Game, Set and Match

Chapter 7

By Ali Vali

Disclaimers: See Part 1.

"Ma'am, please you can't attack a person in handcuffs." One of the security personnel was looking at Parker to see if she was willing to help him pry Emily off the woman the police were trying to take into custody. The second the ski mask had come off everyone had been taken by surprise when Emily had gone after Gail with the intent to cause her major pain, and had actually gotten in a few blows before the security personnel got a hold of her.

"Why the hell not? She just tried to kill Parker. I would think that gives me the right to punch her." She kept her fist balled up in case the security officer agreed with her.

"Come on, slugger, before they drag you off to the pokey too," said Parker. It was Gail that tired to advance on them when Parker came closer and hugged Emily to her body. The tall guy that had been holding her just knocked Gail to the ground and sat on her until the police that had just arrived could take her into custody.

"Do you know this woman, Ms. King?" The man asking flashed his badge as two other officers took Gail toward a waiting patrol car.

Parker explained how she knew Gail and why she thought the woman had attacked her. The one thing she didn't know was if it had been Gail that had attacked her that night outside the restaurant. When Gary, Parker's sisters and Bobbie came looking for them, the police had already taken Gail away.

"Are you sure you aren't hurt?" Emily wanted to cry again now that the reason for her anger was sitting in the back of a police cruiser. She had wanted to die when she had watched the blade plunge into Parker's side with all the force Gail could muster.

"I'm fine, baby, I swear. She didn't touch me, but I wish security hadn't gotten here so fast." The small hands didn't stop until Emily was satisfied that the knife had only ripped into the bag and not Parker.


"Because," started Parker as she bent and unzipped her bad pulling out two of the rackets. "The bitch sliced through all my gut and the guy I like to string my rackets is back in Florida." The two rackets Parker held up both had a matching hole off the center.

"I'm sure we can find someone who can do them to you liking in the city, honey." Emily wanted to laugh at the face Parker was giving her, but figured Parker wouldn't appreciate it. The feeling of overwhelming humor came again considering what could have happened to Parker when Gary noticed what his star was holding and tears sprung to his eyes.

"All of them?" The coach's partner asked. Parker nodded her head to Nick's question getting him to start dialing a number into his cell phone.

Beside him Gary's only comment was, "And Günter's back in Tampa." Emily figured they would eventually clue her into what the big deal was as the group examined every racquet in the bag.

The ride back to Emily's apartment was traveled in silence once they were done talking to the police detective assigned to the case. Bobbie looked in the rearview mirror a couple of times when the traffic slowed to see Emily holding a sleeping Parker. When their eyes met, Emily held up crossed fingers and smiled. Having an ex-lover try to murder the current one was a new experience for her. I didn't know I was worth fighting over to this extreme.

After a shower Parker went in to take a nap alone since Bobbie and Emily were going to walk up the street to pick up some food at the restaurant down the street. Emily had invited the King sisters and Natasha over for dinner after they swore eating on the floor wouldn't be a problem for them. They were a half a block away on their way back when the two women noticed a car drive up and two men get out.

Both of the athletic looking guys retrieved large black bags out of the trunk of their car then consulted a slip of paper as if looking for an address. Before they had a chance to start walking the street looking for it, Emily and Bobbie arrived.

"Can I help you?" Emily shifted the bag of food in her arms and kept a good distance from the two strangers.

"Please, if you could tell me where this address is?" The tall blonde man had a heavy German accent and held the paper in his hand for Emily to take.

"That's an easy one, since it's mine. Is there something you want?" Emily handed him his paper back and waited for an answer.

"We have a delivery for Parker King, and Gary said this is where we could find her." Emily recognized the shape of the bags as similar to the one Parker carried her gear in and smiled figuring Parker would like whatever might be in them.

"Racquets, I'm guessing?"

"Yes, ma'am. A few of the ones that were cut today and some extras our boss thought she would like to try. The company flew Gunter in on a special flight to take care of everything, so hopefully he'll be finished with the rest of them by tonight." The front door of the building opened and Parker came out wearing the sweat pants and t-shirt she had left on the bed that morning. Looking better rested and wearing shoes she stepped beside Emily and gave her a kiss.

"Who's their boss?" Emily pointed to the two men dressed similar to Parker.

"One of the vice presidents for the company that makes Head rackets," answered Parker before moving to shake hands with the two delivery guys. With their greetings out of the way, one of the blondes started opening cans of balls and dropping them into a practice basket he had pulled out of the trunk. Emily was about to ask what he was doing when Parker unzipped one of the bags on the sidewalk and pulled out a slew of racquets.

For the next hour Emily and the guests she had invited sat on the steps of her building watching Parker play tennis in the street. Methodically Parker took each racquet out of the bags and tried them until there were six standing against Emily's legs.

Parker picked up one of the new ones her sponsor had sent over and popped open a last can of balls. With a smile on her face she called out to Bobbie, "Want to play with me?"

"Ooh, Bobbie, I'd be careful, I'm familiar with that look she gets. You may be in trouble." Natasha laughed when Emily's friend gulped beside her.

"Try to remember I don't do this for a living. Ok?"

"I'll do my best." Parker winked at Emily before tossing up the first ball. Some of the little boys that had been watching ran after the ball when Bobbie swung at it and missed. Emily's new neighbors along the block had gotten a kick watching a more personal Open played so they could watch out their windows.

Gray snorted some beer out of her nose when an elderly woman had asked Emily if she was planning on dating Becky Hammon from the New York Liberty next to let her know so she could make it down to the playground to watch. The volleyball player was trying to decide if the old lady's question or Emily's blush was funnier.

"Thanks guys, tell Wilson I appreciate the prompt service." Parker shook hands with the two tennis players that had delivered her racquets.

"His name's Wilson and he works for Head?" asked Emily. Parker cuffed her softly in the back of her head before taking one bag upstairs. Gary and Nick grabbed the other one happy that had turned out all right including having all the tools Parker would need for the rest of the tournament.

Upstairs Emily and Natasha worked in the kitchen heating up the food that had sat forgotten on the stoop when Parker had started to play. Emily took notes on how much to order the next time she had the idea to invite a pack of ravenous athletes to her house for dinner. After the kisses and hugs goodbye at the stoop, Kimmie and Gray offered to get Bobbie and Natasha back to their doorsteps for the night, and the guys flagged a passing cab so Emily took her player upstairs for a hot bath.

"You must've sweat off five pounds out there, and picked up another six in dirt." Parker didn't take Emily's fussing too seriously since the blonde was kneeling next to the tub naked. She stepped in and kneeled between Parker's legs so she could wash her hair. "Move one leg up for me, sweetheart."

Parker draped half of her left leg out of the tub to give Emily room to get closer. When Emily did, Parker sucked in the nipple right in front of her getting Emily to forget what she was doing for a moment.

"You taste so good," said Parker from around her now perky friend.

"Oh no, you can stop right there. I know you don't have to play tomorrow, but you are going to bathe and going to bed. As much as I love watching your cute butt running around the court, I like those short matches much better. I have a feeling you do to." Emily heard and felt Parker release her with a 'pop.'

"You're no fun."

"I just want to take care of you." Emily rinsed the suds out of Parker's hair and finished the task with a kiss.

"And I thank you for it," said Parker with a smile. When Parker was dry and in another t-shirt and shorts, Emily propped her up against the headboard of the bed and fed her dessert.

Parker could hear Emily cleaning the dishes they had used, but the smaller woman had given her strict orders to stay in bed and out of the kitchen. She was hoping it really was because Emily wanted her to rest and not because she didn't know what to say after what had happened earlier in the afternoon. Emily cuddled up to her as soon as she had turned out the lights and slipped into a short nightgown.

"Thanks for coming out for all my games so far. It means a lot to me to look up and see you sitting up in the stands." Parker spoke softly and pulled Emily closer. The compact body loaded with curves felt so good pressed up against her that Parker couldn't help but let her hands roam a little. Emily was so physically beautiful she reminded Parker of a line she had read in a book. "She had an hour glass figure with an extra thirty minutes tacked on for kicks." Or something like that, now I know what he meant. The thought ran through Parker's mind as her hand came to rest on Emily's backside.

Emily's mouth curled up in a smile after hearing what Parker had said. It was sweet considering the amount of people around the globe glued to their televisions so they could watch Parker play, that it'd be Emily the pro was the most excited to have there. "Not more than it means to me to be there to watch you play. In a way it's kind of strange." The long body under Emily's jiggled her a bit when she laughed.


"Not strange as in bizarre, sweetie. Strange as in seeing someone who does something for a living that other people want to go see and cheer on. Does that make sense to you?"

"I've never thought of it that way."

"I'm not complaining, it's nice looking down and watching you do something you love. I love flying, but I don't have a fan club, and my naked butt isn't on a bill board at Time Square." Emily kissed the patch of skin under her lips wishing the tournament was over so Parker could relax for a couple of weeks.

"Don't be so sure about that, I'm a big fan of yours, and if you want I can have Nick talk to Nike. I've seen your butt, and it definitely competes with mine any day at Time Square."

"I don't know why you'd be a fan of mine. I almost got you killed today." Emily moved up a little and pressed her fingers against Parker's mouth to stop the protest that was coming. "You know I'm right. Crazy wouldn't have tried to kill you if it wasn't for me."

Parker opened her mouth and nipped at Emily's fingers getting her to laugh and forget about the mood the smaller woman was falling into. "I'd want to kill someone too if they stole you away from me, Em. You're so special, and I love you so much," the fingers came back to stop Parker again as a blush colored Emily's face.

The thought of what could have happened to Parker flooded through Emily's brain again like a nightmare and she released a sob from deep in her chest. When Gail's knife had sliced into Parker's bag, in that one second of violence Emily realized she had fallen so in love with her it would have killed her to see Parker hurt. What a tragedy would it have been to know that in one instant, then have it torn away from you in the next heartbeat?

"You didn't steal me away from anyone, Parker. I tried, I really did but all the fighting and drinking wore me down. That night Gail scared me out on those dunes and I've never been able to forget the look on her face as she fought herself not to hurt me. Now she's tried to hurt you," Emily's tears fell in earnest at the admission.

"Hey, Em, it's ok. We are fine and Gail can't hurt us anymore. Come on now, it's going to be fine." Parker gathered the crying woman into her arms and just held her as she talked. "Want to hear what I figured out today?" The blonde head nodded against her chest as the crying slowed and was replaced by hiccups.

"I was playing today and Marsha was kicking my ass, gloating the whole time and for a while there I was thinking I was going to lose to America's sweetheart." Emily looked up from Parker's chest interested in where this story was going. "Last year that thought would have pissed me off because of the work that goes into preparing for a tournament like the Open, but this year I figured you wouldn't think any less of me if I lost so it didn't matter as much. I looked up there and saw you biting your thumbnail and it hit me."

"What did, sweetheart?"

"I love you, Emily. Don't get me wrong, I don't think of you as a trophy, but if I could win your heart, I could never win another game of tennis and it wouldn't matter." In books someone confesses love and the girl gives them a huge kiss, she doesn't break down like her dog just died, thought Parker as Emily started sobbing into her chest again.

"You could tell me that a million times a day and I'll never get tired of hearing it." Parker used the bottom of her t-shirt to wipe Emily's face dry after she got her confession out through her tears.

"Enough tears for one night, cute stuff. Let's get some sleep so you won't be tired at work tomorrow. Where're you headed in the morning?"

"A morning flight to Houston then Dallas, where I'll get to cool my jets for three hours before heading back. I took the shitty schedule this time so I could get off to watch the rest of your matches." Parker rolled them over so she could tuck the blankest around Emily's body. After a gentle kiss, Parker spooned around behind her and relaxed.

"How am I going to sleep when you go back to Florida?" Emily asked putting her hand over the one Parker had rested on her abdomen under her nightgown.

"That's easy, I'm not going back to Florida. At least not without you." Emily smiled in the dark at the answer and pulled Parker's hand up between her breasts. Behind her Parker smiled as well knowing that the answer had put to rest some of the demons in Emily's mind.


"Sir, we found this in one of the drawers in the desk located in the study. We also bagged numerous newspaper articles on Ms. King and her playing schedule." The uniformed policeman handed the senior detective a bag with a letter in it. The note in the plastic sheaf was like many of the others Parker had received explaining her death because she was an abomination to God.

"This doesn't make any sense." Logan Sully muttered in a low voice after reading the note for the third time. He had listened to Parker's explanation of how she knew Gail and why the broker had attacked her.

"Why not, sir?" One of the officers that had accompanied Logan to search Gail's apartment asked.

"Because she attacked Parker King because the woman stole her girlfriend. Don't you think that would make Ms. Ingles an abomination to God as well? This time there was no threat spoken during the attack." Logan continued when the two policemen looked like they weren't following what he was saying. "Outside the restaurant, Gail Ingles runs up to Parker King and stabs her. But before she does, she say's 'Death to those who go against God,' or something to that effect. Two weeks later she does the same thing, only this time in broad daylight but dressed the same using the same weapon. I don't think the same person did this, but where did the Ingles woman get this note. If you compare it to all the others Parker King's coach showed me, I'd be willing to bet my paycheck they match."

"I'm thinking the bitch is crazy, boss. More crazy now than she was two weeks ago. The head shrinkers call that spiraling mental illness."

"All right, Sigmund, collect the rest of the stuff and let's head back to the precinct. I'm sure that Ms. King would like to know that the nut that sent all the notes is locked up. The sooner the better since I have money riding on the outcome of the Open this year. This Ingles woman could have cost me a fortune had she knocked Parker out of the finals."


"Do you have some lunch money?" asked Parker as she helped Emily on with her jacket. The question made the pilot laugh and turn around as soon as her arms had cleared the sleeves.

"Yes, but I don't need any. The airline feeds us wherever we land, or in the air depending on the flight. What are you going to do today?"

Parker pulled Emily closer and kissed her forehead. She was worried about Emily after she'd had to wake her three times during the night from the throes of some nightmare Parker was convinced were about her. What she really wanted to do was ask Emily to stay home from work, but figured the blonde wouldn't appreciate the suggestion.

"Play tennis, watch some television then wait for you to get back. I'm going to miss you today, Captain," said Parker.

"Come down here, stretch." Emily pulled on the back of Parker's head trying to get her down to where she could reach her lips. "I'm going to miss you too. Promise you'll be careful and stay away from maniacs carrying knives until I get back?"

"I promise. You stay away from low flying birds and frisky air attendants. I'm the jealous type, so keep that in mind, Sparky."

"I'm not the one that keeps making the cover of the tabloids, Parker." Emily kissed Parker one last time before heading out to flag a cab. With any luck she would get favorable tailwinds and be back in time for them to go out to dinner.

The pilot was almost at the Virgin gates at JFK when her cell phone started ringing, and after rummaging through her purse found it before whoever was calling hung up. "Hello."

"Hey, Captain."

"What you miss me so much already, you're calling me at work?" Emily waved to one of the ticket agents who was walking into the building beside her. She almost sighed in relief when she felt the air conditioning the moment the doors slid open.

"It's true I miss you, but that's not why I'm calling. Remember this morning when you said something about me making the rag headlines every time the papers are printed?" asked Parker from the bench at the practice facility.

"Yes, I'm dating a chick magnet what can I tell you."

"Baby, are you at the airport?"

"Walking down to collect my crew and plane as we speak."

"Before you go flying off into the wild blue yonder, stop at one of the newsstands for me if you would." Parker could hear people around wherever Emily was when the pilot stopped talking and kept her fingers crossed that a big sense of humor part of the woman's makeup.

"You have got to be kidding me, Parker?" Emily looked at the front page of one of the national rags and saw herself staring back under a headline that read, 'Woman That Bagged Kong.'

The photographer had captured Emily in an unguarded moment as she cheered something Parker had done on the court. Despite the FDNY ball cap and sunglasses she had on, it was impossible not to tell who it was.

"I wanted to give you a heads up before you got teased about it."

"Thanks." Emily continued to stare at the photo and from her immobility started to get the customers around her to compare the picture to the woman looking at it with a strange expression.

"Are you mad?"

"No, honey, just surprised that anyone would do this. I'm nobody."

"Are you kidding me? You're the woman that bagged Kong. I think the mayor's going to honor you with a medal this afternoon when you get back." Parker felt better when she heard the laugh at the other end. It was a fleeting moment when she looked up and saw the detective from the day before walk across the court towards where she was sitting making her sigh.

"What's wrong?"

"I'll tell you about it this afternoon. Fly safe and I love you," said Parker before she hung up and faced the unhappy looking cop.

Emily wanted nothing more than to call Parker back and find out why she sounded so frustrated all of a sudden, but she was running late for her preflight checks. She was surprised no one was behind the desk at the gate when she got there so she just walked down the jet way to the plane to meet with the crew. Turning the corner, Emily could feel the heat in her face when every single Virgin employee in the vicinity stood by the door with a newspaper and pen in their hands. The blush only got worse when they started to clap and chant the mantra that had reverberated through center court the day before, "Kong."

"Way to go, killer. We didn't know you had it in you," teased Willy. To make her feel better he came up and hugged her then walked her to the cockpit to get her color back to normal.

"I'm not going to be able to greet passengers, am I?"

"Captain, you're in love and I'm happy for you. Don't sweat it, the only reason those people did that this morning is because they like you, not to embarrass you. If some uptight passenger gives you a hard time over this picture, they shall find an extra-added bonus in their coffee, so don't give up your routine. Besides you were just too tempting to pass up considering what you were wearing. No wonder they put you on the cover," said Willy.

"I thought Parker would get a kick out of it, so I wore it as a joke." Emily looked at the t-shirt in the picture and laughed. When she had gotten dressed after Parker had left, her top selection had been too good to pass up. Hanging off the Empire State Building was King Kong trying to knock some planes out of the sky, with the bottom caption being 'Who's Your Monkey?'

"So?" asked Willy.


"What's the answer, silly?"

"William, at times like this it's important to remember how young Parker King is compared to us." Emily paused getting Willy to come closer and nod his head. "It truly boggles the mind how many slang off color expressions Park knows with the word monkey in them. So the simplest way to answer that question is, she's my monkey."

"Any spanking involved?" Willy's question got Emily's ears to turn red again.


"Can you sign this for me before I go?"

"Out." Emily pointed to the door of the cockpit to go along with her command.


"What can I do for you, officer?" asked Parker. She shook the hand that he had offered and wondered why he looked so unhappy.

"Good morning, Ms. King." Logan Sully held his hand out after his greeting and waited for the tennis player to take it. He figured after he told her what he came to say, she would have him tossed out.

"Please call me Parker. Do you have more questions? If you do, I'm not sure how much more I can help you but maybe refer you to my girlfriend. She lived with Gail for a number of years, so I guess that makes her more of an expert on the nut than I am."

"I came by to tell you that Ms. Ingles made bail and was released this morning." It was as if a storm cloud had passed over her face when the news sunk in and Logan almost shivered.

"How much?" asked Parker.

"How much, what?"

"How much was her bail, detective?"

Logan took a seat next to her on the bench and watched Natasha and Gary walking into the facility. "That's an interesting question, I believe it was $150,000. Why do you ask?"

"I'm figuring when Emily gets home and tries to kill Gail it's nice to know that it'll only cost me eighteen grand to get her out of jail. It's only twelve percent of the total right?"

The seasoned police officer laughed at her reasoning and was looking forward to working with the player to catch whoever else was trying to kill her. "That's right, Parker. What I wanted to ask you though is, do you think it was Gail outside the restaurant when you first got into town?"

"Detective Sully, this's my coach Gary and my practice partner Natasha." Parker waved to the two that had come to stand before them staying silent as to not interrupt. "To answer your question, no I don't. I hadn't seen Emily in two months at the time and the fact we're together is why she supposedly stabbed me, it wouldn't have been a motive then."

"Any idea who the first assailant might have been?"

"No clue. All we have are the letters the bozo keeps sending talking about God and sin. Me and my lifestyle being the sin part of the equation, thus the getting rid of me becomes important to achieve the perfect balance. Then again it could've been a crime of opportunity. Crazy person with knife and ski mask whose hobby it is to hang around nice restaurants on the off chance lesbian tennis players have dinner reservations."

Logan shook his head and laughed along with Gary and Natasha. "Good theory but I'm thinking no. I want to concentrate on that crime since we already know who committed the second attack. And please call me Logan. I agree with your coach in that there's someone out there that wants to hurt you for no other reason than how you choose to live your life, Parker. I'm going to do everything in my power to see that doesn't happen." He handed her a card with his information on it and was trying to find a reason to stay and watch a little bit of her practice session.

"Thanks, it'll be nice having someone watch my back aside from Gary and everyone else that loves me. I don't like having to put them in danger as well. Do you play?" Parker asked handing the card to Gary and picking up a racket.

"Just enough to know how bad I am at it."

"Stick around then and see if we can show you some new tricks," offered Parker.

Gary took her place on the bench and put the officer's card in his shirt pocket. The thought of having Gail out of jail and having Emily on the cover of the paper that morning made him nervous. One good thing about the whole situation was that all the danger was not affecting Parker's play. Her shots were clean and smooth, free of the stress that was spilling over in every other aspect of her life.

"I first saw Parker play in the French Open a couple of years ago and I've been a fan ever since. You look at her like this and wonder why anyone would want to hurt her. All of us would love to be as good at something in life as she is at tennis," said Logan to Gary.

"Some people are only good at hate, Logan, and that's why I always have to look over her shoulder for her. Because she sure as hell isn't going to alter anything about herself for someone who disagrees on who shares her bed at night. Thank you for helping out, anything you need from us just call." Gary offered his own card before getting up to tweak a couple of Parker's strokes.


"Ladies and gentleman, if you would please pick up your trays and bring your seats into their full and upright positions we will be on the ground shortly. The temperature in New York is a balmy eighty-six degrees and the local time is nine fifteen. Any of the personnel picking up drinks will be happy to help you with any connecting flight information. On behalf of myself and the crew we want to thank you for flying Virgin and we hope to serve you with all your future flying needs." Emily turned off the microphone and concentrated on the landing lights that would lead them back into JFK.

"Good job, guys, I'm glad this day's finally over." Emily checked her position again and made some minor adjustments for their final approach. The layover in Dallas had been extended by forty-five minutes because of a stupid passenger that tried to get on with a loaded gun and had made it through the first security checkpoint. That and the newspaper cover were running a close race to trample on her last nerve.

"Anytime, Em. Any chance we'll get to meet Kong at the airport? We heard we missed out a couple of days ago," her navigator kidded her ignoring the quick glare she shot his way.

Emily stood at the door with the rest of the crew to bid farewell to at least the last couple of passengers. If she hurried she might be able to get home before eleven and Parker wouldn't be sleeping. When the crew slowed in front of her, Emily wondered why the waiting area was still crowed with people considering the hour and the fact they were in the domestic corridor of the airport. The sight was a confirmation that if Parker was the person she was going to spend the rest of her life with, that time would never be boring or lack in practical jokes.

Parker was signing autographs for some laughing fans wearing an animal tag from her ear and a leash around her neck. It wasn't until she turned and faced the crew that they could read the t-shirt that answered the question Emily's had possessed. The 'Bagged and Tagged' caption had all of them wiping tears from their eyes and Emily shaking her head.

"Yep, definitely not boring, thought Emily as Parker handed her the leash when she got close enough. "And don't you forget it, King. I have witnesses," said Emily as she puckered up for a kiss hello which Parker readily delivered. "What are you doing here? You're supposed to be at home resting for tomorrow."

"I have good news and not so good news. And we can talk about that later. Why don't you introduce me to all these good looking uniformed people milling around behind you?"

Emily turned around in Parker's arms and introduced her crew to Parker, feeling the bicep resting against her shoulder flex every time Parker shook hands with someone new. Their captain was thinking of giving more than one of them bathroom cleaning duty if they threw any more flirtatious looks at Parker.

"This might come in handy," said Emily as she pulled lightly on the leash in her hand before unbuckling it from Parker's neck. They walked hand in hand to the drop off and delivery where Bobbie was waiting by her car. Parker had bribed her with another ticket for the match the next day if she would give them a ride into the city. The tall blonde could see that Emily was pissed as she tried to convince the guy about to write a ticket that it'd only be a couple more minutes.

"They let her out? But she tried to kill you, Parker."

"I'm aware of this, a lot of cat gut made the ultimate sacrifice for me," joked Parker.

"This isn't funny. People who do that don't deserve to be walking around. She's probably planning her next strike now."

"Em, calm down. If anything Gail's trying to find a good attorney, not another way to kill me. I just wanted to come down here and tell you so you wouldn't be pissed when you heard it from someone else, but I see that's wishful thinking on my part," said Parker as she opened the back door of the car.

"I'm not mad at you, sweetheart. It's just not fair that you have to worry about this the night before your match."

Parker leaned over and kissed Emily again running her hand through the soft blonde hair she had come to love. "I'm not worried, baby, and I don't want you to be either."

"Yeah, why's that?"

"You should be more worried about what Bobbie's going to think of you when you don't talk to her because you're making out with me in the back seat. But just in case she's listening, she should look at the road instead of the backseat. Because if she gets into a wreck trying to get some new pointers we'll give her name and address to the papers and tell them she's the one that knocked me out of the Open. Bookies everywhere would be happy to come over for a visit." Parker laughed softly when the driver took her eyes off the rearview mirror and gave the road her full concentration.

By the time they got to the apartment, Bobbie needed a cold shower from just listening to the moans coming out of Emily, and Emily needed to be carried up the stairs because her legs refused to move except to come apart.

"Hurry with the key, honey," demanded Emily. Parker had put her down and propped her against the wall to get the door open. "I need you."

Parker got the door open and grabbed her partner to make a quick trip into the bedroom. When she got Emily on the bed and had her skirt half way off, the pilot put the brakes on any further advances.

"We have to stop, Parker."

"Stop? I don't think so."

"Yes, you have a match tomorrow and remember what happened the last time. I don't want Gary make you start staying at the hotel because I can't control myself," explained Emily.

Parker threw the skirt over her shoulder and pulled Emily's panties off in one quick move. When she started on the buttons of the shirt Emily had on, the blonde tried to squirm further up the bed and out of Parker's reach.

"I mean it, Parker, you have to stop."

Parker kneeled on the bed and moved toward Emily coming to lie beside her when she was close enough. "You want me to stop?"

"Yes I do. I don't want to, but we have to be good."

Parker ran her fingers through drenched blonde folds getting Emily to moan again. "You want me to stop doing this?"

"No. I mean yes! Don't do that."

Parker withdrew her fingers and brought them up to paint a wet spot on Emily's blouse over a hard nipple. "How about this? Should I stop doing this too?" Parker asked before biting down gently over the material.

Emily set a new record in getting her top and bra off pulling Parker's head down to her chest as soon as she was done. Once she had Parker latched on to a happy nipple, Emily dragged the big hand back between her legs. The sounds coming out of Emily were starting to drive Parker into combustion when the blonde stopped them again.

"Come on, Em, you know you want this. I can feel you want this," Parker wiggled her fingers surrounded in wet heat to drive her point home.

"Just take off your clothes before you get too caught up, baby, then get back to work." Emily pulled on the t-shirt while Parker pulled down the sweat pants she had on.

Naked, Parker lay down on Emily and just took a second to enjoy the feel of soft skin pressed against her own. The short nails dragging up her back got her to roll over until Emily was laying on her before she put her mouth and hands back to where they were before the stripping break.

When Emily's hips started to move it was Parker that stopped them. "Not yet, honey, I'm not there yet," protested Emily.

"Kneel down for me, Em." Parker was confused when Emily's face that was pressed against Parker's chest got hot and the rest of her body wasn't moving. The heat was coming from the blush and the stillness was coming from hesitancy. "What's wrong?"

"I just don't...what I mean is, I'm not usually so....I've never," rambled Emily.

"Baby, I'd never force you to do something that would make you feel uncomfortable. I don't want to tie you up or hurt you, I just want to make you feel good and what I had in mind was going to do that, I promise. You trust me right?" asked Parker. The slightly red face nodded against her shoulder getting Parker to smile. "And you know we can stop whenever you want, right?" The blonde head nodded again. "Ok, kneel down for me and face the headboard."

Emily was so timid that Parker vowed to kick Gail's ass the next time she saw her. No one acted like this unless the person they had been with had taken their time to make them feel wanted and appreciated.

Emily looked down when she felt movement on the bed, finding big blue eyes looking up at her and from the crinkles at their sides she could tell Parker was smiling. With exaggerated slowness, Parker parted the slick swollen lips of Emily's sex with her fingers before dragging her flat tongue along the same path until it found the hard button that was going to be the focal point for the next few minutes.

The moment her tongue touched the place Emily most wanted her, Parker got the result she was looking for and Emily tipped her hips forward seeking a firmer massage letting Parker breathe. When the licking switched to sucking, Emily closed her eyes and hung on to the bed to keep from falling over the feeling was so intense.

Emily was enjoying the sensations so much, any feeling of embarrassment over her position was forgotten, and she was about to ask for something more when Parker beat her to the punch. Slowly Parker slipped two fingers in and curled them a little hitting just the right spot to get Emily to start keening. When it became too much, Emily released the bed and grabbed onto Parker's head to get her to suck harder.

The only thing that saved Emily from cracking her head on the bed when it was over was the fact Parker was able to hold her up. Emily felt like Parker was slowly changing the woman she was and it was a wonderful thing.

"You doing ok?" Parker asked the top of Emily's head that was lying on her shoulder.

"I'm doing great, thanks to you. I'm sorry..." Emily's apology was cut short by the fingers pressing up against her lips.

"I love you, Em, that means we go slow until you feel comfortable."

"I love you too, and I want you." Emily moved down until she was kneeling again, only this time between Parker's legs.

"The shirt wasn't a joke, baby, I'm all yours."

Emily leaned over and went to kiss Parker when the phone rang. She was thinking of ignoring it, but then thought of all the stuff going on in their lives and reached for it over Parker's objections.


"Hello, Emily. Is Parker there?"

"Hey, Gary, yeah hang on she's right here." Emily handed over the phone then sat on her feet to admire the long expanse of skin on display.

"Parker, are you having sex?" asked Gary as soon as he heard Parker's breathing on the other side.

"Not right at this moment if you must know, so whatever you want make it snappy."

"Could you put Emily back on the phone for me please?" Parker complied hoping it would make him hang up faster.

"Yes?" asked Emily looking into Parker's eyes while she talked to Gary.

"Emily, have you ever heard of Della Sanchez?"

"Should I recognize the name?" Emily shimmied forward at Parker's request, loving the feel of the callused hands running along her body when she straddled the firm abdomen.

"Maybe a subscription to a tennis magazine would do you good. Della Sanchez is the number five player in the world and the person that knocked Parker on her ass last year during this tournament."

"Uh huh," said Emily loosing track of the conversation when Parker pinched her nipples.

"Just a few more minutes, Emily, I promise." Gary could only imagine what Parker was doing to make Emily want to hang the phone up faster. "Think about how much better Park would play tomorrow if she's lacking a little something from you."

"Do you know what you're asking? She's not going to be happy."

"Do you want to live with the world's biggest sulker if she loses?" Gary bid her a good night and hoped for the best.

"Honey, how about a shower?" asked Emily getting off the bed.

"Now, you want to take a shower now?"

"Come on, please." Parker got up and thought about all the things they could do under running water so she followed the path Emily had taken into the bathroom. As a reward for getting out of bed Emily kissed her and turned her around so that her back was towards the tub.

The second the water hit Parker, the shock drove her ardor down so fast she stood there blinking her eyes trying to figure out what had happened. Emily looked like she was trying to figure out a quick escape route before Parker could turn off the cold tab and come after her.

"I didn't want to do it, baby, you have to believe me."

Parker calmly took a towel off the rack and started to dry her hair. "I realize that, Emily. Gary on the other hand is going to die the next time I see him."

Wanting to have sex again in her lifetime, Emily just nodded her head and agreed. The word behave became her new chant as she watched Parker's butt move back toward the bed. Tomorrow afternoon couldn't come soon enough.

Continued in Chapter 8

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