By Anita Louise

Part Seventeen

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 Chapter Thirty Six

Bobie was in a pleasant daze from the effect of the pill.  She felt giddy, disoriented, outrageously happy.  She smiled toward Sky and felt herself rising toward the glowing love in the woman's eyes.  "How long have I been asleep?"

"Not long.  Seems you are fighting rest."

Snuggling up to the woman, she placed her head on Sky's shoulder.  "I know a way I could rest a whole lot better."

Smiling, Sky held Bobie, pulling her closer if that was possible.  "You sure know how to tempt a woman."

Placing a tender kiss on the her neck, Bobie hummed,  "Only you I wish to tempt.  And yes, you are right.  It has been a long time coming.  Hopes, dreams, I was torn so many times.  How this happened, I don't care, knowing you are with me, that you love me is all I need to know."

Sky felt her body respond to the woman's touch and whispered,  "Do you know what you are doing to me?  You should be sleeping."

"Sleep, I have been doing this all of my life.  I want to love you."   Her left hand was resting on Sky's right breast as she smiled up, blue green eyes sparkling.  And yes, if I am doing it right, I know what I am doing to you.  So tell me woman, just when are you going to give in?"

Sky gently sat up, bringing Bobie with her.  Turning to gaze into the woman's eyes she replied,  "From the moment we met I felt a connection.  All I wanted to do was get to know you, be your friend if that was possible.  But to love you, know you want to love me is . . ."

Soft lips nuzzled, Bobie Parker had silenced her with lips that spoke words she had never been able to really say.  Tenderly they teased, stroked as the woman pushed Sky downward.  She had given up, there was no more thought of rest, Bobie was doing things to her she could not ignore any longer.  When Bobie's lips touched hers, it sent a burning flood of pleasure rushing through her body. But when her tongue parted her lips and pressed, Sky moaned for it was as if Bobie had touched her center. This filled her with unbearable need, it was intense, her body trembled with excitement.  What began slowly, became a raging joining of lips, lips hungering, lips wanting, tongues searching, painting.

Suddenly Bobie found herself on the bottom, Sky easily straddled the woman and pinned her hands to the bed.  "I want you.  Now."

At first Bobie was surprised by the woman's words.  She was still trying to figure out how she ended up on the bottom with Sky on top.  But as Sky  leaned over gently caressing her body with hers, thoughts vanished as pleasurable sensations took over.  Before long, Sky  had unsnapped every pearl snap on her shirt with the precision of a knife with just her teeth.

Filled with desire, emotions peaked, Bobie gasped,  "Bra.  Guess you will have to release my hands now."

Sky smiled, raised an eyebrow and replied,  "Bra is no match."

"Need to release it.  Can't do that by just wishing."  Bobie trembled under the woman, she was burning up, yet it was not hot in the room.

Before Bobie finished her words, Sky was placing slow meticulous kisses on her neck.  The woman's mouth, swept over her like a gentle rain, stopping to savor, and stroke.  She relished feeling the woman's body react with every touch.

"Gods' woman   I was the one that wanted to love you.  Do you have any idea what you are doing to me?"   Bobie was trying to control her breathing to no avail.

"Loving you.  Relax, enjoy, I want to pleasure you."

Bobie tried to move her hands but Sky was not relenting the hold she had on them.  "I give.  Release me, I won't move.  She raised her head for a moment, then fell back staring at the ceiling moaning in ecstasy..

Sky was getting acquainted with each breast, each nipple as she kissed, taunted through the material.  Bobie's pleasurable sounds were quickened when Sky easily unsnapped the bra and with her teeth tossed each side away from what it had been coveting.  "You are beautiful."

Bobie didn't know how Sky released the bra but she was fully aware the woman was now, kissing each breast, slowly, lovingly, tenderly as nipples rose to meet the lips, tongue each crying out for more.

For the first time, her body came alive.  Skylar's touch had brought forth a flood of unbearable need.  Faintly she heard Skylar's pleasurable sounds as the woman feasted upon each breast.  Sky had released her hands and slowly lowered one arm quickly unsnapping the levis she wore.  The woman's lips conquering and savoring at the same time sliding her hand down, down into a wetness that was calling, needing.

Their cry was intense as feelings sprang forth  both women were wrapped in sensations of euphoric splendor.  The room had become a glowing world of beauty, it was as they were on a magic carpet ride, each experiencing a love lost in time, found again.

Sky rolled onto her back, bringing Bobie to rest on top.   "I . . ."

Bobie placed a finger on the woman's lips.  "Me too."

"You're not mad, because I had to have you?"  Sky managed to say, still feeling her body sing tunes she had long forgotten.

Bringing her body to rest on Sky, Bobie nuzzled the woman's chest.  "I am very delighted.  And I mean very.  You have my body talking in so many wondrous ways, ways I never even knew existed.  I was beginning to think I had done something to upset you.  Seems when I would want to get close you didn't."

Sky kissed the top of Bobie's head.  "You never did anything to make me upset.  You are wonderful.  It has been difficult not to let myself go.  I wanted it to be a perfect time, a time without the thoughts of evil surrounding us.  I hope I was all right."

 "More than all right, have never felt so wonderful.  You are a gifted woman, meticulous too."  Softly she placed a hand on Sky's arm as her fingers began walking downward.

"Couldn't help myself, you were so close and I needed to feel your love."

Bobie smiled.  "I needed to feel you too.  Still hot, my body is feeling fire that is almost overwhelming."

"It suddednly got warm in here, very warm.  This is natural, like rubbing two sticks together, they create heat and then fire.  Losing circulation in my hand, do you think you could slip the jeans . . ."

Bobie grasped Sky's wrist.  "You entered the land of hot water and rising currents,  never thinking you might need a boat and scuba gear.  Hmmm . . .  I'm thinking."

"Said losing circulation, not dead,"  Sky whispered.  Her fingers, firm, yet gentle moved like a water snake, back and forth, frolicking in the wet land they were coming to know so well.  "What's that you say woman?"   Sky taunted and teased.

Bobie moaned,  "Can't concentrate when you do this."

"Good, roll onto your back, close your eyes and count to ten."


"Don't ask questions, just do it.  Have a surprise."

Bobie smiled and murmured,  "Gods that feels so good."

Sky withdrew her hand as Bobie lay back on the bed.  Closing her eyes, she began to count to ten.  At this time she felt Sky grasp her jeans and slide them off.  "Sky?  Are you going to do what I think?  If so, I'm not sure I am ready for this."

Gentle lips caressed her abdomen, slowly trailing down until stopping and savoring her inner thighs.  As Bobie made it to ten and opened her eyes, Sky looked up, and winked.  "Don't have a boat or scuba gear but I guarantee you will feel me in pleasurable ways darling."

The mixture of the pill and their time of joyous pleasure had now taken its toll on Bobie who was fast asleep.  Sky gazed at the woman, she was more beautiful than ever.  It was good to see her rest but at the same time, Sky had to admit, she missed her, even for a second.

A light tapping at the bedroom door took her attention from Bobie as Sky carefully got off the bed and tiptoed to the door.  Opening it, she gazed into the wide blue eyes of Belle Gardner,  "Belle?  What are you--what do you want at this hour?"

The woman was fidgeting with her fingers, looking uneasy as she replied,   "I-I need to talk to you, if, that, if I'm not disturbing anything."

Sky grinned, opened the door carefully and left the bedroom.  Approaching Belle, she asked,  "What's wrong?  You look upset?"

 "Please don't hate me, it wasn't my fault."

Hearing those words, Sky reached out, and placed both hands on the woman's shoulders, looked her in the eyes and asked,   "What wasn't your fault?  I'm not a mind reader Belle, give?"

"Promise you won't blame me?"  The woman squirmed.

 "All right, I promise."  Sky took several steps back, eyes glancing toward the bedroom and then back at the woman.  Noticing Belle was nervously looking at the front door, she turned her attention to it.and asked,   "Is Jeanne on her way here?  Where is she?"

"That's what I've been trying to tell you, she's gone."  Belle barely got the words out before Sky  turned and gazed at the woman with a look that should have frozen her on the spot.  "What do you mean gone?  The two of you left together, I expected you to come back together."

 "May--maybe we should sit,"   Belle mumbled, pointing to the couch.

Throwing up her hands in exasperation, Sky walked toward the sofa and sat.  "All right, so tell me, will she be coming home tonight?"

Belle walked to the other end of the couch, still nervously fidgeting with the fingers of her hands.  "She left with a man."

"Great   Jeanne goes with you, but she leaves with a man.  That's not much to go on, who did she leave with and why?"

"I--I don't know, it was a busy night and uh suddenly she was gone, but Courtney West the entertainer, brought me a note Jeanne gave her to give me."

Looking at the woman, Sky asked,  "Do you have it with you?  It's nothing personal, is it?"

Turning a shade of red, Belle replied,  "No, it's just a note."

"Can I see it?"

Scooting on the couch, moving closer to Sky, she handed the folded piece of paper to the woman, then scooted back to the other end of the couch and watched her read it.  When she was finished, Belle asked,  "You're not mad at me are you?"

Sky grinned then replied,  "No, it's not your fault my friend has taken off with some guy after a dance, it's not anything new."

"But this is so unlike her, I mean, she never struck me as a person that would go off with some guy like this."

Sky stood walked toward the woman handing her the note, then walked to the middle of the room, turned and said,  "Jeanne Randolph is a woman with a mind of her own and she is going to go do something that she shouldn't but is going to do it regardless.  I have a sneaking feeling that this guy she left with was not some man she had a crush on or anything like that, perhaps he might be a clue to what has been going on here."

Belle jumped up, eyes wider than ever, her facial expression changed to one of  fear as she stuttered,  "Th-th-things you hear, I mean, people are dying.  We've got to find her."

"Yes, you're right we need to find her but, I know Jeanne, when she gets like this there is no finding her, it's kind of like trying to find Bobie on the reservation."

"But you found her and I bet you can find Jeanne too."

"It has been a long time since we worked on a case together, people change."

"I have seen the two of you and I think the connection is still there.  Please do what you can to find Jeanne?"

"I will, if she doesn't show up within a day or two."

The woman was appalled, saying,  "A day or two?  Anything can happen in this time."

"Anything can happen in a minute.  She will be fine.  Take it from me, she is all right at this moment.  Tell me, did you see this man?"

"Yes, they were dancing close by at one time and then I saw them at one of the tables."

"Did you see anything unusual about him?"

Belle thought for a few minutes, before answering,  "He was nice looking but that's not unusual.  They seemed to be talking, dancing, laughing at times.  I did see them order several beers to the table once.  I think Jeanne was just being sociable."

"Sounds like she was having a good time.  I noticed a certain look when you talked about his looks.  Want to expound on that?"

"Well, He was tall and well built.  Had dark hair, kinda long for a guy, he was dressed in jeans, shirt, boots, the regular cowboy look."

Sky tipped her head to the left and stared at the woman.  "Did you ever see him close?"

"Only one time they danced past and Jeanne waved."

"Then you saw him fairly close.  What else can you tell me about him?"   Sky raised both eyebrows as she gazed at the woman who was apparently thinking back and from the smile on her face she doubted it was the cowboy she was thinking about.   "Yoo hoo Belle.  Come back to me."

At first the voice was distant but soon became much closer.  Belle stared into Sky's emerald green eyes looking down at her and offered,  "Guess I got carried away thinking about this."

"Mmm . . .  Perhaps it was not the cowboy that had you so wrapped in your thoughts.  It's all right.  Jeanne is a lovely woman and a wonderful friend.  I can well understand this.  But to get back to the man?"

"His eyes, when he looked my way as they past, they were different.  I can't explain it, they just looked . . ."

"I know, different.   All right that is established.  Do you think you could give me a good enough description so that I could try and draw this man?"

"I could try."

"Then it is settled.  I need a pencil, some paper and you giving me your observations."

Belle left the room, retuning with a sketch pad and pencil in hand.  "Will this do?"

"Great   Perfect.  Now sit, relax, think back to the dance, to them passing you and try to keep your attention on the man, not Jeanne.  I will do my best to sketch as you describe.  We can surely give it a go."

Belle smiled and said,  "It is hard to do you know, keep my mind on the man when Jeanne is right there, looking so beautiful."

Sitting on the couch, Sky held the pad and pencil prepared to draw this man's portrait or a facsimile of it.  "She likes you too.   Now, don't go asking how I know, I just do.  So take a deep breath and let's get this done the best we can.  There are many things to do tomorrow and the coming days."

Belle was finding out she remembered a lot more than she thought about this man and soon gave Sky a good description, one she had sketched the best she could.  When finished she held it out and asked,  "How did I do?  Look anything like him?"

A look of amazement said it all even before the woman spoke,  "It's him, to perfection.  You're good."

"Thanks, it is something I dabble in from time to time.  I appreciate your doing this, it will help us to find the man."

Belle stretched before saying,  "I bought the pad and pencil for Jeanne, she mentioned she liked to dabble at this from time to time too.  Thought I would mention this before you ask how come I had a pad and pencil."

Sky stood, reached down to help the woman to her feet and said,  "It has been a long night.  Maybe rest is in order."

"If you say so."

"I do.  You look tired."

 "Oh   Oh   I've interrupted something haven't I?"

Sky realized at that moment, her shirt tail was hanging out of the jeans she wore, she looked a little unkempt and began to mumble,  "No.  No.  When you knocked at the door, I was just resting my eyes, Bobie is fast asleep, she is cutting logs as some would say around here.  You definitely did not interrupt anything so don't worry about it."

"Since you don't seem to be too worried about Jeanne, I will do my best to control myself.  Have you decided what you want me to do to help with this investigation?"

"Tonight was a good start, you got everybody that is anybody to come to the tavern.  If in that group there was someone that is responsible or knows anything about the goings on I think they would have been there.  Did you see anyone besides this man that looked suspicious?"

"To tell you the truth, I was really busy.  I did my best to glance around the room once in awhile but Jeanne told me this was what she was going to do.  You know, make the rounds, meet people, get acquainted, find out things."

"I think she probably did,"   Sky remarked, then added,  "Now tomorrow, Bobie and I are going to go out, check certain areas with the Geiger counters that are in now.   I think this is a good start.   But I need for you to do something for us Belle?"

Excitement shown on the woman's face as she asked,   "What?  I ca-can do most things.  I'll do what I can, just tell me."

"Ok.  I need for you to go to the Sheriff's office tomorrow, find out just what he is up to, where he's at, and how long he is going to be gone.  We really need to know so we do not run into him and he does not run into us at least until this thing is settled."

Belle listened intently then asked,  "What if he is not there?"

Sky reached over and patted her on the back.  "Well, then ask Meg, I understand she knows anything and everything.  I'm sure she will know where the sheriff is, of course it will be up to you to draw the information out and not let her know you are asking for us."

"Oh, good idea.  I will do this first thing tomorrow and don't worry  bout Meg, I will never let her catch on that I am out to get information for you.  Will the two of you be gone all day?"

"No, we'll be checking some claims out, and then pop into town from time to time.  But let's make sure we meet here around five-ish, put our heads together, talk about what Bobie and I may have found, what you found out and maybe Jeanne will be back by then and she can give us her input.   If not, we're going to have to start thinking seriously about sending out a posse to find her."

"Oh no.  Now I'm worried again."   Belle began to pace, mumbling words that were unclear to Sky.

Feigning a smile, Sky tried to calm the woman.  "Don't be.  I guarantee you, Jeanne Randolph is one woman that can take care of herself. If you will excuse me, we both need to get our rest."

Belle nodded replying,  "Yes, you're right.  Have a nice night, Skylar,"  with those words, the woman turned and left the room.

Sky stood for several minutes chewing at her lower lip, her mind running in many directions. She was concerned about Jeanne but she didn't want to let Belle know.  The woman was worried enough.  Tomorrow they would make their trek with the counters, check out certain spots and try to put pieces of a puzzle together.  A puzzle that was becoming clearer each day.

When Bobie entered the living room midmorning, she was surprised to find it empty.  With a look of despair she hurried to the kitchen.  Anyone home?  There was no answer it too was empty.  The only thing that even looked as if anyone had been there were several coffee cups setting in the sink.  Retracing her steps she walked into the bedroom, both hands on her head she searched for any sign that would show her it was not all a dream.

It was then she spied the note propped against the alarm clock.  Taking several lengthy strides she reached out and grasped the paper her mind mulling over the words,  Sky, what have you gone and done now?    Unfolding it, she began to read softly,   "Thought I would let you sleep.  Going to do some checking close-by.  Will be back around 13 bells.  That is one to you.   If you are feeling all right, we can take a run out toward the Trenton homestead.  Love you, Sky."  Kicking the night stand as if it was at fault for her missing Sky that morning only caused pain to the unlucky toes that came in contact with it as she then hopped around the room.  Upset with herself she limped back to the living room.

She searched for the phone and finding it, frantically dialed Belle's tavern.  After many rings she hung up and walked back to the kitchen.  Putting on a pot of water to heat she poured some cornflakes into a bowl and sat munching on them.  It didn't take long for the water to boil, took longer to find the instant coffee. Belle's placement system was hard to figure out.  Finally managing to make a steaming cup, she walked back to the table, pulled out a chair and sat.

When Belle walked into the house it was the heavenly smell of coffee that led her to the kitchen.  She stopped and stared at Bobie Parker.  The woman was in her bare feet wearing a pair of Levi jeans, and an open Levi shirt that was allowing ample breasts to breathe and grow.  As well the woman was actually eating dry corn flakes like they were some sort of candy.  "Is it the coffee that washes those down?"

The woman's voce startled her, Bobie jumped to her feet, clutching the shirt to her chest, she stuttered,  "Th-thoug-thought no one was here."

"I take it you were expecting Sky.  I thought you were going with her?"

Quickly snapping the shirt closed, Bobie felt a warmth consuming every fiber of her body.  Tossing her head as golden hair stirred upon her shoulders, she replied,  "Not exactly expecting anyone, just didn't think anyone was home.  I apologize for my appearance."

Belle walked toward the woman, reached out and caressed her cheek for a moment then said,  "Don't apologize, you look cute and even though I am not Sky, most alluring.  Mind if I fix a cup for myself?"

"I could fix it for you, sit and I will."

Belle walked to the stove.  "I'll fix it.  Sit, I want to hear all about you and Skylar, and why you didn't go with her?"

The two women had been visiting for a while, even Belle had decided to nibble on the cornflakes in-between sips of coffee.  They were still sitting at the table talking when someone walked into the front room, both women dashed to see who it was.

Sky was setting a Geiger counter on the floor and looked up to see the two women hurry from the kitchen.  The moment she and Bobie caught sight of one another, it was as if they were the only ones in the room.  The intense chemistry did not go unnoticed by Belle.  Sky walked toward Bobie, smiled toward Belle and asked,  "Coffee smells heavenly, mind if I join you two?"

Both women echoed out,  "No.  Please do".

Once everyone was seated, coffee in hand, Bobie spoke,  "I was surprised when I woke, you were gone.  Why didn't you wake me?"

"You looked to be enjoying lovely dreams and I just did not have the heart to do this.  It was good to get your rest.  Heaven knows what will be coming down up on us."   Lowering her gaze, Sky grinned.  "Lose your boots?"

"No, I did not lose my boots. Just woke, showered and no one was here so I made myself at home. Already apologized to Belle.  Excuse me and I will go put them on."

"You don't need any boots actually you don . . ."  Realizing Belle was intently watching and listening, she stood and walked to the stove leaving the last word unsaid.

Belle shook her head in wonderment before she said,  "Bobie is fine, and if you had seen the way I walked in on her, I don't think it would be a cup of hot coffee you would be wanting."

Turning to look at the woman then toward Bobie who was now fidgeting with her fingers, she said,  "Wish it had been me.  But that was then and this is now.  You have adorable feet Bobie, let them breathe.  So tell me Belle what did you find out at the Sheriff's office?"

"Meg was as talkative as usual.  It took a while to get her to tell me what I wanted to find out, first I had to hear all the town's gossip.  Actually they seem to even be talking about Jeanne, that's a small town for you.  Bernie Herbella has gone back and I don't think he will return but the sheriff is keeping him aware of what is going on.  Oh and Ben has put out an APB for the two of you.  So I guess, avoiding the police would be a good idea.  Sheriff Burgess is centering his investigation on the reservation.  He feels that you two are there and is determined to find you."

Sky looked relieved as she uttered,  "Thank goodness he left.  I don't really know what Bern was up to but I can take a guess it was no good."

Bobie took a sip of coffee, then asked,  "Jeanne?  Where is she by the way?  Why is the town gossip line mentioning her?"

Sky filled her in on what Belle had told her and when she finished, Bobie seemed to be locked in some sort of trance.  Sky pursed her lips trying to figure out the woman's sudden actions.  Finally she reached out and snapped her fingers.  "Wake up!"

Bobie blinked several times then said,  "I'm sorry to hear about Jeanne.  I am sure that she will come walking in at any moment.  And this man is probably just some cowboy that she took a liking too."

Sky stood, reached out and grasped Bobie's left hand.  "Come with me.  Let's get your boots.  Be right back Belle".

Once in the bedroom, Sky spotted the boots, walked over and tossed them to Bobie.  "While you are putting these on, I want to know what you know about this man?"

"How would I know anything about someone Jeanne met in a tavern?"

"The look on your face, I could see a flash of something.  It is important we find this man, I didn't tell Belle but I feel that Jeanne could be in danger.  Stay right there, I want to show you something."  Before Bobie could answer, Sky left the room only to return a short time later with a sketch pad.

"You want me to try and draw something?"

Sitting beside the woman, Sky  shook her head.  "No, I want you to look at something and tell me if you have ever seen this man before?"

"How?  Where did you get this?"  Her eyes spoke volumes as she gazed at the sketch.

Sky placed a hand on Bobie's.  "Belle gave me the description, I did my best to sketch it.  You know this man, I can tell.  If he is someone from your past, an old flame, I don't care, I'm worried for Jeanne's safety and if you know anything, please tell me."

Bobie's eyes were filling with tears as she pleaded,  "I would die if you hate me, if you should never want to talk to me again.  Please promise you will still . . ."

"Nothing can take away my love for you.  I promise this.  Now what can you tell me?"

The two women had been in the bedroom for sometime.  Belle was getting worried, the sounds she heard were not of loving but of arguing and at times shouting.   She was completely at loss having no idea what was going on.  Sky and Bobie seemed to be very much in love, and this was unsettling.

When the door finally opened, the two women found Belle Gardner standing, feet apart, hands on her hips with a stern look on her face.  "Bout time you two came out of there.  I was beginning to think I might need the swat team."

Sky looked over to Bobie then to Belle.  "It's all right.  We had a few things to discuss.  No need to call a swat team.  Sorry to have worried you."

Bobie approached the woman, smiled adding,  "Might have sounded worse than it was.  I do apologize for causing any worry to you."

"It's all right Bobie, I don't mind you walking around barefooted, heck I don't mind you walking around bare."

"I would."  Sky reached out and tapped Bobie on the shoulder.  "Better be going."

Bobie nodded and walked toward the front door.

Sky turned her attention to Belle asking,  "I need you to do something else if you will?  This while we have things to do near the Trenton home."

"Anything.  Just tell me and I will do my best."

"I need you to go to the Court House, check on claims that may have been filed in the area pertaining to land beginning at the Kiva, clear to the Trenton home.  Do you think you can do this?"

"Sure. How far back do you want me to go?"

"Maybe a month before Pete's death to recently.  Anything you can dig up in regards to land, mineral rights, anything that seems to be consistent."

 "Will do.  Might take me awhile but I will do my best and meet you back here around five as we discussed?"

 "Sounds good.  See you later."

Belle watched the two women leave and sighed, Bobie looked like she had been crying and Sky looked unsettled.  She only hoped the two had straightened out their problems whatever they were.  And at that moment she felt like part of the team but decided to eat something before making her way to the Court House.  It was a good feeling to have someone depend on her and to have new friends.  The only thing she wished was that Jeanne Randolph would walk back into her life.

Continued in the part 18

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