The Family Affair

part 2

by Ri

I would like to thank Jen and Lynka for all their help. They helped me through all my doubts on this and I appreciate it!

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Julie was in a deep sleep when a loud pounding suddenly woke her.

She literally jumped out of bed, finding Diana embraced in her arms scared out of her wits. Then they heard a loud drunken male voice along with the banging. A voice both woman recognized. It was Dianaís father.

"Itís Daddy, " Diana said in a whisper.

"Yup, It sure as hell is." She gently lifted Dianaís chin till she could see her eyes. "Go lock yourself in the bathroom. Thank God I rented an apartment with a bathroom in..."

"No Julie, Iím not leaving you." Dianaís shaken voice stated quietly.

Julie smiled at her brave friend and said; "I can handle him myself. I donít want to be distracted worrying about you. Now go on." She nudged her toward the door.

Diana looked like she was about to argue but the banging was growing more violent and she knew Julie was a black belt. "Be careful, heís drunk."

"I know darling, that's my advantage," She replied gently as she pushed her through the door to the bathroom and closed it.

"Darling?" Diana thought as she put her ear to the door.

Julie looked at the door. Then she took a deep breath, strode over and opened it one smooth motion. "Yes, Uncle Don?" she asked quietly.

"Where the hell is she?"

"Safe." Julie replied with a disapproving look.

"Safe from what?" He slurred at her and tried to brush her aside to get past her.

"You." She replied easily blocking his way.

"Come off it, Jules! You're not going to do a damn thing to me! Now move the hell out of my way!!" He yelled in a haughty, drunken voice.

"First of all Don, I can and will do something to you if try to put a pinkie on Diana. Second, this is my apartment and I donít intend to allow a drunken belligerent man entry in the middle of the God damn night. Lastly, if you try something stupid like this again I will call the police." She replied to him quietly and calmly as she blocked him with her arms crossed.

He tired to throw a punch which she easily blocked. Then he tried to undercut her defenses which was again effortlessly blocked. She swept him under with one powerful swipe of her leg and he fell helplessly on his ass.

"Iím your God-father! You're family..Iíll..."

Julie was now really mad, "Stop right there. You ceased being family when you became abusive to me, to your wife and children. Sober up, get some help and then weíll talk about you being family." She replied to the man on the floor.

"Get help!? Who is there to get help from? I ainít going to a sanitarium. The only other place is the tank. I ainít going to jail for anyone..."

He was interrupted as two uniformed policeman hauled him up and said, " I beg to differ sir. You are indeed going to jail for disturbing the peace."

The officer turned to Julie and smiled, admiring her beauty as he asked respectfully, "Are you pressing charges, Maíam?"

Diana came out of the bathroom when she heard the police. Julie looked toward her and Diana shook her head. Julie nodded slightly and said, "No Officer. Will he get some help? I mean disturbing the peace indicates he has a problem. Can he be put in one the new programs I read about in the papers? You know about psychological help with drinking disorders?"

"No Maíam, Those programs are not free. And they're experimental so Iím afraid heíll be put in the tank. Night Maíam."

Julie nodded and said,"Night."

She turned to her friend and held out her arms. Diana ran into the embrace crying. Julie closed her eyes and shook her head.

* * * * *

The two made plans for Dianaís mother to move into Julieís new apartment. They all would move in by the end of the month. Her two films allowed her to pay for her flat on West 52nd street. It was a bustling area of theater people. She and Diana had already started moving boxes and small pieces of furniture and would be all moved in by the end of the week. They returned to Julieís old flat and both flopped down on the overstuffed sofa in the center of the living room.

"As stong as you are Jules, weíre going to need some help with the big pieces like this sofa."

"I know Iím hiring a moving company Saturday for the final move. I just didnít want some big lug handling our personal stuff. So do you like the new place?"

"Of course, it's beautiful!"

"With four bedrooms we each have a room of our own. Plus you and I get a workout room."

Diana's smile suddenly faded. She turned her head quickly so Julie wouldnít see it. Julie did of course see it and she was instantly worried that she said something wrong. ĎThough what I said wrong is beyond me,í She thought to herself.

"Squirt, what's wrong?"

"Nothing. Everything is great!" She replied with a false smile and false enthusiasm.

"Diana, Iíve known you your whole life. Do you really think you can get away with this bravado with me?"

Diana looked at her and shook her head.

"So what's wrong?"

"Itís silly,"


"Iíll miss you!"

Julie looked at her and both eyebrows disappeared into her bangs in shocked confusion, "Miss me? Where am I going?"

Diana shrugged her shoulders, "I told you it was silly. I mean sharing a room."

Julie suddenly smiled. The light went on in her brain as she realized what Diana meant. "Honey, if you want to still share, we can. There are no rules. Iíll simply put two beds in the master bedroom instead of one."

Dianaís face lit up, That meant sharing a bathroom. She still would get to see the sight of her beautiful friend..."Really, you wouldnít mind?"

Julie was delighted with the idea. She had been mourning the loss of Dianaís company quietly. "I would be happy to! It would be kind of lonely in that big room all by myself. Iíd rather have a roommate..."

"But what if...What would you do if..."

"Have I yet? Iím really not interested," ĎAt least not in any of the people offering it to me, My Love." Julie thought quietly to herself as she looked at the person she did desire. It had been two months since she figured out her forbidden passion. She yearned for Diana. At the same time she delighted in her presence. ĎIt was very confusing . Thank God for little toys and private showers.í Julie thought ironically to herself.

"No but you might want to sometime?"

"Squirt, donít worry about it. I want you to stay with me. I mean it. Donít you see that?"

Diana looked deeply into her beautiful blue eyes and saw that she did.

"Yes." she replied quietly. ĎI see so much love for me there I just wish...íShe stopped herself from that thought. ĎNo I wonít ruin everything!"

* * *

Julie was pacing in her dressing room. The shoot was over for the day and she was changed into her street clothes. She wore a short blue dress that matched the color of her eyes. She wore matching shoes and a string of pearls with matching earrings. She looked beautiful but when she turned to stare at the door she looked highly agitated.

"Where the hell is she?"

Just then she heard lightly running feet. She breathed a sigh of relief when she saw Diana rush in. Diana was 35 minutes late and she was never late. The relief turned to concern as she saw the expression on her friends face as she rushed into her arms.

"Iím sorry....Iím sooooooooooo sorry...I"

"Calm down, Squirt. Where the hell have you been?"

Diana was taking gulping breaths she pulled away from Julie and leaned against the door to get herself under control. "I was working up in the main office today. And..,well...Daddy came...and..."


"Yes, heís..."

She never fininshed her sentence. Julie, while cursing, was heading toward the door with the intent of going to the main office of the studio and taking care of this once and for all.

"Wait! Wait, security took care of it, Jules."

Julie stopped, turned and lifted her eyebrow indicating the girl should elaborate.

Diana looked down to the floor, her hand lightly touching Julieís shoulder. "He said he wanted me to come home at once. When I refused he started to physically threaten me," She stopped as tears started streaming down her cheeks. She then looked up into loving blue eyes that were urging her to continue. "He said heíd kill both of us if I was not returned to where I belonged. If it was not soon he said our doom was pending....He said it would fall on our heads any minute. Then he tried to...he tried to slap me but the security guard stopped him. Iím sorry Julie..Iím..."

Julie embraced her again and slowly stoked her hair, "What on earth are you sorry for? You are a good girl. You did nothing wrong," She cooed gently in her ear. ĎThat man is a beast. Uncle Don, Iím going to be the one that cages you,í She thought angrily to herself as she continued to soothe the terrified young woman in her arms.


"Yes, sweetheart?"

"What are we going to do? He got through the gate!" Dianaís face was pale and she was openly crying.

Julie continued to soothe her while furiously trying to come up with tactics to deal with this beast.

"Diana, do you trust me?" She asked quietly looking her young friend directly in the eye.

"Of course." She replied immediately. Her face reflecting the surprise that her companion would even ask her such a thing.

Julie smiled, "Then believe this. I will take care of this some how, some way. Iíll make sure your father will not harm a hair on your pretty head." Then she fiercely hugged the love of her life to her chest.

* * * *

Dianaís mom arrived the day after, somewhat to Julieís relief. She knew with her God-mother present she would control her libido.

Diana was very glad her mom was there too. For two reasons; one that she missed her, two was that she was confused by the signals her body was sending her about her beloved best friend. She felt this was a forbidden passion. She also knew she couldnít help it so her mom was good distraction.

Dianaís mother, Christine was unaware of the double edged conflict affecting her two girls. Her God-daughter was really an adopted daughter to her so she was just glad to have these girls safely within her sight again. She felt very welcomed and loved by them and she would do everything in her power to protect them from her husbandís wrath.

"Mom, Julie and I thought that this room would be nice for you. It has a street view but it faces slightly at an angle so it wonít get all the noise. The bath room is right next to it."

"Itís lovely, honey. I hope we're not putting Jules out."

"Of course you're not, Auntie Chritine." Julie replied from the doorway with two huge suitcases. "That cabby was such a wimp. He couldnít pick up one of these." Her smile became a lopsided smirk, "You should of seen his face when I picked up both of them."

Christine laughed,"Well honey, he was small. And you were always very strong. Even when you were little."

Julie blushed at the memory of herself as a tomboy.

"Auntie, you're not going tell everyone you meet all about my childhood, are you?"

"No dear, not everyone."

Julie paled and sent a pleading look to Diana, who simply laughed, "She does it to me all the time. I donít think I can be much help to you, Jules."

"Well Squirt, You were an adorable brat when you were little."

A pillow flew through the air to be caught by a very dexterous hand and launched smoothly right back at the person who threw it.

"Now, now children, No pillow fights on my first night."

"Aw Auntie!"

"Aw Mom!"

They all burst out into loud peals of laughter.

* * * *

Julie was removing her pancake make up and thinking. ĎIris is an excellent part, you know. I should be happy...I just thought Iíd make a good Cleopatra."

She examined her face in the mirror. Now clean of make up, her hair pulled from the net she wore when she removed make up, she thought she really did look like the legendary "Serpant of the Nile." Diana said she thought she was prettier.

Julie smiled at herself, ĎNext time.í She rose to shower and to get ready to go out with her family. ĎFamily, I love still having a family in my life.í Then she stopped in her tracks. Her hand poised on the bathroom door handle. ĎDiana is so much more then family to me now. She is my life. I guess she always has been but Iím recognizing it now.í Julie proceeded through the door and stripped off her robe. She started the shower to get the water just right and stepped into the deliciously warm spray. As she allowed her mind to wander even more freely. "God, what the hell am I going to do? I mean she is just so innocent. Am I being moral? I mean according to religion just thinking this way I am committing a moral sin. Evil sinners. Yeah, right. The mob goes to church every Sunday and they kill the rest of the week. Me, I feel love for some one that puts us in the same category. Not in the eyes of the God I worship. Iím more spiritual then religious anyway. Diana is not overly religious either. I simply will not put her in a position where she will have to make a choice between God and me. Iím not worried about my soul or hers just her own view of it. She is such a sensitive girl. My responsibility in this life time is to protect her. Since I held her at five and saw that infant's beautiful green eyes, I loved her. I guess Iíll just have to worry about this sin all alone. I can deal with it. The problem is Iím stymied by it. I will not leave her and I cannot hurt her and that leaves me where I started. No where!!í She thought sadly to herself as she turned off the water and toweled herself off. She put on her black silk kimono and went through the door to dressing room. There stood beauty once more and she was alone.

"Whereís Auntie Christine?"

"Oh Mom saw a star she wanted an autograph from. Sheíll be along any minute. Shouldnít you be wearing a little more?" Diana asked with a nervous giggle. ĎGod, she is just so gorgeous my body just wonít stop humming.í Thought Diana turning away to sit on the couch.

Julie blinked, she had been staring. Diana had looked stunning in the new black silk cocktail dress Julie made her buy. Julie wanted her young friend to look more fashionable. ĎShe was so beautiful, she should show it off.í

"Yeah, Iíll be just a minute," She replied shaking her head as went to put on an electric blue cocktail dress with matching pumps.

* * * *

Julie was lying down on the leather couch in her dressing room, her eyes were closed and she was listening to Pete speak. Diana was having nightmares every night about her father killing all of them. Julie and Christine had spent the night comforting the poor girl. Julie was tired and frustrated.

"Well, what do you think?" Pete asked the raven haired beauty.

"It's a good idea, Pete. Diana will be far from her creep of a father but Iím worried about my God-mother." She replied, her voice hoarse from trying to calm her love all night.

"Hm, she could go too. I donít mind. If my star will be more comfortable with her family around her, then so be it. Sounds good."

Julie raised her eyes, "That's assuming the public likes me." She replied in an amused voice. She looked through the door at the two most important people in her life. Diana was down the hall introducing her mother to the cast of the film they just finished.

"False modesty is not becoming, Jules." He replied. He looked down at his hands then back across at his protegeí and friend. "Besides I want Diana safe from that madman too. Iíve become very fond of her. You werenít there when that maniac threatened her. I was very scared for her..." His voice was very shaky.

Julie smiled affectionately at the producer and put an arm around his shoulder,

"I know Pete.I know." She knew that Pete had become very attached to Diana.

He relied on her greatly and it was a very selfless proposal he was making for them..

"I accept."

"Good, Youíll love it. there. It has a nice climate and it will be the mecca for pictures, I guarantee it."

"If you say so," She replied. "All I know about Los Angeles is what I read in the papers and see in the new reels. It will be a nice change. I think Diana and Aunt Christine will love the train ride."

* * * * *

A fur wearing woman entered the train followed by two others. Julie blew some of it from her face. Pete had her dress head to toe in sable so she would look the part of a star. It was a gift and she appreciated the gesture, he wanted her to make the right impression out west but she couldnít wait to get the thing off.

Her eyes narrowed as she saw the size of their cabin. It was a first class cabin with a connecting door to the next cabin. ĎFive days in this cracker box.'

'Look at the damn bed! My feet will hang over unless I curl up, Yeesh!!í

A golden head popped in and said, "Momís all settled next door. Kinda small, huh?"

Julie smiled at her friend. She was wearing a simple blue traveling dress and looked like the efficient assistant she indeed was. Julie knew she was as anxious to get into her jeans as Julie herself was.

"Yup. As soon as this thing starts moving weíll change into something more comfortable. I feel like Iím molting."

Diana laughed. She then walked over to the connecting door and knocked.

"Hey Mom, open up."

The connecting door opened and she smiled at the two girls and said, "Small huh?"

The girls looked at each other and burst into laughter. Julie sobered up first and said, "I propose we keep that the door open during the day and then at night you can close it so you can have some privacy, ok?" She asked her God-mother with a smile.

Christine smiled indulgently back and said, "Thatís fine, dear. This is your show after all. Iím just a guest, courtesy of Dianaís boss."

"Actually Mom, it's courtesy of Jules. She asked for both of us to come with her."

They both looked radiantly at the embarrassed woman.

Julie looked down at her hands and then back at her family. "Actually I said is that I wouldnít go without my family. And Pete thought it was a good idea for you to escape that lunatic who was been publicly threatening us all. I simply said I was worried about you so get those smirks off your faces. Iím no hero and you both know that."

The two smiles broadened and tears of graditude were added. "You're a hero to me Jules," Diana sniffed and stated simply what was in her heart.

Julies eyes started to fill up so she turned and close the door thinking,í And you are the center of my universe.í

* * * *

Changed and ready to expore the two girls left the older woman in the dining car as they decided to check out every nook and cranny of the famous Super Chief. With a combination of flirting and bullying the two of them explored the entire train, including the U.S. Post office and the pet hold in the cargo department. Laughing they went up to the observation desk and snuggled together in a front seat. It was about 430pm and the sun was starting to set. They had a magnificent view. They were both comfortable and content. Diana had her head against Julie's shoulder, with Julie's head on top of Dianaís.

"So Squirt, what do you want to do first after we get settled in L. A.?"

"I want to see Beverly Hills and the Pacific Ocean."

Julie smiled as she the stroked golden hair, "In that order?"

Diana was enjoying the sensation and barely heard what Julie had said.

"Yes, in that order."

"Ok, thatís settled. What do you think of this new project?"

"It sounds hokey, but donít all Westerns? Are you looking forward to working with Tom Mix?"

"Yea, I like him, heís good. And I like Westerns. Good always wins over evil."

"Ok, Iíll give you that Jules. But all that builds up to the show down. Are you the good girl or the vixen? The vixen always ends up getting hurt or killed you know?"

"I play a vamp from the East in this one. And I do the loving and leaving. I kind of like that twist. Iím surprised that Mix would go for that...."

"Yea, what about his irresistible charm?"

"Oh theyíll hate me and love him, of course. I hope they love to hate me though. Its very important that I get a good audience response."

"You will, Jules. I promise, you will."Diana said with total conviction and confidence in her best friend.

It filled Julie with hope as she cuddled with her love on the way toward their future.

* * * *

Christine had the table filled with a sumptuous meal by the time the girls joined her in the dining car. "Did you girls have fun?" She asked with an indulgent smile.

Julie smirked, it always amused her that Christine still spoke to them like they were little kids, "Yes Auntie Dearest."

"Oops Kiddo, Iím sorry. I forget you two arenít little anymore. Iím afraid youíll always be children in my old eyes."

"You're not old, Mom."

"No you're not, Auntie!"

"Ok, okay eat."

They all laughed and dug into the big meal. Diana noticed a tall beautiful red head staring at Julie. She did so through out the meal.

"Jules, did Cleopatra come out yet?"

"No. Why?" Julie asked as she lifted a huge french fries dripping with ketchup and slurped it into her mouth with relish.

Diana laughed, "Slob." Julie playfully slapped her as she wiped her face with the large cloth napkin. "Why did you ask about Cleo?"

"That lady has been staring at you all through lunch."

They all glanced that way just as the tall red head and her escort left the dinning car. "I didnít notice her before. I guess was too busy stuffing my face and watching you stuff your face, little one. Why did she look like trouble?"

"No, just fascinated."

A loud snort came from her companion, "What's to be fascinated by?"

"Oh jeez, You're so ..."



"That's descriptive. Come on writer, illuminate me..."

"Jules, you are...well you, you present...."


"Stop pushing."

"Iím not."

"You are."

Christine was fit to be tied as she watched the two of them bounce off the other.


"Sorry Auntie."

"Sorry Mom."

They said in unison then began to laugh uncontrollably.

"I guess we are two little kids," Julie said to her God-mother with a smirk.

"Yes, you are. But on you two it looks good." Christine said with the authority of a parent.

* * * *

Diana was in the bottom bunk in their room waiting for Julie to come out of the bathroom so she could shut the light out. Julie walked through the tiny doorway scraping her arm as she walked out. "Yeash! This place is too tiny! You look comfortable, Squirt." She said affectionately. To tell the truth she looked adorable all curled up in that bottom bunk. It took every ounce of discipline for Julie to not crawl in with her.

"I am, hurry up, Jules so I can turn off the light."

Julie nodded and climbed up the small ladder to the top bunk giving Diana an eyeful of long, luscious legs. Dianaís breathing quickened and she very nearly moaned. She put he mouth onto her pillow until Julie was out of sight.

"All set," Julieís voice floated down to her like a pleasant melody.

Diana turned off the light.

"Night Jules."

Pleasant dreams, Squirt."

* * * *

Julie woke up from the most erotic dream of her life with a start. ĎBy the Goddess, Iím going to have to do something about this. I canít go on like this with Diana in the same room as Iím having these images of..."

"Jules, are you ok up there?"

"Iím fine, sweetheart. Go back to sleep."

"Are you sure? You were moaning something awful. Donít you want to come down here and cuddle a little? It might make you feel better."

ĎMore then you know, My Love.í She thought ironically to herself. "No Squirt, Iím fine. Go to sleep."

"Come on Jules, let me comfort you. You always are there for me. Just because you're strong and protective doesnít mean you donít deserve the same comfort that you give me all the time." Diana said quietly.

ĎShit, I canít argue with that logic, can I?í As she climbed out of the top bunk and slid behind Diana. She ended spooning the young woman, placing her arms around Dianaís waist. She did find comfort doing this but she knew it was dangerous as well. As she squeezed the woman in front of her ever so slightly she whispered in her ear, "Happy?"

Diana was barely able to breathe she was so aroused, "Oh yeah," She whispered back.

"Me too." Replied Julie as they fell into blissful sleep feeling whole and content.

* * * *

The next morning Julie awoke with a weight against her. It wasnít unpleasant. In fact she found it rather intoxicating. She felt so happy and content.

"Julie?" Whispered a voice in front of her.

"Mmmm?" replied Julie squeezing slightly.

"Iíve got a confession to make," She said slightly turning.

"Oh?" She started to turn as well but a small hand stopped her. "Wait, not till I tell you, ok?"

Julie nodded and said, "Ok."

"Jules, I have...well Iím ...Oh God, This is harder then I thought," She said in a panic.

Julieís heart was pounding as she thought maybe she knew what was to be confessed. "Just say it, Sweetheart. What ever you say is ok with me, You know that."

ĎWeíll see.í Thought Diana. ĎOk here goes everything.í She took a gulping breath, "Jules, you know how weíre always telling each other that we love one another?"

Julie swallowed three times before she squeaked, "Yes."

"Well I think I mean more then you do when you say it."



"Uh, huh." Julie promted hoping against hope.

This was not the response that Diana expected. She thought that Julie would be repulsed. Not interested and wanting to hear more. She gulped and got her bravery up again, saying quietly, "Iím in love with you in everyway possible, Julie."

Julie didnít know whether to laugh or cry. She decided to do what she had wanted to do for the longest time. She gently turned around so she faced Diana and smiled broadly. Then as tears streamed down her face she said, "Thatís a really good thing to hear, My Love. Iíve been hopelessly in love with you for a very long time." Dianaís face first reflected shock, then joy and then was covered completely as Julie brought theyíre lips together in a well connected and passionate kiss.

End part two

To be continued...

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