In Healing Arms

by DS Bauden

Part 5

The ride from the beach was filled with tender kisses and touches. Syd had never felt so loved in her life. The love that she thought she had with Sharon was nothing in comparison to what she had with Alex. She felt like the luckiest woman in the world. Her fears were melting with every minute she spent with Alex. Giving her the ring was such a cleansing for her soul. ĎI could fly right now if she asked me to.' She thought to herself. There was only one thing left to tell Alex about her checkered past, and that indeed, could wait for another time. ĎI donít want to spoil her entire evening. Besides, she may not be as accepting as she was earlier.' Syd thought as she stared at the profile of her companion.

"Whatís on your mind Sydney?" Alex asked.

"Mmm, you baby. I am so happy right now. Nothing could possibly ruin this night for us." Syd happily said.

"I agree. It has been the best birthday that I have ever had. Thank you Sydney, for so much. You have been so good for me. You helped me more than you know. If you hadnít been around, I may have just withered away into nothingness after my parents died. I didnít know what or how to feel, or even if I could feel loved or give love again. You have healed my heart Sydney, I canít thank you enough for that." Alex said as she squeezed Sydneyís hand.

"You donít have to thank me Honey, you have been just as important in my own healing. I never wanted to love again. Love was the equivalent of pain for me, and you smashed right through that wall. I saw your heart from the very beginning and knew that mine would be safe with you. You have no idea what that means to me."

"Yes I do. I can understand completely. We helped each other while helping the other, if that makes any sense whatsoever."

"It does sweetheart, it truly does." She paused to look at Alex. "I think itís a good idea that we go back to the house and check to see if Tracey called. I know she wouldnít want to miss your birthday."

"Well, I know she has Char in town for only a couple more days, so she may be preoccupied."

"But you are her best friend Alexandra. Surely youíd think she would celebrate that with you."

"I can hope. She is just so smitten with this one. I have never seen her so over the edge for anyone. This girl had better not break her heart, otherwise, she will have me to deal with."

"Remind me never to break Traceyís heart. I donít ever want to feel your wrath."

They chuckled as they pulled into the driveway of Alexís house. Sydney had to really try to keep her emotions in check. She couldnít wait to see Alexís face when she walked into the house.

Sydney walked around the car and opened the door for Alex. She took her hand and walked together towards the house.


"They are here!" Tracey shouted to the crowded family room. "No one makes a sound!" She peeked again outside and saw the two women walking towards the front door. "When they walk into the room and switch on the light, shout surprise, but wait until she walks in here, donít shout it to the foyer!" She insisted.

Everyone rolled their eyes at their spastic friend, but nodded their acceptance of her orders. Edna just smiled to herself as she eyed the doorway her niece was going to walk through shortly.


"Sydney, I can open the door, sheesh. I know itís my birthday, but I can open a door for myself. Hey why is it so dark in here? Didnít I leave a light on?"

"I guess we forgot. I can get the one in the family room. I think I remember where all the lamps are."

"Oh no you donít. They are going to end up on the floor if you start feeling your way around. Let me."

"Have it your way." Syd said to a smiling Alex.


"SURPRISE!!!!!!!" The room shouted at a very startled Alex. "HAPPY BIRTHDAY ALEX!!!!!" They shouted again.

Tracey came rushing at Alex with a huge grin on her face. Before Alex knew what hit her, she and Tracey ended up sprawled on the couch. Tracey was hugging and kissing her happily surprised friend.

"OH...MY...GOD!!!!! Who did this?" Alex asked while looking up at Tracey then at a hugely grinning Sydney.

"I should have guessed. I canít leave you two alone for two minutes." Alex laughed and managed to climb over Tracey to her feet.

"Can I get a hug from my best girl?" A voice came from across the room. Alex turned to find Edna smiling at her.

"EDDI!!!! Oh my God!!! YOU TOO???" Alex jumped and ran across the room to hug her aunt.

"Guilty as charged, afraid to say. Happy birthday sweetheart."

"Thanks Eddi. It means the world to me that you came." She said as tears threatened to leak down her cheeks. She turned into her auntís body and again wrapped her arms around the stout woman. "God I canít believe you are here."

"Believe it honey. I wouldnít have missed this for all the horses in Montana."

"I love you Eddi." Alex said as she squeezed Edna again.

"You too kiddo. I bet there are a lot of faces you havenít seen here in a while. Iíll be here for a while, but I have to leave. This was a stopping point for me before I have to go back to Indy. They are having another auction. I just had to go. There is some machinery I still needed that I couldnít find this summer. I am hoping to get lucky tomorrow."

"Aww Eddi, you canít stay for the whole party?"

"It was either do it this way, or not show up. And as I said, I wouldnít have missed that expression of yours for anything. It was beautiful."

"It sure is." A low and throaty voice came from behind Alex and arms soon wrapped around her waist.

"Oh are in so much trouble. I canít believe you didnít let any of this slip. I was totally surprised." Alex admitted.

"Well isnít that the purpose of a surprise party?" Sydney sarcastically responded.

"OK Smart Ass. Thatís enough outta you." Alexís guardian spoke.

"Hey Edna, nice to see you." Sydney said as she released Alex to embrace her dear friend.

"You too hon. I gotta hand it to you and Tracey. You definitely fooled this little one here."

"Yep we sure did. Many ways in fact." Sydney smiled down at Alex who understood what Sydney was referring to. She immediately raised her ringed finger to show her aunt what Sydney had gotten for her.

"Oh honey, that is beautiful!! I knew she had good taste." Edna smiled.

"The best. Look who is wearing it." Sydney laughed and pecked Alexís cheek.

"Hey you two, I gotta make some rounds. I gotta find Tracey and meet this new girlie girl of hers." Alex said excitedly.

"Char isnít here yet darliní. She said she would be here a little later. Some business came up or something. She should be arriving shortly." Edna explained.

"Oh well, then I am going to chat with some people. There are faces I havenít seen in years. This is turning into a night of firstís, thatís for sure."

"Firstís?" Sydney asked.

"Yeah, first you giving me the ring. Then you telling me you loved me. Then this party, I havenít ever had a surprise party before. I canít even wait to see what the rest of the night has in store for me."

"Itís gonna be a night to remember baby. I can feel it." Sydney smiled.

"I think you are right. Remind me to thank you properly later." Alex said as she reached up and held the back of Sydneyís head until they were face to face and inches from each other. "I love you Sydney." She said as she pulled Sydney down for a short but passionate kiss. "It gets better... later." Alex promised.

"I can hardly wait. I love you too baby. Go on now. I gotta run to Terryís and get the rest of the alcohol."

"OK sweetheart. Iíll see you soon." Alex stopped and turned to see a familiar face. "Oh my God Rita!! God I havenít seen you in ages!! How have you been?" Alexís voice faded and blended in with the rest of the room. Sydney just smiled and walked towards the door. Tracey ran up to her and planted a great big kiss on her lips. Sydney just looked at her awestruck and smiled a crooked grin.

"Thank you Sydney. This worked out so great!! Did you see her face?? God she was so surprised!! This is just so great!!"

"Yes, we did well. I think we really got her. So um, where is your lady?"

"Oh, she should be here any minute. Are you off to the liquor store?"

"Yep. I figure itís probably a good time before it gets totally hopping in here. I should be back in about an hour or so."

"OK great. Sydney...thank you again for getting all of that taken care of." Tracey sincerely said.

"Hey no problem, you took care of everything else. Iíll see you soon." She smiled and opened the door.

"OK Sydney, be careful, you do remember where you are going, right?" Tracey asked hesitantly.

"Yea, I have been there before. See ya."

"Byeee" Tracey sang. "OK, now itís time to partaaaayy." She screamed as she jumped in a dancing line. The women around her just laughed and danced with their happy friend as the music thumped around them.


"Dance with me babe." Tracey said as she grabbed Alexís arm and pulled her into the middle of the family room.

"Christ! Do I have a choice?" Alex yelped.

"Nope, come on." Tracey giggled as she started to sway with Alex to the bass of the music.

The two started to get overtly sexual on the dance floor. Their legs were intertwined as they started their decent to the floor and back up again. Their hips were gyrating with the rhythm and their arms were flailing above them. They looked at each other and broke into a fit of laughter as the song ended.

"Should I be jealous?" A voice came from behind Tracey. Alex looked into deep brown eyes and smiled.

"You must be Char. I am Alex, no need for worry here. We agreed a long time ago that we were best as friends and nothing more." She extended her hand to Char and they exchanged a jovial meeting.

"Thatís a relief. Hi honey, I finally made it." She directed her gaze at Tracey.

"Hi sweets, Iím glad you got here. This is my best friend in the whole world." She said as she hugged and kissed the top of Alexís head.

"Nice to finally meet you Alex. Oh and Happy Birthday. Sorry I missed the surprise, but I had some things to tend to before I was able to get here."

"Thatís OK. I am just glad that I got a chance to meet you as well. Tracey has said so many wonderful things about you. I couldnít wait to meet you."

"Likewise. I have heard nothing but great things about you and Sydney for the last few months. It is wonderful to see you in the flesh."

"Thanks. How long are you here for?"

"Only a couple more days unfortunately. I gotta get back to LA. Iím just about done with my business deal. I should know by tomorrow morning."

"I see, well I hope it works out for you."

"Me too. Shall we get a drink?" Char asked Tracey and Alex.

"Sure, I think there is still a bit of wine left. Sydney went to the liquor store to get the rest of it."

"Oh what a dear. To the bar then?"

"Onward!" Alex said as she raised her fist. She walked arm in arm with Tracey and Char.


"God I hope I went the right way....oh here it is. Thank God. Thatís all Alexandra needs is to get a smoke signal from me because I got lost." Sydney rambled to herself.

She stepped out of the car and walked into Terryís Liquorís and waited in line. She approached the counter and watched as a young manís eyes popped out of his head as he stared at her.

"Are you all right?" She teasingly asked.

"Uhh, y...yeah. Can I help you?" The tongue tied clerk asked.

"Yes. I am Sydney Thompson. I called a few days back with an order for a keg of beer and some other things."

"Riiiight, um, let me go in back and make sure we got it all together." He said before he practically ran into the stockroom.

"God if he is twenty-one Iíll be surprised." She mused to herself.

"Hey little lady. What does a fine thing like you need with so much booze? You needing to share it with anyone?"

"Excuse me?" Sydney asked incredulously.

"I said...." He started to drool a bit as he was swaying from foot to foot. "Do you need some company to help you drink all that?"

"No thank you." Sydney noticed that a policeman had entered the store and she motioned for him to come closer. "Hey bud, did you drive here?" She asked the obviously inebriated man.

"Of course I did, thatís my ride right out front, do you want me to show it to ya? I could take us somewheres more private."

"No thatís OK, Iím sure youíll be quite busy the rest of the night." She chuckled as the police officer made his presence known.

Sydney amused herself by watching the drunken idiot try to walk out of the liquor store towards his car. The officer followed him out and waited for him to get in his car. When he closed the door and pulled out his keys, the officer appeared at his window with his partner, and asked man to get out of the car. The drunken man started swearing at the officers and was getting very excited. The man was given a test that he failed miserably and was soon being read his Mirandaís. They handcuffed him and placed him in the back of the black and white. The initial officer walked into the liquor store and approached Sydney.

"Thanks Miss. I appreciate you giving me the heads up with that one. Iím surprised that he didnít kill himself or someone else on the way here."

"Thatís no problem. A good friend of mine lost her parents to someone like him. I couldnít let that happen again to someone elseís loved one." Sydney explained.

"Iím sorry to hear that. If more people like you made it their business to help, we may not have as many fatalities as we do. Thanks again, I do appreciate it." The officer smiled a bright teethy grin at Sydney.

"It was the least I could do. Have fun with that one." She shook his hand and gestured to the idiot screaming in the back seat of the squad.

"Oh we will. Have a good night now."

"I will. Goodnight." She watched the squad pull out of the parking lot. She decided to find the little salesman and find out what was taking so damn long with her order.

"Excuse me?" She said as she knocked on the backdoor. The same man exited the door.

"Iím sorry maíam. Iím just uhh, well I canít get the keg out of the back, and Iím alone in here..." Sydney stopped the kid in mid panic.

"Where is it?"


"Show me where it is and I will help you."

"Maíam you wonít be able to lift it. It is really very heavy." The boy explained.

"Just point me in the right direction. I assure you I can help. If I can hog tie farm animals, I certainly can roll a keg out here."

"Uhh, this way." He led Sydney into the refrigerated locker. She easily got the keg from itís resting spot as the young man looked on in awe. She put the keg on a two wheel cart and wheeled it out into the front of the store.

"Now if you can get the rest of my order together I may have enough time to enjoy my girlfriendís surprise party." Sydney deadpanned.

The young clerk just stared at her. "Tonight would be good." She broke him out of his reverie.

"Yes...yes....sorry. I just...nevermind... Iíll be right up with the rest of your order." He said as he scurried into the back again.

After a few minutes the young clerk returned from the abyss with the rest of her supplies on her list.

"I think this just about covers it. You do know that you need to put a deposit on the tapper for the keg?"

"Yes, I was informed of that. You do take cash I assume?" She said as she raised a quizzical eyebrow at him.

"Of course." He blushed. "Iím sorry, I have been a little out of it." He bashfully admitted.

"Itís alright. Now, if you can carry the bags and the tub to the car for me, I will handle the keg." She smiled her brightest smile at him. He jumbled the bags but agreed to help. ĎThis poor kid needs to get laid, and fast.í She mused to herself as she rolled the keg to her car and placed it in her back seat. The clerk placed the rest of the bags in her trunk with a few extra bags of ice "on the house".

"Thank you for your help umm," She stopped and looked at his nametag. "Jimmy. Youíve been most helpful."

"Sure miss, anytime. Uhh, have a good time at your umm, party." He stumbled out.

"Thanks, my girlfriend thanks you too. Bye now." She said as she waved to him out her window and pulled out of the parking lot back towards Alexís house.

"My God, she has got to be the most stunning woman I have ever met." The young man said out loud to no one in particular. He turned and walked back into the store while looking back over his shoulder for one last look.


Alex was so happy. This was the best birthday that she could remember having. She had never had a surprise party before. Her parents would occasionally throw her a party for her birthday, but never a surprise one. She was really happy for Tracey too. She had never seen her so happy before. ĎThis girl may just be the one.í Alex thought to herself as she watched the interaction of the two women.

"Hey Tracey? How long did Syd say sheíd be? Iím starting to worry." Alex questioned.

"Oh darlin, sheíll be fine. She said she would be about an hour. Itís almost that time now. Donít worry sheíll be fine, hon." Tracey reassured her friend.

"Youíre right. I am just being a worry wart. You are going to love Sydney Char, she is just the best!"

"Oh, donít you worry. She and I will certainly have a spectacular conversation. You just wait." She smiled victoriously.

"Well good. I know she has been looking forward to meeting you, as I have." Alex smiled.

"Thank you, the feeling is mutual." Char said with a smile.


Sydney drove up the driveway to Alexís house and saw the people dancing through the main window. A smile came to her lips as she saw Alex and Tracey dancing together.

"She is just too damn cute. It looks like she is having a great time." She said outloud as she put the car into the garage. She walked around to the trunk, pulled out the bags from the liquor store, and headed up to the house. She opened the front door and walked towards the kitchen. She grabbed one of Alexís friends and asked him to help her with the keg.

"Sure, does that mean I get first pull from it?" A very thirsty Josh asked.

"Sure cowboy, if you can tap this sucker, itís all yours." She smiled at him.

"Cool, Iím on it." He said as he grabbed the half barrel out of the backseat. Sydney wheeled a hand cart towards him and he just scoffed at her.

"I donít need that, just hold the doors for me."

"Alright studly, Iíll lead the way." She winked at the young man as she watched his facial expressions reach the crimson stage. "Are you sure you donít want the cart?"

"You know, I got this um, football injury and uh, it might be a good idea if I use that thing." He stammered out.

"Sure, youíre probably right. You donít want to aggravate your injury." She said while holding back a chuckle. "CíMon, weíll get this set up in the bar area."

"OK, lead the way." An embarrassed Josh replied.

Sydney and Josh wheeled the keg into the bar. She poured several bags of ice into the tub and watched as Josh tried to lift the keg alone. She handed him the tapper and together they lifted the keg into the tub of ice. Josh successfully tapped the keg and a line soon formed around that area. Alex was still dancing with Tracey so Sydney decided to go into the kitchen and grab one of the bottles of champagne for her birthday girl. Sharon watched menacingly as Sydney walked into the kitchen.

"Itís showtime...." Sharon said to herself.

Sydney had her back to the doorway leading from the kitchen to the family room. She was trying to open the bottle of Martini and Rossi Champagne she had bought for Alex, Tracey and her new girlfriend, Char. She thought a toast would certainly be in order for this evening.

Alex got a glance of Sydney walking into the kitchen. She broke free from Tracey's dancing arms and headed towards the kitchen. "Hey Trace, Sydney just got back. I'll be back in a sec."

"OK hon. Hey if you see Char, tell her she owes me a dance all right?" Tracey asked.

"Sure babe." Alex replied. She saw Char follow Sydney into the kitchen and realized that Sydney had yet to meet her. 'She is gonna love her!' She thought to herself. She picked up her pace so she could introduce the two women.

Sydney popped the champagne cork from it's bottle and heard some people approaching. Char was standing behind Sydney in the kitchen as Alex walked in.

"Hey honey, I want to introduce you to someone." Sydney heard Alex say.

Sydney turned around as if in slow motion, only to look into the eyes of her ex-lover and dropped the bottle of champagne on the floor. The bottle crashed to the floor and glass particles were shattered everywhere.

"Sharon." Sydney said through gritted teeth.

"Hello Sydney. Long time no see." Sharon smirked.

"Not long enough for me." Sydney retorted.

Alex's jaw dropped as she heard the exchange between the two.

"Sharon?" Alex whispered.

Sharon and Sydney turned to face Alex. Sydney's face was pale and drawn whereas Sharon's was flushed with excitement. Alex looked at them with so much confusion on her face.

"What do you mean? Sydney this is Char, Tracey's girlfriend."

"No Alexandra, this is Sharon Harris." Sydney corrected.

"What?!" Alex said disbelievingly. She suddenly found a rage building within her. She turned and got in Sharon's face. "You've got about five seconds to tell me why I shouldn't call the police and have them arrest you for trespassing."

"Oh Sydney, you didn't tell me she had such spirit. I would have looked her up her sooner." Sharon chuckled as she stared at Alex's infuriated face.

"Don't you even think about it Sharon." Sydney warned.

"Oh don't worry Sydney, it's not her I am after. I came back to claim what you took from me." Sharon turned to face Sydney.

"And what did I EVER take from you?" Sydney spat at Sharon.

"You my darling. I came back for you."

"You have GOT to be kidding me. I wouldn't go back to you for anything in this world." Sydney shot back.

"Oh Sydney, don't you remember how good we were together? We can have that again Sydney. Just come with me and let's start our life over again." Sharon quietly spoke until she felt Alex grab her arm.

"Look here Miss 'I-Lie-To-Everyone-About-My-Identity' Sydney is with me. She will ALWAYS be with me. There is nothing that you could say that will change that. What about poor Tracey? She has no idea of the lies you have fed to her. You are going to break her heart. But I guess someone that doesnít HAVE a heart wouldnít know what it feels like to have theirs broken." Alex paused to look into Sharon's unfeeling eyes. "Now, I am going to ask you nicely one last time to leave my house. After that, I can't guarantee how it will come out!" Alex shouted.

"Oh I think there is definitely something that I could say that would change Sydneyís mind." Sharon threatened.

"Sharon, don't you dare." Sydney warned.

"What's the matter Sydney? Are you afraid to tell your lover the truth? Afraid that she will see the monster you used to be? Or maybe you are still that person underneath that new exterior of yours." Sharon taunted. Sydney grabbed Sharon by her shoulders and put her face within inches of hers.

"Don't you dare say one word about my past. I have paid for everything that happened in that time. You of all people should know that!" She screamed as she tightened her grip around Sharon.

"Oh Sydney, how I've missed your arms around me. Don't think that I won't fight to have them back on a full time basis." Sharon smiled.

"What the hell does that mean? You will have to fight until hell freezes Sharon. Our time together is over!" Sydney said as she walked towards Alex.

"Oh no no no, my dearest. Our time is just beginning." She paused and looked at Alex. "Alexandra? Has she told you about her brother Billy?" Sydney whirled around and grabbed Sharon by the throat.

"Shut the fuck up Sharon, I'm warning you. You say one word disgracing my brother and I will kill you where you stand! Do you hear me!!!" Sydney shouted.

"God I have missed that fire. Remember how you used to take me after your nightmares Sydney? Those dreams you had would wake you so abruptly. You were so filled with angst and rage. I could ease your pain with a few acts of passion. Do you remember that, Sydney? We could have that again, just say the word." Sharon continued to taunt as Sydney began to squeeze her neck harder.

"Sydney, please...let her down." A soft voice entered Sydney's ears and she realized that Sharon was dangling under her grip. She slowly let her down and felt Alex's hand on the small of her back. One movement sent a calming sensation throughout her entire body.

"Iím so sorry." Sydney whispered to Alex.

Alex took Sydneyís hand and walked her a few feet away from a gasping and coughing Sharon.

"Sydney, what am I going to tell Tracey? I think she is in love with her. This is going to kill her."

"There is nothing that we can say that is going to lessen the blow from this one. She is an uncaring bitch that doesnít care who she hurts, as long as she gets what she wants." Sydney commented.

"Sydney, is there more to your story about Billy that I need to know about? I would much rather hear it from you than her." Alex asked quietly.

"Yes there is. I wish I would have told you the whole story, but I didnít want to upset you on your birthday. If you just go with the flow and pretend, just this once for me, I will tell you everything. I can guarantee she is going to say it just to upset me. Please know that I love you, and whatever she may say, might not be the truth. So if you are confused or terrified by what may come out of her mouth, Iím sorry. I only didnít tell you because of everything you have gone through." Sydney tried to explain.

"What does that mean Sydney? I donít understand. With what I have gone through? What could have been in your past that would upset me now? I donít get it."

"What she means, brat, is that you lost your parents to someone like her. She killed her own brother. It was her fault that he died. Isnít that right Sydney?" Sharon triumphantly stated.

"What?" Was all Alex could breathe out.

"YOU KNOW THATíS NOT WHAT HAPPENED!! You know I blamed myself for the longest time for Billyís death. Itís not true!" Sydney defended. She looked into Alexís eyes and could only read fear and confusion.

"Yes it is Sydney. You may as well have pulled the trigger yourself."

"Shut up Sharon, I am warning you for the last time." Sydney growled.

"I...I donít know what to think here." Alex stammered. "Iíve got to get out of here."

"Alexandra, please. Donít go." She reached for Alex only to have her pull away. Alex ran out of the kitchen and went looking for Tracey and Edna.

Laughing, Sharon looked at Sydney with utter amusement.

"The little brat must be terrified of you now." Sharon chuckled.

Sydney was staring at the floor listening to Sharon gloat, then she looked up to meet the eyes of the most heartless woman she had ever met. She swallowed a couple times before gaining the strength to speak coherently. She mustered a throaty one word whisper.

"Why?" She asked.

"Why not Sydney? I came back for you and Iím not leaving without you." Sharon stated flatly.

"Why would you want to be with me? I despise you more than I thought capable. You may have ruined everything that Alexandra and I have built over the last few months." Her voice started to get louder. "What the hell did you possibly think I would give you after you broke my heart the way you did over three fucking years ago!?" She started to pace through the kitchen. "I canít believe you! How could you?! I want to know RIGHT NOW!"

Sharon laughed in her face. Sydney growled and smashed the back of her left hand into Sharonís face. She grabbed Sharon by the throat again and slammed her against the kitchen cabinets.

Sharon started to choke, "Sydney, I...canít breathe. Please.....let me.....go." She gagged and squirmed knocking over a bottle on the counter and breaking it.

"Not until you tell me why? NOW TALK!!!" Sydney demanded as she picked up a piece of the broken bottle off of the counter. She pointed the jagged edge at Sharonís cheek. She rubbed the edge on Sharonís face smearing the blood that had run from her nose. "Tell me why you thought it necessary to ruin my life AGAIN!" She pushed Sharon onto the counter and lessened her grip on her throat. A few larger pieces of glass fell to the floor smashing into smaller pieces. She kept the glass against Sharonís face and demanded she talk.


Alex ran out of the kitchen searching for Tracey and Edna. She found Edna talking to a couple of her friends. She rushed over to her and immediately had tears streaming down her face. Edna looked at her niece and new something was terribly wrong.

"What is it honey? You look very upset." Edna said very concerned.

"I...I donít know what to say Eddi. Sydney....she....oh my God.." Alex whispered out through her sobs. She felt Edna pull her into a hug and quietly sobbed as onlookers gave them their privacy.

"What did Sydney do honey? I canít help if I donít know what happened." Eddi comforted.

"Not here, letís go into the other room. Whereís Tracey?" She asked.

"She is over there having a drinking contest. I think she is winning." She said as they looked over to Tracey pointing and laughing at her opponent on the floor.

"Oh no...thatís going to make matters worse." She said sadly.

"What? Girl, you tell me right now what is going on here??" Edna demanded.

Alex looked around and noticed that they were pretty much alone and it wouldnít make a difference if she told her here or not.

"Sydneyís ex-girlfriend is in my kitchen right now." She choked out.

"What? What are you talking about child?" Edna asked.

"Char, Traceyís girlfriend is really Sharon, Sydneyís ex."

"Oh my God."

"Yeah I know. I donít know how I am going to tell Tracey. She is really in love with this woman. I donít know how. That woman is a total bitch. I was shaking in there I was so angry. Then she starting talking about Sydney and how she killed her brother."

"Whoa, whoa whoa. Hold it right there. Sydney killed her brother?" Edna asked incredulously.

"I donít know the whole story. Sydney seemed pretty upset by the accusations, but Sharon said that she was no better than the people that killed mom and dad!" She started breathing heavily. "I just donít know what to believe. I am so confused Eddi. I don'tí know what to do. I have to tell Tracey that her girlfriend is a maniacal bitch, AND tonight I find out that my girlfriend killed her own brother. I AM LOSING MY MIND!! I just couldnít handle anymore so I ran out of there and found you." Alex shouted out.

"Oh my...." Edna couldnít believe what she was hearing. She had to do something fast. There was something that just didnít click here. She had known Sydney for the last three years. She knew that woman couldnít kill anyone. "We have to tell Tracey before she finds out another way. I think we need to sit her down and tell her before she is too drunk to comprehend what we are saying to her." Edna rationalized.

"Good idea Eddi, letís go get her." Alex agreed.

They walked over to the bar where Tracey was challenging everyone to a beer chugging contest. Alex walked behind her an tapped her on the shoulder.

"Tracey? I need to talk to you. Itís really important."

"Canít it wait Alex? Iím about to make fifty bucks off this guy." Tracey answered without looking at Alex.

Alex put her hand on Traceyís shoulder and made her look at her. "Trace, itís really important. Please." Alex almost pleaded.

"OK, Babe. What is it?"


"What the hell?" Tracey looked at Alex and Edna after hearing the crash and knew something was up. "Whereís Char guys?" Tracey asked. Tracey ran towards the kitchen where the crashing sound had come from.

"Tracey wait!!" Alex screamed unsuccessfully. "Dammit. We got to catch her!" Alex said to Eddi as they ran after Tracey.


Tracey ran into the kitchen and was flabbergasted with what she saw. Sydney had still had Sharon up agains the cabinets with her hand on her throat. Edna and Alex soon followed into the kitchen.

"Holy shit! Sydney what the fuck are you doing?? Let go of her!! NOW!" Tracey screamed and ran towards Sydney and Sharon.

"Tracey no! Itís not what you think!" Alex tried to warn her.

Sydney half turned to see Tracey coming after her. "Tracey stop right there. This is not the woman you think it is." Sydney tried to say as she felt Traceyís hands around her neck.

"Tracey no!! Stop!" Alex screamed.

"What is your problem Alex? She is attacking my girlfriend!"

"Sheís not your girlfriend Tracey...she is my ex-lover, Sharon." Sydney choked out.

"What are you talking about? Char tell her itís not true." Tracey said looking up into her loverís eyes. Sharon looked at Tracey with a blank expression. "Char? Char, whatís going on? Talk to me." Tracey said as she released her hold on Sydneyís throat. Sydney backed away to reveal the woman that Tracey had grown to love. Although this time Tracey was looking into the eyes of a stranger. "Sheís telling the truth isnít she?"

Sharon didnít flinch or attempt to answer the question. Tracey, being more than a little tipsy, slapped Sharon across her face. "WHY? Why would you lie to me like this? I thought you loved me." More blood trickled from Sharonís nose and she licked it with her tongue and smiled.

"Oh poor young Tracey. I give you some sack time, which was mediocre at best, some warm embraces, and you think itís love? You just kept me warm until I could have what I really wanted." Tracey snarled, reached back and punched Sharonís face. She reached back again only to have Sydney grab her arm.

"Thatís enough Tracey. Alex call the police. We have an unwanted guest here." They looked at Sharon who was just sitting on the counter staring into nothingness with a small smile on her face.

"Sharon, you have hurt my friends for the last time. Iím going to have you put in jail for breaking and entering. If youíre lucky, you wonít have anything else on your record to keep you there longer." Alex said to the numb woman. She looked at Sydney and mouthed "Iím so sorry." Sydney walked over to her and put her arms around her.

"Iím the one who is sorry honey. I shouldnít have kept this from you. I promise when all of this is over, I will tell you the whole story."

"OK then, after this is over. I have a phone call to make. Iíll be right back." She turned to leave the room, looked into the bar area and looked back into the kitchen. "You know, itís a good thing these people really like to party, because this would be really hard to explain right about now." Sydney looked at her partner and smiled.

Sydney looked over to Sharonís unbalanced expression and wondered what she ever saw in her. The beauty that once radiated off of this woman was now gone. Everything about her had changed for the worse. She knew now how lucky she was to have found Alexandra. Of course, she always knew that part.

Tracey just sat at the kitchen table and just stared at Sharon. It was unbelievable to her what had just unfolded. The woman who had loved her for the last few months was nothing more than a lying Sociopath. She buried her head in her hands and began to weep. Sydney walked over to her and put her hand on her shoulder.

"Iím so sorry I brought her into your life Tracey." She whispered to the crying woman.

Sharon watched the exchange and reached down to pick up a piece of the broken bottle from the counter. She had the glass in her palm and slowly slid off the counter. Edna saw her move and motioned too late to Sydney. Sharon quickly raised her weaponed hand and rushed towards Sydney.

"IF I CANíT HAVE YOU, THAN NO ONE CAN! YAAAAH" She shouted as she raised her hand to make the strike.

"Sydney! Look out!" Edna screamed.

Sydney whirled around and caught Sharonís raised arm before it made impact. Alex heard her aunt scream and ran into the kitchen after her call to the police. Tracey got behind Sharon and grabbed Sharonís other arm and shoved it behind her back.

"Drop it Sharon, or whatever your name is!" Tracey shot out.

Sharon grunted and dropped the piece of glass on the floor. She started to kick and scream and Tracey threw her down onto the floor. Pieces of the broken glass dug into Traceyís knees and into Sharonís body. Sydney traded places with Tracey since she had a better advantage over Sharon.

"Sydney honey, are you all right?" Alex ran to her side.

"Yes darlin. We just need to wait for the cops now. We can add attempted murder to her sheet and she should be put away for a good long time. Maybe theyíll put her into a mental hospital. I think she would benefit greatly from that." Sydney smirked as she tightened her grip on Sharonís twisted arm.

"You think some shrink is gonna stop me from coming back to get you Sydney? Think again. I am going to haunt you until the day you die. You will never be able to forget me, I promise you that." Sharon spat into the floor.

"Youíre right Sharon, I wonít forget you. I will remember how you actually helped me to become a person again after Billy died. I do regret, however, the fact that I donít have any other fond memories of us together. I feel nothing but pity for you, but at least I know what love is now. Itís exactly the opposite of what we had together. So, for that, I thank you." Sydney said sarcastically.

"Fuck you!" Sharon cried out.

"In your dreams Sharon." Alex hissed. Sydney looked up at Alex and smiled a full smile at her love. She knew that nothing had really changed between them. It was just a matter of finishing her story to Alex.

"Hey! Someone called the cops!" A voice shouted from the other room. Alex giggled to herself and went to the door to welcome the arriving officers.

"Evening maíam. We got a call that you had an intruder this evening?" One of the officers asked.

"Oh how I wish it were that simple. Follow me." Alex explained with a grin on her face.

She led the officers into the kitchen. Most of the people had left the party already and the ones that remained just stared at the entering policemen.

"Well, what do we have here?" The first officer asked.

Sydney looked up and it was the officer from the liquor store. She recognized him and she smiled up at him and rolled her eyes.

"Seems like you are doing our jobs again for us tonight. You are a busy woman." He smiled at Sydney.

"Again? Sydney?" Alex questioned.

"Long story." Sydney replied.

"Another one?" Alex teased. Sydney just raised her brow at Alex and grinned.

"Unfortunately." She quipped back.

Sydney moved off of a struggling Sharon and the officers handcuffed her. The second officer stood Sharon up and motioned for her to walk out of the kitchen. She turned to face Sydney.

"See you soon, my sweet." Sharon said.

"Not if I see you first." Sydney answered quickly.

Sharon was taken out of the house and placed into the squad car. The first officer questioned Alex and Sydney as to what happened.

"Long story short, her name is Sharon Harris. She stalked me for three years just to cause me harm. She tried to kill me with a piece of broken glass in a kitchen she wasnít invited into and I want to file charges on all counts." Sydney plainly stated with her arms across her chest.

"Would you like to elaborate any on this?" The officer smiled.

"OK, three years ago........"


Sydney relayed as much information she could bear to remember. The officer was amazed that this woman hadnít been committed to a psyche ward sooner. In his opinion, "she is a couple cents short of a dime."

"Thank you Officer Randy, good to see you again." Sydney kidded.

"Thank you Sydney. Alex Iím sorry your birthday turned out this way, but rest assured, we will take care of Ms. Harris. Have a good night ladies. Well, whatís left of it." He said as he checked his watch.

"Good night." Both Alex and Sydney said in unison.

They closed the front door and realized that the four of them; Sydney, Alex, Edna, and Tracey, were the only ones left in the house. When the police showed up, the party pretty much broke up. They all took a seat at the bar and did a shot of Cuervo.

Alex had tended to Sydneyís wounds and Edna to Traceyís. Tracey still hadnít absorbed everything that had happened this evening, but it would all sink in soon enough for her.

"God, I just canít believe all of this. What the hell would drive someone to that?" Tracey asked.

"I donít know hon, Iím just glad that she didnít physically hurt you." Alex said as she wrapped her arm around her best friendís shoulder.

"Sharon is sick, thatís all there is to it. I canít think of any sane person that would do this." Edna threw in.

"Obsession is a scary thing. I hope this is the one and only time I get to be the subject matter." Sydney chuckled half joking, half serious.

"Well kids, thanks for the excitement, but I have to go. I have to get my sorry butt to Indy." Edna exclaimed.

"Aww Eddi, are you sure you canít postpone your trip? Just for a day?" Alex asked.

"Aww honey, you donít need me here. My limo is waiting for me outside. Besides I do believe you have other plans for the rest of the evening. Itís your birthday for cryin-out-loud! Have some fun tonight! Iíll see you back in Montana when you get back. OK?" Edna replied.

"Thank you for coming Eddi. It meant so much to me that you were here. Iím just sorry for the way that things ended. I just hope they lock her up for a good long time." Alex said as she hugged her aunt. "Have a safe trip Eddi, and please call me when you get in, you know how I am." Alex said as she pulled away from the hug.

"I love you Alex. Take care of her." She said quietly as she pointed to Tracey. "I think sheís gonna need some TLC from you."

"I will."

"Edna, it was wonderful to see you again. I know it meant the world to Alexandra for you to be here for her birthday. Iíll be back at work soon, boss lady." Sydney laughed as she hugged Edna good-bye. Edna laughed with her and then turned to face Tracey.

"Tracey, Iím so sorry hon. If there is anything that I can do for you, please, you know my number. Come here child." Edna said as she opened her arms for Tracey to fall into.

"Thanks Edna. You seem to make things feel better, with just one hug. No wonder Alex loves you as much as she does. Take good care of yourself. Have a safe trip and good luck at the auction."

"Thanks Tracey. Alright ladies, good night and take care. Iím off to Indy. Bye now." She said with a final wave of her hand.

She went upstairs to retrieve the remainder of her bags and Sydney helped her get them into the limousine. With one final kiss and a wave, Edna was off and Sydney walked back into the house.


"Tracey, you know you can just spend the night here. Itís kinda late." Alex insisted.

"No Alex, thanks, but I have so much to sort out. Itís really hard for me to process everything that went down tonight. Itís all just so surreal right now. I guess I am still waiting to wake up from this nightmare."

"I know what you mean." The low sensual voice of Sydney came from over Alexís head.

"Hey you, did Eddi get off OK?" Alex said as she was hugged from behind.

"Yeah she did. Did I hear you were leaving Tracey?" Syd asked.

"I gotta. I have lots to think about. I appreciate the offer Alex, but I really think I need to go home." Tracey reasoned.

"Let us drive you at least. You have had quite a bit to drink tonight." Alex compromised. Tracey knew not to argue this point with Alex and her past experiences with drunk driving.

"OK, babe. You win. I know I canít win that argument." Her friend acquiesced. "Iíll get my stuff together. Be right back."

"K, Trace. Weíll be right here." Alex shouted at her friendís back.

Alex turned to face Sydney. They studied each other for long moments before slowly embracing each other. The warmth and love they felt for each other came out in full force with this embrace.

"I love you Alexandra. Iím so sorry I wasnít completely honest with you. It almost cost me everything."

"Sydney, there is still a piece to this puzzle that I need to know, but I also know that you would never lie to me. I know there is a very good reason that you didnít tell me about the death of your brother. I will just wait until we are alone and comfortable to talk more about it. I love you too Syd. I always will."

"Thatís so good to know." She leaned down and slowly and tenderly kissed Alexís lips. The kiss deepened and the women found their embrace becoming more and more needy. Sydneyís tongue demanded entrance and Alex didnít fight it. She willingly took in the hot moist muscle between her lips and began to suck on it.

Sydneyís body pressed against Alexís and they began their private dance of desire. Alex pulled away suddenly and had a look of confusion on her face.

"Whereís Tracey? I donít want her to find us like this. It may upset her with everything thatís happened." Alex said as she felt her neck being nibbled on by Sydney. "Oh God, that feels good. I totally know why Sharon wanted you back."

"Alexandra, no more talk about that woman tonight OK?" Sydney asked softly but seriously.

"Deal, Iím sorry. I am, though, going to go upstairs to check on Tracey. She should have been down here already."

"OK, Iíll come with you." Sydney said.

"Is that a promise for later as well?" Alex said as she waggled her eyebrows.

"You are such a naughty girl. Come on. Letís see about your intoxicated friend upstairs."

"OK Love, after you."

The two women walked up the stairs hand in hand. They walked into Alexís room and there was no sign of Tracey. Alex turned and walked down the hall to her parents' room. She opened the door and looked into another empty room.

"Alex, I think I found her. Come here." Alex heard Sydney say. Alex ran down the hall to follow Sydneyís voice.

"Syd? Where are you?" Alex called out with a bit of panic in her voice.

"Shh, in the guest room." She whispered.

Alex walked into the guestroom to find Tracey under the covers of the bed in the fetal position. She was lying on one pillow with another one in her arms.

"God, I feel so bad for her. On top of everything with Sharon, she is going to wake up with one helluva hangover." Alex sympathetically commented.

"Yeah I donít envy the headache, sheíll have. Come on you, Iíve got some Ďsplainin to do." Sydney said in her best Ricky Ricardo.

"Yeah you do. Come on Ricky." She giggled back and silently closed the door.

Syd and Alex walked down the long hallway into Alexís room and shut the door. They both undressed and got into the bed. Sydney opened her arms for Alex to snuggle into. It was their favorite position to sleep in, and not to sleep in. They got themselves situated and Alex felt Sydney stiffen a bit and knew that she was ready to talk.

"OK, are you ready hon? I just want this over with." Sydney asked as if to gear herself up.

"Sure, baby, whenever you are." She said as she snuggled closer to her lover.

"OK, what Sharon said about Billy was true at one time. I completely blamed myself for his death. I didnít kill him, so to speak, but I felt totally responsible for his death. We were having a brawl that night with one of the other gangs. He knew that they were going to be bringing some heavy stuff with them."

"Heavy stuff?" Alex asked.

"You know like guns and shit like that."

"Oh, OK."

"Anyway, he begged me not to go that night. He was always the peacemaker. After dad died he tried to be the man of the family. He was such a gentle soul, but very passionate about family. He was really worried for me. He knew what we did and he hated that I was involved in it. He didnít understand why I needed to be with these people. Looking back, I donít know what I thought I got from them either, but like I said, I was really lost at that time. Anyway, he had heard that the leader was gonna be packing guns that night. He urged me to stay home. I told him I wasnít going to change my mind. He just wouldnít listen. I told him to stay away if he didnít like it. He didnít.

"He showed up that night and tried to talk some sense into me. Before I even saw him approach, he walked into a line of fire. Someone had shot him. Bullets were flying everywhere and all I could do was watch him fall. The cops came and everyone scrambled out of there. Billy bled to death in my arms." Sydney paused to control the emotions that were seeping through her pores. "He told me that he loved me, and that he would do it all again, if it meant keeping me alive. I still donít think I will ever understand that kind of love. Family was the most important thing to him though. He also said he knew how mom was going to react, boy was he right. She blamed me for all of it, which I donít fault her for. I was a terror at that point in my life. Timmy and I werenít speaking, then of course he sided with mom, so my life was completely shit at that time. I wouldnít relive that time for anything in this world.

"There was a trial but the shooterís ass was covered by his people. His name was never even brought into the courtroom. They dismissed the case because they had no real suspects. Billy was just in the wrong place at the wrong time. Just like that, Billy became a statistic. I miss him terribly. His death was very wrong, just like your parentsí. I just didnít think the timing was right for me to tell you about him. I didnít want to upset you anymore than you already were. I wanted to give you as much time as possible to mourn the loss of your folks, before I laid this on you. Iím sorry Alexandra. I wonít keep anything from you ever again. I promise you that."

"That is a promise that I will hold you to my dear Sydney." Alex said as she kissed the soft flesh beneath her lips.

"Mmm, I do believe itís still someoneís birthday. You may have whatever you like." Sydney said in a very sexy throaty voice.

"God Sydney you give me chills when you talk like that." Alex shivered.

"Like what, Alexandra?" She whispered into the younger womanís ears.

"You are such a tease Sydney."

"No Alexandra, I do believe a tease is someone that only pretends to offer something they have no intention of giving up. I have every intention of giving you whatever it is you desire tonight."

"Really? Well then, I take it back. You are not a tease."

"Thank you."

"You are a seductress."

"That, I cannot argue with." Sydney said as she leaned over and flipped Alex onto her back. She kissed her soundly on the lips and their dance of desire played out once more. The kisses turned feral, the need to reconnect with each other was prominent with every movement. Sydney covered Alexís naked body with her own. She kissed and licked every inch of Alexís neck and throat. She nipped and suckled Alexís ears until every inch of Alexís body was covered in goosebumps.

She moved slowly southward until she came to Alexís fully erect nipples. She took one into her mouth as she caressed the other with her fingers. Alex gasped at the sensation and pulled Sydís head closer to her body. Alexís body started gyrating into Sydney. Sydney pressed down with her own body to absorb every shock that Alex gave her. She teased the nipple with the tip of her tongue and gently nipped at it with her teeth. Alex started to moan with pleasure as Sydís hand roamed slowly downward until it reached itís destination.

She gently moved her fingers across Alexís soaked pubic hairs. Sydney pressed the heel of her hand against Alexís clitoris and Alex began to grind into it.

"Oh Sydney, God, you feel so good."

"Good baby, so do you." Syd whispered hoarsely back to her lover.

Alexís movements became more fervent. She needed to feel this with Sydney again. Sydney spread Alexís legs farther apart to gain better access to her loverís passion. She moved her body down Alexís to breathe in her essence. She could smell the arousal and wanted very much to taste the nectar waiting for her. She climbed in between Alexís legs and placed tiny kissed up and down her inner thighs. She finally placed a kiss on the apex of Alexís legs. Alex took a deep breath and slowly felt her bodyís control leave her; Sydney was in control of her now. Sydney spread Alexís lips open and gently teased her excited clitoris with the tip of her tongue. Alexís body tried to shoot off the bed, but Sydney held onto her so she could not escape her erotic torture.

Alex was in a state euphoria. Everything was right again in their world. She was being loved by the most incredible woman on the planet. Sydneyís tongue picked up itís pace when she felt Alexís body responding to her touches. She inserted two fingers into Alex and felt the smaller woman push onto her invasive digits. Alexís voice was picking up volume with each stroke of Sydneyís fingers and tongue.

"God baby, ungh, harder, please." Alex begged.

Sydney added a third finger to her arsenal and felt Alexís body respond wholeheartedly. Alexís body was grinding into Sydneyís as she felt her getting closer and closer to release. A few more strokes of Sydneyís tongue and Alex was screaming to any god that would listen. Sydney didnít stop her assault until she heard Alex begging her to do just that. Sydneyís release drowned out Alexís voice for a brief moment. After her body stopped itís convulsions, she was able to hear her again.

"Oh my God, Sydney. That was incredible." Alex panted out.

"No baby, you are incredible. I love making love with you. I can release myself, by just loving you. I have never been able to do that with anyone else."

"That does take talent." She giggled. "Hey come up here, I want to hold you." Alex said as she felt her partner crawl up her body to embrace hers.

"God this is home to me Sydney. You, here with me is my home. Some people think that home is a place. I think it could be a person. For me, that person is you Sydney. God, I love you so much." She said as she kissed Sydney tenderly.

Several kisses later the two women were disturbed by the phone ringing.

Alex grunted, "Who the hell could that be? Itís almost the middle of the night. Iím just going to let the machine get it."

"Are you sure you want to do that? I mean, not to make you worry, but it could be Edna."

"Oh Shit, you are right." Alex said as she grabbed the phone off the night stand. "Hello?"

"Alex McKenna?"

"Speaking, who is this?" Alex asked.

"Hi there, itís Officer Randy. I just wanted to let you know that Ms. Harris is behind bars. We found out some interesting things about her. Is Sydney with you?" Alex could hear the hopefulness in his voice.

"Yeah she is hang on a sec." Alex covered the phone with her hand. "It looks like you have started another fan club. Itís Officer Randy. I think he has a crush on you." Alex giggled.

"Oh stop..." Sydney said as she grabbed the receiver from Alex. "Hello Officer Randy, how are you this morning?"

"Doing well Sydney, how was the rest of your party?"

"Well it kind of came to an abrupt halt. Gee I wonder why." She smiled. Alex could hear the laughter coming from the officer and rolled her eyes.

"Well I just figured you guys would still be up so I wanted to tell you something about Ms. Harris."

"Oh?" Sydney stopped Alex from kissing her neck; she wanted to hear this. Alex pretended to pout and motioned to Sydney that she was going downstairs to get some water.

"Yes. It seems as though Ms. Harris was caught embezzling money from her fatherís company in California. He filed charges against her and I guess thatís why she came here. There is a warrant for her arrest in LA. Her father cut her off completely so she has no money to speak of. Iíll just assume thatís where you come in." The officer assessed the situation.

"Unfortunately. I was given quite a bit of money when my parents passed away. She knew of this information, so I would agree with your assumption on that. I think it went a little deeper than that, but it may have started out that way. I just hope she gets the help she needs."

"Me too. She is a bit on the aggressive side."

"Oh yes she is." Sydney agreed. "Was she working for her father at all? I am just wondering how she met up with Tracey."

"Yes apparently, she was in fact looking to do something with Ms. Millerís company, but it was only after she found out her father had cut her off. She told one of the other officerís that she met up with Tracey and was looking to get revenge on her fatherís company. She discovered with Tracey that she had a connection to you. Small world eh?" The officer attempted at humor.

"I guess." Sydney didnít find it amusing.

"Anyway, thatís all I know for now. Iím hoping to get her in for a psychiatric analysis tomorrow. We need to know if she is crazy or just dangerous, or both for that matter."

"Yes indeed. Well Officer Randy, thank you for the call. We do appreciate it."

"No problem Sydney, thanks for your cooperation and assistance tonight."

"No problem. Take care now. If you find out anything else, please let us know." Sydney said as she bid farewell to the policeman.

"Sure thing. Goodnight."



Alex returned with water in hand and sat on the rocking chair facing the window. She took a couple sips of water and just stared out at the moon. "So how was the rest of the call?" She asked Sydney who was walking out of the bathroom.

"They found out that Sharon was stealing from her father. He cut her off and thatís when she found Traceyís company I guess. They had contacted them at one point to talk about a merger or some shit, and after her father cut her off she went to Traceyís company impersonating an employee."

"Wow, so what was the deal with you? Why was she after you again?" Alex inquired.

"Just as I thought, she was after my money. She knew what I was worth after my folks passed away and she wanted it back. Her father cut her off so she went to the next best place she could think of; me. She just got lucky by meeting Tracey who happened to be your best friend. I donít think she expected the resistance she got either. God, she is really a sick individual."

"God, that gives me the creeps." Alex said while shivering in her birthday suit.

"Hey stand up for a second. I wanna do something." Sydney said as she gathered a blanket from off the bed. She sat down on the rocking chair and opened her arms for Alex. Sydney cradled her like a mother would a child. Sydney draped the blanket over their naked forms. Alexís head rested on her shoulder as she tenderly held the rest of her body close to her own. The two women just sat holding each other close as the rocking soothed any pain they may have felt earlier.

"God this is nice. I love feeling your arms around me." Alex hummed to her lover.

"Me too baby. I wish we could stay like this forever. Away from crazies like Sharon."

"Mmm, me too." She agreed as she yawned quietly. "Sydney?"

"Yes sweetheart?"

"Thanks for my birthday party. Although Sharon may have ruined lots of it, it was still pretty cool. I donít think I will ever have that kind of excitement again."

"God I hope not. I have dealt with more than my share of that kind of excitement."

"You should see the kitchen Sydney. It is trashed. There are still some stains on the floor that Eddi and I couldnít get out. Iím just glad we got all the glass up." Alex sighed. "Man, what a night."

"Yeah, when all of this is over and your house is sold, just think of the peace and quiet we will be able to have together."

"Mm, I canít wait. God, I canít wait to get back to Montana. I really hate leaving Tracey here by herself after all of this, but...sheís a big girl, I know sheíll be all right." Alexís voice became nothing more than a whisper. Soon Sydney heard quiet snoring coming out of her love. She smiled into Alexís hair and gently kissed the top of her head. She tightened her hold on Alex and looked out the window and stared into the nightís sky.

"You were right Billy. There really is no love greater than the one you have for your family. Alex and Timmy are my family now, and I will do everything that I can to protect them. It was a hard lesson for me to learn, but I think I finally understood what you were trying to teach me. I miss you Billy, but I know that you would be proud of the woman I am today. This little one in my arms is living proof of that."

A shooting star shot across the clear sky as Sydney finished her conversation with her brother. She smiled at his response and gently rocked her precious cargo until she too, fell captive to the night.




Well itís finally finished!!! WOOHOOOO! Thank you all SO MUCH for hanging on with me until I completed this thing. It turned into so much more than I had originally planned. Please let me know what you think, I LOVE to hear from you guys.


This story is dedicated to my father. I lost him to Cancer during the writing of this piece. He is now back in the arms of my mom, who I lost eleven months before him. I actually learned alot from Alex, if that is possible, and was able to mourn and go on with my life. So dad, I know we agreed to disagree about a lot of things in life, including my sexuality, but know that I am truly happy. I think of you both all the time and I miss you terribly. Take good care of each other, just like you always have. I love you.

To the love of my life: Thank you for helping me throughout the darkest point of my life. If you werenít with me, I shudder to think of what my life would be right now. There are no words that I could possibly utter, that describe what you mean to me.

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