Exploring the Past

Part Six (conclusion)

by Ri


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We were hiding out at Dominic's. There were three things I needed badly to do. The first was to take a shower. The second was to get something to eat and the third was to thank my Anny properly.

        I just got out of the shower and I was in my own comfortable robe and slippers that Anne had thoughtfully packed before she left our tent to stay with our trusted friend. I walked up to the bed where Anne was fast asleep. I tucked her in and kissed her forehead. I shook my head as I realized she hadn't slept at all during the time I was kidnapped. I sat on the edge of our bed as I studied the face of the beauty who was the most important person in my life. I sighed quietly and shook my head again.

        “I can hear your brain rattling around in there, “ Said a sleepy voice, I smiled down into pretty green eyes.

        “Shhh, go back to sleep.”

        “Aren't you going to go to sleep too?” She asked trying to sit up.

        “No, not now. I'm going to go down stairs and raid Dominic's icebox.”

        “I'll come with you.”

        “No, I don't think you could make it down the hall let alone down the stairs. Your way too tired, go back to sleep.” I whispered, gently pushing her back down into the soft pillows behind her.


        “I'll tell you what, I'll go make a sandwich and come back here to eat it, Deal?”

        Anne smiled sleepily and cuddled against her pillow as she drifted off with an almost inaudible, “Deal.” Floating out of her tired lips.

        I smiled at her and kissed her forehead gently. “Now sleep while go get my food.”

        I got up and heard a muttered, “Hurry.”

        “I will.” I replied quietly as I got up and went left the room quietly.

        ***                ***                ***                ***

        I came back to the sound of gentle snoring. I sat on my side of the bed, putting my plate on the bedside table. I took a bite out of one my sandwiches. It was my favorite comfort food a peanut butter and jelly sandwich with chocolate milk. I'll have to remember to thank Dominic for getting that. It made me feel good just tasting the combination of it. I could feel the rich taste of peanut butter on the roof of my mouth as I reflected on the initial meeting with Paula. Then I sat up straight in bed as I realized something and nearly spit out the milk I had in my mouth.

        “What's wrong?” I heard the sleepy voice beside me say quietly.

        I looked into green eyes as she scooted herself up against the pillows. I put down my glass and helped her into the sitting position. Then when she was all settled I said very upset, “How the hell did Paula know that I was going to be wired? She went right for where the police put it on me. Why couldn't the police follow someone of my height being dragged knocked out cold out, of the warehouse? I'm pretty sure it's not Alfred but I'm damn sure some one on his staff was paid off.”

        Anne nodded, “I know. I was going to talk to you about it in the morning after you got some sleep. That's why I went to Dominic I knew I could trust him completely.”

        “You're a genius!” I yelled and then kissed her deeply till she fell back on the pillows and moaned. Anne had a dreamy look on her face when we parted. I caressed her cheek and kissed her neck working my way down to her breast when little hands stopped my progress. Panting she said, “Wait…love…who…”

        I looked up with a look of need, she smiled and said, “Don't worry we'll finish what you started. You and I need to figure this out first. Besides I thought you were starved…”

        “I am but my appetite suddenly changed to another taste sensation…”I murmured as I nuzzled the breast beneath me.

        Anne wiggled and moaned from what I was doing to her breast. I kissed the nipple then I slowly began to suckle it. I was woozy myself from the sensation and taste of my love as I continued to make love to her. Her hands now pushed me down toward her apex and I smiled as I kissed my way south to heaven. As I pleasured my love I felt myself build up till we both screamed in ecstasy and fell over the edge together.

        After she recovered sufficiently she pulled me up to her and whispered in my ear, “That's not exactly what I said…”

        “I know, I couldn't stop I needed to love you.” I replied as I kissed her tenderly and held her close.

        Anne returned the embrace relishing having me with her and safe. We hugged tightly and I looked into sparkling eyes as I caressed her cheek and neck. Anne took my hand brought the fingers to her lips and lovingly kissed each finger of my hand. She brought her head down to my breasts and used one as a pillow. “I needed you to love me too, Dina. I'm so relieved your with me and I can hold you and love you. Um, Do you want….”

        “Not now, later…I'm pretty satisfied with what we just did. I just want to cuddle and hold you in my arms and smell your wonderful scent. I love you.”

        “I love you too.”

        We cuddled for a few minutes and then Anne then looked up at me and asked, “Can we discuss our problem now?”

        “You are something else, do you know that?” I asked as I kissed the top of her head and nuzzled her soft hair.

        “So what do you think?”

        I looked down into beautiful green eyes and kissed her nose that was now right next to my mouth as she crawled up my body so she could talk to me.

        “Well I really don't think its Alfred, my instincts are usually pretty good. His two assistants are kind of low profile though. I guess we'll have to check them out.”


        “I'm not sure. I guess we need to see if we can talk to Alfred privately.”


        I shrugged and then stretched out my hand so I could have a sip of my milk. Then I put it down and I found concerned green eyes studying me.

        “Still hungry, Sweetie?”

        I nodded. Suddenly I felt myself being pulled back against the headboard. I then in return helped my little one to comfortable position against my side. She then pointed to the dish and said, “Now eat.”

        I smiled and saluted her, “Yes Ma'am.”

        I picked up the plate and held it out toward her, “Share?”

        She smirked and nodded her head as she took half a sandwich. We both took a big huge bite enjoying the taste and being together.

        ***                ***                ***                ***

        Alfred was pacing in Dominic's living room. Dominic had summoned him under mysterious circumstances and when he arrived the older man was very careful making sure that he was alone. He also questioned him to make sure no one else was coming later.

        “Dominic would you please tell me what your being so damn mysterious about. You frisked me and questioned me making sure I was alone so now that you know I kept my promise would you please spill it? I think I am entitled to some answers don't you?”

        “So do I.” I said coming out of my hiding place in the kitchen.

         “Dina! How? Oh Thank God!…But how…?”

        Anne gently put a hand on his arm and escorted him to the sofa saying, “Shhh, Alfred just sit down. I'll explain.”

        Alfred looked like he was going to explode, but one thing about Anny is she can smooth talk anyone. I should know, she's always been able to calm me down. And my temper was legendary.

        Alfred met my eyes and said, “I am so happy your ok but I don't understand…”

        Anne sat down next to him and I sat down in a chair close by while Dominic went outside to keep watch in case Alfred was being followed with out his knowledge. We were being cautious but it was with good reason Paula wasn't through with us.

        “It occurred to me that Paula found out about our plans too easily. How could your men loose someone dragging Dina out of the warehouse? She's so tall it would be hard to hide that. I figured one or two of your men must have been paid off. So I rescued Dina with the help of Dominic and the Internet…”

        “Paid off!?! Those Bastards!!!!” Alfred bursted up out of his seat and was heading out the door like he was about to go after them. I went after him grabbed him by the arm and held him steady.

        “Stop Alfred…I have a much better idea,” I said softly with a wicked gleam in my eyes.

        “Oh?” He said stopping and looking at me. He lifted his eyebrows and looked confused.

        “Yeah, we're going to set up all the rats at the same time. None of us will even have to be there.”


        “You leak some very specific info to the two pieces of crap we suspect of being paid off by the Bitch and then assign them to get her.”

        “But how will that help if they are all working together?”

        “How does the militia sound? We will be working with them in a nice hiding spot and then when all the little rats meet to make their rotten plans we…”


        I looked over at Anne with a wicked smile she shook her head and winked at me.

        ****                ****                ****                ****

        Paula and her men arrived at the secret meeting with her police informants in a black sedan. She got out of the car like she was the Queen of Sheba. She was dressed all in black leather and from our vantage point I looked down at Anne and commented, “ Do you think she is confusing this meet with her leather club?”

        Anne laughed putting her arms around me she replied, “ I wonder if she has a whip with her?”

        “As long as she doesn't have a gun,” Said Alfred from behind us.

        “I don't think she does but her boys probably do and so will your traitors. That's why we have the militia here, are they all set?” I asked quietly as I massaged Anne's tight shoulders.

        Anne smiled up at me and then turned leaning against me.

        Alfred nodded and pointed to the hiding places. As we looked out suddenly headlights appeared and sure enough the two stoolies arrived via an old police cruiser. They approached each other in a friendly manner then suddenly a loud argument broke out between the parties.

        “Gee, I guess the Bitch forgot the money she promised them, huh?” I said in an innocent voice.

        “Particularly since she had no idea that she was suppose to bring it,” Anne said laughing and nuzzling me against my chest.

        Alfred was talking into his walkie-talkie and suddenly the troops descended on the arguing group. Paula was fighting of three men like a wild cat but the head of the militia hit her with a tazer beam and she gave up quickly after that.

        When all was said and done we came out of our hiding place to survey the militia's and Alfred's catch of the day. I walked up to Paula purring like a kitten who finally got the catnip she was craving for such a long time.

        “Well, well, well. Would you like me to call your girlfriend and cancel the whips and chains for tonight?”

        She growled at me and tried to break out of the two men's hands that had her in steady grip. She tried to pull her hand free to slug me but one of the guys caught her hand and cuffed her hands throwing her roughly into the waiting car.

        “Alfred what is the penalty for murder in this country?” Asked Anne. She was holding my hand tightly a little worried about what I might to do the bimbo in custody.

        “Death. They are all going to stand trial for conspiracy too, which is also the death penalty. Those two men will have a militia trial instead of a civilian one like the others. They will have an even worse fate, They will face death by firing squad.” He suddenly looked at me sheepishly. “Dina I didn't…I am so sorry…”

        I held out my free hand and shook his hand with a smile, “Shh, It wasn't your fault. How could you have known that those men were on the take? I'm just glad we got all of them especially Paula.”

        “So am I,” He said as he brushed his hand against my arm in friendly way. “You two are going to finish your project still aren't you?”

        “Of course,” Answered Anne.

        “Yes, Anne won't hear of going home till it's complete.”

        “I'm very glad. So will the Minister of Antiquities. Thank you Dina.”

        Now I looked sheepish and hid my face in Anne's hair as I blushed.

        He smiled and shook his head. He held out his arms and said, “May I?” We both returned the bear hugs that he gave us.

        “Bye my friends,” He said with a bow and left to follow the militia to settle the civil prisoners to await trial.

        “He's a nice man,” Said Anne as we walked to our car.

        “Yeah he is. So little one are you ready to go back to work?”

        “Yep, Can't wait. I do have one task to perform before we start though.”

        “Oh, What?”

        “I need to reciprocate the thank you that you gave me last night.”


        “No arguments…”

        “I wouldn't argue with my hero, I assure you.”

        “What hero?”

        “You.” I said with large grin as I opened her door.

        She looked up at me, “Me?”

        “Yes love, your my hero.”

        Anne blushed as she sat down and I closed the door. I walked to the driver's side and got in. She looked at me through her lashes and said, “Well I guess that's fair since your mine.”

        I leaned over and kissed her passionately. I then cupped her cheeks and said sincerely, “Thank you.”

        I straightened up and started the car and hurried home we had a lot of celebrating to do and I didn't want to waste a minute of it.

The End

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