The Family Affair

Part 3

by Ri

As the train rolled into Los Angeles the two friends packed for their new adventure. ĎBut which new adventure,í Diana thought to herself as she remembered the passionate kiss she shared with the woman across the way. She looked at Julie through her eyelashes wondering what would of happened if her mother hadnít interrupted her just as they were getting down to some heavy petting.

ĎWell we wonít be so vulnerable to interruption as soon as were all settled. will we?í She smiled at Julie who looked up just in time to catch it.

Julie gave her an answering smile. She was thinking the exact same thing with a lot of hope in her heart she was looking forward to new explorations in the exact same direction. ĎAnd damn soon too!í She thought to herself with a wry grin. Now that they both knew that they shared this passion, what was the best course? ĎLove, is the best course. But how do we achieve happiness in this world of closed minds and busy bodies?í She thought to herself as she closed her suitcase with a bang.

"Do you need any help, Squirt?"

"Yes, I need help about here." Diana replied pointing toward her mouth with a big grin as she leaned against the door to her Motherís room with a clear purpose in her green eyes.

"Oh really? Can I be of any assistance?"

"Please. I really couldnít explore this new world without you."

Julie approached her like a panther stalking its prey. Dianaís heart practically danced in her chest as she watched her love approach. Suddenly Julie's arms encircled her and their lips met in a slow passionate kiss. Enjoying the sensation of the each other and letting it slowly ignite the fire within. Just as they were deeply involved in exploring the sweetness of the other there was a knock on the door. They both jumped and Diana hit her head against the door.

"Los Angeles, 5 minutes all passengers be ready to disembark in 5 minutes. Los Angeles, 5 minutes," The conductor yelled as he banged on doors and walked down the corridor.

Diana rubbed her head and Julie carefully bent it forward and kissed the injured area. Then the two woman looked at each other and burst into helpless giggles. Julie shook her head and said, "We canít catch a break, Squirt can we?"

"Donít worry Jules. We have all the time in the world,"Diana replied and then hugged her fiercely.

"Yes, we do, My Love," Julie replied returning the hug with equal force.

* * * *

Julie was fur bound once again as she left the train followed by her two companions. On the platform of Union Station there were several studio people to greet her. They fawned over her and complimented everything she wore, said, or did. Surpressing the need to roll her eyes and growl at them she was freindly and professional. All she really wanted to do was get the hell out of there and go to their carefully picked home in the hills overlooking the newly appointed Hollywoodland. She wanted to finally be alone with Diana. They had a very deep ĎDiscussioní ahead of them.

Julie surpressed a happy smile at the thought as she charmingly disengaged herself from the studio 'yes' people.

Once they got out of the station and into a cab Christine suggested that they get something to eat.

"Auntie, would you mind if we go out to a really great place tommorrow?

Tonight all I really want to do is order a pizza and relax. Iíll take you both out to Ciroís tommorrow night, Ok?" Diana asked the older woman hopefully.

Christine looked at the two girls and thought to herself; ĎThey're up to something.í Out loud she said, "Alright dear, that sounds like a plan. Pizza and a coca-cola would be lovely."

Dianaís face lit up as she added, "Then a shower and bed." Her face was sending a very definate signal to Julie which the older girl recieved loud and clear.

ĎI canít believe My Little Love is thinking like this. What books has the girl been reading?í Julie laughed and said aloud to them both "Yep, that does sound like a plan." Julie was sending Diana a definite signal right back with her big blue eyes.

ĎYep, these two are up to something.íChristine thought to herself with an inward shrug of her shoulders.

* * * *

Dinner was eaten and enjoyed around the pool and then they all went to their respective bedrooms claiming exhuastion after their long trip. Julie said she was just enjoying being in rooms with doors big enough for her to walk through with out scratching up her arms.

Diana was in the shower of the bedroom that she and Julie shared when she heard the bathroom door open. When the bathroom curtain was pulled aside Diana dropped the bar of soap she had been washing herself with and just stared at the vision before her.

"I believe you dropped something." Julie purred with nothing on but a cheshire cat grin.

Diana mutely nodded.

"Would you like some help?"

She nodded again.

"Cat got your tounge?"

"I can barely breath, much less talk. Do you know how absolutly beautful you are?"

"Not half as beautiful as you are, My Love."

Julie bent down and gracefully picked up the soap and stepped into the shower. Then she slowly rubbed the soap into her hands till she got them all sudsy. She asked Diana in a throaty, sexy voice to turn around. After the beautiful golden haired woman complied she began to lovingly soap her back in tiny little arcs. Diana began to sway to rhythm of the caresses. She could barely stand it felt so good. Julie could no longer resist the urge to kiss the lovely neck before her. She slowly started a trail of hot sweet kisses in a line from her neck to her ear as she contiued to caress Dianaís back with sudsy hands. Diana moaned in pleasure and leaned against the side of the shower.

"Julie, I donít think Iíll be able to stand much longer,"She said in short gasps to the woman who was taking her breath away.

Julie turned her love around as she washed off the soap and continued her assault on her senses as she whispered into her ear, "Donít worry I wonít let you fall, My Love,"

Then she picked Diana up and carefully left the shower. She gently placed her on the ground to turn off the water. Then she lovingly swept her off her feet again to place her on the soft rug in front of the fire. She contiued her pursuit of mutual sensation on her love slowly kissing and licking as much skin as she possibly could memorizing each touch that gave Diana pleasure. She began her slow descent from the neck down to her full breast. "God, Diana you are so beautiful."

Diana was beyond understanding. She felt sensation after sensation as Julie loved and caressed her breasts. She was overwhelmed with feelings that she returned with equal abandon. She kissed and caressed Julie as she felt her body erupt into feelings she didnít even know she had. Julie shuddered as Diana reached her own breast and relished each feeling that washed over her. As they both began to explore deeper and deeper Julie felt herself go over the edge that she had waited for all her life and she was happily aware that she took her beloved with her.

* * * *

After they both recovered from their first experience they lay cuddled in each other's arms. Diana looked up at Julie and started play with a piece of her raven colored hair as she asked, "Why didnít you tell me..that you never...well, that neither of us.. well, uh you know..."She was really didnít know how to approach this subject.

Julie saved her the trouble. She laughed at her love's inability to say the words and kissed each eye and her nose as she replied between kisses, "That I was a virgin too?"

Diana merely nodded her head.

"I always used my looks in pursuit of my goals. I could never give myself all the way. I felt uncomfortable giving anyone that power. I felt like a hooker or something. I always knew I would wait or die a virgin. I just couldnít allow anyone to touch that part of myself unless I loved and trusted them, until you." Hugging Diana even closer and kissing her nose again.

Diana eyes began to fill up and Julie became alarmed, "Whats wrong, My Love? Did I say something..."

"No, no of course not! What you said was beautiful. It touched my heart. Iím so honored, My Love. I mean... Why me?" she asked in confused pleasure.

Julie smiled softly and touched Dianaís cheek tenderly, "Oh my sweet Angel, so many reasons. You are the kindest, gentlest soul Iíve ever met. My purpose in life since the day you were born was to love and protect you. Now that we're not only best friends but in love as well Iím afraid that instinct will become even fiercer. I will not allow anyone to harm you. Not your beautiful head," She kissed her deeply and passionately. then she crawled under the blanket to her toes and kissed and sucked each toe till Diana was writhing in pleasure. When she fininshed she crawled back up resuming to her position cradling Diana saying with a giggle at her love's expression, "To your cute little toes!"

"I like how you demostrate,"She replied giggling as well.

"I do have some further demonstrations to conduct with you, My Love."Julie replied seductively as she brought her love to ecstasy once more.

* * * *

ĎCalifornia was different.í Thought Diana. ĎIts hot, poor Julie in that God awful dress. She must be dying of the heat!í

John Wagner the film's producer approached the young blonde with a smile. She smiled back he was always nice to her.

"Hi, How are you doing?"

"Great, its very interesting."

"It is now, but wait till we start doing this same scene 10 times for pick ups. Oh boy! Youíll be bored." He said with a lopsided grin. Then he looked over at Julie who was being powdered down to protect her make up from the heat.

"You're Julieís best friend as well as her assistant right?"

"Yes," She answered with a sweet smile. ĎWhatís he up to?í she thought to herself.

"And youíve known her a long time?"


"Can I ask you a very direct question?"


"How can a guy get to first base with her, sheís so damn aloof?"

ĎAh, so thatís it,í She thought to herself as she smiled inwardly, íPlop goes another one!í This was the third man from the set whoíd approached her.

"Julieís involved with some one, John." She told him gently.

"Oh," He nodded as if this was an answer as to why she resisted his charm.

Diana really wanted to laugh but she touched his arm gently and said, "Sorry."

"Thatís ok, At least I know which way it crumbles."

* * * *

"Julie and Diana walked into the dressing room trailer quietly. As soon as the door closed, Julie grabbed her love and enfolded her tenderly in her arms. She brought her gently into a embrace lowering head and kissing her passionately. Diana returned the kiss whole heartily and they enjoyed each other till they ran out of breath. Panting slightly, Julie gently cupped Dianaís cheek and ran her thumb along her jaw line, "What did John want?"

Diana smiled impishly at the beauty before her and caressed her strong shoulders, "He wanted to know how to win your favor."

Julie snorted as she lowered her head to nibble her love's ear. Then she gently moved to her neck as she replied. "Lotsa

luck. Yeesh, why do they keep approaching you, my love?"

Diana laughed, "Because Iím your best friend and I look gullible enough to tell them how to seduce you."

"Well you do know how and you succeeded. Loving, vulnerable, kind, generous, talented and a beautiful woman. They didnít stand a chance.

Julie picked up her golden haired beauty and headed toward trailer's bedroom. Leaning her head against her lover's shoulder she asked quietly, "What about your dinner, Jules? This is the dinner break."

Carefully laying her prize on the bed and snuggling in with her Julie slowly began to undress her. She smiled impishly into wide green eyes and said, "Iím not hungry... for food that is..."She was interrupted by small hands pulling her down for an all consuming kiss.

* * * *

The three woman were enjoying a Sunday breakfast on the patio when a loud roar of angry voices broke the peace of the sunny morning.

"What the Hell!?!" Julie yelled very angry at the intrusion. She was on her feet and striding into the foyer within a second. She followed by two woman close on her fast moving heels.

When Julie saw who was causing the commotion she stopped suddenly and turned, "Go upstairs now. The both of you."

"It's Don," said Christine with wide fearful eyes.

"Go on," Julie said quietly nudging the two woman in her life up the back stairs.

"But Jules," Diana said full of fear for her lover's life.

"Iíll be fine, but Iíd do alot better if I donít have to worry about the two of you. Now come on, up you go."

"I donít want to leave you, heís my problem." Diana replied stubbornly staying put at the bottom of the stairs. "I mean it, he is my problem, not yours, not even Mothers..."

"Bull shit Squirt! He is too my problem because I love you! Now go!" Her voice growing more agitated as she heard the butler's voice rise. Julie knew her big, strong, silent butler was losing the battle and she itched to join the fray. But not till these two were safe would she budge an inch. Diana searched her love's eyes and saw there was no use arguing,

"Come on Mother, weíll call the police from upstairs, you be careful or else," She said over shoulder to Julie as she led her mother up the stairs holding her hand. Christine nodded and meekly followed her daughter.

Relieved Julie headed out to the foyer. Julie saw that Robert their butler had physically restrained the drunken older man. She could also see that the poor loyal man was quite battered as a result. Julie shook her head and said in strong, commanding voice, "Let the drunken fool go, Robert. Iíll deal with him."

"Julie, what the fuck did you say to make my whole family desert me?" He spat at her. He went toward her in a rage and tried to throw a punch toward her jaw but his hand was caught in a strong grip. The same hand was brought back against his back bringing the man to his knees. Julieís face appeared calm but her eyes were wild and it was obvious that her adrenaline was pumping. She had the look of a wild animal protecting her young and if the fool before her hadn't been so drunk he would of seen it and stopped right there.

"I said nothing, Don. They came of their own free will. Theyíre both happy. Let them be and get some help." She said to the man calmly, hoping reason might reach him. It didnít. With a sudden strength of drunken hate he pulled away from her rolled back and stood shakily before the young woman he had know all her life.

"Thats what you say! I say you stole my family you ungrateful bitch!!"

"How can I steal what is not yours? You havenít been apart of this family since you took up the bottle. My Dad would be so ashamed of you," Julie said sadly. She was fully prepared for his attack. She waited quietly, all her muscles were set and itching for him to move already.

She didnít have long to wait, he tackled her full force. She easily side stepped his movement sending him crashing into the stairs.

"You are the one heíd be ashamed of! Stealing my family. Your Father owed me his life!! I saved him twice. Once in the army then once on the force. And you pay me back like this!!"

He once again attacked, and again Julie side stepped him. This time he fell into and broke a Chippendale chair belonging to the rented house.

"End this now, Don and Iíll help you. For my Fatherís sake, for your family's sake and mine. Please stop." She asked compassionately.

"Iíll end it when I get my family back!"

As he tried to get at the woman before him once more he threw a punch right toward her face. Julie blocked it and with a smooth movement of her leg she effortlessly hit him in solar plexus knocking him down and out cold.

"Fool." She said to the unconscious man at her feet.

The police arrived then and Julie calmly explained to them what had transpired. Robert also explained how he broke in and his mistress then handled the assailant before he could attack the family.

Julie also arranged that as soon as the legal proceedings were complete heíd be admitted into a local sanitarium at her expense. As this was happening two silent, teary eyed, woman came to stand on each side of Julie. Diana desperately engulfed the tall woman in an emotional hug demanding to know if she was all right.

"Iím fine, Squirt. Everything will be fine, I promise. I always keep my promises, donít I?" She asked lifting the sobbing woman's chin till she could see her green eyes.

"Always." replied Diana between sobs of pain and relief.

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