Part 3



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Look. This is a story about two soul mates who have worked real hard to find one another. Yes they are in love with one another,
yes they are women and
yes, praise God they are finally going to physically, emotionally, and spiritually and every other way possible express that love.


As always if you have the right and desire to be here. Read on.

Special thanks to Kat and her palace guard for the motivation to move up the hill.

And to my muse, you are an incredible woman, you write the books of my heart.
Thank you for inspiring, prodding, and pulling me through this.

Meanwhile back on the dock….

Bridget had passed out and all Elizabeth could do was catch her and hold her. “Oh God, this is so hard, help me please, God, not again”, Elizabeth prayed. Over and over again she kept saying, “ it's ok love, I've got you”. Finally after what seemed like an eternity Bridget began to stir. Bridget opened her blue eyes and locked onto the green eyes she now knew owned her soul. She reached her hand up to the gorgeous face above her, and slowly wiped a tear from its cheek. She said the only thing she could think of.
“Elizabeth I've missed you so much”.

Elizabeth did the only thing she could, the only thing she had wanted to do for more time than she could remember. She slowly leaned down, her eyes still locked on Bridget's watching for a hint that what was happening wasn't what Bridget wanted. What she saw in those soul owning blue eyes made her heart beat quicken. She saw unbridled desire and soul consuming love. Elizabeth slowly touched her lips to Bridget's. As their lips met, both women felt the same jolt. Their first kiss was short, soft and spoke volumes.
As Elizabeth begin to pull away, she felt her lower lip being gently nibbled and slowly sucked into Bridget's mouth. Elizabeth found she couldn't breathe. Now it was her turn to be dizzy. As Bridget deepened their second kiss, Elizabeth felt her world snap into place. “Oh God, this is so right, oh baby I have missed you, I love you”, her mind raced.
Meanwhile back in the conscious world, Bridget had reached up and tangled her hand in the back of Elizabeth's blond hair and had deepened the kiss considerably.
Eventually, both women had to stop, but only to breathe. Both of them were breathing hard, and shaking when their kiss ended.
“Wow” was all Elizabeth could manage. Bridget had to try several times before she could find her voice. Softly she whispered, “I love you”.
Elizabeth heart was now skipping beats, or it was just beating so fast that it felt that way. Her mind however had to be sure. It would not take anything for granted. Reluctantly, Elizabeth asked, “honey, what do you remember, how much? I mean, oh shit, I don't know what I mean”. Bridget found herself laughing at her soul mate's uncertainty. “Baby, relax, I am here, all of me. I remember it all. The shooting, the academy, the dreams. All of it baby and I am hoping to make up for all the lost time”.
Elizabeth could only smile as the tears rained across her face. Bridget had come back to her, God does indeed hear all prayers. Elizabeth raised her eyes to the heaven and whispered a silent heartfelt thank you.

“Umm, hon., while I completely enjoy your body under me, don't you think we'd be a lot more comfortable inside”? Bridget teasingly whispered. Elizabeth felt her body shiver, as she nodded her agreement, and replied, “your place or mine”? “Mine”, Bridget replied, “it's closer”.
With that, both women got to their feet, and holding hands they made their way up to Bridget's house..

Elizabeth gently stroked Bridget's back as the two walked up the hill to Bridget's house. As they approached, Elizabeth took in the magnificence of the surroundings. Bridget's house was nearly three times the size of hers. It was set up on a slight rise with the entire front of the house nothing but ground to roof windows. The house was a log cabin on steroids. It was truly amazing. The wood and windows accented each other and with their dark brown tint the windows reflected all of the lake back at the two approaching women.
“Umm, Bridg, just how wealthy are you?” Elizabeth asked a little overwhelmed by the sheer elegance of Bridget's house. Bridget leaned over towards the women who now owned her soul, and while nibbling on her ear whispered, “ umm, I get by”.
“ You get by? Damn Bridget that house is worth more than some small countries”. Elizabeth replied.
Bridget stopped walking and turned her soulmate to face her. Slowly she placed her soon to be lover's hands in hers, brought them to her lips and gently kissed each one. She then raised her eyes and locked on the greenest, most wonderful eyes she had ever seen. Slowly she began, “Elizabeth, all you see here came from my grandmother, she was incredibly wealthy, I have no idea how much I am worth, because I don't care. Money doesn't mean anything to me. It is nice to have. But I would give all of this away, all the money, all the stuff, all the toys, if that is what it will take to have you in my life everyday from now on. I love you. I have dreamed of you since I was a child. You are my soulmate. And right now, I want nothing more than to make love to you and show you just how much in love with you I am.” Bridget then reached over and pulled Elizabeth to her, and kissed her from the depth of her heart.
Elizabeth felt something melt in her soul and she slowly allowed herself to sink into the kiss. When they finally parted, both women were breathless and wanting.
Elizabeth with tears freely falling, reached out and stroked Bridget's face and said, “ Honey, I don't want your money, and I don't want you to think that is why I am here. I guess that is what freaked me. I am here because you are my heart. I never want to be away from you. Ever”.

Bridget's heart soared. Finally she had someone who loved her. So many others had been in her life and only wanted her for what she could buy them. They never saw her, just her name and money. Elizabeth really didn't care about any of that and Bridget's sly little mind was already hatching a plan. But first she had others things to take care of. Mainly her pulsating desire, which had settled itself firmly in her crotch. Oh enough of this, she thought, I need her touch now.

Elizabeth was momentarily stunned by the grandeur of Bridget's place, but she was totally overwhelmed by Bridget's confession of love. Elizabeth also didn't have the desire right now to explain the Bridget, that money really wasn't an issue for her either. The last time she had checked her portfolio, her investments had moved her into the extremely comfortable zone. But she needed Bridget to know that money, name or social setting was not the reason for Elizabeth's connection to her. Elizabeth knew that Bridget was her soul mate. The woman she would marry and spend the rest of her life with. She had almost asked her, but stopped herself. The time and place would come. But now she had other things to deal with. Namely the ache in her soul from wanting to touch Bridget. To taste her, to feel her, to possess her and she was possessed, to surrender while Bridget surrendered to her. Oh damn, I want her so badly, I need to taste, to feel, to caress, oh shit, I need to make love to her. Now, she thought, I need to touch her now.

As if they read each other's minds, both women turned and faced one another and sank into a deep soul stealing kiss.

Elizabeth nearly lost the ability to stand when Bridget reached out for her hand and looked deep into Elizabeth's eyes and with deep aching desire burning in her
voice said, “ honey I need you to make love to me, now, please touch me”.

“Bed, quickly”, was all Elizabeth could get out before Bridget began again to devour her lips.
Bridget pulled her mouth away only long enough to say, “no, here now, floor, rug… closer”.

That was it. Elizabeth lost the ability to stand.

Quickly both women lowered themselves as one unit to the plush carpeting, directly in front of the fireplace.
Trembling hands undid and removed whatever buttons, straps, or pieces of clothing that impeded skin to skin contact.

Elizabeth removed the final piece of Bridget's clothing and what she saw took her breath away. Lying beneath her, Bridget's body shone as the shadows from the fire in the fireplace washed across her body. Barely able to speak Elizabeth whispered, “You are so beautiful, my God, I don't deserve you”. “Oh baby, you should see things from where I am, you are the beautiful one” Bridget replied. With that and losing all patience, Bridget reached out and took Elizabeth's hand and placed it where she needed her to be. “Baby please I need you inside me, I need to feel you, please baby, I've waited so long for you, now baby, please.”

Elizabeth felt Bridget's wetness spill over her fingers as she moaned, “oh God baby you are so wet”.
Elizabeth entered her soul mate, slowly and gently.

But Bridget would have none of it.

Bridget thrust her hips upward forcing Elizabeth deep inside her.

Elizabeth mind was overwhelmed as her body was ignited by her lovers passion. “Oh God baby I love the way you feel”, Elizabeth whispered into her soul mate's neck as she slowly descended kisses down her body.

“Come with me”, Bridget whispered as she plunged two fingers into Elizabeth.

“Oh my God,
oh baby,
it feels so good,
oh baby please don't stop,
no baby,
oh God”,
Elizabeth whimpered as she felt her body move to the rhythm her lover's fingers were making.

Both women fed their hunger for one another, each buried deep inside each other, each possessing, and surrendering at the same time. Their need setting it's own rhythm.

Elizabeth, lowered her head, wrapped her lips around one of Bridget's rock hard nipples causing Bridget to erupt in climax, and pulling Elizabeth over the wonderful edge of release with her.

Mutual “oh my God I love you” were screamed into the night as each one reunited with her soul mate.

As they lay wrapped around one another, Elizabeth began kissing her way up from Bridget's breast towards her neck. When she sank her lips into the soft flesh above Bridget's pulse point, she felt Bridget's vaginal walls tighten around she still buried fingers. And her body responded in kind to Bridget's fingers.
Both women began to pick up on the internal rhythm and felt themselves once again being consumed by their desire for each other. As both women moved in unison, their eyes were locked on one another. Bridget moaned gently and whispered, “oh baby your eyes are incredible and what you're doing to me, you inside me, how much I've wanted you, oh God I love you”. Elizabeth felt her body shiver and the combination of what their bodies were doing and Bridget's desired filled tone, pushed her over the edge. “ Oh God Bridget, come with me, baby please, I can't stop, I want you to come with me, baby please”. Elizabeth moaned in response. Bridget complied as both women again reached release together.

As they lay snuggled together, Elizabeth slowly removed her fingers from inside Bridget and slowly began licking each one. “Oh honey you are so wet and you taste so good”, Elizabeth said with a smile. “Oh think so do ya, two can play that game”, said Bridget, as she removed her fingers from inside her soul mate and had her own taste test.

Elizabeth raised her eyes and met those of her soul mate, just as she was about to speak, a phone rang. “Answering machine” Bridget whispered, “not to worry”.

“Worry”, replied Elizabeth, “it's not your phone it's mine. It's my cell phone. Never a good thing”. Elizabeth couldn't say anymore and just dropped her gaze to the carpet.

“My phone, oh shit this only means one thing. Not now – not now – please- I just got her back”

“ Honey, what's wrong? Elizabeth, talk to me – what is wrong?” Bridget whispered.

Elizabeth lifted her eyes to those of her soul mate and softly spoke, “Baby my leave ended last week. I am on call status with the Police department and that is the phone umm.. ah shit.. work would be the only one to call me and..” but she never got to finish. “What! You can't” Bridget screamed. Then she dropped her head and as her shoulders sagged she whispered, “ you can't go back to work, I thought we could have more time - WAIT DAMN IT - I want more time. Oh honey, please, please not now.”

Bridget couldn't stop the tears that fell.
She had lost so much.
Had worked so hard to get it back.

Elizabeth had brought it all slamming back
With a touch.
A very special touch, a touch she knew from before, from today, from the future.
This was her soul mate. They had a connection.

She was not about to lose that.

Not now.
As she raised her tear streaked face, Elizabeth reached out, stroked her cheek and lowered her lips surrendering into a kiss as her hand tangled in Bridget's dark hair.
“God I can't leave this woman.” Her mind whispered

When the kiss ended, both women were breathless and wanting.

Bridget was the first to speak.

“ I have to tell you so you know.
I know you.
I remember you.
Not just the Academy and the door, but us.
Elizabeth I remember us.
I know this sounds crazy.
But I dreamt of you my whole life.
You were the one who always came to me in my dreams.
I knew it at the Academy, but I ran from you.
I know you felt the connection when we touched - I am so sorry.
I love you Elizabeth. I always have. I looked for you my whole life and when I found you – ah shit, I was so scared – I ran.
Please forgive me.”
Bridget lowered her eyes as her tears began again.

With a shaking voice she continued, “ and there's more….”
Elizabeth took a breath to brace herself and said “go on , I love you honey it's ok whatever it is”.
Bridget raised her eyes to Elizabeth's and seeing only love there she continued.
“ When I was in college, I thought I had found a friend. Her name was Mary. She was my roommate. We did everything together. Eventually I allowed the relationship to move into a sexual thing. We became lovers – But you know, it never felt right. I always felt like I was cheating on someone. There was a part of me she never could reach. Still,
we managed to work out a comfortable relationship. We lived together all through College and then after graduation I expected us to continue on together and build a future.
Please believe me, I did love this woman.
Mary had stayed at school over the summer and I had taken a job full time at my father's company. The job required that occasionally I had to go out of town to visit clients. It was on one of those trips that my entire world shattered.

Elizabeth placed two fingers on Bridget's now quivering lips saying, “honey it's ok you don't have to do this”.

Bridget kissed her fingers then lowered her kiss into Elizabeth's palm, smiling slightly as a shiver ran through her soul mate. Moving her mouth up Elizabeth's arm and finding the pulse point in her neck Bridget breathed into Elizabeth's ear, “yes, baby I do, just bare with me”.

“Mary, her name was Mary”, Bridget continued, Mary had stayed in school after I had graduated, but we continued to live together cause I was finishing up a minor with part time classes. She was on the 5 year MBA program. My classes ended and I went on a 3-week business trip. I couldn't stand being away from her. I missed her. I called everyday. But into the second week something felt wrong. She found reasons to get off the phone, or wasn't there when I called, letting the answering machine pick up, and not calling back until the next morning. I couldn't take it, so I cut the trip short and came back. As I pulled into the parking lot, I saw her car parked in her spot.
I was so excited that she was there. I rushed into the dorm and up to our room.

Elizabeth felt the change in Bridget as the woman tensed in her arms. A shiver ran through Bridget's body.
Elizabeth had to ask, “did you find her”.

“Oh I found her”, Bridget continued, “in our bed with some guy”.

Bridget had to take a deep breath, then continued, “ I will never forget the look on her face, she was actually smiling. Shit, I gave this woman all I had and she was only into me for my money. She lay there in bed with this man and laughed at me. She only moved our relationship to sexual to facilitate her conquest. She never loved me. Wasn't even a lesbian. She was only into money. She threatened to tell all to the papers and the tabloids etc. It was so hard”.
Elizabeth held on tighter and waited, knowing her soul mate was not done.

Bridget continued, “Every ounce of my body wanted to kill both of them. But, luckily for me, my grands had raised me to be polite not stupid. I threw both of them out, then called my grandmothers, and cried into the phone.
When the blackmail avenue didn't work for her, Mary tried to sue me for palimony support.
My grandmother Cecilia intervened and well to be honest I don't know what she did, but I didn't hear from her again.

The house you rented across the lake is mine. I kept it as a reminder of what happens when I trust people. It was supposed to be for Mary and I to spend time at the lake. And I haven't been involved with anyone since”.

After a short pause to wipe her face of tears, she continued, “ The house is mine and as you can tell, I lost my desire for business. Of course I buried myself in school getting my Masters, two actually. One in business, just in case, and one in Criminal Justice. I had started my Doctorate, but the Police Department legacy was still calling, so I applied for the job and was accepted. And then I found you. Well actually, the door found you”.
Bridget stopped, threw her arms around her soul mates neck saying, “ Elizabeth I am so scared I'll lose you again. I saw that man shooting at you”. Bridget had to stop to catch her breath, the memory of that day sucking it from her chest. Elizabeth wrapped her arms around Bridget, pressing her back into Elizabeth chest as she spooned her . Bridget's breath caught as Elizabeth's hard nipples pressed into her back. “Oh I must take care of that soon”, her brain quickly registered. It helped that Elizabeth held her tight against her. Bridget continued, “ Honey, I couldn't stop him. Then everything slowed down. I felt me in your arms, holding me, whispering to me.
But that day was so long ago.

Then today, on the dock – I looked in your eyes – You are my Captain – You are the woman who left me my journals – But more than that. In your eyes I saw forever – forwards and backwards – I felt so dizzy – then I was back in your arms – you were whispering to me – I was home – No – WE were home”.

During this Elizabeth had been rubbing tiny circles on Bridget's abdomen and lightly kissing her hair and face. When Bridget paused, Elizabeth asked, “honey are you okay with this, with us, today”?
Bridget reached up and took Elizabeth's hand a softly kissed it. “I had to show you how much I love you”, Bridget confessed, “I was not sorry it was so fast – But now – maybe I am. Elizabeth we can not lose each other again”.

Elizabeth lifted her lips from her lovers dark hair – her green eyes misting over at her soul mates confession of love.

It took three attempts before she could speak.
“Bridget honey, in case you haven't noticed, I did not answer the phone. I have voice mail – I'll check it later. But you're not the only one to confess here. I have dreamt of you too. I also felt the connection at the Academy – but I thought I had so much time to find you and woe you and rejoin with you”. She stopped to place light kisses in Bridget's hair. Then continued, “ The day of the shooting, I felt your arms around me protecting me – then you were shot. Bridget, I had on a vest. You threw your body in front of me. You were wearing street clothes. I saw the bullets are they ripped through you – all I could do was hold you in my lap, talk to you and pray to God you would live.
And you did.

But the day you opened your eyes and didn't know me, I thought my world had ended”.

Tears flowed freely from the blonde's green eyes, her voice was merely a whisper as she said, “After that how can you think my choice would be to leave you”.

Elizabeth continued, “ I have enough years in to retire and since I just turned 45, I have time and age. I have had an offer from a Private security firm in New York to come in as a partner. There's a million-dollar sign on bonus and I would be my own boss, but I told them I couldn't answer yet, I needed an extension. I couldn't even think about working, my only focus was you. Yesterday I saw you sitting on the dock, you looked so sad. Later last night, I tried to send you a mental message. You know, the doctors told me not to push you and I listened to them. Shit maybe I shouldn't have. I love you Bridget. But I did what they told me. So I watched you read your own words and prayed every night that you would remember. I couldn't take it anymore, I just had to hear your voice. So I changed my usual run and came over. I was so afraid when you passed out, I had a sickening Déjà vu feeling”.

She sobbed and continued, “I know this is quick – I mean us together – naked together – I mean – ah shit, I'm stuttering”.

Bridget laughed as she turned to capture Elizabeth lips, swallowing whatever words were next. When their lips separated Bridget whispered, her breath lightly caressing Elizabeth's moist swollen lips, “ Baby quick? - A lifetime of foreplay is not quick”.

She rolled Elizabeth over onto her back and rained kisses over her face and neck, stopping only long enough to say, “your touch burns into my soul, I needed you inside me – I needed to feel us connect and oh God how much I wanted you”.

Bridget lowered her lips to Elizabeth's and sucked any reply away.

“I want all of you, I want to taste you, to lick you, to make you come for me while I fill you completely”, Bridget moaned into Elizabeth's mouth.
“Oh baby can you feel how wet you make me”? Bridget asked as she straddled Elizabeth's leg. “Yes, oh God yes baby you are so wet” Elizabeth moaned as Bridget ground her clitoris into Elizabeth's muscled thigh.

Bridget lowered her lips to the pulse point in Elizabeth's neck and gently sucked, as she pulled away, her tongue soothed where her lips had marked her soul mate. She continued placing soft wet kisses down her soul mates chest. Ever so lightly she placed gently wet kisses on Elizabeth's nipples alternating one to the other. Bridget returned to the left nipple sucking it into her mouth and holding it with her teeth as she lapped hungrily with her tongue. Elizabeth's hips thrust up forcefully and Bridget ground down harder into Elizabeth's thigh, her wetness coating it in slick arousal.
Bridget continued her descent until her mouth was buried in her soul mates wet pubic hair.
“Oh god baby you smell so good, I can't wait to taste you” Bridget's tongue snaked out and lightly ran over the folds of Elizabeth's vagina..
“ oh so good baby you taste so good, I want all of you, let me in baby” Bridget pleaded as she slipped between Elizabeth's legs.
Placing both her soul mates legs on her shoulders, Bridget, buried her face in Elizabeth's crotch.

“ Oh my god, oh my god, oh shit Bridget you are killing me” was Elizabeth's moaned response.
As Bridget buried her tongue in Elizabeth's vagina, both women lost the ability to speak.

Elizabeth reached into Bridget's dark hair and held her in place.

Bridget whispered, “tell me what you want baby, tell me”.
Elizabeth couldn't respond, her brain no longer processing anything, but the fire her soul mate was causing in her vagina.

“Tell me baby” Bridget pleaded.

Elizabeth's hips were thrusting and grinding hard against her soul mates face, as she moaned, “ inside baby, I need you inside me”.

Bridget licked her partner's vagina one more time, then entered her, first with one finger, then two, then three. Bridget's tongue began to lick Elizabeth's clitoris as she added a fourth inside her lover. “ Oh God baby, harder, deeper, please, please fill me, I need to feel you everywhere” Elizabeth begged.

“ Oh baby I want you so bad” Bridget moaned as she plunged her whole hand into her soul mate.

“Oh sweet Jesus Yessssss” Elizabeth screamed. “Yes baby oh God yes”.

Bridget felt her climax slam into her soul right along with Elizabeth's. Hearing her lover scream her surrender, there was nothing left for her to do, she tumbled into the abyss, and surrendered to the love that was her soul mate.

When Bridget's heartbeat slowed from tachycardia, she slowly kissed her way up Elizabeth's body ,pulling the covers with her. She lowered her head onto Elizabeth's right shoulder, put her right leg over Elizabeth's right hip and as she cocooned her lover, she felt her body drift into the warm afterglow of sleep.

Elizabeth whispered a silent thank you to the gods above for the gift of this woman.
She had found her soul mate, she would not lose her again. All the other stuff in their life will fall into place.

As she felt herself begin to join her soulmate in that most wonderful of sleeps, a single tear rolled across her cheek. “I swear to you Bridget, I will never leave you, ever, I love you yesterday, today, tomorrow, always, I promise”. She whispered into sleep. Knowing that they had all the time in the world

…the end?


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