Family Affair

part 4

by Ri

See part 1 for all disclaimers.

All of Hollywood was at Ciroís that night. At a central table Julie sat with her family.

"I canít believe all these famous people in one place. This is amazing, Jules." Said Christine in an awed whisper.

Julie was amused. She found it totally endearing that her Godmother could be so star struck.

"This isnít the first time youíve been here, Auntie." Julie reminded the older woman while her gaze wandered the room checking out each and every possible connection in one glance.

"Have you summed up the crowd yet, Jules?" Diana asked her love with a knowing grin.

"For all the good it does me. I have an exclusive contract with Pete. There are a hell of alot of big shots here tonight. I wonder if I could talk Pete into a loan out? Iím itching to do a new project."

"You can talk anyone into anything. You know that." Diana replied with a sparkle of naughtiness in her pretty green eyes.

"Really?" Julie replied with an answering smirk.

"Really." Said Diana with her version of a knowing wink which greatly amused the woman across from her who had eyes only for the pretty blonde.

"I have a few ideas on that subject that we can discuss tonight."

"I look forward to it."

"Oh , so do I my friend. So do I."

Christine rolled her eyes, they always got into these strange word games around her. She knew they didnít mean it but it made her feel like a third wheel.

"Girls, I donít know or care what you are sending messages about but would you mind tabling it around me? It makes me feel left out." She said quietly to the two stunned woman.

Dianaís eyes widened and Julie could feel her own eyes well up as the two young woman instantly got up and embraced the older woman at the same time.

"Oh Mama, Iím so sorry..."

"Oh Auntie, please forgive us..."

They were kissing and hugging the older woman and saying endearments until the older woman thought to herself with amusement, ĎOh boy, now they're going too far the other way.í

"Ok, ok you two," She finally said aloud patting both their backs in that time honored maternal way. "I know it's a game and Iím fine really. I...Just wanted to remind you I was here."

"Auntie, we knew that, believe me! I guess we just got carried away. I love you so dearly. You're the closest person in my life to being a mother to me and Iíd never ever forget about you..."

ĎShhhh, it's okay, Jules. Oh and as far as Iím concerned you are an adopted daughter. No doubt in my mind about that."

Julie smiled her thanks then glanced at Diana who nodded her approval to both woman. Diana then took her motherís hand and said, "Mama, I will never let you feel left out. It's very important to Julie and I that you feel a part of all this. Of us, we're sorry that you..."

"Enough, I know Iím loved. Now let's decide what to eat before the kitchen is empty." The girls nodded and both started to study their menus.

Christine reflected as she read hers, ĎYes girls, I know that Iím loved.í

* * * *

After dinner while sipping her coffee, Diana looked up and her big green eyes widened, "Jules, do you remember that redhead from the train?"

"Yes Squirt, why? " Julie said as she sipped her coffee.

"Well sheís here and sheís staring at you again."


"Behind you to the right."

"I see," She said briskly, "Excuse me a minute."

"Jules, wait!"

But it was too late. Julie was striding across the restaurant toward the tall redhead briskly.

"May I ask what you find so damn fascinating?" Julie asked the woman without any preamble.

"Iím sorry, but you're an actress and a model. Surely you are used to being looked at?" The woman asked in a cut glass English accent.

"Yes, but not this unrelenting continual stare you seem to enjoy so much! What is it about me that keeps you doing that?" Julie's voice made it clear she was waiting for a reply to her question and would accept no other response.

"My name is Agatha Christie and this my new husband Max Mallowan. I was watching you both on the train and here due to the fact there is a bit of resemblance with a character I have written. Max and I are here to negotiate for a film version of my book, "Partners in Crime" and you are a perfect Tuppence, although you are a little taller then I had written her. Iím quite sorry I made you feel uncomfortable."

"Agatha Christie, the famous mystery writer?"Julie asked stunned, "The one who wrote Hercule Poirot?"

"Yes, youíve heard of me?"

"Of course, My best friend has read all your books so far and has been making me read them with enthusiasm. You're very talented."

Agatha shyly looked down, and Max smiled up at Julie, "My wife cannot stand praise. You're right, though she is very talented," He said kissing her on the cheek.

Agatha blushed a deep red and then said to Julie, "Would you be interested in playing Tuppence? I think youíd play her quite well."

"I think Diana just picked it up. Iíll read it, but Iím under an exclusive contract and..."

"Let me talk to you producer, I can be quite persuasive in my own quiet way..."

"She sure can." Max interrupted his wife with a laugh.

Julie smiled and her eyes twinkled, she liked this couple.

* * * *

"What was all that about?" Diana asked full of curiosity as Julie sat down at their table. She had made a quiet deal with Agatha, shook hands then rejoined her family.

"I think I may have just found my loan out. That was Agatha Christie, my sweet."

Dianaís face fell, "Agatha Christie! Why didnít you introduce me? Sheís my favorite writer. Oh Julie, I may never get another opportunity. She lives in England..."

As much as she was enjoying her love's pout what was to come was so much more delicious, "Weíre having lunch with her tomorrow. Both of us..." Julie never finished, She was assaulted by one leaping, joyful blondeís, bear hug. This caused Christine to burst into a fit of giggles. Diana kissed Julieís cheek then each eye and almost landed one on her mouth before Julie gently pulled away with a smile and a very quiet whisper only Diana could hear, "Let's continue this train of delicious thought privately, my love."

Diana realized what she had almost done in public and in front of her Mother and turned beet red. "Oh God, Iím sorry..."

"Shhh, my love, it's ok." She squeezed her shoulder gently. Louder she said, "Let's go home, you two."

* * * *

That night after they made sure Christine was comfortably settled in for the night and had everything she needed, the two entered their room.

Closing the door, Julie opened her arms wide and said, "Care to continue our discussion?"

Diana didnít need to be asked twice. She ran into the embrace, throwing her arms around Julie's neck. To her surprise she found herself lifted off the ground as Julie carried her gently to their bed. After placing Diana down she put an arm on each side of her and lowered her body so they were inches apart but not touching.

"Now my love, what were you saying?í

Diana caressed Julie's cheek and said, "Come a little closer, my sweet. I need to whisper something in your ear."

Julie smiled and lowered her body so that they were now touching but she was not crushing the smaller woman. Diana trembled as she felt Julie's soft breath on the side of her face.

"Is this close enough?"

"Oh yes," Diana replied hoarsely, bringing her arms around Julieís neck and making a trail of kisses down her neck to the treasures below.

"Interesting debating technique you have there Squirt." Julie said seductively, panting slightly as she took a delicate ear in her mouth to nibble gently.

Both slowly lost themselves in this passionate discussion and soon soared to the place of enchantment that only lovers go.

* * * *

Diana was cuddled deep in Julie's embrace, her head lightly on the taller womanís shoulder and her arms encircling her waist. Julieís arms were tightly wound around Dianaís waist and she was gently nuzzling her head against the smaller womanís sweet smelling hair.


"Mmmm," Was the deeply contented reply from her companion.

"Thank you," She said simply with a warm smile.

"Thank you too," Julie replied as she kissed a golden eyebrow.

"Oh no, I mean I loved our "discussion" but what I meant was for inviting me to meet one of my favorite writers. You didnít have to..."

"Oh Squirt, I wanted to. I think it's the least I can do..."

"What do you mean? Julie, you donít owe me anything. All I want is your love." She sat up slightly so she could look into the older womanís eyes.

Blue eyes moistened, she hugged Diana tightly. "Oh My Love, You have all the love my heart can give, every ounce! I hope you know that by now?" She asked looking deeply into glistening green eyes.

Diana nodded, "Of course I do."

Julie kissed her deeply, and when they gently parted, still panting, she brought them back into their cuddle. Quietly she said to her love, "What I mean is that I owe you for the joy and happiness youíve brought into my life. No success would be complete with out you, My Love. So I couldnít think of meeting some one you admire so without you present. Do you understand, sweetheart?"

Diana nodded her head, then hugged tighter.

"Yes, I do, My Love. I canít believe you feel that way. You, my sweet kind, generous Love make my life complete. You make me so happy that Iíve never noticed what I do for you. Thank you for telling me. I t means a lot that it's mutual."

"Oh very mutual. And you're welcome. Now let's continue our earlier "discussion", shall we?"

Diana had no arguments over that loving suggestion and their "discussion" went on well into the night, both womanís hearts thumping with joy.

* * * *

Julie and Tom Mix were both in robes on a desert set waiting for their next scene. They both were busy studying lines when Tom looked up and smiled.


"Yea, Tom?"

"Are you going to the wrap party tomorrow at my house?"

"Do I have a choice?í


"Then yes Iím going. Iíll have to find something nice for Diana and I to wear though."

"Sheís such a sweet little girl. Did you know sheís been helping me with my lines?"

"Yea, She was really pleased to help you. Did she, or were you being nice to her? Iím grateful to you either way, Tom."

Tom smiled gently, "She was very, very helpful. In fact, sheís even offered me some valuable insight. Sheís very bright. Sheís also totally devoted to you. You're really very lucky to have some like her as a friend. It's a rare thing to find someone who cares about you that deeply."

"I know, Tom. Sheís more then rare, sheís one of a kind. And Iím very grateful for every day that she is in my life."

"Good," He paused then looked up as he saw the object of their conversation heading towards them. "Sheís heading our way now, you know."

Julie looked up and her face lit up. Tom was amazed. The woman before him was already beautiful but she glowed when her young friend was near her.

"Hi," Diana said to both of them and handed Julie a manila envelope.

"This is from Pete."

Julie looked at the outside, then she ripped it open along the edge. Inside was an 8X10 of Louise Brooks and it was personally signed to Julie. "From one Modern Woman to another, Your Friend, Louise Brooks." There was another note from Pete attached, "I told her about you and she was flattered so she sent this along. I hope you're enjoying life out there. Spoke to Agatha Christie and it seems you enchanted her too. Not a surprise. Iíll be in touch, Love, Pete."

"I see Agatha had her little talk with him. This is his way of saying that I may be out of his sight but Iím not out of his thoughts..."

"You mean heís trying to manipulate you? Bribe you?" Tom asked a bit protectively. Heíd become very close to both young women and he felt a fatherly, protective streak surface.

"Oh, Pete wouldnít do that." Diana said with confidence in her employer and friend.

"He would, Squirt. But he would never, ever try to pull that with me. He knows better. He may try to persuade me but never manipulate me because Iíd see it coming faster then he could throw it. No this is his way of reminding me that he cares and that heíll let me do "Partners in Crime." "

Diana smiled, "Oh I know he is. Look what else came in the studio mail for you." Diana pulled another thicker envelope from behind her back.

"What is it?" Julie asked as she reached out her hand to accept the package being handed to her with such a bright smile from her little love.

"A contract and the script. First stages of course and it is already being sent to the writer's room for rewrite but they wanted you to start studying it in case you have any suggestions. Man, that Agatha is a fast worker. Sheís so nice and shy, Tom. Do you know her?"

"No, I havenít had the pleasure, little one. Iím a cowpoke so the brass rarely introduce me to dignitaries unless they ask to meet me. They love the money I bring in but their embarrassed by my forthright manner."

"Then it's their loss I think you're great!" Diana said honestly and looked toward Julie for agreement.

"Absolutely, Squirt. It's their loss indeed."

Tom blushed and looked down. Then he squeezed Dianaís shoulder and said, "You are just too sweet Little One."

Julie smiled. Everyone loved Diana.

"Anyway, Agatha was really kind to Jules and I at lunch the other day. She was very funny too. I really liked her. Didnít you Jules?" Diana was trying to save Tom from his embarrassment and change the subject. Julie smiled in admiration of her friend's kindness and discretion.

"What wasnít to like? Sheís very nice. And she was quite enchanted with you, Squirt."

Diana blushed beet red causing both Julie and Tom to smile brightly.

"Oh yea, Jules. Thatís why she was so fascinated by you."

"Not me; my look. Iím a character study. You were a fascinating luncheon guest."

"Like you werenít?"

"Not like you were."

"Ok, ok" interrupted Tom laughing hardily. "You're giving me a headache you two. Let's say she found you both enchanting and call it a draw, deal?"

Julie and Diana looked at each other and big smiles broke out on both their faces, "Deal." They answered at the same exact moment causing them both to laugh and give each other an affectionate hug.

Tom just shook his head and laughed and went back to studying his script. The girls sat down next to him and began to go over Julieís lines. It was also decided that Christine would come to the wrap party so they were going out gown shopping for the three of them that night. Julie hated shopping but even that was fun with the Squirt along.

ĎShe just brings joy to even the most tedious task. Yes Tom, Iím damn lucky to have her in my life.í

End part four

To be continued......

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