Family Affair

part 10

by Ri

The phone rang and Julie sleepily answered it. Her arms were around Diana and the phone was on the blonde's side of the bed so she brought the smaller woman closer to her as she answered the ringing instrument. A contented sigh was heard from Diana and Julie smiled very quietly saying, "Hello?"

"Julie, weíve got problems," Peteís voice was so loud that Diana was beginning to stir.

"Shh, its ok. Go back to sleep."She whispered soothingly. Then she disentangled herself and got out of bed to speak with her agitated sounding friend. "Bring your God damned voice down, Pete. Its 6am." Julie said into the phone in a low growl. She slipped into her robe and walked to the other side of the room angrily pulling on the long cord.

"Well call me back, Jules. Because after I tell you what I need to you may wake up the house yourself."

Julie looked at the phone and then Diana and whispered, "Ok, Iíll call you back from my office." She hung up the phone quietly went out shutting the door behind her and went to the office down the hall. It was a small room meant to be a bedroom that she kept her modeling and acting files in. She picked up the black phone and called her producer.

"Well?" Julie asked comfortably seated.

"You know who Kaines is of course?"

"Yeah, whats that got to do with....Oh is there a story about me in one of his rags?"

"One thing I love about you Jules is that I never have to explain anything to you. Yep, you got it in one. You're going to be as mad as flap jack so I hope you're sitting down."

"I am. What?" Julieís face was now intense and she was fidgeting with the cord of the phone.

"Heís got a series of pictures of you and Diana in Malibu hugging and a kiss. He hasnít published them yet....he ....uh.....wants you to do some films for him in exchange for the negatives....Julie...Jules, are you there?" He expected to hear screaming and ranting from his friend. All he heard was silence and frankly that scared him. Little did he know that at the moment the rage coursing through her was numbing any movement that she could be making. She had an intense desire to pull the cord out of the wall and strangle Kaines with it. Some sense was still there because only a second later she relized just how stupid that would be.

"Iím here, Pete. " Her voice was deceptively calm but the anger was obvious to her friend just by how intensely she uttered each syllable of every word. "So Thomas Ronald Kaines is blackmailing me? This must be my season for it, huh? First that ass hole in L.A. now the bigger one in San Francisco. I really need to think this through Pete, can I call you back?"

"Sure, take your time kid."

"Thanks, Iíll call you later today with my answer. I need to calm down and then I want to talk to Diana." She knew her anger was at a high pitch and she really couldnít be rational much longer. "Bye Pete."

"Bye Jules, call me." He replied quietly and hung up.

She stared at the phone for a full minute then quietly hung up. She started to pace in the office, "I need to....Oh I know." She quickly went back to her room and quietly changed into her sweats. Then she bent down to make sure Diana was still asleep, kissed her gently and briskly went to the living room.

By the time Diana entered the living room two hours later Julie was sitting cross legged in the lotus position meditating.


Blue eyes popped open and a sweet smile appeared on Julie's exhausted face. "Good Morning, Darling! Did you sleep well?"

"Yes, My love." Said Diana with an answering smile she sat down next to her and claimed a kiss. Despite how calm Julie looked, Diana could feel the waves of tension radiating from the older woman. "What's wrong?" She asked simply.

Julieís smile broadened, "Even a two hour work out and meditation couldnít fool you, huh Squirt?"

The blonded shook her head no. Julie laughed and hugged her. She gently put her head against the comforting shoulder took a deep breath, saying " Well you're right of course. Iím being black-mailed again. This time its one of the most powerful men in America and...I may have to give in to his demands." She said unhappily snuggling deeper into Dianaís comforting arms.

"Is it about us?" Diana asked kissing the top of Julie's head and stroking her hair gently.

Julie nodded her head against the shoulder then lifted her head to meet loving warm green eyes. "Yes, Iím sorry, My love. Some ass hole photographer took our pictures in Malibu and Now Thomas Ronald Kaines is threatening me with exposure if I donít work for his God damned film company...Iím so sorry, Squirt."

"Oh Jules, what on earth are you sorry for? This man has no morals. It has nothing to do with you and everything to do with his lack of character. I have heard of him. He is very powerful. At the studio there was a rumor that he literally got away with murder."

"Yea, I know." Julie took a deep breath as she brought her forehead against Dianaís, " Now I will have to work for the piece of slime...Damn!"

* * * * *

Diana was sitting next to her mother in the living room staring at the radio. They were listening to live broadcast of the Scopes trial. Julie was at Peteís office discussing her descion on the Kaines issue. Julie wanted to meet with manipulative man face to face. Its harder to order Julie around when you were confronted by her powerful presence.

Diana was restless as she listened to the commentary. She was interested in the outcome hoping the teacher would not be sent to jail by teaching the theoryof evolution. She was amazed by the whole debate that ideas that differed like creation and evolution should lead to a trial. But she couldnít focus on the words as she fidgeted with sewing basket in front of her. She was so worried about Julie that she didnít hear the door open.

Julie quietly entered and saw her love fidgeting with a sock and needle. The two were not making contact and Julie knew it wasnít the famous trial on the radio that was agitating the beautiful blonde.

"Doesnít the needle have to go into the sock for it to do any good, Squirt?"

Diana head snapped up and she dropped everything and rushed into Julieís open arms. "Is everything ok?"

"Ok, no. I do have a wire saying I can have a meeting with the old bastard on Friday though. Pete says he has a few ideas and so do I, so between us maybe we can work it out." She hugged Diana and gave her a gentle kiss. "God, I missed you."

Christine felt uncomfortable and turned off the radio saying, " I better see to dinner..."

"Sorry Auntie, we got carried away. Donít cook we're going out tonight. So go put on your prettiest dress we're going to a real hot spot."

Diana looked very excited but Christine looked unhappy, "Jules, you know I donít socialize well...."

"Well Auntie, I understand your hesitation but I think youíll want to come to this place."

"Another speak-easy?" Dianaís mother was not thrilled and Julie could see it.

"No Auntie, The cotton club."

* * * * *

Diana and Julie were in their bedroom and were already changed into their evening clothes. Julie smiled at how Diana looked. It took a hell of lot convincing to get the blonde to accept a Scapparelli original but she looked delicious in it. It was an emerald green bask with matching fringe that reached just below the knee. It gave a nice flick of leg everytime she moved. On her head was a matching head band and around her neck she wore a simple string of pearls that Julie had given her for her birthday. Whether Diana liked it or not she made a drop dead gorgeous modern.

Diana had just finished brushing her hair around the headband when she caught Julieís reflection in the mirror. She was wearing a Scapparelli black beaded dress that was all cleavage and legs and left little to the imagination. She wore a diamond head band on her bobbed raven black hair and a matching necklace. She looked stunning and sexy. Her sky blue eyes glowed with love for Diana and if the petite blonde wasnít already in love with her she would of fallen in love at that instant.

"My God, you look beautiful." She said to the reflection. Julie had briskly moved to her and embraced her from behind bringing her as close to her body as she could, "You took the words out of my mouth, My love." She whispered into her ear as she nibbled the lobe gently. Her eyes came back up and they stared deeply through the reflection in the mirror in each other's eyes till the spell was broken by a knock on the door.

"Are you girls ready yet?" Christine called from the hallway.

They smiled at each other knowing that they would develop this later as Julie replied a little hoarsely, "Coming Auntie."

* * * * *

The Cotton Club was in Harlem. Julie drove her family to the front entranc,e meeting Pete and several hangers on. She despised the groupies that followed her. She preferred just seeing the famous club with her family and maybe just Pete. But, she was moviestar now and an entourage was expected so she put up with it. As they entered the club all heads turned and she felt a small hand grab the fringe at the back of her dress in fear. "Take my hand, Squirt. Its ok." she whispered to her frightened love.

Pete heard and nodded to Julie that he would block the view of theyíre hands from prying eyes. They quietly moved to a large table reserved for them the last performer had left the stage and in the silence all eyes turned toward the moviestar and her party.

After they were all comfortably seated, Julie held Dianaís hand under the table. With her other arm she leaned on her elbow across the table to get closer to Pete and asked with a penetrating look, "So when is the meet with Kaines?"

"His train arrives on Friday and we meet then. Uh...Julie do you think this is a good idea?"


He chuckled as looked at the confident woman in front of him and then turned his attention to Diana. "I miss you, Diana. And my files are a mess....Uh Jules..." Julie laughed and looked at her love, "Its completely up to Squirt, Pete. If she wants to thats fine with me."

Diana looked with great affection toward Pete and smiled as she answered the hopeful looking man, "Iíll fix them Pete. I you too. Iíd like to catch up with all my old friends while Julie is busy...I..." She felt Julie squeeze the hand she still held and knew it was alright with out looking to the older woman for approval.

"Great, thanks Diana !! You're the best!!!" Said one very pleased producer.

"Yes she is," Said Julie with sparkling eyes and a devoted look toward her soul mate. Diana eyes met Julies and for a moment they were suspended in time. Very quietly a voice broke the spell. It was Dianaís mother speaking to Pete. "Any word on my husband?"

"No, Iím sorry not yet. The policemen are here in the club and theyíre following you arenít they?" Pete asked Christine his voice full of concern.

"Of course, There are two of them. They followed my rolls, theyíre right over there. By the way when Diana starts going out to help you she will need a policeman with her..." Julie stated matter of factly but she was gently rubbing the palm of Dianaís hand in comfort.

"All ready taken care of Jules," Said Pete with a proud smile.

"Good boy. I like it when people think ahead. " She said to Pete with respect and affection evident in her voice. Two men approached the table and Julieís head snapped up and her body bristled with tension till she recognized them. Just as suddenly she relaxed and a bright smile replaced the stoic mask.

Dianaís eyes widened as she too recognized the two legends approaching their table.

"Julie, Pete, welcome to the Cotton Club." Said the larger of the to two men.

"Thanks Babe. Diana, Auntie, Iíd like you to meet two of the best baseball players in history, Babe Ruth and Lou Gehrig. Boys, this is my God Mother Christine and my best friend Diana." Julie said with excitement evident in her voice. During the introductions the grip on her hand tightened almost painfully under the table.

She looked into frightened eyes and she smiled at Diana sweetly and winked. "Boys, my best friend is a little shy but she is a huge fan of the Yankees and I know she would be thrilled if you would give her an autograph. Auntie, would you like one too?" Julie asked her Godmother with a playful grin. Christine nodded mutely astonished that her God Daughter knew these famous men. The two men smiled sweetly to the shy woman with their friend and signed a napkin personally to each of them. Then Lou Gehrig winked at Julie, and said lightly,

"See ya, Kid."

"See you," Julie replied with a return wink as her two friends went to mingle about the famous club. After the two legends left she looked at Diana and asked with concern, "Are you ok?"

Diana nodded and said very quietly, "You know Babe Ruth and Lou Gehrig?"

Julie smiled and with her other hand caressed a thigh, "Yes."

"Why didnít you ever tell me?í

"Well Squirt, it never came up in conversation, did it?"

That broke Diana out of her trance she loosened the grip under the table and with the other hand she lightly slapped Julieís shoulder. "Oh you!"

Julie laughed and so did everyone at their table. Diana grinned and asked, "How did you meet them?"

"Oh at a party at the Plaza. Theyíre nice boys. Babe has a big mouth but under it heís very sweet and Lou is a doll."

Diana simply shook her head in wonder.

* * * * *

As they drove home from the night club Christine fell asleep in the back of the car.

"I wish we could of danced." Said Diana dreamily her eyes closed, leaning her head on Julieís shoulder.

"We can when we get home."

"Thatís sweet. Itís just not the same feeling. Its too bad there is no where to go out together and dance."

Julie frowned and then a light bulb went on in her brain and it reflected in the smile that found its way onto her pretty face. "After we drop your Mom off we are going back out."

Dianaís eyes snapped open, "We are? Where are we going?"

"Youíll see."

* * * * *

The Speak-easy was on 34th street near the theater district. It looked like all the others that Julie had taken Diana to until the young woman realized there was not a single man in the place.

"I ...I didnít know places like this existed."

Julie smiled, "Few people do, Love. They are very, very private. I only found out about it when a girl at my modeling agency took me here to try and seduce me." Julie smiled affectionately at her love and put an arm around her bringing her close.

"Needless to say she went home very disappointed."

"Julie, you...uh, didnít lead her on....Its not like you to do something...." Dianaís face was full of compassion for Julieís disappointed suitor.

"No love, I didnít and you're right I wouldnít. She just assumed Iíd fall under her spell. And you know what they say happens when you assume?" She asked with a smile.

"She made an ass of herself?"She asked with a nervous giggle.

"You betcha. Would like to dance, My Darling?"

"Yes, My Love."

Julie smiled her eyes focused soley on Diana as she led her to the dance floor. She enclosed her love in her arms and slowly lead her to a waltz, her arm sensously moving across her back as Dianaís head lay gently on her breast. It didnít matter what was playing all they wanted was the music, the dance floor and the closeness, they were in heaven. They fit so perfectly together as they danced several couples turned to gaze at them. It wasnít Julieís fame that attracted the stares it was the pure love that was visible between them. After 5 dances Julie whispered into an ear, "Are you thirsty yet, My love?"

Dianaís expression made Julie blush as she dreamily asked. "What?"

Julie couldnít resist; she bent and kissed that sweet mouth and then gently led them off the dance floor to a booth. Once settled she then continued the kiss passionately. As they separated for a breath she whispered to Diana throatily, "Oh Diana, I love you so ...I canít believe how good one kiss can make me one else has ever meant as much to me....never leave me....please." The last word was a barely heard squeak.

Diana kissed that frightened looking face in little pecks as she replied sweetly, "Julie I will never, ever leave you. Iíll be with you always. I promise."

Julie had tears falling from her eyes and she kissed her back as she said "I promise too."

A throat being cleared interrupted the conversation and got a glare from the raven haired beauty.

"You need to order, Maíam."

"Two Coca-Colaís." Replied Julie turning her head back to Diana.

"And ?"

"And what? Which syllable didnít you understand in those two words?" Julie growled at the rude waitress.

"Maíam this is a bar you're sup..."

"I am the customer. If I choose not to drink it is my choice. I choose not to drink so I wonít. Now are you going to supply the drinks we ordered or do we go somewhere else?" Julies voice seemed calm but there was an iciness that Diana recognized as dangerous and Julie's eyes blazed with rage at the young womanís rudeness.


"Is there a problem?" Asked a handsome older woman with red hair.

"She wonít allow us the freedom to choose what we want to order, Jackie." Julie calmly told the owner of the speak-easy.

"No problem, Jules. Terry, the customer is always right. How many times do I have to remind you of that? Now scoot. Go get their order."

The embarrassed waitress ran toward the kitchen and the owner shook her head with an amused smile on her face. "Come on, Jules be kind. Sheís young. You were full of salt and vinegar once yourself you know?"

"She still is," Diana said quietly.

Julieís eyes flashed to Dianaís and she grinned playfully, "I am, am I?í

"Yep." Replied her love confidently.

Jackie laughed and elbowed Julie, "Hey are you going to introduce me?"

Julie nodded, "Jackie is the owner of this joint, Darling. Jackie, this is Diana. My best friend, the love of my life, my soul mate."

Jackie shook the blushing girls hand, "Nice to meet you."

"Nice to meet you too."

Jules, do you remember that all night discussion we had the last time you were here about learning to fly? Well Sylvia is selling her plane. Do you want in?"

"Do I!"

Jackie laughed and said, "Ok, Iíll have her give you a call." As she left one excited brunette and scared blonde.

Diana looked at Julie through her long lashes and asked quietly,"Julie, a plane?"

Julie had an excited look on her face as Terry brought their drinks to the table. She didnít notice the fear in the blondeís eyes as they took a sip of their cokes.

"Julie, thatís dangerous..."

"Oh Sweetheart, Donít you understand thatís why I want to do it! Its so exciting and..." Suddenly Julie saw the fear written all over Dianaís face and she said quietly, "Weíll discuss this later, ok Love? I want us to have fun right now."

Diana mutely nodded her agreement but Julie could see that it was going to be a long night and she wished she'd ordered that damn drink now.

* * * * *

As Julie and Diana were taken home by the driver provided by Pete, Julie dreamily thought about the rest of their night. They danced and playfully talked of non important things. It was just what she wanted and felt they both needed. She sighed and snuggled closer to the shoulder she was leaning on.

Diana smiled lovingly and stroked Julie's short, pretty hair. The dark locks curled around her fingers as she tried to find the best way to bring up the subject that they had dropped. She leaned back against the car seat and thought, ĎI canít let her fly that plane. She could be killed. I was already so close to that I know I canít go through it again.í Both were jerked back to reality as the car stopped in front of their flat. Julie tipped the driver then escorted Diana into the building. The moment they stepped out of the elevator to their floor Julie sensed danger. Every instinct she had came to attention and she stopped Diana in her tracks. She then noticed that the policeman was not at his post in front of their apartment.

"Shit! Where the hell is John?!" She said angrily aloud.

Diana looked both ways down the hall and shrugged, "Maybe he went in to use the bathroom?"

"No, he would of called Steve up from down stairs to watch the hall. Come to think of it I didnít notice him in the lobby. Something is wrong. You stay here Iím going to check it out..."

"No, Jules! Lets call the police..."

"Honey, I can take care of...."

"No. They are my parents. I will not let you walk into danger again. I almost lost you last time. I canít..."

"That was fluke, Love. You know I can handle your father. Besides I have to get in there and protect Auntie."

"Iím going too...Sheís my Mother..."

"No, I...canít risk you too. Please...Please stay here..."

"I canít, you need back up..."

"Diana, you have nothing to..."

"I do too, you taught me Judo..."

"Thats no defense against a gun. I know Karate and that is." With that said, she kissed a crying Diana and carefully walked to her apartment and...Hell.

* * * * *

As she silently entered her apartment the first thing she saw was the chaos the intruders must of caused. There was broken furniture and blood all over . Then her eyes fell on two tied up men. She recognized them immediately as their police protectors. They were unconscious but alive. She didnít close the door because she didnít want to make a sound. She slowly walked with the grace of panther on the prowl toward her bedroom.

She saw her first intruder. He was a tall black man leaning against the door to the bathroom smoking a cigarette. Like a silent cat she snuck up behind him and gave him a karate chop to the neck, catching him as he fell. She checked his pulse to make sure he was alright and tied him up with his own belt.

Silently she went around a bend in the hall and carefully looked to see the second intruder. A fat man snoring in a corner across from Christineís bedroom an empty bottle of scotch behind him. ĎMy best scotch!í She thought to herself as she took his tie and tied his hands behind him shaking her head at the smell. ĎAt least it went for a good cause.í She thought as she headed toward the loud voices coming out of Christine's room.

Julie took a deep breath knowing what she faced in her God Mother's room. She looked down the hall to make sure Diana hadnít followed her... yet. She knew if she didnít get her God Mother out quickly Diana would be out very quickly and Julie knew she couldnít live with that so she quietly crept toward the open door.

"Don, leave me alone. The girls will be home soon. Just leave... go I donít love..." She never finished a loud whack was heard down the hall and the raven haired beauty rushed to save her from the beating the man was giving to the only Mother she had ever known.

"Shut up you whore! Do you think I care if my perverted kid and God daughter come here? Iíve got back up this time, that young bitch wonít be able to lay a hand on me." Another smack was heard as Julie came to archway of the door.


The drunken man swirled around to look at the young woman. He looked worse then the last time Julie saw him. That sanitarium did nothing for the man. "How did you get through my men?"

Julie smiled wickedly, "Oh the poor dears were tired..."

"Well Iím not!" The drunken man angrily interrupted.

"Don, leave her alone..."

"Auntie, Iím fine. Uncle Don and I are just going to have a little chat. Right?"

"Right as long its with my fists," The man then savagely threw a punch toward Julie's face. It would of been more effective if he was sober she easily side stepped the clumsy attack.

"You know that must get awfully tiring, Uncle Don. Maybe if you lay off the hootch youíd be better at that." She chided him, laughing as she angled her body toward her injured God Mother. She could see the man had beaten her badly and she needed to get her to the hospital as soon as she could.

"Look you fag, I know you corrupted my daughter. But you canít stop a man from giving his wife a little discipline..."

"Torture, daddy. Thatís what this is, torture, " Said a teary eyed blonde between two large policeman.

Julie sighed in relief and said to the officer, "Did you see the other two?"

"Yes Maíam, already in custody. "The policeman took out his gun and aimed it at the drunken man, "Now you come with us quietly or you wonít like our form of persuasion."

"Iíll show you persuasion...." said the crazed man as he rushed the policeman. The man had no choice, as three "Noís!" cried out followed by single shot and two bodies hitting the floor.

Julie rushed to Diana who had fainted and cradled her love in her arms crying and kissing the golden head. Christine was too beaten to move toward her daughter. She looked with shock and pain at her dead husband and unconscious daughter.

* * * *

Diana awoke in her own room in her own bed to the feel of familar gentle hands stroking her hair. She opened teary red rimmed green eyes to see equally teary blue ones.

"Oh thank God, My love! I thought you hit your head when you fainted you have been out so long. The doctor said you had a slight concussion and I thought you were never going to wake up again....I....Oh darling...."She finally sobbed and sobbed the tears that wouldnít come out before. She had been strong and silent for hours, almost numb waiting for Diana to come back to her.

After quietly bringing Diana to their room she went back to the living room to give a statement. Then she talked to the Doctor about the two most important woman in her life. Christine had suffered three broken ribs, a broken arm and nose, as well as cuts and bad bruises through out her body. She would be in the hospital for several weeks but she was alive and Julie was grateful for that, she just wished she got home sooner.

Diana had suffered a slight concussion. As long as she woke up within the hour the doctor felt she could stay home. Julie was relieved when at the end of the hour Diana slowly began to come to. After explaining all this to Diana she told her that she had to stay in bed for 24 hours and then after that she would have an exam. Once she passed that she could visit her Mother.

They stayed cuddled together the whole 24 hours. The only business Julie conducted was to postpone the meeting with Kaines. Pete told his friends not to worry about it, heíd take care of everything.

* * * * *

Christine looked alot better 48 hours later when the two fully recovered woman came to see her.

"Hi Momma!" Diana said as she rushed into the womanís arms as she came into the hospital room.

"Hi, Baby," Said Christine hugging her baby as she asked, "Did you see Maggie and the kids?"

"Yeah, she went down to get them something to eat."

"Whereís Jules?" Asked Christine looking over her daughter's shoulder for her God daughter.

"Oh, Sheíll be here in a minute. Believe it or not two nurses stopped her for her autograph.

"Oh that's wonderful.....OH, the tour?"

"Its ok, Auntie. Iíve postponed it for a month, till I recover...we recover from all this." Julie said shyly from the door.

"Come here, my hero!" Said Christine holding out her other arm for Julie.

Julie rushed over and the three embraced. As they pulled back Julie smiled at her God Mother and shook her head, "Iím no hero..."

"Oh for gosh sakes, Jules of course you are, yeash!" Said Diana with an impatient shake of her head.

"Squirt..." Julie growled playfully.

"Donít you, Squirt me...You are a hero. A real one!! Gosh Jules, this is the second time you risked your life for us...Please....I mean....Oh Jules...." Tears cascaded down her cheeks.

Julie embraced the smaller woman and gently rubbed her back, "Shhh, I love you. Iíd do anything for you...Donít you know that by now?" She asked quietly.

"Yes...its just that...I canít lose you..."Diana suddenly hugged her with a possessive need.

"You won't. Hey, I promised. Didnít I?" She asked her love with a small grin.

Diana sniffled and nodded.

"Ok, is everything settled?"

Another reluctant nod. Julie hugged her tighter and she looked over Diana's shoulder to see another look of devotion and admiration from her God Mother.

Julie had tears pouring down her cheeks. She didnít know if she could take all this admiration.

There was loud knock which broke the moment and three sets of teary eyes turned to see in Pete in the door way with a bouquet of roses. "Well I have good timing today it seems to get three such lovely ladies in the same room at the same time."

Julie and Diana rolled their eyes and Christine smiled gently.

"Are those for me?" Asked Christine shyly.

"Yep," Said Pete with huge smile as he set down the crystal vase on a side table beside the bed.

Pete was smiling broadly and said, "Iím full of news. Jules I got the Old Bastard to give up the negatives ..."


"Never you mind! I have a few hidden skills of my own you know?" He said with a smirk.

"I donít think we want to know." Said Diana with a smile.

"I now know I donít. What else oh great one?" She asked with bow to the happy, cherubic man.

"I got the tour postponed of two months because next month you three will be in Europe!"

Three speechless woman just stared at him. His smiled broadened and he said, "Three in one shot not bad, its not often I get the drop on you Jules."

Diana suddenly exploded, "Oh my god!!Jules!" She hugged Julie as she jumped up and down. Julie hugged her back and looked at Pete with an appreciative grin.

"Not bad old man, not bad. Uh Pete...I need to talk to you outside for a minute," Already heading toward the hall.

"Of course."

"Weíll be right back just a little new business, "she told the two confused woman with a smile and wink.

Once she led Pete away from the door she asked quietly, "What about the funeral? "

"I knew that was what this was about. Already done. Margret signed the papers for cremation and the funeral home will intern the ashes till you're ready for them."

"Thank you Pete. Youíve really gone above and beyond."

"It was my pleasure Jules," He said and gave her a gentle hug which she returned.

Pure friendships were very rare and she really appreciated his.

"One more little thing my friend," She said as they drew apart, "What exactly did you do with Kaines? How did you get the negatives..."

"I didnít get the negatives. What I did was...Well lets just say he wonít be bothering you any more...."

"Why?" Growled Julie.

Pete smiled, "I black-mailed the black mailer and poof, no more problems..."

"You what?"

"Julie, let it drop, I did what I had to do." He gave her a pleading look.

Julie looked at him appraisingly, "We'll drop it for now, old freind but when I get back from Europe weíll pick it up again, deal?"

Pete looked sheepish but he nodded and said, "Deal."

* * * * *

They were in their bedroom packing for their trip to Europe. It was decided that the funeral be a small private service held when they get back. His ashes would be spread over the ocean which he loved.

Diana and Julie were going alone to Europe. Christine had decided that she wanted to stay home with Maggie and her grandchildren. Diana and Julie were very excited to be alone completely for the first time in a long time.

"Uh Squirt?" Julie looked over the sweater she was folding nervously.

"Yea?" Diana absentmindedly answered, engrossed in her own packing.

"Um...Can you come here for a minute? I need your help with something." Julie asked quietly.

Diana looked surprised but she came over to her love and asked, "Sure, whats up?"

Julie gracefully got down on one knee and looked up adoringly at the surprised woman before her. "I know you know I love you. And ...Well...I canít marry you but ...I wanted to...Uh, well show my commitment to you and make this trip into a kinda ...well...uh....umm, honeymoon," She shyly put a small velvet presentation box in the stunned blonde's hand. Inside was a sparkling square cut Blue Diamond.

Diana almost fainted when she saw it, but steady arms held her in place and a gentle voice asked, "Will you be mine forever?"

"Oh God yes....I love you."

"I love you too."

* * * * *

Two very happy woman were leaning over the rail of USS Norwegian on their way to France. The moonlight gave a halo effect and they both felt almost enchanted just to be there.

Diana was admiring her ring in the moonlight and she wondered ĎI wonder if I could find Julie the couter part of this in France?í Her eyes glinted in determination to do just that.



"Do you remember that plane Sylvia had in New York?"



Dianaís face paled, "You didnít?"

Julie smiled delightedly, "Yep."


"Diana, it is as safe as houses up there, honest."

"If it was so safe everyone would do it."

"They do."

"They donít."

"Sure they do. Darling do you have any idea how many great woman pilots there are?"

"Julie I donít care!"

"Wait till you go up there." Julie said excitedly.

"Iím not..."

"Oh, yes you are. Where I go you go..." Suddenly their gazes locked stunned by Julie's teasing words which suddenly took on a meaning of their own.

"Always." Diana answered in stunned whisper.

"Always." Julie said in a matching whisper.

The kiss the soul mates shared reconfirmed the promise their souls had made so long ago.


The End ?

Thank you for sticking with this story till the end. I hope you love these two as much as I do.If any one is interested in Julie and Diana having further adventures together please email me at SARRABI@HOTMAIL.COM

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