Exploring the Past

Part Two

by Ri

        I knew it was only a dream but I felt every moment of it was so real. I was 12 years old, and I was at summer camp. I was a skinny tomboy too tall for my age and too full of mischief for my own good.
I was walking with a beautiful blonde 9-year-old who was joyfully chattering away about a mystery she had just read. I was only half listening because I was concentrating on the rough climb ahead to get us back to camp. I was having her go first so I could be sure to have her in my sight constantly in case we ran into any trouble. Just a few feet from safety the rocks at the edge of the cliff we were carefully walking fell down beneath our feet on the path to the other side and my Annie was slipping. I screamed and grabbed an arm as the rocks suddenly gave way and only my arm was keeping her from lying at the bottom of the cliff. I screamed her name as tears fell from my eyes...

        I woke screaming and crying, loving arms were holding me and stroking my hair and gentle voice was soothing my soul telling me I was all right. She kept saying "I'm right here love, I'm right here."

        I blinked open my eyes and saw the concerned green ones. I hadn't had a single nightmare since we had found each other again. I was crying and sweating and I felt my heart do the mambo in my chest. Her arms tightened around me and I felt her stroking my hair and really understood all her words completely, "Its all right my love, I'm right here, you're here. Its ok, we're ok." Said Anne trying to desperately get me to focus on her and get back on the right track.

        I smiled slightly and she immediately calmed because she could see I was back. After the operation when I was a kid the nightmares came constantly. They tapered off as I grew up but I still had them on a really regular basis when any thing was worrying me they would torture me till I could figure it out. Since I met my Anne there just weren't any worries to torture me at night...till now.

        "Are you Ok?" Anne asked quietly gently moving the tangled hair out of my eyes and caressing my cheek.

        "Yeah, " I nodded leaning into the soft caress, "It was a night mare. I haven't had one in a long time. It was a bad one and I guess it really scared me."

        "You want to tell me about it?"

        I nodded and took a breath as I told her about it. I could see her mind clicking away, She was smart and creative. She really believed dreams even a bad nightmare could be used for your betterment. I knew she felt that they were tools for the inner workings of your soul. I asked shyly, "So what do you think?"

        Bright green eyes focused on me and she replied, "I remember that. You saved me, of course and we walked back the long way. You had your arm tightly around my shoulders and being very protective of my every step as we walked by the river back to camp. What I don't understand is what could possibly of triggered that memory."

        I shook my head in confusion, "I have no idea, " I replied tiredly putting my head on her comforting soft shoulder. She brought me even closer and embraced me kissing the crown of my head gently.

        "Do you want to go back to sleep?"

        "No, Please lets just cuddle in for a little while."

        She smiled and kissed me. We cuddled for some time I'm really not sure how long. I guess I fell asleep because when I woke up I was alone in our tent. I sat up quickly and looked around anxiously. All Anne's stuff was here but she wasn't. Now scared I got up and was about to tear the camp apart looking for her when she calmly walked in carrying a tray.

        To say I was relieved would be an understatement. The nightmare had left me quite shaken and I was in the protective mode for my Anne.

        "What's wrong?" She asked as put the tray on the table. It was filled with food and two covered mugs with what I thought was hot coffee.

        "That dream has me spooked, I thought you were kidnapped or something..."

        "Oh Dina I'm so sorry, I just wanted to get breakfast. Your so tired and even in your sleep you were restless..."

        "Did you stay up all night?"

        She looked sheepish and her eyes went right to the floor. I was across that floor in seconds engulfing her in my arms,"Oh my love, you didn't?"

        She nodded still not looking at me. I moved so she had no choice but to look straight into my eyes, "That was very sweet, silly but sweet. Now were both exhausted who will run the site today?"

        "Dominic, I already told him unless he found something of signigance not to bother you. Then I got you a special treat, taste." She said holding a mug to my lips. I sipped the liquid with out looking at it and my eyes opened wide at the sweet ambrosia that was is in the mug. "That's hot chocolate..."

        "Powdered but yep..."Said Anne with a huge grin as she was kissed with gratitude.

        "You are way too good to me...."

        "Not good enough. I love you and you deserve the best..."

        "You are the best, " I said looking shyly down into the darkening green eyes, "I love you too. So much I can't even tell you. Thank you for taking such good care of me," I sat down on a chair and indicated she should sit on my lap. She complied and we happily ate our breakfast feeding each other from that position. Then we walked to our bed and tried to catch up on our sleep

                ***                ***                ***                ***

        Several hours later there was a discreet knock on the pole outside our tent. We were both still in bed but I just woke up naturally a few minutes before. My body had enough sleep and I was cuddling my love when I heard it. I wiggled out of Anne's protective arms and put on a robe. I peeked out the window of the flap on our tent and saw Dominic smiling at me. He held up a magazine and winked. I opened the flap and took it from his out stretched hand and smiled back. His face was just one big smile as he turned to leave me again.

        I returned the writer that I loved with a huge grin and jumped on the bed. She stirred slowly saying, "What are you up too?"

        I put the magazine in front of her and nudged her over so I could cuddle under the covers with her and replied, "Your in print, oh great bard."

        She threw a pillow at me that I ducked. She laughed and grabbed the magazine gently hitting me in the stomach with it. I laughed as she opened the magazine, flipping through the pages to find her article. I put my arm around her shoulders resting her head on my chest and I rested mine on top of hers.
She found the page and said in an excited voice, "Here it is!"

        I traced her name gently and said, "It looks really good like that."

        She rested the magazine open on the bed in front of us and pulled me closer to her, "Thanks Boss," She whispered cuddling her cheek next to mine.

        "Your welcome, Hotstuff," I kissed her gently and she quickly responded deepening our kiss.. Slowly the robe was taken off my shoulders by the busy hands of my bard. Anne was still undressed and her body was on top of mine moving in perfect harmony with my own. Soon the magazine was on the floor with my robe we had other things on out minds.

        ***                ***                ***                ***

        We were working on the east side of the wall at the out most part of our site. I was measuring and Anne was sitting on the wall taking notes.

        Suddenly there was a commotion in the compound and sound of bullets was heard, I got up and ran toward the commotion. Just as I reached the first wounded worker I heard a scream and twirled to find my Anne gone...

        "Anne!!! Annie!!!!" I screamed as I watched a woman with a gun to her head in a jeep careening away.


Part Three

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