Family Affair

Part 6

by Ri

Please see Part 1 for all disclaimers.

Mickey watch in fascination as the beautiful dark woman paced liked a panther on a prowl. She was all in black and looked more deadly then in their last meeting.

"Baby could you please sit down, you're making me nervous!"

Julie spun around and the expression on her face was a mask of pure rage.

"Mick, Iím in no mood to kid. My family is being tortured by this bastard. He has reduced the two most important people in my life to tears. I will not allow this to continue I ..."

"I know, Baby. I know. We are going to get a handle on this, but pacing aint going to help. So sit down."

Julie looked at him and raised an elegant eyebrow, then she gracefully lowered her self to a seat beside him, "When Mickey, when?"

A man entered the office and went straight to Mickey Cohen. He handed the crime boss a sealed envelope and left again with out acknowledging Juliesís presence. Mickey opened the envelope and read the contents without uttering a word.

Slowly he raised his eyes and met Julieís tired anxious ones, "Well kiddo, we know who he is..."

Julie, who was looking out the window, turned and the expression on her face would of scared Diana to death. Gone was the serenely beautiful movie star in her place was the hawk like look of a protective predator. It intrigued the crime figure that this sophisticated woman still had her dark side and that she could call it up so easily.

"Who the hell is the Son of a Bitch?" Her quiet voice had an edge of steel in it.

"A stooge at the studio name Edwardo, He's..."

"Heís Gil Martinís assistant and heís had the hots for Diana since we came here. Shit. What is that little twerp after?" Julie said pacing like an animal in a cage.

"Money," Mick answered simply.

Julie sighed and sunk into a chair again. "No old friend, this more then that. This cruel and depraved, it's more like revenge. But why? We have never been anything to him but kind and courteous. This Son of a Bitch!" She growled in frustration.

Mickey shook his head, "Julie, I know youíve never experienced it but unrequited love can mangle and destroy a personís soul. It has given me many a good assassin I can tell you. You're far too sane to understand it.

Julie nodded her and closed her eyes. Speaking with them remaining closed, "Well, what do we do now?"

Mickey looked at the exhausted woman in front of him. "You go home and get some sleep. Iíll make all the arrangements."

Julieís eyes snapped open and her face showed that she was definitely going to protest this. She wanted in on the planning.

"Stop." He forstalled her protest, "You are useless to me and to your family in this state. Go home to your good girl and get some sleep, Baby. You're sure as hell gonna need it."

Julie nodded. There was no arguing with his logic. "Ok, Iíll go but if you donít call me Iíll..."

"Oh for Godís sake, Iíll call you! Now go! Sleepy beautiful woman are annoying to me, Go."

Julie face warmed into a smile, "Good nite, Mick."

"Good nite, Baby."

* * * *

An exhausted Julie slipped through the back door of her home and quietly went up the back steps. She walked into the dark room that she shared with Diana and saw a figure that appeared to be asleep. She walked slowly to her closet and began to undress in the dark. She stretched and yawned as she disrobed like a sleep walker blindly going about a nightly prowl.

"You can turn the light on, My Love."

Julie turned around and smiled as the light on nightstand went on to display before her eyes the figure of a rumpled angel. "Hi."

"Hi, how did it go?"

"Diana, I really donít want you involved in any of this it's too damn dangerous and..."

"My darling, I am involved."

Julie nodded, and walked into her closet to continue to get ready for bed and much needed sleep. As she changed into her sleep clothes her voice softly drifted into the bedroom, "You're right, Sweetheart. Unfortunately heís made you involved. It's someone we know squirt...I do need you to know who this is, so you can protect yourself and stay away from him. But please, Squirt donít let any kind of tip get to him," Julie came out in a man's long cotton shirt that she usually wore to sleep in. Her long legs peeping out as she strode to their bed. She slipped between the sheets and looked deeply into Dianaís eyes she asked her searchingly, "Can you do that, for me?"

Diana slipped her arms around the tired womanís and brought her into a more comfortable cuddle, "Yes Jules, I can do that. Come on My Love, relax now. Iím here and we're all safe."

Julie nodded and placed a very tired head on Dianaís comfortable shoulder. "Do you want to know who the bastard is?" She asked with her eyes closed.

"Yes," Diana replied kissing her forehead.

Julie smiled in reaction to the kiss and snuggled even more into her favorite pillow.

"It's Edwardo,"She said very quietly.

Diana stiffened in Julies arms as Julie's eyes popped open, "Jules why?"

"My love, heís been nuts about you since we got to Los Angeles. I guess his love has turned into hate which heís twisted into this bizarre revenge. Donít worry, Sweetheart, Iíll take care of this. I promised didnít I?"

Green eyes bored into blue, "How Julie?"

"Never you mind..."


"Diana, shhh, I will take care of it..."

"Itís weíll take care of it or Iíll confront him myself..."

Julie popped up and held Dianaís shoulders tightly, "Oh no you donít. Diana be realistic. This man is crazy. Heís in love with you and you are in very great danger from him. Donít go anywhere near him, please."Julie pleaded to her love with all that was within her.

Dianaís eyes were wide with fear, "Ok, Julie, Iím scared. I see him every day... what am I supposed to do?"

Julie hugged Diana tightly and patted her head, "Nothing squirt. I"ll take care of it. You donít go near him. I wonít let him hurt you, My Love." Tears were now falling down the tired womanís cheeks.

"Ok, weíll do it your way." Diana said quietly kissing Julie's eyes trying to take away some the fear for her love. Julieís fear didnít surprise Diana she just hated to see the strong woman hurting because she loved her.

Julie began to kiss Diana tenderly and said, "Thank you, my stubborn one. I know that its difficult for you, but I promise you we will not be tormented by this man for long." Then she kissed her again deeply with all the love in her soul. Diana returned the searing kiss with equal passion feeling the sense of belonging she always felt when they were together.

When they separated, Diana chucked the older womanís chin and said, "Get some sleep now, My Love. I have a feeling we're going to need it."

"You're right and we will. Goodnight Sweetheart." Julie said once again as she cuddled deep into the arms of the most important person in her life.

* * * *

Diana and Julie were in Julieís dressing room. Julie was not in a great mood. She was pacing the floor and snapping at anyone who came near her except Diana. With Diana she went in the other direction. Diana found it endearing and annoying that she was overtly considerate of her every need and desire, making sure the smaller woman rested and ate. The part was that was annoying to Diana was that in being so concerned for her and her Mom, Julie had been ignoring herself, only resting and eating when Diana insisted. Diana was more worried about Julie right now, then the threat against them. Julie was about to begin "Partners In Crime" by Agatha Christie in only one week, so she was on edge by both the threat against their lives and her pending film which could better their fiancees by putting Julie up for more starring vehicles where she wasnít a tramp or a vamp.

"Julie."Diana said quietly.

"Yes Squirt?" Julie turned from her pacing and Diana was amazed at the change of expression. She had gone from icy rage to sweet warmth in a matter of seconds.

"Please sit, you're going to get sick."

Julie looked at her love and sighed. Nodding her head she quietly sat in a directors chair by the dressing table, "Iím sorry Squirt."

Diana smiled sweetly at her love and calmly went to stand by her side. Softly she stoked her beautiful dark hair, "Donít be sorry. I know it's pure worry. I just donít want you to get sick because of it. I want you healthy and in one piece when this is all over."

Julie reached up and stroked Dianaís cheek, "I wonít get sick. It's not possible with you to care for me."

The phone rang and Julieís long arm reached out and grabbed the receiver.

She played with Dianaís long hair as she quietly said , "Hello."


Julieís voice deepened and she smiled at Diana as she removed her hand and straightened in her chair. "Hi. Any news?"

Diana knew that this was about the threat and sat down in the other chair.

"Yep, weíre set for tomorrow night on Mulholland Drive at 11pm. Iíll send a boy with a map for you. I think it should be an interesting meet."

A feral grin washed over Julies face as she said softly into the phone,"Oh so do I. Thanks, Mick. bye."

"Bye, Baby. See you then."

"Right," She turned toward Diana who looked anything but happy.

"Iím meeting Edwardo tomorrow night at 11pm."

"Donít you mean we?"

"No Squirt, I mean me. This is going to be very dangerous. You are not trained for this, but I am." She rose gracefully and said sweetly, "Donít worry Iíll be fine. I promised didnít I?"

Diana nodded her head as tears flowed down her cheeks. Julie smiled sweetly and gently wiped away the tears, and then kissed her forehead. "Come on, my darling you know I always keep my promises."

The blonde silently nodded her head but the tears did not stop.

Julie engulfed her in a hug. "Iíll be all right, Squirt. I wonít be alone you know and heís not expecting that. Please donít cry I donít think I canít take 24 hours of a miserable girlfriend on top of everything else."

Diana nodded and said quietly, "Ok Julie, Iíll try."

Julie nodded and hugged her again. Then she pulled back and wiped her love's face gently with her thumbs, "Will you help me with my lines?" She asked the younger woman with a very gentle sparkle in her blue eyes.

Diana smiled just barely and nodded.

* * * *

Julie waited by the side of the road. She was once again pacing and looked quite deadly in black jeans, black silk blouse, black leather jacket and a wicked looking pair of leather cowboy boots.

Suddenly there was a light at the end of the side street they were on, coming from the other direction. Julie looked to her left to make sure that the Mickeyís boys were in place; they were.

The car stopped. It was a black Mercedes and Edwardo stepped out, "Julie, "

He said with a smirk.

"Edward," she replied her voice more of growl then anything else.

He smiled cruelly, "I thought youíd appreciate the company so I brought a friend of yours with me," He signaled another man and the other side of the car opened and a terrified Diana was brought out, her hands bound behind her struggling with her captor.

Julieís eyes narrowed at the man and she growled, "Why did you do that, you Bastard!!"

"To ensure your cooperation of course. This way we will be spared any theatrics on your part."

Julieís mind was reeling. How was he going to protect Diana with Mickeyís troops ready to strike? In her panic Julie didnít foresee two obstacles to Edwardoís plan; Diana and Mickey Cohen.

Diana, unseen by her captors, had been untying the knots in the ropes behind her. Her tiny, strong hands made mince meat of the inept knots that Edwardoís thug had used. Luckily the man knew squat about how to tie a good sailor's knot so Diana was almost free to escape and help Julie.

Out of view Mickey had circled around the car to grab his friend's Love. He had guessed the scum bag would try something like this. So he had always intended to put himself in this position of sneaking from behind. He didnít want to worry Julie with the possibility so he just made sure he was there ready to help when the time inevitably came. Unfortunately it did.

"So do you want your money or not?" Julie asked seeing Mickey was sneaking up to help Diana. Relieved and grateful to Mickís foresight, She leaned slightly against the hood of her Rolls Royce.

Edwardo looked at her and said sarcastically, "Arenít you worried about your little friend?"

"Yes, I want to give you this and leave with her. Are you going to let me do that?"

"Iím so glad you're worried, Bitch. Cause Iím not letting you near her. You see I think Iím far better for you then you are. She needs the right man to straighten her out and Bimbo from Hell, Iím that man. So no I will not be letting you leave with her."

Diana gasped behind him, he didnít bother to look. He merely laughed cruelly and said, "Donít worry my sweet Diana, I will show you how to be a real woman."

"How could you, when you're not even a real man." She saw that Diana was safe. The gasp was surprise when Mickey grabbed the small woman from behind and took her to the safety of his car one block away.

Edwardo turned as if to grab Diana. Just as as he did he was hit by a flying foot of the graceful Julie. The blow hit him right in the groin. He doubled over in pain and whistled for his men. They were briskly met by Mickey's men and his jaw was met with Julieís fist. He fell to his side again but recovered quickly and rolled toward his quick moving assailant. "You Bitch!" He yelled as he pulled a knife from his belt and plunged it into Julieís skin.

"NO!" was heard from a few yards away where Diana watched with Mickey. He held her back till one of his boys finished what Julie had started. When he saw it was safe he let the young blonde woman run to Julie who was in a heap on the floor pale as a ghost with blood seeping from a large gash to her leg.

"Get a saw bones here quick before she bleeds to death that bastard hit a main artery," Mickey said to one of his boys and then looked down to see Diana holding an unconscious Julie crying wildly.

End part 6

to be continued....

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