Family Affair

Part 8

By Ri

Please see part one for all disclaimers.

The set was an office in London and within it was couple affectionately battling with each other. As the woman turned toward the man and the camera's eye there was a comically clever look on her face. You see there was something up her sleeve. By the end of the scene the woman was triumphantly teasing the man about her victory.

Diana had an amused expression on her face as she watched Julie play out the famous scene. She glanced at the tall red head beside her and her expression broadened into a smile at the approval she saw there.

"I knew she'd be a marvelous Tuppence." Said Agatha with enthusiasm. It was worth the wait."

Daian beamed brightly at her famous idol replying, "She was a little nervous with you here Agatha. You created Tuppence and she was..Well she wanted you to be pleased."

"She needn't have been concerned. She's wonderful."

"Yes she is." Diana agreed with a sweet smile toward the woman on the set.

Julie caught the look over the directorís shoulder and winked at her beloved.

Agatha watched the interplay and her smile widened. "I wish I had a best friend like you, Diana. You are a very special girl..."

"Yes she is." Said the topic of conversation as Julie silently approached. She put an affectionate arm around Diana's shoulders and said to Agatha, "If you ever meet anyone like the Squirt, hold on tight. Though I must warn you I really don't think you will. She's one of kind."

Diana blushed beet red and put her head against Julie's chest. Agatha laughed affectionately and replied to Julie, "Yes I can see that. You are very lucky, my friend."

"You don't know how right you are, Agatha." Julie said with a huge smile.


Christine was working on the New York Times cross word puzzle when the phone rang. "Hello."

"Good Morning. May I speak to Julie, please?"

"I'm sorry she's not home may I take a message?"

"Yes tell her it's, Pete. I need to know if she's willing to come to New York for a personal appearance tour. Could you have her call me as soon as possible?"

"Oh of course. When will you need her?"

"Yesterday! But I will take next week."

Pete, she is still wrapping up her film. I'm sure she'll do her best to come out next week."

"Damn, I really hope so. Ma'am are you Diana's Mother? We never really met in New York but I heard a lot about you."

"Yes," Came Christine's surprised reply.

"You have a great kid! I can't wait to see her too. Tell them I miss them both, and to please call me."

"Thank you and I will Pete."

"Great! Be talking to you, bye."

"Bye." Christine replied with a smile as she hung up the phone. "What a funny little man."

"Who's a funny little man?"

Christine jumped she was so surprised, "Julie, I didn't hear you come in."

"Sorry about that," Julie replied sheepishly putting down her coat on a chair and crossing the room to the older woman. "Who was that on the phone, Auntie?"

"Pete. Apparently he wants you to make a personal appearance tour in New York. He wants you to call him as soon as possible. He says he misses you and Diana. How said she was a great kid. How does he know her?"

Julie smiled affectionately at her Godmother, "He's her boss, Auntie remember?"

Christine's expression reflected surprise then she smiled and rolled her eyes. "Oh yes, I forgot. It's been a while. Speaking of my daughter, where is she?"

"She went upstairs to change. I needed to see the mail so thatís why I came in here. Would you like to go out to dinner with us? We're going out to Malibu?" Julie asked her as she briskly went through her mail discarding most of it and sliding two letters into the pockets of the capri's she was wearing as she waited for the reply.

"No, you two go. I'm not up to it tonight."

"Auntie, Are you ok? You've been down alot lately and you don't seem to go out any more. Is it...?"

"No, it has nothing to do with you or Diana. I'm ...well restless and yet I feel tired. I don't have to do anything yet I fidget...I... would you two be mad if I went home? I'd like to be among my own things. I..." She had dropped into a chair and started crying.

Julie went and hugged the older woman tightly to her. She stroked her hair gently trying to comfort the distressed woman. "Of course we wouldn't be mad. Is there anything we can do? We love you, you know?" She asked lovingly.

"Of course I know that...I...Just need to be on my own for a little while. I think you two need some time without this old woman too." Christine said softly.

Julie pushed herself back a little and brought the older woman's chin up so she could look into her eyes. "Auntie, youíre not old. We love you and you are never, ever in our way. If you want to go home, I understand. I bet you're home sick. Now that you are out of danger I see no reason why you shouldn't. Do you want to tell Diana or should I?" She asked quietly.

Christine answered slowly, " I guess that has to be it, huh? I'm homesick? I miss my things...I'll tell Diana. Can you arrange for me to go home when you two go for the personal appearance tour?"

"That's easy, telling Diana though?"

"Yes, she's so sensitive. I have to find a gentle way."

You will, Auntie, you will."


"What took you so long? Is Mamma all right? Is she coming?" Diana asked in one breath.

Julie smiled at the sight of the pretty blonde standing among an array of evening gowns on the floor. "I was talking to her and no she's not coming and yes she is ok. Did our closet explode or something?"

"Ha, ha, very funny. No I just haven't decided what to wear."

Well we don't have to go and then the decision will be made, huh?" Julie replied seductively as she approached Diana just as a beautiful panther would approach her prey.

"Julie I thought you wanted to try this new place?" Diana dropped the dress to the floor as long elegant arms enfolded her in a loving embrace.

"I do, but we can go anytime and right this moment other needs are making themselves known to me."

"Really, anything I can do to help?"

"Oh yes, my love. A melange of things come to mind. Come on, let's remove this explosion from
our bed as I explain each and every one to you."


The next morning Diana ran downstairs to the kitchen. Julie was on the phone to New York talking to Pete about their personal appearance tour. Diana thought she'd get breakfast started. Christine walked in a few minutes later and was surprised to find
Diana up.

"Good morning Sweetheart," Said Christine

Diana's head snapped up, "Oh good morning, Mama. I wanted to surprise you." She said with an adorable pout.

"Well you did. I thought you two would still be asleep."

"Julie always gets up early and she had to call Pete. I thought I'd make some breakfast for all of us."

"That was sweet of you, Dear. You are such a good girl...Um, Diana could you sit a minute with me before you start that?" Christine asked her daughter nervously.

Diana looked at her Mother's nervous expression and was immediately by her side. "Mamma whatís wrong?"

"Nothing Sweetheart. I just need to tell you something difficult...I want to go home."

Diana looked confused, "But we are next week..."

"No honey, not to your apartment. I mean home. To my home. Honey I love you both dearly but...I'm homesick. I miss my things. I really want to go home. Can you forgive me?" She asked her daughter, teary eyed.

Diana embraced her. "Forgive you, Mama? There is nothing to forgive. You're not a prisoner....I just ...I thought you were enjoying being with us..."

"I do. I love being with you. I just need to be home again for a little while. I don't know why but I do. Do you understand?"

Diana blinked back tears, "To be honest, no but I want you to be happy so we'll take you home when we go next week, okay?"

"Thank you Sweetheart. Thank you."

Julie watched from the doorway with tears in her eyes. She felt the loss of Christine for herself as well as her beloved. She knew though that would be best for Christine and that was what was important.

"HI." She said quietly.

Two heads popped up. Both woman wiped tears from their eyes and Christine smiled sweetly and said, "Good morning, sweetheart is everything all right?"

Julie nodded, "Yes, is everything all right in here?"

Both woman nodded. Julie went directly to Diana and embraced her, "Are you ok, Squirt?"

"Yes. Did you know?"

"Yes, but Auntie wanted to tell you herself. Are you sure you're ok?" "Yes, I'm sad but I understand completely. Uhmm would you both help me with breakfast?"

Both older women understood instantly and a quiet breakfast was prepared.


"Shit, This is ridiculous! Why the hell are you releasing him so damn early?" Julie growled into the phone as she paced around her office. "I paid good money to ensure a full recovery! Not this half assed band aid...No I won't listen to
statistics. I want him to be helped. He isn't through a year's therapy yet and you ... No thatís not good enough. Do you want a law suit?" Julie punched her chair which went flying backwards and crashed to ground. "Ok thatís better....Yes, you better notify me...NO I will not accept that he is to stay there for less the full year. I will not only cut off your funds I will sue you for every cent you have. Am I making myself clear? Good...Bye!" She banged the phone down and then pulled the cord and threw it across the room. "Damn Ass holes!" She yelled as the anger coursed through her.

Diana skidded into the room eyeing the damage she asked quietly, "Whatís wrong?"

Julie whirled, her face flushed with anger. She closed her eyes and breathed deeply so she wouldn't take the searing anger out on the woman she loved. Finally opening her eyes she found that Diana was now beside her, merely inches away waiting for
her chance to ease the anger from Julie. Julie shook her head at how the younger woman understood how to handle her and smiled sweetly.

"I'm so sorry, Darling."

Seeing it was safe to touch her, Diana embraced her and gently patted her back, "What's wrong? What happened?"

"They are trying to wiggle out of signed contract and I'm not going to let them!"

"What signed contract? What are you talking about?"

Julie pulled back so she could her face, "The one with the sanatorium. They say that they are overloaded and they are all done since he doesn't want any help...."

"They're going to release Daddy?" The voice was full of fear and that broke Julie's heart and strengthened her resolve.

"No they are not. Not unless they want a law suit and the state attorney general at their door. I said since when do patients say they are cured? Especially one with pending criminal charges...."

"Are they going to let him go? Mama will be all alone and I'm afraid..."

"No!" She said tightening her embrace and leaned her head against a warm shoulder. Slowly she stroked Diana's hair and said in a soothing voice, "They are not going to release him. Auntie will be safe. I swear Squirt. They are not going to be allowed to endanger the people I love. Even if I have to go over there and convince them personally." Though this was said quietly, the intensity of it showed Diana that her love was still very angry under the surface.

'Ok." She whispered. Then she lifted her head and reached for waiting lips kissing her tenderly at first but with growing passion. As it ignited full force Julie lifted the smaller woman and without breaking the heated kiss she walked over to the couch laying
the precious body down, slowly reaching to remove her clothes...

Suddenly the phone rang and both heads popped up. "Ignore it." Julie said.

"It might be important and thereís no phone in here."

"Yes, I think thatís just fine right now...Let's see where were we?..Oh yes."

She gently continued the exploration till Diana couldn't care less about the ringing phone...

To be continued....

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