with the saying "The little voices told me, they don't like you. So go away!" Her hair still wet and her feet bare she sat on the bed to pull her worn out boots on. A large warm hand ran up under her shirt to caress her skin.

        Niki's sleep thickened voice reached her ears, the deepness sending a shiver through her body. "Where ya going?" Leaning back against Niki's side she wrapped one arm around her and buried her face against a warm neck. "I can't miss class, if I do the Dean is going to fire me. I wouldn't care but homeless doesn't sound like to much fun." Niki wrapped an arm around her giving her a tight hug. "OK, I'll see you later." She placed a soft kiss on Jay's forehead and let her go. "I love you Jay."

        "I love you to Niki, I'll see you later."

        After Jay left for school Niki found a piece of paper taped to the bathroom mirror, she pulled it down to read.

        From the dark of night to the light of day.
        You have always helped me to find my way.
        In the times of sorrow and the times of pain.
        You were the one who always kept me sane.
        Our paths have crossed and then come back around.
        For now I know we are destiny bound.

        You are my destiny
        I LOVE YOU

        Her students were amazed at the change in Jayce; she seemed more alive than she had been the day before. Her actions showed more energy, almost like she was before but not quite there. What really shocked them was he appearance; she looked more like one of them than a college professor.

        Jayce had her back to her class; building up her emotions for the scene from one of her own plays that she was about to tell them. She lead them into it with a deep voice, her descriptions of the tomb making them feel the cold chilling atmosphere the air held, the coldness of the concrete slab where two bodies lay covered in white gauze like material. The pain and anguish of those present to care for the deceased.

        The priest knelt before the two bodies. Filling his heart with all the love he felt for these two people, he placed his hands upon their foreheads and started a low chant. His head leaning back fell forward with the effort he put behind his words. A glowing blue light formed around them encompassing him and the two bodies, as he put more feeling into his chant the glowing became blinding. Thin streams of color came from his fingertips to circle around the bodies. A bright blast of color engulfed the tomb, and then just as suddenly it was gone leaving it dark and cold. The priest lay exhausted with his head upon the tomb. Fingers once cold with death twitched, then moved in slowness, seeking out the warmth of their missing companions. A blonde head turned to look at her soulmates face; the strong contours of her face white against the darkness around them her long black hair falling over her shoulders. Leaning up on one elbow she ran her hand across the high cheekbones of her lover. Blue eyes opened to look back at her. Green and blue orbs locked together in a binding of souls like none other witnessed before. They moved with a stiffness of unused muscles to sit upright next to each other. Looking around they had a feeling of being lost but a comfort that if they were indeed lost, at least they were together.

        "Were back." The blonde said as she looked at her lover.

        "Yeah." The stoic Warrior Princess agreed.

        "We'll be together for eternity."

        The scene faded to black as the two lovers leaned against each other holding hands.

        Turning back around to face her students she witnessed the awe in their eyes. Some tear filled others in utter amazement at the picture their professor had painted for them. The emotions she was able to weld with words. Never had they lived a story as they just had and probably never would again. Her face showed the lasting emotions of her story, an almost calmness except for her eyes. As her students got up to leave the classroom they froze when a tall woman dressed in a black leather trench coat stood in the doorway. Her pale blue eyes had a fire in them to match what they were seeing in their professors green eyes. All eyes watched as she walked down the steps towards Jay, mesmerized at the sparks shooting between the two. They heard her say. "I got your poem. For eternity." Jay and Niki came together in a deep passionate kiss, Jay pulled herself up to wrap her legs around Niki's hips, pulling their bodies as close as possible. Her students stared with mouths hanging open, they now knew the reason behind her change in mood and thought it best to give them some privacy.

        Niki walked towards the desk in the room, she turned so that she was sitting on it. Her legs were so weak she knew that if she hadn't sat down they would have fallen in a heap on the floor. Jay broke the kiss to explore the soft skin of Niki's neck, nipping the pulse point set felt a shutter pass through Niki's body, running her hand down the front of Niki's chest stopping at her firm breast. Running her palm against her nipple she felt it swell beneath her hand, becoming harder the more she rubbed it with her palm. Niki was moaning into her ear, setting her body on fire with the sound. She pulled an ear lobe into her mouth and sucked, her warm breath blowing in Niki's ear was pure torture to her.

        "Jay, Gods! If we don't stop now, I'm going to take you right on this desk."

        Jay murmured between nips of warm flesh. "So take me."

        "Not here...ooohhh my...please Jay...lets go...ooohhh Gods...home!"

        "Your no fun." She crawled off Niki slowly making sure she rubbed herself against her on her way down to the floor.

        Niki sat there gasping for air, sweat trickled down her temples. She clutched the desktop trying to gain some control.

        "You are a wicked wicked woman!"

        "I know!" Green eyes blazed with a feral passion. "Come on I have plans for you." She grabbed her by the front of her black Levi's and dragged her on rubbery legs from the room.

        "How'd you get here."

        "I walked." Now I get to stumble all the way back, she wanted to add. She groaned at the throbbing between her legs. Jay grabbed the end of her belt and worked it free so that it looked like Niki was on a leash. She pulled her all the way home that way with people giving them funny looks. Jay didn't give a damn what it looked like, she had waited to long for this woman and no one was going to stop her now.


        Jay kicked her door closed, grabbing the lapels of Niki's duster she pushed the coat back over her shoulders trapping her arms in the sleeves, walking her backwards all the way to her bedroom while pulling the buttons of her shirt off with her teeth. Niki was scared shitless, she was in desperate trouble here and it all stemmed from her over active imagination.

        "I want you to teach me every thing you know." Jay pulled her shirt and duster off in one swift movement then pushed her back onto her bed.

        "Uuhhmm Baby..." One of her nipples was taken between a pair of hot lips. "I...oohh Gods...that feels soo...good!"

        Jay unbuttoned her Levi's and pulled them down over her hips and was stunned when she found a pair of hips clad in men's briefs. "Of all the damn times for you to put on underwear!" Niki gave her a smirk as she wiggled to help Jay with her remaining clothes. "Sorry Baby, I wasn't planing on this." An eyebrow raised over green eyes. "At least not this know this morning...ohhh...." She forgot what she was going to say the minute Jay's clothes hit the floor beside hers.

        A warm wet tongue wiggled it's way between her toes then down across the arch of her foot, licking her way all the way up the inside of Niki's thigh and making a detour around the place she most wanted to feel her tongue. Her back was arched up off of the bed she gripped the sheets in her fingers, turning her knuckles white. Jay licked her way across the patch of dark curls and over to Niki's hip. She found a red line right below her hip bone, placing a soft kiss on it she looked up into half lidded blue eyes. Niki knew why she had stopped what she was doing.

        "I kinda got shot."

        Her head hit the bed when she felt Jay's tongue trace where the sutures had been. She didn't know how much more she could take from her so-called Virgin, flames were all ready licking at her throbbing center any more of this and she was lost. She wrapped Jay up with her legs, holding her where she was kneeling on the floor.

        "Hey, why'd you stop me?"

        "Baby your going to fast, we have to slow down a bit." She reached down to pull her up onto the bed beside her. Jay saw the huge dark blue bruise over Niki's heart.

        "What's this from? I didn't do it did I?"

        "No baby, that's where I took a bullet in the chest. Damn kevlar takes the bullet but you still hurt like Hell. Jay ran her fingers across the discoloration then kissed it. "Any more spots I should know about?" Niki pointed to her shoulder where the vest hadn't protected her, then the other place on her thigh.

        "How many times did you get shot?"

        "Uuuhhmm 3 times, this time anyway. I'm OK doesn't hurt anymore."

        "I'll kiss them and make them feel better."

        Jay captured Niki's lips, it started slow and gentle the progressed as a hunger engulfed them both. Teeth gnashing and biting while hands roamed over heated skin. Jay straddled Niki's hips, pushing herself against Niki's center she brought a loud moan and shutter from her lover. Niki didn't know what to do with her hands. So she opted for grabbing Jay's firm ass to pull her in closer to her center.

        Breaking away form their kiss Niki asked her. "Baby, are you sure your a Virgin?"

        "Uuhh huh." She said between kisses to Niki's upper chest. "Why?" She said as her tongue ran down between her breasts licking the salty skin. "Can't you tell?"

        "Jay, I've never done this before."

        Jay stopped what she was doing to look into scared blue eyes. "But all the story's about bars and threesomes?"

        "Uuhhmm.... Nope...fantasy.... Never went in a bar before." She gave her a lopsided grin.

        "You're a Virgin?" Green eyes looked at her with amazement then warmed to pure love. She couldn't believe that this beautiful woman was giving something so priceless to her. Tears welled in both of their eyes as they thought about the gift they would give to each other. Jay moved up Niki's body, wrapping her arms around her, she buried her face against her neck. Niki ran her fingers up and down Jay's sweat moistened back, bringing shivers across her skin. She whispered into Jay's ear.

        "You are my first and last, you own me heart and soul."

        Jay met her eyes. "I have always been yours. For eternity." She slipped her thigh between Niki's, feeling her wetness coat her skin she moaned against soft lips. Rolling her hips forward she pushed into her. Niki raised her thigh to let Jay ride against her wet skin now coated with Jay's juices. They moved slowly together, building up to the thresh hold they so desperately wanted to reach. Jay could feel Niki's body starting to tense; she slipped one hand between them and ran her fingers between silky wet folds. Finding her center she teased her opening with one fingertip. Niki was writhing beneath her. She gasped that she wanted to feel her inside of her. With her thumb she rubbed the swollen bundle of nerves and felt Niki's body jerk, as she was going over the edge Jay entered her, sending her over in an earth shattering climax. Niki screamed out her name, her arms falling to her sides as she gasped for air. Before she had settled, Jay slowly pumped her finger back and forth taking her back up. Taking one of her nipples between her lips she teased the tip with her tongue as she pushed her own center against her lovers thigh. She could feel her own climax approaching, just before she was about to go over she tipped her finger up and hit the soft area inside of Niki. They crashed screaming out each other's names.

        Niki put her fingers beneath Jay's chin, raising her face up to put a gentle kiss upon her lips. When the kiss broke. They noticed that they each had tears in their eyes. "I didn't hurt you did I?" Jay asked her lover.

        "No Baby. I love you Jay."

        "I love you to, with everything that I am."

        They cuddled together and let sleep claim them.


        Jay tried to roll over to get away from the sunlight shinning in her eyes from the window, but there was a weight holding her down in place. She moved her hand down to the weight on her stomach and felt silky hair fall through her fingers. A bright smile came to her lips as she remembered the night before. "Who would have known?" She thought to herself about her lover. She chuckled when she remembered Niki's confession to her, she was so scared herself and was surprised it see fear in her lovers eyes.

        "What's so funny?" Niki left a kiss on Jay's stomach before she moved up to snuggle against her neck.
"Oohh it's just that I was so worried last night about paling in comparison to your other lovers."

        "Uhh huh, so I had you fooled?"
        "There's no words I can think of." She squeezed her lover to her and placed a kiss on the crown of her dark head. "Niki, I want to know what happened that day of the drop off, I saw stuff on the news that day and it still hurts."

        Niki took a deep breath and let it out slowly, she knew this day would come and she was in a way looking forward to it. Once Jay knew everything, they could move on with their lives together.

        "How many hours have you got?"

        "We have the whole weekend, is it that bad?"

        "Yep, and it's long." She moved up into a sitting position next to her lover. Jay ran her fingers across the dark bruise on her chest and thanked the Gods that Niki had been wearing a vest that day.

        "It all started 6 years ago with my brother Ryan, he was an FBI agent in deep cover with the Green Dragon Mafia. He was trying to find out how they were finding out who the agents were. The FBI was loosing 3 agents a month to hits. No one in the Agency knew who he was or what he was doing there; he had never been put on the rosters as an Agent. That way the Dragons couldn't find him in the database anywhere.

        Ryan worked his way up through the ranks from just a drug dealer to being at the right hand of the bosses. He was so close to getting the leak in the Agency when something went wrong." She stopped to wipe the tears from her eyes; the pain that she had felt at the time all this happened came back to her. Jay comforted her by pulling her close to her, rocking her back and forth. "Someone from his past recognized him, it was a guy who had turned states evidence on another Mafia Don and had been put into witness protection. He came out of hiding to work for the Dragons, the minute he saw Ryan he ran to one of the bosses who went to the Green Dragon himself and told him who Ryan was.

        The Green Dragon called him into his office and confronted him about what was said. Ryan said the guy was lying and he had never had any dealings with the FBI. What Ryan didn't know was that the guy had given his real name to his boss and the Green Dragon called his contact and had him check."

        "What was his real name if it wasn't Ryan Foster? You have me all confused with these names." Jay said in a low throaty voice, her emotions were so raw from what she had thought happened to Niki and now with hearing about her brother.

        His full name was Ryan Nicholas Foster Scalani. The FBI, before the Green Dragon case knew him as Ryan Nicholas. And he was still in the computer as that. Someone forgot to take all the information out on him."

        "Oh Gods Jay! Some computer geek fucked up and your brother lost his life because of it?"

        "Not just some computer geek, the geek is my older brother Buddy."

        "The one who got us the jet?"

        "One in the same, Buddy left the FBI afterwards and disappeared for over a year before I found him."

        "I'm so sorry Niki, I didn't mean to have you bring this all up." Tears filled Jay's eyes; it hit her that for them to met 2 people had to die for it to happen. "So are you an FBI Agent?"

        "Nope, I don't work for any of the agency's officially. They paid me for my services, but that was all."

        "So what are you?"

        "Have you ever saw the movie Point of no return?"

        "Yeah, with Bridgett Fonda. Don't tell me you work for one of those agencies!"
        "No Baby, I don't work for them, I own one. Buddy does all the computer stuff and Ma is the book keeper, plus she was my point of contact."

        Jay fell over on her back and groaned, she felt like she should run out and buy a trench coat and a 357 magnum. "OK, I think I can handle that...geez I'm in love with a spy!"

Niki laid down on top of her and gave her a quick kiss. "Nope, former High Tech Investigator. I'm retired, now I'm homeless and jobless. Still love me now that I'm a bum?"

        "Let me think about that." Niki wiped the smirk off of her face with a hungry kiss.


The whole weekend was spent with them making love, in the bedroom, bathroom, kitchen, living room, Niki said no to the Hog, she was too sore to sit on it for to long. They ended up falling asleep on the couch early Sunday night after watching the 6pm News where they learned that the FBI had found the leak in there Agency and he was now being held in a Federal Prison to await charges along with numerous Politicians. Jay knew then that her father would have been one of them if he had not been murdered. Niki comforted her when she broke down. Jay said that what she was thinking was cruel but she had come to the conclusion that it was better for her father to be dead than to have to go through the trial and jail time for what he did. He would never have survived the prison sentence.


        Monday morning rolled around way to early, Jay had an early staff meeting where the Dean had an announcement to make. Jay was worried that it was to tell her she was fired and to toss her out the door. She had butterflies in her stomach; it was so bad that she couldn't eat breakfast which was a first in a very long time. Niki couldn't help but laugh when she turned green and ran for the bathroom. She waited for her outside of the bathroom door.

        "Baby are you OK?"

        "UUUUHHHH!!!!!! I'm gonna die!! This is worse than a hangover!" She was pale when she came out and fell into her lovers arms.

        "You'll be all right once you get into the meeting, if not just throw up on the Dean, tell him your sick and come home." She felt a small chuckle vibrate against her chest. "If he was going to fire you, I don't think he would call a staff meeting."

        "No, I guess your right. I gotta get going or I'm going to be running in there and making an ass out of myself." Niki gave her a soft kiss on the lips then her forehead.

        "I'll meet you for lunch, OK?"

        "OK, I love you Niki."

        "I love you to and don't worry it'll be all right."


        The Dean stood at the head of the table in the large conference room waiting for every one to get seated. He was a short round bald headed man with small round glasses perched on his nose. He had a habit of looking at people over the tops of them. He thought that it made him look intimidating but when your 5'2" How mean can you look? He pulled a pocket watch out of his vest pocket and clicked it closed after he saw that it was time for him to start the meeting.

        Walking up to the edge of the table he looked over his glasses, the professors all tried not to snicker at him. However, some failed but covered their noises by coughing, it sounded like they had the whooping cough.

        "I have a very important announcement to make, with our staff problem brought to my attention, I found that there was only one thing to do."

        Jay's heart fell to her feet, her face went pale and sweat broke out on her brow. If she had been able to move she would have run from the room. Instead she sunk further down into her chair. And thought "Here it comes!"

        "I have hired another professor to take over."

        Jay felt a darkness invading in on her vision, she was about to pass out and fall out of her chair. Then she heard him say Criminal Sciences. Her vision came back to her and so did her breathing, she hadn't noticed that she had stopped.

        "Criminal Sciences. As you know Professor Robert's has left our school to teach at the FBI Academy in Quantico Virginia. So I have Hired Professor Nikita Angelique Scalani."

        Jay did fall out of her chair at the mention of her lovers name, the professor next to her helped her up off of the floor only to grab a hold of her again when Niki came through the door in a black Italian cut suit. She looked like she had just come from a meeting with the Godfather but damn did she look hot. Crystal blue eyes caught Jay as she struggled to sit in her chair, her face a bright red from embarrassment and her jaw slack from shock.

        "Everyone this is Professor Scalani. We welcome you to our little college."

        Niki bowed her head at the rest of the staff and shocked the Hell out of Jay by thanking them with an Italian accent. She just got an evil little fantasy running her through her head involving that accent. "You are full of surprises Niki, and pay backs are a bitch!"

        Jay stood outside of the conference room waiting for the Dean to finish with her lover; the minute he walked out she jumped through the door, closed it and locked it. Advancing on her lover with flames in her eyes she came to stand toe to toe with her.

        "You...! I can't believe...Why didn't..."

        Niki dropped her head and stopped her stuttering with a deep passionate kiss.

        "Surprise Baby!"

        "You're a professor? How old are you? And the accent!?!"

        "UUhhmm 26. Baby you're not the only child prodigy ya know, and I'm from Sicily." A wicked gleam came to her eye along with a grin. "Is it so bad that you would be married to a lowly college professor?"

        "If that's your way of proposing, the answer is yes I will. But I was so set on being a Mafia wife!"

        "Destiny be damned Baby. But we can pretend I'm a God Father."

Classes were canceled that day for both English Lit and Criminal Sciences because the Professors were to busy celebrating their soon to be marriage.

The End

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