Family Affair

part 9

by Ri

Please see disclaimers in part one.

"What in the hell do you mean he escaped! What kind of an inept joint am I paying for?" Julie had been yelling into the phone for over an hour. The butler had been knocking on the door for quite some time before they finally came out and he relayed the disastrous information to the two women. Dianaís father and two other immates had escaped from the sanitarium.

Diana sat with tears in her eyes as she heard Julie talk to the director of the sanitarium. Her Mother, equally teary eyed, sat beside her daughter holding her close.

"How damn long have they been gone? What!?! Are you idiots doing anything about it? " She scowled into the phone as she paced back and forth like a lioness stalking her prey. "That's not good enough. Havenít you even gotten the damn police in on this? Why the hell not!?!" She roared into the receiver shaking her head at the manís stupidity. She could not look at her family knowing it would break her own tight control if she saw the fear and tears in their eyes. "Well call them now, God Damn it! Keep me informed of your progress and Iíll start some inquiries of my own. Oh, and Mr. Peterson if my family is harmed by your incompetence you will find yourself a broken man I promise you that!"She said angrily and banged the phone down with out waiting for a reply. She then looked over at her family and her angry scowl quickly transformed into an expression of compassionate love, " Come here you two." She said holding out her arms.

The two teary woman ran for the comfort of her arms. She did not disappoint them. She contained her own rage so she could provide all the love, care and comfort that was in her heart.

* * * * *

Julie had been on the phone all day with every law enforcement agency and every studio cop she could reach. She also spoke to the studio chief who informed her that he will solve her problem. Craig T. Steinberg said more then that, he informed her that since she was his "New little star" that she shouldnít worry "Her pretty little head", about it and that he would take care of all the security problems.

When Diana heard that she laughed for the first time that day. "Has this man ever met you, My Love? You are not little and no one would ever think you have a little brain if they spoke with you for 30 seconds."

Julie laughed as well very pleased that the slight distraction stopped her love's tears even if it was only temporary.

"To these studio types all actress are sweet little things without a brain in their head. Look at the way the publicity is on Mary Pickford and Lillian Gish. They are all sweetness and light in the movie mags but in reality they are two of the most intelligent, sharpest woman this town has ever seen. The good news is they will do a hell of lot in this town to solve our problem."

"But what if Daddy is already headed home? Then Mamma will be headed for him when we go back on Friday."

"Hopefully heíll be caught well before we leave for the east, Love. I will not allow your mother to walk into any danger, you know that. She will stay with us until he is caught. I also will put him in a more secure place when we do."


Julie winced internally and actually had to look away from those intense green eyes, "This shows me he is far sicker then we thought, Sweetheart. Iím going to put him into a place ... for the uh...crimally insane. Its harsh..but Diana he needs intense help a regular sanitarium canít seem to provide for him...I..."

"I understand, My love. I watched Daddy at his worst. I know he is very sick. I want him to be Julie..." She finally broke down crying shamelessly.

Julie was right there for her love, holding, caressing and soothing the distraught young woman. When the sobs subsided Julie softly whispered into her ear, "I know you love him, but Sweetheart you love the real him. You donít love this monster that the drink has created. Until we can bring out his true self it is for the best to keep him where he can fight his demons without hurting himself or anyone else. Some place where he can get real help."

Julie felt the head against her shoulder bob up and down and she drew back to wipe the tears on the beloved little face. "Would you like to do something today? Weíve only got a few more days here before we head east for my tour."

"I guess we could go swimming and then to that place in Malibu," Diana replied in high squeaky voice.

"Sounds like a plan, come on, Love. Lets change for our swim." She gently led the still distraught woman to the bedroom to change.

* * * * *

Julie and Diana had fininshed dinner and decided a nice walk on the beach would do them some good. Walking side by side, with the waves washing over there feet, hands entwined and the clear bright sunshine reflecting off their faces they felt the best they had all day. They knew this moment of peace was temporary but they were both quite determined to enjoy it.

Julie stopped suddenly and embraced the smaller woman in a heart felt bear hug. "Thank you," She said quietly.

Diana looked up with shocked eyes and asked, "For what?"

"For loving me all these years. Even at my worst, we never lost I think your innocent admiration made me find a better way for myself. I ...I donít think I would of stopped running for the syndicate if you hadnít been there to...well worry and care about. So thank you my dearest heart. If it wasnít for you I would never of followed this path...."

Small fingers stopped the stuttering speech. Diana looked up and said, "All I did was love you. I couldnít help it. Even when you were so angry at the world, youíd come to our home and be the "old" Julie. I think we were a safe haven that protected you from your own anger. The real Julie made the angry Julie face herself. I had nothing to do with it."

Julie had taken that little hand and started to gently kiss her way slowly up the arm and was half way up when the little speech ended. She enclosed her love in an affectionate embrace and replied quietly, "But donít you see my dearest heart, if your sweet innocence hadnít brought out that "real me" I would never of been able to fight those demons. I only felt the strength to fight them when I was with you and your mother. I realize that if I continued in that life people like you would of been hurt. Mickey had been starting to suggest new "career opportunities" like drugs and ...well things I could of fallen into if it hadnít been for you. Your family might even of been in danger because of my reliance on you. It was my own intense need to love and protect you that finally got me to turn my life around. Please my love, acknowledge it, as I do. You are my own little angel...I think it was what my ancestor was trying to get me to realize...Oh God, I love you.," She said intensely as she gave Diana a searing kiss to show her heart.

When they parted there were tears in her eyes, She looked up and said, "All I did was love you, But if that was the catalyst Iím very grateful for it. So Iíll acknowledge it that way, OK?"

Julie was silently crying too, But she smiled through her tears and answered, "OK Sweetheart, lets go home."

Unseen by either woman a tabloid journalist was snapping a series of pictures.

* * * * *

The three women entered the dark apartment. A policeman stationed outside the front door assured Julie that all was well. Pete had hired discreet 24 hour protection to protect her family from Dianaís father and his companions. Julie was once again wearing the sable coat and hat. As soon as the door closed the hat flew onto the couch followed by the coat and stylish but really uncomfortable shoes.

"Damn Pete and his theatrics," She groused as she headed to her bedroom to change into her comfortable slacks and mans button down shirt that she preferred when she was at home.

Diana chuckled as she followed Julie to their room to change into more comfortable clothes as well. " I canít wait to read the head lines, "Beautiful Movie star returns home triumphant!."

Christine went to her room to change and rest chuckling at their antics as she shut her door.

Julie and Diana stopped just at the threshold of their room and looked around with sentimental looks on their faces.

"It feels good to be home doesnít it, Squirt?"

Diana nodded as the tears began to gently fall, "Oh Jules, I didnít realize how much till this minute, This room is so ..."

"Special? I know I feel the same way," They hugged each other and Julie kissed the top of Dianaís head. This is where their love deepened into a relationship; they never made love here but it was where they discovered the intensity of their feelings which culminated on the train west.

Julie ducked her head and kissed Diana deeply. Not breaking the kiss she picked Diana up and brought her gently to their bed to introduce it to theyíre passion.

* * * * *


"Yes my darling?"

"Are you looking forward to this tour?"They were cuddled in bed basking in the afterglow, the only light in their room came from a street lamp outside the window.

"Not really," She answered delicately sucking a little pink ear.

Diana moaned and turned into the neck kissing the sweet skin. She then met Julieís lips and kissed her deeply. As they took a badly needed breath she looked up and asked,"Why then?"

Julie had started her descent down her love's body and wasnít really paying attention, "Mmm?"

"Why are...we...uh...doing it then?" She asked as each kiss hit its mark.

She was trying to keep her head as sensation after sensation hit her already aroused body.

Julie smiled, "Iím obligated, Squirt. I really want to concentrate on you, ok?"She had reached Dianaís breasts and was gently massaging them as she kissed between them.

"I...can't God!...curiosity."She said wiggling under the wonderful assault.

Julie was about to enjoy a nipple when she quietly said, "I know My Love, but curb it for now as we have more important issues to explore," She then descended and gave pleasure to Dianaís waiting breast.

Diana could no longer form sentences due to the love she was receiving. She would try again ...later.

* * * * *

Two sated, content woman were now firmly cuddled in a heart felt embrace.


Julie was just drifting off into happy sleep,"Huh"?

Diana shook her partner gently, "Answer my question?"

One blue eye popped open soon followed by the other. "My we are determined, aren't we, My Darling?"

A huge smile lit up her loves face as she replied sweetly, "Yep."

Julie laughed and hugged her, "Ok,ok. I feel obligated to Pete because he sponsored me to go out to LA. If it wasnít for him I never would of done those films. So no, Iím not looking forward to being pawed and stared at as well as breaking my arm signing thousands of autographs, but I do feel I owe him and he is our friend and protector. we are. Does that satisfy you my sweet?"

Diana smiled and nodded her head 'yes', "I had a feeling it was something like that. I mean I know how we lived in Los Angeles, very privately only going to places and parties we had obligations for, I was just a little curious about this tour." She looked deeply into beautiful blue eyes shining with passion, She smiled and said, "Thank you for indulging my curiosity."

"I love your curiosity and enthusisasium, but Sweetheart, about your timing..."

"Sorry about that...I mean...well things fly into my head and I have a need to ask about them before I forget them."

"Tell me, My love, what about making love could possibly remind you of my tour?" Julie asked her mildly curious, she really wanted to go back to the business of loving Diana.

"Nothing, I just...I donít know, Jules...Do you know the reason why each and every thought crosses your mind at the moment it happens?"

Julie laughed and kissed the little nose in front of her. Then she licked it playfully. Diana squeaked and yelped, then retaliated by tickling the taller woman till she was trapped under her. "Mmmm, This is a nice position to be in..."

She was about to descend to kiss Julie when the world swirled around her and she found herself under Julieís control.

"Yep, it sure as hell is," Julie said laughing, her eyes sparkled as her lips met begging lips beneath her and she reached her goal; bliss.

End of part nine....

To be Continued.......

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