By: PP Bard

DISCLAIMER: This story contains explicit content that portrays a loving/sexual relationship between two women. If this sort of thing bothers you then try a general fan fic site instead.

NOTE: Since this is the first piece Iíve ever put on the net, constructive comments would be greatly appreciated. I donít want any flaming though, so if you donít like my story TOO BAD!


You walk into the room just the same as you do everyday, but this time there is something different in the air. An intense rush of passion and desire floods my entire being and I am consumed by the loving look in your eyes. I see the familiar happy twinkle there, but now it is glossed over with a look of pure desire.

I can feel myself being drawn to you by some magnetic force and with every step I can feel it strengthen. I feel as though my heart will stop once I finally get to you and reach up to caress your beautiful face. This very slight touch is not uncommon but the jolt of desire that courses through my body is definitely a new sensation.

Your eyes reflect the same feelings and I cannot tear my gaze from them until I feel our lips join in a firm, passionate kiss. As the kiss deepens my hands glide down your body. I can feel the soft swells of your firm breasts as my hands continue down the length of your sides. Finally, they reach your waist and come together between us to gently unbutton your shirt. I release the first button and when my hands brush against your stomach I can hear you gasp. We have stopped kissing now and I am searching your eyes as I continue working my way up your buttons.

The look on your face displays your pleasure as I undo the last button and run my hands out along your shoulders so that I can push the fabric off. As the shirt falls to the floor, I pause to admire the beautiful body that is slowly being revealed to me. There is no embarrassment between us as I reach around you to release your delicate lacy bra. Instead, you pull me into a tight embrace before I can take my arms from behind your back. I take advantage of this inviting position and place my lips on your neck just below your ear. Here I begin a trail of kisses that wraps around to your collarbone. Now I realize that we are both becoming too weak to remain standing for long so I slowly back you to the bed.

We both fall onto the bed, never allowing our lips to part for a second. I am lying on top of you as we kiss. I can feel the firm pressure of your bare breasts against my body and I roll off of you and onto my side. I adjust my position so that the length of my body is pressed against yours and my upper body is supported by one arm.

Weíve stopped kissing and I am now taking another opportunity to admire your beautiful body. My free hand drifts to the hollow of your collarbone before slowly working its way down. As I near your breasts, I can feel your heart speed up and your breathing become heavier in anticipation. I finally cup your right breast in my hand and as I begin to stroke your nipple with my thumb, I can feel it stiffen with arousal. I love the sight of your rosy nipples becoming hard under my touch and now I want to give them the attention your body is screaming for.

I carefully ease myself into a sitting position on top of your hips. Then I feel your hands working their way inside my shirt, so I quickly shed the top along with my bra. I am suddenly overcome with a need to feel your skin on mine so I lean forward until I am again lying on top of you. The feel of your hard nipples against my breasts makes my own nipples quickly stiffen also. I kiss your lips before I whisper my love for you into your ear. Again, I leave a trail of kisses from your ear, this time going all the way to your left breast. I kiss a circle around your breast, each kiss becoming a little closer to your nipple. Now I place my mouth over your stiff nub and gently suck on the puckered flesh. I can feel you tremble with pleasure when I teasingly flick your nipple with my tongue. I nibble on it ever so gently, so as not to hurt you. Now I work my way across your chest to your other breast so that I can give it the same attention. I have slid to the side now and I begin to kiss my way down your stomach. My mouth reaches your belly button and I canít help myself, I let my tongue slip out and enter it.

My trail of kisses comes to a stop just beneath your belly button because your pants are in the way. As I reach to undo the button on your jeans, I look into your eyes to make sure Iím not going too far. The look in your eyes is one of pure love and I notice a playful grin pulling at the corners of your sexy lips. I am relieved to find out that this is exactly what you want. I scoot up to kiss you while I unzip your jeans.

Reluctantly, we break our kiss so that I can pull the tight pants off your body. I let one of my hands gently trace the length of your leg and when I reach your inner thigh I can feel the heat and wetness of your desire through the thin fabric of your underwear. I gently pull this last barrier from your body and survey it once more. I knew you would be beautiful but in this naked state, your beauty is so much that I am breathless. When Iím finally able to find my voice, I tell you just how beautiful you are and kiss your lips gently. I also couldnít help kissing your eyelids and nose before I scooted down your body some.

I again lie on my side with my body pressed against yours. With my right hand, I make lazy circles on your body as I slowly work my way downward. Once I reach your thighs, you spread your legs slightly in silent invitation.

My heart is pounding so hard in my chest as I gently ease my hand into your opening that I am sure you can feel my pulse against your side. I slowly rub my fingers along the length of your most private, delicate spot and I can feel the wetness there. When you push your hips towards my hand I push my finger deep inside your center. I withdraw slightly before plunging back inside to make you feel my love in the deepest part of your heart, soul, and body.

I can smell your musky, feminine scent and I suddenly long to kiss your delicate center. I donít remove my hand from your body until I am positioned between your legs. I then bring my lips to your inner thigh and kiss you there. I suck on the warm flesh and allow my tongue to caress your skin as I make my way towards my goal. Carefully, I spread your legs a little farther as I let my tongue find its way between your folds.

I feel my body becoming more and more aroused as I seek to give you ultimate pleasure. The scent of your desire fuels my own as I glide my tongue back and forth just inside your opening. Now I am focusing on the one spot that I know will give you the most pleasure. I lick around it and then strain to go as far into your center as I can. I continue using my tongue to pleasure you until you reach the peak of desire and your body quakes with your climax. I remain inside you until the final after-shocks cease and then I slowly withdraw from your most delicate spot. I crawl back up to lie beside you and reach for you so that I can wrap my arms around your body. There is no strength left in my body as I whisper that I love you. We both gently drift to sleep in one anotherís arms after this intense, emotional experience. This is the first time Iíve ever made love to someone and I will never forget how special it is.

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