In Healing Arms Part 3

by DS Bauden

See part one for disclaimers

Part Three


The first night sleeping in Alexís house was a quiet one for the two women, especially Sydney. Even though they fell off to sleep in the wee hours of the morning, she still woke up with the birds. She wasnít quite sure what to do with herself, since this was the first morning in about three years that she didnít have to tend to the horses in Ednaís stables. Edna always would ask her to take a vacation, but Sydney would always politely decline.

Syd decided to get up from under the warm assault of Alexís body. She managed to sneak out of the bed without waking her. There wasnít an easy way to awaken Alex, so she knew she could escape without disturbing her. She walked downstairs and started to clean up their mess they had made the previous night. The sight in front of her made her smile. Her little surprise paid off in spades. They had both had a wonderful time, but Sydney still felt a little guilty for not telling Alex about Sharon and her past with her. Syd knew she would probably feel better, but she couldnít stand the thought of what Alex would think of her after she knew what was done to her. She didnít want pity, she just wished all of the past and all of her thoughts of Sharon, would go away.



Alex opened her eyes and noticed right away that she was alone. At first she was a little unnerved by this, then she figured that Syd probably gotten up at dawn like she usually did.

"Does she ever sleep?" She sleepily said to herself.

Alex got up and put a pair of shorts on and one of Sydís large T-shirts on and stumbled into the bathroom. After she finished with her morning necessities, she went downstairs in search of Sydney. She found her poolside sunning herself. Alex took in the breathtaking sight before her. Sydney had donned her black bikini and went out for a morning swim. She did a few laps then lied in the lawnchair to get some sunshine. She felt Alexís presence before Alex even said anything to her.

"Good morning gorgeous." Syd greeted.

"How do you do that?" Alex marveled.

"I have many skills." She smiled and squinted up at her friend.

"Yes, I think you have shown me that." Alex smiled back. "Did you sleep okay?"

"Mmm, yes I did. Your bed is quite comfortable."

"Yeah, I had forgotten what it felt like. I think last night was the first night in weeks that I didnít have a nightmare."

"I was going to say something about that but I didnít want to jinx anything."

"Thanks for noticing."

"Hey, when you are concerned, I always notice. In a room of thousands, I would know if you were missing."

"You are sweet." She said as she put her arms around Sydney from behind her chair.

"Yeah, but donít let that get around. I got a reputation to uphold."

"Ooh, right. Sorry." She kissed Sydneyís cheek.

"Are you hungry sweetheart? I think you worked up quite an appetite from last night."

"Yeah, but whose fault is that?"

"Oh Iíll take full responsibility for that, with pleasure." She said as she gave a full smile to Alex.

"God you are so beautiful."

"So are you little one. So are you." She said as she caressed the cheek looking down at her. "Letís get some breakfast."

"Sure. You up for going into town? I really donít want to cook."

"Alright, let me put something on that's not so revealing, and we can go."

"Aww and spoil my visual from across a table?"

"Sorry to disappoint, but I donít think everyone would share your opinion."

"Oh, I beg to differ. Iím sure there are plenty of people that wouldnít mind the view."

"Well, too bad for them that I am already taken."

"Yes, terrible shame donít you think?"

"Not for me. Come on, letís eat."

"There is a place called The Harbor that I know you will love. They only serve breakfast and lunch, but it is the best food around as far as breakfast. They will make you any kind of egg that you can think of. Itís great stuff. Ooh I canít wait." She said clapping and skipping up to the house. Sydney just watched the childlike antics coming from Alex with a huge smile.




Alex drove into town like she was visiting for the first time. Her memories of life with her parents seemed so long ago. This was a whole new thing for her. She was just grateful that Sydney was there with her. They pulled into the small shopping plaza and parked near the restaurant. Alex couldnít believe that she was home again.

"God Sydney, it feels like I have been gone a lifetime. It is so strange to be here."

"I bet honey. Did you want to go in?"

"In a sec, I just want to look around for a minute."

Alex just walked through the tiny plaza gazing in every window to see if they had changed as much as she had in the last few months. She came across a tiny clothing shop and smiled to Sydney.

"They have the best cashmere sweaters in this place. Mom got me one for Christmas last year that is just the best."

"Did you want to browse for awhile before brunch?" She said looking at her watch.

"Nah, I just liked reminiscing. We can go, I am truly hungry."

"OK hon, letís go. I hope there isnít a long wait."

"Hopefully not, but unfortunately this place is usually packed around lunchtime. Lots of business people come here from all over just to eat here. Itís really great."

"Canít wait, letís go and get our name in."

Looking up from her menus the hostess asked, "How many?"

"Just the two of us." Alex replied.



"McKenna?" The hostess asked again.

"Yes Alex McKenna."

"Wow, you probably donít remember me, itís Melissa Milo, we went to the high school together."

"Oh yeah, Melissa, how are you?"

"I am doing well. I heard about what happened to your parents. I am so sorry. Your father helped a lot of this townís "Most Stressed"."

"Thanks. Itís been a rough year but I have had a lot of help from some really wonderful people. My dad loved what he did and really cared about his patients. I know a lot of people will miss him."

"Yes that's true. Umm, the wait will only be a few more minutes."

"Thatís all? This placed is jammed." Alex said as she looked around the restaurant.

"Iíll get you in. I have a little bit of an edge over these people."

"Thanks Melissa." Alex gratefully smiled.

"Sure Alex, take care." Melissa said with a sincere smile.

"You too, good to see you."

"You too." She replied as she walked towards oncoming guests.

"She seemed nice." Syd chimed in.

"Yeah, she was extremely quiet in high school. You could be guaranteed a smile from her though if you said hello. She was one of those people who you knew would be a loyal friend. You know?"

"Yeah, so why didnít you hang with her?"

"We hung out in different circles I guess you could say. Funny, I donít really see or talk to any of those people now. My only constant has been Tracey."

"They say people change their ways in time. Those others werenít meant to be your friends."

"I guess not. I didnít even hear from alot of them when my parents died."

"Thatís terrible. Iím sorry."

"What for? I am much better off without them." Alex said confidently.

A voice came from the front counter. "McKenna, party of two."

"Thatís us, come on!" Alex jumped from the waiting seats.

"Right behind you." Syd chuckled at her obviously hungry partner.

The two women were seated in a large booth in the upper level of the restaurant. Syd just looked around in disbelief at a place being so crowded that only served two meals out of the day.

"Itís really nice in here."

"Yeah, like I said a lot of people come here from all over. I think some just spend their lunch hour in the car to get here."

"Wow, it must have a great reputation." Sydney added.

"Yes it does, and it seems to be growing."

A waitress arrived at their table, "What can I get you ladies? Anything cold to drink today?"

"Iíll just have water." Sydney said.

"Will that be bottled, filtered, mineral, carbonated, caffeinated or tap?"

Sydney just stared at Alex with her mouth open and eyes wide. She then returned her stare to the waitress. Alex had to stifle her laugh with her hand.

"Umm, I guess tap is fine."

"Lemon or no lemon?"

ĎChrist I just want a glass of water!!í She thought to herself. "No lemon...thank you."

"And you miss?" The waitress turned to Alex.

"Iíll have what sheís having." Alex said as she stopped herself from laughing out loud.

The waitress flipped her pad closed, smiled, and walked to get their innocuous beverages.

" God. All I asked for was water. I never really thought about how many different ways people would drink it. Jesus!!" Syd said while still wide eyed.

Laughing with her, "I know, I wasnít sure if I should stop her to take a breath or not. Nothing is simple anymore, you know? Not EVEN water." She said looking at her menu, "What are you going to get?"

"God, I have no idea. If ordering water was this much trouble, I am afraid to order anything of substance."

Giggling, "Donít be, just get what you want. Iím sure they can make anything that you like."

"Weíll see." She said smiling.

The waitress came back with their glasses of tap water, and opened her pad up to take the ladiesí orders. Her eyes widened with the amount of food that Alex ordered. Sydney struggled through the ordering process and hoped to get her food the way she liked. Alex seemed confident that she would.

"Would you excuse me Alex, I am going to visit the ladies room. Where is it, do you know?"

"Umm...yeah... itís over by the kitchen area...see the arrow?"

"Yeah, thanks hon. See you in a bit."

"OK." Alex answered as she grabbed a package of breadsticks and began dipping them into the butter. "Mmm, God I am so hungry." She said to the empty seat across from her.



Sydney walked into the ladies room and did what she needed to do in there. She walked out of the stall and walked towards the sink to wash her hands and face. She rinsed off her face and felt a towel being held out to her. She accepted it and dried her face.

"Thanks..." Her words stopped cold when her eyes met with dark brown ones.

"Hello Sydney. My my my, what a small world it is." Sharon chuckled.

"What the hell are you doing here?" Syd nearly spat trying to control her emotions.

"Now Sydney is that anyway to treat an old friend?" She crooned.

"You are NOT my friend. Have you been following me? What the hell do you want from me? Answer my question!" She said very impatiently.

"Following you? My arenít we the arrogant one. Donít flatter yourself darling, I am here on business."

"Business?" She said disbelieving.

"Yes darling, daddyís little company is planning a merger with one of the big boys of the Midwest. He sent me to..."

"To use your only attribute? He wanted you to seduce the big boys into seeing things "your way"? Right? You make me sick." She tried to push away from the platinum blonde invading her space.

"Oh Sydney, you canít still be angry with me, can you?"

"Sharon, I donít feel anything but pity for you. Is there anything else?"

"Yeah, you can tell me the name of that fine little thing sitting with you."

Sydney couldnít control her temper any longer. She threw Sharon up against the wall and pinned her forearm under the blondeís throat. "You even breathe on her, and I will rip you apart with my bare hands. Do you understand me?"

"Thatís alright Sydney, I know all about young Alexandra. Shame what happened to her parents. I bet she is desperate need of comfort. Iím sure I could..." Sharon was cut off by added pressure of Sydneyís arm at her throat.

"You know what Sharon? You have about two seconds to shut the fuck up before I kill your whoring ass. Leave her alone you psychotic freak or I swear to you...." Sydney hissed at Sharon.

Laughing through her gritted teeth. "Oh Sydney...God I forgot how sexy you are. Especially when you get angry. Does she see that angry side of you Sydney? Does she know what a bad ass you are Sydney? Does she know about Billy? I bet you didnít tell her about that, did you?" Sharon paused and watched proudly as her words dug into Syd like daggers. "Does she see that aggressive sexual side of you? Does she like it rough like I did... Sydney?" The blonde taunted. Sydneyís breath was coming in short gusts of emotion. Sharon just laughed and smiled. "Hmm?"

"You stay away from her Sharon. She is NOTHING like you!!! You harm one hair on her head, I swear to you; I will make it my purpose in life to make yours a living hell. If you even SPEAK my brotherís name again, I will be your greatest nightmare. I promise you that." She seductively hissed into Sharonís ear.

"Ooh baby, Iím getting so hot. Talk to me some more." She said as she licked her lips.

"God you are disgusting!!" Sydney spat as she let go of her hold on Sharon. She pointed her finger at Sharon in warning. "If you do anything, or say anything to her, Iíll come after you." She said and walked out of the ladiesí room leaving an amused Sharon behind to straighten her suit. Sharon smiled at her reflection.

"Oh Sydney, you ainít seen nothing yet." She smiled with aplomb.




Sydney stormed out of the ladies room and stopped to collect herself. She stood behind the wall separating the restrooms from the main room of the restaurant. After taking a few breaths, she made her way back to the table to where Alex was seated.

"Hey sweetie, are you alright? You look a little pale." Alex observed.

"Alex......I...." Syd started as she sat down.

"Here we are..." The waitress came just as Sydney began to tell Alex what had happened.

"Scrambled eggs, bacon, toast, and an English muffin with strawberry jam." She said as she put Sydneyís plate down in front of her.

"And for you, we have a three egg four cheese omelet, a side of bacon, a side of sausage, a small stack of blueberry pancakes, hash browns, an English muffin with grape jelly, a glass of milk, and two glasses of orange juice. Honey, I donít know where you are going to put this, but bon appetìt." She said as she sauntered off to another table.

"Oooo, look at this, God I am so hungry. Dig in sweetheart." Alex said excitedly as she began to eat as if she hadnít in a week.

Sydney watched the younger woman consume huge amounts of food as she sat and stared at her full plate.

"Shydnee, are yooo k?" Alex said with a partially full mouth as she noticed Syd not eating.

"Yeah, um, I think I lost my appetite. Iím not feeling that well all of a sudden. Maybe itís a little flu left from last night." She lied.

"Oh honey, Iím sorry. I forgot about that. God, Iím so sorry. We can take this to go so we can get back home." Alex compromised.

"NO! Please finish your meal. You know how much I love to watch you eat." She tried to sincerely smile but it just wasnít coming through, and Alex saw right through it.

"Sydney what is wrong, honey? Please tell me." Alex almost pleaded.

"I will tell you, but just not here, and just not now. When the time is right Alex, when the time is right." Syd explained.

"OK, I will hold you to that baby. You can tell me anything. It wonít change the way I feel about you, nothing could."

"Thanks sweetheart, I donít know what I would do without you." She reached across the table to hold Alexís hand.

Sharon strolled out of the ladies room and glanced up at Sydney. They made eye contact, Sharon winked at her, smiled, then strut out of the restaurant. Sydney swallowed her emotions as she watched Sharon leave and gently caressed Alexís hand. Alex looked up from her meal and smiled at Sydney. She continued to devour the food in front of her until there was nothing but crumbs left. The waitress came by and in disbelief and took Alexís empty plates. She tossed away Sydneyís uneaten eggs as per Sydneyís request. ĎWho likes to eat reheated eggs anyway?í Syd thought to herself.

Alex and Sydney walked up to the counter and Sydney insisted on paying for their meal. With a final huff, Alex agreed to let her pay and they left the restaurant. The two were quiet on the way home and Alex couldnít help but wonder what had set Sydney off. She was never like this. Alex looked over at her partner and saw the lost look on her face as she stared out the window.

ĎWhat is going on with you baby? God I wish you would just tell me. It canít be that bad. It canít be...í Alex thought to herself as they pulled into her driveway.




Alex went into the garage to get the last of the boxes she had to pack up the rest of her things. She had decided with Edna that the best way to handle all of the furniture in the house was to have an estate sale. Whatever she could sell she would, and whatever she couldnít she would donate or throw away. She had gone through quite a bit before moving to Montana, but there was more than ten years worth of stuff here. Tracey had helped her on more than one occasion get her ready for her big move. Her motherís jewelry and clothing had been sorted and given away. What people didnít want she donated to the Salvation Army. She had kept her motherís wedding ring set for herself. It was always a favorite of hers and she knew her mom would have wanted her to have it. There were a few items of her clothing that had extreme sentimental value to them, so she kept them as well. Her mother had recently gone to Paris and had brought back some wonderful perfume, Boucheron. On days when Alex really missed her, she would spray it into the air just to have her scent nearby.

Alex cleaned out her parent's room in a few hours while Sydney decided to take care of the living and dining rooms downstairs. Sydney took this time to wonder why Sharon was in town, and how she knew about Alex. She was shaking with feelings she hadnít felt in a long time. She was angry, nervous, and most of all she was in shock. Seeing Sharon was not on her things to do list for the day, and really was playing with her head.

ĎGod, what the hell is she doing here anyway? How does she know about Alexandra and what happened to her parents? Itís not like she gives a shit about the human race, well only if she gets to sleep with them. Uugghhh, why the hell did she have to show up?í Sydney was reeling in her mind as Alex walked downstairs to meet her.

"Hey baby, feeling any better?" Alex asked sympathetically.

"Yeah I guess a little." She lied.

"Are you hungry at all? I could make you something to eat since you didnít get anything at the restaurant."

"No sweetheart that is okay, I donít really feel up to eating. Did you talk to Tracey at all? Does she want to go out this evening?"

"I did get a chance to talk with her briefly after lunch but her new girlfriend wants to spend time with her tonight. So I guess its just you and me tonight."

"Ohh, new girlfriend eh? Is she cute?" Alex wiggled her eyebrows.

"Well according to Trace, she is a "hotty". I guess they finally had sex, which is weird I think."

"Sex with your girlfriend is weird? Um, I think you had better talk to mine then, Ďcause she kind of likes that."

Laughing, "Ha ha, no I mean itís kinda soon for Tracey. She was the type to wait a while before making that kind of commitment. She has only known this woman, um, Char I think her name is, for a couple months."

"Alexandra, I hate to break it to you, but you and I made love within days of knowing each other."

"I know, but I am not Tracey, nor do I think it is the same. Char is a business associate of Traceyís. They have only really seen each other like four or five times."

"Oh, so sheís isnít from around here?"

"No I think she is on the West Coast somewhere. LA maybe? I donít remember. Anyway, she just arrived and is actually staying for a week or so this time, so maybe weíll get to meet her."

"Great, maybe we can get together or something with them for dinner or what not."

"I think that is a great idea. I really want to meet the woman who made Traceyís morals go right down the crapper!!" She said with a large smile.

"Well Iím sure she is something else if she broke down Traceyís walls so easily."

"Well, I guess we have to wait to find out."

"Yep." Sydney agreed. "Ah, I got most of these rooms in boxes for the sale. Did you want any of this stuff? There is some really nice porcelain statues and things here."

"No, I pretty much went through and kept all that I wanted to keep, as did Edna. My other family really didnít come around that much so I donít think they are getting any of it. I think I would rather sell it or donate the rest. It looks so damn empty in here. Itís like someone elseís house."

Sydney wrapped her arms around Alex. "I know baby. How are you holding up? Can I do anything for you?" Syd asked sincerely.

"You just being here with me is all I will ever need. Thank you for coming here with me. Iím not sure I would be this together had you not."

"Where you go, I go, get used to it." She smiled into the top of Alexís head.

"Thatís easy enough." Alex tightened her hold on her. ĎI love you babyí She thought to herself.



"So everything is a go for tomorrow night?" Sydney asked Tracey quietly.

"Yes, I have called all of our friends and Edna should arrive early tomorrow morning. I will pick her up from the airport and keep her with me until the evening. Are you sure she has no idea?" Tracey inquired insistently.

"No Tracey, she hasnít the foggiest. I canít wait! She needs this so much. I think a night spent with old friends in celebration will be exactly what she needs to give her some kind of closure here. And Tracey?" Syd prompted.

"Yeah?" She responded.

"Thank you for this. You are truly a good friend. I can see why she speaks so highly of you."

"Right back atcha babe. She is so smitten with you. I have never seen her this happy. So I guess thanks are in order to you."

"I really care about Alexandra. I wouldnít hurt her for anything in the world. I would rather spit on the Pope than break her heart."

"Thatís a lovely visual, but I get your meaning."

"Alright then. I guess the last thing is to make sure we have enough to drink, the catering place knows the time and place. This is going to be a night that we all will remember, for a long time."

"I hope so, Sydney."

"Me too. Iíve got to run. Ciao." Sydney hung up abruptly.

"Ciao?" Tracey smirked as she hung up the phone. "Alex, youíve got yourself an incredible woman." She said as she snuggled up to Char. "And so do I." Tracey said as she kissed the smiling face looking up at her. "Babe, you are going to love Alex and Sydney. They are so awesome. I canít wait. Alex is going to be so surprised!"

ĎSo is Sydney.' Sharon smirked into Traceyís body. "I canít wait to see her expression!! God how I love surprises." Although it was Sydney's surprise Sharon was after, not Alex's.

"Me too Char, me too."




Tracey knew Char from Backburn Inc. a small software company looking to expand their company to the Midwest. Char came into Chicago to make a play for her company. Tracey being one of the research managers decided to meet with her to talk about her fatherís ideas of coming to the Midwest. They met a couple of months ago and have seen each other a few times to discuss their companies and what they might offer one another. Talking at a restaurant the two women discussed many things outside of work. They both discovered that they enjoyed the company of women, and made a point to see each other the next time Char came into town. Tracey could not wait. Char was a beautiful woman blonde hair, deep brown eyes and a beautifully shaped mouth. She stood about 5í8" and had absolutely no body fat. To Tracey she wreaked perfection.

Char came into Chicago to check the status of their merger and, of course, to see Tracey. The two were fast becoming more than friends. The distance was the only thing to come between them. Tracey and Char consummated their relationship after Charís third visit to Chicago. Tracey was not one for casual sex, but there was nothing casual about Char. She was extraordinarily exciting.

Everything about her was a mystery to Tracey. She seemed very elusive about her past, it was obvious she had been hurt and did not want to reopen old wounds. After Tracey had unsuccessfully asked her about it, she decided to leave well enough alone. Char didnít come in that often, so she just wanted to enjoy what little time they had together. Tracey was so excited about her enigmatic lover she couldnít wait for Alex to meet her. Tracey told Alex about Char the day she met her:

"Hello?" Alex answered.

"Hey baby!!"

"Trace!! How are you honey? God I miss you."

"Me too, I am really good. How are you doing?" Tracey asked tenderly.

"Things are alright Tracey. They get better each day. Sydney has been a great support to me. I canít wait for you two to meet. You are going to love her!!!"

"Well, I have some news myself."

"Do you??? Who did you meet and where?" Alex laughed knowing full well it had to be a woman.

"Alex, God, she is such a hotty!! She is like 5í8", blonde with brown eyes and a body do die for. There is no pinchability on this woman. The girl is tight!!" She said exuberantly.

"Wow Trace, she sounds fabulous. I canít wait to meet her. Where did you guys hook up?"

"Wanna hear something funny? We met at work. I was just saying how horrid it was working here since their was no eye candy, then in walks Char. God, she took my breath away. Girl she is soooo sexy. She could turn any straight woman, I am sure of it. God Damn!!"

"Damn Trace, sounds like you got a keeper there. Have you gone out yet? Like on a date or anything?"

"Well thatís the problem. We went out once after one of our meetings to a restaurant and we just clicked. We talked about everything. I talked about you and Sydney and how long you and I have known each other. I mean we just talked and talked. I havenít met a woman that could hold a conversation like that in a long time. I was ready to swear off intelligent women because I didnít think they existed anymore!" They chuckled to each other. "No, seriously she is really amazing Alex."

"I am so happy for you. But wait, you mentioned a problem?"

"Oh yeah, um well, she lives in California. She works for a small software company that wants to move to the Midwest. So we are looking to do a small expansion to bring them over here. Blah blah you donít need to hear that part, thatís the boring stuff. So she came out here to talk to some companies and she found us. The rest is history. So the problem is she lives across the country. I donít know if I am up for a long distance relationship. I mean, part of me says "Man, go get her!", then the sensible part of me says "No, itíll be too hard on you." I donít know what to do, but for right now, she is all I can think about."

"Well see what happens the next time she comes into town and play it from there."

"I guess youíre right, but man. My luck huh? I finally find a "Woo!" girl and she lives two thousand miles away."

"Iím sorry Trace. Um, on a happier note, I think Iíll be coming home in a month or so."

"Really? That is awesome!! I really miss you Alex."

"Me too hon. I am gonna sell the house, so I need to pack up and get it ready to sell. Itíll probably be at the end of September."

"Kick ass, I canít wait to see you. I canít wait to meet Sydney. She sounds wonderful."

"She is Trace she is. But ah, I gotta get going so I will call you with information on when Iíll be coming home okay?"

"OK hon, take care of yourself, I love you."

"I love you too Trace. Iíll talk with you soon. Bye."





"Who was that on the phone hon?" Alex asked a startled Sydney.

"Um, it was Tracey, I thought you were going to take a nap?" Sydney quickly replied.

"No I couldnít sleep. What did she want?"

"Well she wanted to see what we were doing tomorrow night. I guess she wants to introduce her new girlfriend to us."

"Ooh cool!! I should call her back." Alex said excitedly.

"No!" Alex raised her eyebrows at Sydneyís tone of voice. Thinking quickly Sydney said, "Um, well she said they were going out and she would call you in the morning or something."

Sighing, "Alright I guess Iíll talk to her tomorrow then." Alex took a look around and saw that the entire downstairs had been cleaned. "My goodness Sydney. Look at all the work you did. This place is immaculate. You can actually hear an echo now. Thank you so much for all of your help. I couldnít have done all of this without you."

"You are most welcome sweetheart. I just want everything to go smoothly and as pain-free as possible for you. I know how hard this must be. I remember when we had to pack up my momís belongings. It was really hard on my brother and me. She was all that we had left after dad after he died. I canít imagine what you must be going through. I, at least had Tim."

"Well Miss Sydney, I have you, and Eddi and I have Tracey. So I think I am doing just fine. Thank you for your concern though." She said as she circled her arms around Sydís larger frame and laid her head against her chest.

"Youíre welcome baby." Syd murmured into Alex. They sat like that for several minutes and enjoyed the peace that passed between them.




Sydney couldnít wait for the festivities to begin. She was determined to make this the best birthday Alex ever had. She was fighting a mental battle with herself and decided that she was going to bite the bullet and tell Alex that she loved her tonight. She had purchased Alexís birthday present when Alex was sleeping in. She found her way into town and went in to the townís jewelers. Her eyes immediately fixated on a simple gold band with several tiny diamonds embedded in it.

"Ooh, I like that one, may I see it please?" Syd pointed inside the glass case.

"Absolutely, it is quite an eye catcher." The jeweler opened the case and took out the ring and handed it to Sydney.

Sydney fingered the small band and decided it was simple yet classy, just like Alexandra. It was perfect.

"Can I have it engraved today? I need it for tonight."

"As luck would have it, my engraver is working today which is rare for a Saturday. Let me ask him if he has anything else lined up." He said as he smiled at his customer. "Just give me a minute, Iíll be right back." He took the ring in question with him to the back of the store. He went into the storeroom and looked for his employee.

Several moments had passed when the stocky man returned with a smile on his face.

"Well maíam, you are in luck. He said he would take care of this for you while you waited. Do you have a few minutes?"

Excitedly Sydney shook her head. "Yes I do, thank you so very much. This will mean a great deal to a very special person." She gave the man a dazzling smile to which he found himself hypnotized by.

Shaking himself out of his reverie, he began filling out the invoice. Sydney gave him Alexís ring size and what she wanted engraved on it. Within a half hour she had her gift and was on her way home.

"Now if I can keep this courage I will give it to her tonight. I donít know what I am worried about. Alexandra is nothing like Sharon. I just have to keep reminding myself of that. They are nothing alike, thank God." She said to herself as she pulled into the driveway.

She parked the car in the garage and went into the house to wake her sleeping woman. She walked up the stairs and into Alexís room to find a breathtaking view. Alex had rolled onto her stomach while clutching her pillow. Her naked form was only covered from her waist down. Her knee was sticking out of the sheet and slightly hanging over the bedís edge. Her golden locks were spilled down her back and shoulders with a few stray strands falling into her face. She was absolutely beautiful. Suddenly Sydís fears all seemed to disappear with one look at Alexandra. Seeing this angel before her completely dissolved any reservations sheíd had in proclaiming her love.

After taking a moment to memorize every curve of Alexís lithe form, she decided to kick off her shoes and curl up next to her.

Alex immediately felt Sydneyís presence and rolled her back into Sydneyís front. Sydneyís arm draped around Alexís waist in reflex, and the rest of her body spooned into Alexís back. It was a perfect fit.

Sydney just lay there smelling the wonderful scent that was Alex. Her hair smelled like flowers and her body emitted a fragrance that was crisp and clean. Sydney would have stayed like that all morning, but Alex stirred awake and rolled towards Sydney.

"Mm, good morning sweetheart." Alex sleepily said.

"Good morning sleepy head. Did you sleep well?"

"Mmhmm, I did. I have slept so well since coming home. I hope I donít get spoiled by this."

"I think you have just been really tired. We have been doing alot since we got here. You are just tuckered out."

"Perhaps. Have you been up long?"

"Nah, just an hour or so. I couldnít resist coming back to snuggle with you. You looked so damn cute."

Alex just smiled into Sydneyís chest and inhaled deeply. She loved the way this woman smelled. She had this wonderful musk about her that was all her own. It was intoxicating as well as arousing. She could feel Sydneyís fingernails moving up and down her back and she felt the gooseflesh rising. The touches became more urgent as did the need to be one with each other. Alex tilted her head up and captured Sydís wanting mouth with her own. Their tongues instantly sought out the otherís. They tenderly stroked each otherís tongues and nipped at each otherís lips. Alex caught Sydneyís bottom lip and began to suck on it. She fully pressed her mouth against Sydneyís again and felt a bolt of desire wash over her. Sydney caught Alexís moan in her mouth and immediately wanted to be naked against this woman. Alex looked into deep stormy blue eyes and knew that breakfast was not going to be an option this morning.




"OK Edna, I am gonna take her out for about an hour, Iíll make something up. I know, Iíll make her take me to the beach. She wanted to go there yesterday and I wasnít in the mood. So Iíll make her take me there while you guys pile into the house. The caterers will be there shortly after we leave. We just need to check on the beverages. I ordered a bunch from Terryís Liquors and we just need to pick it up. I couldnít very well bring a bunch of alcohol into the house without explanation. After we surprise her, I will run out and get the drinks. Sound like a plan?"

"Okay, Syd, this is going to be so great. It sounds like you have it planned and ready to go. She is going to be so surprised! Tracey and I will be around the corner. We will watch for your car to leave and we will pull up, so make sure you donít forget anything, okay?"

"Alright Edna, I am so glad that you could make it. You being here will make it all that much more special for her. She loves you so much."

"I know. I can say the same about you dear."

Sydney could feel the blush creep up her neck. "Thanks for saying so Edna. Iíll see you all in about two hours. Hey, is Traceyís girlfriend coming too? I know that Alex is really looking forward to meeting her."

"Yes, she will be here later. Tracey said she had some things to do before-hand, so she wouldnít be able to make it in time for the surprise."

"Ok, at least she is coming. OK let me think here for a sec. I do believe that is everything. Iíll see you soon Edna."

"Okay, dear, make this work dammit. I didnít come all this way for nothin!" She kidded.

"No problem, Alex has no idea. I gotta run sheís out of the shower, the water just turned off. Bye." She whispered and gently hung up the receiver.

Sydney took one last look around and saw that none of the party favors were in sight. She smiled to herself and went upstairs into Alexís bedroom to change and waited for her love to exit the bathroom.

The door opened and steam billowed from the bathroom. Alex walked into her room to find Sydney dressing and smirking at her with her jeans part way open.

"Well, donít you look like the cat who just swallowed the canary. Whatís up with that smirk?" Alex teased.

"Nothin baby, you just look so sexy, I canít help myself." Sydney purred.

"Mmhhmm, whatever you say. You look great Sydney, are we going somewhere?"

"Iím not sure yet, I thought you liked it when I dressed like this."

"When you wear those black jeans you have the greatest butt in the world. It makes me want to squeeze it!!" Alex grinned devilishly.

"I think we have squeezed enough body parts for one day, donít you?"

"Says you! I could do it all day long. You must be getting old."

"Old my ass, Iíll show you old!!" She laughed and threw Alex on the bed and mercilessly began tickling her. Alex tried really hard to pretend that it had no effect on her but she couldnít fake it for long.

"I GIVE!!!!!!!!!!" Alex panted. "Please...oh Syd....stop...please!!" She managed to get out between giggle fits.

Sydney ceased her attack and gently kissed Alexís cheek. She helped her up and walked to the closet to look for an outfit for Alex to wear. Alex jumped into the bathroom to dry her hair and apply a small amount of makeup to her face. When she was finished she went back to her room and found Sydney holding up some of Alexís clothing.

"I would like you to wear this tonight."

"Sydney, whatís going on? Are you taking me to dinner?"

"Mmmaybe. We havenít heard from Tracey yet about her meeting up with us, so I figured we should get ready anyway. If she doesnít call weíll go out, just the two of us. If she does call, we still go out. Sound good?"

"Sure, I never knew you liked these pants so much. I would have worn them more often."

"Well speaking of nice butts, yourís looks fabulous in those black slacks. I like the vest with that shirt too." Sydney pointed as Alex dressed under instruction for the first time since the first grade.

"Shoes Miss Sydney? What shoes?"

"No shoes, wear your black boots. That will finish it off just right." Syd said as she watched Alex put the finishing touches on her outfit.

"See now? You have brought a little bit of the country home to you. You are beautiful Alexandra." Syd said as she kissed her gently on the lips.

Alex turned around in the mirror to see what Syd saw in her. She had on a black pair of pants, a long sleeved white collarless shirt with her sleeves rolled up, a black vest and black boots. "I look like a bank robber. All I need is a black cowboy hat and a trusty steed and Iíll be on my way!" She joked.

"You look very sexy, trust me. Although seeing you on a horse always has been a favorite of mine. It must be looking at your legs straddling something that really gets me going."

"You are encourageable Sydney Thompson!!"

"Always. Now let me get finished here."

Sydney went to the closet again and pulled out a finely knit, gray, cropped V-Neck sweater and pulled it over her head. It fit snugly against her muscular torso and showed her belly when she raised her arms. She wrapped a black braided belt through her belt loops and looked for the right shoes. She slipped on a pair of black loafers and brushed her hair so it loosely fell across her back. She added a little color to her lips and eyes and she was ready. Alex took a breath and slowly let it out. Sydís raven hair mixed with her cerulean eyes and dark clothing made her look like nothing Alex had ever seen before. Sydney was stunning.

"I thought we could take a drive down to that beach you wanted to show me. I bet the colors down there are beautiful this time of year."

"Ooh Sydney, that would be wonderful. It is gorgeous around this time. You really want to? It may get a little chilly." Alex sincerely questioned.

"Well thatís why Iíll have you on my arm, to keep me warm." She answered before she gave Alex a full smile, melting the young girlís heart. "Come on then, letís get this night underway."

"After you my dear." Alex gestured towards the stairs.

The two walked arm in arm down the stairs and grabbed their jackets. They got into the car and pulled slowly out of the driveway. Once they rounded the corner, Tracey and Edna pulled into the driveway and headed up to the house. There was lots to do in the next hour to make this a night to remember.

Continued in Part Four

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