Into Each Life...

Part 9

by Ri


Disclaimer: See Part One


        Chris walked to the head of the long table and cleared his throat. Then he said in a loud clear voice, “ Ladies and Gentleman of the board, I am very sorry for the unavoidable delay but circumstances beyond my control forces me to postpone tonight's meeting…”

        A wicked smile flashed on Sandra's face as she whispered quietly to Amanda and Annabelle, “Oh he thinks so huh?” She winked at her love and then strode over to the table and asked loudly, “Why?”

        “You should be pleased,” he replied snarling slightly.

        Sandy laughed and shook her head; “Well I'm not pleased. Not at all. I am really looking forward to this little meeting of yours. What's wrong Chrissy Poo? Did your detective fail?”

        Chris's eyes narrowed into angry slits and he growled, “I have a very serious emergency I have to take care of and…”

        Annabelle was now beside Sandra asking, “What emergency?” She had a sardonic smile and it made Chris wince when he realized no one believed him.

        “That is none of your business…”

        Mitch was now on Sandra's other side as he said, “Chris you know as well as I do that any business affecting this meeting is our business too.”

        “Well, I have something to take care of. I move that we hold this meeting on…”

        “I descent, That's for God Damn sure.” Sandra said calmly looking right into Chris's eyes making sure he saw she was not dropping this.

        “I agree.” Said Freddy loudly standing beside Chris.

        “Now there is a surprise,” Whispered Sandra to Annabelle.

        “Descent.” Annabelle added gently hitting Sandra on the arm. Two more from Mitch and Thomas followed that.

        Chris was practically snarling as he asked, “How about an adjournment for an hour?”

        “Why? We don't want to waste all day on this nonsense. Some of us have real work to do. If you have all this great evidence then present it. I want to hear it now or you can stick this emergency board meeting were the sun don't shine.” Sandra replied angrily pulling out a chair and firmly sitting down in it.

        “Listen you little…” Fred put a hand on Chris's shoulder to stop him from slandering a powerful board member.

        Then Fred looked at Sandra with disdain, “That was inappropriately worded young lady and you know it.”

        “Fred, I'm not a little girl or an Intern anymore. Don't take that tone with me.”

        “Sandra you're acting like a little girl…”

        “No Fred, I am acting like an angry surgeon who is protecting her clinic from being sacrificed for a building uglier then this one.”

        “That is not the purpose of this meeting,” Said Chris angrily.


        “No, Its your lifestyle that's…” Argued Fred.

        “Excuse me does my lifestyle affect my abilities as a doctor?”

        “Well no…”

        “Does it have any affect on my ability to run my clinic?”

        “No but…”

        “Have we lost any patients because I'm gay?”


        “So why exactly are we having this meeting?”

        “Our reputation is at issue. It is against God's…”

        Thomas who had been standing back with Amanda had heard enough. His voice suddenly erupted with angry indignation. “Don't give me that crap! You are the sinner here. Not little Sandy. It is not a sin to be different or to love someone. She has only done good for this dump. She has bolstered our reputation with her talent and intelligence. All you two have ever done is milk it for cash!”

        Sandra was as shocked as everyone else in the room was by his fervent support. Tom had always been kind and affable despite his grumpyness she knew he liked her. She just never knew he cared that much before.

        “Tom your blinded by your loyalty to her father,” growled Chris.

        “I am not blind at all. Sandy is Sandy. She is very much her own person. Any medical organization would give their back teeth to get a woman of her talents on their staff. We're just lucky that she is loyal to her father's memory to put up with you two morons for this long.” Then he stalked out of the room slamming the door behind him.

        “Well with Tom out of the room…”Chris started.

        “Don't even try that Chris,” said Mitch angrily his jovial face now very serious. “Tom stepped out so he wouldn't punch you in the nose and you know it.”

        “Mitch you are…”

        “Shut up!” Annabelle said in an intense strong voice. “I have had it up to my eyeballs with this shit. Now do you have enough evidence to present to us or don't you? I have my own clinic and I really want to get back to my real work too.”

        “I do but…”

        “So lets sit down and get this over with. I believe that Sandra has a rebuttal prepared?”

        Sandra looked at Fred with glaring icy eyes said, “Yes, indeed I do.”

        “Ok lets present what we have then.”

        “Goody,” Said Sandy sweetly as she reached behind her and grabbed Amanda's hand just as the smaller woman was about to leave. She gently pulled her close and whispered, “And where do you think your going?”

        “I'm not on the board Sandy…”


        “Well, I don't belong…” Sandy covered her lips and shook her head.

        “Stop, you are my administrator and more important then that I need you. Please stay. Please.”

        Mandy looked deeply into now warm blue eyes and nodded. “Ok.”

        “Thanks Sweetheart, you get a special treat when we get home for this.”

        “Ice cream?” Asked Mandy with a soft smile.

        Sandy chuckled, “Nope, better then that.”

                ***                ***                ***                ***

        Chris threw the file folder on the large marble table as he said with a sneer toward Sandra, “And in this folder you will find proof of her indiscretions.”

        Sandra looked at the folder her eyes narrowed as she leaned back in her chair and crossed her arms. She suddenly flashed a wicked smile at Chris and lifted her eyebrow at the older man. She reached over and took the folder and opened it. Her smile widened and she laughed at what she saw.

        “This is your proof? This is why you called this meeting? Shit, Chris this could be Michael Jackson and Brittany Spears kissing its so blurry you can't even make out the faces.” She slid the file to Annabelle as she tilted her head toward Chris enjoying watching the obnoxious man squirm in his seat. “Is there any other evidence you want to present against me? Cause that's just pathetic.”

        “How about you hiring your girlfriend…”

        “Um, I hired her over the phone and I never met her before. And I really think my wife would be pissed if she thought I was procuring woman for Sandy as part of my job as a board member for this medical group.” Mitch said winking at Sandra and Amanda.


        “What Mitch is saying I never even met Amanda till after she became my administrator. Next?” Sandra picked up a pad from the table and started to sketch as she waited for Chris to come up with something.

        Mandy hid a smile behind her hand that she was using to lean on as she listened to Chris rant on. She was truly amazed at this side of Sandy she was like a tiger. All sleek and intelligent. Very dangerous and incredibly sexy. This is such a turn on. I can't believe how excited I am getting just watching Sandy in this mode. Her green eyes suddenly met Sandy's blue eyes. The beautiful doctor winked at her with a wicked grin. Mandy had the feeling that she could read the thoughts that were going through her mind and was responding to them. That was exciting too.

        “I was trying to get your accountant to give me some figures but…”

        “I will,” said Mandy angrily. All the board members looked at the small elegant blonde in surprise. Except Sandy who looked at her with eyes sparkling with pride.

        “Oh?” Asked Chris sarcastically.

        “She is an expert, don't be rude, Chris or I will do more then verbally fry your hide.” Said Sandy so annoyed she was ready to throttle the idiot.

        “Sooo what has Sandra done that is sooo wonderful?” He asked the young woman in a very patronizing voice.

        Mandy pulled out a binder and her reading glasses from her briefcase and briskly began as if she was addressing a staff meeting at the clinic. “Sandra has brought over 3000 at risk mothers from all over the country to our small clinic. Since she has come back here from her residency over 70% of all our new clients or new facilities came into our hands because of her gifts and abilities. The finances have gone through the roof for this medical group because of her reputation for positive results. Last year alone she brought in over three million dollars. She paid for this place and all our new sites at least ten times over. If it wasn't for Sandra I really doubt this place would even make a profit.”

        Sandy's sparkling blue eyes met Mandy's and she felt like her legs might give out from under her. She took a deep breath and smiled back. Then she reached into her briefcase and took out several pages of a report and placed them onto the middle of the table. The she looked right at Chris with angry green eyes and said crisply, “Here's your proof.”

        Chris grabbed the report and studied it growling under his breath.

        Annabelle patted Amanda's shoulder as she sat down again and whispered, “Well done young lady.”

        Mandy grabbed the water in front of her and drained the glass nervously. Sandy smiled and slipped a hand under the table gently stroking her leg lovingly.

        “Yes Sweetheart, It was very well done.” Whispered Sandy.


        “You were perfect and when we get home you'll get a double treat.” Whispered the tall brunette. Then she stood up and stretched as if she was bored then looked at Chris and asked, “Are you done yet?”

        “Yes.” He barked throwing the report back on the table.

        She smiled and strode back to the table like a panther ready to attack. Chris even backed away a bit scared of the angry beauty. She leaned on the back of her chair with a ferocious look on her face and said in a deceptively quiet voice.

        “Excellent.” The intensity of that single word ripped through the entire room. “I have been pretty busy collecting data myself, Chris. Did you know my Dad kept running accounts of this board? He kept a diary with your daily doings, he wrote what you did and what you didn't do. It was all in black and white. I kept it all nice locked up till you decided to attack me and those I love.”

        “He what?”

        “Oh yeah, for instance…Chris, there was a small situation where Dad caught you with your hand in the till. That was when you were a broke intern. Not once but four times. He let it slide and replaced the money himself because you were a good doctor and administrator at the time. All well things change huh?”

        “That's libel!”

        “Nope, truth, proven truth is not libel and believe me little man I have proof.” She pulled out two documents. One was a packet of letters and the other a photocopy of some pages of her father's diary. “Here are four letters signed promising never to do it again. Jack Dodson notarized it. I think my Dad was a bit too trusting with you, old boy.”

        “How dare you…”

        “Daddy gave this to me because your such a slime he knew sooner or later I'd need his protection and he made sure I was very protected.”

        “How did he leave you that with out me knowing…”

        “None of your damn business! Now, shall we continue? In 1961 you were caught trying to sell out space in our main lab for some rather questionable activities…”


        “Oh, yes indeed I almost forgot all about you Freddy. You were caught in a closet in 1972 with a young lady under rather embarrassing conditions. You claimed that you were counting towels but the problem was that it was laundry day and there were none in that closet.” Said Sandra turning toward the older man with her eyes glinting dangerously.

        “Sandra you Bitch!” Chris yelled his face redder then an apple.

        “Oh but wait Chris, here is an oldie but a goodie, In 1981 you were caught in the administrators office at midnight by the police. It seems you and a few friends were having quite an orgy and you got a little loud for this quiet neighborhood.”

        “I never…”

        Pulling a thick folder from her briefcase she handed it to Mitch with a sweet smile. “Here you go Uncle Mitch, all the Police reports on them.”

        “This is an outrage!” Fred was ready to jump across the table to grab the files from the older man.

        “I believe that is what you said in 1989 when you were arrested for indecent exposure at porno theater rather too close to here.”

        She looked from one angry man to the other. She placed the journal on the table and her fingertips gently stroking the leather cover. “I could go on but I won't. I think I have shown to this board that you two have a far worse reputation then I could ever hope to get if I lived to be a hundred. Now, Do you wish to play with me?”

        ***                ***                ***                ***                ***

        Sandra had suggested they stop at the clinic on the way home. They went to Sandy's office as Mandy said, “I was amazed by you. I never saw one man turn so white and the other turn so red so fast.” She turned to looked up at Sandy the silence was unnatural. “Sandy?”

        She looked up into dark passionate blue eyes that were far closer then she thought possible. The next thing she knew she was being pulled close and her lips met the tall woman's in deeply involved kiss. When they finally ran out of breath Sandy pulled back and caressed her loves cheek. She picked up Amanda and carried her to her couch then proceeded to kiss her tenderly along the neckline.

        Between teasing kisses and nibbles Sandy whispered, “You were really something else, My Sweet.”

        Mandy's eyes were closed and her mind was almost clear of all thought, the smaller woman could only whisper back, “Love you.”

        Sandy couldn't really respond she was too busy showing her love just how much she loved her slowly, tenderly and passionately.

        ***                ***                ***                ***

        When they got home they headed straight toward the shower. They playfully picked off each other's work clothes as they walked across the house toward their target.

        “Sandy, Is that stuff safe at the office?”



        “You saw Fluffy.”

        “Yes, but she's a Sweetheart.”

        “To you and to me and our staff, yes. She's an adorable loving creature but to Chris or Fred, well I'd like to see those ass holes try and pass my charming pet.”

To be continued… 


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