Extended Family

Part 2

by Ri

        Diana was in a middle of a plowed field beside Julie's Rolls Royce pacing nervously and looking up at the blue sky every couple of minute in agitation. Pete leaned against the car calmly watching his friend pace back and forth.

        "Diana calm down she's only been up there ten minutes and she's not alone," He called out to his nervous friend.

        Diana stopped and walked over to Pete nodding in agreement. "I know that. I just...Pete there are so many things that could go wrong. I can't loose her," She replied in a barely audible whisper he could see the tears form in her eyes.

        "Come on Diana, Julie is a lucky kid. Everything will be OK..."

        He was interrupted by the buzz of the biplane, as it landed perfectly not a 100 feet away from them. A relieved blonde ran to the student getting out of the back the plane.

        "Good job, Jules," Said the flight instructor with a wink and charming smile.

        "Thanks Boss," Said Julie her eyes sparkling with excitement. Suddenly the weight of a beloved body was hurled against her, small strong arms wrapped around her middle holding her close. Julie brought her love even closer to her lifting her so that they could kiss gently. She pulled back and rubbed her back saying, "It was a piece of cake, Squirt."

        The flight instructor took off her helmet to display a cascade of blonde curls, She smiled at the small woman, "She was great, Kiddo. No worries." Her Australian accent coming out a little stronger then normal to catch the worried woman's attention.

        Green eyes flicked from excited blue to calm brown and she shook her head, "Sorry, you two. I will not stop worrying. I know, Jules is a natural and she is very competent, but...I worry ok?"She said exasperated with herself that she couldn't seem to explain her fears.

        Julie just embraced her closer and kissed the crown of her head. She couldn't understand her excessive worry. This was her third flight and she was doing really well according to Irene her flight instructor. It was dream come true, She really wanted her partner to enjoy it too.

        "Honey, I'm fine. Please try not to worry so, Irene says I'm a natural at this. And Sweetheart, I love it! When I get my license I want you to come up with me! Wait till you see...."She felt Diana stiffen up, "Diana, really its safe as houses up there."

        Diana pulled back and looked at excited blue eyes that were pleading with hers to join her, She caressed Julie's cheek and said quietly, "Houses are on the ground."

        "Please, Please, Please let me take you up?" She pleaded adding her lopsided grin and puppy dog eyes that she knew would get to her beloved, it always did.

        Diana shook her head and laughed at her loves obvious tactics, "OK, Sweetheart when you get certified I'll go up with you. But if you get us killed I'll never speak to you again." The small woman was swept up in the strong woman's arms and swung around in circles much to the amusement of the two people standing by the car laughing at their friend's antics.

        ***                ***                ***                ****                ***

        "Do you think Auntie is having fun with her grandson?"

        A huge smile was the reaction of the now relaxed blonde in the back of the rolls. Julie was beside her love having allowed Pete the honor of driving her baby. She wanted to sit and cuddle in the back since Diana was so upset. "Of course she is Sweetheart, Mamma couldn't wait for us to leave she loves having Sean all to herself."

        "Yep, The little ruffian has her wrapped around his cute little finger."

        "So why should she be any different? Jules our baby has us all wrapped around his cute little finger, doesn't he? And guess who is wrapped tightest?" She asked her love with a huge grin.

        Julie laughed and kissed her love, then she replied, "Yes, your right we all are his to do with as he will. Its easy to fall victim to him he's such a perfect kid. "There was proud lilt to her voice as she voiced this to Diana.

        Diana caressed Julie's cheek and said softly, "You know as well as I do, Love there is no such thing as a perfect kid."

        Julie brought Diana even closer and kissed her deeply then when she pulled back she replied quietly, "Why the hell not my love, you were."

        "Was not."

        "Was too"

        "Was not"

        "Hey, do I have to come back there children?" Asked an amused Pete from the front of the car.

        "OOPS, Forgot you were there, Pete." Said Julie chuckling holding her love within the circle of her arms. They were headed for the studio because Julie had a photo shoot to start the publicity on her new film. "Jules, I do need to talk to you about something but I really don't want to..."

        "Oh what?" She asked between nibbles on Diana's ear.

        "Um...A certain publisher is sniffing around us again."

        That stopped all play in the back seat, two heads popped up with sudden interest. "Your kidding?" Said Julie holding a now intense Diana close to her, "It's been seven months for God's sake."

        "Yeah, well your back home and your about to make a picture. The Bastard has excellent timing."

        "What are we going to do?" Asked a very nervous Diana.

        "Stop him," Said an angry Julie. If looks could kill the cool anger in her icy blue eyes would have killed Kane right then and there.

        ***                ***                ***                ****

        Julie was fidgeting in the make up chair waiting for the make up artist to finish up. She wanted to get the photo shoot over with she now had far more important things to deal with.

        God, I hate this thick crap they smear all over my face. It takes twice as long to take the glop off. I need to get this nonsense over with so I can get cracking on protecting my family, She thought anxiously to her self as she met the eyes of an understanding but impatient make artist.

        "Julie if you would sit still I'd get done a hell of lot quicker," Said the handsome man with a sweet smile. He was trying to get the make up finished seeing that beautiful face in front of him was anxious to get it over with. He was an old friend of Julie's from her modeling days and he knew her moods very well.

        "Louie, I am sorry. My mind is on other things I'll try to sit still for you."

        "Its all right, sexy. Just hold still for a minute I'm almost done," He assured his old friend with a wink and another smile.


        Diana came in and smiled at the older man asking quietly, "Almost done, Louie?"

        "Yes, my sweet. Miss fidget is now done." He said gesturing toward Julie with a flourish. Then he bowed toward Julie, winked at Diana and left with a smirk.

        "He is so sweet." Said Diana affectionately.

        "Yep, He is. Patient too. He's known me too long and just ignores my fidgets. I don't think I sat still for more then a minute the whole time."

        Diana smiled up at Julie her nose scrunched, "You are so cute. I'd kiss you if you didn't have all that goop on."

        Julie smirked and caressed Diana's cheek, "We'll save that for later. We need to discuss Kane."

        "I know...Will he try to get our baby?"

        "I won't give him a chance to get that far, Sweetheart. Sean is my heart as much as you are. He would kill us if he got him. No, I will not allow him to get near our son." Julie was now pacing in the make up trailer like a caged panther. She looked liked the lethal Julie of long ago. Except of course the make up bib was still around the beauty's neck making her look like a big angry baby. The amusement in Diana's eyes puzzled Julie, "What?"

        "You look so cute with that bib on."

        Julie rolled her eyes and tugged it off in one easy well-practiced motion., "Diana, "She sat down in a chair by the make up table and gestured toward the other one, "Sit down young lady."

        Diana smiled and sat down obediently in the indicated chair, "OK boss, serious time. What are we going to do?"

        Julie looked into the beautiful green eyes she loved so and said quietly, "Like I said in the car, stop him."


        "Well first we need to see if we can reason with this ass hole. If not then we'll need to get some help from some low places..."

        "Not Mickey again?" Diana looked worried.

        Julie raised her hand to stop that thought, "No, I'd only use him as a last resort. I really don't want to owe him anything. I just...I need to find the best means to protect us. If it turns out to be Mickey, then we will ask for some help..."

        "What do you mean owe him?" Diana asked with big frightened eyes.

        "Damn this make up, "Said Julie as she got up and embraced her love with in the protection of her arms "Don't be frightened love. I will try to figure out a way that won't include the big guy, OK? I only consider him back up. I think after we do this shoot we will go to see Pete. He can be very sneaky and creative. Maybe he can come up with some less desperate ideas...OK sweet heart? "Julie asked tilting the blondes head up gently.

        Diana nodded her head and there were tears in her eyes but there was determination as well. Julie smiled and said "Damn I wish I could kiss you. Let's go get this damn thing over with." Julie got up and held out her hand and led Diana to the Photo studio. Both minds desperately trying to figure out how to beat Kane at his own game.

                ***                ***                ***                ***

        Pete, Julie and Diana were in Pete's huge office in movie studio. Julie was pacing like a caged tiger as Pete watched her like a tennis game. Diana was sitting in a guest chair wracking her brains for an alternative to getting help from Mickey.

        "What are his weaknesses Pete?" Asked the tall woman as she passed the man for the fifth time.

        "Julie do you think you could sit, Please I feel like I'm being held captive at a tennis match?"

        Julie growled but then she plopped into a guest chair next to Diana. Diana reached over and took an elegant hand into her own and smiled at her glowering love.

        Julie actually blushed at the affection and love that were reflected in her love's eyes. She gently raised the little hand to her lips and kissed the palm of her hand. She then raised her head and met concerned green eyes. "I'm OK love."

        Diana nodded and her smile broadened. Julie kept the precious hand in her own on her lap and looked at Pete who had a sweet paternal expression on his face. She raised an eyebrow and asked calmly. "Weakness? I'm sitting now."

        Pete nodded, "His weaknesses are money ,art and woman. He likes to collect beautiful things. Especially if they are hard to get."

        Diana's eyes lit up and she said full of enthusiasm, "Like Julie?"

        Julie turned toward her mate and smirked, "Oh you are just too good, My sweet."

        Diana's eyes twinkled and she winked at the older woman.

        Julie shook her head and said, "So we set the ass hole up but how?" Julie asked getting right to the heart of the problem.

        "Sorry you too have completely lost me so please enlighten me?"

        Julie rolled her eyes and said, "Geez, Pete listen to what you just said. The man's obsessed with collecting beauty. So we intend to set him up. He'll think he's getting one thing but he'll get something completely different. He is married right?"

        "Yes and he has a mistress."

        Julie's eyes now sparkled with delight, "Wonderful, Perfect."

        "What is the setup? What's he going to end up with?"


        "Well what is it he is going to think he is going to get?"

        "Me," Replied Julie as her eyes met Diana's in mutual understanding.

        "Mr. Kane has no idea what he's open himself up for, " Said Diana with a knowing smirk.

        "Squirt, you read me too damn well," Said Julie highly amused by Diana's expression.

        "Jules, I've had a life time of practice."

        "True, come here you," Said Julie as she pulled the smaller woman into her lap and kissed her deeply and passionately. Pete suddenly felt the need to leave his office. He knew that things were going to be hot very soon and he wasn't welcome right now.

To Be Continued...

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