Love, Look at the Two Of Us

by Tigerlily

*disclaimer*-this is an uber story,so the characters belong to me..however,there may be a slight resemblence to two ladies we all know and love..ahh,xena and gabrielle, who are owned by renaissance and mca/universal.

*violence* *language*-nope to the first,yup to the second

*sex*- well,yea..not in the first part, but its coming!lots and lots of it. so if this isnt your thing, or you are underage, i suggest you bail..buh-bye..

*dedications- first and foremost, to the love of my life, muse(*wink*)..and to xena and gabs.. and to the carpenters...and to the gods..hold a good though for me.

part one

samantha took her time in getting to the wedding coordinators downtown office. she was in no hurry to plan her wedding. hell, she was in no hurry to get married! Ďitís business,í she kept telling herself.

when her father had come to her and asked her to accept the proposal of the son of his business partner,sam thought he was joking. however it became painfully clear that he was serious. and she had agreed to it, which was the craziest thing of all! her father had said," samantha, one day, everything i have will be yours. look at it as a step towards your future. paulís father has agreed to sell back his shares in the company upon your marriage."

hell, arranged marriages didnít happen anymore.. a smirk spread across samanthaís lips..but girl , one is happening to you.

she walked into mr. johnsonís office and was greeted by the most breathtaking woman she had ever seen. her strawberry blonde hair was past her shoulders,her body tight.. yea, this one worked out, and it had paid off. and her eyes! a beautiful shade of green that samantha was absolutely lost in..

" miss, can i help you? you must be samantha burke. iím laureth. iím afraid mr. johnson has left for the day, so youíre stuck with me. do you think we could do this over lunch though, iím starving!"

" yea..sure!"

samantha thanked the gods for her bmw roadster, the tiny two seater insured the close proximity of laureth, samantha loved the way she laughed, the way she tossed her hair over her shoulder, her perfume... and the way she was so at ease in talking to her, like they had known each other forever. as laureth ate,samantha picked at her food and was amazed at the smaller womans appetite. man she can eat! samantha was in total awe of her, and couldnít believe the desire that was consuming her.. she had never felt like that about anyone!!

over lunch they discussed family, growing up, and then laureth asked a question that threw samantha completely off. " you donít want to get married do you samantha?"

samantha swallowed hard, " why do you ask that?"

" iíve been doing this for five years, and iíve seen a lot of brides. no offense, but you donít seem too excited about the whole affair. you arenít happy, i can see it in your eyes."

" no, youíre wrong laureth. i have to marry paul."

" have to? you mean, you have no choice?"

" iíve chosen to marry him."

" are you sure?"

" yes, and as i recall, weíre supposed to be going over my wedding plans now."

samantha immediately regretted the iciness in her tone, but she was eager to change the subject. how had laureth seen right through her? was her ambivilance about her marriage and her fiance that obvious? and why had she insisted that she wanted to marry paul, when all she really wanted was to get closer to laureth? her stomach was in knots looking into those beautiful eyes...

" okay, so weíve got the flowers picked out, the caterers... and we have to get your bridesmaids fitted as soon as possible. and listen, samantha, iím sorry if i came off as rude before. i guess i just read you wrong."

" no apologies are necessary laureth. itís forgotten."

" can i make it up to you?"

" how?"

" well, iím going out tonite and iíd like it if youíd join me. of course, if youíre busy-"

" sure, iíd love to."

" this time iíll drive."


for the rest of the day samantha was lost in her thoughts about laureth. she was so beautiful. and her eyes, they pierced the very core of her. samantha wondered if laureth had picked up on her attraction towards her? Ď of course not,í she thought..í she thinks youíre a happily engaged woman, at least thatís what you told her.í

as samantha got dressed she felt a rising nervousness..or was it excitement? she almost felt as though she were going out on a date. a blush rose to her cheeks at that thought! geez, sheíd never been on a real date, not even with her "fiance."

laureth arrived at 11 o clock,right on the dot. she knew samanthaís family had money, but she lived in a flippin mansion! when she pulled up to the estate there was even a guard at the gate. ringing the doorbell, she was unprepared for the reaction towards seeing samantha. Ďmy gods,this woman is gorgeous!í so tall, and the long black hair..her body muscular..her black jeans and shirt clinging to her sleek body.laurethís mouth watered with desire. and those eyes..the cold blue looking her over.."ready?" "oh yea.."

" so where are you taking me,laureth?"

" to the g spot."

" isnít that a lesbian place?"

" yea, weíre meeting some friends of mine."

" so, theyíre..?"

" lesbians? yea, they Ďre gay."

" so are you..?"

" a lesbian? yea, i am. i suppose i shouldíve told you."

" no..itís cool. iíve never been to a lesbian bar though."

" well, stick with me. iíll take care of you."

samantha hoped that was a promise.

entering the club, samantha was immediately taken in by the scene around her. there were women everywhere, kissing, hugging, dancing. women looked her over, making her feel self conscious. laureth protectively grabbed her hand.." cí mon..i see the girls"

" samantha, these are my friends christina and rosina."

" nice to meet you."

" sam, iím going to get a drink..what do you want?"

" margarita..heavy on the tequila..and on the rocks."

" guyís, take care of her."

as soon as laureth walked away, christina asked," so how long have you two been together?"

" together?"

" yea, arenít you guys dating?"

" no, actually laureth is coordinating my wedding."

" so, youíre straight?"

" yea," though samantha was beginning to wonder about herself.

" hereís your maggie, samantha, heavy on the tequilla. what did i miss?"

" not much, they just thought we were dating."

" ohh.. guess i shouldíve cleared up the whole iím your employee deal,huh?"

" itís fine, i can think of worse things then being linked to you."

laureth thought she heard a bit of flirting in the remark, but dismissed it. before she knew it, she and sam had finished off their drinks in minutes..then seconds, then thirds.

" címon sam..letís dance."

" alright, but iím not too good."

the dance floor was crowded, so samantha was pressed up against laureth. their bodies moved in unison..the strong beat of the music guiding their movements.í i wonder if she moves that good in bed?í laureth thought. then Ď stop it girl, sheís straight, and engaged.í

laureth maintained eye contact with samantha..she almost thought she saw desire in those icy blue eyes. just then, someone bumped into laureth and pushed her inches from samanthaís face.... samantha could feel laurethís ragged breathing on her face.. the kiss started slowly..lips meeting lips..laurethís tongue moving slowly into samanthaís mouth, exploring the sweetness she found there..samanthaís hands caressing laurethís hips..laurethís hands wrapped in samanthaís black tendrils...

laureth broke contact first... resting her forehead against samanthaís..knowing the taller woman was bent to meet her at eye level...í my god...we need to go.í

laureth walked ahead of samantha, her thoughts swimming...

" laureth..wait up."

" sam..just get in."

laureth maintained her silence.." are you not going to speak to me now? laureth?"

" sam, iím so sorry."

" why?"

" we shouldnít have done that."

" iím not apologizing."

" i work for you.."

" stop making excuses."

" you donít even know the half of it close i was to losing control.."

" are you angry with me?í

" no, iím angry with myself."

" why?"

" sam.. i wanted you so bad back there.. i still do"

" laureth..i feel it too. i feel things for you iíve never felt for anyone. iím almost afraid."

" afraid?"

" of how strong this is... i donít want to go home."

" we canít do this sam."

" why?"

" in a few months youíll be a married woman, and i will just have been your little


" itís not like that.. i want you."

" and i want you..but iím not the only one in your life..and i wonít allow myself to be


" i only want to love you.."

" samantha, youíre getting married."

" so you keep reminding me. i have to marry paul.."..her voice trailed off

" so you keep reminding me..walk away sam..go inside. please."

samantha exited the car and began a slow walk past the guard and towards the house. she turned to see laureth watching her..pure sadness in those beautiful green eyes.." i need you laureth, canít you see that?"

laureth saw the despair in samanthaís eyes..gods how she wanted her...íi must be crazy,í she thought. Ď i just let the greatest thing to come along in my life walk away..DAMMIT!!í

to be continued.....

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